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Full text of "Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia"

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Patentee and Manufacturer of 

Bate's Hand Elevators 


Dumb Waiters. 

Patented April 18th, 1871 

Re-issued July 25th, 18' 

For Factories, "Warehouses, Stores 
Hotels and Hospitals, 

and every place where Merchandise, &c, is tr is . 
ferred from one story to another. There are , 
hundreds of them operating in different cities jjjj| 
and towns 

Send for Price List and Circulars containing |jjp§ 
' References. Wm 

Steam, Water and 
Gas [levators 



I Warehouses, Mills, Sugar 
Befineries, Breweries, 



For House Fronts, Mills, Factories, *e. 

Of all kinds, furnished at shortest 


Comer Pratt and President Streets, BALTIMORE. 


Ventilated later Closets, Commodes. Bat! 




This is the only device in the world which can be guaranteed to prevent the emission of sewer gas or 

foul smells frOm drain pipe. 


J. H ; MeGill, Edward Clark, P. J. Lauritzen, C. A. Didden, and other architects. Drs. Bliss, Howard, 
Prentiss, Franzoni, Verdi, Winslow, and others. Messrs. A. L. Barber, A. A. Hoamer, Wm. 
Stickney, B. P. Snyder, Otis Bigelow, W. C. Dodge, J. R. Bryant, E. W. Wood- 
ruff, George S. Prindle, J. W. Hunt, and many others. 


Patents, 18th February, 1873; 14th September, 1875; 2d November, 1875. Reissued, 19th October, 18S0. 

E. D. 0. SMITH, Patentee, 613 Seventh Street, Washington, D. 0. 


For United States, Canada, and all other Countries where Patents are issued. 
6 1 3 Seventh St., opp. Patent Office, Washington, D. C. 

Est}aTDl±sl3_ec3. 184=4=. 

This delightful suburban property sprang into existence and grew rapidly in spite of hard times and 
a dull real estate market. It is ihe only property in the District that has held its own or advanced in 
value during that time. The revival of business is sure to carry it up with greater rapidity ihan any 
other property in the District. Now is the time to buy. Prices are still lower, due regard being had to all 
the elements of value, than that of any other property, and we will give terms of purchase that cannot 
be equaled elsewhere. 

More than fifty houses of varied sizes, style and cost have been built, all but two or three of which 
are occupied, (and many of them owned,) by families of unexceptionable social standing and character- 
in all more than three hundred persons. 

Houses and lots for sale upon terms to suit. 

Purchasers of lots who make immediate improvements can have a term of years in which to pay for 
the ground at a low rate of interest. 

Those visiting the property should take_the Seventh or Ninth street cars to Boundary street. Car- 
riages will be furnished when desired. 


Offers to business men the finest offices at the 
lowest rates. It is in the heart of the city. It 
was bnilt, and rooms are let, solely for office 
uses. All the partition walls are of brick, ex- 
tending to the top of the building. The offices 
are well ventilated and thoroughly lighted. A 
few rooms to let at rates to suit the times. 

Further information given by 




Principal Office and Depot : 


Branch Office, 1202 F Street, nw. 

Ice Delivered Throughout the Year. 


John Van Riswick, President, Flodoardo Howard, 

J. Harrison Johnson, Vice-President and Sup't., E. Kurtz Johnson, 

J. C. Whitwell, Secretary and Treasurer, J. M. Johnston, 

George E. Kennedy, A. H. Herr, 
T. A. Lambert, 

C. H. WATSON & CO.,- 

Counsellors and Attorneys-at-I^aw, 



American and Foreign Patents, 


605 South Seventh St., opp. U. S. Patent Office, 


We refer yon to tie following: Endorsements of Commissioners of Patents: 

U. S. PATENT OFFICE, Washington, D. C. 

Mr. C. H. Watson, late an examiner in the Patent Office, has sustained a high 

character for integrity and ability, and I commend him as entitled to public confidence. 

M. D. LEGGETT, Commissioner of Patents. 

I concur in the above. . . 

J. M. THATCHER, Commissioner of Patents. 

I concur in the above ; I have known Mr. Watson for many years, and cheerfully 

bear witness to his ability and integrity. m . 

R. H. DUELL, Commissioner of Patents. 



316, 318 and 320 Thirteenth Street, Northwest. 






Prices as low as any 

other Company in 

the District. 

A discount on tickets 
purchased from 
the Office. 




C B. CHURCH, President. W. H.YERKES, Superintendent. 



Maryland Avenue, Seventh, and C Streets, sw., 






Governments, Institutions and Trades, 





See Page Eleven for Names not found elsewhere. 



•W-^siEiiiisra-TOiisr, r>. o. 

J. Bradley Adams, 814 F St., nw. 

William Ballantyne & Son, 428 Seventh St., nw. 
Jas. J. Chapman, 911 Pa. Av. , nw. 

Fr. B. Mortjn, Pa. Av., cor. 11th St., nw. 

PEICE, $5.00. 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1880, by Wi. H. Boyd, in the Office of the Librarian 
of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 


(Names too late for regular insertion, corrections, &c. 
will be found on opposite page.) 

Agricultural and Horticultural Societies. 

Agricultural Department 

Associated Veterans. 


Asylums, Infirmaries, &c 825 

Banks and Bankers °£j 

Bar Association °g 

Beneficial Societies °J? 

Bible Societies °*J 

Boat Clubs : °g 

Brotherhood of the Union «*> 

Business Directory Jj~ 

Capitol Police : °^ 

Catholic Benevolent Societies 



Circuit Courts 





Colored Societies 842 

Congressional Directory °** 

Colleges and Universities °g 

Corcoran Art Gallery °|' 

Corporations °~" 

Courts J£5 

Court of Claims. °£? 

Dashaways ° qq 

Dental Association °™ 

Department of Justice °|£ 

Detectives gj? 

Diplomatic Corps g£ 

Dispensaries gog 

Druids sm 

Executive Department... »ujl 

Fire Department ° jj> 

Fire Alarm Telegraph °£> 

Foreign Ministers °"| 

Gas Companies °*± 

German Associations °*« 

German Veteran Union * • • • «"■ 

Good Templars °*f 

Governments D of C «** 

Government of the United States «^ 

Government Printing Office »Ji 

Grand Army of the Republic »^u 

Great Falls Ice Company %{" 

Homes, Asylums, &c 

Horse Railroads 

Hospitals, Asylums, &c. . ..... - • ■ 

House of Representatives Officers 
Improved Order of Red Men 

Juvenile Templars 834 

Knights of Honor gj> 

Knights of Pythias »g 

Knights of St Patrick ȣ< 

KS S B || 

Libraries Sjzr 

Library of Congress »oj 

Literary Associations gg 

Masonic °*~ 

Medical Societies »J» 

Mexican War Veterans »** 

Military °/J 

Miscellaneous ?x± 

Musical Societies. . . . . °J» 

National Monument Society »4a 

Navy Department ™< 

Newspapers ° j| 


Odd Fellows 

Oldest Inhabitants 

O U A Mechanics 

Patent Office Bar Association 

Patriotic Societies 

Police Court 

Police Department »Jj> 

Post Office Department »w 

Railroads °*j; 

Rechabites °J? 

Religious Societies »*£ 

Representatives J*' 

Safe Deposit Co... 
Secret Societies... 

Senate Officers 


Singing Societies. 
Smithsonian Institution 








Sons of Jonadab °?* 


Infirmaries, Asylums, &c »g> 


Insane Asylum 

Insurance and Endowment Companies 

Interior Department ȣ" 

IOofBB *g 

I O of Mechanics °jgj 

Italian Benevolent Society »«j 

Judiciary * l * 

Sons of Temperance |34 

Sovereigns of Industry **> 

State Department °"| 

Steamships, &c °*£ 

Street and Avenue Directory Jg 

Swiss Associations °:j>° 

Telegraphs °ij 

Temperance Societies °£* 

Temple of Honor °?? 

Too Lates, Omissions, &c ^ 

Trades Unions. °™ 

Treasury Department »"a 

Turner Associations °j>« 

United States Legation Abroad °"J 

Universities and Colleges »^ 

Washington City P O gJO 

War Department °"? 

Women's Christian Association o*i 

Young Men's Christian Association 8*1 

John Polhemus, Printer, 102 Nassau St., N.Y. 



(For Congressional List See Pages 84J: to 851.) 

Appleman Asbury G, banker and broker, Cor- \ Caldwell Towson, elk state d, 1202 18^ nw 
coran bldg, h 601 Enw Chapman John, contractor, 909 U nw 

Blair Montgomery, lawyer, 39 Corcoran bldg, h j Evans TV Warrington Dr, dentist, c Conn av 

Blair Woodbury, lawyer, 39 Corcoran bldg, h 

533 15th nw 
Brookings E J, elk ago, 608 13th nw 
Campbell Mary M, elk g 1 o, 916 12th nw 

and Mnw 
McVary Stephen A, physician, 520 7th sw, h 616 

2d sw. Office hours, 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1 p m, 

5 to 7 p m 
Martin W A, elk ago, 608 13th nw 


Reference is Especially made to the Following Al- 
phabetical List of Responsible Advertising Busi- 
ness Men, and also to the Barnes in Black Type 
throughout the Book, who take Pride in Sus- 
taining, and who do not need to Borrow their 
ISTeighhor's Directory. 

Abner Ed, wines and ales 162 

Acker & Co, stoneyard 163 

Adams J Brad, books outside cover 

Adler Henry, fancy goods 16o 

Adler Maurice J, hardware 16o 

Agnew John P & Co, coal 16o 

Aires & Belt, mouldings 165 

Albright & Co, coal 166 

Allen John W, cigars 167 

Aman's restaurant 168 

American Palm, Pulp and Paper Co 169 

American House 169 

Anglim James & Co, books 171 

Anglo-American Land and Claim Associa- 
tion 171 

Arlington (The) Fire Ins Co 172 

Arms John T, real estate 173 

Auerbach C, gents furnishings 176 

Auerbach & Bro, hats, &c 176 

Augenstein M, house furnishing 1<6 

Baar Lewis, sewing machines 664 

Bagger Louis & Co, lawyers cov and 178 

Baier John, saloon 178 

Bailleux Louis, florist 180 

Baker John A, agr imps 180 

Bakers' Co-operative Association 181 

Baldus Wm T, druggist 181 

Baldwin Bros, bldg materials 181 

Baldwin, Hopkins & Peyton, patents 181 

Ball Charles G-, bricklayer, &c 182 

Ballantyne Wm & Son, booksellers, 182 

Ballauf Daniel, mechanician 183 

Balloch George W, insurance 183 

Balto & Ohio RR 183 

Barber A L & Co, real estate o 

Barbour & Hamilton, grocers 186 

Barker George M, bldg materials 185 

Barker J W, stoves -. . 186 

Barker R W, undertaker 186 

Barlow H N, art gallery 187 

Barnes C A, saloon 187 

Barnes David, poultry and produce 187 

Barr H D. merchant tailor 188 

Bart & Bro, printers 190 

Bartley & Southard, lawyers ...".". 190 

Bate J, elevators *" 2 

Baum Charles, hoop skirts 191 

Beadle H W & Co, patents .'. 193 

Beal Filmore, lawyer ' " 192 

Beall John E, com of deeds 193 

Beall Robert, bookseller ' * ' 193 

Beard Henry, lawyer 194 

Beardsley & Bramhall, printers .WW'.' 702 

Beavans & Shaw, flour and com 194 

Beck August, Exchange House WW 195 

Becker Conrad, harness WW 195 

Beckham Cicero, blacksmithing 196 

Behrend B J, fancy goods '.'.'.'.. 196 

Bell C M, photographer .WW 196 

Bell Wm Peirce^ lawyer WW 198 

Benkert & Wilson, boots and shoes'.'. '. '. '. '. [ 198 

Berner Charles, saloon WW 200 

Beveridge M W, china, glass, &c WW W 201 

Biedler & Co, com merchants " 202 

BigeLow J G, lawyer , WW'.'. 202 

Birney & Birney, lawyers WW 204 

Bishop Chas E & Co, "ins agts W .' .' .' .' .' 204 

Bleif us R, saloon W. WW 206 

Blondell E, painter WWW 206 

Boardman M E, bookseller * [' 207 

Bodeman & Bergman, druggists. WW .' .' .' 207 

Bond Samuel R, lawyer WW' 209 

Bowen C T, painter WW.! 211 

Boyd Robert, stoves and hardware. . .'.""' 213 

Boyd's Directory Offices WWW 852 

Boyle Catherine M, hotel WW." 213 

Bovle's Hotel 214 

Boteler J W & Son . WWW eor'card 

Brace Russel, druggist 214 

Bradley Andrew 0, lawyer '.'.'.'.'.'" 215 

Bradley & Duvall, lawyers WWW." 215 

Bradstreet's Commercial Agency.' .' .* W " " 215 

Brady John, florist '[' 216 

Brady Vv m N, horseshoer. WWW. 216 

Brady's Photograph Gallery. inside back cover 
Brannan Samuel, saloon 216 



Brazerol & Toepfer, cabinetmakers 218 

Bregazzi A, Columbia House 218 

Brelsford H W, lawyer 218 

Brewer & Watkins, flour and feed 219 

Brickwedde C A, upholsterer 219 

Bridwell Moses T, tonic beer 220 

Brien James F, plumber 18 

Briggs J H Mrs, dyer 220 

Brodt Wm H, batter 222 

Brooks E F, gas fixtures 223 

Brown A P, army and navy stores 225 

Brown John S, patents, 228 

Brown Tbomas A, painter 230 

Browne Wm Garl, artist 231 

Browning & Middleton, grocers 232 

Brummel A 0, contractor 233 

Bryan C C, grocer 232 

Bryan J B & Bro, grocers 234 

Bucbly Anthony, undertaker 234 

Buckwell George H, harps. . .inside back cover 

Bull John, real estate 236 

Bullard O B, music teacher 236 

Bunch N, paper and printing. 236 

Bundy C S, justice of the peace 236 

Burchell N W, grocer 237 

Burdette W W &> Co, dry goods 237 

Burgdorf E, livery stable 238 

Burgess Charles H, wood and coal 238 

Burns & Son, marble and granite 240 

Burris W, claim and ins agt 241 

Burrus Edward, liquors 241 

Burton R C M, awnings 242 

Bury E B, druggist 242 

Butcher Z D, school 242 

Byng George T, druggist 245 

Byram James H, carpenter 49 

Cahill Daniel E, lawyer 246 

Campbell R G, plumber 248 

Campbell Peter, broker 248 

Campbell & Kennedy, hardware 249 

Carpenter J R P, painter 250 

Carpenter & Coleman, lawyers 250 

Can- John W, painter 250 

Carrington Jas McD, lawyer 251 

Carrington & Carrington, lawyers 251 

Carter Francis, odorless excavating 253 

Cassin Joseph R, druggist. 255 

Cassin J H, real estate 98 and 255 

Caverly Edward & Co, plumbers 257 

Cavis S A Mrs, school 256 

Central National Bank 258 

Central Pharmacy 256 

Chace A H & Bro, upholsterers 256 

Chapman J J, books 259 

Charlton B, baker 259 

Chase B B, umbrellas, etc 259 

Chester A, lawyer 261 

Christiana Chas, drugs 262 

Church & Stephenson, lumber, sash, etc. . 263 

CisselE E, druggist 263 

Cissel W H H, grocer 263 

Citizen's National Bank 263 

Clagett Wm H, real estate 264 

Clagett & Bowen, laces, novelties, etc 264 

Clark Allen C, lawyer 264 

Clark W F, paper hangings 266 

Clarke & Given, coal and wood 267 

Claude H, pickles and vinegar 267 

Clum & Dingman, claims 269 

Cluss & Schultze, architects 269 

Clyde Line of Steamers 450 

Cochran Geo W & Co, cigars 270 

Cohen Max, printer 271 

Cohen Robert, boots and shoes 271 

Cole T P, druggist 272 

Cole William P, hotel 273 

Coleman William M, lawyer 80> 

Columbian Bank Note Co 276 

Colley J W Mrs, Hamilton House 274 

Cook James R, lawyer 279 

Cook John H, stoves 279 

Cook Thos & Sons, tourists & excursions. 280 

Cook's Balm of Life 280 

Cooke H D jr & Co, bankers cover 

Coon John W, paperh anger 281 

Copeland M G & Co, awnings 282 

Corcoran Fire Insurance Company 283. 

Cornwell G G, grocer 283 

Cowling A, livery stable 285 

Coyle Randolph, lawyer „ 286 

Crane D O, lawyer 287 

Crane John H, produce commission 287 

Cranford & Filbert, contractors 287 

Crawford Newton, patent agent 287 

Cromwell J Wesley, publisher 289 

Cross W M & Son, fish , 290 

Crossfield George R, painter 290 

Crown James F, restaurant 290 

Cruikshank John, lawyer 291 

Cruit Wm, livery stable 291 

Cummings & Baker, lawyers 292 

Cunningham Michael, hatter 292 

Curtis, Earle & Burdette, claim agents 293 

Darby Rufus, printer 297 

Danenhower W W & Son, real estate 296 

Dauterich H L, lager beer 298 

Davidson Robert & Co, contractors 298 

Davis A W & Co, grocers 299 

Davis E G, fancy millinery goods 299 

Davis George W, photographer. 300 

Davis James Y Sons, hats 300- 
Day Addison, undertaker 302 

DeCamp H, paper ruler 303 

Demongeot N, wigs 305 

Dempsey Wm H, books and stationery. . . 306 

Dennis W Henr\, lawyer 306 

Dennison Manufacturing Co, tags 64 

Depoilly A, bronzer 735 

Depoilly Madame, dressmaker. 307 

Depue & Co, grocers 307 

Derringer & Hancock, lawyers 307 

Detterer August, restaurant r~" 

Devlin & Co, clothiers cover and '< 

Dickson Wm, real estate and ins 310 

Dickson & King, coal and wood 310 

Diedrich Bros, florists 310 

Dietz William, restaurant 311 

Disrner Charles, restaurant 312 

Dieterich Louis, tailor 311 

Dittrich A, hats, caps, etc 312 

Dodge & Sons, patents 313 

Dooley F X, druggist 315 

Dorsch Michael, restaurant 316 

Douglas Henry, florist 318 

Douglas J W & G L, lawyers. 318 

Douglass &, Bro, hoop skirts, etc 319 

Dowling F D, druggist 319 

Downey Wm F, livery 320 

Downing C W, cigars 320 

Downman R W, real estate 320 

Downs John A, dry goods com 320 

Dresher George T C, lager beer 321 

Driver & Schofield, restaurant 322 

Drew John W, druggist 321 

Dubreuil Brothers & Bennett, shirts 322 

Duckett W G, druggist 322 

Duffv & Leannarda, hotel 1 "" 

Dulin Charles G C, druggist 324 



Duncanson Bros, auctioneers 324 

Dunn P B, liquors 325 

Dunn Kobert W, wood and coal 325 

Duvall & Marr, insurance 326 

Dyer & Wilber, patents 327 

Earl Charles H, livery stable 328 

Ebbitt House 329 

Ebel Charles, meat market 329 

Edmonston C & Co, boots and shoes 330 

Edmonston R O, grocer 330 

Edson Bros, patents 330 

Edwards & Barnard, lawyers 331 

Egleston George M, dentist 331 

Eliot K L, druggist 332 

Eils & Doolittle, patents 332 

Ellis J F & Co, pianos 334 

Emery Samuel, stone and coal 334 

English & Supplee, saloon 335 

Ennis H J, patents 335 

Entwisle William B, drugs 336 

Ergood J C & Co, grocers 336 

Ernst E, bleacher 336 

Evans A H & Co, patents 337 

Evans Walter, dining rooms 338 

Faber L, restaurant 339 

Eadeley & Bro, livery stables 340 

Fauth C & Co, instruments 342 

Fegan Peter, distiller 312 

Fendall Reginald, lawyer 343 

Fen wick & Garner, furnishing goods 343 

Ferguson R B, druggist 344 

Fill F A, bookseller cover and 345 

Firemen's Insurance Company 346 

Fischer Anton, dyer 346 

Fischer Charles, surgical instruments 347 

Fisher Thomas J & Co, real estate 347 

Fitch, Fox & Brown, real estate 348 

Fitch William & Co, lawyers 348 

Fitzgerald Jenkin A, notary 348 

Fitzgerald N W, lawyer 349 

Fitzpatrick James, bricklayer 349 

Fleischmann Charles, Vienna bakery 350 

Fletcher Annie, dressmaker 350 

Fletcher L G 351 

Ford & Bro, bricks 353 

Ford's Grand Opera House 354 

Fosberg G W & Co, fresco painters 355 

Forrester Peter, china mender 355 

Fox Albert F, real estate 357 

Frank William M, railroad tickets 357 

Franklin Insurance Co 358 

Franklin & Co, opticians 358 

Fraser John, architect 358 

Frazier William, asphalt 359 

Free Joseph D jr, books 359 

Freeman Joseph R, florist 360 

Freeman & Ward, real estate 360 

Friedman Friedrich, restaurant 361 

Freund F, confectioner 361 

Fuller S E Mrs, art school 362 

Fulton H K, pawnbroker 362 

Fulton R, pawnbroker 363 

Gait M W Bro & Co, jewelers 364 

Gait William M & Co, flour 364 

Gannon L E, gen agent 365 

Garnett H Wise, lawyer 367 

Gawler Joseph, undertaker 369 

Gedney Joseph F, lithographer 369 

Gelston E H & Co, lawyers 369 

Genty P F, beer 370 

Georges J J, shoemaker 370 

Georgetown College 370 

German American Fire Ins Co 370 

Gheen John R, Clin: on House 371 

Gheen & Osborn, livery stable 372 

Gibbs Herbert A, printer 372 

Gilbert H P, hardware and junk 373 

Gilman Z D, drugs 374 

Gill & Rearden, paints 374 

Ginck John L & Co, printers 375 

Gittings S R, hardware 375 

Given Wm T, dining rooms 375 

Glen wood Cemetery . . 26 

j Goddard Matthew, grocer 376 

i Godfrey C G, sample room 376 

Godfrey Ira jr, Swiss laundry 377 

Gooch Charles J, patents 37& 

| Graham Robert H, carriage repository 381 

I Gray & Page, architects 383 

I Great Falls Ice Co 6 

I Green O C, real estate 385 

| Griffith M J, drugs 388 

Guthrie Southwick, R R claims 390 

Gwynn G C, artist 390 

Hahn William, boots and shoes 392 

Haislett S J, awnings 392 

Hall Hillman A, justice 393 

Halleck Wm E, druggist 394 

Haldeman & Morcoe, cigars 392 

Halstead & Cooks ey, lawyers 394 

Hamill S R, lawyer 394 

Hamilton & Shedd, mantels 395 

Hanley B T, lawyer 396 

Hannan Daniel, plumber 397 

Hannon S L, drugs 397 

Hansell George Y, paper hanger 397 

Hanson Stephen C, druggist 397' 

Harbin George F, dry goods 398 

Harting John E, upholsterer 404 

Harris & Shaf er, jewelers 402. 

Harrover James R, stoves 403 

Harrover W H, stoves, &c 403 

Hart's Roach Powder 403 

Hartig G & Son, hardware 403 

Harting Charles, upholsterer 404 

Harvey & Holden, oysters 405 

Hauke John S, patents 405 

Hay Edwin B, lawyer 407 

Hayes C W, com mer 408 

Hay ward & Hutchinson, mantels 408 

Hazleton Asa L, boots 409 

Henny Thomas, marble 409 

Heiberger F J, clothier 410 

Heilbrun L, boots and shoes 410 

Hellen & Nicholson, real estate 411 

Helmick Wm, lawyer 411 

Helpenstine R K, druggist 411 

Hempler H H, optician 411 

Henning George C, clothier 413 

Herbert C, shoemaker 414 

Herzog J, gents' furnishing 415 

Heurich Chr, brewer 416 

Hewett R C, flour and feed 416 

Heylmun & Kane, lawyers 416 

Hickling D P, drugs 417 

Hill & Church, patents 419 

Hinrich Theo, druggist 420' 

Hobson & Barry, com reporters 421 

Hodges James M, painter 421 

Hogan J J, oyster dealer 422 

Hoge Wm S, commission merchant 422 

Hollander Bros, hatters 423 

Hollander H, china 423 

Holloway & Blanchard, patents 424 

Holly Tree Dining Rooms 424 

Holmes George, restaurant 425 

Holmes James, grocer 425 

Holton & McLain, paints 426 

Holtzclaw Bros, contractors 426> 

Holtzman R C, saloon 426- 



Hooe Bro & Co, drv goods 427 

Hough Perry V, butter 427 

Howard G H & W T, pat agts 430 

Howard Joseph W, druggist 430 

Howard & Co, patents 431 

Howson & Sons, pat agts 431 ' 

Hudson & Martin, saloon 432 

Hume, Cleary & Co, grocers 433 

Hume John T & Co, furniture 434 

Huntley George & Co, cottage mkt 435 

Hutcheson R, lawyer 437 

Huyck J V N, real estate 437 

Hyde G F, insurance 438 

Independent Ice Company 7 

Imperial Hotel 438 

International Press Agency 439 

Jackson & Co, grocers 444 

Jackson E E & Co, lumber 441 

Jackson Wm, Jackson House 444 

Jaffray E S & Co, dry goods 444 

Jenks W S & Co, stoves 447 

Jensen N, jeweler 447 

Johnson A E, M D 448 

■Johnson Bros, coal 448 

Johnson E L, oysters 450 

Johnson Lewis & Co, bankers cover 

•Johnson Jerome F & Co, grocers 451 

Johnson J H & Co, wharfingers 451 

Johnson W T, lawyer 455 

Johnson & Beale, lawyers 455 

Jones Fred W, lawyer 457 

Jones John O, slater 458 

Jones J S, drugs 458 

Jouvenal Jacques, marble 461 

Joyce Andrew J, carriage mnfr 461 

Joyce Maurice, stereotyper 462 

- Judd & Detweiler, printers 462 

* Jueneman George, brewer 462 

.•Kalusowski H E, druggist 463 

I'Kamm August, watchmaker 463 

Karr J, watchmaker 464 

Katzenstein S, clothier 464 

Keane Thomas T, butcher 465 

Keen George T, tailor 465 

Keese Aug E L, collector, etc 466 

Keil George, jeweler 466 

( Kelley & Chamberlain, produce 467 

Kennaday Alex M, claims 468 

Kendall J Blake, hardware 468 

Ker, Clark & Trunnel, dry goods 470 

Kervand J L, lithographer 470 

Kettler Charles H, butcher . 471 

Kettler Louis, tailor 471 

Keyes & Co, livery stable 471 

Keyworth John, grocer 472 

Kimball A E, saloon 473 

Kimball Ivory G, lawyer 473 

King Henry, fancy goods 474 

Kingsbury Thomas P, coal 475 

Kirk Enoch, cutler 475 

Kirk S S & Co, patents 476 

Kloczewski A M, druggist 476 

Kloczewski C Mrs, dressmaker 476 

Klotz Charles, restaurant 477 

Kneessi Casper, harness 477 

Knight Bros, pat agts front cover and 478 

Knox George W, express 479 

Koch Adam, bottler 479 

Koch August, restaurant 479 

Koch Werner, printer 479 

Kolb D, drugs 480 

Kolb E, saloon 480 

Koppel H, tailor 480 

Kossack Edward, artificial limbs 481 

Kotttnan Henry, baker 481 

Krafft George S, baker 481 

Krause Charles A, paperhanger 481 

Kubel Edward, math inst 482 

Kullberg Carl, drugs 482 

Lacey R S & A P, lawyers 483 

Lafayette House 213 

Lafetra F D Mrs, Temple Cafe 483 

Lambert T A, lawyer 484 

Lansburg Julius, carpets cover and 486 

Lansburg & Bro, dry goods 486 

Larner P F, lawyer. . ! 487 

Latimer C M N, dentist % 488 

Lauman J H, painter .* 488 

Leadingham & Co, livery 490 

Le Droit Dining Rooms 490 

Lee's Henry Sons, undertakers 492 

Leitch Robert & Sons, brass founders 493 

Lemon George E, lawyer 494 

Lendner & Ladson, jewelers 494 

Lewis Samuel E, druggist 497 

Lewis & Co, insurance 495 

Libbey Jos & J E, lumber 497 

Lincoln Hartwell, insurance 498 

Lincoln Wm S, claims attorney 498 

Lines R B, lawyer 498 

Linkins Wm & Sons, butchers 499 

Linger H A & Co, mattresses 499 

Lisner Abraham, furnishings 500 

Littlefield L A, stevedore 500 

Lloyd Thos E & Ben F, claims 501 

Lockwood Belva A, lawyer 501 

Lockhardt Geo B, drugs 501 

Loeffler Ernst, saloon 501 

Lomax & Johnson, oysters 502 

Longhran Daniel, tobacco 503 

Losekam Charles, saloon 503 

Lowe F, hotel 504 

Lowe Ralph P, lawyer 504 

Lown W J, coffee roaster 8 

Lucas Belle, dressmaker 505 

Luchs & Bro, cigars 506 

Lully E, dry goods 506 

Luttrell & Wine, dry goods 507 

Lutz Wm F, engraver 507 

Lutz & Bro, harness, etc 507 

Lyon House 509 

McClelland John, iron founder 512 

McClintock J M, baggage express 512 

McCreary & McClelland, books 513 

McCullough W W, lumber 513 

McDaniels Wm, saloon 513 

McDermott & Bros, coachmakers 514 

McDowell S C, feed 515 

McElroy A P, gilder 515 

McElroy F W, livery 515 

McEwen M & Son, lawyers 515 

McGill Thos & Co, printers 516 

McGloin Felix, grocer 516 

Mcintosh J M, tailor 517 

McKee J W & Co, dry goods 518 

McKellen & Co, plumbers' supplies 518 

McLean Wm, lumber 520 

McMenamin D, marble 521 

McPherson E J, drugs 522 

Macarty D J, carpenter 523 

Main W H & Bro, real estate 526 

Major John R, drugs 526 

Mancosos Percival F, saloon ... 527 

Marini L G, dancing academy 529 

Marlow Walter H, coal 529 

Marks S A H jr, stoves, tinware 529 

Martin Thos H, undertaker 532 

Martin & Bro, brickmakers 532 

Martin & Butler, paints, oils 532 



Mattingly Wm F, lawyer 535 

Mattill H, fresco painter 535 

Matz & Burger, modelmakers 535 

May F P & Co, hardware 536 

Maynard George C, electrician 536 

Meredith Gilmor & Co, com mer 538 

Merriam G & C, Webster's Dictionary 17 

Merry P G, varieties , 539 

Metropolitan Hotel 540 

Metropolitan Railroad Co 540 

Metzrott W G & Co, pianos, etc 540 

Metzger NT& Bro, grocers 540 

Middletoh F E, broker 541 

Middleton & Co, bankers 542 

Milans J D, bookseller 542 

Milburn's pharmacy 542 

Miller Charles H, restaurant 543 

Miller John, coal 544 

Miller N H, lawyer 545 

Miller Wm J, lawyer 545 

Miller & Jones, billiards, etc 545 

Mills Samuel C, lawyer 546 

Mitchell John H, horseshoer 547 

Mitchell John M, undertaker 547 

Mitchell J T, dry goods 548 

Mitchell Thos A, real estate 548 

Mitchell Wm S, carpets 548 

Mohler W H, contractor 549 

Mohun Francis B, books 549 

Moore Charles F, drugs 550 

Moore Charles S, lawyer 550 

Moran John, plumber 552 

Morrison E, paper 554 

Morrison W H & O H, books 555 

Morsell E H, hardware 555 

Morton James F, books 555 

Moses W B & Son, f uoniture 556 

Moulton H B, lawyer 557 

Muehleisen Wm, liquors 558 

Mueller Carl & Son, confectioners 558 

Mullan John, lawyer 558 

Munn & Co, patent agents 387 and 559 

Murray Robert J, lawyer 561 

Mussey R D, lawyer 562 

Myers & Co, patent attorneys 562 

Nailor Allison jr, livery stable 563 

Nailor Wash, livery stable 563 

Nast T J & Bro, produce 564 

National Bank of the Republic 565 

National Capital Telephone Co 564 

National Metropolitan Insurance Co 565 

National Theatre 566 

Neale Richard A, drugs 567 

Newman Fred S, painter 569 

Newton J C, painter 570 

Newton W J, lawyer 570 

Nichols & Son, Mt Vernon House 570 

Noble H B, dentist 571 

Nolan James, plumber 572 

Norris James L, patents cover, 90 and 572 

Norris Richard, butcher 573 

Nourse C H & Co, druggists 574 

O'Connor Jeremiah, grocer 576 

Odium R E & Co, natatorium 577 

O'Donnell & Bro, grocers 577 

Odorless Excavating Apparatus Co 577 

Ohl J W, restaurant 578 

Olcott J B & Son, livery stable 579 

Olmstead J F, real estate 580 

O'Meara J U, sporting goods 580 

Oppenheimer S, optician 581 

Orth Henry, patents 581 

Oyster George M & Co, produce com 583 

Paige Nathaniel, lawyer 584 

Paine, Grafton & Ladd, lawyers 584 

Pairo Richard E, lawyer 584 

Palmer J P Mrs, millinery 585 

Palmer S C, mineral waters 585 

Parker J C, books 587 

Pasco J P, cooper. 588 

Patch John, collector 588- 

Payne James G, lawyer 590> 

Pearson Joseph L, printer 591 

Peck Charles F, lawyer 591 

Perry & Bro, dry goods 593* 

Perry & Wilson, lawyers 594 

Peters Norris, lithographer 594- 

Petersen & Alschwee, saloon, 594 

Peterson A <fc Co, patents 594- 

Pettingill Ed T, drugs 595 

Pierce J S, hotel 438 

Pike Albert & Son, lawyers 597 

Plant J T K, commissioner 598 

Poindexter Wm M, architect 599 

Pollock Louisa Mrs, school 600 

Pomeroy W B, dentist 600' 

Pope A, coal and wood 600 1 

Potomac Insurance Co 602 

Pratt A S <& Son, insurance 603 

Prentiss A C, drugs 604 

Presbrey & Green, lawyers 604 

Price John T & Son, livery stable 608 

Prigg's jewelry store 605 

Prindle & Co, patent attorneys 607 

Pullman E J, photographer 609 

Pursell C C, books 610 

Puskas <fe Saportas, patents 551 

Rakeman Joseph, artist 610 

Rauterberg C, physician 614 

Rauterberg C jr, physician 614- 

Read Charles H jr, architect 615 

Redington James K, lawyer 616 

Reed's B W Sons, grocers 616- 

Reichenbach C, organs, pianos 618 

Reinlein Paul, druggist 618. 

Republic The 619- 

Reuling George Dr, oculist 619= 

Rev ells Sarah D, boarding 619> 

Rice Lorenzo, carpet cleaning 620- 

Rice Moses P, photographer. 621 

Rich B & Son, clothiers 621 

Richards A C, justice 621 

Richards Alfred & Co, brick manuft's 621 

Richards James H, brick manufacturer. . . 621 

Ridgvvay E A, plumber 623 

Riggs House 624 

Riggs <fc Co, bankers 624 

Riley William R, dry goods 624 

Rives Franklin, printer 625 

Robinson B & Co, clothiers 627 

Rohrer M M, real estate 631 

Rooney John, saloon 632 

Roose Wm S, cigars 632 

Ross John, restaurant 633 

Ross Samuel, builders' materials 634 

Rowzee W M, artist 634 

Puffin Eliza, dressmaker 636 

Ruffin R D, lawyer 636 

Ruppert Chris 'fancy goods 637 

Russell W R, druggist 637 

Ryneal George jr, paints 638 

Ryon & Earnshaw, grocers 638 

St James Hotel 639 

St Marc, Tne 639 

Saks A & Co, clothiers 639 

Sanderson Hotel 640 

Sanner J F, carpenter 641 

Saul John, seedsman and florist 642 

Saum J F & Co, com mers • 645 

Saunders L M, lawyer 642- 



Sauter "Win, blacksmith 643 

Saville James H, lawyer 643 

Scala W F, druggist 644 

Schade Louis, lawyer 644 

SchafEer & Clary, produce 644 

Schell Leon & Co, provisions 645 

Scheller & Stevens, druggists 645 

Schneider C A Sons, iron founders 4 

Schneider Charles, baker 646 

Schneider Chr G, bellta anger 646 

Schneider F & Son, hardware 646 

Schneider L H & Co, hardware 646 

Schultz Louis, florist 647 

Schultzbach J, model maker 647 

Schutter Hubert, fresco 648 

Schwing & Clarke, saloon 649 

Scott J B, hotel 650 

Scott Wm H, grocer 651 

Scott & Garrison, grocers . . 651 

Sears Caleb L, houseraiser 651 

Second National Bank 652 

Selden & Roberts, holel 540 

Server M T, restaurant 653 

Seymour Henry A, pat atty 654 

Sheldon George T, dancing 656 

Shellaberger & Wilson, lawyers 656 

Sheriff George L, wood and"coal 657 

Sherman John & Co, real estate 580 

Shoemaker Louis P, real estate 659 

Shreve Charles S. real estate 660 

Shuster Wm M & Sons, dry goods 660 

Sill C E, barber 661 

Silverberg B, fancy goods 661 

Simms GG C, drugs 662 

Singleton & Hoeke, carpets 664 

Sinsheimer M, livery 664 

Sissou's Hugh Sons, marble works. back cover 

Slater Wm H, broker 665 

Small John H, florist 667 

Smith Addison M, patent agent 668 

Smith Arthur B, coal t 667 

Smith Freeborn G, pianos 670 

Smith F H, insurance 670 

Smith J Ambler, lawyer 671 

Smith James H, lawyer 671 

Smith Jennie F, dressmaker 671 

Smith J N, cabinet maker , 672 

Smith Robert Co, veterinary medicines. . . 674 

Smith R D O, odorless water closts 3 

Smith Thomas W, lawyer 674 

Smithmeyer J L & Co, architects 675 

Snell M Porter, phonographer 676 

Snodgrass Stanley, printer 676 

Sohon G, ladies' shoes 677 

Somers J Eddy Mrs, school 677 

Somerville Thomas, brass works 7 

Soule J H, publisher 678 

Soule & Kooksgey, lawyers 678 

Southern Pacific Tea Co 679 

Sovereigns' Co-operative Assoc, grocers. .. 679 

Spalding Harvey, claim agent 679 

Spaulding William E & Co, painters 669 

Spear Ellis, pat atty 680 

Speare W R, undertaker 680 

Speucerian Business College 680 

Spranay George, tailor 681 

Springsteen Anna, dressmaker 682 

Stansbury & Mnnn, patents 683 

Stearns S S, physician 683 

Steiger & Leibermann, real estate 684 

Stephenson John F, express 685 

Stevens A C, sewing machines 685 

Stilson P B, lawyer 688 

Steiumetz Benj H, hats and furs 688 

Stone & Pray, lawyers 689 

Stoney C L & Co, drugs 689 

Storrs C, lawyer 690 

Stover & Co, wood and coal 690 

Strang & Tucker, fruits 690 

Strickler & Wolfe, boarding 691 

Sweet Edwin J, real estate 695 

Swindells Simeon, florist 696 

Sypher J H, lawyer 696 

Taggart Hugh T, lawyer 697 

Tait James A, real estate 697 

Tallman D D, drugs 698 

Taylor A S, justice of the peace 699 

Taylor George M, dry goods 699 

Taylor H R jr, insurance agent 699 

Taylor & Hufty, furnishing goods. . . 701 

Teel William S", gents furnishing, etc 701 

Ten Eyck J B, dentist 702 

Thomas A A, claims 703 

Thomas Joseph & Son, building mate- 705 


Thompson James, shirts 709 

Thompson O T, real estate 708 

Thompson R M, lawyer 708 

Thompson W S, druggist 709 

Thompson & Bacon, mdse brokers 709 

Thompson & Co, hardware 709 

Tibbett F J, provisions 710 

Timms George F & Co, clothiers 711 

Todd & Handy, real estate 712 

Tomlinson Bettie Miss, millinery 713 

Towles Gilbert B, patents 714 

Trembly L R, picture frames 715 

Tremont House 716 

Truesdell George, broker 716 

Trunnel, Clark & Co, dry goods 717 

Turner W R, tanner 719 

Twombley William, lawyer 720 

Tj T ler & Chewning, dry goods 720 

Tyler & Rutherford, insurance agents 721 

U S Home and Dower Association 722 

Van Reuth Madame, dressmaker 724 

Vermillion J G, grocer. 725 

Voght John L, confectioner 725 

Wade John W, tailor 726 

Waggaman Samuel, druggist 726 

Waggeman Thomas E, real estate 727 

Wagner George, boots and shoes 727 

Warner Matilda Mrs, ladies' hair 728 

Waldecker E, " Volks Tribun " 728 

Walker G S, granite 729 

Walker J T Sons, lime 729 

Walker Noah & Co, clothiers 729 

Walker S H, real estate 732 

Walker & Edwards, stone 730 

Walsh R, physician 731 

Walter Charles, lawyer and justice 733 

Wanstall J & Son, livery stables 734 

Ward F K, milk dairy 735 

Warner B H, real estate 735 

Washington Bronzing Co 735 

Washington Brick Machine Co 735 

Washington & Ohio R R 

Washingon City, V M & GS R R. .inside back 

Washington Conservatory of Music .and 736 

Washington Journal 

Washington Mme, dressmaker, 737 

Waters J G & J M, com merchants 739 

Watson C H & Co, patents 6 and cover 

Watts George, china 740 

Weaver J G, cabinet maker 741 

Weaver, Kengla & Co, soap 741 

Webster's Dictionary 17 

Webster John T, baker 741 

Weber F, musical headquarters 743 



Weed Sewing: Machine 743 

Welch George B, dentist 744 

Welcker's restaurant 744 

Welsh David, iron railings 745 

Wemple, Smith & Co, lumber 745 

West End Hotel 746 

Wheatley Bros, lumber 748 

Wheatley W H, dyer 748 

"Wheeler* B L, grocer 748 

Wheeler & Wilson S M Co 749 

Whitaker G A, bookseller 749 

White E E, grocer 749 

White George A, chiropodist 750 

Whiteside & Walton, druggists 751 

Whiting Albert T, bleacher 751 

Whitman Charles S, patents 752 

Whyte & Overman, galvanized iron 753 

Wild G L & Bro, musical instruments 753 

Wilkins C F & Co, com merchants 754 

Willards C D. lawver 754 

Willard's Hotel. . .". 755 

Willett & Libbey, lumber 755 

Willett & Rouff, hatters 755 

Williams Appleton, cabinet makers 755 

Williams A J, carriages 755 

Williams Wash B, furniture 755 

Williams & Meredith, restaurant 756 

Willian M, fancy goods 760 

Willuer George, paper hangings 761 

Wilmarth J J, lawyer 761 

Wilson J C & Co, claims 762 

Wilson Nathaniel, lawyer 763 

j Wilson P R, grocer 763 

i Wilson Thomas, lawyer 763 

Wimer Charles A, stationer 764 

j Wimsatt & Uhler, planing mills 764 

i Wolfsteiner O L, cornices 766 

I Wood W P, claims 766 

I Wood William C, lawyer 767 

: Wood Bros, furniture 767 

Woodruff E W, file holders 769 

Woodward Thomas, feed 769 

Wormley's Hotel 769 

Worthington L W, grocer 770 

Worthin °-ton & Heald, lawyers 770 

Wright Edward D, lawyer 770 

Xander Christian, liquors 772 

Yates Wm A & Co, dry goods 773 

Young W P, real estate 775 

Youngs Elphonso, grocer 775 

Zeverly A N & Son, lawyers 776 

Zyprecht M Mrs, stamping 776 

r— h 

3000 Engravings ; 1840 Pages Quarto. 

Webster " is the Dictionary used in the Government Print- 
ins: Office," August, 1877. 
Every School and Family should have it for constant use and 
Best FAMILY help in training children to become intelligent 
men and women. 
Several years later, and has one-fifth more matter, than any 
other large Dictionary. 
The authorized authority in Courts of Justice, for the mean- 
ing of words. 
Etymologies and definitions far in advance of any other 
Recommended by IT. S. Chief Justice Waite, as " the highest 
authority for definitions." 


For Schools— recommended by State Superintendents of 35 
different States, and by 5 <> College Presidents. 
About 32,000 have been placed in Public Schools by law 
or by School Officers. 
Contains 3,000 Illustrations, nearly three times as many 
as any other Dictionary. 
Three pictures of a ship, on page 1751, illustrate the meaning 
of more than 100 words. 
Sale of Webster is 20 times as great as that of any other se- 
ries of Dictionaries. 

■w^zrhvhil-x- ihstidoirsieid b"st 

Elihu Burritt, George P. Marsh, J. G. Holland, 

Eufus Choate, John G. Whittier, H. Coleridge, 

Smart, John G. Saxe, Horace Mann, 

Prescott, Daniel Webster, Aezra Abbott 


Fitz-Green Halleck, 
"N. P. Willis, 

And by more than SO College Presidents, and the best American and European Scholars. 

Published by G. & 0. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mass. 

^Webster's National l^ictor-ial Dictionary, 

1040 Pages Octavo. 600 Engravings. 





Plumber, Steam & Gas Fitter 





And the examination of old Plumbing work with a view to its 

proper Sanitary arrangement, are Specialties with me. 

All work attended to promptly, and at a 


Your custom Is most respectfully solicited, and your orders will be promptly 


New Gas Fixtures put up, and rebronzing, regilding and repairing of Gas 
Fixtures, Statuary, Statuettes, <fcc, carefully done. 

Furnaces, Latrobe Stoves, and Ranges set, and repairs made in a 
thorough manner. 

In any of the aforementioned branches, if you have had bad work done, 
endangering your health or depriving you of comfort, have it attended to* 


Regulate the flow of gas by means of the lever, which is on the stop- 
cock at the inlet side of the meter, only using enough pressure to give suffi- 
cient light to the number of burners in actual use, (the burners should 
always be kept in good condition, and of a proper size.) When you have 
turned the lever so as to give the proper amount of light, mark where it 
rests, so that when using the light you can turn it to that point. When 
not in use during daylight the gas should be turned entirely off at the 

Twenty-three years' experience in the trade of Plumbing. Give me a 




There are 1170 originally laid out blocks or squares, bounded by 21 avenues, and 
over 100 streets in the city, irrespective of the suburbs. The Capitol is nearly the 
centre of the city, and from it the streets are laid out at right angles, and, according to 
our new system of numbering, are divided into four grand cardinal sections. All the 
streets lying northwest of the Capitol have northwest attached them, those south- 
east, southwest and northeast are named in the same manner. The new system of 
numbering is called the decimal system, and is on the principle of allowing 100 for 
every square. It is beneficial to the city in case of fire or tearing down of a block of 
buildings. It does not disarrange the numbers ahead of that square. The streets 
named alphabetically run east and west from North and South Capitol streets; the 
streets named by numerals run north and south from East Capitol and the Mall. The 
avenues are laid out diagonally, as to the right-angle streets; their names will be 
found below. Many of the squares or blocks are so large that additional streets and 
alleys have been opened and named. Many of these alleys were named by the Direc- 
tory men while canvassing, generally from some local cause. A glance at the past 
and present list of streets and alleys will show how these latter are increasing. We 
have added a list of all the roads, places and villages in the District, which will be 
found very useful. 

Acker al, bet 1st and 2d and EandFnw 
Acorn al, bet 4£ and 6th and Md av and C sw 
Adams Express alley, (see Express alley) 
Adams row, bet 13th and 14th and S and 

Adams, Anacostia, south from Harrison 
Aiken alley, bet 4£ and 6th and Md av and 

C sw 
Alexander row, N H av and 22d and M 

Amans court, D bet 9th and 10th nw 
Anacostia, a village on the south bank of 

the Anacostia river, opposite the Navy 

Yard _ 
Anacostia road, from Anacostia north to 

D C line and Prince George's co, Md 
Aqueduct, Pa av extended to 29th, Gtn 
Argyle mill road, see Blagden's mill road 
Armory st, from 4^ to 6th bet Me and Md 

avs sw 
Auntie Dadman alley, from B to C bet S 

Cap and 1st sw 
Back st, west from 32d above V, Gtn 
Bacon alley, E to F bet 4^ and 6th sw 
Baldwin row, 2d bet D and E nw 
Ball alley, bet G and Mass av and 2d and 

Ball's Cross Road, Rossi yn, sw from Di- 
Bank alley, from M bet Market and 34th 

to Prospect av, Gtn 

Baptist alley, bet 9th and 10th and E and 

F nw 
Barry Farm road, from Nichols av to 

Hamilton road 
Bassett alley, bet 1st and 2d and Md av 

and C ne 
Bates al, from G to H bet 6th and 7th nw 
Bates road, from Rock Creek Church road,. 

southeasterly to Sargent road 
Beall st (now O) from Rock creek to 1401 

32d, Gtn 
Behren row, rear 6th near S nw 
Bellevue Terrace, N nr N H av nw 
Belt road, from Tenallytown northeast 

to D C line and Montgomery co, Md 
Bennett st, runs south from Canal to Cor- 
Benning road, from H and Boundary sts 

ne, easterly to D C line and Prince 

George's co, Md 
Bennings Station, on B & P R R nr Ben- 

nings rd 
Berry row, bet 21st and 22d and B and C 

Birch alley, bet 20th and 21st and L and 

Birch nlley, see Liberty st 
Birds al, bet 7th and 8th and F and G sw 
Bismarck, west from 7th extended 
Bladensburg road, late Baltimore and 

Columbia turnpike road, from the in- 



tersection of Boundary and H sts ne, 
at old toll gate, to D C line and P G co, 
Blagden alley, from 923 M to 924 N nw 
Blagden mill road (now Blagden's road) fr 
Piney Branch road, near Crystal Springs, 
by Argyle mill to Shoemaker's mill 
(formerly called Argyle mill road) 
Blair road, from Rock Creek church by 
Sander's hill to D C line and Mont- 
gomery co, Md 
Blind alley, east from 1213 12th nw 
Blood alley, fr 31st to 32d bel M, Gtn 
Bohrer street, north from Boundary bet 

6th and 7th nw 
Boundary street, from Rock creek around 

the north side of the city 
Bowen road, from Good Hope northeast- 
erly to D Cline and P G co, Md, near old 
Fort Meigs 
Boyle alley, from C bet NJav and lstnw 
Brainard street, south from 1724 P nw 
Breeze Hill road, from Anacostia road to 

Marlboro' road 
Brentwood road (late old Bladensburg 
road), from Boundary and 2d sts ne, 
northeast to DC line and P G co, Md 
Brickyard alley, from 31st to 32d bel M, Gtn 
Bride alley, from 27th to 28th ab O, Gtn 
Bridge street, continuation of Pa ;iv to 

limits of Georgetown (now called M) 
Brightwood, a village on 7th st rd, two 

miles from city 
Bright woodStation, on Metropolitan branch 

B & O R R, 6 miles from Washington 
Brilliant alley, bet 17th and 18th and P and 

Mass av nw 
Broad alley, bet 3d and 4£ and F and G 

sw (also called Fighting alley) 
Broad Branch road, from Shoemaker's 
mill, Rock creek, northerly to D C line 
and Montgomery co, Md 
Brook alley, bet 3d and 4th and G and H nw 
Brothers alley, from 9th bet Va av and B sw 
Brown road, from Linnean Hill rd north- 
erly to Piney Branch road 
Brown's alley, from 32d to Valley ab Q, Gtn 
Brown street, runs north from Howard av 
Brown alle} r , rear K bet 24th and 25th nw 
Brown alley, from 8th to 9th bet E and G se 
Brown alley, bet H and I and 13th and 

15th nw 
Brown court, bet W and Boundary and 

13th and 14th nw (now called Liberty) 
Brown court se, bet A and B and 0th and 

7th se 
Bull Head alley, bet B and C and I3£ and 

14th nw 
Bunker Hill road, from Lincoln av north 

erly to D C line and P G co, Md 
Burke alley, bet (Jth and 7th and Gand H sw t 
Burnstine alley, rear I bet (Jib. and 7th nw 
Butler alley, bet 8th and 9th and !' and 

Q nw 
Cabbage al. from 1st to 2d bet G andH ne 
California street, bet E and G and 1st and 
2d ne 

Campbell alley, bet H and I and 3d and 

4th nw 
Canal road, from Georgetown past the 

Chain bridge to D C line 
Canal street, bet 1st and C sw 
Canal street, Rosslyn, from the canal west 
Canterbury alley, bet C and La av and 4J- 

and 6th nw 
Carlin al, bet C and D and 12th and 13th sw 
Caroline terrace (see Franklin place) 
Caroline, fr T to U bet 15th and 16th nw 
Carroll place, 1st bet E Cap and A se 
Carroll st, from 1st to 2d bet B and C se 
Carter alley, 18th and 19th and D and E nw 
Casey alley, bet K and L and 4| and 6th sw 
Cecil alley, Gtn, from Grace to Water ab 

Cedar alley, bet 20th and 21st and M and 

N nw 
Cedar road, north from Spring street road 
Cedar st, bet S and T and 13th and 14th 

and 17th and 19th nw 
Central av, from Bennings rd, near Wm 

B Lacy's, northeasterly to D C line and 

P G co, Md 
Central av, Meridian Hill, north from 

Chadwick av, Rosslyn, south from Canal 

Chain building, 1319 H nw 

Chain House al, bet H and I and 13th and 

14th nw 
Champlain av, north from Boundary bet 

17th and 18th 
Chapin street, west fiom 14th extended 
Chapman alley, bet 14th and 15th and R I 

av and N nw 
Chappell rd, from Grant rd easterly to 

Broad Branch road 
Chase rd, from Lincoln av ab Glen wood 

cemetery, to Met branch R R 
Chauncey building, 321 4^ nw 
Cherry street (see Grace, Gtn) 
Chestnut street (see Samson street) 
Chew alley, bet E and F and 1st and 

2d nw 
Chicago street, bet E and G and 1st and 

2d ne 
Chichester av, east fr Nichols av 
Child's alley, bet Q and R and S Cap and 

1st se 
Christian alley, from F to G bet £ and 


Chinch alley, east from 3d bet O and P nw 
Church alley, bet L and M and 3d and 

N J av, in rear of Union Wesley church 
Cissell alley, from Water to Grace, Gtn 
Clark alley, bet I and K and 14th and 

15th n w 
Clark alley, bet 17th and 18th and K and 

L nw 
Clark row, Capitol Hill 
Clark alley, bet 2d and 3d and L and M sw 
Clark alley, bet C and D and 3d and 4£ sw 
Codriek al, bet 13 1 and 14th and B and C 




Cole row, 4tli nr Wilson, Howard Univer- 
Colfax st, fr L to M bet 1st and Del av ne 
Colfax st, west from 5th st extended 
College Hill, on 14th ab Boundary nw 
College Hill terrace (see Stoughton st) 
College st, from the canal to the college, 

College st, east from 6th north of Trumbull 
Columbia building, 216 4| nw 
Columbia st, from O to Q bet 9th and 10th 

Columbia rd, from Boundary st, at the 

head of 20th, to Piney Branch rd 
Columbia av, a continuation of 15th bet 

Boundary and Piney Branch and 13th 

and 16th nw 
Conduit rd (see Upper Falls rd) 
Congress st, Gtn (now 31st), from 3,056 

Water to V 
Congress st al, Gtn, from 31st to 32d ab M 
Congressional Cemetery Grounds, from 

17th and Georgia av east to the river 
Connecticut al, from Conn av bet K and L 

Connecticut av, from H and 16| nw, north- 
west to Boundary 
Connor al, bet L and M and 23d and 24th 

Cook al, bet 15th and 16th and K and L nw 
Cook al, bet 21st and 22d and N and O nw 
Cool Spring rd, from Boundary and C ne 

to Bennings rd 
Cooper al, 17th bet E and N Y av nw 
Cooper al, from M to Water ab 31st, Gtn 
Corcoran building, 15th and Pa av nw 
Corcoran si, from 13th to 18th bet Q and 

Corcoran st, Rosslyn, west from Ball's 

cross roads 
Cottage Hill, Bladensburg rd ab Boundary 

Cottage place, T bet 17th and 18th nw 
Cottage Row al, bet 18th and 19th and L 

and M nw 
Covington st, bet 9th and 10th and Q and 

R nw 
Cow al, bet I and K and 44- and 6th sw 
Cox al, r E bet 6th and 7th nw 
Crescent st, west from Columbia and Cen- 
tral av 
Crogin al, bet M and N and 23d and 24th 

Cronin row, 1ST H av bet T and U nw 
Crook al, bet R and S and 6th and 7th nw 
Cross al, bet L and M and 5th and 6th se 
Cullinane al, from 4^ to 6th bet H and I 

Danaher al, from F to G bet 1st and 2d sw 
Daniels rd, from Military rd nr Swart rd 

to District line 
Dean's row, Gtn, P nr bridge 
Decatur st, from N Cap e bet O and P ne 
Decker al, bet D and E and 9th and 10th sw 
Defrees st, fr 1st to N Cap bet H and I nw 
Defrees al, fr N Cap to 1st bet H and I ne 

Delaney al, bet F and G and 9th and 10th 

Delaware av, runs ne and sw from the cen- 
ter of the Capitol 
De Sales st, from 17th to Conn av bet L 

and M nw 
Desmond al, fr 9th to 10th bet E and F sw 
Dillard al, fr 11th to 12th bet Q and R nw 
Division st, Rosslyn, south from river 
Donoho al, bet 22d and 23d and L and M 

Douglass al, bet 4th and 5th and G and H 

Downing al, from O bet 9th and 10th nw 
Draney al, bet 1st and N J av and 1 & K nw 
Draper al, from B bet 12th and 13th sw 
Duddington place, 1st bet B and C se 
Dumbarton av, from Rock creek to 1335 

32d, Gtn 
Durr al, from 10th to 11th bet M and N nw 
E st al, from E bet 7th and 8th se 
Earle al, bet H and I and 21st and 22d nw 
East st, fr Mill e bet Stoddartand West, Gtn 
East Capitol st, from the Capitol to East- 
ern branch 
Eastern Market space, from K to L on 5th 

and 6th se 
Eighth st, Gtn, (now U) fr 32d to limits 
Elm st, east from 6th st extended to Le 

Droit av 
Emory row, bet 25th and 26th and H and 

I nw 
Erie st, bet Meridian av and Champlain av 
Essex ct, H to I bet 6th and 7th nw 
Express al, bet B and C and 2d and 3d nw 
Factory Hill, fr Water to Canal bet Poto- 
mac and 33d 
Falconer al, bet 12th and 13th and S and 

T nw 
Falls rd (see Upper Falls rd) 
Farragut st, west from 7th extended 
Fayette st, Rosslyn, west from the canal 
Fayette st, Gtn, (now 35th), fr 3431 Water 
Federal building, 529 7th nw 
Fenwick Hill, Gtn, fr 34th to 35 ab R 
Fifteenth st al, bet 14th and 15th and B 

and C nw 
Fifteenth and a-half street (also called Mad- 
ison pi), from Pa av to H bet 15th and 
16th nw 
Fifth st extended, from Boundary nw 
Fifth st (now R), fr 1615 32d to 1629 35th 
Fighting alley (see Knox's alley) 
Fighting al (see Broad al) 
Fighting alley, bet F :.nd G and 3d and 

4-J- sw 
Fillmore st, Anacostia, south fr Harrison 
First street (now N) 
Fitzmorris row, ab Boundary bet 8th and 

9th nw 
Fletcher al, bet H and I and 3d and 4th nw 
Foot alley, bet 9th and 10th and H and I nw 
Follansbee alley, bet 2d and 3d and E and 

F nw 
Ford alley, bet 3d and 4th and G and H nw 
Fort Saratoga, on Brentwood and Queen 
Chappel rds 



Fort Slocum, on Rock Creek Church rd 
Fort Totten, on Bunker Hill rd 
Foundry place, bet 13th and 14th and G 

and N Y av 
Fourth street extended, from Boundary n 
Fourth st, Gtn, (now Q), fr 1525 32d 
Fourth al, f r Jefferson to 32d ah Water, 

Fowler alley, bet D and E and 12th and 

13th se 
Foxhall lane rd, from Canal rd to Lough- 
borough hill 
Franklin street, bet P and Q and 1st and 

2d and 4th and 5th nw 
Franklin place, I bet 13th and 14th nw 
Franklin alley, bet 12th and 13th and K 

and L nw 
Franklin sq, I and K and 13th and 14th nw 
Frederick street, Gtn, (now 34th), fr 3401 

Water to 2066 32d 
Freeman al, fr N to O bet 6th and 7th nw 
French alley, bet E Cap and A and 1st and 

2d se 
French st, from 9th to 10th bet R and S nw 
Fuller alley, nr 329 Va av sw 
Fuller alley, bet 14th and 15th and I and 

K nw 
G street alley (see Foundry place) 
G street alley, bet 6th and 7th and G and 

H sw 
G street alley, from G street south to Mass 

av bet N Cap and 1st nw 
Gales av, east f r Lincoln av to Gales woods 
Gardner st, Rosslyn, west fr the canal 
Garrett alley, Gtn, fr Prospect av to O ab 

Gate alley, bet M and N and 10th and 11th 

Gay street (now called N), fr Rock Creek 

ab M to 32d, Gtn 
Georgia av, from 3d and S sw, ne to 

Congressional cem 
Giesboro rd, from the intersection of 

Hamilton rd and Nichols av southerly 

to District line and Prince George's co, 

Gilman or Maple street, from Boundary 

and T to Le Droit av 
Given alley, bet 11th and 12th and K and 

L nw 
Gleason rd (now called Spring street), fr 

Piney Branch rd east to Holmead rd 
Glick alley, bet 6th and 7th and R and 

S nw 
Goat alley, bet L and M and 6th and 7th nw 
Goffalley is a continuance of Chew alley 

and lies bet E and F and 2d and 3d nw 
Good Hope rd, from Anacostia easterly to 

Good Hope 
Government Hospital for the Insane (see | 

Nichols av) 
Grace Church alley, bet 8th and 9th and D j 

and F sw 
Grace st, fr 1048 32d to 1031 Market, Gtn | 
Graham al, from C to Pa av bet 12th and ! 

13th nw 

Grant av, west f r 7th extended to Boundary 
Grant av, Rosslyn, south from the canal 
Grant pi, from 9th to 10th bet G and H nw 
Grant rd, from Tenallytown easterly to 

Broad Branch rd 
Greenback al, bet 18th and 19th and K 

and L nw 
Green alley, fr 13th to 14th bet L and M sw 
Green al,. bet 25th and 26th and M and N nw 
Greene street (now 29th), from 2900 Water 

to U, Gtn 
Griffin al, bet F and G and Del av and 2d sw 
Grinder alley, bet L and M and 1st and 

N J av se 
Grinder alley, near L and 11th se 
Grinnell alley, bet K and L and 16th and 

17th nw 
Guild al, bet 2d and 3d and F and G nw 
Guinan al, bet 4^ and 6th and H and I sw 
Half street, bet S3 Cap and 1st sw from 50 

F to the river 
Hall alley, from 15th e bet B and C nw 
Hamilton place, K bet 14th and 15th nw 
Hamilton rd, from Good Hope rd south- 
west to Nichols av 
Harewood av, north from Boundary head 

of 4th street, he Droit Park 
Harewood rd, from Bunker Hill rd to 

Rock Creek church rd (this road is 

still called by some the Soldiers' Home 

Harper al, Gtn, from Water to Grace ab 32d 
Harris al, bet A and B and 3d and 4th ne 
Harrison street, Anacostia, east fr bridge 
Harvard, west from 7th extended 
Hast al, bet 17th and 18th and H and I nw 
Hauns alley, bet 1st and 2d and F and G nw 
Herbert alley, bet Pomeroyand Trumbull, 

Howard University 
Heurich alley, bet 19th and 20th and M 

and N nw 
High, east from Pleasant 
High street, Gtn (now 32d), from 3202 

Water to the corporation limit 
Hillsdale, bet Anacostia and St Elizabeth 
Hitz alley, bet A and B nr N J av se 
Hog alley, see Essex court 
Hogan al, from 33d bet M and Canal, Gtn 
Hook and Ladder alley, bet 4th and 5th nr 

H nw 
Hope av, bet D and E and 12th and 13th ne 
Hopkin alley, bet R and S and 19th and 

20th nw 
Howard av, west from Nichols av 
Howard av, Mt. Pleasant, west from 14th 

Howard row, bet 14th and 15th and C and 

D ne 
Howard row, E nr 1st sw 
Hughes 25th and 26th and I andK nw 
Hunt al, bet E Cap and A and 1st and 2d ne 
Huron st, fr Columbia av to Central av 
I st alley, bet Mass av and I and 6th and 

7th nw 
Indiana av, from N J av and 1st nw to 

City Hall 



Imlay al, bet H and I and 25th and 26th nw 

Ingle place, on C bet 1st and 2d se 

Iowa circle, 13th and P nw 

Irvin st, west from 7th extended 

Irving place, H bet 1st and N Cap 

Ivy City, on B and ORR, one mile north 

of City line 
Ivy place, S Cap to N J av bet D and E se 
Jackson alley, Gtn, M bet 30th and 31st 
Jackson Hall alley, from 339 Pa av bet 3d 

and 4£ nw 
Jackson place, or 16-J- st (also called Lex- 
ington place), from Executive pi to H nw 
Jackson Hill, on Columbia rd ab Meridian 

Jackson st (also called Jackson's alley), 

from 1st nw to 2d ne bet G and H 
Jackson st, Anacostia, east from Monroe 
Jefferson st, Gtn, fr 3025 Water to 3036 M 
Johnson's al, bet M and N and N H av 

and 22d nw 
Johnson al, bet E and F and 6th and 7th nw 
Johnson av, fr Rto S bet 14th and 15th nw 
Johnson row, bet 21st and 22d and Pa av 

and K nw 
Johnston alley, bet Pa av and K and 21st 

and 22d nw 
Jefferson st, Anacostia, east from Monroe 
John court, bet 4£ and 6th and Pa av and 

Mo av nw 
Jones alley, Gtn, from 31st to 32d bel M 
Jordan alley, 14th bet E and G se 
Juniper st, north from Boundary and 6th 

to Spruce 
K st al, bet K and L and 21st and 22d nw 
Keating av, fr Lincoln av eto Gale's woods 
Keho alley, fr D to F bet 8th and 9th sw 
Kelly road, fr Hamilton rd to Nichols av 
Kendall Green, a lane from M and 7th ne, 

running past the Deaf and Dumb Asy- 
Kennedy alley, bet G and H near 4£ sw 
Kennesaw av, west from 14th extended 
Kentucky av, from Lincoln square and E 

Capitol se to Anacostia river 
Kernan al, bet H and I and 4J- and 6th nw 
Kidwcll alley, bet 17th and 18th and I and 

K nw 
Kimball alley, bet Pa av and C and 4£ and 

6th nw 
Kingman pi, fr P to Q bet 13th and 14th nw 
Kings al, bet 4+ and 6th and F and G sw 
Kingston alley, bet 13£ and 14th and D 

and Md av sw 
Kingsville, on the Alexandria rd, 2 miles 

from Washington 
Knight alley, bet 13£ and 14th and D and 

Md av sw 
Knox alley, bet E and F and 3d and 4| 

sw (late Fighting alley) 
L st alley, south fr L bet 12th and 13th nw 
Lafayette square, bet 15£ and 16| nw opp 

Executive Mansion 
Lake al, bet 3d and 4th and E Cap and B ne 
Lambden st, Rosslyn, south from river 
Lancktnn alley, bet N Cap and N J av 

and E and F nw 

Langdon terrace, 6th st extended, Univer- 
sity Hill 
Larch st, n fr Boundary and 6th to Spruce 
Lanier pi, fr A st to E Cap bet 1st and 2d ne 
Lawrence, bet 18th and 19th and R and S 

Le Droit av, n fr Boundary east of 3d 
Le Droit Park, a beautiful suburban vil- 
lage just beyond Boundary and Rhode 
Island av, divided into lots of£ acre and 
upwards ; for fuller description see ad- 
vertisement in the Directory 
Le Droit building, cor 8th and F nw (see 

Lee row, bet N and O and 12th and 13th 


Lexington place, or 16| st (also called 

Jackson square), from Pa av to H bet 

16th and 17th nw 

Lexington terrace, Q fr 13th to 14th nw 

Linden st, north from Boundary and R I 

av to Elm 
Libbey al, fr L to M bet 21st and N H av nw 
Libbey row, from L near 22d nw 
Libbey row, N H av bet 21st and 22d nw 
Liberty, from W to Boundary bet 13th 

and 14th nw 
Limerick alley, bet 3d and 4| and Va av 

and C sw 
Lincoln building, 11th near D ne 
Lincoln, on Central av, 1 mile from Ben- 

nings rd 
Lincoln av, from Boundary and N Cap sts 
northerly to Harewood and Bunker Hill 
Lincoln square, bet A ne and A se and 

11th and 13th e 
Lincoln st, east from 7th extended to How- 
ard University grounds 
Lingan st (now 36th), fr 3601 M to 3528 P 
Linger al, bet 19th and 20th and L and M 

Linkin al, bet 18th and 19th and K and L nw 
Linnean Hill rd, westerly from Piney 

Branch rd 
Liver al, bet 21st and 22d and M and N nw 
Livingston Mill rd, easterly and southerly 

to D C line and P Geo co, Md 
Locust al, bet L and M and 4£ and 6th sw 
Loughboro's rd, from terminus of Foxhall 

rd to Rockville turnpike 
Louisa al, Mass av bet 15th and 16th 
Long al, fr T to U bet 14th and 15th nw 
Loweal, bet 1st and 2d and C and D ne 
Louisiana av, frCity Hall sw to 10th and B 
Louse al, from 9th bet P and Q nw 
Louse al, sw bet 3d and 4^ and Md and Me 

avs sw 
Lower Geisboro' (see Geisboro') 
Lucas al, bet 16th and 17th and L and M 

McCarthy's al, bet 18th and 19th and D 

and E nw 
McClelland st, or Elm, e from 7th extend- 
ed to Le Droit av 
McCullough al, N Cap and N J av and E 
and F nw 



McDermott al, from 3d to 4£ bet Mo av 

and Pa av nw 
McGinnis al, bet E and F and 2d and 3d sw 
McKeever al, bet 1st and 2d and C and D ne 
McNamara al, bet N Cap and 1st and 

Mass av and G nw 
McPherson sq, 15th bet I and K nw 
Madison av, from 14th to 17th bet P and 

Q nw (see also Samson st) 
Madison al, fr 1st to 2d bet E and G nw 
Madison pi, or 15| st, e side of Lafayette 

sq from Executive pi to H nw 
Madison al, bet E and F and 1st and 2d nw 
Madison st. from High above 8th, Gtn 
Madison st, Anacostia, e from Adams 
Madison st, or Oregon al, from M to N 

bet 6th and 7th nw 
Madison st al, from 7th to Madison st, bet 

M andNnw 
Magnolia av, from 7th st rd at Brightwood 

to Rock Creek Church rd (also called 

Shepherd road) 
Magruder al, bet I and K and 17th and 

18th nw 
Maine av, from Botanical Gardens and 3d 

sw, sw to 6th st 
Maple av, e from T and Boundary to Le 

Droit av 
Marble al (also called John's ct), from Pa 

av bet 4£ and 6th to Mo av and 4^ nw 
Marion al, from 6th to West al, bet S and 

Marion st, from Q to R I av bet 6th and 

7th nw 
Market al, from 6th to 7th bet L and M se 
Market space, Pa av bet 7th and 9th nw 
Market space, Gtn, from M to the canal, ab 

R, 32d 
Market space, Anacostia, Pierce bet "Wash- 
ington and Jefferson 
Market st. Gtn (now 33d), from river to 

1889 32d 
Mark's al, bet 6th and 7th and E and G se 
Mary Ann st, bet R and S and Marion and 

6th nw 
Maryland av, runs sw and ne fr the centre 

of the Capitol 
Marshall west from 7th extended 
Mass av, runs parallel with Pa av n of the 

May pi, 1st bet C and D 
Meridian av, north from Boundary and 16th 
Meridan st, west from 14th extended 
Mernt al, bet 33d and Potomac and M and 

Water, Gtn 
Military rd, fr Brightwood westerly to 

Swart rd 
Mill st, Gtn (see Monroe) 
Michler al, s from 2112 F nw 
Missouri av, from Botanical Gardens and 

3d nw, nw to 6th 
Monroe st, Gtn (now 27th) 
Monroe st, Anacostia, from Bridge to Jef- 
Monroe, bet Q and R and 16th and 17th nw 
Montello, a small village on B and O R R 

one and a half miles n of city line 

Montgomery st, Gtn (now 28th) 
Monument al, bet B and C and 14th and 

loth sw 
! Moore al, bet 13th and 14th and E and Pa 

av se 
Morgan al, bet 22d and 23d and H and I nw 
Morrison st, east from 7th st rd ab Howard 

Mt Pleasant, a village about a mile from 

Boundary and 14th st, just beyond Co- 
lumbian University 
Mt Pleasant al, from M to N bet 9th and 

10th nw 
Mt Pleasant, west from 7th extended 
Mt Vernon pi, on K from 7th to 9th nw 
Murphy's al, from P to R I av bet 10th and 

11th nw 
Murdock row, on 20th nr S nw 
Murray ct, bet C and D and 1st and Del 

av ne 
Myrtle st, e f r N Cap to 1st bet I and K ne 
N st al, bet N and P and 20th and 21st nw 
Nailor al, from 1312 9th to 1311 10th nw 
Naylor rd, from Anacostia rd, at Burnt 

bridge, through Good Hope to D C line 

and Pr Geo co, Md 
Needwood, Gtn, fr 31st bel M 
Neitzey al, bet 13£ and 14th and D and 

Md av sw 
New Cut rd (see Central av) 
New Hampshire av, from Rock creek and 

27th ne to Boundary 
New York av, from 23d and C nw to 2d 

and Boundary ne 
New Jersey av, nw and se from the centre 

of the Capitol 
Nichols al, bet Del av and 1st and B and C 

Nichols av, from Anacostia, past the Gov- 
ernment Hospital for the Insane, to Geis- 

boro' rd 
Nichols row, B nr 1st ne 
Nineteenth st al, bet 19th and 20th and L 

and M nw 
Nokes al, bet 7th and 8th and G and I se 
Noland al, bet i and 1st and M and N sw 
Norris alley, Gtn, fr 30th bel M 
North Capitol street, north from the Capi- 
tol to Boundary 
North Carolina av, from E and S Capitol 

se, ne to Boundary 
North st Gtn, (now 26th), fr 2540 O to 2600 Q 
Norment al, bet 2d and 3d and B and C sw 
O st al, bet 4th and 5th and N and O nw 
Oak al, Gtn, fr 31st ab M 
Oak av, west from 14th extended 
Oak Grove, on Bladensburg rd, about 1 

mile north of city line 
Ohio av from 12th and B nw, nw to 15th 
Old West, from West, Gtn 
Olive av, from Rock Creek to 1226 30th, 

O'Neill al, bet F and G and 2d and 3d sw 
Ontario av, north from Boundary and 17th 
Oregon al (see Madison st) 
Palmer al, bet 9th and 10th and H and I nw 



Park row, bet C and D and 13| and 14th sw 
Paik st, bet 11th and 12th and B and C ne 
Park st, at Mt Pleasant 
Parson al, bet B and C and 1st and 2d ne 
Patterson av, from Brentwood rd to Na- 
tional Fair Grounds 
Paxton al, Gtn. fr Dumbarton av ab 28th 
Peach al, bet M and N and 21st and 22d nw 
Peartree al, bet 1st and 2d and C and D sw 
Pennsylvania av, nw and se from Capitol 
Peters st, north from Meridan 
Philadelphia place, H cor 11th nw 
Philadelphia row, 11th se 
Phillips al, bet 24th and 25th and M and N 

Pierce Anacostia, south from Harrison 
Pierce mill rd, from Rockville turnpike 
road se to Shoemaker's Mill and Rock 
Pierce st, from N Cap to NJ av bet L 

and N Y av nw 
Pierce st al, bet M and Pierce and N J av 

and 1st nw 
Pierce pi, bet 14th and 16th and S and T nw 
Pig al, bet 6th and 7th and K se 
Pig al, bet 6th and 7th and H and L sw 
Piney Branch rd, from Boundary head of 
14th running northerly through Bright- 
wood to District line and Montgomery 
co, Md 
Pisgah al, Q to R, bet 10th and 11th nw 
Pleasant al, from 3d to 4^ bet G and H sw 
Pleasant st, from Lincolm north in How- 
ard University grounds 
Polk st, Anacostia, south from Jefferson 
Pomeroy st, east fr 7th extended to Le 

Droit av 
Poole al, bet Q and R and 14th and 15th nw 
Poplar st, from 27th to 28th, Gtn 
Potomac al, nr E and 12th and Md av sw 
Potomac st, fr 3259 Water to 3243 O 
Potomac st, Rosslyn, fr Canal to Corcoran 
Powell al, bet 1st and N J av and Pierce 

and N Y av nw 
Prater al , bet I and K and 4th and 5th nw 
Prather al, bet L and M and 6th and 7th nw 
Presbyterian al, bet 14th and 15th and I 

and K nw 
President's square, bet 15th and 17th nw 

on Pa av 
Princeton, west from 7th extended 
Proctor al (or row), bet 12th and 13th and 

M and N nw 
Prospect Hill, east side Lincoln av ab 

Prospect st, west from Columbia av to 

Central av 
Prospect av, from 1230 32d, Gtn 
Prosperi al, bet E and G and 7th and 8th se 
Purdy court, 1st bet B and C nw 
Purner av, fr 74th st rd nr Whitney av 
Quaker buildings, between 12th and 13th 

and R and S nw 
Queen al, from 1118 18th to 1123 19th nw 
Queen Chapel rd, from Bladensburg rd to 
D C line, and Prince George's co, Md 

Queenstown, on Metropolitan Branch R R 
near Bunker Hill road 

R st al, from 2d to 3d bet Q and R nw 

Railroad st, Rosslyn, south from Canal 

Rawling square, N Y av fr 18th to 19th nw 

Ray al, bet I and K and 24th and 25th nw 

Read st, bet T and Boundary and 17th and 
18th nw 

Reed al, bet 27th and 28th and I and Knw 

Reese al, bet 8th and 9th and P and Q nw 

Reeve al, bet 2d and 3d and Q and R nw 

Reno city, bounded by Belt, Grant and 
Chapel rds 

Republican al, bet 9th and 10th and D and 
Pa av nw 

Rhode Island av, from Conn av and 18th 
nw, ne to Boundary 

Ridge road, from Anacostia road south- 
easterly to Bow en road 

Rhode al, bet M and N and 9th and 10th 

Ridge st, from 4th to 5th bet M and N nw. 

Ridge st al, bet 4th and 5th and Ridge and 
N nw 

Riggs rd, from Sander's hill northeasterly 
to District line and Prince Geo co, Md 

Riggs st, from 13th to 17th bet T and U 
nw and from 13 to 14th bet R and S nw 

Riggs st, fr 17th to Boundary bet U and V 

Rightstine al, (see Union ct) 

River rd, (see Anacostia rd) 

Road st, Gtn (now U) from 28th to 32d 

Rock creek al, bet M and N and 21st and 
22d nw 

Rock Creek Church rd, from Piney branch 
road to Sander's hill, passing the U S 
Military Asylum or Soldier's Home 

Rock st, Gtn, fr 2713 M to Olive av 

Rock Creek Ford rd, from Brightwood to 
District line, and Montgomery co, Md 

Rockville turnpike rd, fr Georgetown to 
District line and Montgomery co, Md 

Rum al, rear St Peter's church, bet 1st 
and 2d and C and D se 

Rumsey's al, fr 1st bet C and D se 

S st, Mt Pleasant, north from Howard av 

S st al, bet R I av and S ^and 6th and 7th 

St Cloud building, 9th and F nw 

St Dominick's al, rear St Dominick's 
church 6th and F sw 

St Elizabeth, about 1£ miles from the navy 
yard to the west of Anacostia; the Gov- 
ernment Hospital for the Insane is here 
located, the grounds are beautifully and 
artistically laid out (for particulars 
see asylums, in this Directory) 

St Paul's al, bet 22d and 23d and I and K 

Samson st (formerly Madison) 

Samson al, in rear of Samson st, bet 14th 
and 15th nw, fr 14th to 17th bet P 
and Q nw (see also Madison av) 

Sandy Springs rd, fr Blair rd northwest- 
erly to District line and P G co, Md 

Sangerbund Hall, 708 K nw 



Sargent rd, from Bunker Hill rd near Fort 

Bunker Hill, northerly to District line 
Savage al, bet K and L and 4th and 5th nw 
Schnell al, bet 19th and 20th and M and N 

School av, west from 14th extended 
School st, from 4^ to 6th bet Va av and E 

sw, late Union al 
Schott al, bet 1st and 2d and B and C ne 
Scott pi, 15th bet I and K nw (also called 

McPherson sq) 
:Scott's row, rear of Market st, bet Bridge 

and Canal 
Seaton al, bet H and I and N J av and 3d 

Second st, Gtn (now O), from 1341 32d to 

the College 
Seventh st, extended, from Boundary north 

bet 6th and 8th nw 
Seventh st turnpike, from Boundary bet 

6th and 8th nw, through Brightwood to 

District line and Montgomery co, Md 
Seventh st. Gtn (now T), from 1889 32d to 

1901 35th 
Seventh st rd, starting at Fayette st, at 

Catholic college, Gtn, running past the 

Drover's Rest to the Canal rd 
Shepherd's al, bet L and M and 9th and 

10th nw 
Shepherd's rd (see Magnolia av) 
Sheriff rd, running from Anacostia rd ne 

to D C line and P G co, Md 
Sheriff al, bet E and F and 2d and 3d nw 
Sherman av, from Boundary st, the head 

of 9th, northerly to Rock Creek Church 

rd and the old toll gate 
Sherman st, bet F and G and 1st and 2d ne 
Sherman row, F bet 1st and 2d ne 
Sherman, bet Q and R and 18th and 19th 

Sheridan av, from Nichols av se 
Sheridan st, west from 7th extended 
Sheridan av, west from 14th extended 
Simms al, O bet 9th and 10th nw 
Short st, bet D and E and 6th and 7th ne 
Sixteenth and a half (also called Lexing- 
ton pi and Jackson sq), from Pa av to H 

bet 16th and 17th nw 
Sixth st, Gtn (now S), 1731 32d to 1735 35th 
Sixth st, extended, north from Boundary 
Sixth and a half st, from D to E bet 6th 

and 7th sw 
Slate al, bet E and F and 12th and 13th nw 
Sligo mill rd, from Blair rd northerly to 

District line to P G co, Md 
Smith row, from G to Jackson al bet N 

Cap and 1st nw 
Snow al, from I to K bet 24th and 25th nw 
Snow Hill, rear Md av bet 12th and 13th sw 
Soldier's Home rd(see Harewood rd) 
South Capitol st, f r Capitol s to Potomac 
South Carolina av, from 2d and Va av se, 

ne to Mass av 
South st, from 1030 31st to 1024 32d Gtn 
Splash al, Water bet Cissel al and Potomac, 


Spring st rd, from Piney Branch rd to 

Holmead rd 
Springman al, between 6th and 7th and G 

and I sw 
Spruce st, east from Bohrer and Boundary 

to Le Droit av 
Stanton al, f r 13th to 14th bet K and L nw 
Stanton av, east from Nichols av 
Stanton pi, intersection of Md av and Mass 

av bet 4th and 6th ne 
Stantontown, rear of Anacostia 
Stephenson al, from 8th to 10th bet F and 

and G sw 
Steuben st, west from 7th extended 
Stevenson av, southwest from Nichols av 

to Eastern branch 
Stewart al, bet 9th and 10th and N and O nw 
Stoddert st, Gtn (now Q), fr R C to 1545 32d 
Stoughton st, west from 14th extended 
Sullivan al, bet B and C and 14th and 15th 

Summit terrace, bet Md av and C and 1st 

and 2d ne 
Sumner, east from 7th extended, Howard 

University grounds 
Sumner av, southwest from Nichols av to 

Eastern branch 
Sumner row, bet 16th and 17th and L and 

M nw 
Superior av, from Meridian av to Cham- 
plain av 
Swan al, bet G and Mass av and 16th and 

17th nw 
Swart rd, running from Broad branch to 

Rock Creek, Ford rd 
Swingbammer's al, bet 13^ and 14th and 

Ohio av and D nw 
Sykes st, Rosslyn, from Canal to Corcoran 
T al, from 1613 K to 1608 L nw and from 

M to N bet 11th and 12th se 
T st al, bet T and U and 12th and 13th nw 
Taylor al, G to H bet 4| and 6th sw 
Taylor al, from 20th to 21st above E nw 
Taylor st, Anacostia, south from Harrison 
Tea al, bet L and M and 21st nw 
Tea al, bet E and F and 2d and 3d sw, also 

bet 3d and 4£ bet K and L sw 
Temperance av, bet 12th and 13th and T 

and U (also called T st alley) 
Temperance Hall al, from D bet 9th and 

10th nw 
Tennessee av, from Lincoln square and E 

Cap to Boundary 
Terra Cotta Station, on Metropolitan 

Branch R R, 4 miles from Washington 
Thomas al, bet N Cap and 1st and N and 

O nw 
Theatre al, bet 13th and 14th st and E and F 

Third al, Gtn, bet 32d and Cecil ab and M 

and Grace 
Third st, Gtn, (now P) from 1444 32d 
Tilley al, bet Pa av and I and 22d and 23d 

Tincup al, bet 3d and 4£ and B and C sw 
Tinker al, bet 4th and 5th and K and L nw 



Traver al, bet 23d and 24th and M and N 

Truck al, bet 4tli and 5th and H and Mass 

av nw 
Trumbull al, fr College to Trumbull e of 4! 
Trumbull, east from 7th, Howard Univer- 
sity grounds 
Turner st, bet P and Q and 9th and 10th 

Twelfth st al, bet 12th and 13th and C and 

Twine al, bet 21st and 22d and O and P nw 
Tyler ct, 12th bet R and S nw 
Union al, bet 1st and 2d and D and E nw 
Union al, from 4! to 6th bet D and E sw 
Union al, bet L and- M and 15th and 16th 

Union ct fr V to W bet Vt av and 10th nw 
Union st, from M to P bet 4 J and 6th sw 
Uniontown (see Anacostia) 
University Hill, at the head of 7th nw ; here 

is located the Howard University and 

numerous residences. 
Upper Falls road, fromTennallytown west- 
erly to District line and Montgomery co, 

Upper Geisboro' (see Geisboro') 
Valley st, Gtn, from 3110 P to U 
Valley st, bet 12th and 13th and S and T nw 
Vant st, from 3d to 4! bet M and N sw 
Vant al, fr Vant to M bet 3d and 4J sw 
Vermont al, bet Vt av and 15th and L and 

M nw 
Vernon row, cor Pa av and 10th and Dnw 
Vermont av, from K and 15th nw, ne 

to Boundary 
Vernon al, bet 6th and 7th and G and H sw 
Vincent al, bet N and O and 12th and 13th 

Vinegar Hill, bet M and N and 24th and 

25th nw 
Virginia av, parallel with Pa av south of 

the Capitol 
Walker al, bet 8th and 11th and F and G 

Wallach st, west from 7th st extended 

Walsh al, bet E Cap and B and 3d and 4th 

Warehouse al, from 3254 M, Gtn 
Warren st, Gtn, (now 37th), from 3629 M 
Washington st, Gtn, (now 30th), from 3000 

to V 
Washington st Anacostia, cast fr Monroe 
Washington st, from 4th to 5th bet G and 

H nw 
Washington terrace, 3d bet E Cap and A ne 
Water st, begins at the Potomac cor 21st w 

and ends at the observatory, and from 7th 

st ferry to 14th st nw along river front 
Water st, from foot of Washington to 

above Frederick, Gtn 
Waterloo, on the Alexandria rd, 2 miles 

from Washington 
West al, bet 6th and 7th and S and T nw 
West Market space, K bet 19th and 20th 
West st (now P), fr Rock creek to 1501 32d 
Wheeler road, from Hamilton road at Na- 
tional race course easterly to D C line 
Whitehall al, bet A and B and 2d and 3d ne 
Whitney al, opens on 7th bet B^and Va av 

and 6th and 7th sw 
Whitney av, private road running to 

Queeen's Chapel road, from Captain 

Whitney's residence bet B & O R R and 

Brentwood road 
Willard (see Riggs st) 
Willett al, from F to G bet 4th and 6th sw 
Willow al, from B bet N J av and 1st se 
Willow al, bet B and C and 3d and 4£ sw 
Wilson, east from 5th south of Pomeroy to 

Le Droit av 
Wiltberger st, bet S and T and 6th and 7th 

Woodley rd, from Rockville turnpike rd, 

near St. Alban's church, southerly to 

Columbia rd 
Wormley al, bet I and K and loth and 16th 

Wroe terrace, 20th bet K and L nw 
Wylies al, bet Vt av and 13th and M and 

N nw 
Zigzag al, bet 2d and 3d and L and M sw 


Armory Park, bet 6th and 7th west, 
and B north and south. 

Executive Mansion Grounds, en- 
closing the Executive Mansion. 

Farragut Park, between I and K, 
and 16| and 17th. 

Franklin Park, bet 13th and 14th, 
and I and K nw. 

Iowa Circle, intersection of Rhode 
Island and Vermont aves. 

Judiciary Park, bet 4th and 5th nw, 
and G and Indiana and Louisiana aves. 

La Fayelte Park, bet 15! and 16!, 
and Penn av and H nw. 

Lincoln Park, bet 11th and 13th ne, 
and at the intersection of North Caro- 
lina and Mass aves. 

McPherson Square, bet I and K, 

and 15th and 15! nw - 
mount Vernon Park, bet 7th and 

9th nw, and at the intersection of New 
York and Mass aves. 

Monument Ground, bet 14th and 
17th west, and B north and south. 

Pacific Circle, Intersection of New 
Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachu- 
setts aves. 

President's Park (or White Lot), 
bet 15th and 17th nw, and B north 
and Executive Mansion Grounds. 

Providence Square, bet 2d and 3d 
se, on D. 

Rawlin's Park, bet 18th and 19th 
nw, and E and New York ave. 



Reservation 17, at the convergence 
of N. J., S Carolina and N Carolina 
aves, and bet South Capitol and 3d se. 

Scott Circle, intersection of Mass and 
R I aves and 16th and N nw. 

Seward Place, bet 4th and 6th se, 
and at intersection of Penn. and N 
Carolina aves. 

Sixth Slreet Park, bet 4* and 6th 
west, and Maine and Missouri aves. 

Smif hsonian Park, bet 7th and 12th 

west, and B north and south. 

Stanton Place, intersection of Md 
and Mass aves, and bet 4th and 6th ne. 

Third Slreet Park, bet 3d and 4* 
west, and Maine and Missouri aves. 

Thomas Circle, intersection of Ver- 
mont and Massachusetts aves at 14th. 

Washington Circle, intersection of 
Penn. and New Hampshire aves at 
23d nw. 


This beautiful "City of the Dead" is located on Lin- 
coln Avenue, about half a mile from Boundary Street, 
situated on the high ground overlooking* the City of 
"Washington, and on the line with North Capitol Street. 
It contains about ninety acres, and laid out on the plan 
of the celebrated Greenwood Cemetery of New York. The 
remains of many of Washington's most noted citizens are 
here interred. 

Glenwood was incorporated July 27, 1854, -which 
Act of Incorporation was amended February 27, 1877, 
committing the control and direction of the Cemetery to 
a Board of five Trustees, to be elected annually. The 
present Board consists of— 


john McClelland, george t. keen, 

Judge TIIOS. W. BARTLEY, President, 
JOHN McCLELLA^h, Treasurer, 
ANDREW J. BEUI1NO, Superintendent. 

The Superintendent is always at the Cemetery, and 
will cheerfully furnish all other information. The Ceme- 
tery is connected by Telephone. 


Abstracts of Titles of City Prop- 

Johnson & Beale, 916 F nw 

Agents, Claim. 

Balloch G W, 632 F nw 
Bancroft George & Co, 635 G nw 
Brooks Daniel L, 520 8th nw 
Chambers David A, 633 F nw 
Cluni & Dingman, 816 F nw 
Cox John F, h 3316 N nw, Gtn 
Curtis, Earle & Burdett, 700 9th nw 
Denver Arthur St Clair, 1115 Pa av nw 
Dickson William, 222 4^nw 
Dimmick R A, 810 F nw 
Dingman Harrison, 816 F nw 
Dodsre Amasa T C, 1325 A ne 
Duffie John S, 632 F nw 
Dundore Lavinia C, 926 F nw 
Fitch Wm & Co, 515 7th nw 
Fitzgerald N W, Corcoran bldg 
Gelston E H & Co, Corcoran bldg 
Gilmore & Co, 629 F nw 
Gitt Henry M, 1343 F nw 
Herron J H, 530 9th nw 
Hood John, 1000 Pa av nw 
Lay J C, 220 4| nw 
Lincoln William S, St Cloud bldg 
Lloyd T E & B F, 401 7th nw 
Lusk David H, 708 12th nw 
McEwen M, 530 9th nw 
McFarland J L, 517 7th nw 
McNeill & Birch, 719 Market sp nw 
Middleton Walter, 810 F nw 
Morris John, 225 4-J- nw 
South & South, 1223 Pa av nw 
Spaulding Harvey, 6 Corcoran Bldg 
Stevens Paul, 530 9th nw 
Stoddart & Co, 530 9th nw 
Tallmadge Theodoie W, 802 F nw 
Tucker & Bishop, 7th nw 
Wall J A, 613 loth nw 
Wilson J C & Co, 632 F nw 

Agents, Collection. 

Keese August E L, 503 D nw 

Agents, General. 

Avery W O, 1427 F nw 
Bogue John J, 3314 N nw, Gtn 
Bohrer George A, 1020 G se 
Edie Chris, 1321 F nw 
Gannon L E, Corcoran building 
Prentiss Stephen, 811 G nw 

Agents, Land. 

Gilmore & Co, 629 F s nw 
Hauke J S, 512 F nw 

Hubbard E S, 1420 F nw 
Johnson Frederick H, 1429 N Y av 

Mullan , 10th c H nw 

Mullan Capt John, 1310 Conn av nw 

Agents, IJIail Contractors, 

Zevely A N & Son, 635 F nw 

Agents, Mercantile and Com- 

Ganss Samuel & Co, 713 Market sp nw 
Goldsborough E K & Co, 530 9th nw 

Agents, Patent. 

(See Patent Attorneys.) 
Agents, Railroads. 

Guthrie Southwick, 91 Corcoran bldg 
Lawyer Joseph B, 810 F nw 

Agents, Real Estate. 

(See Real Estate.) 

Agents, Sewing Machines* 

(See Sewing Machines.) 

Agents, State. 

Trimble John, 1216 F nw 

Agents, U. S. Pension. 
Trunnel Charles H, 1520,34th nw Gtn 

Agricultural Warehouses- 
Baker John A, 926 La av nw 
Dunlop G T, 3200 M nw, Gtn 
Heiskell P H jr & Co, 913 La av nw 
Mann P, 307 7th nw 


DuBarry & Stevens, 27th c H nw 
Antiquarian Books, 

Anglim James & Co, 1424 Fnw 
Ashby John L, 1751 Paav nw 
Hunter E, 1420 F nw 
Williams A K, 523 7th nw 


Brady John B, 1343 F nw 
Blackwood E S, 615 7th nw 
Brown Glenn, 607 La av nw 
Clark Edward, U S Capitol 
Clark Norris A, 428 10th nw 
Cluss & Schulze, Corcoran bldg- 
Didden C A 710 13th nw 
Dutton C N, 1420 N Y av nw 
Dwyer P N, 116 Corcoran bldg 
Fraser John, 1420 N Y av nw 
Germuiller Julius, 741 7th nw 
Gray & Page, 47 Corcoran bldg 
Hanneman Julius R, 704 N nw 
Harkness Charles A, 1429 N Y av nw 



Horn blower Joseph C, 945 Pa av dw 
Hornblower Joseph T, 945 Pa av nw 
Hurdle William W, 1211 Pa av nw 
Xauritz^n P J, 216 4-J- nw 
McGill James H, Le Droit bldg 
Meyers J G, G c 7th nw 
Morsell S T G, 921 M nw 
Poindexter William M, 701 15th nw 
Read Charles H, 701 15th nw 
Searle Henry R, 1223 10th nw 
Severson B, 530 9th nw 
Smithmeyer J L & Co, 703 15th nw 
Turner Samuel R, 626 D nw 
Wright & Murdock, 1429 N Y av nw 

Army and Wavy Supplies. 

Brown Austin P, 1426 F nw 

Art Oalleries. 

Barlow Henry N, 1225 Pa av nw 
Corcoran Gallery, Pa av c 17th nw 

Artificial Eyes. 
.Hampler H H, 452 Pa av cor 4| nw 
Artificial Flowers. 

Rose Joseph A, 1110 F nw 

Artificial Ixiiu1>«. 

Kosack Edward, 521 10th nw 

Artificial Stone. 

Hense Charles & Co, 1208 G nw 

Barnes Sarah P, 322 C nw 

Browne William Garl, 945 Paav nw 

Eichholz John C, 318 Ind av nw 

Fletcher Jaeob <G, 945 Pa av nw 

Fuller Susan E, 1318 I nw 

■Guillaume LMD, 117 Corcoran bldg 

Hamilton Charles J, 1536 I nw 

Kelly Susan W, 1714 L nw 

Le Conte Eva, 103 Corcoran bldg 

Xybrand George H, 631 Md av ne 

Mechlin Cornelia, 2840 N nw, Gtn 

Meline Louis D, 945 Pa av nw 

Messer E Clarence, 945 Pa av nw 

Miller El^azar H, 1107 Pa av nw 

Mindeleff Julia, 613 F nw 

Morgan Dayton, 1113 F nw 

Morrell Imogene Robinson, 79 Corcoran 

Prescott Edward, 1700 L nw 
Bakeman Joseph, 442 K nw 
Ramsey Lucy, 3025 N nw, Gtn 
Reynolds John W jr, 201 C ne 
Robert Oscar, 1217 9th nw 
Rouzer William M, 945 Pa av nw 
Saumwell Louis G, Tremont House 
Trembly & Keyser, 415 7th nw 
Ulke Henry, 904 Pa av nw 
Wansleben Lilly, 1226 30th nw, Gtn 
Wilcox Hettie M, 1006 F nw 


Caldwell Joseph T, 806 F nw 
Colman Henry, 368 10th nw 

Dowling Thomas, 3261 M nw, Gtn, and 

Pa av c 11th nw 
Duncanson Bros, D c 9th nw 
Dungan James, 813 and 825 7th nw 
Fitzpat rick Thomas, 3255 M nw, Gtn 
Guild James & Son, 936 Pa av nw 
Holtzman R O, 943 F nw 
Hutchinson Robert, 1000 Pa av nw 
Smith William M, St Cloud bldg 
Spates & Halm, 940 La av nw 
Steiger & Liebermann, 1418 N Y av nw 
Todd & Handy, 509 7th nw 
Young W P, 1420 N Y av nw 
Williams W B & Co, 1001 D nw 

Awning' Makers. 

Burton R C M, 434 9th nw 
Copeland M G & Co, 643 La av nw 
Haislett Samuel J, 817 Market sp nw 


Andrews William H, 5 Eastern mkt. 
Augusterfer Frank J, 14 Corcoran and 45 

Riggs mkts 
Botsch G L & Co, 67 Western and 634 

Centre mkts 
Bowman William H, 184 Corcoran and 480 

Centre mkts 
Buttner Henry, 158 and 255 N L mkt and 

501 Centre mkt 
Cronin John R, 513 Centre mkt 
Cronin Richard A, 37 Riggs, 256 and 355 

N L mkts nw 
Daly Fred F, 402 and 501 tf L mkt 
Ebert Isaac, 354 N L mkt 
Eichhorn Rudolph,69 Eastern and 151 Cen 

tre mkts and 204 9th nw 
Emmert George, 212 Centre and 10 East- 
ern mkts 
Gaegler John, 214 Centre mkt 
Guess Louis, 441 N L mkt 
Goetzinger John, 300 Va av sw 
Goetzinger Walter, 475 Centre mkt 
Gotthardt George C, 58 Western and 88 

Centre mkts 
Haas Frederick, 63 Western and 583 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Hornig Peter F, 427 N L mkt 
Howard Joseph, 7 Eastern mkt 
Jaiser William, 126 Corcoran and 56 

Citizens' mkts 
Kieny Christian, 312 N L mkt 
Krogmann Clements, 202 and 301 NL mkt 
Loftier Andrew, 319 IS" L mkt 
McGee Owen, 39 Riggs and 23 Corcoran 

Miller J & Sons, 166 Centre and 302 N L 

Ostmann Bernard, 190 Centre mkt 
Pfeil John K, 26 Western and 514 Centre 

Pfluger John J, 69 Corcoran and 553 and 

554 Centre and 56 Western mkts 
Ruppert Anton, 74 and 75 Centre and 246 

and 248 N L mkts 
Ruppert Henry, 413 N L mkt 



Ruppert John, 56 Corcoran and 304 N L 

and 580 Centre mkts 
Russell Eugene R, 124 Corcoran mkt 
Schlorb William M, 499 Centre mkt 
Schrotk Charles, 15 Corcoran and K, and 

454 and 456 Centre mkts 
Schrotli Charles & Son, 454 Centre, 102 N 

L and 66 Corcoran mkts 
Simmons John E, 27 F and B mkt, Gtn 
Toliver Benjamin, 455 JM L mkt 
Wells Samuel H, 71 Western mkt 
Wright Joseph, 192 Centre mkt 


(See also Confectioners.) 

Albrechts Leonard, 334 K sw 

Appich John, Anacostia 

Arendes William, 39 Eastern mkt and 539 

8th se 
Baker John C, 2 Centre mkt 
Baker John T, 831 7th nw 
Bakers' Co-operative Association 204 10th 

Banf John, 432 4£ sw 
Banf Ulrich, 119 Va av sw 
Beck C, 2903 M nw, Gtn 
Behrens Charles, 502 Centre mkt and 1311 

6th nw 
Bergmann F Williams, 22 Eastern mkt and 

240 11th se 
Bleim Robert W, 629 H ne 
Blumenberg John H, 307 Centre and 36 

Corcoran mkts and 1222 Potomac nw,Gtn 
Bredekamp Herman, 308 4£ sw 
Bretsch William, 901 F sw 
Brooker Williams, E Captitol nr 17th ne 
Carroll John, 2227 G nw 
Charlton Benjamin, 476 C nw 
Conser Gotlieb, 1405 32d nw, Gtn 
Desfosse Felix, 2012 H nw 
Engel Christian, 323 10th se 
Escher William, 550 N L mkt and 1629 6th 

Ewald Henry, 18 Western mkt and 10271 

18th nw 
Finch John A, 315 13th nw 
Geiger Gustav, 310 C ne 
Gissel Benjamin, 1419 32d nw, Gtn 
Gockeler George J, 721 M nw 
Gross Andrew, 411 6^ sw 
Heinzerling Christina, 55 Eastern mkt and 

711 Va av se 
Hurlebaus Gottlieb, 1400 28th nw, Gtn 
Kaiser Henry, 1338 6th nw 
Kaiser John, 533 Centre and 447 N L mkts 
Kaiser John L, 35 Riggs and 113 N L mkts 

and 1233 Mass av nw 
Kaiser Justus, 45 Western and 662 Centre 

mkts and 821 18th nw 
Keppler George, 619 4£ sw 
Koebler Adam, 417 6th sw 
Kottman Henry, 1215 11th se 
Kraft George S, 76 Western and 161 Cen- 
tre mkts and 1746 Pa av nw 
Lamb Lyman H, 54 F sw 

Lohr Charles W, 417 9th se 

McDonald John, 824 6th sw 

Magel John M, 730 Md av ne 

Markolf Godfrey, 733 5th nw 

Maschauer George W, 724 Md av ne 

May Peter, 7 Gtn mkt and 1053 Potomac,. 

Messer George, 701 6th sw 

Miller John W, 32 Eastern mkt and 314 E 
Capitol ne 

Monder George H, 1426 N Capitol nw 

Neuhaus John A, 3225 P nw, Gtn 

Newton Thomas H, Anacostia 

Ockerhausen J & A, 3015 M nw, Gtn 

O'Conneil Timothy, 301 12th sw 

Pasco Frederick, 1027 Jefferson, Gtn 

Piepenbring Edward, 1 Centre and 109 NT 
L mkts and 1375 C sw 

Potzel George M, 1826 7th nw 

Prosise Logan, 425 10th nw and 905 D nw~ 

Reisinger Jacob H, 3 Centre and 72 West- 
ern mkts and 1018 18th nw 

Rothauge William, 334 Pa av nw 

Rueth John M, 26 Citizens' mkt 

Rueth John M, 1712 7th nw 

Ruppert Gustav, 114 and 115 Centre mkt 
and 626 22d nw 

Schaefer Henry, 504 Centre mkt 

Schafer Charles, 420 \% sw and 139 N Lib- 
erty mkt 

Scheuch August, 1817 Wiltberger nw 

Scheuch John, 47 Western mkt and 1128 
15th nw 

Schickler Andrew, 2141 9th nw 

Schneider Charles, 123 N L and 505 Cen- 
tre mkts and 413 I nw 

Schneider William I, 220 E Capitol 

Schultz Hugo, 1751 L nw 

Schulze Gustav H, 34 Western mkt 

Schwab Conrad, 117 N" L and 157 Centre 
mkts and 1211 H nw 

Seitz George & Son, 159 Centre, 131 NL, 
and 84 Corcoran mkts, and 1007 N Y 
av nw 

Seitz George W, 344 Centre mkt 

Sellner Adam, 149 B se 

Smith George W, 801 N Capitol ne. 

Smith John H. 1618 11th nw 

Sollers William A. 627 H ne 

Solomon David, 329 Va av sw 

Specht Charles, 1811 7th nw 

Stanton Patrick, L c 19th nw 

Stri frier Leonard, 924 6th sw 

Suppe George, 1228 4£ sw 

Teuber Frank, 164 Centre mkt 

Trusheim Eberhard. 124 Va av sw 

Veirkorn Henry, 1816 5th nw 

Vogt Fred, 5 Centre mkt and 210 7th sw 

Vogt John F, 85 Corcoran, 13 Riggs, and 
507 and 508 Centre mkts, and 21S9 P* 
av nw 

Vogt John L, 927 Pa av nw 

Voneiff George, 119 N L and 537 Centre- 

Walz John, 631 Pa av se 

Webster John T, 914 Pa av nw 



Weidemann John, 7th cDsw 
Wick George, 2114 I nw 
"Wills John, 1405 32d nw 
Wunderlich John, 1003 7th se 

Baking- Powders. 

Sammons William S, 112 3d nw 
Balm of Life. 

Oook Truman A, 605 6th nw 

Banks and Bankers. 

Bank of Washington, 7th cor C nw 
Bigelow Otis & Co, 605 7th nw 
Campbell Peter, 1431 Pa av nw and 208 4* 

Central National Bank, 7th cor La av nw 
Citizens' National, 615 15th nw' 
Cooke HDjr& Co, 1429 F nw 
Farmers and Mechanics', 3072 M nw, Gtn 
Freedman's Savings & Trust Co, Commis- 
sioners' office 15 L7 Pa av nw 
German American National, 529 7th nw 
Johnson, Lewis & Co, Pa av c 10th nw 
Middleton & Co, 1427 F nw 
National Bank of the Republic, 318 7th 

National Metropolitan, 613 15th nw 
National Safe Deposit Co, 15th cor N Y 

National Savings Bank, 15th cor N Y av 

Riggs & Co, Pa av cor 15th nw 
Second National 509 7th nw 
Squier, J H & Co, 1416 Pa av nw 


Achstetter Aug, 226£ C ne 
Adams Samuel N, 1008 7th nw 
Armand Pierre, 38 H nw 
Arth Christopher, 614 Pa av nw 
Bailey L C, 2923 M nw. Gtn 
Beall William W, 660 Pa av se 
Becker Nicholas, 651 N Y av nw 
Bell James R, 710 Boundary nw 
Bonavedes Paul, 1741 Pa av nw 
Bonavires Paul, 1202 Pa av nw 
Briscoe Frank. Water nr 12th sw 
Brooks John F, 1205 E nw 
Brooks S S, 218 6th nw 
Butler James S, 1230 N Y av nw 
Butler L L. 3047 M nw, Gtn 
Campbell William H, Arlington Hotel 
Coleman Alexander B, 324 8th nw 
Colman Miner, 135 B se 
Conaway John C, 416 4^ sw 
Conway John, 1239 C sw 
Costin & Bruce, 347 Pa av nw 
Cross T H, 455 L nw 
Dade & Malvan, 518 8th se 
Dimarzo Pasquale, 478 Pa av nw 
Douglass James H. 1809 14th nw 
( Dungan John F, 637 H nw 
Fischer Charles Henry, 1214 32d Gtn nw 
Freeman William L, 1903 K nw 
Garrett Charles E, 1327 7th nw 
Oatto Joseph, 704 E nw 

Glascoe Travers, 717 15th nw 

Gray Walter S, 206 9th nw 

Grice & Prymes, 1326 F nw 

Gye Andrew, 2200 Pa av nw 

Harris Edward T, Imperial Hotel and 1114$ 

Hartbrecht Stephen, 1135 7th nw 
Hen sin John H, 119 D sw 
Hicks John H, 1208 Pa av nw 
Hill & Fowler, 318 3d se 
Hoffman Ernest, Emmet House 
Holley Isaiah, 466 K nw 
Howard Alfred J, 1110 8th se 
Hughes David, 1600 12th nw 
Huhn William, 304 6th nw 
Hyson Walter F, 1337 H nw 
Icgram Thomas W, 1125 16th nw 
Jackson Charles, 933 9th nw 
Jackson Thornton A, Wormley's Hotel 
Jenkins Joseph, 1424 Samson nw 
Johnson C Sebastian, 2317 Pa av nw 
Johnson Henry H, 1232 11th se 
Johnson James A, 1012 D sw 
Johnson John J, 8 C nw 
Johnson Willhim, 1710 7th nw 
Kappler H & Sons, 626 N Y av nw 
Keating Michael, National Hotel 
Kelley Lawrence H, Anacostia 
Kennedy William M, 1543 I nw 
Koener Henry, 3239 M nw, Gtn 
Krouse John, 1802 7th nw 
Lacey Sylvester S. 234 H nw 
Laignel Antoine, 503 11th nw 
Lee Joseph M, 226 F sw 
Lee & Catlett, 11th c R I av nw 
Leutner Albert, 223 Pa av nw 
Livigni F, 622 9th nw 
Lomax Allen, 1327 32d, Gtn 
Loudon John, Anacostia 
Marks Edward, 1808 18th nw 
Mason & Hutton, 113 7th se 
Mentereau August, 624 (> nw 
Miller Andrew, 1063 E Market sp nw, Gtn 
Miller August, 151 B se 
Miller Benjamin A, 1116 7th nw 
Miller George H, 727 7th nw and 802 E nw 
Miller George M, Meyers Hotel 
Miller John B, 904 8th se 
Miller Margaret S, 237 7th sw 
Moseby C F, 2730 M nw. Gtn 
Moshewvels Henry, 630 N Y av nw 
Moten C M, 615 7th nw 
Murphy James M, 1410 14th nw 
Nelson Chas H, 1206 10th nw 
Nichols Samuel L, patent office 
Nicholson George, 800 19th nw 
Niedomanski Gustav G, 336 Va av sw 
Nokes George T, 127 Pa av nw 
Orange Joseph, 918 8th se 
Parke William P, 7th st rd 
Parker & Lucas, 501 9th nw 
Payne Moses, 610 D nw 
Peschau Joseph, 247 N J av nw 
Phearson Charles H, 915 11th nw 
Phillips Frank, 1008 Pa av nw 
Quarles Charles W, 50 H nw | 

•> / 



Quonn Albert M, 633 G nw 

Rallo C P, 1712 Pa av nw 

Reed John R C, 610 G nw 

Rhodes John H, 609 11th sw 

Rizer Frederick, 1335 7th nw 

Robinson Michael H, 302 Pa av se 

Rolla Frank P, 2008 I nw 

Ross James T, 239 Pa av nw 

Rudd James N, 314 4| sw 

Saunders James H, 3234 M nw, Gtn 

Saur Rudolph, 317 4£ sw 

Scharr George G, 609 Pa av se 

Schroeder Frank W, 721 8th se 

Severson William H, St James Hotel 

Sewell William, 521 7th sw 

Shields William, 15 H ne 

Shorter Joseph, 310 9th nw 

Sill Charles, 805 5th nw 

Sill John F, 1300 32d nw, Gtn 

Smith Charles D, 1208 29th nw, Gtn 

Smith Christopher M, 354 Va av sw 

Smith George W, 603 ^ sw 

Smith Henry, 1463 P nw 

Smith Richard S Mrs, 607 7th nw 

Smith William, 3280 M nw, Gtn 

Starke Albert, 1082 32d nw, Gtn 

Stewart Carter A, Willard's Hotel 

Stewart D H, 3067 M nw, Gtn 

Stewart John C, 1328 11th se 

Stewart & Co, 1341 E nw, Metropolitan 

and Willard's Hotels 
Striker John B, 820 9th nw 
Striker William B, 907 22d nw 
Talley James N, 1236£ 9th nw 
Tancil Arthur W, 1309 32d nw, Gtn 
Tavlor John, 120 4* nw 
Taylor John B, 1224 E nw 
Taylor Patrick, 325 13* nw 
Taylor W, Riggs House 
Taylor William H, 304 11th nw 
Tippett William N, Tremont House 
Tonnet Alonzo, 412 10th nw 
Torrens Joseph J, 307 Pa av nw 
Toy James M, 1110 E nw 
Tremble Hiram F, 1709 K nw 
Walker & Lane, 1029 33d nw, Gtn 
Washington William, 505 L sw 
Watson Charles J, 318 7th nw 
Western Clemens, 1210 7th nw 
Williams George W, 352 Pa av nw 
Williams Wilson, 508 4£ sw 
Wilson John, 106 H nw 
Wilson Robert, Ebbett House 
Wilson Robert, 717 D nw 
Wimmer G, 532 9th nw 

Barbers' Supplies, 

Baldus William T, 1901 Pa av nw 
Hartwig Jacob, 623 H ne 

Barometer Manufacturers. 

Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4* 
Morris Ellen Mrs, 1531 Columbia nw 

Basket Makers. 

Fendner William, 1339 6th nw 
Weilacher John G, 330 Centre mkt 

Windehuth William, University Hill 

(See also Barbers.) 
Bovee Holsey L, 509 E nw 
Odium R E, 613 E nw 
Turkish Russian, and Sulphur, 903 E nw 
Watson C J, 7th c D nw 

Bell Hangers. 

(See Locksmiths) 

Carpenter H I, 1108 and 1114 E nw 
Bill Posters. 

Moxley Lloyd, 608 10th nw 

Billiard. Saloons. 

(See also Hotels, also Saloons.) 
Heygster & Larner. 930 Pa av nw 
Miller & Jones, 1327 E nw 
Randall Ephraim S, 1345 E nw 
National Hotel, Pa av c 6th nw 
Scanlon M B, 901 D nw 

Binder Manufacturer. 

Lambie Edward L, 626 E nw 
Bird Dealers. 

Hartbrecht Stephen, 1133 7th nw 

(See also Horseshoers, also Wheelwrights.) 
Adams Thomas J, 1069 32d nw, Gtn 
Anderson Andrew B, Va av nr 8th se 
Anderson Charles C, 104 12th nw 
Anderson John H, Anacostia 
Anderson Thomas, Bowen rd 
Anthony John G, Nichols av 
Archer James, 4^ c M sw 
Balinger George W, 3135 Water, Gtn 
Berger William F, 1401 R I av nw 
Brown Henry, 1411 Sampson nw 
Butler John A, 3121 Water, Gtn 
Chisell George W, Boundary nr 8th nw 
Clark Caleb C, 1315 Md av ne 
Clinkescales Samuel, 1006 C nw 
Dore R A, 5th bet K and L nw 
Draney F M, 440 K nw 
Duvall William A, 901 6th sw 
Edwards William, Bladensburg rd 
Fey George J, 322 1st nw 
Giebel Clemens, 300 H ne 
Goings Arthur, 1054 31st nw, Gtn 
Grinidge Albert. Piney Branch rd 
Hopewell James, 3d nr N sw 
Humphreys Hezekiah, S Capitol nr N sw 
Johnston James H, 1815 14th nw 
Keller Henry, 1418 N Capitol nw 
Kendrick William F, 132 N se 
Kinsenger William, 3128 Water, Gtn 
Knatz Conrad, 7th st rd nw 
Lasky Robert, 1 1 05 B nw 
Lyons Peter, Anacostia 
Lynch John, 3219 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
McAuliffe David, 711 18th nw 
Mangan John, 1341 14th nw 



Martin John W, 11th nr F sw 
Miller Jacob, 212 7th sw 
Minnix & Son, Anacostia 
Morgan John H, 1225 3d se ' 
Moseby Peter. 618 I se 
Muntz Thomas, 2000 Water, Gtn 
Ofenstein George, 201 B ne 
Onley Lorenzo, 3401 Water, Gtn 
Owens William, 106 B sw 
Palmer Edward, C c 14th sw 
Preinkert John F, 1735 7th nw 
Rest Frank, Lincoln av ne 
Rieckard Daniel H, 2214 G nw 
Roberts Henry, 631 N Y av nw 
Sachs Henry, 2305 Pa av nw 
Sauter Bernard, 630 K nw 
Schlett John, 413 4* sw 
Schombert John H, 131 K ne 

Senkind Conrad F, 218 4th ne 

Sheehan & Co, 1446 7th nw 

Shipley Theodore, 495 C nw and Va av c 
9th sw 

Simpson James, 312£ Pa av se 

Sinsel John, 1448 7th nw 

Slaughter Thornton, 327 Va av sw 

Smith Henry, 1056 31st nw, Gtn 

Smith Samuel A jr, Nichols av 

Soper George F D, 1319 11th se 

Speiden William R, 617 C se 

Springmann John T, 634 H sw 

Siewart James, 353 5th se 

Taylor William A, 131 B nw 

Thompson Joseph. 900 F sw 

Thornton John, 712 6th sw 

Tinsley John, Boundary nr 8th nw 

Tripp Henry, 5 Va av sw 

Wendley John, N H av c M nw 

Weibezahl Fred, 1620 9th nw 

Wetzel Henry, 1633 32d nw, Gtn 


Ernst Egmont, 931 9th nw 
Parker & Woolston, 702 E nw 
Whiting Albert T, 924 Pa av nw 

15oai*ding' Houses. 

(See also eating houses, also hotels, also 

Acker Margaret L, 16 I ne 
Anderson Mary A, 312 C nw 
Assmussen Augusta, 620 I nw 
Baden Ann C, 1739 F nw 
Barker Susan, 316 C nw 
Barry Margaret C, 1115 I nw 
Bell Frank, 2079 7th nw 
Bell Jane, wid John, 923 5th nw 
Bellmain Ellen P, 718 10th nw 
Bernhard Juliet, 926 C nw 
Best Amanda M, 410 11th nw 
Birth Maria L, 219 3d nw 
Bowden Elizabeth, 332 Ind av nw 
Brandner Francis, 215 A.\ nw 
Brown Adelaide B, 725 8th se 
Brown Elizabeth, 14161 nw 
Brown Mary H, 1117 G nw 
Bulkley Marcia A, 510 13th nw 

Burke Josiah D, 619 L nw 

Carr Susan, 218 2d nw 

Caton George W, 1073 32d nw, Gtn 

Caton Margaret E, 3313 Water, Gtn 

Clear Sarah J, 1908 H nw 

Cleveland Ann, 3249 M nw, Gtn 

Cogan Ann, 414 H nw 

Contnor Elizabeth, 1321 H nw 

Costelle Susan, 224 D nw 

Cox Achsah, 1014 F nw 

Cudlip Frederick, 338 Pa av nw 

Cushing N W Mrs, 471 C nw 

Cutler Lena, 222 3d nw 

Davidson Julie, 1715 H nw 

Davis Annie H, 1136 7th nw 

Dealham Elizabeth, 503 E nw 

Demaine Elizabeth. 327 Mo av nw 

Dobson Mary E, 478 Pa av nw 

Duvall Isabella, 354 Pa av nw 

Elder Ira, 323 Mo av nw 

Flagler Sarah, 314 Ind av nw 

Flynn J A, 1405 29th nw, Gtn 

Frazier Sarah, 714 19th nw 

Garrett Martina, 217 10th nw 

Garrett Mary, 928 22d nw 

Gerhardt Joseph, 916 12th nw 

Gheen John R, 351 Pa av nw 

Goodchild Martha A, 2148 Pa av nw 

Goodman Simon, 726 7th nw 

Grant William S, 922 14th nw 

Haycock Maggie W. 1212 Potomac nw,Gt» 

Haynes Sally B, 333 Mo av nw 

Heitinger Lena Mrs, 616 E nw 

Higgins Elizabeth, 1208 5th nw 

Holschuh Margaret, 922 C nw 

Hood Sarah B, 318 3d nw 

Howard Mary C, 624 G nw 

Howes R, 3142 M nw, Gtn 

Humphreys Elizabeth A, 906 14th nw 

Hutchins Elizabeth, 605 6th nw 

Hutchins Emily, 205 1st nw 

Hyatt Marion Mrs, 514 5th nw 

Ingle Elizabeth C, 248 3d nw 

Ireland Virginia C, 233 Pa av nw 

Jackson Jasper M, 116 C nw 

Jackson Mary J, 621 13th nw 

Jekyll Hattie. 333 C nw 

Kelly Ellen, 233 N J av nw 

Kettring Kate, 227 Pa av nw 

Kirby Virginia, 909 E nw 

Lake Mary A, 206 7th sw 

Lambeth Jane S, 1017 10th nw 

Langley Mary, 335 Mo av nw 

Langron Isabella Mrs, 1523 I nw 

Leonard Maggie E, 1101 13th nw 

Levy Mary C, 457 Mo av nw 

Lock wood Mary S, 810 12th nw 

McConnell Ellen, 900 M nw 

McElf resh Elizabeth, 609 F nw 

Magar Benjamin, 416 10th nw 

Maiiow Anna M, 1213 F nw 

Masino Frank, 214 2d nw 

Mazzei Gaetano 110 4£ nw 

Moor John H, 330 Mo av nw 

Moss Martha, 1004 Pa av nw 

Muddiman Sarah, 617 6th nw 



Murray Mary T Mrs, 239 N Capitol 
O'Connell Minnie Mrs, 808 K nw 
O'Dell Sarah C, Mrs, 706 13th nw 
Ossire Julia A, 3137 M nw, Gtn 
Parker Mary, 326 Pa av nw 
Patterson Jane E, 100 I nw 
Peck Hannah B. 810 M nw 
Plummer Mary E Mrs, 901 16th nw 
Pond Lew s, 908 15th nw 
Proctor Pauline, 491 Mo av nw 
Reintzel Martha J, 3216 Grace nw, Gtn 
Richards Sarah M, 631 D nw 
Robinson Snowden W, 113 C se 
Rutherford Margaret Mrs, 1318 Pa av nw 
Sanno Euphemia R, 1930 Pa av nw 
Saunders Mary C, 1101 G nw 
Scott Ann H, 340 Pa av nw 
Semon Hannah, 617 E nw 
Shackelford Kate, 623 E nw 
Sherman Sarah B, 939 K nw 
Shortell Kate. 226 3d nw 
Smith Jane R Mrs, 1014 12th nw 
Smith Lydia, 515 14th nw 
Sprandel Mary, 737 6th nw 
Stockham D B Mrs, 945 K nw 
Strickler & Wolfe, 345 Pa av nw 
Suter Louisa, 2 I ne 
Tornett Catherine, 1406 D nw 
Trundle Rose E, 1112 H nw 
Turner Daniel, 58 C nw 
Wall Elizabeth, 412 6th nw 
Waters Sarah A, 711 12th nw 
Wheelock Arnold A, 207 Pa av nw 
Williams Eliza, wid George, 1118 K nw 
Williams Elizabeth, 1003 8th se 
Wilson Annie, 213 10th nw 
Wood Alice G, 114 C nw 
Wymsatt Eliza, 1214 G nw 
Yager Mary H, 1313 H nw 
Yates M Agnes, 424 Mass av nw 
Yerby Susan E, 1224 F nw 

Boats and Boat Builders. 

Cumberland John, F nr N H av nw 
Passeno Joseph, 3134 Water, Gtn 
Robey William R, ft N J av se 
Summers James T, ft 2d se 

Bonnet Frames. 

Hamill Mary C, 815 5th nw 
McCafferty Eliza Mrs, 632 F nw 


De Camp Henry, 310 10th nw 
Lemkul Frederick, City Hall 
Lycett A R, 1012 Pa av nw 
Nalley William H, 900 E nw 

Williams Albert K, 628 F nw 



and Sta- 

Adams J Brad, 814 F nw and 527 7th nw 
Anglin James & Co, 1424 F nw 
Appleton D & Co, 412 7th nw 
Ashby John L, 1705 Pa av nw 
Baldwin George H, 920 F nw 
Ballantyne William & Son, 428 7th nw 

Beall Robert. 495 Pa av nw 

Becker John H, 1622 14th nw 

Bellew James, 711 7th nw 

Boardman M E, 529 15th nw 

Bolton H W, 615 7th nw 

Brosnan D A, 926 G and 612 9th nw 

Callow William, 1710 Pa av nw 

Carson J D, 945 Pa av nw 

Chapman James J, 911 Pa av nw 

Clements J T, 400 9th nw 

Dempsev William H, 913 Pa av nw 

Fan-ell Clinton P, 1421 N Y av nw 

Fill F A, N Y av and 15th nw 

Fin ley J P, 1927 Pa av nw 

Fletcher William M, 1310 7th nw 

Free Joseph D jr, 1341 F nw and 1349 E nw 

Goldsborouah Henrv C, 501 D nw 

Hayne W W, 412 7th nw 

Heard William, 3210 N nw, Gtn 

Hopkins Ira A, 105 Pa av nw 

Lang E R, 1008 F nw 

Lundy Emmor K. 3131 M nw, Gtn 

McCreary & McClelland, 1142 7th nw 

Milans J D, 603 7th nw 

Mohun F B, 1015 Pa av nw 
i Morrison W H & O H, 475 Pa av nw 
; Morton James F, 945 Pa av nw 

National News Bureau, 930 F nw 

Paret John F, 1221 Pa av nw 

Parker John C, 619 7th nw 
1 Parrish Stephen Carr, 111 C ne 

Polkaty Elizabeth, 121S M nw 
; Polkinhorn Henry B. 632 La av nw 
: Pursell C C, 422 9th nw 
: Reid Clarence E, Ebbitt House 

Roberts Richard, 1010 7th nw 

Sands Johnson, 1203 7th nw 

Shillington Joseph, 363 Pa av nw 

Thorpe Mary P, 339 Pa av se 

Stockman A H, 828 9th nw 

Washington News Company (The), 509 7th 

i Whitaker Greenville A, 941 Pa av nw 
; Whiting A H, 3073 M nw, Gtn 
: Wickes J J, 530 9th nw 
i Williams A K, 523 7th nw 

Boot Crimpers. 

Gautron Jean B, 806 I nw 

Boot and Shoe Fitter. 

Mahoney John, 1212 Pa av nw 

Boot and Shoe Makers, 

Ackiss Lvcurgus, 2020 7th nw 
Adams J W, 819* E nw 
Allen Frank, 1211 D nw 
Aue William, 513 Q nw 
Aufenthie Rudolph, 1128 11th nw 
Baker William, 1109 V nw 
Ball Nathan A, 15 C ne 
Banks George. 1327 7th nw 
Banks James W, 1328 Cedar nw 
Barnes John F, 2513 P nw, Gtn 
Barry Joseph T, 653 N Y av nw 
Beal John H, 1222 Mass av nw 



Bean Edmond, 1111 21st nw 

Beck Dietrich, 921 20th nw 

Bebrle Blasius. 512 8th se 

Bender John, 50 H nw 

Berman Moses, 1212 7th nw 

Blackman Thomas S, 1251 31st nw, Gtn 

Bool George, 522 12th nw 

Bowman Leonard, 2414 G- nw 

Breuhl George C, 1613 6th nw 

Brooks John*H, 1761 L nw 

Brooks William B, 1614 L nw 

Brotherton John A, 1105 E nw 

Brown John, 921 H nw and 1207 H nw 

Brown Johnson, 1108 20th nw 

Brown Oscar, 1408 7th nw 

Brown Patrick H, 1018 7th sw 

Brown Thomas, 350 Va av sw 

Brown William, 2015 14th nw 

Bruce Gibson, 1513 34th nw, Gtn 

Bruehl August, 120? Pa av nw 

Carrington David, 1213 H nw 

Carter James A, 1408 Ohio av nw 

Carter William A, 200 Pa av se 

Caspari Henry, 409 I nw 

Childs Andrew, 701 6th se 

Chrisman George W, 1145 15th nw 

Chum Charles E, 492 E sw 

Churchill Peter, 2822 Olive av, Gtn 
Clark William, 312 3d se 

Coffey Michael, 1001 8th se 

Coleman Anderson, 602 E nw 

Cooper John, 920 1st se 
Oorrigan Patrick, 417 4| sw 

Cowan Richard, 1316 L nw 

Cox Dennis, 1410 Samson nw 
€rowell Joseph B, 219 4th ne 

Cunnineham William A, 1229 32d nw, Gtn 

Custis Marshall M, 808 G sw 
Dade Walter S, 2533 P nw, Gtn 
Davis Charles L, 634 H nw 
Davis Edward, 1417 28th nw, Gtn 
Davis Eli, 806 11th nw 
Daw Frederick, 1324 32d nw, Gtn 
Daw Robert A. 1455 P nw 
Deeton Albertus, 521 8th sw 
Delaney Cashus, 1319 4th nw 
Dement George W, 508 O nw 
Denton Richard, 354 Va av sw 
DeVries Frederick E, 402 3d nw 
Dickson Edward, Wilson nw 
Dickson Randolph, Grinder's al se 
Dickson Thomas, 309 6th sw 
Dieste Peter A, 647 N nw 
Doering Jonah, 3130 N nw 
Donohue Thomas H, 1410 N Yav nw 
Dorsey Richard E, 2142 G nw 
Douglass William H, 1911 K nw 
Doyle Patrick, 793 1st nw 
Drury Joseph, 1267 32d nw, Gtn 
Eckert Lenock, 704 4£ sw 
Eckert Leonhardt, 705 4-£ sw 
Einolf George, 1013 E nw 
Elbert John, 54 H nw 
Ellis Samuel H, 642 G se 
Estes William T, 216 4* sw 
Evans James, 910 6th sw 

Fitzhugh Turner, 1903 12th nw 

Flynn Mathew, 606 C sw 

Forsith John, 611 1st sw 

Fox John, 608 21st nw 

Franklin Joseph C, 14th c L se 

French Michael. 816 K nw 

Frey George, 2207 G nw 

Freitag George, 478 Pa av nw 

Garner Stephen G, 1102 Water sw 

Gee David, 1022 33d nw, Gtn 

Ganan Daniel, 513 E nw 

Gersbach John, 221 C ne 

Gill Stephen L, 608 I nw 

Gladman Robert, 1822 14th nw 

Gonter Samuel M, 307 11th se 

Goppel John, 821 F ne 

Gordon George, 600 Md av ne 

Gordon Louis, 325 8th ne 

Gordon Walter J, 104 H nw 

Grandison Jeremiah, 137 C ne 

Graves Jared, 918 O nw 

Gray James R, 3310 T nw, Gtn 

Green John R, 1007 H ne 

Green John W, 1012 N J av nw 

Gregory Mathew D, 628 D sw 

Grimes John F, 705 I nw 

Groner George, 701 13th nw 

Guinn Robert, 1340 E nw 

Hackenyos John, 1221 7th nw 

Haggenmaker Henry, c Monroe and Harri- 
son, Anacostia 

Hall John M, 608 G nw and 1235 G nw 

Hammack Benjamin S, 937 F sw 

Hammer John C, 122 4| nw 

Harris Frank, 1124 23d nw 

Harrod James M, 1922 I nw 

Harvey Leroy, 1011 4th nw 

Haske Andrew B. 809 14th nw 

Haskins I N, 1614 Covington nw 

Hayes Thomas J, 603 La av nw 

Hart Alexander, 2119 Pa av nw 

Headley John P 417 11th sw 

Heard John F, 1211 32d nw, Gtn 

Heiss William, 719 E Capitol se 

Hellmuth S, 817 E nw 

Herbert C, 609 7th nw 

Hester Sterling, 405 5th se 

Hile John, 821 4th nw 

Hipkins Thornton, 358 F sw 

Hoffman Leonard, 721 14th nw 

Hoh John, 1234 Pa av se 

Holger Nicholas 1212 4£ sw 

Holland William H, Bladensburg rd 

Hollenbeck Conrad, 335 Va av sw 

Holmes B T, 1205 9th nw 

Holmes Robert, 527 10th nw 

Hoist L, 1910 Pa av nw 

Hopkins George W. F c 6th sw 

Hotan William H, 321 C sw 

Howard Charles, 1833 S nw 

Howard Isaac, Nichols row ne 

Howe Jesse, 206 C sw 

Hughes Edward, 2824 Dumbarton av, Gtn 

Hughes Evan, 1325 29th nw, Gtn 

Hunter Jacob A, 1043 E Market spnw,Gtn 

Hunter James W, 1003 R I av nw 



Hunter John, 1731 Pa av nw 
Hunter Lewis T, 1509 15th nw 
Hunter William, 102 H nw 
Isemann George, 624 N Y av nw 
Isemann John, 627 Pa av se 
Jackson Dennis, 7 E sw 
Jackson Madison, 624 T nw 
Jewell Benjamin, 2d c L se 
Johnson Edward, 205 O nw 
Johnson James, 110 8th se 
Johnson James E, 224 7th se 
Johnson John, 113 4£ sw 
Johnson Lawson, 452 I nw 
Johnson Richard, 1616 U nw 
Johnson Thomas G, 821 Q nw, Gtn 
Johnston Charles J, 3314 Q nw, Gtn 
Jorg Henry, 1906 Pa av nw 
Junemann William, 1715 Pa av nw 
Kaiger Isaiah, 425 11th ne 
Kappler Anton, 735 6th nw 
Kappler Gregory, 458 H nw 
Kearney Arthur, 504 14th nw 
Keithley Frank, 920 8th se 
Kelley Michael, 7th st rd nw 
Kennedy Thomas, 421 4| sw 
Kent David D, 2035 9th nw 
King Dennis, 118 K nw 
King Patrick, 331 3d sw 
King William, 1059 31st nw, Gtn 
Klopfer Christian G, 705 7 th se 
Klug Hartman, 614 K se 
Knippel Daniel, 731 11th nw 
Knoll Charles, 409 E Capitol se 
Kraus Henry, 1348 H ne 
Kries Jacob, 468 K sw 
Kropfhizer John C, 1420 32d nw, Gtn 
Krull Anton, 1423 L nw 
Kurtz Louis, 822 14th nw 
Lane James, 50 H ne 
Lee Elias, 314 M sw 
Leverone David, 708 Boundary 
Lewis William, 1164 16th nw 
Lindner Nicholas, 428 K, nw 
Lomax John W, 119 D se 
Lomax Minor, 827 2d se 
Lucas John T. 1130 16th nw 
McCauley John, i424 O nw, Gtn 
Mcintosh Francis, 729 7th sw 
Macaboy William W, 2202 Pa av nw 
Madigan John, 733 4ch nw 
Mann Charles, 412 L nw 
Manning Peyton, 1710 G nw 
Mansfield John W, 801 I nw 
Mantro Anthony, 1007 6th sw 
Marshall Edward, 17th nr E Capitol se 
Marshall Horace, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Martin James, 3287 M nw, Gtn 
Mastbrook Henry J, 1222 F nw 
Mathews Henry B, 418 D se 
Meinking Adolph, 1529 Vt av nw 
Meriman John H, 1821 8th nw 
Meyers H, 2821 M nw, Gtn 
Miller Albert 1001 5th nw 
Miller Bernard, 403 4£ sw 
Miller Ignatius, 421 E Capitol se 
Miller John C, 1013 M se 

Mochabee George W, 802 D nw 
Morton Olmstead. 1030 21st nw 
Morton Robert, 1708 H nw 
Mothershead John S, 402 13th sw 
Moton William. 504 4£ sw 
Mudd Rufus H, 1244 32d nw, Gtn 
Murphy Andrew H, 505 10th nw 
Nailor George, 1239 35th nw, Gtn 
Nan Henry, 918 4th nw 
Newton George W, 1451 Samson nw 
j Nichlas Ortway, 1107 I nw 
i Nolte Mathias, 643 N nw 
I Otto Charles W, 1113 20th nw 
Otto William, 474 Md av sw 
j Owens & Basford, 628 D nw 
i Palmer John M, 516 9th nw 
Parker Daniel, 421 N J av nw 
Paul Thomas, 802 M nw 
Patterson Adolphus, 156 N C av se 
Payne J T & Son, 1343 32d nw, Gtn 
Pendleton M R, 102 U nw 
Pfizmair Charles F, 1803 7th nw 
Phillips James E, 3333 M nw, Gtn 
Pittard Jabez, 819 9th nw 
Poehlmann William F, 638 H ne 
Poindexter Nicholas, 2047 7th nw 
Potbury & Lee, 1005 F nw 
Powell Richard H, 311 Yantsw 
Pruett William F, 1235 7th nw 
Reeder Richard, 1834 7th nw 
Rehker Ernest H, 1309 E nw 
Reidy Maurice, 729 3d nw 
Reinhardt Charles, 308 6th nw 
Rich B & Son, 1322 7th nw 
Richardson Jacob, 440 N Y av nw 
Roane Spencer, 344 E sw 
Roy James W, 1637 11th nw 
Ruppel Joseph jr, 408 A se 
Saur Henry. 603 Md av sw 
Schlosser G', 2827 M nw, Gtn 
Schlueter Julius, 307 10th nw 
i Schmidt Charles, 1312 D nw 
Schnopp John A, 622 4£ sw 
! Schoenthal J, 3054 M nw, Gtn 
! Schweitzer Peter, 609 R I av nw 
| Seidenspinner George, 1809 H nw 
j Shanks G H, 2917 M nw, Gtn 
, Shea Thomas 1106 8th se 
I Shelton James B, 808 13th nw 
Sherwood James E. 1414 Pa av nw 
Shipley Maurice E, 606 D nw 
I Slaughter Richard, 631 4± sw 
| Smith Madison, 2513 M nw 
I Smith W L H, 919 P nw 
Sommerville Lewis, 1828 L nw 
I Sour Henry, 603 Md av sw 
, Sparo Thomas T, 1305 C sw 
Spence Christopher, 629 K nw 
Spring John G, 1005 N J av se 
Stack Maurice D, 743 2d nw 
Stevens Alexander, 3326 T nw, Gtn 
Steverson Basil, 9th nr Grant av nw 
Swain Samuel G. 510 G se 
Tanner William G, 2726 P nw, Gtn 
Tauberschmidt John G, 1217 7th nw 
Taulman D D, 6th c G nw 



Taylor John L, 306 I se 
Tennyson & Gladmon, 1306 14th nw 
Terrell Ambrose, 1146 6th ne 
Thompson George W, 623 4th nw 
Thornton Farley, 1636 4th nw 
Thurston Richard, 931 11th nw 
Tibbs Nimrod, 1710 Marion al nw 
Turbey Henry, 3283 Water, Gtn 
Turner Moses, 1333 29th nw, Gtn 
Tyler Alexander. 923 17th nw 
Tyler Samuel, 631 Mass av nw 
Ullrich Otto, 425£ 8th se 
Vaissiere Ernest, 1511 Pa av nw 
Van Syckel George W, 13th c G nw 
Vasey Solomon, 504 O nw 
Voelil August, 1025 4th nw 
Vogelsberger August, 623 B nw 
Wade John, 518 N J av nw 
Wagner George, 1304 F nw 
Waldkonig Valentine, 312 9th nw 
Wall John H, 1211 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Wallace Calvin, 319 3d sw 
Wallis Jared, 708 M nw 
Washington George, 305 3d sw 
Washington William, 300 N nw 
Watson James, 1119 14th nw 
Watts Louis, 1433 32d nw, Gtn 
Wayman George, 1503 L nw 
Wayne William H, 3326 T nw, Gtn 
Webb Alfred, 432 3d sw 
Wells Nathaniel, 1242 9th nw 
White George W, 1411 P nw 
White Robert B, 1404^ 14th nw 
White William, 823 2d se 
Whiting William B, 460 Mass av nw 
Williams Charles, 911 B se 
Williams William, 1233 10th nw 
Winslow James H, Boundary nr 7th nw 
Witting George H, 430 11th sw 
Wittstatt Peter, 1003 S C av se 
Wood James W, 1009 I ne 
Wood John W, 1726 21st nw 
Wormly Diggs, Temperance Hall al 
Young Wm, 51 9 9th nw 

JBoot siimI Shoemakers' Supplies, 

Baldus William T, 1901 Pa av nw 
Boot and Shoe Stores. 

Aaron Jacob, 1238 7th nw 
Adler & Bro, 501 4£ sw 
Angerman George, 713 7th nw 
Aue Henry, 1336 7th nw 
Benkert & Wilson, 819 Market sp nw 
Berberich Robert, 1138 7th nw 
Blumenthal Michael, 3268 M nw, Gtn 
Bool Jacob, 729 7th nw 
Brazerol Joseph, 1118 7th nw 
Brock Jacob, 802 7th nw 
Brophey Bernard, 925 1st ne 
Brown W S, 1928 Pa av nw 
Bruehl Emil, 913 D nw 
Burns Edward L, 1109 Pa av nw 
Byrn Edward W, 1614 14th nw 
Carter Richard W J, 62 H nw 
Clapp William A, 1st c H nw 
Cohen Robert, 630 Pa av nw 

Connell Patrick, 439 1st sw 

Corbin Frederick, 441 1st sw 

Cross Laura V, 506 8th se 

Dalton William N, 903 Pa av nw 

Earnshaw John T, 211 Pa av se 

Edmonston C & Co, 1339 and 1341 F nw 

Frank Ferdinand, 333 Pa av se 

Gartrell Thomas S, 900 7th nw 

Gates John N, 1253 11th se 

Georges John J, 2118 Pa av nw, and 6th 

c C nw 
Giesler Gustav, 1021 7th nw 
Grunke William, 218 D nw 
Hahn Wm, 1922 Pa av nw and 816 7th nw 
Harrington M A, 517 9th nw 
Harris Burwell, 101 E sw 
Hazelton Asa L, 423 7th nw 
Headley Frank P, 806 7ih nw 
Heilbrun Louis, 402 7th nw 
Holt man George Mrs, 487 Pa av nw 
Hunter Robert H, 3143 M nw, Gtn 
Kiesecker Adam, 6th c H nw 
Kilinsky Hannah, 1244 7th nw 
Koch Gustav, 25 H ne 
Koss Herman, 1002 20th nw 
Kurtz Louis, 733 7th nw 
Leonard Henry, 424 3d sw 
Lindner Nicholas, 1004 18th nw 
Linke Gustav, 219 Pa av nw 
Little John E, 1228 7th n w 
Litz Baltbasar P, 241 N J av nw 
McCarthy George, 605 Pa av nw 
McNelly Mathew, 749 8th se 
McNelly Mathew jr, 749 8th se 
Miller Frank, 1025 7th nw 
Mockbee Richard & Co, 1200 F nw 
Moran Alexander F, 1022 7th nw 
Morton Wyatt, 727 19th nw, h 71519th nw 
Moses Simpson P jr, 713 7th nw 
Newman Thomas A, 3136 M nw, Gtn 
Nordlinger B, 3130 M nw, Gtn 
Oberheim John, 1331 7th nw 
Oettinger Henry, 1326 7th nw 
Poling Nathaniel, 304 4£ sw 
Prott Francis, 426 7th nw 
Pyle Ecmund J, 242 4£ sw 
Repetti Joseph, 913 8th se 
Repetti Joseph A, 1610 14th nw 
Rich William H, 717 Market sp nw 
Richard Morris, 1232 7th nw 
Richold Leopold, 491 Pa av nw 
Selby James W, 1914 and 2132 Pa av nw 
! Senge John and Bro, 233 and 304 Pa av nw 
! Sinsheimer & Bro, 808 7th nw and 3151 M 

nw, Gtn 
So lion Cirustavus, 504 II 111 nw 
Sommers Aaron, 609 Pa av nw 
Spear Bros, 734 7th nw 
Strasburger A I, 461 Pa av nw and*3124 

M nw, Gtn 
Strasburger H L & Son . 306 7th nw 
I Strasburger Zody, 906 7th nw 
I Stump Joseph, 611 11th nw 
Tabenor James, 425 11th nw 
I Tucker H Walker, 1923 Pa av nw 
I Veirs Samuel J, 321 7th sw 



Vermilya J H, 610 9th nw 
Watson William A, 1022 M se 
Wex Henry, 427 7th sw 
Williams J Hale, 821 Market sp nw 
Windsor Henry C, 1423 NYavnw 

Bottling Establishments. 

Abner Edward, 413 and 415 9th nw 
Bridwell Moses T, 351 M sw 
Finley & Kock, 1206 Pa av nw 
Genty P F, 8th c D nw 
Herrmann Frederick, 809 2d se 
Koch Adam, 1206 Pa av nw 
Lowe Franklin, 529 N J av nw 
Maack William N H, 1300 6th sw 
JSIass John, 821 4£ sw 
Otto George, 618 Mass av ne 
Palmer Samuel C, 1224 29th nw, Gtn 
Zanner William, 526 4\ sw 

Bowling* Saloons. 

Keyes Daniel M, 1110 D nw 
Mancosos Percival F, 1218 E nw 

Brass Finishers. 

Douglass William H, 1202 Dnw 

Leitch Robert & Sons, 1214 and 1216 D nw 

Somerville Thomas, 316, 318, 320 13th nw. 


(Tonic Beer.) 
Bridwell M T, 349 M sw 

(See also Mineral Waters.) 
Adt Francis J, D nr 14th se 
Albert John, 2445 F nw 
Bergner & Engel, Md av c 9th sw 
Dentz Catherine, 40 Greene, Gtn 
Dickson Christopher, 713 4| sw 
Henrich Christian, 1229 to 1235 20th nw 
Juenemann George, E bet 4th and 5th ne 
Kernwein George, 124 N nw 
Kozel John, 43 N nw 
Portner Robert, 626^Va av sw 
Roth Jacob, 318 1st ne 

Bricklayers . 
(See also Contractors.) 
Ball Charles G, 1337 E nw 
Beall James L, 1527 8th nw 

Fitzpatrick James, 1316 NYav nw 
Nash Edward, 534 5th se 

Brickmakers . 

(See also Contractors.) 
Adamantine Brick Co, 302 6th nw 
Brown VV E & Co, N J av c N se 
Campbell Robert, N c 1st se 
Childs & Co, 342 D nw and 13th c D ne 
Cole & McElfresh, S Capitol nr Ga av se 
Cropley Richard L,1061 31st nw, Gtn 
Davis Charles T, 21st c A se 
Ford & Bro, S Capitol nr N sw 
Gant Thomas A, C nr 19th ne 
Grinder John N, | nr L se 
Harrison George B, 12th c C se 
Jones James, C nr 18th ne 
Martin & Bio, S Capitol nr Ga av sw 
National Brick Machine Co, 1505 Pa av nw 
Richards A and Co, i nr N se 
Richards James H, S Capitol c O sw 
Washington Brick Machine Co, 1420 N Y 

av nw 
Webster John, {cPse 
Windsor & Ford, S Capitol nr M se 

Brokers, Cattle. 
Clark James E, Bunker Hill rd 
Clark William E, Queenstown 

Brokers, General. 
Appleman A G, 1339 F nw 
Koones Frederick, 613 15th nw 
Richardson C F E, 215 4£ nw 
Slater William H, 1406 Pa av nw 
Stryker Joseph W, 1343 F nw 
Van Derlip W L, 530 9th nw 

Brokers, Merchandise. 

Barnes J Wallace, 505 7th nw 
Beall William H, 633 La av nw 
Dodge Henry H, 539 15th nw 
Downs John A, 313 8th nw 
Ergood John R <fc Co, 801 Market sp nw 
Fowler E A, Hillman House 
Gadsby J Eakin, 801 Market sp nw 
Gould John B, 815 Market spnw 
Gwynn Raphael, 821 Market sp nw 
Hartley William B, 633 La avnw 
Henderson J T, 632 Pa av nw 
McKee James W, 801 Market sp nw 


Warm Air Furnaces, Cooking Ranges, 


All Ms of Fnmace Wort done at toe Shortest Notice, and in tne Best Manner: 

No. 1337 E St., bet. 13th & 14th Sts., nw., WASHINGTON, D. 



Meador William H, 913 La av nw 
Thompson & Bacon, Pa av c 9th nw 

Brokers, Real Estate. 

(See Real Estate.) 
Brokers, Stock or Note. 

(See also Bankers.) 

Appleman A G, 1339 F nw 

Campbell Peter, 1431 Pa av nw and 208 

4J nw 
Fitch, Fox & Brown, 1437 Pa av nw 
McKinley Wm G, Willard's Hotel 
Ramsburg Cornelius S, 1526 29th nw, Gtn 
Rider Julius L, 810 F nw 
Van Derlip W L, 530 9th nw 
Waugh James E, 530 9lh nw 

Broom Makers. 

Fritch George T, 1501 33d nw, Gtn 
Seufert John, 112 C ne 


Warren Daniel, 524 12th nw 
Washington Bronzing Co, 819 Enw 
HoareHP, 811 Enw 

Building- Materials. 

(See also Marble, also Stone.) 

Acker & Co, N Capitol c E nw 
Baldwin Bros, 100 D nw 
Barker George M, 649 and 651 N Y av 
Ross Samuel & Co, 318 8th nw 
Thomas Joseph & Son, 1320 Pa av nw 


(See also Bacon, also Provisions). 
Acton John C, 17 Eastern and 582 Centre 

Auth Santus, 53 and 54 Centre mkt 
Barnes Theodore, 599 Centre and 306 

Northern Liberty mkts 
Bauer Sebastian, 48 H nw 
Bayli:-s John E, 914 La av nw 
Bean Charles H, 77 Eastern and^ 526 Cen 

tre mkts 
Beck Jacob, 104 E sw 
Berry Eli A, 419 N L and 621 Centre mkts 
Boldin George, 21 Western mkt 
Botsch George L, 634 Centre and 67 

Western mkts 
Boyle Thomas, 14 Western mkt 
Brooke Clement H, 539 Centre mkt 
Brooke Ed wan! , 632 Centre mkt 
Brouss John, 35 Western mkt 
Brown James L, 20 Riggs and 32 Corcoran 

Brown Walter, 612 Centre mkt 
Buscher John H, 541 Centre and 305 N L 

Carll Bros, 18 and 625 Centre mkt 
Carroll Joseph G, 56 and 57 Centre] mkt 
Carson Robt, 77 Corcoran mkt 
Casteel Edw, 12 Eastern mkt and 10 7th ne 
Cissel Thomas F, 527 Centre and 37 West- 
ern mkts 

Coggins Samuel S, 143 and 144 Centre and 
210 N L mkts 

Cole John E, 71 and 72 Corcoran mkt 

Crown William S, 618 Centre and 234 KL 

Custeard William A, 68 Western mkt 

Daly Harry T, 46 Centre mkt 

Daly John M, 47 and 48 Centre mkt 

Davidson John H, 49 Riggs and 19 Wes- 
tern mkts 

Davidson William M, 30 Western and 40 
Riggs mkts 

Dietz Frederick, 25 Riggs 15 Eastern and 
649 Centre mkts 

Donaldson George, 25 Corcoran mkt and 
908 La av nw 

Donaldson George W, 1830 7th nw 

Donaldson John T, 48 Western mkt, and 
2151 Pa av nw 

Dorr Andrew, 12 Centre and 66 Corcoran 

Downing Patrick, 412 3d sw 

Duffy John, 24 Gtn mkt 

Dugan Bros, 576 Centre mkt 

Dunn John, 119 Centre and 218 N L mkts 

Dyer Stannie, 36 Riggs and 31 Western 

Eagleston John, 238 N L and 651 Centre 

Ebel Charles, 216 9th nw 

Ebert John I, 354 N L mkt nw and 559 
Centre mkt 

Ehrmanntraut Joseph B, 21 Riggs mkt 

Ehrmanntraut William A, 65 Western 
and 41 Riggs mkts 

Everett Joseph S, 648 Centre mkt 

Farr James N, 27 Gtn mkt 

Fenton John W, 542 Centre and 212 N L 

Fenton William H, 631 Centre and 409 
N L mkts 

Ferry Carles E, 68 Corcoran mkt 

Gaddish G H & Co, 74 Eastern mkt and 
536 8th se 

Gamble Joseph A, 3 and 4 Gtn mkt 

Garrity William J, 10 Centre and 72 
Eastern mkts 

Geier Joseph, 16 Centre mkt 

Gheen Benedict W, 19 Centre mkt 

Gibbs Jesse D, 906 La av nw 

Glick J H & Son, 429 N L and 532 Cen- 
tre mkts 

Gness Louis, 441 N L and 75 Corcoran 

Goebel John G, 598 Centre mkt 

Gotthrirdt George, 88 Centre and 58 and 
59 Western mkts 

Gummel Edward G, 437 N L and 530 Cen- 
tre mkts 

Haas Frederick, 583 Centre and 63 West- 
ern mkts 

Hardon Walter, 14 Riggs mkt 

Harrington Florence A, 560 Centre and 41 
Western mkts 

Hazel Louis P, 23 Gtn mkt 

HeilJohn, 610 4£ sw 



Heiss Louis, F and B mkt, Gtn 
Hoffman James A, 67 Citizens' mkt nw 
Homiller Charles, 50 Western and 89 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Homiller Jacob, 10 Gtn mkt 
Homiller Michael, 104 Centre mkt 
Hoover Charles E, 82 Centre and 131 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Hoover Jobn N, 903 La av nw 
Hoover Samuel S, 67 and 68 Centre mkt 
Hoover Thomas G, 61 Corcoran mkt 
Hoover William H, 34, 35 and 36 Centre 

Huhn John, Gtn mkt 
Hornig Peter F, 137 Centre and 427 N L 

Howard Bernard, 19 Eastern mkt 
Howard John, 18 Eastern and 652 Centre 

Hummer Levi, 122 Centre mkt 
Hunt William F, 566 Centre mkt 
Hunter James W, 601 Centre mkt 
Hurley George W, 42 Western and 21 

Riggs mkts 
Johnson Henry, 2 Gtn mkt 
Johnsou John H. 49 and 50 Centre mkt 
Johnson William, 910 La av nw 
Johnson & Augusterfer, 656 Centre, 204 

N L and 161 Corcoran mkts and 700 4th ne 
Johnson & Co, 45 Riggs and 204 N L 

mkts nw 
Kahlert Frederick W, 149 Corcoran mkt 
Keane Thomas T, 307 Va av sw and 51 

Centre mkt 
Kehl John, 577 Centre mkt 
Kelley John R, 628 Centre and 206 N L 

Kengla George M & Bro, 29 and 31 F and 

B mkt, Gtn 
Kengla Henry, 3 F and B mkt, Gtn 
Kengla Joseph T, 214 N L mkt 
Kengla Lewis, 242 N L and 73 Centre mkts 
Kengla William T, 38 and 39 Centre mkt 
Kenny Michael P, 22 Western and 16 

Riggs mkts 
Kettier Charles H, 28 and 29 Centre and 

230 N L mkts 
Kieny Christian, 574 Centre and 312 N L 

Killeen George, H c 1st ne 
Killian George J, 142 Centre mkt 
Killian John G, 108 Centre mkt 
Killian Leonard G, 69 Centre mkt 
Koehler George, 440 4i sw 
Koenig John M, 78 Eastern mkts 
Koob George, 445 N L mkt 
Krau c e Henry, 603 Centre mkt 
Larch Joseph, 914 La av nw 
Latham Elizabeth, 16 Eastern mkt 
Lauer Geo, 254 N L and 593 Centre mkts 
Lauer Gregor, 254 N L mkt 
Lightfoot John J. 578 Centre and 309 N L 

Linkins William W, 595 Centre mkt 
Lofb Jacob, 124 Centre mkt 
Loffler Andrew, 637 Centre and 319 N L 


Lusby George W, 73 Eastern mkt 
Lusby Robert H, 72 Eastern mkt and 1229 

11th se 
McGee John J, 70 and 71 Centre and 425 

N L mkts 
Magil Charles J, 403 N L mkt 
Mann Richard, 639 Centre mkt 
Miller Ferdinand, 76 Corcoran and 544 

Centre mkts 
Miller Joseph M, 119 Corcoran mkt 
Murray Alexander, 106 Centre and 6& 

^Vestern mkts 
Noble George W, 636 Centre mkt 
Norris Richard, 139 Centre and 28 Western 

Norton Charles, 592 Centre mkt 
O'Neill John H, 71 Eastern mkt 
Paul William F, F and B, Gtn, and 334 

N L mkts 
Perry Josiah, 45 Western mkt and 2116 L 

Pfeil John K, 514 Centre and 26 Western 

Pfluger John J, 594 Centre and 56 West- 
ern mkts 
Poore John, 83 and 84 Centre mkt 
Poore William F, 443 N L and Gtn mkts 
Prather Joseph, 226 N L and 12 Riggs mkts 
Pyles William H, 252 N L and 619 Centre 

Rady William, 236 N L mkt 
Rickay Henry, 5 Gtn mkt 
Ridgway J William, 547 Centre mkt 
Riley Andrew J, 557 Centre mkt 
Riley Joseph R, 646 Centre mkt 
Riley Samuel, 585 Centre mkt 
Robertson Jerome, 3278 M nw, Gtn 
Robertson John W, 521 Centre mkt 
Rosenbusch Louis, 613 Centre and 317 

N L mkts 
Rosewag John, 216 N L mkt 
Ruppert Anton, 246 N L and 74 Centre 

Ruppert John H, 49 Western mkt 
Ruppert & Son, 23 Riggs, 91 Centre and 

413 N L mkts 
Sands Joseph W, 910 La av nw 
Schafer Casper, 13 Centre mkt 
Scheuch Charles, 55u Centre mkt 
Schneider & Bro, 37 and 38 Centre and 

321 N L mkts 
Schroth Henry, 563 Centre mkt 
Schweitzer Henry, Corcoran mkt 
Seibert Felix P, 75 Eastern and 121 Centre 

Shelle Augustus D, 27 Riggs mkt 
Sinclair & Lincoln, 529 Centre and 29 

Western mkts 
Smith Alexander D, 71 and 72 Centre mkt 
Smith H M, 34 Riggs mkt 
Smith J Hoffman, 406 Centre mkt 
Smith John F, 615 Centre mkt 
Smith Robert, 110 and 654 Centre and 57 

Webster mkts 
Snyder Joseph, 37 Western and 38 Riggs 




Solomon Elias, 65 Corcoran mkt 
Stecklein Frank, 70 Corcoran mkt 
Stern George, 439 N L and 524 Centre mkts 

and 424 4£ sw 
Stewart William R, 222 N L mkt 
Stone James S, 32 and 33 Centre mkt 
Stubener August, 64 Centre and 315 N L 

Thorn William A, 545 Centre mkt 
Varnell John T, 116 Centre mkt 
Varnell T O & Bro, 109 Centre mkt 
Warthen & Bro, 43 Riggs,64 Corcoran,564 

Centre and 303 N L mkts 
Washington George, 4 F and B mkt, Gtn 
Weaver Joseph, 32 Riggs, 61 Western and 

16 Gtn mkts 
Weaver Michael C, 562 Centre mkt 
Weaver Robert D, 61 Western, 32 Riggs 

and 16 Gtn mkts 
West Christopher C, 85 Centre and 14 East- 
ern mkts 
West Jacob J, 13 Eastern and 21 Centre 

Westermeyer Frederick, 68 Corcoran mkt 
Wetzel Frederick, 144 and 145 Centre mkt 
Wetzel William H, 11 Eastern mkt 
Weyrich J & H, 1300 7th nw and 62 Cor- 
coran mkt 
Widmayer John, 86 and 87 Centre mkt 
Woody Edward T, 64 Western mkt 
Woody William, 20 Gtn mkt 
Wylie William H, 34 Citizens' mkt nw 
Yost Henry, 44 Western and 616 Centre 

Young Philip, 47 Riggs mkt 

Butter l>ealers. 

Ball Ebenezer B, 201 1st nw 
Ball James H, 2 Gtn mkt 
Bowling Charles C, 514 A se 
Brav John jr, 496 Centre mkt 
Caldwell John H, 78 Western mkt 
Coburn Henry C, 493 Centre and 78 

Western mkts 
Curtis E B & Son, 317 Centre mkt 
Daly James D, 3 Gtn and 30 Eastern mkts 
Daly Timothy D, 172 Centre mkt 
Davidson John H, 19 Western and 49 

Riggs mkts 
Dix William, 316 Centre and 135 Corcoran 

Dutrow Curtis F, 912 La av nw 
Dutrow David E, 218 10th nw 
Eiker David H, 315 Centre and 133 N L 

Eiker James M, 158 Corcoran and 346 

Centre mkts 
Fearsons J C Sons', 49 Eastern, 1274 

Western, 127 N L and 181, 182, 319, 

320, 347 and 348 Centre mkts 
Fitzpatrick James, 483 Centre mkt 
Frank Jacob, 51 Eastern mkt 
Frank Lewis E, 178 Centre and 77 West- 
ern mkts 
Fry James H, 54 Riggs, 498 Centre, 514 

and 111 N L mkts 

Ham James A, 84 and 96 Corcoran and 

44 Riggs mkts 
Haycock William H, 7 to 10 Gtn mkt 
Hilten George T, 208 9th nw 
Hough Perry V, 39 Western mkt 
Hough W W, 486 Centre and 55 Western 

Koon Smith H, 183 Centre mkt 
Langley Thomas H, 81 Corcoran mkt 
Lenaghan John F, 929 B nw 
Lynch John, 484 Centre mkt 
Menke George B, 115 N L and 169 Centre 

Milbourn Charles W, 8 Gtn mkt 
Moreland Walter M, 516 N L mkt 
Nelson Charles E, 33 Riggs mkt 
Overfield M, 46 Citizens' mkt nw 
Oyster George M & Co, 50 Eastern, 125 

JSf L, 175 and 490 Centre mkts and 212 

E Capitol se 
Payne James H, 36 F and B mkts 
Ronzer Michael, 171 Centre and 103 N L 

Sacks Eckert J, 54 Western and 343 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Shepherd Alexander, 149 N L mkt 
Sherwood George L, 184 Centre mkt 
Sherwood Eli, 481 Centre mkt 
Wetzel John W, 26 Riggs and 31 Eastern 

mkts and 61 3d, Gtn 
Williams Harrison, 546 N L mkt nw 
Williams William T, 40 Western, 24 

Riggs and 1 Gtn mkts 
Youngs Rufus B, 489 Centre mkt 

Cabinet Makers. 

(See also Furniture.) 
Ashford John T, 1108 10th nw 
Birckhead & Mishaw, 409 L nw 
Body John H, 1923 M nw 
Brazerol & Toepfer, 735 7th nw 
Burgdorf Augustus, 316 Pa av nw 
Burroughs Caterly W, 620 G nw 
Campbell John, 609 11th nw 
Ceiss L & Son, 113 Pa av 
Chambers William, 1406 10th nw 
Chelini & Son, 241 1st se 
Curry Levi, 417 10th nw 
Ehrhardt Ferdinand, 614 La av nw 
Grass August, 1204 N H av nw 
Jackson Henry A, 1546 I nw 
Johnston John P. 620 I ne 
Joy & Paynter, 1127 16th nw 
King Edwin H, 522 13th nw 
Marll David P, 1109 N nw 
Matchette V J, 503 K nw 
May John G, 1326 32d nw, Gtn 
Megee Robert F, 721 F sw 
Murray Lewis, 708 14th nw 
Reith & Schwiering, 520 12th nw 
Schmidt Frederick, 217 Q nw 
Shlosberg Bernard, 1207 E nw 
Smith Joseph N, 490 Me av sw 
Sousa Antonio, 500 7th se 
Ullman Vincent, 917 1st se 
Viedt Julius, 121 D nw 



Walter William, 933 E nw 
Weaver John G, 623 G nw 
West John. 1504 10th nw 
Williams Appleton, 742 8th nw 
Williams William, 918 F nw 
Wardeman & Co, 725 9th nw 

Carpenters and Builders. 
(See also Planing Mills.) 
Adams George F, 307 4£ sw 
Adams Moses, 1522 10th nw 
Anderson Notley. 619 14th nw 
Bache Arthur J, 1021 11th nw 
Bache Arthur T, Jackson Hall al 
Baldwin Brothers, 100 D nw 
Barker James W, 1333 H nw 
Barron T H & Sons, 472 I sw 
Becker James H, 29 L nw 
Beers Isaac, 323 3d se 
Beha John, 617 N nw 
Bellinger Jacob, 210 2d nw 
Belt Anderson K, 1216 C nw 
Berger Peter, 911 N nw 
Blaine Joseph A, P nr 9th nw 
Bright & Humphrey, 927 N Y av nw 
Briscoe P E, 1920 1 nw 
Burden Joseph, 620 G nw 
Burke H H, 1135 20th nw 
Bryan James H, 1914 H nw 
Byram James H, 1914 H nw 




All Jobbing promptly attended to. 

Residence, 2023 H Street. 

Casswell John H, 645 Md av sw 
Caynor George B, 1523 9th nw 
Clark Charles F, 412 4th se 
Cole Elisha H, 2116 14th nw 
Connor John, 805 E nw 
Conrad Frederick A, 1414 Pa av nw 
Corbett George W, 803 E nw 
Corrigan John T, 111 Pa av se 
Dake Frank G, 1209 7th nw 
Denring & Johnson, 487 Mo av nw 
Dellinger Henry M, 904 G nw 
Denham Charles S, 1900 H nw 
Dillon Edward, al r 17th and H nw 
Donnelly Owen, 308 Pa av se 
Downing William B & Bro, 1220 C nw 
Duehay Alexander, 1215 Vt av nw 
Eckhardt Nicholas, 1009 19th nw 
Edmonston Charles, 611 G nw 
Farnham Edwin D, 729 9th ne 
Fleming Robert I, L nr 12th nw 
Fere James W, 919 20th nw 
Gaely Adam, 899 20th nw 
Getz August, 804 D ne 
Gibbons Joseph H, 621 La av nw 
Gore Michael, 921 N H av nw 
Graham & Thomas, 408 8th nw 
Hamilton William H & Son, 312 B ne 
Held Charles, 632 G nw 
Henderson John, 1214 E nw 

Holtzclaw C Taylor, Ohio av ab 12th nw 

Kolb William, 518 N J av nw 

Lang George W, 1342 G nw 

McCartney P. 2701 M nw. Gtn 

McDaniel & Yates, 1312 29th nw, Gtn 

McKewen William C. 216 11th nw 

Macarthy Daniel T, 1220 C nw 

Maeruder Madison M, 1342 G nw 

Morrison William C, 14th nr R I av nw 

Murphy Edgar, 2708 Olive av nw, Gtn 

Parker George, 1629 11th nw 

Pilling Frederick W, Temperance Hall al 

Quinn John, 1030 12th nw 

Reed James H, r 1227 G nw 

Reed John W, 1227 11th nw 

Reeves John C, 2119 Pa av nw 

Riddle John, 460 F sw 

Robbins James M, 1316 Mass av nw 

Sanner Jerome F, 715 18th nw 

Scaggs Richard A & Co, 704 9th nw 
1 Scott Leon, 7 2d ne 

j Shoemaker Edward L, 3254 Prospect av 
I nw, Gtn 

j Stevens Henry C, 920 L nw 
I Thalberg John F, 1601 N J av 
i Thomas Columbus. 1243 31st nw, Gtn 
i Thomas S T, 807 E nw 
! Waters D wight R, 609 K nw 
I Westerfield James W, 1340 G nw 
! White John R, 322 12th nw 
i Willett Charles F, 1516 L nw 
, Williams William H, 409 13* nw 
! Willis J J, 802 E nw 
j Wise Samuel, 1607 7th nw 
! Yost Robert V, 1210 N Y av nw 
I Young James R, 1347 30th nw, Gtn 

Zell Enoch F, 615 7th sw 

Carpet Cleaners. 

i Chace A H & Co, foot 7th sw 

; Lancaster William, 1414 Pa av nw 

j Rice Lorenzo, 490 Me av sw 


(See also Dry Goods, also Furniture.) 
! Burdette W W & Co, 928 7th nw 
| Fowler John L. 1008 3d se 
1 Lansburgh Julius. 315 7th nw 
| Mitchell William S, 813 Market sp nw 
i Singleton &Hoeke, 801 Market sp nw 

I Carriage and Wag-on Makers, 

! (See also Blacksmiths, also Wheelwrights.) 
; Bradford & Brick, 1221 E nw 
; Bridget Richard B, 119 1st sw 
i Cochrane James, 216 11th nw 
I Cook John J. 3299 M nw, Gtn 
; Dewer & Fitzgerald, 2703 M nw, Gtn 
! Garges W H & Bro, 648 Pa av se 
| Graham R H, 410 to 416 8th nw 
< Hall George R, 13£ c Ohio av nw 
I Joyce Andrew J. 412 14th nw 
j Kiddie Adam & Co, E c 13£ nw 
McCormick & Bro, 1014 C nw 
I McDermott John & Bros. 310 Pa av nw 
I McDonald & Davidson, 630 G nw 



Magrath Dennis W, 208 10th nw 
Mason Geo W (children's), 637 Mass av nw 
Meeks Samuel J, (521 G nw 
Miller Jacob, 212 7th sw 
Muhlhofer F William, 466 Pa av nw 
Noonan M, 509 K nw 
Payne's John Sons. 2508 Pa avnw 
Probev James K.3240 Prospect av nw,Gtn 
Ries H & F Joachim. 633 N Y av nw 
Sauter William, 930 K nw 
Wallis John H, 105 6tn nw 
Walter William, 317 and 319 14th nw 
Williams A J, 109 6th nw 
Wilson William T, 627 N Y av nw 
Wineberger John H, 7th st rd ab Whit- 
ney av 
Young John M, 471 Pa av nw 
Young Thomas E, 464 Pa av nw 
Young William A, 456 Pa av nw 

Carriage and Coach Findings. 

(See also Hardware.) 
Thompson & Co, 10th c La av nw 

Burrell Christiana R, 1213 NY av nw 
Butler Isaac N, 1713 H nw 
Cooper George W, 736 13th nw 
Edmonson Josiah, 1021 15th nw 
Green William. 1208 II nw 
Lewis Mary, 617 4tn nw 
McCauley Nellie, 523 13th nw 
Marshall Sophia D, 617 F nw 
Page Littleton W, 729 11th nw 
Pinkuey Eugene K 1002 K nw 
Pugh York. 1033 3d nw 
Reynolds Fannie, 619 4th nw 
Robinson Virginia, 1309 E nw 


(See also Building Materials.) 
Barber A L & Co, 810 F nw 
Blunt Harry W, 1061 31st nw, Gtn 


(See Furniture.) 

(See also Druggists.) 
Simpson Thomas J, 217 4^ sw 
Worch Christian, 1905 Pa av nw 

China and Glassware. 

(See also House Furnishing. 

Augenstein Moritz, 817 7th nw 
Beveridge M W, 1009 Pa av nw 
Boteler J W & Son, 923 Pa av nw 
Frank Ferdinand, 331-J Pa av se 
Hammer John H, 250 Centre and Western 

Hollander H, 408 7th nw 
Hurley Peter I, 3273 M nw, Gtn 
Lullep E, 020 Pa av nw 
Mount & Co, 318 A se 
Kock J<hnH, 436 9th nw and 3123 M 

nw, Gtn 
Schaefer John W, 1020 7th nw 

Watts George, 344 7th nw 

China Mender. 

Forrester Peter, 921 K nw 


McHenry Cornelius, 1412 Pa av nw 
White George A, 1416 Pa av nw 

Cider and Vinegar. 

(See also Wines and Liquors.) 

Van Yalen James !r^ 1006 F nw 
Whttney T M & Co, 307 7th nw 

Cigar Box Maker. 

Friedrichs Charles A, 1338 8th nw 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Abrahams Esther R. 239 N J av nw 

Akers Carrie, 1018 C nw 

Albrecht John C. 3119 M nw, Gtn 

Allen J W. 400 1 9th nw 

Armstead Thomas H, 1421 H ne 

Atchison 1 W, 500 E Capitol 

Baldwin Annie, 60 C nw 

Barber Theodore C, 614 La av nw 

Barry Philip, 511 B se 

Bassett Isaac A, Mount Vernon House 

Bebrend Joseph K, 821 14th nw 

Behrens Albeit, 1024 7th nw 

Bell James W, 343 Pa av nw 

Bergman Freclerick W, 107 Pa av nw 

Bogus A, 427 7th nw 

Bogus Henry, 929 D nw 

Bohn Joseph A, 117 Pa av nw 

Bosenberg Henry, I c 4th nw 

Boyer Courtland, 311 4^ sw 

Boyer Herman H, 1020 19th nw 

Boyle Sydney F, 616 13th nw 

Bradshaw A R. 1319 E nw 

Brandenburg F W, 1745 Pa av nw 

Brinkman F & Co, 622 Pa av nw 

Brothers Louis E, 202 7th sw 

Brown Marv, 203 12th nw 

Brown W H & Bro, 125 Pa avnw 

Buckley Edward F, 706 E nw 

Buechling John B, 359^ Pa av nw 

Burch Mary, 1306 D nw 

BurtE J, 307 7th sw 

Bush Hattie, 488 La av nw 

Bush Rosa F, 1226 Pa av nw 

Cash Henrietta, 66 C nw 

Chandlee William E, Ebbitt House 

Chandlee & Reid. Riggs House 

Cochran Georsre W & Co, 1115 Pa av nw 

Cockrell John'H, 1011 4| sw 

Compton & Co, 515 7th nw 

Core John T, 3259 M nw, Gtn 

Costello Margaret, 1508 10th nw 

Cray tor L D, 452 La av nw 

Crittenden Elizabeth J, 1511| Pa av nw 

Crockwell John R, 6 Centre mkt 

Cross Frank P, 516 8th ee 

Dahler Frederick. 235 N J av nw 

Dellinger C F, 622 9th nw 

Denham J L, 810 7th nw 

Denty J W, 1904 Pa av nw 



Devlin James J, 2116 Pa av nw 

Dietz William, 13 C ne 

Donnelly Thomas, 929 B nw 

Dorsty Albert, 2737 O nw, Gtn 

Downing C W, 810 F nw 

Drew George W. 1341 30th nw, Gtn 

Dunkhorst William H, 1015 7th nw 

Dunn Patrick B. 935 La av nw, 517 7th 

nw and 302 3d sw 
Eberly William H. 1301 7th nw 
Eckioff Christine, 812 N Capitol nw 
Eichholz H & F, 476 Pa av nw and 907 4th 

Ellis William G, 1303 C sw 
Fitzgerald & Horstmann, 206 '4^ sw 
Fry Thomas R, 922 8th se 
Garfield Nellie, 1112 E nw 
Gasch Hermann, 901 7th nw 
Giddings Charles, 215 H ne 
Glancy Patrick, 459 L sw 
Goldstein Morris, 611 Pa av nw 
Gourley J, 625 7th nw 
Gray Henry R, 203 7th nw 
Griffith Eliza, 415 13th nw 
Haldeman & Morcoe. 1207 Pa av nw 
Hall James M, 701 4£ sw 
Hall John P, 1204 7th nw 
Hall Powhatan, 479 L nw 
Hammett Whittingham, 7th c F sw 
Haunoe Joseph, 1116 F nw 
Harding William H, 1428 N Y av nw 
Harlan R J, 1014 F nw 
Harrison Geo W, 417 12th nw 
Hartley Joseph H, 745 8th se 
Hitztield Adams, 717 8th se 
Havenner Laura, 912 8th se 
Hawkins Maria, 204 11th nw 
Henderson William A, 705 15th nw and 

1201 F nw 
Herfurth Hugo, 811 N Capitol ne 
Herold Anna B, 1034 Conn av nw 
Hesse Joseph, 614 N Y av nw 
Hodgson Frederick S, 71 3 1 8th se 
Hohmann Henry, 807 5th nw 
Holl Charles W, 237 Pa av nw 
Holroyd Matilda R Mrs. 1100 K se 
Hoover Adam M, 934 Pa av nw 
Hoo-er Oliver H. 700 9th nw 
Horton William S, 455 Pa av 
Hughes Edward B, 705 B se 
Hughes James, 133 Pa av nw 
Hunt John, 7th st id 
Jewell Charles J, 317 Penn av nw 
Jones William M, 1004 7th nw 
Johnson Mary J, 1211 E nw 
Johnson Sydney, 1910 7th nw 
Johnson Virginia, 1212 E nw 
Joyce G W, 1708 Pa av nw 
Kaiser Robert H, 1229 F nw 
King E E, 3063 M nw, Gtn 
Knabe Frederick, 325 A ne 
Knabe G Adolph, 217 Pa av nw 
Krouse Frank M, 3145 M nw, Gtn 
Laug William H, 3303 M nw, Gtn 
Leesnitzer Henry J, 605 A.\ sw 
Lewis Wm H, 501 I nw 

Light wardt & Son, 925 7th nw 

Linden John, 814 7th sw 

Lipp Carvallis M, 1540 7th nw 

Lipphard Adolphus, 1240 4£ sw 

Lola Millie, 1210 Pa av nw 

Loughlin D, 1413 Pa av nw 

Loughran Frank. 822 F nw 

Lucas Thomas, 2153 Pa av nw 

Luchs & Bro, 936 La av nw and 525 7th rmr 

Luxen James H, 307 Pa av se 

McGraw Benjamin F, 1011 N Y av nw 

McLeod James J, 6th c La av nw 

McNulty Michael. 1506 14th nw 

Mackintosh Sarah E, 323 7th se 

Madigan <fc Bro, 219-J Pa av se 

Marks Harry, 641 E se 

Mark ward George C, 1334 14th nw 

Martin George J, 1730 7th nw 

Mason William H, 112 Va av sw 

Mattern John V, Boundary nr 7tiTnw 

Mawdsley Henry, 327 Pa av se 

May Peter J, 1318 32d nw, Gtn 

Mencken August & Bro, 701 7th_nw 

Michielis Abraham, 721 7th nw 

Millen Catherine, 931 E nw 

Miller Mary E Mrs, 1108 8th se 

Miller William, 1314 D nw 

Mitchel Francis E, 335 Pa av se 

Moling John T, 747 7th nw 

Moore J N & Co, 430 7th nw 

Moore William C, 1205 Pa av nw 

Mulloy Frank P, Md av c 6th sw 

Murphy John A, 629 4th nw 

Neuhaus J H A, 1724 Pa av nw 

Niedfeldt F P, 920 4th nw 

Ockershausen Geo, 2919 Olive av nw, Gtui 

Ofterdinger T A, 910 F nw 

Ogle John R, 1701 34th nw, Gtn 

Oppenheimer Leopold, 463 Pa av nw 

Orr William J, 410 10th nw 

Ossinger John, 1120 7th nw 

Phillips Ephraim E, 291 Centre mkt and. 

235 7th sw 
Pimper George, 3245 M nw, Gtn 
Pitts Samuel A, 726 Md av ne 
Plugge Caroline W, 474 Pa av nw 
Poggensee Christian, 2038 7th nw 
Pond William G, 1316 F nw 
Popkins Henry W, 417 7tn sw 
Potter John, 1209 33d nw, Gtn 
Powell Walter S, 518£ 9th nw 
Power James E, La av c 6th nw 
Power JohnT, 113 Pa av nw 
Proctor Franklin M. 1034 7th nw 
Pugh Thomas O, 1254 9th nw 
Reilly John F, 603 7th sw 
Rice Edward V, 145 B se 
Rockett Robert W, 204 4£ sw 
Roose William S, Arlington, Imperial,. 

National, Metropolitan and Willard's- 

Hotels, and 1233 Pa av nw 
Rumpf Frederica, 213 10th se 
Sacks Henry Mm, 1136 15th nw 
Sanders James A, 560 N L m'it 
Sands Robert M, 2063 7th nw 
Sasscer Rollin E, 234 Centre mkt 



Satterfield Samuel, 503 8th se 

Saxty George L, 1808 7th nw 

Schaefer Rosanna. 2077 7th nw 

Scbeerer George W, 911 8th se 

Schleith George, 514 4^ sw 

Schmidtmann Herman, 823 Pa av nw 

Schoyer D. 2925 M nw, Gtn 

Schultze J H, 2913 M nw, Gtn 

Schultze John, 331 7th ne 

Scott George A, 801* D nw 

Scott Jasper, 527 8th se 

Scott & Springman, 206 7th sw 

Sellhausen Frederick W, 732 7th nw 

Shaw Louisa, 215 10th nw 

Sibley W P, 1419 F nw 

Simmons James W, 1045 E Market sp, Gtn 

Simms Robert V, 3153 M nw, Gtn 

Slater Samuel, 1st c H nw 

Sledge George G, 666 Centre mkt 

Smith James, 1405 4^ sw 

Smith Thomas V. 1224 7th nw 

Snook Charles I, 353 Pa av nw 

Sorrell William A, 2147 Pa av nw 

Souder Louisa, 1114 8th se 

Spiess Frederick W, 1748 7th nw 

Spiess Louis A, 1916 7th nw 

Stewart John T, 218 H nw 

Stockman Alexander H, 828 9th nw 

Stopsack Henry, 607 Pa av se 

Sullivan Bertie, 402 13th nw 

Tenneson Samuel, 435 8th sw 

Thompson Charles W, 60 H nw 

Thome Hamilton, 1314 Pa av nw 

Thurston Crittenden, 1541 1 nw 

Tinney Isaac, 1146 15th nw 

Trice Hiland L, 629 Pa av nw 

Turner Mollie, 1315 D nw 

Turner & Co, 626 D nw 

Ubhoff A M, 3029 M nw, Gtn 

Vanneman James, 3322 M nw, Gtn 

Vanneman Robert M, 1064 30th nw, Gtn 

Wasrgaman Nicholas, 1231 7th nw 

Wallace James, 1212 32d nw, Gtn 

Watson George, 902J F nw 

Weaver Annie, 206 llth nw 

Webb B Deforcl, 616 D nw 

Weller & Repetti, 501 Pa av nw and 907 

Williams James B, 304 9th nw 
Willner Ernest, 1334 7th nw 
Winkel John F, 1265 32d nw, Gtn 
Young Mary M, 218 llth nw 
Zeller Noah, 610 N Y av nw 
Zimmerman August, 1015 E nw 

Civil Engineers. 

(See also Architects.) 

Cobb Frederick H, Del av c B ne 
Domer George W, 607 La av nw 
Da Barry Edmund L, 621 Pa av nw 
Forsyth John T, 1707 G nw 
Forsyth William, 1707 G nw 
Meads William W, 517 7th se 
Peyton Ross, 1304 Conn av nw 
Spriggs James C, 1420 N Y av nw 


(See also Watches.) 

Bates James G, 650 Pa av se 
Farr William W, 609 7th nw 
Silvey Robert W, Wilson nw 
Waddleton John P, 1304 H nw 
Wagner Henry G, 3237 M nw 

Clot liters. 

(See also Tailors.) 

Baer A, 3128 M nw, Gtn 
Banket Armstead, 1319 D nw 
Berwanger A, 3122 M nw, Gtn 
Bieber Samuel, 905 8th se 
Blumenthal A. 3104 M nw, Gtn 
Blumenthal Michael, 3264 M nw, Gtn 
Coblenzer Simons 913 7th nw 
Cohen & Friedman, 803 D nw 
Devlin & Co, 1320 F nw 
Dreyfuss David, 3292 M nw, Gtn 
Eiseman Brothers, 443 7th nw 
Eiseman and Scheyer, 421 7th nw 
Goldberg G. 915 D nw 
Goldberg G, 923 D nw 
Gotthelf Michael, 436 7th nw 
Hamburger I & Sous, 615 Pa av nw 
Hartogensis Fannie, 1214 7th nw 
Hartong Samuel, 223 7th sw 
Henning George C, 410 7th nw 
Herman Abraham, 738 7th nw 
Herman Samuel, 327 4| sw 
Hirsh Solomon, 720 7th nw 
Herzog Joseph, 308 9th nw 
Horn Wolf, 907 D nw 
Katzenstein Samuel, 310 7th nw 
Kaufman Abraham, 1241 llth se 
Kaufman Charles, 431 7th nw 
Kaufman Louis, 700 7th nw 
Kaufman Marx, 901 8th se 
Kaufman N, 489 Pa av nw 
Levin Jacob, 1213 E nw 
Maudelbaum & Bro, 505 7th nw 
Nordlinger Wolf, 3103 M nw, Gtn 
Rice Wolf, 1332 7th nw 
Rich B & Son, 1322 7th nw 
Robinson B & Co, 909 Pa av nw 
Rosenberg L, 413 7th nw 
Rosenthal Solomon, 1220 7th nw 
Rothschild & Co, 220 9th nw 
Sacherman Henry, 325 4£ sw 
Saks A & Co, 316 7th nw 
Sanger Jacob, 4| c E sw 
Sanger Jacob, 411 4| sw 
Segal Hyman, 715 D nw 
Selby James W, 1914 Pa av nw 
Sommers H, 3038 M nw, Gtn 
Spransy George, 507 7th nw 
Steinberger Joseph, 1237 llth se 
Stern Simon, 319 4-J- sw 
Straus Abraham, 1011 Pa av nw 
Strauss H, 3060 M nw, Gtn 
Strauss & Marx, 441 7th nw 
Strouse E & Co, 400 7th nw 
Timms George F & Co, 319 7th nw 
Wall William, 439 7th nw 



Webb Sonney A, 1124 7th nw 
Young M J, 3024 M nw, Gtn 

Clothing', Second-hand. 

Alexander Hyman, 530 4| sw 

Bildman Joseph, 1208 7th nw 

Cohen Julius. 1104 7th nw 

Cohen Moses, 323 4$ sw 

Cohen Philip, 1130 7th nw 

Cohen Solomon, 909 D nw 

David Abraham, 1202 7th nw 

Ferguson William H, 604 4|- sw 

Friedman Samuel, 1212|- 7th nw 

Friendlich O, 1312 7th nw 

Guggenhehner Samuel, 623 7th sw 

Hecht Emanuel, 917 D nw 

Herzog Joseph, 925 D nw 

Jolewisch Maurice, 1245 7th nw 

Justh E S, 408 9th nw and 619 D nw 

Levi Jacob, 3219 M nw, Gtn. and 919 D nw 

Levi Simon, 909 D nw 

Roginsky Max, 905 D nw 

Shlomberg Abraham, 939 D nw 

Spiro Morris, 1232^ 7th nw 

Walksky Abraham, 1206 7th nw 

Walsky Moses, 901 D nw 

Cloths and Cassimeres. 

Hunckel & Co, 629 D nw 

Coal and Wood. 

Albright & Co, St Cloud bldg 

Archer Andrew, 831 4 J- sw 

Baldwin John W, 1350 C sw 

Barnett & Walsh, 1126 22d nw 

Bartholomae William, 1706 7th nw 

Baum William H, 10th c C sw and 7th and 
B sw 

Betts Thomas G, Md av c 7th ne and 901 

Bogus George, 505 9th nw, 215 14th nw 
and wharf ft 13^ sw 

Bowen Luther M, "ll33 19th nw 

Bowhay William E, 1117 18th nw 

Brown James B, Boundary c 8th nw 

Brown Richard, 135 Pierce nw 

Bruce Shadrach, 1706 21st nw 

Burgess C H, 1341 8th nw 

Burrough E E. 930 F nw 

Chelini Elia, Del av c D ne 

Clark Benjamin F, 1020 14th nw 

Clarke & Given, 424 10th nw, C c 12th nw 
and 8th c Water sw 

Coleman James, 74 Pnw 

Cook Samuel, Mass av c 6th ne 

Corcoran Patrick, 341 C sw 

Cottreil William P, 4£ c Md av sw, branch 
office 480 Pa av nw 

Cozzens John A, 1108 18th nw 

Creveling George, 1822 14th nw 

Cross Thomas B jr, ft 4th se and 819 Mar- 
ket sp 

Devine Patrick A, C c 5th ne 

Dickson & King, c 16th and K and 4 Wa- 
ter, Gtn 

Dunn Robert W, 501 G se 

EieasonWmA, Va av c 1st sw and F c 3d sw 
Emery Samuel, 1st c B nw and ft 6th sw 
Evans Charles R, 7th and E Capitol 
Fishbaugh Charles H, 1330 14th nw 
Fowler Norman L, 9th c G se 
Fraser James, 617 G nw 
Frawley James, 3d c H sw 
Given George H, 1358 D nw 
Glotzbach Joseph P, 907 Del av ne 
Guinand L William Mrs, 623 La av nw 

and ft 3d se 
Hackman D K, c 1st and G nw 
Harris Henry, 14th nr D se 
Harris William H, 200 D sw 
Harrison Mildred, Sherman av nw 
Hieston Jacob C, La av c 6th nw 
Hughes Edward B, 8.2 B ne and H and 

7th ne 
Isdell N C Mrs, 908 B se 
Johnson Thomas J. 1621 11th nw 
Johnson Brothers, 1202 F nw, 12th cWater 

sw, 1112 9th nw, 1418 7ih nw, 221 Pa av 

se and 3d c K nw 
Jupiter Thomas, 426 L nw 
Kennedv John, 12 H ne 
Kingsbury Thomas P, 183814th nw 
Kline Isaac, 900 B se 
Langdon, Richardson & Co, 802 F nw 
Langford John, 1140 15th nw 
Langley George T, 1802 11th nw 
Lewis Nicholas P, 488 Pa av nw 
Linkins Daniel, 3303 N nw, Gtn 
Linkins Walter, 1921 M nw 
Lucas William, 800 1 nw 
McLeod Donald B, 1st c D nw 
Mahoney Peyton, 1621 12th nw 
Marlow Walter H, 8th c B sw, A bet 2d' 

and 3d ne and 9th c N Y av nw 
Martin Zachariah, 2212 H nw 
Maryland Coal Co, Canal c 34th, Gtn 
Matthews Lucinda, 1618 U nw 
Mavfield & Hieston, 29th nr Canal, Gtn 
Miller James E, 14th c C nw and 1316 F nw 
Miller John, 4| and Vaav swand 143 B se 
Miller Robert "M, 519 4| sw 
Muirhead & Co, Va av c 12th sw and 1532 

14th nw 
New Central Coal Co, Canal wharf c 34th 

nw, Gtn 
Nichols Thomas, 429 1st se, h 401 4th se 
Nixon William, 1642 10th nw 
O'Counell Patrick B, 439 6th sw 
Peyton Fountain P, 322 H sw 
Pope Alfred, 1346 29th nw, Gtn 
Pryor Thomas, 108 F nw 
R^ed Andrew B, r 1331 W nw 
Robinson William & Son, 1707 8th nw 
Scott Jasper, 722 10th se 
Sheriff George L, 6th st wharf and 328 and 

1114 Pa av nw and 20th and K nw 
Sievers and Bro, 624 N nw and 628 S nw 
Smith Arthur B, 611 N Y av nw 
Smithson Charles F, 478 G sw 
Smithson Charles M, 3d c P nw 
Stephenson & Brother, Md av c 4th sw* 

12th c Pa av, and 7th st wharf sw 



Stover & Co, 1115 H nw, 1626 M nw and 

21st c I nw 
Thornton John H, 1901 19th nw 
Thomas Richard, 1402 27th nw, Gtn 
Toliver Matilda, 1825 13th nw 
Tumelty Hugh, 1710 K nw 
■Underwood Bushrod, 1st cNsw 
Venable Patrick, 2102 11th nw 
Watts Bros, 212 c sw 
Welsh & Jenkins, 1107 H ne 
Wheatley Wm G, 221 1st se, h 413 6th se 
Wheatley J M & Co, 2d c Ind av nw 
Williams Thomas, 2126 11th nw 
Williams Z & Son, 901 7th and ft 3d se 
Woods C T & Co, 812 5th nw and c 6th 

and R nw 
Wood Francis A, 132 A se 
Wood Henry K, 1314 L nw 
Woodruff William G, 640 Pa av se 
Worthington C E & Co, 923 4th se 
Zug John E, 2723 K nw and 929 R I av nw 
Zurhorst J E, 511 A ne 

Coal Tar Products, 

Warren E B & Co, 27th c H nw 
Coffee Roasters. 

Browning Theodore F, Jackson Hall al 
Lown Warren J, Md av c 7th sw 
White Robert, 462 H sw 


(See also Schools.) 
'Capitol Business College, A nr 1st se 
Oolumbia Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, 

Kendall Green nr M and Boundary ne 
^Columbia University, 14tb beyond Boun- 
Georgetown University, head of 2d, Gtn 
Oonzaga College, 47 I nw 
Howard University, 7ih ab Boundary- 
National College of Pharmacy, 450 Pa av 

National University of Law, 1419 N Y 

av nw 
Spencerian Business College, 7th c L nw 

Commission Merchants. 

(See also Brokers, also Dry Goods, also 

Andrews & Wade, 905 La av nw 
Behrend U, 415 7th nw 
Biedler & Co, 932 La av nw 
Blagden Thomas, 609 G nw 
Brown Samuel P, 1426 F nw 
Dealham S, 401 7th nw 
Gray Henry C, 208 9th nw 
Hartley & Bro, 3232 Water, Gtn 
Hayes Charles W, 815 Market sp nw 
Hoge William S, 930 La av nw 
Kelley & Chamberlin, 714 D nw 
Meredith, Gilmor & Co, Mole wharf ft 

30th nw, Gtn 
Miller & Yager, 911 La av nw 
Oyster George M & Co, Pa av c 9th nw 
Phillips Asa E, 641 La av nw 
Ream D M & Co, 916 La av nw 

Robinson B & Co, 920 La av nw 
Saum J F & Co, 925 La av nw 
Snouffer & Yakey, 909 La av nw 
Spicer, Compton & Co, 934 La av nw 
Talbott H Maurice, 3255 Grace, Gtn 
Waters J G & T M, 1045 to 1051 32d nw, 

Yates William A & Co, Pa av c 9th nw 

Commissioners U S. 

Bundy Charles S, 456 La av nw 
Cruikshank John, 505 D nw 
Ingersoll Edward C, 458 La av nw 
Johns Aaron, 3 12 D nw 
Miller N H, 326 4§ nw 
Mills Samuel C, 617 La av nw 
Mussey R D, 508 5th nw 
Oliver John N, 458 La av nw 
Plant Joseph T K, 490 La av nw 
Stilson P B, 458 La av nw 
Wailes Sidney I, 611 F nw 
Walter Charles, 342 D nw 
Williamson L Cabell, 490 La av nw 

Commissioners of* Heeds, 

Beall John E, 1420 NY av 
Callan James Nich, 610 La av nw 
Hackett Frank W, New Hampshire, 486 
La av nw 

Concrete Works. 

(See also Contractors.) 
Burlew Cornelius, c N Capitol and F nw 
Mohler William H. N c N Capitol nw 
Murdoch W B, 14th c B nw 
Story E J, 18th e C nw 


Armstead & Carter, 1731 L nw 

Artes Hannah A, 1509 9th nw 

Bland James, 1168 16th nw 

Boyd Ledru R, 42 Eastern mkt 

Boyle John, 1747 Pa av nw 

Brewer J Eli, 3406 M nw, Gtn 

Briel Michael, 417 9th nw 

Bromley William, 1053 31st nw, Gtn 

Brooks Moses, 1728 21st nw 

Buckingham Francis M, 1223 Pa avnw, 

930 F nw, 732 7ih nw and 59 High, Gtn, 

and 1634 14th nw 
Buhler Gustav A, 463 D sw 
Casassa R, 611 15th nw 
Casper Christian, 1237 7th nw 
Coggins Mary A, 30 5th ne 
Colliflower Catherine S, 919 6th sw 
Conroy Catherine, 1227 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Core & Co, 467 Pa av nw 
Caneo Mary, 129 Pa av nw 
Davis George. 1013 12th nw 
De Grain Reinhold T, 657 Pa av se 
Demonet I M & Sons, 1714 Pa av nw 
Dorr Louis, 513 7th nw 
Dorr Louisa, 1032 29th nw, Gtn 
Ellis Archibald, 1607 12th nw 
Ewald Herman C, 719 7th nw 
Ferreri Louisa Mrs, 1001 E se 
Filgate Bridget A, 1001 4| sw 



Fisher Joshua J, 3246 M nw, Gtn 
Fleischmann Charles, 617 D nw 
Freeman Catherine. 612 O nw 
Freeman John, 635 N nw 
Freund Frederick, 702 9th nw and 1239 

Mass av nw 
Gautron John B, 806 I nw 
Geiger Kate, 3216 O nw, Gtn 
Giupe Dora. 1112 D nw 
Given William F, 1104 12th nw 
Gmelin L. 3068 M nw, Gtn 
Gohl William, 616 O nw 
Grant Louisa, 461 Q nw 
Grupe Albert, 1810 7th nw 
-Grutter William, 950 R nw 
<^utekunst Albert, 1624 14th nw 
Gutterson John, 2130 Pa av nw 
Hall Willie A, Nichols av 
Hamilton John. 1231 Pa av nw 
Hammersly Edward, 7, 8 and 9 Centre 

mkt and 425 7th sw 
Harding Abram J, 934 F nw 
Hebner Martin, 1508 14th nw. 
Herbert Catherine. 606 4J sw 
Hutchinson Mary F, 401 Mass av nw 
Jacob Christian, 64H L nw 
Jarvis T, 426 9th nw 
Jefferson Benjamin, 1109 I nw 
Johnston Eliza E. 2021 14th nw 
Kane Mary, 1017 F nw 
Keiser John, 1209 9Ui nw 
Killian John Mrs, 1111 F nw 
Kraemer William A, 1016 7th nw 
Kummer Addie, 1117 14th nw 
Lacouver Catherine, 400 8th se 
Lanfranco Antonio F, 247 N J av nw 
Lazelle Henry H, 613 N J av nw 
Lerch Henry F, 1522 M nw 
Littleton Isabella, 824 10th ne 
Lowery Mason S, 1225 28th nw, Gtn 
Lucket Louis, 1216 10th nw 
McCanna Ann, 1501 32d nw, Gtn 
MaDonald Robert J, 1120 7th nw and 601 

4i sw 
McKeever John G, 1344 H ne 
McPherson Caroline A, 200 L nw 
McQuade & Sohns, 620 O nw 
Mc Williamson Elizabeth, 517 6th se 
Maddox William M, 1812 18th nw 
Mclatesta Giovanni. 123 Pa av nw 
Marinelli George, 335 Pa av nw 
Martin Margaret, 1216 M nw 
May John, 1319 32d nw. Gtn 
Meinking Mary Mrs, 923 4th nw 
Menhorn Frederick, 1503 9th nw 
Meyer Virginia, 220 H nw 
Miller Thomas E, 1316 D nw 
Moten Matilda, 1643 11th nw 
Moxley Eliza, 3504 M nw, Gtn 
Mueller Carl & Son, 314 Pa av nw and 

658 Centre mkt 
MueUer John L, 36 H nw 
Munck Edward C, 916 9th nw 
Murphy Hannah R, 3502 M nw, Gtn 
Newton Frederick, 1024 7th nw 
Oehmann Andrew, 431 4£ sw 

Ottenberg Isaac, 1343 7th nw 

Peck Elizabeth, 123 A se 

Peterson Henry, 310 3d nw 

Pettis William, 3308 T nw, Gtn 

Prince Pauline C, 527 7th sw 

Prosise Logan, 905 D nw 

Raab Frank C, 741 8th se 

Reinhart William, 1008 4£ sw 

Reisinger Jacob H, 72 Western and 3 Cen- 
tre mkts and 1018 18th nw 

Reisinger John G, 235 G nw and 642 Cen- 
tre mkt 

Renitzel Ida, 3508 M nw, Gtn 

Ridenour W H, 916 14th nw 

Riordon Sara E, 403 8th se 

Roeben Conrad, 1900 7th nw 

Rothauge William, 334 Pa av nw 

Rupp William & Son, 13th c H nw 

Salkeld Thomas L., 1932 10th nw 

Sander Dora Mrs. 914 3d se 

Sauter Michael J, 114 and 115 Corcoran 
and 508 N L mkts and 1111 7th nw 

Semmelbauer W, 2823 M nw, Gtn 

Shaffield John A, 205 Pa av nw 

Shoemaker Elizabeth, 1429 32d nw, Gtn 

Shotwell John, 46 H nw 

Smith Charles E, 7th c M sw and 7th st 
wharf sw 

Sniffin Theodore, 704 11th se 

Sondheimer B, 1234 7th nw 

Steinle Frederic, 119 Pa av se 

Stephan Augusta, 1821 14th nw 

Stohlman Frederick 1254 32d nw, Gtn 

Taylor Rose C, 102 Ind av nw 

Teuber Frank, 333 A ne 

Thompson Anna P, 1029 4th nw 

Tinaglia Ignatius, 499 Pa av nw 

Turbeels Christian J, 816 7th sw 

Turvey Leonard, 2068 32d nw, Gtn 

Velati Serafina,620 9th nw 

Vogt Fred, 210 7th sw and 5 Centre mkt 

Vogt John L, 927 Paav nw and 429 7th nw 

Volland David, 135 N L mkt and 907 N nw 

Voneiff George, 348 Va av sw, 537 Centre 
and 119 NL mkts 

Wagner John G, 1015 11th nw 

Wagner John W, 1310 5th nw 

Walker George C, 1218 F nw 

Wanzer Evelina, 1164 20th nw 

Webb Mary, 126 1st nw 

Weidman George W, 303 Pa av se 

Williams Susan, 2128 11th nw 

Wright Mary, 312 Pa av se 

Wormley G Smith, Wormley Hotel 

Young Elizabeth, 3206 O nw, Gtn 

Zugler Gothelb, 1340 32d nw, Gtn 

Constables and Collectors. 

At Lee Goodwin Y, 930 F nw 
Bean Jamps A, 456 La av nw 
Bennett William H. 928 F nw 
Busher James H, 490 La av nw 
Curtin Charles, 522 8th nw 
Davidson Delozier, 653 E sw 
Kirby William W, 490 La av nw 
Patch John, 506 10th nw 



Shreve Charles S, 522 8th nw 
Tucker James H, 1221 F nw 


(See also Miscellaneous.) 
Coppinger William (Liberia), 450 Pa av nw 
Hitz John, 945 Pa av nw 
Schucking Alfred, 425 7th nw 


Andrews Chase, 530 9th nw 
Boone Albert E, 431 7th nw 
Chapman Leonard S, 934 F nw 
Crani'ord & Filbert, 1420 F nw 
Davidson Robert & Co, 9 Corcoran bldg 
Dayton William, 408 Va av se 
Evans John O, 1420 N Y av nw 
McKnight John W, 1406 Pa av nw 
Miner John R, 530 9th nw 
Murdock William C, 1420 N Y av nw 
Newkirk Henry V, 1405 G nw 
U S Commercial Co, 28 Corcoran bldg 
Wright & Son, 2021 H nw 

Conveyancers . 

(See also Brokers, also Lawyers, also Real 



Erbach Charles, Md av nr 14th ne 
Harris Edward, 1015 R I av nw 
Jarboe Horace, 3205 Water, Gtn 
Kuhn James O R, 1055 31st nw, Gtn 
McMillan Elias, 800 I nw 
Parker Edward, 12th st wharf 
Reynolds John T, 3240 Grace nw, Gtn 
Ridgeway Frank M, 1011 32d nw, 3100 
Water,' Gtn, and 10th st wharf 


(See also Brass Finishers.) 
Burkhart Jacob, 324 13th nw 

Bartholomae William, 1705 7th nw 

Corn Mills. 
McDowell Samuel, N Capitol c Massavne 

Fisher E N Mrs, 1229 G nw 
Fort Hattie C, 439 9th nw 


Bartels Louisa, 312 9th nw 
Donehue T Harry Mrs, 417 11th nw 
Moxley Lloyd, C08 10th nw 

Cracker I>ealer. 

(See also Bakers.) 
Shelton William, 910 8th se 

Cuppers and Leechers. 

(See also Barbers.) 
Emmner Julius, 1317 D nw 
Miller George M, 151 B se 
Miller Mary E, wid C, 915 5th nw 
Saur Rudolph, 317 4| sw 


(See also Hardware.) 
Bazzuro John, 478 Pa av nw 
Braumann John, 8th ab Boundary nw 
Myers William H, 604 D nw 
Rosendale Henry, 513 K nw 
Ross Joseph Mrs, 431 9th nw 
Waif ord Mary, 631 Pa av nw 

Decorative Artists. 
(See Artists, also Fresco Painters.) 
Loan John W, 319 Pa av nw 
Rakeman Joseph, 448 K nw 
Schutter Hubert, 804 E nw 
Parnes Walter, 112 6th se 
Benson J Hepburn P, 710 N nw 
Bliss Ellis B, 1329 F nw 
Brightwell Owen H, 1227 Pa av nw 
Brown James T, 1407 G nw 
Brown Minturn S, 725 14th nw 
Burton Perry G, 315 7th sw 
Calver James V, 207 A se 
Carman M A, 1015 14th nw 
Cockerille Samuel J. 1312 F nw 
Colburn George F J, 1343 Corcoran nw 
Dailey Oliver A, 939 Pa av nw 
Davis Denison, 1209 Pa av nw 
Dawes Richard M, 1227 30th nw, Gtn 
De Montreviile Clarence, 1222 F nw 
Dempeter H V, 409 7th nw 
Dienelt Julius, 401 7th nw 
Donaldson Robert B, 1113 Pa av nw 
Dufour John F R, 1814 14th nw 
Duke Bernard M, 715 14th nw 
Egleston George W, 1116 G nw 
Evans W W, 1400 H nw 
Fletcher Robert P. 903 Pa av nw 
Gibbs James P, 703 15th nw 
Groshon M B, 707 13th nw 
Groshon & Son, 1219 13th nw 
Harban Walter S, 1323 H nw 
Harban William T, 32d nr M nw, Gtn 
Hills Garnett L, 406 12th nw 
Hills Thomas O I>r, -IOCS 12th nw 
Hodgkin James B, 730 9th nw 
Howard Edwin, 1019 F nw 
Howland Dental Association, 211 4£ nw 
Howland Edwin P, 211 4-£ nw 
Hunt R Finley, 409 12th nw 
Johnston Jay H, 717 H nw 
Latimer Charles M N, 640 I nw 
Lewis Hall, 1215 Pa av nw 
McAlenny J L, 942 F nw 
McFarlan Daniel, 1340 N Y av nw 
Maynard Edward. 1517 Pa av nw 
Merrill William, 602 F nw 
Nelson Burrows. 1223 Pa av nw 
Newton Samuel F, 516 9th nw 
Noble Henry B, 1111 Pa av nw 
Nutt Zadok I, 1213 Vt av nw 
Parsons Randall, 428 7th nw 
Parsons Starr, 204 D<1 av ne 
Pomeroy Willis B, 404 Mass av nw 
Pritchard George J, 813 10th nw and 122 
Pa av nw 



Schooley Henry M, 1113 Pa av nw 
Scott C Walter, 1200 F nw 
Smith Curtis J, 325 C nw 
TalbottTM, 437 7th nw 
Taylor Andrew H, 934 F nw 
Ten Eyck Jerome B, 1105 F nw 
Thompson Henry C, 1113 Pa av nw 
Thompson Millard F, 1113 Pa av nw 
Wadworth H Nichols, 1028 Vt av nw 
Waters Oliver J, 1237 Pa av nw 
Weisenborn Albert N C, 915 7th nw 
Welch George B, 219 4| nw 
Wolf John L, 1210 F nw 
Wright William H, 633 F sw 


Allen Aquilla R, 1148 7th nw 
Central Free Dispensary, 514 6th nw 
(See Wines and Liquors.) 
Dock Builders. 
(See Contractors.) 
Dower Association. 
United States Home and Dower Associa- ! 
tion, 1425 N Y av nw 


Fowler T W, 505 7th nw 
Harkness C A, 1429 N Y av nw 
Howard F W, 519 7th nw 
Oden James S, 1610 8th nw 
Perrine H L, 617 7th nw 
Skinkle William A, 25 Grant pi nw 

Dredging- Company. 

National Dredging Co, 1420 1ST Y av nw 


(See also Milliners.) 
Adams Mary E, 1522 10th nw 
America Sedoria. 1310 L nw 
Amiss Maria S, 3153 P nw, Gtn 
Ammann Augusta, 1225 Md av ne 
Anderson Cecelia F, 355 Pa av nw 
Anderson Frances, 607 Md av sw 
Arthur Isabella G, 706 K nw 
Backenheimer Amelia, 304 D sw 
Bailey Lavinia E, 122 B ne 
Baker Catherine B, 1418| Mass av nw 
Baldwin Mary A, 418 11th sw 
Beall Isabella, 014 Md av ne 
Beck Louisa, 307 9th nw 
Beckett Julia A, O nr Rook creek nw, Gtn 
Belle w Mary A, 711 7th nw 
Bender Josephine, 1016 6th sw 
Bex Hannah, 734 8th nw 
Birch Mary J, 3401 O nw, Gtn 
Bloettner E Mme, 422 7th nw 
Bolden Frances, 612 19th nw 
Bolden Ida, 1618 10th nw 
Boone Ella, 2708 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Boulden Ellen E, 3134 N nw, Gtn 
Bowmer Susan E, 616 H nw 

Bowmon Mary E, 1112 19th nw 

Brewer Kinsey, 607 Mass av nw 

Bridwell Clementina, 349 M sw 

Brissey Lucinda E, 810 11th nw 

Brockenborough Lizzie, 1112 K nw 

Brooks Bellzora, 1318 5th nw 

Brooks Carrie, 1728 21st nw 

Brooks Sarah, 27 7th ne 

Brown Mary, 1213 17th nw 

Brown Mary J, 118 2d se 

Bruce Regendia, 1617 12th nw 

Bryan Emma, 1902 14th nw 

Bu'llard Sarah A, 225 Mass av nw 

Burgess Susie, 1703 19th nw 

Burke M E, 1135 20th nw 

Burn Jane C, 1514 8th nw 

Burn Mary, 612 4-£ sw 

Burritt Ann W, 124 C nw 

Butler Lurena M, 1520 O nw 

Byrne Mary E, 524 13th nw 

Cain Mary, 1225 D nw 

Camp N J, 1720 G nw 

Carter Sarah, 606 Md av ne 

Catlin Louisa, 1633 13th nw 

Chamberlain Virginia, 122 Mass avnw 

Chapman Kate, 317 Va av se 

Chase Emma, 1412 Pa av nw 

Chase Lucinda, 1109 I nw 

Check Henrietta. 1023 20th nw 

Clark Emma, 2528 F nw 

Clark M E. 1133 20th nw 

Clements Etta. 1034 5th ne 

Coagy Katie, 926 1 ne 

Coagy Mary C, 134 Pierce nw 

Coakley Frances E, 1242 Potomac, Gtn 

Coffey Mary, 335 Pa av nw 

Cole Elizabeth, 1517 P nw 

Collins Rebecca, 162511th nw 

Cook Hannah E Mrs, 503 7th se 

Coolidge Eleanor, 1515 Pa av nw 

Condon L V, 1553 9th nw 

Corey Mary, 1116 8th nw 

Crampsheir Mary, 1802 I nw 

Crier Jane, 2U04 Boundary nw 

Cross Susan, 1238 Pa av nw 

Crotty Catherine, 124 4th ne 

Crush Sophia, 1311 D nw 

Cutten Eliza, 434 1st sw 

Davis Alice F, 1537 M nw 

Depoilly Louise J Mme, 709 13th nw 

Dodson Annie. 331 Va av sw 

Dogans Mary E, 1635 11th nw 

Donnelly Emeline L, 1704 H nw 

Dorsey Mary A, 215 2d se 

Douglas Jennie, 344 C sw 

Downer Susan, 1519 11th nw 

Driscoll Margaret. 1221 Pa av nw 

Dugau Carolina, 655 N Y av nw 

Dyer Mary C Madame, 1231 Pa av nw 

Ehrhardl Minnie, 1837 K nw 

Eisman Lena, 922 4th nw 

Elliott Julia, 1248 4|- sw 

Faber Emma, 427 11th nw 

Fields Susan. 205 D sw 

Fitzpatrick Mary, 730 6th ne 

Fisher Fanny, 1710 14th nw 



Fletcher Adeline, 1411 32d nw, Gtn 

Fletcher Annie, 146 C ne 

Fletcher Mary, 2907 Olive av nw, Gtn 

Forrest W H Mrs, 816 18th nw 

Forster Catherine, 1517 11th nw 

Faskey Annie M, 1327 L nw 

Fowler Annie E, 2210 F nw 

Frazier Sarah, 714 9th ne 

Freeman Delilah, 1306 5th nw 

Freeman Marion, 1222 16th nw 

French Hattie, 492 H sw 

French Rachel A, 1209 N Y av nw 

French P C Mrs, 914 L nw 

Furlong Annie, 337 G sw 

Gant Agnes, 711 H sw 

Garrett Maggie, 1305 15th nw 

Garrett Mary G, 1223 F nw 

Gaskins Julia A, 1338 32d nw, Gtn 

Gebhard Mary, 1321 6th nw 

Gilbert Ada, 1107 Pa av nw 

Grady Mary, 324 13* nw 

Graham Margaret A, 1322 27th nw, Gtn 

Graham Mary E, 904 12th nw 

Grant Hannah, 1240 10th nw 

Greene Anna B, 1502 10th nw 

Grimes A N Mrs, 1923 Pa av nw 

Groux Annie H, 409 11th nw 

Hall Matilda M, 1218 M nw 

Hamerslev Anna, 720 5th nw 

Hanford Fannie, 1359 H ne 

Harris Ellen, 1015 R I av nw 

Harris Mary, 1023 20th nw 

Harrison Mary F Mrs, 608 G se 

Harvie Harriet A, 726 8th nw 

Hayden Mary E. 711 Market sp nw 

Hayes Martha, 1908 K nw 

Hayes Mary E, 517 5th se 

Hirst Lizzie A, 734 8th nw 

Hodgkins H E, 1542 Columbia nw 

Hoffnagel Mary, 508 N nw 

Hughes Laura, 313 6th ne 

Hughes Martha, 1143 20th nw 

Hurdle Francis R, 1710 33d nw, Gtn 

Hutchings Hattie B, 125 M se 

Hutton Mary V, 504 7th sw 

Howard Mamie, 1465 Samson nw 

Jaekson Selina, 1148 19th nw 

Johnson Florence A, 815 Q nw 

Johnson Isabella. 352 E sw 

Johnson Jane, 240 4£ sw 

Johnson Margaret, N nr 1st se 

Johnson Mary, 1823 14th nw 

Johnston Jane, 413 H nw 

Joines Jane R Mrs, 414 E Capitol 

Jones Mary L, 1426 32d nw, Gtn 

Joy Jane E, 1818 18th nw 

Joyce Thomas Mrs, 447 N Y av nw 

Keckly Elizabeth, 1109 F nw 

Keeton Elizabeth, 333 Md av sw 

Kelly Belle W, 1452 Q nw 

Kelly Mary, 343 D sw 

Kendrick Amelia, 458 N sw 

Kersev Sarah S, 1411 11th nw 

Key Fannie, 1429 N nw 

Keyl Louisa, 624 L nw 

King Virginia A, 816 6th nw 

Kloczevvski Charlotte, 909 Pa av nw 

Kohl Mary E, 720 Md av ne 

Krause Fannie L, 406 8th se 

Kulle Annie, 705 7th sw 

Lane Mary, 1626 10th nw 

Larmier L Mme, 1426 Pa av nw 

Lauer Celia, 3145 Dumbarton av nw, Gtn 

Lawson Elizabeth, 406 H nw 

Lee Ellen E, 2708 P nw, Gtn 

LeGarvin Harriet E, 907 Pa av nw 

Lemos Cora M, 1906 M nw 

Lewis Clara M, 1632 O nw 

Lewis Josephine F, 1632 O nw 

Lewis Laura C, 1632 O nw 

Lewis Mary, 1219 7th nw 

Lewis Mary E J, 1428 21st nw 

Lieberman Bell, 1302 7th nw 

Lightfoot Mary V, 1425 P nw 

Locke Mary A, 420 E Capitol 

Lowe J R Mrs, 919 K nw 

Lovejov Rosa D, 815 6th nw 

Lucas Belle, 902 9th nw and 801 Market 
sp nw 

Lusby Mary F Mrs, 115 3d ne 

Luscombe Otis, 930 E nw 

McCall Letitia, 1518 14th nw 

McDaniel Mary E, 1524 30th nw, Gtn 

McDonald Elizabeth, 482 Md av sw 

McDonald Maggie A, 312 3d nw 

McDonald Mary, 829 5th nw 

McGlynn Susie, 1058 Jefferson nw, Gtn 

McLeod & Brewer, 1717 Vt av nw 

McNier Louisa, 3318 P nw, Gtn 

McWiel Harriet F, 2120 11th nw 

Magruder Laura V, 320 3d sw 

Maflory E S, 600 Pa av se 

Mansfield Mary A, 1912 K nw 

Mankinn Elizabeth, 1066 West Market sp 
nw, Gtn 

Maranghi Carrie, 115 Pa av se 
j Marders Virginia, 219 4|- sw 
J Maryman Annie, 1232 E se 
i Mason Alice, 1125 29th nw, Gtn 
| Mason Mary A, 1615 P nw 
j Mathaney Priscilla. 1314 Q nw 
! Mayhugh Georgianna, 1221 29th nw, Gtn 
| Mayhugh Sarah, 1221 29th nw, Gtn 
j Messer S J Mrs, 1303 F nw 

Middleton Jane, 17 Covington nw 
I Miller Emma, 1018 C nw 
1 Mitchell Catherine, 1508 O nw 

Moore Cerusia Mrs, 513 E nw 

Mulcare Mary E, 122 1st nw 
I Mullhollen Olivia, 1307 7th nw 

Murray Martha J, 1227 Pa av nw 

Myers Mary J, 1111 14th nw 

Nichols Rebecca, 1460 Q nw 

Noud E J, 3053 M nw, Gtn 

O'Brien Catherine, 821 1st ne 

O'Connor Annie, 1206 21st nw 

Oliver Nettie, 1202 30th nw, Gtn 

O'Neil Kate, 323 B ne 

Oppermann Elizabeth C, 907 N Y av nw 

Orr Kate, 1255 22d nw 

Owens Ann E, 469 G nw 

Owen Fannie, 1632 10th nw 



Parker Kate, 1G17 V nw 

Parker Laurie, 10 Covington nw 

Patterson Sarah A, 808 9ih nw 

Paul Martha. 18 13 K nw 

Payton Adelia, 1448 P nw 

Penn Sarah A, 636 La av nw 

Pfanne Ro.»a, 1205 N Y av nw 

Phipps Mary, 1431 8th nw 

Piper Mary A, 1220 Pa av nw 

Pitts Florida, 1819 L nw 

Pondexter Bettie, 1519 11th nw 

Poole Mollie, 1502 8th nw 

Pope Rachel A. 1348 29th nw, Gtn 

Posey Annie E. 1208 I nw 

Post Margaret F, 610 5th nw 

Price E B, 622 18th nw 

Price Luella, 727 4| sw 

Price Maggie A, 921 P nw 

Proctor Margaret Mrs, 450 H nw 

Pumphrey Emma, 325 Md av ne 

Pumpbrey Martha E, 711 R I av nw 

Raines Eliza, 470 K nw 

Reed Angie F, 1914 K nw 

Reed Fannie A, 445 7th sw 

Reed Jane F, 325 C sw 

Richardson Maria L, 1416 I nw 

Ricketts Laura C, 1719 20th nw 

Ridenour Mary D Mrs, 823 B se 

Robey Mary E, 2132 11th nw 

Robinson Louisa, 221 D sw 

Robinson Lydia, 1218 10th nw 

Rockett Catherine, 204 44- sw 

Rothery Mary A, 623 D nw 

Rowe Mary, 310 4| sw 

Ruffin Eliza, 422 Washington, nw 

Sanden Martha A, 128 B ne 

Sanderson Ella Mrs, 1106 7th se 

Saunders Evaline, 1515 9th nw 

Scott Agnes, 1538 7th nw 

Scott Ann E. 944 R nw 

Scott Annie E. 1605 19th nw 

Shepherdson Catherine, 720 F sw 

Shoemaker Harriet, 1728 32d nw, Gtn 

Simmons Victoria 2215 12th nw 

Skillman Sarah E, 429 7th sw 

Skinner Belle, 3002 P nw, Gtn 

Smart Elizabeth, 913 20th nw 

Smith Anna. 920 Pa av nw 

Smith Ann E, 713 9th nw 

Smith Bettie, 1614 10th nw 

Smith Jennie F, 1139 9th nw 

Smith Margery, 1452 Q nw 

Smith Rosa, 1215 17th nw 

Smith Sarah A. 109 U nw 

Smothers Josephine, 1920 12th nw 

Smith Mary M. 805 6th nw 

Spence Sal lie, 504 9th nw 

Speir Annie, wid Robert. 616 6th nw 

Springsteen Anna, 425 Washington nw 

Starkes Eleanor, 220 1st sw 

Steverson Elizabeth, 1630 O nw 

Sullivan Catherine, 1405 27th nw, Gtn 

Sullivan Hannah, 419 I nw 

Taholar Margretta, 716 A se 

Talbot Anna O, 1623 O nw 

Tancil Mary A, 428 6th nw 

Theaker Lou, 1213 L nw 

Thomas Anna V, 1113 I nw 

Thompson Louisa, 1535 Kingman 

Tilghman Marv, 1904 M nw 

Tunnie Mary E, 1330 5th nw 

Vaughan Susan E, 413 5th ne 

Van Brakle Tamar, 2015 11th nw 

Van Brandis Mary H, 913 Pa av nw 

Van Reuth Bertie, 1112 13th nw 

Van Sciver Ann M, 2514 F nw 

Vowles Angyllar, 1412 10th nw 

Wade Emma, 613 F nw 

Walker Annie R, 3405 O nw, Gtn 

Walker Cora H, 819 10th nw 

Ward Annie A, 3045 Dumbarton av, Gtn 

Warder Henrietta G C, 909 E se 

Washington Madame. 1211 Pa av nw 

Wathen Susan M. 335 1st ne 

Watkins Mary, 2728 P nw, Gtn 

Watson M J Mrs, 726 17th nw 

Webster Adeline, 476 E sw 

Webster Malinda E, 1611 Madison av nw 

Wells Annie M, 1632 O nw 

West Elizabeth, 606 3d nw 

West Mary F, 1601 10th nw 

Wheatley Sarah, 921 12th nw 

Wiebking Annie, 1505 11th nw 

Wilson Ernestine C, 1438 R I av nw 

Wise Elizabeth, 1601 33d nw, Gtn 

Withers Fannie M, 318 Pnw 

Wormley Mary A, 1633 Pa av nw 

Young Catherine, 1504 8th nw 

Zahn Sallie. 907 9th nw 

Dress Patterns, 

Butterick E & Co, Louis Baar agent, 
407 9th nw 

Dried Beef. 

Carst David W, 215 Centre mkt 
Drug - gists. 

Bacon Ruben A, 529 4i sw 

Baldus William T, 1901 Pa av nw 

Bates John E, 931 18th nw 

Becker Charles, 1367 32d nw, Gtn 

Beller James H, M c 16th nw 

Bentley George A, 1618 14th nw 

Berlin William, 908 6th nw 

Bishop Leroy C, 730 9th nw 

Bodemer & Bergman, 6th c N nw and 805 
7th nw 

Brace R, 3001 M nw, Gtn 

Bray John, 301 13th sw 

Brennan Patrick, 1638 14th nw 

Bury Edw B, 300 E Capitol and 412 8th se 

Butler & Clarridge, 300 Ind av nw 

Byng George T. 1355 29th nw, Gtn 

Cassin Joseph R, 1201 7th nw 

Christini C. 484 Pa av nw 

Christini Theodore, 1150 7th nw 

Cissel Eugene E, 1001 N Y av nw 

Cole Thaddeus P. 824 12th nw 
I Collins Thomas H, 1255 9th nw 
I Coughlin John, 600 9th nw 
j Cropley George W, 3077 M nw, Gtn 
1 Cropley Thomas L, 3271 M nw. Gtn 



Crutch et Alexander, Ariacostia 
Cull AbnerH. 303 7th sw 
Daniels Ara M, 1820 14th nw 
Darby Ann F, 118 4£ nw 
Davis & Heness, 13th c H nw 
Daw William H, 10th c L nw 
Dawson William G, 426 7th sw 
Demoll Theodore G, 430 8th se 
Dooley Francis X, 301 Pa av se 
Dowling Fenelon D, 316 4^ sw 
Drew John W, 901 Pa av nw 
Dulin C G, loth cNYav nw 
Duckett Walter G, Pa av c 21st nw 
Dufour Clarence R & Co, 1814 14th nw 
Dulin Charles G. 822 E Capitol 
Eliot Randolph L, 1001 M nw 
Entwisle William B, 1201 Pa av nw 
Ferguson Robert B, Pa av c 2d se 
Fickling Charles H, 1260 32d nw, Gtn 
Gilman Z D, 627 Pa av nw 
Gray William A, 317 Mass av nw 
Griffith M J, 5th c O nw 
Halleck William E, 801 5th nw 
Hannon Samuel L, 400 NYav nw 
Hanson Stephen C, 1501 Conn av nw and 

1727 L nw 
Hazard David L, c N J av and G nw 
Healy James, 300 H nw 
Helmsen Henry, 801 H ne 
Helphenstine Rufus K, F c 14th nw 
Hendershott Albert, 1228 F nw 
Hickling D P. 301 Pa av nw 
Hines Albert B, 102 6th se 
Hinrichs Bros, 201 4^ sw 
Hodgkins Joseph N, 2004 7th nw 
Howard Joseph W, 828 7th nw 
Hudson Hubert V, 80 H nw 
Johnson Charles H, 1168 20th nw 
Johnston Henry A, 1001 O nw 
Jones John S, 201 Pa av se 
Judd & Wright, 501 7th sw 
Julihn Magnus L Dr, 200£ 7th sw 
Kalusowski Henry E, 901 H nw 
Kloczewski Adrian M, 423 9th nw 
Kolb D, 501 7th nw 
Koss Frederick W, 2000 7th nw 
Kramer Thomas B, 103 Pa av nw 
Kullberg Karl, 300 I nw 
Lewis Samuel E, P c 14th nw 
Lineaweaver Prudence M, 11th c M se 
Lockhart George B, 1344 32d nw, Gtn 
Lynham Waddic D, 1213 4£ sw 
McComas Edward M, 1401 L nw 
McPherson Edgar J. 932 F nw 
Major John R, 800 7th nw 
Milburn W C, 1429 Pa av nw 
Mitchell Silas H, 313 7th sw 
Moore Charles F, 170C Pa av 
Moore J B, 1924 Pa av nw 
Musser George J, c 10th and I nw 
Nattams Arthur, 130 D nw and 833 14th nw 
Neale Richard A, 1252 7th nw 
Nourse C H & Co, 9th c F nw 
O'Donnell James D, 751 8th se 
Omohundro Colon, 1301 Vt av nw 
Pettingill Edward T, 2056 G nw 

Prentiss C A, 531 7th nw 

Reinlein Paul, 9th and P nw 

Reynolds George R, 201 C ne 

Russell William R, Vt av c 14th nw 

Scala William F, 501 E Capitol se 

Schafhirt Adolph G, 1 H nw 

Scheller & Stevens. 505 Pa av nw 

Sears W Leslie, 1101 F nw 

Shreve Samuel F, c Harrison and Munroe- 

Simms G G C, N Y av c 14th nw 
Small Willis O B, 1530 12th nw 
Stafford John J, 901 4| sw 
Stone James H. 1100 7th nw 
Stone William R, 1303 7th nw 
Stoney C L & Co, 404 11th sw 
Statt & Cromwell, 480 Pa av nw - 
Thompson William S, 703 15th nw 
Waergaman Samuel, 477 Pa av nw 
Walsh James F, 300 M se 
Whallon Eugene W, 907 Del av ne 
Whiteside & Walton, 1921 Pa av nw 
Winter E C C, 601 H sw 

l>ry Ooocls, Commission and 

(See also Brokers, also Commission.) 

Jaffray E S & Co, 719 Market sp nw 

I>ry Goods Dealers. 

Atkinson William T, 201 Pa av nw 
Bailey Joseph B, 601 7th sw 
Baum Lipman, 1200 7th nw 
Behrend Amnon, 707 Market sp nw 
Behrends Leopold, 908 7th nw 
Blum Nathan, 747 8th se 
Brown William M, 817 Market sp nw 
j Brown & Lewis, 3146 M nw, Gtn 
Burdette Walter W, 928 7th and 706 K nw 
Carrico Margaret Mrs, 1240 llth se 
Carter Dorsey E W, 711 Market sp nw 
Cathcart Fannie, 831 H ne 
Chandler A King, 822 and 824 7th nw 
Clapp William E, H c 1st nw 
Combs Bros, 1612 14th nw 
Connolly Mary, wid Martin, 1101 Pa av nw 
Craig & Jackson, 3140 M nw, Gtn 
Crawford & Archer, 131 Pa av nw 
Dammann Oliver, 437 7th sw 
Davis Mattie E, 315 4£ sw 
Demar Charles H, 1303 32d nw, Gtn 
Enders John, 902 7th nw 
Engel D L, 1926 Pa av nw 
Fellheimer M & Son, 503 4£ sw 
Friebus Florida, H c Del av ne 
Gibbons William F, 3135 M nw, Gtn, 
Gradwhol Leopold, 331 Pa av se 
Grimes James H, Anacostia 
Gutman Nannie, 912 7th nw 
Harbin George F, 319 Pa av se 
Hechinger J W, 1304 7th nw 
Hooe, Bro'her & Co, 1328 F nw 
Hough Henry, 1804 7th nw 
Huff George S, 714 7th nw 
Huntress Samuel, 1307 D nw 
Johnson George J, 713 Market sp nw 



Ker, Clark & T runnel, 930 7th nw 
'Kissner Mary, 810 7th sw 
Lansburgh & Bro, 404 and 406 7th nw 
Leecke Christini, 205 2d se 
Linker Mrs Emma & Co, 401 8th se 
Lulley Emily, 616 and 620 Pa av nw 
Luttrell & Wine, 1930 Pa av nw 
McDonough Mary R, 719 8th se 
Meller Elizabeth, 1022 Md av ne 
Mellinn George jr, 1226 7th nw 
31eyenberg Kaufman, 910 7th nw 
Miller B, 3120 M nw, Gtn 
Minster Moses, 1241 7th nw 
Mitchell John T, 931 Pa av nw 
Moses Meyer, 324 4£ sw 
Nachman David, 909 8th se 
Newmyer M, 1920 Pa av nw 
Noland S S Mrs, 920 18th nw 
Noot Louis, 915 Pa av nw 
•Ottinger Henry, 3240 M nw, Gtn 
Palmer M R 235 Pa av se 
Perry & Brother, 821 Pa av nw 
Peters Cora L 1916 11th nw 
Phelan Mary, 232 E Capitol 
Bernhardt Toni, 1308 7th nw 
Repetti J D Mrs, 700 I se 
Hiley William R, 9th c E nw 
Rosenthal Emanuel L, 3254 M nw, Gtn 
Rynex William H, 315 7th sw 
Schmidt C F, 1722 Pa av nw 
Shuster William M & Sons, 919 Pa av nw 
Smoot John H & Son, 3144 M nw, Gtn 
Sondheimer Joseph, 509 7th sw 
Strasburger Henry, 726 7th nw 
Strasburger Victor, 1342 7th nw 
Sugenheimer Solomon, 511 7th sw 
Taylor George M, 914 7th nw 
Towner Thomas B, 1314£ 7th nw 
Towson Charles M, 636 Pa av nw 
Trunnel, Clark & Co, 803 Market sp nw 
Tyler & Chewning, 918 7th nw 
Walls George N jr, 1251 11th se 
Weedon James H, 203 Pa av se 
Withers Thomas T, 441 7th kw 
Woodward, Lothrop & Cochrane, 709 Mar- 
ket sp nw 
Young A & Bro, 3037 M nw, Gtn 
Young Jacob E, 736 7th nw 

I>yers and Scourers. 

Apfeld John G, 229 Mass av nw 
Barthel John G, 114 4* nw 
Brahler Edward, 635 Pa av se 
Briggs Mary A. 709 9th nw 
Byng Nathaniel J, 1513 Pa av nw 
Caine Solomon, 725 N Capitol ne 
Douglas Robert C, 1336 14th nw 
Engelberg Louis, 1229 7th nw 
Fischer Anton, 906 G nw 
FrankelJohn, 231 Paavse 
Hulse William O, 413 11th nw 
Kimmel Henry H, 1409 G nw and 1235 

9th nw 
Knorr John M, 1323 32d nw, Gtn 
Latterner Peter, 111 4£ nw 
Louva Amelia, 618 13th nw 

Payne & Co, 1103 16th nw 
Posey Luther H, 820 9th nw 
Prince William, 1009 F nw 
Putsche Charles, 1729 Pa av nw 
Schlaich Frederick, 709 L nw 
Striker Henry, 900 9th se 
Wernheimer William, 206 H nw 
Wheatley William H, 1068 Jefferson, Gtn 
Wheeler William H, 1522 K nw 

Eating' Saloons. 

(See also Hotels, also Oysters, also Sa- 

Allen George, 61 Eastern mkt 
Almarolia Alexander, 116 Md av sw 
Anderson Moses, 10th c La av nw 
Bell James W, 343 Pa av nw 
Bowbeer Isaac, 612 K nw 
Brawner John, 1307 C nw 
Brent George, 101 3d sw 
Brooks Edward D, 1422 Samson nw 
Brown Edward H, 11th st wharf 
Brown William H, 128 and 130 Centre 

mkt and 306 11th nw 
Bryant Oscar M, 518 9th nw 
Campbell James A, 427 4£ sw 
Carter Abraham, 428 N J av nw 
Carter Fielding, 29th nr Water, Gtn 
Cooper James, 906 21st nw 
( )rippin Littleton. N J av bet C and D nw 
Davis Jane, 548 N L mkt 
Evans Millie, Corcoran mkt 
Faust Annie, 233 N L mkt 
Fletcher, Roach & Co, 418 12th nw 
Forsyth S K, 812 F nw 
Fowler J H & Son, 120 N L and 6 Riggs 

Garretts Catherine, Corcoran mkt 

Green Ella, 7 Riggs mkt 

Hall Francis, 923 11th nw 

Hamilton Robert, Corcoran mkt 

Harris Dollie, Corcoran mkt 

Harris Walter S, 11th st wharf 

Hawkins & Denney, 1410 Pa av 

Heitmyer Lena, pat o 
1 Herbert Lizzv, 303 13i nw 

Hodffkin A R & Bro, 806 E nw 

Holland John W, 1414 F nw 

Hopkins F T, c 6th and Mass av nw 

Howard William J. 109 6th nw 

Jackson Hannah, Corcoran mkt 

Jackson Pimbly, 323 13 $ nw 

Johnson, Connor & Fontroy, 633 Mass av 

Johnson Jane R, 703 6th nw 

Johnson Robert T, 7 Western mkt 

Johnson William, c 19th and K nw 

Joy John W, 11th st wharf 

Kane George, 62 Citizens' mkt 

King Charles H, 540 N L mkt 

Kunzig Adolf, 1304 D nw 

Lewis William. 511 K nw 

Long Ellen, 337 Md av sw 

McCullough Wesley E, 401 3d sw 

McGowan William E, 111 Pa av nw 



Mclntyre Thomas K, 259 and 358 Centre 

mkt and 10th c La av nw 
Marggraf Charles, 419 10th nw 
Marshall Park, 430 8th nw 
Martin Catherine, 3127 Water, Gtn 
Moeller John N, 457 K nw 
Moussard Ellen, C nr 7th se 
Pilcher George M, 519 Centre mkt 
Pope Samuel" ft 30th nw, Gtn 
Powell Annie Mrs, 1140 15th nw 
Ragan Mary, 508 9th nw 
Randall Nicholas, 204 D sw 
Reh Henry, 509 Centre mkt 
Reynolds David, ft 30th nw, Gtn 
Roy Oherton, 105 6ih nw 
Scott Anderson. 1655 11th nw 
Sewall James W, 12th c Water sw 
Smith Fannie, 5 Savage al nw 
Smith Wilson, 1545 11th nw 
Souder Jacob J, 1000 E nw 
Stetler Lydia J, 311 Pa av nw 
Trueworthy Burnett F, 418 12th nw and 

Centre mkt 
Walker Dinah, Corcoran mkt 
Washington Henry, 430 N J av nw 
Washington Warner, 466 C sw 
Watts Mary E, City Hall building 
Weiner Gottlieb, 107 Pa av se 
Wyman E T, 608 La av nw 

Electric Eig-nts. 

Electric Light Co, 1301 H nw 

Electrical Apparatus. 

Royce & Marean, 1408 Pa av 

Hunter William, 1425 N Y av nw 
Maynard G C, 1413 G nw 


Joyce Maurice, 418 11th nw 

Endowment Associations. 

Masonic Mutual Relief Association, 921 Pa 
av nw 

Washington Beneficial Endowment Asso- 
ciation, 921 Pa av nw 

Engineer, Landscape. 

Chittenden George B, Corcoran building 

Baumgarten Herman, 306 Pa av nw 
Baumgarten Julius, 1222 Pa av nw 
Brynan John, 1101 Pa av nw 
Dempsey William H, 913 Pa av ne 
Dietrich F G, 700 9th nw 
Joyce Maurice, 418 11th nw 
Kervand James L, 1000 Pa av nw 
Lutz William F, 626 G nw 
Nichols Henry H, 810 F nw 
Phipps William, 505 11th nw 

Engravers, Bank IVote. 

Columbian Bank Note Co, 908 Pa av nw 
Examiner in Chancery. 

Plant Joseph T K, 490 La av nw 


Carter Francis, 1221 F nw 
Odorless, 212 4| nw 


Adams Express Company, 235 Pa av nw, 
1425 F nw, B & P depot 6th and N J 
av c C nw, and 3036 M nw, Gtn 

B & O, 619 Pa av nw and 1351 do 

Brown Joseph, 118 2d se 

Dillard John, 1502 10th nw 

Knox's, 603 Pa av nw 

Lokey James B, 312 4^ sw 

McClintock's Express, 619 Pa av nw, B & 
O depot and 1351 Pa av nw 

Shelton John W, 1627 11 Hi nw 

Stephenson J F, B & O R R depot 

Union Transfer Co, Pa av c 13th nw and 
Pa av c 6th nw 


Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4| 
Fancy Goods, 
(See also Dry Goods, also Toys.) 

Adler Henry, 405 9th nw 

Altmansperger Margaret, 1146 21st nw 

Angell Juiia A, 1505 33d nw, Gtn 

Ashford Mary, 2815 Dumbarton avnw,Gtn 

Bailey Marv E, N C av c B se 

Barnard M E Mrs, 3028 M nw, Gtn 

Behrend Bendiza J, 818 7th nw 

Boardley Carolina, 1907 K nw 

Bo2;au Lizzie, 431 7th sw 

Boyle J I, 3005 M nw, Gtn 

Brooks Martha. 912 22d nw 

Brosnan D A, 612 9th nw 

Buckley Mary E, 1318 Pa av nw 

Callan Marv, 425 4| sw 

Cerzilly J, 527 15th nw 

Clagett & Bowen, 904 7th nw 

Cock rill Jane R, 105 6th se 

Cohn Lewis. 1330 7th nw 

Cook J J, 3110 Mnw, Gtn 

Coreoran Ursula, 2137 Pa av nw 

Davis Eldrid G, 719 Market sp nw 

Davis & Dickinson. 924 7th nw 

Day Caroline, 808 D 1 av ne 

Deck<r Elizabeih, 1831 H nw 

Delame M M Madame, 1235 Pa av nw 

Dentinger Louis C, 949 Md av sw 

Divine Dorcas, 1529 34th nw, Gtn 

Donnelly Kate M. 19 4th ne 

Douglas* & Bro, 524 9th nw 

Duguid Eliza, 1339 7th nw 

Eichstadt Adolph H, 943 Pa av nw 

Eisemann David, 535 Centre mkt 

Ellis Louisa, 235 4| sw 

Erb Frederick. 56 Eastern mkt 

Faitz Mary, 216 H nw 

Ferguson & Bro, 341 Pa av se 

Frayser Margaret C Mrs, 523 2d nw 

Freeman George, 1414 32d nw, Gtn 

Friebus Theodore. 809 Market sp nw 

Gasson Henry J, 1414 7th nw 

Geier Minnie, 407 K nw 

Hanes Amy, wid William, 1528 14th nw 



Harris Martha J, 15 7lh ne 

Heller Sarah. 506 9lh nw 

Herbst Daniel, 1106 7ih nw 

Hess Catherine, 1812 34th nw, Gtn 

Hinrichs Christina. 913 4th nw 

Holmead Charles H. 2040 7th nw 

Humphery Annie K, 430 10th nw 

Humphery Josiah, 430 10th nw 

Hunt Minnie J Mrs. 621 and 623 D nw 

Hunter Mary C, 1509 15th nw 

James Elizabeth, 1825 14th nw 

Jones Bertha, 1221 C nw 

Kaufman Hannah, 1314 7th nw 

King Henry jr, 814 7th nw 

King Samuel, 516 Centre mkt 

Kohner Max, 146 Centre mkt 

Krumke Sophia. 1753 L nw 

Lacouibe Alice V, 1514 14th nw 

Lerch Lina, 714 7th nw 

Lewis Fannie, 4 Centre mkt 

Lewis RMrs, 2926 M nw, Gtn 

Lowe Elizabeth, 811 Market sp nw 

Mailhouse Emily Mrs, 207 Paav se 

Meager Grace Mrs, o 10th and 1ST Y av nw 

Mengert B M, 611 Pa av se 

Mercer Cornelius, 13'K) 9th nw 

Mills Mary R, 477 N Y av nw 

Mitchell Margaret, 339 6th se 

Norton Charles J, 44 Corcoran mkt 

Odell Mary A, 527 4J- sw 

Prenkart George C. 1215 7th nw 

Preuss Gertrude, 433 7th sw 

Redmond Elizabeth, 1340 7th nw 

Richmond A B, 716 7th nw 

Robinson Clement, 442 4£ sw 

Ross Minnie, 902 F nw 

Rothberg Rachel, 359 Pa av nw 

Rowe James, 310 4| sw • 

Ruppert C, 403 and 405 7th nw 

Ruppert Selma Mrs, 608 9th nw 

Schaefer Barbara, 1002 4^ sw 

Schluter Lewis W A, 128 and 129 Centre 

and "-58 N L mkts 
Schweitzer E, 510 N L mkt 
Shane Emma C. N J av c D se 
Shields Harriet, 1211 G nw 
Silver M, 806 7th and 715 Market sp nw 
Silverberg Bernard, 312 7th nw and 7th c 

Market sp nw 
Stoberand C, 2909 M nw, Gtn 
Stuntz Apolonica, 1207 N Y av nw 
Van Horn Rett a, 308 C ne 
Volkening B, 2817 M nw, Gtn 
"WVyl Max Mrs, 712 7th nw 
Williams Mary L, 1308 14th nw 
Young & Stern, 804 7th nw 

Featlier Renovator. 

Seitz Albert, 121 6th ne 


(See also Agricultural Warehouses.) 
Moore Frederick L, 3147 M nw, Gtn 

File Cutter. 

Beyer Louis, 7th nr Grant av nw 

File Holders. 

Woodruff Edmund W, 705 and 707 9th nw 


(See Guns, &c.) 

Cheek James H, 430 Centre mkt 

Cross William & Son, 79 Eastern, 139 and 

336 Centre, 58 Riggs, 2 Western and 79 

Eastern mkts 
Donaldson Benjamin S, 524 N L and 384 

Centre mkts 
Gallahorn & La Fontaine, 380 Centre mkt 
Gibson Wm, 286 Centre and 532 N Lmkta 
Golden Robert A, 238 Centre and 520 N 

L mkt* 
Ja vines Charles H, 284 Centre mkt 
Knight & Gibson, 528 N L and 235 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Mangum W H. 520 N L mkt 
Porter & Donaldson, 428 Centre mkt 
Sanford George W, 429 Centre mkt 
Schrepler Agnes, 390 Centre and 512 N 

L mkts 
Simmons Charles, 1 Gtn mkt 
Stuart W E, 532 N L mkt 
Thomfordt Herman, 518 N L, 238 and 337 

Centre and 15 and 40 Riggs mkts 
Walker George W, 1 Eastern mkt 
Wilson Julius J, 7 Corcoran mkt 
Wilson Merit, 288 Centre and 9 Corcoran 

Yount Henry W, 4 Corcoran and 60 Riggs 

and 26 Citizens' mkts 

Fisli, I>ried. 
O'Brien Mary A, 328 Centre mkt 
Thomfordt Herman, 337 Centre and 518 

N L mkts 
Wonder Andrew, 281 Centre mkt 


(See also Nurserymen.) 
Baillieux Lewis, c Conn av and M nw 
Bowdler Robert W, Bennings rd 
Brady John, 915 25th nw 
Cadmus Frank R, 1419 R nw 
Cammack E & J, 7th st rd nw 
Clarke William S, Bladensburg rd 
Coleman William, 225 R nw, 423 Centre 
and 134 N L mkts, and 1219 N Y avnw 
Dalv & Hushes, Bladensburg rd 
Diedrich Bros, 1227 F nw 
Douglas John, Bennings rd and 719 14th 

Dugan John, 130 B se 
Esch Michael, 198 Centre mkt, h Boun- 
dary nr 1st ne 
Freeman Joseph R, T c 32d nw, Gtn, and 

13th c E nw 
Fry & Pierce, 44 Eastern mkt 
Furnage W T illiam, 509 O nw 
Garden Alexander, 466 Centre mkt 
Glorius George, 317 R, 1112 7th and 247 

Centre mkt 
Hayes Alonzo G, 229 Centre mkt 



Successors to DENNISON & CO., 





Dennison's Tourists' Tags For Travelers. 

Stratton's Gummed Labels and Gummed Paper of all Colors; Legal and Nota- 
rial Seals; Folding and Fancy Tickets; Mentzel's Patent Suspension Rings; 
The Star Copying Pads; Dennison's Game Counters; Wedding Cake Boxes; 
Visiting and Playing Card Cases, Etc., Etc. 



Phillips' Hook and Clasp Tags; Kimball's Self-Fastening Tickets ; Posta 
Envelopes; McGill's Paper Fasteners, at Manufacturer's dis- 
counts ; Dickinson's Rubber Bands, Etc. 


nrmnTTTi t» 1 Tmn rt ^roprielors "Globe" and Centennial Prize "Excelsior," 
II iSiSl I H PArrl Hi\ and Importers of English Grass Bleached and Colored 
11UUUU 1 ill JJ1LU. Tissue Papers, from the Celebrated 39 Mill. 

Proprietors of " Silver White ," best article for Silver \ and Miller 's ' " Jewelry Cleaning 
Casket," and "Silver White Casket." 




Apothecaries' Powder Papers and Counter Papers, 
Dennison's Shaving Papers. 

Dennison's Absorbent Cotton, for Dental and Surgical Purposes. 

All of our Goods are for sale by Dealers everywhere, and by 


19 Milk St., Boston; 198 Broadway, New York; 630 Chestnut 
St., Philadelphia; 143 Walnut St., Cincinnati; 102 Madi- 
son St., Chicago ; 409 Washington Ave., St. Louis. 



Huster Jacob, 6th bet G and H ne 
McElhinney Charles A, 313 Centre mkt 
McQueeney Edward, Boundary c Cham- 
plain av 
Miller John M, Bennings rd and 604 Cen- 
tre mkt 
Noll Simon, 439 Centre mkt and Anacostia 
Parker John A, 1617 19th nw 
Saul J, 621 7th nw 

Saunders David I, Moore's la c Pomeroy 
Schickler Christopher, 1355 E se 
Schultz Louis, 122 N L and 295 Centre 

Schultz Louis C, Sherman avc Sheridan nw 
Small J H, 14th c G nw and 16 8th, Gtn 
Strauss Christiana, 249 Centre mkt 
Studer Nicholas, 421 Centre mkt 
Summerville Louis, 644 11th ne 
Swindells Simeon, 373 Centre 

mkt and 331S S nw, €Jtn 
Taylor Mark C, 1824 L nw 
Widmann Joseph, 608 11th ne 
Wolter William, 246 Centre mkt 

Florists' Supplies. 

Schmid Louis & Sons, 322 6th se 

Flour and Feed. 

Bakers Co-operative Association, 204 10th 

Beavans & Shaw, B c 11th nw 
Bishop Augustus A, 819 7th nw 
Blag-den Thomas, flour and 

grain, 609 O, nw 
Brewer Nathaniel, 652 Pa av se 
Brewer Nixon & Co, 209 7th sw and 

1805 18th nw 
Brown James B, Boundary c 8th nw 
Burns William G, 501 K.nw 
Ohaney Charles A, 319 12th nw 
Churchman C & Co, 939 La av nw 
Darby George W, 3400 M nw, Gtn 
Darby & Johnson, 2733 M nw, Gtn, 1201 

28th nw and 920 21st nw 
Dowling Frank W, 3261 M nw, Gtn 
Dugan John & Bros, 3301 M nw, Gtn 
Fegan William, 235 Va av sw 
Fisk William, 1126 14th nw 
Floeckher Albert H, 66 H ne 
Frawley J, 625 B nw 
Gait William & Co, Ind av and 1st nw 
Gaskins William H, 1006 32d nw, Gtn 
Greer R V, 1208 8th nw 
Griffin James, 818 19th nw 
Hewett Robert C, 1227 7th nw 
Hibbs Ernest L, 2100 14th nw 
Jackson David B, 1335 32d nw, Gtn 
Jacobs JohnC, 1010 4£ sw 
Jenkins Charles J, Anacostia 
Johnson William S.Wc 8th and Boundary 
Jones Samuel M, 203 7th nw 
Jones Selvin T, 208 9th nw 
Klier Jacob, 7th nr Grant av nw 
Lacy John T, 421 K nw 
Lee William H, 2904 M nw, Gtn, and 209 

12th nw 
Lewis William F, 804 M nw 

Linkins Joseph, 1915 and 1917 L nw 
Lippold John B, 1840 6th nw 
Logan Robert, 2127 K nw 
Lyddane Leon, 1417 32d nw, Gtn 
McCauley & Son, 404 4£ sw 
McDowell Samuel C,FcN Capitol nw 
Mann Richard W, 1611 M nw 
Murray Charles F, 1206 I nw 
Parker Bros, 1411 17th nw 
Piershynski Andrew, 435 1st sw 
Pillsbury Herbert P, c 3d and N Y av nw 
Ritter John V P, 1325 7th nw 
Schureman James H A, 1636 9th nw 
Scriber Columbus, 9 Corcoran and 14 

Riggs mkts 
Seebode Henry, 1843 7th nw 
Sherman Stephen H, 303 10th nw 
Sibley John H jr, 1407 P nw 
Stewart & Bro, 314 Pa av se 
Talbert Richard T, 1221 11th se 
Talbert Tobias, H nr 15th ne 
Thyson H G, 1127 7th nw 
Williams William J, 1831 K nw 
Woodward Thomas, 1050 Jefferson, Gtn 

Flowers, Embalmers. 

Clements B C, 615 K nw 
Deeth Jennie C, 3216 P nw, Gtn 
Fries Eva, 909 8th nw 
Graham Hattie M, 2008 Q nw 
Hoyle Annie E, 1605 19th nw 
Kane Mary A, 1515 34th nw, Gtn 
Lee Rebecca W, 1011 19th nw 
Petrola Eliza Mrs, 1007 E se 
Stoops Margaret J, 608 11th nw 


(See also Commission, also Produce.) 
Belloni John, 213 Pa av nw 
Boyd Charles A B, 4 Eastern mkt 
Bradley Andrew J, 76,77 and 78 Centre mkt 
Bradley Henry J, 203 N L and 350 Centre 

Brown Oscar, 124 4^ nw 
Casassa S G, 7th c C nw 
Casimiro Ghiselli, 602 La av nw 
Clark Joseph, M c 32d nw, Gtn 
Colman D E & Son, 112 and 113 Centre and 

404 N L mkts and 923 B nw 
Cost Frederick, 310 Centre and 73 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Dondero Bartholomew, 661 Centre mkt 
Fish Joseph, 364 Centre mkt 
Gatti Michael, 938 F nw 
Gatti Stephen, 404 Centre mkt 
Gearey Elizabeth, 153 Centre mkt 
Lavender Robert, 301 Centre and 333 N L 

Leverone David, 208 Centre mkt 
Leverone Frank, 1250 7th nw 
Locker Mary J, 25 Eastern mkt 
O'Connel Jeremiah, 155 Centre mkt 
Parkhill Robert W, 1229£ 7th nw 
Patson Thomas, 1223 C nw 
Pettit Benjamin, 569 Centre mkt 
Rhatto Joseph, F c 9th nw 


Robinson Charles F, 704 9th nw 
Rocca JB, 412 9th nw 
Ryder Lizzie, 1108 Conn av nw 
"Webster L G, 609 7th nw 


(See also Stoves.) 

Ball Charles G, 1337 E nw 

(See also Cabinetmakers.) 

Bell Amos, 708 A se 

Benjamin Louis, 1029 7th nw 

Best& Co, 418 11th nw 

Breitbarth G, 417 7th nw 

Bruce Charles F, 1101 K nw 

Burkhart Herman, 1013 7th nw and 17 do 

Cannon Jane Mrs, 1219 D nw 

Crown Charles R L, 313 4* sw and 435 7th 

Dungan James, 813 and 825 7th nw 
Dunn William H, 311 7th nw 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, 1004 Pa av nw 
Foley Michael, 811 7th nw 
Ford Herbert, 1723 Pa av nw 
Geier Francis, 1113 7th nw 
Hahn & Co, 625 N J av nw 
Harbin Samuel P,534 8th se 
Harding John T, agt, 635 D nw 
Kfopp Henry, 1002 1 nw 
Levy Henry, 1408 E nw 
Loewenthal William, 1026 7th nw 
McClain John F, 420 9ih nw 
McCliesh Aloysius, 1102 F nw 
McDonough Jacob, 1324 7th nw 
Maisak Christian, 224 7th se 
Matchett J W, 1031 7th nw 
Matthews Thomas, 1516 14th nw 
Milne & Proctor, 934 F nw 
Moses William B & Son, 7th c Pa av nw 
Omeara John, Anacostia 
Powell James, 731 N Capitol ne 
Reamer William F, 804 K nw 
Roth A & J Jehle, 437 K nw 
Rutherford William, 703 K nw 
Salter F A, 632 K nw and 629 Mass av nw 
Salter M& ST, 1011 7th nw 
Scraggs James S. 621 Mass av nw 
Shorter William H, 736 13th nw 
Siegel Moses, 937 7th nw 
Slater John G, 1112 B ne 
Solomon Moses, 311 7th sw 
Towles H O, 1007 D nw 
Witrht Gilbert M, 629 La av nw 
Williams Washington B,317 and 319 7th nw 
Wilson John B. 801 D nw and 515 9th nw 
Wood Bros, Md av nr 44 sw 
Yates, Jackson & Bro, 7th c C sw 
Zimmerman H M, 410 9th nw 

Furniture, Second Hand. 

Dux Emanuel, 462 Va av sw 
Frost William, 1909 K nw 
Hanlein Frank, 743 8th se 
Hilton Alfonso R, 225 Pa av se 
Huggins Joseph, 1333 7th nw 

Meredith Levi, 601 E se 

Vurnstein Henry, 1240 and 1242 7th nw 


(See also Hats, Caps and Furs.) 
Cohen Edward, 826 6th nw 

Galvanized Iron Cornices. 

McGeary John, 639 N nw 
Stockstill D W & Co, 629 G nw 
Whyte & Overman, 300 13th nw 
Woolfsteiner Otto L, 1206 D nw 


(See also Florists.) 

Gas Companies. 

Georgetown Gaslight Co, 29th nr Canal, 

Washington Gaslight Co, 411 and 413 10th 


Gas Fixtures. 

Brooks E F, 531 15th nw 

Caverly Edw T ard & Co, 1425 N Y av nw 

Gents and Ladies' Furnishings. 

(See also Fancy Goods, also Clothiers, also 

Reizenstein H, 407 7th nw 
Auerbach Carl, 801 7th nw 
Auerbach & Bro, 623 Pa av nw 
Baum Charles, 416 7th nw 
Brine J B, 435 7th and 1337 F nw 
Bruce M B Mrs & Co, 433 9th nw 
Dare Joseph W, 914 F nw 
Douglass & Bro, 524 9th nw 
Dubreuil Bros & Bennett, 1112 F nw 
Fenwick & Garner, 614 9th nw 
Fisher Abraham, 517 7th sw 
Fishman S & Son, 430 7th nw 
Franc Henry, 401 7th nw 
Gibson Mary, 908 F nw 
Hollander Bros, 1217, 1421 and 1900 Pa av 

Humphrey Josiah, 430 10th nw 
Jordan Marcus T C, 914 F nw 
Keep Mfg Co (shirts), 437 7th nw 
Lansbnrg & Bro. 404 7th nw 
Lewis R C, 920 7th nw 
Lisner Abraham, 1117 Pa av nw 
Meginniss C G, 1002 F nw 
Peyser Philip, 1246 7th nw 
Pilling F, 500 9th nw 
Rubenstein E, 1018 7th nw 
Stevens H E, 509 Pa av nw 
Taylor & Huftv, 933 Pa av nw 
Teel AV S, 935 Pa av nw 
Tyssowski Bros, 701 15th nw 


(See also Bronzing.) 
Byrnes Joseph, 1422 Pa av nw 

Glass Siainer. 

Vaughan William W, 711 D nw 





(Marked thus * are wholesale.) 

Abbott William E, 1721 Pa av nw 

Aiken William J, 1100 4| c L sw 

Albers J H, 1345 14th nw 

Allen John G, 710 4| sw 

Allen Timothy, 314 H ne 

Altman Charles, 1700 Riggs nw 

Alvert Catherine, 22 H ne 

Anandale Andrew M, 543 c 6th and G se 

Arenz Martin, 918 L nw 

Armstead Robert A, 500 4£ sw 

Arnold Sarah A, 1100 B ne 

Arnold George L, 721 E Capitol se 

Arnold Joseph W, 535 8th se 

Arnold Theresa, 1201 S nw 

Aruudell & Fairfax, 2145 I nw 

Ashby & Co, 300 E nw 

Atz Christopher, 1521 5th nw 

Auld John G, 9th c L nw 

Awah Choy, 544 N L mkt 

Bacon Peter F, 640 Pa av nw 

Bailey & Co, 1130 13th nw 

Baker Davis, 56 Riggs and 130 N L mkts 

Baker Sudduth, 444 9th nw 

Baldwin Andrew, 810 Del av ne 

Ballenger Francis, 1109 4£ sw 

Bauagan George W, 7th c Md av sw 

Banket Robert, 1212 10th nw 

Bannagan Thomas, 1609 12th nw 

Bannon Eliza, 1300 14th nw 

Barber Daniel, 2123 G nw 

Barbour & Hamilton, 637 La av nw 

Barnes William A, 210 4| sw 

Barnett James, 1144 18th nw 

Barrett Ellen, 721 N Capitol ne 

Barrett Franklin, NYavc 12th nw 

Barrett Julia, 300 Md av ne 

Barrett Mary, 1235 Madison nw 

Barry Florida, Bladensburg rd 

Barry Mary, 1600 4th nw 

Bassett George T, 203 C ne 

Bartley J W. Anacostia 

Baum John C, 401 Capitol 

Eeagle William, 800 23d nw 

Beall & Baker, 490 Pa av nw 

Bean James A, 759 11th se 

Bean Martha Mrs, 320 L se 

Bean Thaddeus, 900 3d se 

Becker Edward, 201 F nw 

Bell Matthew N, 1 109 3d nw 

Bell William H, 1800 15th nw 

Bernabo Anna K, 130 1st nw 

Berry Henrietta; 1223 G se 

Best'Mahlon H, Wilson c 4th nw 

Betz Christian, 328 K sw 

Beverly Henry, Yt av nr R nw 

Biggins James, 215 L K nw 

Biggins John, Bowen rd 

Bigo-ins Thomas, 2151 F nw 

Birth William W, 313 3d nw 

Biscoe Henry L, 1108 Water sw 

Bligh John. 1200 C nw 

Blue Benjamin F, Hillsdale 

Biumer Frederick, 822 C se 

Bohannan William H, 521 4th se 

Borger George H, 3d c R nw 

Boswell Allan T, 1004 4th se 

Boswell William, 300 L c 3d sw 

Bounds David T, 2229 G nw 

Boyd George W, 1200 16th nw 

Boyd Martha M, 108 Va av sw 

Bradengeyer George, 1414 1ST Capitol nw 

Bradt Albert H, 3513 Water, Gtn 

Brahler William, 401 H ne 

Brannan Edward, 300 13th sw 

Brashear William B, 1128 F ne 

Braudes Henry, 12th c Q 

Braun John, 123 G nw 

Breen Bridget, 59 G nw 

Brelsford Mary A, 328 Va av sw 

Bresnahan Cornelius, 206 14th sw 

Bresnahan John, 1300 5th nw 

Brinkley John, 110 M se 

Brooks A M & Co, 1600 14th nw 

Brooks Edward, 732 3d nw 

Brooks Mary J, 438 Washington nw 

Brosnan Jeremiah, 732 2d sw 

Brosnan John, 600 2d sw 

Brosnan P H, 415 K nw 

Brown Elizabeth L Mrs, 419 7th se 

Brown George, 419 7th se 

Brown Hanson, 1326 C se 

Brown Herbert E, 405 4^ sw 

Brown Joanna, wid Daniel, 3400 N nw, 

Brown Joseph, 2120 9th nw 
Brown Louis E, 805 14th nw 
Brown Mary, 332 3d sw 
Brown William R, 20th and Pa avnw 
Brown Thomas, 634 2d sw 
Browning & Middleton, 610 Pa av nw 
Brusecke Louisa, 7th c Pomeroy 
Brummel Susan, 2022 7th nw 
Bryan Charles C, c 15th and I nw 
Bryan J B & Bro, 608 Pa av nw 
Bryan Virginia E, 148 C ne 
Buckey & Co, 1337 32d nw, Gtn 
Buckley John M, 1202 M nw 
Burch Joseph R, 235 Mass av ne 
Burchard Edward M, 354 Pa av nw 
Burchell Norval W, 1332 F nw 
Burke Annie, 439£ 8th sw 
Burns John, 1000 3d ne 
Burns Margaret, 2524 K nw 
Butler John, 326 13th nw 
Butler & Galliher, 2328 G nw 
Butt Charles, 2142 9th nw 
Butt George H, 637 D sw 
Butt Mary E, 620 6th sw 
Byrne Margaret, 304 14th nw 
Byron James, 1019 4|- sw 
Byron Walter T. 400^ 8th ne 
Cady James, 2200 M nw 
Callaghan Dennis, 330 D se 
Callaghan George O, Sc 10th nw 
Callaghan Hugh, 3352 T nw, Gtn 
Callahan Ad^lphus, 450 I nw 
Callahan John, A nr 17th ne 
Callahan Margaret. 811 26th nw 
Callan Marion, 1664 Valley nw, Gtn 


Calvin Margaret, 2401 1 nw 
Campbell Catherine, 18 G ne 
Campbell George, 12 Jackson al ne 
Campbell Robert, 200 I se 
Cannon Elijah F, 717 4th nw 
Cantwell Ann, 211 3.1 sw 
Carberry Catherine, 225 3d sw 
Carberry James T, E c 3d sw 
Carey Georgiana, 343 1st ne 
Carley William, 2601 I nw 
Carlin J E F, 315 12th sw 
Carr Nelson C, 2252 11th nw 
Carrico William H, 1240 11th se 
Carroll James J, 200 11th se 
Carroll Thomas, 1000 D sw 
Carroll William J, 134 c Md av sw 
Carter Mary, 404 13i"sw 
Carter Samuel C, 1010 6th sw 
Carusi John M, c 9th and L nw 
Castell Edward, 10 7th ne 
Cavanaugh Kate, wid Arthur, 24th c G 
Cavanuugh Lawrence, 6th c A se 
Chandler Henry, 2048 32d nw, Gtn 
Chappel & Baxter, 823 H ne 
Chelini Elia, 135 Pa av se 
Chrismond Margaret A, 201 Ya av sw 
Church Richard H, 440 7th sw 
Chute John, sw c 10th and V 
Clabough & Son, 1632 14th nw 
Claris Solomon, 502 14th nw 
Clark Ellen, 208 F sw 
Clark James, 706 3d sw 
Clark James, N nr ^ sw 
Clark James A, I c 22d nw 
Clarke J H & Co, 1920 7th nw 
Clark John, 824 7th sw 
Clark John A, 1000 F nw 
Clark Joshua, 1248 11th se 
Clark Lewis P, 1906 14th nw 
Clark Michael, 1100 21st nw 
Clark Reuben B, 1201 4£ sw 
Coffey Patrick J, 72 F sw 
Cogan & Son, 800 20th nw 
Coleman Spencer, Hillsdale 
Collins Dennis J, 1845 L nw 
Collins William, 218 F nw 
Collison John A, 2301 L nw 
Combs Michael R, 920 Pa av nw 
Condon Mary, 7th ab Grant av nw 
Connell Dennis, 741 1st nw 
Connell Ellen, 13 Mass av nw 
Connell John, 701 H, ne 
Connelly James, 1525 £ sw 
Conner Francis B, 508 7th se 
Conner Mary, 1119 5th ne 
CoDnor Abigail, 130 I ne 
Connor Jeremiah, 636 N Capitol 
Connor John, 739 6th nw 
Connor Patrick, 2327 Pa av nw 
Connors James 200 4| sw 
Cook Annie, 302 10th nw 
Cook John C, 1900 14th nw 
Cooney John N, 1002 1st se 
Corcoran Edward D, c 18th and L nw 
Corcoran Patrick, 1351 C sw 
Corcoran Bros, 1100 15th nw 

Corridon John, 52 H ne 

Corridon Patrick, 6th c M ne 

Corridon Philip, 1307 4th nw 

Corrigan John, 330 F sw 

Cornwall Luther M, c Md av and 10th sw 

Cornwell George G, 1418 Pa av nw 

Cornwell Newton, N nr 1st se 

Costello Jeremiah, 624 6th nw 

Coughlin Michael F, 1901 N H av nw 

Cox John L, 480 E sw 

Cox Patrick, Pomeroy nw 

Cox William, N J av c Franklin nw 

Coxton Richard A, 801 N nw 

Coyle Annie C, 318 Va av sw 

Crimmin Catherine, 1937 12th nw 

Crimmin William, 131 6th se 

Cristofani & Bro, 100^ C se 

Croggon John T S & Bro, 500 7th sw 

Cropley R B & A B, 3101 M nw, Gtn 

Cropley's Samuel Sons, 3272 M nw, Gtn 

Cross A E Mrs, 529 7th se 

Cross James T, 529 7th se 

Crowley John, 3326 M nw, Gtn 

Croxton Richard A, 8th c N nw 

Cudmore John, 39 H ne 

Cummiskey Andrew J, 411 7th sw 

Curtin David, 1001 I ne 

Curtin Mary, 801 R nw 

Curtin Richard, Mass av c 7th ne 

Curtis John. 1120 21st nw 

Cusick Annie, 627 I sw 

Dahle Ernest, 1429 N Capitol ne 

Daley Mary, Wilson nw 

Daly Eugene B, 71 L nw 

Daly John J, 1367 C sw 

Daly Patrick, 2110 H nw 

Damonico & Poloni, 1033 4th nw 

Dant Richard A, 323 L se 

Davidson F G, 436 N Y av nw 

Davidson Joseph H, 301 14th nw 

Davis Alfred W & Co, 820 7th nw 

Davis John W, 1555 9th nw 

Davis Lucian F, 303 6th ne 

Davis Mary, 836 24th nw 

Davis Melinda, 1021 7th se 

Do Atley Howard M, 900 G sw 

De Atley James C, 708 7th sw 

De Atley James F, 1230 4* sw 

Dee Maurice F, 6th c R I av nw 

Deery Rose, 924 Liberty sw 

Delaney Thomas, 100 H ne 

Dellwig & McCauley, C c 2d ne 

De Long Jasper M, 1542 7th nw 

Depue John, 326 E Capitol 

Derwan Johanna, 225 C sw 

Deviny Edward, 3d c Md av ne 

Deviny Michael, 329 Del av ne 

Dimond Harriet, 926 26th nw 

Divine F Alonzo, 600 G se 

Dixon William T, 1234 29th nw, Gtn 

Dodson Charles H, 2022 35th nw, Gtn 

Doherty John F, 216 3d nw 

Donnoghue Mary, 910 3d nw 

Donoghue Martin O, 1351 28th nw, Gtn 

Donohoe D T, 301 8th ne 

Donohoe John F, 1001 N J av se 



Donohoe Margaret, 1010 23d nw 
Donohue Ellen Mrs, 488 K sw 
Donovan Daniel, 1622 Vt av nw 
Dorsett Arabella, 10th c Mass av 
Dorsey Stephen, 1140 23d nw 
Dougherty Mary, 715 Va av se 
Dowling Cornelius, 1310 B ne 
Dowling John, 7th c I nw 
Downs Mary, 824 6th nw 
Doyle James, 433 1st sw 
Doyle Mary, 2439 M nw 
Draeger George, 726 2d ne 
Driscoll Cornelius, 3d c K sw 
Driscoll Timothy, 4| c G sw 
Drury James D, 132 F c 2d nw 
Drury William C, 915 F sw 
Duckett Harriet, 2217 Boundary nw 
Dudley Mary, 217 Mass av nw 
Duffy Michael, 1333 I ne 
Duffy Michael, 1130 Bne 
Duffy T A, 401 K nw 
Dufour Oliver, 1812 14th nw 
Duhey Timothy, 201 6th se 
Dunn Bridget, 2414 Va av nw 
Dunn Dennis, 1145 16th nw 
Dunn Patrick B, 302 3d sw 
Dunn Peter, 1448 Samson nw 
Durnin Maria. 633 N nw 
Dyer Bros, 3330 M nw, Gtn 
Eagan James, 419 4^ sw 
Eaton Henry T, 734 7th se 
Eberly Julia, 1 Liberty nw 
Edd John T, 800 7th sw 
Edds Anna M, 1043 Jefferson, Gtn 
Edgar James A, 8th and E Capitol 
Edmonds John V, 304 N Y av nw 
Edmonston R O, 432 9th nw 
Edwards Henry, 2224 II nw 
Ehlshlager Adam, 1461 P nw 
Eichelberger Daniel G, 5th c G nw 
Eiker Isaac A, c 18th and Pa av nw 
Ellis Dornin, A c 3d se 
Ellis George W, 1325 35th nw, Gtn 
Englehardt Joseph, 1200 Md av sw 
Erb Caroline, 225 10th se 
Ergood Lemuel, 1408 14th nw 
Ergood & Co, 915 La av nw 
Ermour Julia, 1134 26th nw 
Erwin Catherine A, 800 6th sw 
Evans James B, 1630 32d nw, Gtn 
Evans Washington P, 800 3d se 
Falconer Joseph H, 1601 10th nw 
Falvay Mary, 712 1st ne 
Fanning John, 2006 M nw 
Farley Annie P, 2701 K nw 
Faulhaber Alexander, 727 5th nw 
Faulkner Amanda, 2223 Water, Gtn 
Fauth Julius, 304 11th nw 
Fawley Patrick, 732 4£ c H sw 
Fealy Dennis F, 1301 S nw 
Fegan John, 628 6th sw 
Fendmer William, 1545 6th nw 
Fenton Michael, 460 1st sw 
Fenwick Thomas J, 1028 4J- sw 
Ferber John, 919 4^sw 
Ferry James, 441 N J av nw 

! Fister John, 831 20th nw 

| Fitzgerald Dennis, 14 G nw 
Fitzgerald Julia Mrs, 115 L nw 
Fitzgerald Margaret, 807 26th nw 
Fitzgerald Maurice, 601 2d sw 
Fitzgerald Thomas, 2033 K nw 
Fitzgerald William J, 315 Va av sw 
Fitzmorris John, 9th c Boundary nw 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, 1338 14th nw 
Fitzpatrick Cornelius, 231 Q nw 

I Fitzpatrick James, 1038 5th ne 

.; Flinn Michael, 737 21st nw 

I Flynn Bridget, 12 Shepherd al nw 

i Flynn Margaret, 926 1st nw 

! Foley Bartholomew, 40 H nw 

I Foley & McDonald, c 20th and I nw 

| Foley Michael T, 938 3d nw 

I Foller Mary E, 929 4th nw 
Ford Margaret, 1333 Liberty nw 
Ford Martin, 1918 M nw 
Ford Robert H, 1912 N Y av nw 
Fourst Ann, 316 6th se . 
Frawley James, 333 G sw 
Frawley John, 326 G sw 
Fridley William H S, 1433 11th nw 
Fry & Son, 401 N J av se 
Fugitt Francis I, 401 L se 
Gaegler Anthony, 1309 7th nw 
Gallagher Frank, 1136 21st nw 
Gallagher James, 7th st rd nw 
Gallant William M, 6th c O nw 
Gannon James, 21st cNHav nw 
Gannon Timothy, 1700 Mass av nw 
Garden Peter C, 900 8th se 
Gates John F, 311 B ne 
Gates John H, 1227 11th se 
Gavin John, 1264 23d nw 
Geier Bernard, H c 13th ne 
Gersdorff Augustus, 1904 7th nw 
Gibbons Patrick, 449 N J av se 
Gibbons & Durnim, 2825 M nw, Gtn 
Giddens George W, 1944 14th nw 
Ginter Henrv, 1401 3d nw 
Glancy Patrick, 17th c C se 
Glennin Catherine, 128 Va av sw 
Glick John C, 929 1st ne 
Goddard Mathew, 620 12th nw 
Goddard Morgan R, 3003 M nw, Gtn 
Golden Robert A, 941 an J 943 F sw 
Goodman John C, 2827 Dumbarton av nw, 

Gooley Thomas, 1121 N J av nw 
Gormley Margaret, 1058 Jefferson nw,Gtn 
Graff Charles, 409 3d nw 
Graham William S, 1524 20th nw 
Gramm Jonathan, 2428 I nw 
Grant James L, 28 6th se 
Green James A & Bro, c 20th and M nw 

I Green John F, 1520 14th nw 
Green Joshua J, 911 7th se 
Greer C E, 801 Q nw 
Greer Elizabeth, 943 N nw 
Greeser Valentine, 1816 6th nw 
Griffin Maria, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Gundling Louis, 1469 Samson nw 
Guy Frank, 1251 3d sw 



Hagan Mary A, 329 C sw 
Haggerty Dennis, 1732 32d nw, Gtn 
Haight Henry S, 1738 Vt av nw 
Haley Edward, 429 6* sw 
Hall Frank P, 483 K sw 
Hall George W, 721 G sw 
Hall H W, 625 La av nw 
Hallahan Mary, 1231 Madison nw 
Hallig Charles, Lincoln, University hill 
Hannan Margaret, CO Jackson al ne 
Hammack Mary A, 512 8th sw 
Hannan Daniel P, 27th c K nw 
Hammer Charles A, 131 Ya av sw 
Hanahan Mary, 715 4th nw 
Haneke Frank, 2522 P nw, Gtn 
Hanfman John S, 22 P nw 
Hanlon Anthony, 1444 82d nw, Gtn 
Hanneman Michael, 632 H sw 
Harbour Joseph, 712 2d nw 
Hardell Robert C, 2100 11th nw and 10th 

c Q nw 
Harrison M E, 800 6th nw 
Harrison & Butler, 1618 8th nw 
Harriss Edward M P, 1830 34th nw, Gtn 
Hartigan Daniel J, 1046 32d nw, Gtn 
Hartnett Patrick, He j se 
Harvey George C, 1327 C sw 
Harvey Peter, 738 23d nw 
Harvey Peyton, 1207 R nw 
Hass Abraham, 501 L sw 
Happ George N, 830 6th nw 
Happ J H, 930 5th nw 
Hawkins Ellen A, 1634 32d nw, Gtn 
Hawkins James F, 315 13| nw 
Hayes Bernard, 1516| 10th nw 
Hayes James, 18th c E nw 
Hayes John, 1400 1st nw 
Hayger Edward, 1228 D nw 
Hazen & Co, 1005 4| and 461 K sw 
Healy Edmond, 1321 D nw 
Heany Patrick, R c 5th nw 
Heffernan Ellen, 1400 12th nw 
Heffernan Louisa, 1135 4th nw 
Heider George D, 202 and 204 E Capitol 
Heitmuller H William, 5th c R I av nw 
Henault George M, 113 D nw 
Henderson Eliza E, 471 School se 
Herbert Casper, 1742 6th nw 
Herbert James, 101 K nw 
Herr William, 1458 P nw 
Herron William T, 3111 M nw, Gtn 
Hessel John, 318 11th se 
Hickey Bridget A, 301 3d se 
Hicke} r Lawrence, 300 2d sw 
Hicks Charles, 111 5th se 
Hicks Hay ward, 1st c I sw 
Hill John J, 42 Jackson al ne 
Hill Samuel, 500 10th sw 
Hill William, 141 D sw 
Hill & Duvall, 928 La av nw 
Hilton Samuel, 501 22d nw 
Hockemeyer John, 1000 O nw 
Holland George, H c 15th ne 
Holland George N, Boundary c H ne 
Hollohan Ellen, 814 7th ne 
Holloran Mary, 318 K ne 

Holmead William, Soldiers' Home rd c 

Sherman av 
Holmes James, E c 1st nw 
Holmes Robert J, 2703 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Holmes Thomas E, 420 H nw 
Holschuk John, 924 C nw 
Holsten Arnold, 312 K ne 
Hood Charles D, 801 21st nw 
Hood William H, R c N J av nw 
Hoover Thomas G, 1500 16th nw 
Hosch Annie C, 302 14th nw 
Hoskius Isaiah W, Sherman av c Sheridan 

House Thomas L, 1209 H nw 
Howard Henry P, 1101 7th nw 
Howard Samuel, 3284 M nw, Gtn 
Hubner Catherine, 1017 S C av se 
Hudnell Delware, 1928 11th nw 
Hudson George, 400 llth se 
Hudson James F, 1236 Pa av nw 
Hume Frank, 454 Pa av nw 
Hume, Clearv & Co, 807 Market sp nw 
Hunt William R, 1105 4| sw 
Hurley William, 909 7th nw 
Hutchinson George, 212 13th sw 
Huth Frederick G, 301 E sw 
Hynes Patrick, 1119 20th nw 
Imirie John, 184 6th sw 
Jackson Bros & Co, 626 Pa av nw 
Jackson D, 3004 M nw, Gtn 
Jackson J Ah Hen, 2911 M nw, Gtn 
Jacobs Abraham I, 508 G se 
James John, Anacostia 
Jennings Joseph T, 13th c E se 
Johnson Anna, 930 E sw 
Johnson Brothers, 12th c Water sw 
Johnson J F & Co, 602 9th nw 
Johnson Rueben R W, 2511 M nw 
Johnson Robert, 1206 R nw 
Johnson William, 2121 llth nw 
Johnston William D, 1101 N nw 
Jones Elizabeth J, 1326 28th nw, Gtn 
Jones Francis A, 2801 Dumbarton av,Gtn 
Jones T Oscar, 300 I se 
Jones William, Grant av c 9th nw 
Jones William J, 1223 3d sw 
Jost C & Son, 1800 6th nw 
Joyce Eliza L, 2120 K nw 
Juenemann Julius, 303 1st sw 
Kane George, 819 10th c I nw 
Kane Patrick, Anacostia 
Kappel Frank, 53 Va av sw 
Kass Martin, 13th and R nw 
Keady Daniel, 3316 M nw, Gtn 
Keegan Michael, 145 H ne 
Kealey Daniel E, 1004 8th se 
Keane Cornelius, 208 4£sw 
Keane Michael J, 336 B sw 
Keefe Mary, Wilson nw 
Keenan Michael, 12th and Q nw 
Keliher James, 1514 32d nw, Gtn 
Keliker Michael T, 3345 P nw, Gtn 
Kelley James H, 17th c E Capitol ne 
Kelley John, 1028 5th ne 
Kelly Mary J, 601 1st sw 
Kelley Michael, 332 B sw 



Kemp John, 1200 3d sw and 309 11th ne 
Kendrick Johannah, 1st nr O sw 
Kennedy George E & Son, 1209 F nw 
Kennedy William, 825 R nw 
Kennon & Lyell, 1419 H ne 
Kettler Rosa, 513 8th sw 
Keyes Mary, 508 C ne 
Keys Maria A, 500 8th sw 
Keyser Peter L, 739 8th se 
Keyworth H Q, 529 7th nw 
Keyworth John, 318 9th nw 
Kiernan Philip, 2027 L nw 
Killigan Timothy, 715 3d nw 
Killmon William H, 4th c [ nw 
King Columbus I, 1201 and 1203 E nw 
King Joseph, Good Hope rd 
King Michael, 215 Va av sw 
Kinney Stephen, Wilson nr 4th nw 
Kissner Lawrence, 239 4£ sw 
Kit Ah, 143 N L mkt 
Knight E C, 1160 19th nw 
Knott Josias H, 1002 18th nw 
Knowles Thomas, 1204 32d nw, Gtn 
Koerth Elizabeth, 1121 1st nw 
Kohler Frederick, 1900 11th nw 
Kiafer William, 1204 20th nw 
Krause Louis, 1910 K nw 
Krull Joseph H, 1423 L nw 
Kuhn Henry, 501 11th se 
Lahey Michael, 2320 H nw 
Lambrecht Ferdinand, 925 H ne 
Lauckton Holland F, 209 4£ nw 
Lang Josephine M, 1635 O nw 
Langley Charles A, 922 10th nw 
Langley Mary F Mrs, 525 4th se 
Langley Thomas H, 801 P nw 
Larkin Augustus J B, 323 M se 
Leahy David, Anacostia 
Leahy Dennis, 128 F sw 
Leane Daniel P, 227 G nw 
Leavy Ellen, 1351 D sw 
Leddy Charlotte F, E c 6th sw 
Leddy Owen, 1301 M nw 
Lee Samuel E, 488 I sw 
Leech Elizabeth. 18th c M nw 
Leech Michael, M c 18th nw 
Leetch John, 3254 Water. Gtn 
Leimbach Mathew, 1400 N Capitol nw 
Leonard Bernard, 600 3d sw 
Leonard Francis, 700 1st sw 
Leonard John H, 2431 1 nw 
Lepley M G & Son, 13th c T nw 
Lepreux Augustus, 1200 Pa av nw 
Levy Catherine, 14th c Park, Mt Pleasant 
Lewis Edward N, 1 Riggs and 73 West- 
ern mkts 
Linton Jerome, 2412 Va av nw 
Lipphard W & Bro, 476 N sw 
Lipscomb Edwin A, 421 B se 
Liston James B, 108 G nw 
Little Charles F, 200 5th se 
Little Peter P, 427 8th se 
Long John, C c 4th se 
Lord William, G c 5th nw 
Lowe Perry W, 3279 M nw, Gtn 
Lusby Robert H, 1229 11th se 

Lyddane Eugene T. 1408 32d nw, Gtn 
Lyddane William W, 2132 11th nw 
Lyden Annie, 438 8th sw 
Lydon Mary, 1724 19th nw 
Lynch John, 929 Boundary nw 
Lynch Julia, 1715 34th nw, Gtn 
Lynn Clarence, 201 Mass av nw 
Lyons Daniel B, 4th c L ne 
Madigan John, 731 4th nw 
Maguire Thomas, 1210 21st nw 
Magruder John H, 1421 N Y av nw 
Mahr William H, 1839 6th nw 
Maier John S, 450 9th sw 
Main Ransom S, 1522 14th nw 
Malis Thomas, 1148 23d nw 
Mangan Thomas, 2208 11th nw 
Maui on John D, 726 7th sw 
Mann Catherine, 103 F sw 
Mansfield J R, 439 N nw 
Markham Mary A, 1808 M nw 
Maroney N O, 628 H sw 
Marshall Marv E, 808 G sw 
Martin Ellen," 1001 6th sw 
Martin J Herbert, Anacostia 
Martin J Melville T, 1120 K nw 
Martin Mary, 913 6th sw 
Mason Henry C, 215 13| sw 
Mason Margaret, 17 I ne 
Matthews Helen, 53 C sw 
Matthews Susan, 432 3d ne 
Maxwell Martin V, 634 7th se 
May James F, 724 10th se 
McAllister Bros, 668 and 670 B se 
McAuliffe Cornelius, 231 Va av sw 
McBride James, 618 T nw 
McCabe Annie, 2206 Va av nw 
McCann Patrick, 201 D sw 
McCarten Edward, 711 D ne 
McCarthy Ann, 635 H nw 
McCarthy James, 433 9th sw 
McCarthy John, 329 F sw 
McCarty Catherine, 615 K sw 
McCauley Joseph W, 1200 6th sw 
McCauley Marv, 201 C sw 
McCauliffe Margaret. R, 720 D sw 
McCauley & Delwig, 209 Pa av se 
McClennan James R, 1302 21st nw 
McConvey William J, I c 4th nw 
McCormick Michael , 227 Pa av se 
McDermott Mary, 349 D sw 
McDonald Philip T, 1021 33d, Gtn 
McDonough Morris, 316 13£ ne 
McElroy John, 403 C ne 
McFarland Mary E Mrs, 2249 12th nw 
McGloin Felix, 603 G nw 
McGrann John, 208 B nw 
McGrath James, 1600 33d nw, Gtn 
McGrath William, 30 Jackson al ne 
McGuire William, 1500 7th nw 
McHugh Charles, 1004 6th sw 
McHugh Patrick, 618 K sw 
Mclntire P J, 2713 M nw, Gtn 
Mclntyre Daniel P, 1817 34th nw, Gtn 
McKenney Jarrad, 1309 11th se 
McKenney Mary, 2143 G nw 
McKenzy Jennie, 497 M sw 



McKinney & Son, 1700 l?th nw 
McKnew Frank, 1841 K nw 
McLoughlin James, 2508 G nw 
McMahan Catherine, 644 H ne 
McMahon Terrence, 1700 10th nw 
McMarrow Bartholomew, 1038 4th nw 
McNeil Nathaniel, 405 13th se 
McNerhany Mary, 1300 35th nw, Gtn 
McPherson James A, 205 L nw 
McQueen David, 612 11th sw 
McReynolds Eliza, 1519 17th nw 
Meany Johanna, 1776 T nw 
Menikheim John A, 501 Va av se 
Menix John B, 1746 8th nw, 
Metz William, Pomeroy, nw 
Metzger N T & Bro, 417 7th nw 
Meyers Charles J, 701 H ne 
Meyers Theodore, 723 3d sw 
Middleton Thomas I, 533 3d sw 
Miller George M, 2d c A se 
Miller Thomas E, 1500 10th nw 
Minnis Mary, 238 13th ne 
Mitchell James E, 2d c C nw 
Mitchell Thomas B, 56 B ne 
Moffett John J, 3332 M nw, Gtn 
Mohler William H, 1428 N Capitol nw 
Mohun Mary, 3246 Grace nw, Gtn 
Monaghan Margaret, 808 N Capitol nw 
Monahan Peter, 701 1st nw 
Monroe Ellen, 902 F sw 
Montgomery Charles F, 1503 P nw 
Mooney John, 201 H ne 
Mooney John, 3125 Water, Gtn 
Moore Harry P, 1201 C se 
Moore John, 201 H ne 
Moore Michael, 2140 F nw 
Morgan Catherine, 3027 Water, Gtn 
Morgan John, 421 L se 
Moran A, 2805 M nw, Gtn 
Moran William M, 408 13| sw 
Moulden Mary A, 1737 34th nw, Gtn 
Mueden Charles G, 830 1st ne 
Mulcahey Anastasia, Bladensburg rd 
Mulcahy John, 445 6^ sw 
Mulchey Thomas, 1506 10th nw 
Muldoon Delia, 3428 T nw, Gtn 
Muldoon Felix, 2001 R nw 
Muntz Catherine, 1020 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Murdoch Michael, 910 13th ne 
Murphy Anna, 522 3d sw 
Murphy Bernard, 4th c N nw 
Murphy Elizabeth, 483 L sw 
Murphy James, 1713 8th nw 
Murphy Jennie, 333 H sw 
Murphy Michael, 1628 11th nw 
Murphy Patrick, 430 2d sw 
Murphy William T, 945 L nw 
Murphy & Hamersley, 3d c G nw 
Murray Julia A, 1833 R nw 
Naddy Annie J, 1730 L nw 
Narden Joseph, 473 N Y av nw 
Neitzey Joseph H, 414 13£ sw 
Nelson Annie, 306 4£ nw 
Nelson Margaret, 2138 9th nw 
Neujahr Bridget, 816 N H av nw 
Neumeyer Leopold, 215 10th sw 

Neurath Louis, C c 4th ne 

Newkirk William V, 402 G se 

Newman Washington, 37 E sw 

Nicholson Mary, 443 Washington nw 

Niebel Mary E F, 700 9th sw 

Niland John, 1221 23d nw 

Nolan Michael, 300 G sw 

Nolte Frank G, 907 11th nw 

Norris Enoch M, 1307 3d se 

Nowland James W, 300 4£ sw 

O'Brien Kate, 700 2d sw 

O'Brien Michael, 1801 S nw 

O'Brien John, 1607 20th nw 

Ockert August, 500 4th se 

Ockstadt George, 318 8th ne 

O'Connor Jeremiah, 935 1st ne 

O'Connor Jeremiah, 2130 11th nw 

O'Connor Patrick, 120 F sw 

O'Connor Timothy, 17th nrE Capitol se] 

O'Connor William, 2200 11th nw 

O'Connor William P, 200 A ne 

O'Donoghue Florence, L c 23d nw and 360O 

Nnw, Gtn 
O'Donoghue M, 3218 M nw, Gtn 
O'Donoghue M J, 1153 15th nw 
O'Driscoll Mary, 141 F sw 
Oehmann Valentine, L c 7th se 
Offutt William A & Bro, 3150 M'nw, Gtn 
O'Hare George A, 1213 7th nw " 
O'Hare Mary, 1519 4th nw 
O'Keefe Nellie, 1100 16th nw 
O'Leary Daniel, 3285 Water, Gtn 
Olsen Lucinda, 439 Washington nw 
O'Meara James F, 140 I ne 
O'Meara William H, 1310 D nw 
O'Neal Lewis I, 901 4th nw 
O'Neill Edward, 415 3d sw 
O'Neil Luke, 1330 B ne 
Orme William & Sons, 1013, D nw 
O'Shea Honora, 1649 K nw 
O'Toole Michael, 1108 14th nw 
Padgett Joseph, 1301 S Capitol sw 
Page Joseph F, 1301 F nw 
Parkinson Louis, 1705 6th nw 
Patterson William E, 700 7th sw 
Pearson Charles, 400 R nw 
Peerce Ignacious H, 1544 9th nw 
Ppttit Joseph M, 1024 6th sw 
Philips Thomas W, c 10th and M nw 
Phillips James W, 459 Mass av[nw 
Phillips Patrick, 200 B nw 
Phillips Thomas H, c 9th and K nw 
Phillips Thomas J Mrs, 2128 14th nw 
Philpitt Blanche, 919 Boundary nw 
Pigott Maurice, C c 7th ne 
Pitzinger John, 1531 33d nw, Gtn 
Plant James, 1000 B se 
Pleiger George, 917 20th nw 
Plitt Theodore H, 523 Q nw 
Pollard Richard D, 301 H ne 
Port John, 309 N nw 
Power Mary, 1301 12th nw 
Price Eli, 203 1st nw 
Price Esther, 1007 Va av sw 
Prinzhorn Henry, 5th c N nw 
Pritchett William H, 651 Pa av se 



Proctor Abner, 1507 11th nw 
Pumphrey Henry, Vt av c 12th nw 
Pumphrey Samuel, 1301 4£ sw 
Pyles John T D, 535 6th se and 412 4th se 
Pyles & Co (John C Pyles and Leon R 

Vinton), 755 8th and I se 
Pyles & McNelly, 1239 11th se 
Quigley Mary, 246 4^ sw 
Quill Patrick, 301 G sw 
Quinn Catherine, 1328 16th nw 
Quinn Jeremiah, 240 3d sw 
Quinter Washington D, 1800 14th nw 
Renshaw Frank, 1351 32d nw, Gtn 
Roberts Charles E, 433 4i sw 
Robey Mary E Mrs, 923 G se 
Ryan James, 1315 7th nw 
Ryan Michael W, 2102 L nw 
Ryan Patrick, 420 3d sw 
Ryan William, 223 3d sw 
Ready Daniel J, 521 2d nw 
Roberts Charles E, 525 4£ sw 
Rochdale Co-operative Society, 510 11th 

Roche Maurice, 112 L nw 
Rockwell William E, 446 H nw 
Ragan James jr, 135 F nw 
Raidy Henry, Phillips al nw 
Ramby George N, 10th c G se 
Ranigan Caroline, 1367 Ohio av 
Rasner Conrad, 1833 K nw 
Rawlings Hanora, 801 24th nw 
Reddick James W, 1630 Boundary nw 
Redstrake William J, 600 N Y av nw 
Reed's B W Sons, 1216 F nw 
Reilly Susan, 901 9th ne 
Renehan Frank. 1645 19th nw 
Rhodes James H, 724 6th sw 
Richards Alfred, 243 1st se 
Richards Thomas L, H c 13th nw 
Richardson Henry H, 2037 L nw 
Richardson Henry W, 1801 14th nw 
Richardson James, 1201 C nw 
Richardson John H, 829 6th sw 
Rider Catherine, 1725 20th nw 
Riehl Jacob, 5th c H nw 
Rierdan David, 1101 N J av nw 
Riggles & Hopkins, Pa av c 19th nw 
Riley Alexander, 1262 4£ sw 
Rout Mary M, 1121 Y nw 
Rouzer Michael, 328 H ne 
Rover Thomas A, H c N Capitol ne 
Rueth John M, 5 Riggs mkt 
Rundlett & Davis, 1159 17th nw 
Russell George, 622 H ne 
Russell James F, 900 9th nw 
Rutherford Alexander S, 711 H ne 
Rutherford James, 906 D nw 
Ryon & Earnshaw, 1110 11th se 
St Clair Gilbert, 320 1st se 
Sammons James E, 1707 K nw 
Sanders Alexander R, 601 N nw 
Sanders Stephen, 1756 K nw 
Sands Mary, wid Bernard, 1612 16th nw 
Sandy & Co, 1431 8th nw 
Bantry Margaret, 617 I sw 
Santry William, 13 Goat al nw 

Scheuch George, 801 Mdav ne 

Schmidt Henry, 1000 20th nw 

Schneider John A, 732 Md av ne 

Scott George A, 138 7th ne 

Scott John L, 18th c B ne 

Scott William H, 1240 I se 

Scott Winfield, 38 N se 

Scrivener James E, 1312 35th nw, Gtn 

Sebree Nancy L, 325 B ne 

Segerson Christopher, 3320 M nw, Gtn 

Seiler John A, Trumbull nw 

Semmes J H & Co, 222 9th nw 

Semmes J Hall, 800 12th nw 

Shackleford Thomas, Anacostia 

Shane Joseph W, 321 N J av se 

Shane Sadie E, 808 9th nw 

Shannahan John, 321 Ya av se 

Shannon Felix, 2631 I nw 

Shannon Mary, 332 2d ne 

Shea John, 325 Md av sw 

Shea Mary C, 219 L nw 

Shea Nicholas H, 632 Pa av nw 

Sheahan Jeremiah, 317 Willow al sw 

Sheahan Mary, 2500 I nw 

Sheahan Michael, 725 4th nw 

Sheckels James B, 1262 10th nw 

Sheehy Catherine, 2151 8th nw 

Sheehy Patrick H, 2028 7th nw 

Shelton James C, 1201 E se 

Shippen Philip W, Nichols av 

Shugru Mary, 53 H ne 

Sievers & Bro, 622 N nw 

Sievers & Scherr, 716 7th nw 

Sinclair Annie E, 1227 4-£ sw 

Sinclair Richard E, 1518 19th nw 

Simms Walter, 1240 9th nw 

Sisson J Henry, 1426 10th nw 

Skelley Elizabeth, 30 14th se 

Smith Frederick B, 1800 T nw 

Smith Julia Mrs, 811 L se 

Smith Robert E, 340 6th se 

Smith Thomas, 462 6£ sw 

Smith Thomas H, 1226 I nw 

Smith & Lee, 3228 Water, Gtn 

Smyth Patrick, 123 D sw 

Smoot Edward S, 1900 15th nw 

Smoot Hobert A, 1939 9th nw 

Soter George F, 614 N nw 

Sovereigns' Co-operative Assn,1023 7th nw 

Springmann Frederick, 507 Md av sw 

Stanton Thomas H, 1401 29th nw, Gtn 

Statter William G, 335 Md av sw 

Steel Thomas M, 1838 11th nw 

Steward Horace, 1637 13th nw 

Steward John H, 926 O nw 

Stidham Alfred D, 1027 7th nw 

Stinzing F & Son, 1222 7th nw 

Storey William, Ga av c S Capitol se 

Strider & Hefiebower, 805 13th nw 

Strong Samuel, 213 O nw 

Stryker Peter A, 701 10th ne 

Stutz George C, 500 11th nw 

Suit James A, 100 E nw 

Sullivan Daniel, -| nr I se 

Sullivan Dennis, 1405 27th nw, Gtn 

Sullivan Ellen, 487 K sw 



Sullivan Jeremiah, 3617 O nw, Gtn 

Sullivan Johanna, Grant av c 8th nw 

Sullivan John F, 400 3d sw 

Sullivan John J, 1333 35th nw, Gtn 

Sullivan Michael P, 7th c Giant avjiw 

Sullivan Patrick, 214 E sw 

Sullivan Patrick, 1328 36th nw, Gtn 

Sullivan Timothy, 3350 N nw, Gtn 

Sweeney Daniel, 250 1st nw 

Sweeney Eugene, ^ c I se 

Sweeney Milo, Ky av nr C se 

Sydnor Baldwin R, 225 M c 3d sw 

Talbert Daniel C, 9th nr Grant av nw 

Talbert & McCauley, 1219 11th se 

Taylor Henry, 8th c Grant av nw 

Taylor Sophia A, Columbia av nw 

Taylor Stark B jr, 801 4£ sw 

Tliackara Thomas, 437 6th sw 

Thai berg John F, N J av c Q nw 

Thaw Columbus, 1133 11th nw 

Thomas John, 801 F sw 

Thomas Laura, 1241 25th nw 

Thomas Mary, 327 I ne 

Thompson Nettie, 724 F sw 

Thompson Richard, Pomeroy av, Hillsdale 

Thomson Samuel R, 4th c H nw 

Thyson Thomas M, 1900 16th nw 

Tiernev Mary, 722 4th nw 

Tobin Patrick, 1119 1st nw 

Tolson J W, Anacostia 

Tolson Melvina, 701 7th se 

Tomlinson Rose, 2532 F nw 

Traylor George A, 401 O nw 

Trimble Mathew, 700 E se 

Tucker Alexander D, 919 P nw 

Tune W I & Bro, 519 7th sw 

Turner Duane C, 303 N sw 

Twomey Daniel, 359 L sw 

Twomey John, 700 3d sw 

Twyman & Semple, 1641 L nw 

Tynan John, 1536 L nw 

Upperman Charles H, 1264 32d nw, Gtn 

Vandenberg Samuel B, 100 F ne 

Van Horn John F, 900 S C av se 

Vermillion James O, Md av c 11th sw 

Vernon & Son, 617 4| sw 

Viedt Julius jr, 1314 9th nw 

Vogel Julia B, nr 15th se 

Voight Caroline, 927 1st ne 

Walker Edward O, 439 7th sw 

Walker Frank L, 1301 C sw 

Walker George W, 1014 1st se 

Walker R A, 1600 7th nw 

Walker & Co, Md av c 11th sw 

Walker John, 521 H ne 

Walls Henry C, 1365 K se 

Walsh Dennis, 1738 32d nw, Gtn 

Walsh Ellen Mrs, 319 K nw 

Walsh John, 1949 12th nw and 2616 P 

nw, Gtn 
Walsh Redmond, 234 C ne 
Walsh Thomas N, 927 12th nw 
Walter & Grim, 600 B se 
Walters John E. 516 10th sw 
Ward Phillip H, 2100 Pa av nw 
Warner Rebecca Mrs, 11th c I ae 

Watkins Anna, 204 7th sw 
Watkins David P, 423 4£ sw 
Watts Bros, 321 C sw 
Waugh John H, 2031 14th nw 
Weaver John, 943 Mass av nw 
Weber Elizabeth, 1022 20th nw 
Weeden & Morrison, 25 7th se 
Weide George E, 1600 10th nw 
Weide George & Son, 1123 S nw 
Weigant Frank, 1000 25th nw 
Weinand Barbara, 713 4th ne 
Welsh Redmond, 1125 23d nw 
Welsh Thomas, 132 Va av sw 
Wertz August. 418 44 sw 
Wetzel John W, 3400 P nw, Gtn 
Whalen William T, 438 9th sw 
Whales John L, F c A\ sw 
Whelan Bartholomew, 237 4-£- sw 
Whelan Mary, K c 3d ne 
Wheeler Benjamin L, 18th c L nw 
Wheeler Nicholas, Sherman av nw 
Wheeler Thomas W, 223 N J av nw 
White E E, 635 La av nw 
White James, 1138 12th nw 
White James, 211 Pa av nw 
White John J, 1301 9th nw 
Whiteford John H, 1035 7th nw 
Widmeyer Catherine, 7th st rd 
Wilding William, 1001 N J av nw 
Williams Charles, 2109 N nw 
Williams James, 2609 P nw, Gtn 
Williams John M, 50 N se 
Williams & Son, 300 Ga av se 
Wilson Albertus K, 625 Pa av se 
Wilson Philip R, 934 7th nw 
Winfield Joseph, 916 G sw 
Winston Curtis, 2160 9th nw 
Witmer Calvin, 1918 Pa av nw 
Wilt Jeremiah, H and Boundary ne 
Wohlfarth Edward S, 1801 T nw 
Wood Charles L, 6th c O nw 
Wood Jane R, 114 10th se 
Wood Lexious A, 901 E se 
Wood Margaret A, 1640 33d nw, Gtn 
Woods Arthur, 1628 Boundary nw 
Woods Owen, 1426 12th nw 
Woodward Joseph H, 88 N sw 
Woody William J, 1620 33d nw, Gtn 
Worthington C E & Co, 925 4th se 
Worthington Landon W, 1 159 8th nw 
Wright Benjamin F, 1014 H nw 
Wright Charles H, 1016 1 se 
Wright Edward B, 408 4£ sw 
Wright Warner H, 1800 | sw 
Yeatman Robert P, 1013 4| sw 
Yewell John W, 1413 L nw 
York Lewis, 413 Franklin nw 
Young Jane, wid Henry C, 900 10th se 
Young Rufus B, 313 Pa av nw 
Youngs Elphonzo, 504 9th nw 
Zange Margaret, 1800 7th nw 
Zeh William H, 924 N nw 
Zerega Dominick, 812 O nw 
Zimmar Louisa, 1118 F ne 
Zirwes Christina, 1806 18th nw 



Gnus, Pistols, &c. 

(See also Sporting Goods.) 
Friedrich Henry, 232 4| sw 
Peabody J J, 619 La av nw 
Slieckells John W, 1111 E nw 
Stevens A C & Co, D c 10th nw 
Wassmann George F, 929 E nw 

Hair Dressers and Human Hair. 

(See also Barbers.) 
Barbour Annie E, 2818 O nw, Gtn 
Casey Kate, 512 9th nw 
Cummins Lizzie A, 703 13th nw 
Crutchet Mary E, 620 L nw 
Demongeot & Prandi, 616 9th nw 
Furse Sarah C, 1815 I nw 
Gaisberg Emma, 1217 1ST Y av nw 
Hepner Carl, 1236 7th nw 
Kultz Christina, 507 11th nw 
Morton William G Mrs, 516 11th nw 
Philippi Henri, 802 7th nw 
Pursall Julia, 3020 M nw, Gtn 
Smith R S Mrs, 815 Q nw 
Wagner Matilda, 1302 F nw 
Weisenboru Johanna.wid John, 915 7th nw 
White M A Mrs, 415 11th nw 

Hair Manufacturers. 

Whitney William G & Co, w of Columbia 
rd nr Rock creek and 715 15th nw 


Armory, 614 Pa av nw 

Association, 632 Pa av nw 

Beneficial Hall, 1114 18th nw 

Bergman, 8th c E nw 

Bethel, 1615 M nw 

Blake, 229 7th sw 

Brightwood, Brightwood 

Clabaugh Hall, 1630 14th nw 

Columbia Hall, 457 Mass av 

Concordia, 612 Pa av nw 

Cosmopolitan, 8th nr E nw 

Curtis Hall, in Curtis School bldg, O nr 

Potomac nw, Gtn 
Douglas, Howard and Nichols av se 
Forest, 32d nr N nw, Gtn 
Franklin, 6th c C nw 
Friends of Zion, 308 G sw 
Galilean Fishermans, 318 F sw 
Goddard, M nr 30th, Gtn 
Gallant Rock, 1628| 10th nw 
German, 606 11th nw 
Grand Army, D c 9th nw 
Island, 6th bet Va av and D sw 
Johnson's, 1206 R nw 
Lincoln, 9th c D nw 
Lincoln Mission, 11th c R nw 
Love and Charity, 251 B sw 
Lucas, K c 22d nw 
Lyceum, 1108 E nw 
McCauley's, 709 Pa av se 
Marini's, 914 E nw 
Masonic, 32d nr M, Gtn 
Masonic (Navy Yard), Ya av c 5th se 
Masonic (colored), 308 11th nw 

Masonic Temple, F c 9th nw 

Moore's, 309 9th nw 

Mount Pleasant Union, Howard av 

Mount Yernon, 7th c N Y av nw 

Odd Fellows' (Navy Yard), 8th nr G se 

Odd Fellows', 7th ab D nw 

Odd Fellows', 1073 31st, Gtn 

Repetti's, 527 6th se 

St Augustine, L nr 16th nw 

St Joseph's, 5th c H nw 

Shiloh, 1613 L nw 

Society, 32d c Prospect, Gtn 

Tallmadge, 928 F nw 

Temperance Temple, 432 9th nw 

Washington, c Pa av and 3d se 

Willard's, 1412 F nw 

Zion, 308 G sw 


(See also Stoves, also House Furnishings.) 
Adler M J, 3148 M nw,Gtn 
Arrher Andrew, 831 4| sw 
Bailey Bernard, 829 7th nw 
Boyd Robert, 416 9th nw 
Bright James E, 601 Pa av se 
Brown James B, Boundary c 8th nw 
Buckey & Marbury, 1200 32d nw, Gtn 
Campbell & Kennedy, 606 Pa av nw 
Connell Patrick A, 473 Pa av nw 
Gaddis Adam, M c 11th se 
Gilbert Henry P. 3218 Water, Gtn,~and 

1208 32d nw, Gtn 
Gittings Samuel R, 612 Pa av nw 
Hartig G & Son, 1001 7th nw 
Hopkins Lawrence H, 904 Pa av nw 
Kendall J Blake, 619 B nw 
Marks Samuel A H jr, 641 E se 
May F P & Co, 614 Pa av nw 
Morsell Edwin H, 1107 7th nw 
Savage George & Co, 1003 D nw 
Schneider F & Son, 18th c Pa av nw 
Schneider L H & Co, 1010 and 1012 Pa av 

Thompson & Co, 10th c La av nw 
Wagner William, 207| Pa av se 
Williams Alexander R, 919 7th nw 

Harness, Saddles and Trunks. 

Becker Conrad, 537 15th nw and 521 7th nw 
Beuchler F A, 1410 N Y av nw 
Bookman Henry D, 1711 Pa av nw 
Brakkagan William, 905£ 7th nw 
Burgess Clark, 216 10th nw 
Daw William, 3291 M nw, Gtn 
Dix William A, 1205 32d nw, Gtn 
Eberly George L, 1802 7th nw 
Eubank John H, 1340 E nw 
Germuiller Francis, 741 7th nw 
Gill Louis J, 803 14th nw 
Houck Samuel D, 225 7th sw 
Jackson Emanuel, 912 La av nw 
Johnston H S, 493 Pa av nw 
Kneessi K, 422 7th nw 
Koch Bernard, 1827 H nw 
Leimbach Henry A, 219 10th nw 
Lepreux Lewis/1013 F sw 



Littlejohn Charles A, 1261 32i nw, Gtn 
Lutz & Brother, 497 Pa av nw 
McDonnell James, 1247 11th se 
Mantz & Co, 413 13th nw 
Michaelis Heinernann, 910 La av nw 
Motts George, 402 8th nw 
Murphy William, 523 9th nw 
Neumann August, 633 K nw 
Nevitt Robert, 1204 Pa av nw 
Norfleet & Co, 1419 N Y av nw 
Robinson Michael, 210 10th nw 
Roland E L, 488 Pa av nw 
Roth Benedict, 1033 7th nw 
South Howard, 1212 Pa av nw 
Stanisci Michael, 425 8th se 
Topham James S, 425 7th nw 
Trexler Samuel, 3045 Water, Gtn 

Malts, Caps and Fnrs. 

Auerbach Carl, 801 7th nw 

Baer Alphonse, 3155 M nw, Gtn 

Boyer John, 361 Pa av nw 

Brodt William F, 419 11th nw 

Cunningham Michael, 740 8th nw 

Davis' James Y Sons, 621 Pa av nw 

Dittrich August. 724 7th nw 

Ernst Egmont, 931 9th nw 

Fishman S& Son, 430 7th nw 

Franc Henry, 401 7th nw 

Gusdorf M, 420 7th nw 

Harvey James S & Bro, 305 7th nw 

Hollander Bros, 1217, 1421 and 1900 Pa av 

Hoover James A, 503 10th nw 
Kraemer Henry, 1012-J- 7th nw 
Lewis Richard C, 920 7th nw 
Solomon Benjamin, 706 7th nw 
Scott William, 1538 7th nw 
Seymour William F, 3139 M nw, Gtn 
Stinemetz Benjamin H, 1237 Pa av nw 
Waltemeyer Joseph, 305 Paav se 
Willett & Ruoff, 905 Pa av nw 


(See also Tanners.) 
Bensinger Samuel, ft S Capitol se 
King George, 103 6th nw 
Smoot C C & Sons, 7th ab Boundary nw 

and L nr 29th nw, Gtn 
Sullivan William D, 7th ab Boundary nw 


Hines Ann, 165 Centre mkt 
Rhodes Henry, 17 Western mkt 
Thomkins Mary A, 354 Centre mkt 

Hoop Skirts and Corsets. 

(See also Furnishings.) 
Douglass & Bro, 526 9th nw 

Horse Shoers. 

(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Anderson William, 1207 Ohio av nw 
Baeschlin Frederick, 107 F nw 
Brady William N, 619 N Y av nw 
Brown Absalom, 907 G nw 
Brown W S, 515 K nw 

Doran John F, 928 K nw 
Hannan & Sons, 1219 33d nw, Gtn 
Horigan Michael, 615 B nw 
Kelly Thomas & Son, C nr 134 nw 
Kelly William S, K nr 16th nw 
Lynch John, 12 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
McNally & Bresnahan, 1006 C nw 
Mitchell John H, 210 2d nw 
Murphy Timothy W, 623 G nw 
Murphy & Co, 325 3d se 
Murray & Barker, 1415 Ohio av nw 
O'Neil John, 406 8th nw 
Neil Michael, 408 8th nw 
Stundon Daniel, 6th nr C nw 
Taylor William A, 131 B nw 


American House, Pa av c 7th nw 
Arlington (The), Vt av c H nw 
Bayard House, 1000 E nw 
Beyer's Park, 2015 7th nw 
Boyle's Hotel, 52 and 54 C nw 
Brightwood Club House, Brightwood 
Central Hotel, 518 10th nw 
Clinton House, 826 7th nw 
Columbia Hotel, 227 B nw 
Congressional Hotel, N J av se 
Continental, 331 Pa av nw 
Drover's Rest, New Cut rd 
Dubois, 1728 Pa av nw 
Dumbarton (The), 623 Pa av nw 
Ebbitt House, F c 14th nw 
Emmet House, N J av c C nw 
Farmers and Drovers', Anacostia' 
Franklin House, 468 Pa av nw 
Globe House, F c 12th nw 
Greason House, 1301 E nw 
Hamilton House, K cl4th nw 
Hillman House, N Capitol nr Bjiw 
Holmes House, N J av c D nw * 
Howard House, Pa av c 6th nw 
Imperial, 1329 E nw 
Jackson House, 11th c G sw 
Lafayette House, B c 2d nw 
Lochiel House, 512 9th nw 
Lyon House, 1334 F nw 
McPherson House, 1423 I nw 
Mades' Hotel, D c 10th nw 
Mades', 300 Pa av nw 
Mansion House, 351 Pa av nw 
Marshall House, 8th c D nw 
Metropolitan, Pa av nr 7th nw 
Meyer's, 470 and 472 Pa av nw 
Morgan House, 3206 M nw, Gtn 
Montgomery House, 1359 32d nw, Gtn 
Mt Vernon House, 485 Pa av nw 
National, Pa av c 6th nw 
New York Avenue Hotel, 14th c N Y av nw 
Owen House, 1413 Pa av nw 
Park Hotel. 7th st rd nr Boundary 
Parkinson House, 622 Pa av nw 
Philadelphia House, 348 Pa av nw 
Riggs House, 15th c G nw 
St Charles, Pa av c 3d nw 
St James, Pa av c 6th nw 
St Julian, 8th c D nw 



St Marc, Pa av c 7th nw 
Seminary, Washington c Gay, Gtn 
Thyson House, 7th c P nw 
Tremont House, 2d c Ind av nw 
Washington House, Pa av c 3d nw 
Welcker's, 727 15th nw 
West End, 2931 M nw, Gtn 
Willard's, Pa av c 14th nw 
Windsor House, F c 10th nw 
Worch's, 1716 Pa av nw 
Wormley's, 15th c H nw 

House Furnishings. 

(See also China, also Hardware, also 

Beach Stephen S, 1328 32d nw, Gtn 
Beveridge M W, 1009 Pa av nw 
Boyd Robert, 416 9th nw 
Brown Samuel K, 830 20th nw 
Colman Moses, 1320 and 1318 7th nw 
Crown Charles R L, 435 7th sw 
Hipkins William L, 613 4| sw 
Hollander H, 408 7th nw 
Marcey & Payne, 3045 M nw, Gtn 
Rascher Elias, 1144 7th nw 
Schutts F G, 3019 M nw, Gtn 
Schutt W H & C R, 3066 M nw, Gtn 
Sonnenstrahl A, 1110 7th nw 
Watts George, 314 7th nw 
Weeks Harry, 1328 7th nw 


Sears Caleb L, 1711 R nw 


Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4| nw 
Ice Companies. 

Great Falls Ice Co, 1202 F nw, 10th st whf 
and 112 High and 53 Water, Gtn 

Independent Ice Co, Pa av c 12th nw, 
depot 9th st whf sw and 1304 G nw 

Kennebec Ice Co, 12th and E nw and 3258 
Water, Gtn 

King William B, 2516 F nw 

Knickerbocker Ice Co, 29th nr Water, Gtn 

Rich & Bartlett, 8th st whf sw 

Willman Louis, 350 N sw 

Ice Cream. 

(See also Confectioners.) 
Fussell Jacob, 1427 N Y av nw 
Glascock Roger C, 520 9th nw 
Wonn William W, 721 6th nw 

William M, 


907 Pa av nw 

Ink Manufacturers. 

Barringer W S, 934 F nw 
Sawyer Wm H, 221 N J av nw 
Stone J H & Co, 7th L nw 

Insurance Agents, 

(See also Agents, also Brokers.) 
Arms John T, 810 F nw 
Balloch G W, 632 F nw 

Bishoo Charles E & Co, 517 7th nw 

Blackford B L, 519 7th nw 

Brown A R, 635 F nw 

Browne Jerome jr, 220 4| nw 

Clark N B, 530 9th nw 

Cole Charles H, 30 Corcoran bldg 

Dickson William, 222 4£ nw 

Downman R W, 412 7th nw 

Duvall & Marr, 804 F nw 

Fisher Thomas J & Co, 1223 F nw 

Fletcher Lawrence G, 632 F nw 

Gibbs A C, 7th c La av nw 

Hanson Thomas M, 519 7th nw 

Hellen & Nicholson, 615 7th nw 

Hyde Granville F, 530 8th nw 

Johnson F H, 1429 N Y av nw 

Lewis & Co, 505 7th nw 

Lincoln Hartwell, 806 F nw 

Merrifleld H K, 30 Corcoran bldg 

Morsell Benjamin F, 934 F nw 

Morsell William F, 934 F nw 

Pratt A S & Son, 401 9th nw 

Ruffin R D, 810 F nw 

Smith F B, 806 F nw 

Smith Percy G, 1431 Pa av nw 

Steiger & Lieberman, 1418 M 

Swormsteadt John S, 928 F nw 

Taylor H R, 810 F nw 

Thorn C N, 718 15th nw 

Tyler & Rutherford, 624 F nw 

Wall Andrew, 494 La av nw 

Wheat E R, 530 9th nw 

Wolf S, 509 7th nw 

Young & Middleton, 1420 N Y av nw 

Insurance Companies, Fire. 

(See also Miscellaneous.) 
Mtna of Hartford, 519 7th nw 
Agricultural of Watertown NY, 810 F nw 
American of Philadelphia, 628 F nw 
Arlington Fire Ins Co, 1505 Pa av nw 
British American Assurance, 928 F nw 
Buffalo of Buffalo, 810 F nw 
Buffalo German of Buffalo, 810 F nw 
Commonwealth of Boston, 615 7th nw 
Continental of N Y, 505 7th nw 
Corcoran, 7th c La av nw 
Farmers' of York Pa, 628 F nw 
Firemen's of Baltimore, 628 F nw 
Firemen's of Washington and Gtn, 7th c 

C nw 
First National of Worcester, Mass, 806 F 

Franklin of Philadelphia, 519 7th nw 
Franklin of Washington, 7th c D nw 
German-American of D C, 511 7th nw 
French Ins Corp, 628 F nw 
German American of N Y 
German of Baltimore, 628 F nw 
Girard of Philadelphia, 804 F nw 
Guardian of London, 509 7th nw 
Hamburg-Bremen, 718 15th nw 
Hanover of N Y, 505 7th nw 
Hartford of Hartford, 519 7th nw 
Home of Columbus O, 519 7th nw 
Home of New York, 401 9th nw 



Imperial & Northern of London, 615 7th 

Insurance Company of North America of 

Philadelphia, 401 9th nw 
LaConfiance of Paris, 519 7th nw 
Lancashire of England, 628 F nw 
Liverpool & London & Globe, 718 15th nw 
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co, 

1429 N Y av nw 
London & Staffordshire of England, 30 

Corcoran bldg 
Lorillardof N Y, 804 F nw 
Manhattan of N Y, 628 F nw 
Manufacturers' of Newark, 632 F nw 
Maryland of Baltimore, 806 F nw 
Mercantile Marine, Boston, 928 F nw 
Merchants & Mechanics' of Va, 519 7th nw 
Meriden of Conn, 632 F nw 
Metropole of Paris, 510 7th nw 
Mutual Fire Ins Co of D C, Pa av & 9th nw 
Mutual Protection of D C, 1437 Pa av nw 
National Metropolitan Fire Ins Co of D C, 

819 Market sp nw 
National of Hartford, 519 7th nw 
National of N Y,401 9th nw 
National Union of Washington, D C, 643 

La av nw 
New Hampshire of Manchester, N H, 1411 

New York City of N Y, 804 F nw 
Niagara of N Y, 718 15th nw 
North British & Mercantile of London, 

519 7th nw 
North German of Hamburg, 615 7th nw 
Northern New York of N Y, 509 7th nw 
Orient of Hartford, 804 F nw 
Pennsylvania of Pittsburg, 632 F nw 
People's of Newark, 401 9th nw 
People's of Trenton, 401 9th nw 
Phenix of Brooklyn, 401 9th nw 
Phcenix of Hartford, 401 9th nw 
Phoenix of London, 509 7th nw 
Potomac Fire, 1219 32d Gtn, and 1339 F nw 
Queen of Liverpool, 401 9th nw 
Rochester German of Rochester, 615 7th nw 
Royal of Liverpool and London, 519 7th nw 
St Nicholas of N Y City. 806 F nw 
Springfield of Mass, 519 7th nw 
Star of N Y, 632 F nw 
Traders' of Chicago, 505 7th nw 
Tradesmen's of N Y, 804 F nw 
Trans- Atlantic of Hamburg, 509 7th nw 
Underwriters' Association, N Y, 530 9th nw 
Union of Cal, 517 7th nw 
United Firemen's of Philadelphia, 509 7th 

Virginia of Richmond, 401 9th nw 
Watertown of Watertown, N Y,530 9th nw 
Watertown of Watertown, NY, 810 Fnw 
Westchester, N Y, 928 F nw 
Western Assurance of Toronto, 632 F nw 

Insurance Companies, ULfe. 

(See also Miscellaneous.) 
American Life of Philadelphia, 819 Market 
sp nw 

Charter Oak of Conn, 928 F nw 
Connecticut Mutual, 7th c La av nw 
Equitable Life Assurance Society of N Y, 

1420 N Y av nw 
Germania of N Y, 509 7th nw 
Hartford Life and Annuity of Hartford, 

519 7th nw 
Home Mutual of Pennsylvania, 810 F nw 
Manhattan Life of N Y, 530 9th nw 
Maryland of Baltimore, 519 7th nw 
Metropolitan of N Y, 494 La av nw 
Mutual Benefit of Newark, 530 8th nw 
National U S of A, 401 9th nw 
New England Mutual of Boston, 806 F nw 
New York Life, 628 F nw 
Penn Mutual of Pa, 509 7th nw 
Phoenix Mutual of Hartford, 810 F nw 
Provident of N Y, 1437 Pa av nw 
Travelers of Hartford, 1431 Pa av nw 
U B Mutual Aid Society, 530 9th nw 
Union of Cal, 517 7th nw 
United States of N Y, 806 F nw 

Insurance Companies, Plate 

Knickerbocker of N Y, 509 7th nw 
United States of Philadelphia, 804 Fnw 

Intelligence Offices. 

McDonald Percy, 829 5th nw 
Price C E, 926 F nw 

Iron Founders. 

Beckham Cicero, 3105 Water, Gtn 
Daughton John, 1210 D nw 
Duval 1 Bros, 1050 30th nw, Gtn 
Gray & Noyes, Me av nr 3d sw 
McClelland John, 10th c La av nw 
Pettit & Dripps, 14th c B nw 
Schneider Charles A & Son, 204 to 210 
12th nw and 1201 to 1215 Ohio av nw 
White George & Co, 462 Me av sw 

Iron Railings. 

(See also Wire.) 
Boiseau James T, 518 N J av nw 
Mead James H, 1216 C nw 
Welsh David, 421 N J av nw 


(See also Newspapers.) 
Adams George W, 1102 Pa av 
Allen Walter, 511 14th nw 
Andrews Byron, 1420 N Y av 
Barton Clarence M, 112 2d ne 
Bickford F T, 1322 F nw 
Boynton Henry V, 511 14th nw 
Brennan Thomas J, 501 14th nw 
Bullock T W Diek, 1007 9th nw 
Burr Frank A, 1407 F nw 
Burritt I N, 935 D 
Butler S P, 1420 N Y av 
Carson John M, 515 14th nw 
Chambers James S jr, 1314 F nw 
Clark Edward P, 1420 N Y av nw 
Clark Selden N, 1322 F nw 
Clarke William H, 1416 F nw 


Cone David D, 1305 F nw 

Collins Jacob H, 460 K nw and 260 3d sw 

Copeland William P, 1420 N Y av 

Donaher Patrick, 933 La av nw 

Oacraft J V, 14th and Penn av 

Drey fuss David, 3294 M nw, Gtn 

Crawford Theron C, 1420 N Y av nw 

Evans Thomas W, 201 12th nw 

DeGraw P V, Corcoran bldg 

Fewkes Thomas R, 3426 M nw, Gtn 

Douglass George, 927 D nw 

Fewks Edgar, 3318 M nw, Gtn 

Eddy Frederick W, 515 14th nw 

Green Thomas E jr, llll Q nw 

Edwards E G, 1412 G 

Hopfenmaier Lewis R, 231 7th sw 

Elliot Henry R, 1229 N nw 

Hutcherson John F, 1325 11th se 

Elliott Jared L, 1242 11th nw 

Kelly Michael, 225 Va av sw 

Ferris F P, 1102 Pa av 

Lasky John P, 1109 B nw 

Fitch C W, 1016 17th nw 

Lewis Frank, 219 10th nw 

Fleming Edwin, 1420 N Y av 

McCabe Levi, 924 11th nw 

Forney D C, 608 Penn av 

McDaniel Robert, 1106 K nw 

Gibson A M, 10 Corcoran bldg 

Mann John, 613 B nw 

Gilman W S, sw c 10th and E nw 

Merry Pliny C, 1221 32d nw, Gtn 

Handy FAG, 1420 N T av 

Ullman Maurice, 921 Ga av se 

Harris O K, 1416 F nw 

Wheeler E G, 201 7th nw 

Hudson Edmund, 513 14th nw 

Hutchins W S, 10th c D nw 

Justices of the Peace* 

Janes Emma, 1308 G nw 

Bundy Charles S, 456 La av nw 

Keim De B R, 1416 F nw 

Hall Hillman A, 522 8th nw 

Kennan G, Corcoran bldg 

Helmich William, 928 F nw 

Kettlewell George, 1314 F nw 

O'Neal Lewis I, 310 4£ nw 

Kimball G G, Corcoran bldg 

Richards A C, 400 6th nw 

McBride William C, 501 14th nw 

Taylor A S, 1221 F nw 

McCarthy J B, 915 15th nw 

Walter Charles. 342 D nw 

McCarty Page, 927 D nw 

Wilcox Samuel M, 330 4£ nw 

McKee D R, Corcoran bldg 

Wolf S, 509 7th nw 

Macfarland H B F, 513 14th nw 

Mudd A I, Corcoran bldg 

Lace menders. 

Murray Charles T, 1101 Pa av nw 

Geneste H, 820 17th nw 

Nelson Henry L, 1314 F nw 

Valmont Amidee, 713 11th nw 

Noyes Crosby, 1104 M nw 

Ogden C M, 10 Corcoran bldg 

"Ladies 9 Boot and Shoemaker*. 

Pagand J S 

(See also Boot and Shoe Stores.) 

Painter Uriah H, 501 14th nw 

*Sohn Gastavns, 504 11th nw 

Paul E A, 23 Le Droit bldg 
Phillips W P, Corcoran bldg 


Poore Ben Perley, 1319 F nw 

(See China, etc.) 

Preston H A, 701 15th nw 

Ramsdell H J, 1101 Pa av nw 


Redfield H V, 1420 N Y av 

Burgess Sarah, 452 H nw 

Reinecke Otto 

Clampitt & Adams, 336 Pa av nw 

Richardson Frank A, 1314 F nw 

Dexter Eliza C, 301 6th nw 

Root Frank D, 515 14th nw 

Drew Molly, 823 5th nw 

Sarvis J M, 1416 F nw 

Edmonston Mary, 1735 H nw 

Bchade Louis, 516 10th nw 

Hayward Esther J, 915 F nw 

Shaw WB, 1416 F nw 

Higgins Bridget, 826 9th nw 

Shepherd Arthur, 505 14th nw 

Jones Annie E, 116 B nw 

Smith W Scott, 1314 F nw 

Jones Emma, 612 Cox al nw 

Snowden Harold 

Lane Mary, 1345 S nw 

Soteldo A M jr, 511 14th nw 

Lee Lucy, 503 H nw 

Talcott A B, 1416 F nw 

Lee JSTing Harry, 525 ! 0th nw 

Warden Clifford, 1427 F nw 

Murray Alice, 632 N Y av nw 

Wardman George, 1420 N Y av 

Payne Eliza, 47 H ne 

Washington L Quinton, 10 Corcoran bldg 

Roome Florence M, 803 D nw 

West W A, 1416 F nw 

Saunier Paul, 1208 E nw 

Wight E B, 1319 F nw 

Scott Rosina, 703 6th nw 

Williams Charles H, 1011 G 

Shing Wong Wing, 505 D nw 

Young James R, 1112 10th nw 

Sing Horp, 346 Pa av nw 

Sing Wah, 1228 Pa av nw 

•funk l>ealers. 

Swiss Steam, 1322 F nw 

Ben singer Samuel, 927 La av nw 

Weber Elise, 422 11th nw 

Brewer Zachariah, 3406 M nw, Gtn 

Weisenborn Caroline, 326 13th nw 

Broderick Bros, 1009 B nw 

Wheatley Mary V, 524 12th nw 




Abbot Howard S, 617 7th nw 

Abert William Stone, 408 5th nw 

Abert & Warner, 460 La av nw 

Abraham Lewis, 1215 F nw 

Alexander F E, 482 La av nw 

Appleby & Edmonston, 420 5th nw 

Armes Charles H, 633 F nw 

Ashford Mahlon, 503 D nw 

Ashton J Hubley, 635 F nw 

At Lee William Yorke, 1420 NY av nw 

Bagger Louis & Co, 802 F nw 

Bailey Edmund A. 416 5th nw 

Bailey Lorenzo A, 629 F nw 

Bailev Marcellus, 501 F nw 

Bailey William T, 490 La av nw 

Baldwin, Hopkins & Peyton, 25 Grant nw 

Barrett Oliver D, 501 D nw 

Bartley & Southard, 1343 F nw 

Beale Bucharam, 916 F nw 

Beale J Forbes, 916 F nw 

Beall Fillmore, 323 4£ nw 

Beall John E, 1420 N Y av nw 

Beard Henry, 633 F nw 

Beck William H, 501 D nw 

Bell John W, 1005 H nw 

Bell William Pierce, 470 La av nw 

Benjamin Charles F, 95 Corcoran building 

Bennett Clement W, 1101 H nw 

Benson S B, 402 6th nw 

Berrett James G, 1429 N Y av nw 

Berrett John J, 1003 H nw 

Bigelow Jonathan G, 323 44 nw 

Bingham Lafayette, Pa av nr 14th se 

Birney & Birney, 330 44 nw 

Blackburn Henry H, 493 Pa av nw 

Blair Montgomery, 39 Corcoran bldg 

Blair Woodbury, 39 Corcoran bldg 

Blankman John S, 321 4£ nw 

Bloss J B, 505 7th nw 

Blunt Edmund C, 416 5th nw 

Boarman William W, 505 D nw 

Bond L L, 605 7th nw 

Bond Samuel R, 321 4i nw 

Bradford Charles A, 810 F nw 

Bradford J Strieker, 452 La av nw 

Bradley Andrew C, 470 La av nw 

Bradley & Duvall, 452 La av nw 

Bradshaw Aaron, 1010 H nw 

Brady Eugene D, 1420 N Y av 

Brainard Mark D, 802 F nw 

Brelsford H W, 529 7th nw 

Britton & Gray, 624 F nw 

Brooke A A, 342 La av nw 

Brookes John St C, 486 La av nw 

Brown Chapin, 470 La av nw 

Brown J Sayles, City Hall 

Browne Aldis B, 624 F nw 

Browne Andrew K, 323 4£ nw 

Browne William H, 505 D nw 

Browne William H, 460 La av nw 

Browning Arthur, 492 La av nw 

Browning Frank T, 416 5th nw 

Browning Livingston, 628 I nw 

Budlong Orpheus H, 629£ F sw 

Bundy Charles S, 456 La av nw 
Burch John T, St Cloud building 
Burton Robert A, 501 D nw 
Bush William S, 1421 N Y av nw 
Butler Benjamin F, 202 S Capitol se 
Cady H C, 1427 F nw 
Cahill Daniel E, 308 4£ nw 
Callaghan Daniel O'C, 435 7th nw 
Callan James Nich, 610 La av nw 
Callan Thomas H, 474 La av nw 
Carpenter Z T, 505 7th nw 
Carpenter & Coleman, 1330 F nw 
Carrington Campbell C, 933 H nw 
Carrington J McDowell, 604 D nw 
Carrington & Carrington, 458 La av nw 
Carter C M, 511 7th nw 
Chester Augustin, 1016 11th nw 
Christy Robert, 1420 N Y av nw 
Clagett Howard C, 1306 F nw 
Clark Allen C, 220 4| nw 
Clark John D, 1203 H nw 
Clarke John A, 319 4| nw 
Claughton H O & R, 480 £ La av nw 
Cole Charles C, 402 6th nw 
Coleman William M, 470 La av nw 



470 Louisiana Avenue. 

Collette John R, 427 4th nw 

Cone William H, 1903 N H av nw 

Conrad William & Co, 1307 Corcoran nw 

Cook William A, 402 6th nw 

Conrad William & Co., 1307 Corcoran 

Coombs J J, 501 F nw 

Cooper Glen W. 330 4| nw 

Corkhill George B, City Hall 

Corwine Quinton, 1429 X Y av nw 

Coughlan John D, 325 4| nw 

Coulter W A, 530 9th nw 

Coyle Randolph, 505 D nw 

Cragin Charles H jr, 321 4£ nw 

Crane Day O, St Cloud bldg 

Crawford Richard R, 3629 O nw, Gtn 

Crawford Robert A, 1420 F nw 

Creecy C Eaton, 611 F nw 

Crittenden Howard B, 225 4£ nw 

Crittenden Thomas T, 225 4£ nw 

Cruikshank John, 505 D nw 

Cull Judson T, 225 4£ nw 

Culver Charles P, 342 D nw 

Cummings & Baker, 1411 F nw 

Cuppy & Ingersoll, 458 La av nw 

Curtis W W, 700 9th nw 

Curtis William T S, Corcoran bldg 

Curtis, Earle & Burdett, 700 9th nw 

Cuthbert L M, 437 7th nw 

Cutts J M, 505 7th nw 

Dandelet Gustave A, 501 D nw 

Danenhower William W, 1212 F nw 

Daniels H A, 529 7th nw 

Daniels Joseph, 108 Corcoran bide: 

Deringer Clarence, 1429 Pa av 

Darlington Joseph J, 410 5th nw 



Davenport Benjamin, 1306 F nw 

Davidge Walter D. 416 Gth nw 

Davis Harry E, -100 7th nw 

Davis James G, 400 7th nw 

Davis Robert S, 313 4£ nw 

Davis T E, 1427 F nw 

Day Fletcher H, 416 5th nw 

Dennis William Henry, 91.5 F nw 

Denver James W, 1115 Pa av nw 

Deringer Clarence, 1429 Pa av nw 

Deringer & Hancock, 1429 Pa av nw 

Dick Ewell A, 501 F nw 

Donahue P J, 323 4| nw 

Douglass J W & George L, 1418 F nw 

Drummond & Bradford, 810 F nw 

Duhamel William K, 460 La av nw 

Dunlop William L, 3014 N nw 

Dunn George M, 501 F nw 

Durant and Hornor, 223 4| nw 

Dye P Edwin, 514 11th nw 

Dyer G W & Co, 519 7th nw 

Edmonds James B, 1625 K nw 

Edson Brothers, 617 7th nw 

Edwards Vedantus B, 611 F nw 

Edwards & Barnard, 503 D nw 

Elliot Charles A, 408 5th nw 

Elliot & Robinson, 406 5th nw 

Elliot Henry R, 416 5th nw 

England Thomas H, 321 4| nw 

Evans A H & Co, 505 7th nw 

Evans Richard P & Co, 517 7th nw 

Fall Frank H, 492 La av nw 

Fall A J, 613 15th nw 

Fay John C, 319 4| nw 

Fendall Reginald, 325 4£ nw 

Finney Leroy R, 503 D nw 

Fitzgerald N W, 72 Corcoran bldg 

Fhmner J W, 102 Washington, Gtn 

Ford Ellery C, 802 F nw 

Forney Edward O, 505 D nw 

Forrest Edwin, 460 La av nw 

Forrest J. 617 7th nw 

Fowler Charles D, 1505 Pa av nw 

Fraser Charles E, 330 4£ nw 

Frayser Collier C, 486 La av nw 

Fullerton James, 494 La av nw 

Fullerton James B, 494 La av nw 

Fullerton Thomas C, 456 La av nw 

Garnett Henry Wise, 416 5th nw 

Gibbs Isaac L, 628 G nw 

Gilmore & Co, 629 F nw 

Glassie Daniel W, 607 E nw 

Goff George P, 1424 N Y av nw 

Golds borough R H, 530 9th nw 

Gordon & Goidon, 225 4| nw, and 1203 

31st nw, Gtn 
Graham G F, 530 9th nw 
Grant E Whitaker, 1726 8th nw 
Griswold & Thompson, 452 La av nw 
Hackett Frank W, 486 La av nw 
Hagner & Maddox, 470 La av nw 
Hall Frank H, 519 7tn nw 
Halstead & Cooksey, 511 7th nw 
Halsted P, 515 7th nw 
Hamill Samuel R, 1321 N Y av nw 
Hamilton George E, 1306 F nw 

Hancock John, 1429 Pa av nw 

Hanley Bernard T, 617 Laav nw 

Hanna & Johnston, 505 D nw 

Hardy E Trueblood, Union nr N sw 
j Harkness R H, 1719 N Y av nw 
; Harris & Pease, 519 7ih nw 

Harris & Washington, 810 F nw 
! Hauke John S, 512 F nw 
j Hay Edwin B, 1343 F nw 
i Hay den Joseph E, City Hall 
i Hay ward John A, 1414 14th nw 
! Heald J C, 501 F nw 

Heath Hartwell P, 505 D nw 
! Helmick & Aileman, 928 F nw 
; Henderson John M, 2402 M nw 
I Henderson Wra G, 617 7th nw 
j Henkle S S, 460 La av nw 
J Hine L G, 452 La av nw 

Hoban James, 225 4| nw 
; Holtzman William F, 1321 F nw 

Hood Thomas, 112 F ne 
j Horner C W, 223 4J nw 

Hovey & Titus, 1421 N Y av nw 
i Howard & Co, 810 F nw 
; Howe Frank H, Columbia Law building 
| Hughes, Buchanan & Dewees, 1411 G nw 
: Humes George C, 342 D nw 
I Hutcheson R, 1427 F nw 
| Ingersoll Robert G, 1421 N Y av nw 

In^le Christopher, 505 D nw 

Jackson AH, 631 F nw 

Jackson Richard P, 3250 M nw, Gtn 

James B F, 519 7th nw 
I Janin Albert C, 1411 G nw 

J annus F, 452 La av nw 
j Johns Franck D, 225 4£ nw 
j Johnson Jasper W, 511 7th nw 
; Johnson John J, 328 4-J- nw 
I Johnson & Beale, 916 F nw 
! Johnston Sanders W, 1326 F nw 
! Johnston William J, 802 F nw 
! Jordan J Parker, 505 D nw 
I Julian & Meloy, 460 La av nw 

Kalb I N, 930 F nw 

Kennedy Joseph C G, 720 15th nw 

Kent & Neale, 503i D nw 

Key John J, 1326 F nw 

Kimball Israel, 1339 F nw 

Kimball Ivorv G, 1341 F nw 

King C & G A, 916 F nw 
| Knight Charles, 482 La av nw 
< Kookogey William P, 719 Market sp nw 
j Lacey R S & A P, 604 F nw 

Lambert Tallmadse A, 410 5th nw 
! Lander Edward, 323 4£ nw 

Langhorne Maurice, 803 Market sp nw 

Lamer John B, 1306 Fnw 

Larner P F, 639 F nw 

Laskey Richard H, 505 D nw 

Lee Cazenove G, 342 D nw 

Legget & Legget, 607 7th nw 

Lehmann F A., 517 7th nw 

Leighton Benjamin F, 333 4| nw 

Leipold Robert H T, 934 P nw 

Lemon George E, 615 15th nw 

Lilley William, 1333 G nw 



Lines Robert B, 1411 G nw 

Linton Irwin B, 410 5th nw 

Lipscomb Andrew A, 223 44 nw 

Lockwood Belva A, 619 P nw 

Lloyd Thos E and Benjamin F, 401 7th nw 

Lord William B, (507 La av ne 

Lovell Oliver F, 1215 F nw 

Love joy Benjamin G, 825 4| nw 

Lowe Ralph P, 510 Fnw 

Lowndes James, 629 F nw 

McAllister Richard, 1328 N Y av nw 

McAllister Richard jr, 95 Corcoran bldg 

McBlair A McD, 1418 F nw 

MeCarty Jusm-i I, 1006 I nw 

McClain L D, 102 30th nw 

McClelland Edmund L, 342 D nw 

McConnell John R. 323 4£ nw 

McEwen M, St Cloud bldg 

McGuire Frederick B, 1306 F nw 

McKean Edwin R, 503 D nw 

McMeen Robert, 916 F nw 

McNally John E, 416 5th nw 

MeNeir Thomas S, 1429 Q nw 

McPherson Robert W, 307 and 311 Dnw 

McPherson T H N, 1113 F nw 

McPherson & Carlisle, £07 D nw 

M ckey Franklin H, 5034 D nw 

Maloney James A, 510 F nw 

Manderville James H, 802 F nw 

Marbury J Carter, 215 Bridge, Gtn 

Mason George, 934 F nw 

Matthews Charles M, 1208 31st nw, Gtn 

Mattinely William F, 435 7th nw 

MayneTEdward R D, 607 E nw 

Meloy William A, 460 La av nw 

Mendenhall W K, 505 7th nw 

Menick & Morris 1306 F nw 

Merriman Amos L, 1305 E nw 

Milan s Henry G, 607 G nw 

Millar Wilson, 711 G nw 

Miller N H, 826 44 nw 

Miller Thomas F, 313 4$ nw 

Miller William J, 490 La av nw 

Miller & Lewis, 416 5th nw 

Palm on i Crypti, 308 A ne 

Payne James G, 482 La av nw 

Pechin Maurice, 3J34£ nw 

Peck Charles F, 1420 N Y av nw 

Pelham Charles, 458 La av nw 

Pennebaker CD& Son, 1429 N Y av nw 

Perkins John McC, 809 L nw 

Perry R Ross, 342 Dnw 

Perry & Wilson, 342 D nw 

Peugh Samuel A. 35 K ne^ 

Philip William H, 1505 Pa av nw 

Phillips, Maury & Phillips, 603 La av nw 

Pike Albert & Son, 6 2 D nw 

Plant Joseph T K, 490 La av nw 

Pollok Anihouy, 635 F nw 

Poole & Edmondson, 1301 H nw 

Poor John C, 406 5th nw 

Presbrey & Green, 509 7th nw 

PrindleGeorge S, 515 7th nw 

Quicksall William F, 943 F nw 

Reddington James K, St Cloud bldg 

Rice John H, 933 II nw 

Riddle, Miller & Padgett, 460 La av nw 
Ridout John. 503 Dnw 
Riley John F, 313 44 nw 
Rittenhouse Samuel W, 1411 Gnw 
Mills John G, 1421 NY avnw 
Mills Samuel C, 617 La av nw 
Mohun William W, 420 5th nw 
Moore Charles S, 460 La av nw 
Morse Alexander P, 40 Corcoran building 
Morsell Richard T, 416 5th nw 
Moulton Charles H, 530 9th nw 
Moulton Hosea B. 701 7th nw 
Moyers Gilbert, 1305 E nw 
Mullan Capt John, 1310 Conn av nw 
Murray Neal T, 313 4J nw 
Murray Robert J, 505 D nw 
Mussey R D, 508 5th nw 
Neale F D, 615 7th nw 
Newman Edward A, 321 44 nw 
Newton Robert M, 980 F nw 
Newton W J, 509 7th nw 
Nichols Jared C, 1220 32d nw, Gtn 
Niles Samuel V, 1733 I nw 
Norris Howard M, 466 La av nw 
Norris John E, 466 La av nw 
Ogilvie Robert W F, 510 F nw 
Oliver John N, 458 La av nw 
O'Neal Lewis I, 310 44 nw 
O'Neill John P, 519 7th nw 
Paige N, Corcoran building 
Paine, Grafton & Ladd, 412 5th nw 
Pairo Richard E, 323 44 nw 
Robinson Conway jr, 416 5th nw 
Rodriguez J I, 31 Corcoran bldg 
Rogers James W, 456 La av nw 
Ross & Dean, 470 La av nw 
Ruwe Charles F, 323 44 nw 

Royce Charles C, 816 F nw 


Salter George W, 617 La av nw 

Sanborn & Kine. 916 F nw 

Sands F P B, 490 La av nw 

Saunders L M, 435 7th nw 

Saville James H, 343 D nw 

Sawyer George A, 703 G nw 

Schade Louis, 516 10th nw 

Schmidt F, 511 7th nw 

Shellabarger & Wilson, Corcoran bldg 

Sherwood H L, 1406 Pa av nw 

Shuster William M jr, 319 44 nw 

Simons Junius, 916 F nw 

Simpson Lenox, 1429 N Y av nw 

Smith Ch Maurice, 501 D nw 

Smith J Ambler, 501 D nw 

Smith James H, 520 8th nw 

Smith John W, 501 D nw 

Smith Richard, 505 D nw 

Smith Walter H, 505 7th nw 

Smith William R, 456 La av nw 

Snyder William Taylor, 482 La av nw 

Somes Frank C, 707 G nw 

Spalding H, 64 Corcoran bldg 

Spindle Robert H, 1529 10th nw 

Stansbury & Munn, 530 9th nw 

Stanton Frederic P, 1405 F nw 

Starr Jacob W, 2136 H nw 



Steiger William T, 511 7th nw 
Stevens J T & L H, 400 7th nw 
Stilson P B, 462 La av nw 
Stock John G, 412 6£ sw 
Stone & Pray, 319 4| nw 
Storrs C, St Cloud bldg 
Swann Edward, 482 La av nw 
Sypher J H, 1389 F nw 
Taggart Hugh T, 416 5th nw 
Taylor George, 804 E nw 
Taylor Thomas H, 482 La av nw 
Thomas A A, 530 9th nw 
Thomas Edward H, 522 8th nw 
Thomas Sidney T, 452 La av nw 
Thompson John B, 505 D nw 
Thompson Robert M, 1341 F nw 
Tilley Bryson. 413 4th nw 
Tobriner Leon, 330 4| nw 
Totten Enoch, 416 5ti> nw 
Trudeau J Emeline, 223 4£ nw 
Turner J Thomas, 607 La av nw 
Turner & Whittlesey, 607 La av nw 
Twombly William, 321 U nw 
Tyler EK, 530 9th nw 
Varnum James M, 945 Pa av nw 
Vedder C A, 505 7th nw 
Voorhees John H, 530 9th nw 
Vowles& Vowles, 701 R I av nw 
Wallach Richard, 456 La av nw 
Walter Charles, 342 D nw 
Ward Robert H, 330 4£ nw 
Ward William A, 330 4£ nw 
Ward William H, 330 4£ nw 
Warden Robert B, 1326 F nw 
Warden W W, 1427 F nw 
Washington R B, 416 6th nw 
Waters Joseph J, 3252 M nw, Gtn 

Weaver Erastus C, 930 F nw 

Webb Andrew B, Corcoran bld«- 

Webb Bain bridge H, 505 D nw 

Webb William B, 406 5th nw 

Weed John J, 511 7th nw 

Wells Henry H jr, 505 D nw 

Wells Lewis S, i311 N nw 

Wheeler Woodbury, 330 4^ nw 

Whitman Charles S, 1417 G nw and F c 
7th nw 

Whittlesey Charles F, 607 La av nw 

Wilcox Samuel M, 330 U nw 

Willatd CD, 816 F nw 

Willet R, 529 7th nw 

Williamson L Cabell, 490 La av nw 

Willoughby Westel, 456 La nw 

Wilson Rui ledge, 408 5th nw 

Wilmarth John J. 323 44 nw 

Wilson Jesse H. 1203 31st nw, Gtn 

Wilson Nathaniel, 635 F nw 

Wilson Thomas, 916 F nw, h Conn av nr 
M nw 

Wilson Thomas, 1218 Conn av nw 

Wine Miletus J, 5i0 F nw 

Wolf Simon, 509 7th nw 

Wood William C, 639 F nw 

Woodward William R, 452 La av nw 

Woodward W Redin, 4 2 La av nw 

Worthington & Heald,50lFnw 

Wright Edward D, 516 4i sw 
Yznaga Jose M, 510 F nw" 
Zevely Bartram, 635 F nw 

leather and Slioe Findings 

Homiller & Duvall, 803 D nw 
Iseman Frank, 317 8th nw 
Isemann Henry, 605 Pa av se 
Johnson Sarah, 2024£sw 
King George, 103 6th nw 
McCarthy John B, 1076 32dnw, Gtn 
Powell William, 1131 7th nw 
Smith Samuel, 1505 11th nw 
Turner William R, 188 Bridge/Gtn 
(See Miscellaneous.) 
Lightning Rods. 
Hawley L J, 7th cor La av nw 

Lime and Cement. 

(See also Building Materials, also Flour \ 
Bird John, 1007 B nw 
Cammack William, 28th nr I nw 

Walker J T Sons, 206 10th nw 


Brown Archibald, 309 9th nw " 
Entwistle John C, 7th c La av nw 
Gedney Joseph F, 466 Pa av nw 
Graham Curtis B, 1230 Pa av nw 
Kervand James L, 1000 Pa av nw 
Peters N, 458 Pa av nw 

Liver I»ads. 

Rmgwalt Joseph C, 439 9th nw 

Livery and Sale Stables. 

Barnes Elias E, 313 B se and qio u 
Berry James E,' C c fsfuw ° Pa * V SG 
Brennen Patrick, 408 1st nw 
Burgdorf Ernest, 418 8th nw 
Chambers William W, 1227 R nw 
Champlm & Hilton, 211 llth nw 
Chapman Thomas D, 706 Q nw 
Cook John J, 1223 E nw 
Cowling At well, 1307 G nw 
Cruit Mary, 1724 G nw 
Cruit Richard, 719 llth nw 
Darne Richard H, 3289 M nw, Gtn 
Downey William F, 1013 17th nw 
Draney F M, 443 K nw 
Ear! Charles H, 811 19th nw 
-badeley & Bro, 422 and 424 8th nw 
Flemming Patrick, 426 8th nw W 
Garges John H & Son, 644 Pa av <*p 
Geary Thomas, Jackson Hall al * 
Gheen John R, 8th c I nw 
Gheen & Osborn, 627 G nw 
Gladmon Burgess K, 1072 32d nw r-tn 
Hazel William C, 3.47 O nw? 5tn ^ 
Holmes & Son, 714 E se 
Hoyle Henry, Shepherd al nw 



Huguelv & Bowen, 645 N Y av nw 
Irviu Thomas J, 1011 16th nw 
Keleher James, 425 8th nw 
Keyes & Co, 400 to 410 14th nw 
Leadingham & Co, 1327 H nw 
McLaughlin John, 12 2d ne 
Nailor Allison jr, 1330 to 1338 E nw 
Nailor Washington, 1326 E nw 
Olcott J B & Son, r I bet 13th and 14th nw 
Otterback Henry B, 1201 10th se 
Price John T & Son, 311 6th nw 
Pumphrey James W, 485 C nw 
Quigley Hugh, 1210 C nw 
Shaw Benjamin, Willow al nr c C se 
Simmons John, 313 12th nw 
Sinsheimer Moses, 625 and 631 G nw 
Wanstall John & Son, 815 19th nw 
Yates James W, 9th nr E sw 

l<ocksmiths and Bell Hangers. 

Baltimore Jeremiah D, 224 D sw 
Blatzheim Jacob, 1739 Pa av nw 
Galloway John R, 1011 F nw 
Gasch Richard, 914 9th nw 
Jacob David C, 1006 7th nw 
Kayser Agnes, 1224 31st nw, Gtn 
Keuhling John H, 419 12th nw 
Kleinhenn August, 111 6th nw 
Ludeke Francis J, 3263 M nw, Gtn 
Lusby Lemuel L, 632 H nw 
McGovern D J, 1015 F nw 
Mueller Francis, 801 14th nw 
Rittershofer Charles, 1330 H nw 
Schneider Christian G, 1207 F nw 
Sheckells John W, 1111 E nw 
Sievers Henry, 110 3d nw 
Smith Edward H, 1104 E nw 

Looking- Glasses and Picture 


Barlow H N, 1225 Pa av nw 
Byrnes Joseph, 1422 Pa av nw 
Gwynn George C, 507 4£ sw 
McElroy Alexander P, 1001 D nw 
Reedy Thomas, 1119 7th nw 
Riley Edward, 34 H ne 
Smith & Rudden, 413 N J av nw 
Trembly Leslie R, 411 7th nw 
Williams William, 918 F nw 

Linnihei* Dealers. 

Campbell J T, 130411th se 

Church & Stephenson, c8th and Md av sw 

Clark T Edward, 910 Va av se 

Cross T B jr, ft 4th se 

Jackson E E & Co, 13th and Ohio av nw 

Kitch Jacob D, D c 12th sw 

Libbey Joseph & J E (office), 3018 Water, 

McCullouffh William W, 511 N" J av nw 
McLean William, 204 13th nw 
Shehan George A, 7th c Water swand 8th 

st wharf sw 
Shiels John W, 346 Md av sw 
Smith Thomas W, Ind av c 1st nw 
Wheatly Bros, 3028 to 3040 Water, Gtn 

Willet & Libbey, 6th c N Y av nw 
Windsor & Grayson, 14th bet B and C nw 


(See also Iron Founders.) 
Chambers Benjamin, 634 D nw 
Clapp E Dwig'ht, 812 9th nw 
Duvall Bros, Washington nr Canal, Gtn 
Forsberg & Murray, 219 and 221 7th sw 
Jordan Augustus, 615 7th nw 
Nicholson Joseph, 3530 M nw, Gtn 
Sinclair & Aschenbach, 1112 C nw 

Magic Lanterns. 

Kempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4| 

(See also Marble.) 
Tourney Timothy, 1320 Pa av nw 
Roche Mylen, 493 C nw 

Marble Workers. 

Barker Benjamin F, 613 Md av sw 
Bradley Elihu, 4826 H nw 
Bradley Walter R, 2307 Pa av nw 
Bradley William, ft 6th sw 
Corcoran & Cook, 2132 K nw 
Edmonds Charles, 124 G nw 
Flannery Morgan C, 435 Mass av nw 
Gibson William, 2303 Pa av nw 
Heany Thomas, 456 Mass av nw 
Jouvenal Jacques. 11th c N Y av nw 
Lotter Frank, 1515 N Capitol ne 
McMenamin Dominic, Pa av c 1st se 
Rousseau Charles, N Capitol c B ne 
Rutherford J A & Co, 216 Ind av nw 
Rutherford William, 1116 D nw 
Schafer John, 1739 Pa av nw 
Shelton John H, E nr 15th se 
Stewart J & Son, 443 N Y av nw 
Thomas Edward, 114 1st sw 
Wallace William J, 639 Mass av 

Mathematical Instruments. 

Fauth & Co, 59 B sw 
Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4£ 
Kahler Edward, 1807 K nw 
Kiibel Edward, 328 1st ne 

Mattress Manufacturers. 

(See also Upholsterers.) 
Baxter John H, 218 "4* sw 
Hall William E & Co, c Md av and 6th sw 
Linger Henry A, 1117 19th nw 
Stumph Thomas B, 636 K nw and 627 
Mass av nw 

* Microscopes. 

Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4| nw 

Adams Catherine, 411 5th se 

Baum Elizabeth, 803 9th ne 

Beans Josephine N, 413^ 6th se 
j Bumbrey Annie, 181 Limerick al sw 

Cartwrisdit Charlotte, 452 9th sw 

Dorsett Catherine A, 1214 3d sw 
I Ernest Mary, 807 9th ne 



Fortune Martha, 1725 K nw 
French Emily. 1604 4th nw 
George Mary E. 411 5th se 
Harris Martha, 1124 23d nw 
Honesty Mary, 1115 23d nw 
Hudson Elizabeth, 1320 8th nw 
Johnson Diana, Blagden's al, nw 
Johnson Lucy, 1923 M nw 
King Mary, 102 Bates, nw 
Knox Luc'inda, 819 9th ne 
Lewis Sarah, wid Henry. 1210 20th nw 
Madison Matilda E, 824 14th nw 
Marks Rachel, 809 D nw 
Neal Elizabeth, 1015 16th nw 
Neps Catharine, 337 E sw 
Patterson Ann, 809 D ne 
Sanders Maria, 1011 I ne 
Smallwood Jane, 1805 L nw 
Thomas Harriet, 1227 10th nw 
Toliver Charlotte 417 Franklin nw 
Ward Phoebe, 325 C sw 

Milk Dealers. 

Allman Daniel Mrs, 154 N C av se 
Ash John, 1101 4th se 
Baker O, 1757 Pa av nw 
Braxton Carter M, 1630 14th nw 
Breuninger Henry F, c 3d and H, nw 
Buchanan John, 1522 Q nw 
Calvert George H, 1121 11th nw 
Casey Patrick, 1428 U nw 
Colbert Matthew, 419 2d sw 
Collawt' n Thomas, 2100 16th nw 
Col ton Harvey V, 1827 K nw 
Crow Joseph H, 1308 Q nw 
Fuse John, 205 4* sw 
Gregg John W, 12th c C sw 
Harrington John, 3418 N nw, Gtn 
Hedrick Joseph. 800 4th nw 
Henderson Henrietta, 2442 F nw 
Herold Frederick, 1248 Pa av se 
Holland Richard W, 1231 7th nw 
Hurley Patrick, 1402 H ne 
Johnson Bernard H. 1246 9th nw 
Jones William T, 200 6th se 
Joy Thomas H, 1003 N Y av nw 
Keiser E, 507 9th nw 
Keliher James, 810 D ne 
Langley Preston B, 800 S C av se 
Lewis Charles, 829 18th nw 
McCauliff Cornelius, 3267 M nw, Gtn 
McVarry James, 610 2d sw 
Mulligan James S. 1731 21st nw 
Neitzey A & Co, 103 H nw 
O'Leary Maria, 1419 P nw 
Paine & Son, Good Hope rd 
Perry Benjamin, 462 Centre mkt 
Port John, 400 E Capitol 
Prather Oden, Good Hope rd 
Purity Dairy, Wm A Mathewson, 1100 

Rafferty James, 1917 R nw 
Raynold Wallace C, 325 7th se 
Reilly John F, 605 7th sw 
Reinmuth Mary, 1421 Md av ne 
Ryer Henry, 1706 Pa av nw 

Sampson Thomas, 1410 I nw 
Shear Charles, 604 La av nw 
Shugrue James D, 1629 19th nw 
Sigourney Charles F, 612 D sw 
Simpson Thomas D 803 D nw 
Smith Henry W, 1211 NY av nw 
Steinagle Conrad, L c 5th ne 
Van Slyck Edgar, 620 13th nw- 
Wagner Elizabeth, 403 E Capitol'se 
Ward Frank K, 412 3d nw, and 622 E nw 
Williams Hannah M, 926 L nw 

Milliners and Millinery Goods. 

Akers J O. 1115 7th nw 
Anderson Mathew D, 1010 D sw 
Benton Jennie, 3232 M, nw, Gtn 
Blout I L, 710 7.11 nw 
Bonitz Henry, 1030 7th nw 
Bright Amelia E. 545 8th se 
Davidson M L Mrs, 1220 G nw 
Eaton & King, 824 9th nw 
Edmonston Sarah J, 1246 32d nw, Gtn 
Emrich M, 3116 M nw, Gtn 
Godwin H B, 3069 M nw, Gtn 
Gotthelf Jacob, 728 7th nw 
Graham John T, 1122 7th nw 
Herzberger Elizabeth, 1306 7th nw 
Hunt Minnie J, 621 D nw 
Kaufman S Mrs, 355 Pa av nw 
Killian J G Mrs, 1208 F nw 
King Samuel, 926 7th nw 
Laws & Co, 1136 7th nw 
Luerssen Selma H, 1334 7th nw 
Meyer Simon 2sT, 922 7th nw 
No'land Hannah, 309 Pa av se 
Palmer J P Mrs, 1107 F nw 
Reeder & Hercus, 1414 14th nw 
Rosenbaum Mrs H & Son, 722 7th nw 
Samstag Samuel, 730 7th nw 
Schmerz E, 2811 M nw, Gtn 
Smith C V, 618 9th nw 
Sparks Jared, 1032 7th nw 
Stratton Charlissa, 205 Pa av se 
Thorn C W & Co, 315 9th nw 
Tomlinson Bettie, 1140 7th nw 
Tribby C Mrs, 3115 M nw, Gtn 
William Michael, 907 Pa av nw 
Wolf Amelia, 313 Pa av se 

Mills, Flour. 

(See also Flour.) 
Atkinson Milling Co, 1107 C nw 
Columbia Mills (Herr & Cissel), 3417 to 

3429 Water, Gtn 
Lyons Evan, Rock Creek ab P st bridge nw 
Metz John W, 3331 Water, Gtn 
I Ray A Ross & Bro. 3261 Water, Gtn 
| Tenney William H & Sons, 3513 to'3525 
E | Water, Gtn 

Mineral Waters. 

Bridwell Moses T, 851 M sw 
Otto George, 618 Mass av ne 
Palmer Samuel C, 1224 29th nw, Gtn 
Shafer Casper B, 1010 F nw 



Mining- Companies. 

Washington and Virginias Mining Co, 903 
Pa av nw 

Model Makers, 

Ballauf D, 731 7th nw 
Bradford ElishaH, 711 Gnw 
Jacobs George T, 622 F nw 
Jordan A, 613 7tn nw 
Krieger John G, 505 10th nw 
Maltby F D, 517 7th nw 
Matz & Burger, 633 F nw 
Pendleton Douglass, 1237 Paav nw 
Schultzbach J, 609 7th nw 
Seltman Charles, 713 8th nw 

Music and Musical Instruments 

(See also Pianos.) 
Ellis J T & Co, 937 Pa av nw 
Grimes Alexander V, 433 7th nw 
Metzerott W G & Co, 925 Pa av nw 
Wild G L & Bro, 723 7th nw 


Baptista A J, 528 5th se 

Bartlett Isaac C. 402 4th se 

Bischoff John W, 7 Grant pi nw 

Donch & Son, 608 H nw 

Joyce James A Prof, 124 Corcoran bldg 

McKenney Robert. 1425 11th nw 

Pistorio John N, 223 N J av nw 

Pistorio Nicholas & Son, 815 E se 

Repetti Gaetano, 527 6th se 

Wagner John & Son, 209 1st ne 

Weber L F W (Weber's Band), 725 7th se 


Anvil, 934 F nw 

Army and Navy Register, 513 14th nw 

Capital The, 927 D nw 

Congressional Record, gov print o 

Daily Critic, 511 9th nw 

Department Review, 511 11th nw 

East Washington Press, 4 3d se 

Evening Star, 1104 D nw 

Figaro, 902 Pa av nw 

Gazette The, 931 D nw 

German Correspondent Baltimore, office 

118 1st nw 
National Citizen Soldier The, 72 Corcoran 

National Era, 11th and P nw 
National Free Press, 1103 F nw 
National Republican. 1308 Pa av nw 
National View, 903 Pa av nw 
Real Estate Bulletin and Court Record, 

519 7th nw 
Rechabite The, 507 D nw 
Republic The, 1101 Pa av nw 
Southern Star The, 608 Mel av sw 
Sun Daily The, 628 F nw 
Sunday Chronicle, 608 Pa av nw 
Sunday Herald The. 935 D nw 
Temperance Anvil The, 934 F nw 
Truth The, 934 F nw 
United States Record and Gazette, 719 

Market sp nw 

Vidette The, 339 Pa av nw 
Volks Tribun Der, 802 F nw 
Washington Commercial, 9th c G nw 
Washington Journal, 701 7th nw 
Washington Law Reporter, 631 F nw 
Washington Post The, c 10th and D nw 
Washington Sentinel, 516 10th nw 
Washington and Virginia Press, 4 3d se 
Washington World The, Corcoran bldg 
White House The, 621 E nw 

Newspapers of other Cities (hav> 
iiig' Offices in Washington). 

Alexandria Gazette, 

Atlanta Constitution, 1319 F nw 

Baltimore Sun, 1314 F nw 

Boston Advertiser, 511 14th nw 

Boston Evening Traveller, 1314 F nw 

Boston Herald, 513 14th nw 

Boston Journal, 1319 F nw 

Boston Post, 1314 F nw 

Boston Transcript, 1416 F nw 

Brooklyn Eagle, 1420 N Y av 

Charleston News and Richmond Va State, 

1420 N Y av 
Chicago Iuter-Ocean, 1420 N Y av 
Chicago Journal. 1314 F nw 
Chicago Times, 1420 N Y av 
Chicago Tribune, 1319 F nw 
Cincinnati Commercial, 1420 N Y av 
Cincinnati Enquirer, 501 14th nw 
Cincinnati Gazette, 511 14th nw 
Cleveland Herald, 501 14th nw 
Cleveland Leader, 1420 N Y av 
Columbus Dispatch, 1016 17th nw 
Denver Tribune, 505 14th nw 
Hartford Post, 13t4F nw 
Hartford Times, 915 15th nw 
Kiernan's N Y News Agency, 1416 F nw 
Louisville Commercial, 505 14th nw 
Louisville Courier-Journal 
Nashville American 
National Associated Press, 1416 F nw 
New Orleans Picayune, 14th c Pa av 
New York Associated Press, Corcoran bldg 
New York Commercial Bulletin, 1420 N 

New York Evening Post, 1412 G nw 
New York Herald, 701 15th nw 
New York Journal of Commerce, 1420 N 

New York Sun, 1412 G nw 
New York Sun, 10 Corcoran bldg 
New York Times, 515 14th nw 
New York Tribune, 1322 F nw 
New York World, 515 14th nw 
Philadelphia Bulletin, 1314 F nw 
Philadelphia Inquirer, 14th c Pa av nw 
Philadelphia Ledger, 515 14th nw 
Philadelphia News, 1416 F nw 
Philadelphia Presbyterian 
Philadelphia Prcs, 1407 F nw 
Philadelphia Record, 1314 F nw 
Philadelphia Star, 1319 F nw 
Philadelphia Times, 1101 Pa av 
Pittsburg Chronicle, 1016 17th nw 




Pittsburg Commercial Gazette, 1416 F nw 

Pittsburg Dispatch, 1416 F nw 

Pittsburg Leader, 927 D nw 

Pittsburg Telegraph, 14th c Pa av 

Portsmouth (Va) Times 

Providence Bulletin, 1314 F nw 

Richmond (Va) Dispatch 

St Louis Globe-Democrat, 1101 Pa av 

St Louis Republican, 1314 F nw 

San Francisco Chronicle, 511 14th nw 

Salt Lake Tribune, 23 Le Droit bldg 

Springfield Republican, 1420 N Y av 

Springfield Union, 1314 F nw 

Notaries Public. 

(See Miscellaneous.) 

Arms John T, 810 F nw 
Bell William Pierce, 460 La av nw 
Bradley Andrew C, 470 La avnw 
Bragdon Oren D, 470 La av nw 
Bull John, 29 Corcoran bldg 
Bundy Charles S, 456 La av nw 
Callan James Nich, 610 La av nw 
Callan M P, 615 7th nw 
Callan N, 1422 F nw 
Claa:ett Dorsey, 81 9 Market sp nw 
Clark John T C, 324 12th nw 
Clark James A, 222 4| nw 
Coombs V, 501 F nw 
Danenhower Washington, 1212 Fnw 
Dorian Marion, 402 6th nw 
Eckloff Edward C. 429 I nw 
Fitzgerald J A, 73 Corcoran bldg 
Hall Hillman A, 522 8th nw 
Handy C W, 509 7th nw 
Hunt Amos, 210 A ne 
Harrison William H, 619 F nw 
Holtzman liO, 943 F nw 
Ingersoll Edward C, 458 La av nw 
Kean Leonard, 442 4| sw 
Kines James F, 1st c K se 
Lay J C, 220 4£ nw 
Maryman Horatio R, 231 Pa av se 
May Edward H, 622 7th sw 
JMeidrum James, 1751 Pa av nw 
Mills Samuel C, 617 La av nw 
Moore W G, 613 15th nw 
Myer J WP, 613 15th nw 
Newton W J, 509 7th nw 
NorrisAH,501 F nw 
Ogden David M, 628 F nw 
Oliver John N, 458 La av nw 
Peyton William J, 25 Grant pi nw 
Plant Joseph T K, 490 La av nw 
Rohrer M M. 509 7th nw 
Ruff Albert B, 7th c La av nw 
Shoemaker Edward, 3115 O nw, Gtn 
Smith Charles M, 501 D nw 
Soran Thomas W, 486 La av nw 
Taylor A S, 1221 F nw 
Thomas Jenkin, 1212 31st nw, Gtn ■ 
Wallace Thomas K, 2834 N nw, Gtn 
Webster C P, 605 7th nw 
Wolf S, 509 7th nw 
Wright Edward D, 516 4j sw 

Notions and Fancy Goods, 

Bailey Mary A, 1015 N J av se 
Barker Anna, 407 H ne 
Brick Marv, 54£ H nw 
Burch M, 1602 7th nw 
Burkley Mary E, 52 H nw 
Callan Margaret, 428 4^ sw 
Carr Sarah, 1110 21st nw 
Chappell Hmnah A, 478 E sw 
Durity Jane, 1405 11th nw 
Edmonson Mary, 1929 L nw 
Fischer Herman, 27 Centre mkt 
Gott Isabella, 6(.)2 U sw 
Griffin Catherine, 520 4£ sw 
Hart William, 816 2d se 
Henderson Ida Mrs, 1001 3d se 
Hile Margaret, 625 H ne 
Javins Emily, 1222 Union sw 
Jeffers Annie, 2138 Pa av nw 
Kennelly Margaret, 61 G nw 
Keppler Caroline T, 621 4J sw 
Krause Annie S, 406 8th se 
Litchfield Eliza. 612 Va av sw 
Lyon Anna L Mrs, 638 E se 
McCloskey Samuel H, 2106 14th nw 
McFarland Elizabeth, 11 H ne 
Mashauer Elizabeth, 1011 H ne 
Meehan Nancy J, 17 7th ne 
Merillat Catherine, 744 4th nw 
Merillat Frances L. 511 N J av nw 
Miller Matilda, 421 E Capitol se 
Ratcliff Sarah A, 305 8th ne 
Reynolds Ann. 106 H ne 
Rubenacker Henry, 1738 7th nw 
Ryon Frances, 244 4| sw 
Schnopp Catherine, 622 4?} sw 
Schneider Louisa, 1704 7th nw 
Schweitzer Elizabeth, 510 NLmkt 
Shepherd Mary S, 1908 7th nw 
Sherwood Virginia R Mrs, 920 M se 
Spept Matilda, 515 Centre mkt 
Spence George T, 614 B se 
Washington Gabriel, 1308 C se 
Wissner Annie, 3204 P nw, Gtn 
Wood Susan A, 233 4^ sw 
Young Rebecca, 123 L se 


(See also Midwives), 

Allen Mary, 1411 D nw 
Baker Cora E, 433 2d sw 
Carroll C Mrs, 456 Laav nw 
Cook Catherine, 607 Md av sw 
Cooke Mary A, 472 E sw 
Entman Amanda. College nw 
Green Margaret, Herbert's al nw 
Harris Sarah, 1422 D nw 
Nichols Amelia, 2120 9th nw 
Overton Mary E, 910 E nw 
Reynolds Mary, 202 H nw 
Simms Eliza, Boundary nr 10th nw 
Thomas Rachael, 1633 12th nw 
Towns Camilla G, 201 Mass av nw 
Woodward Maria 233 4£ sw 



(See also Physicians.) 
Burnett S M, 1215 I nw 
Reuling George, 1209 Pa av nw 

* Oculists' Optician. 

Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4£ 
* Opera Glasses. 

Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4| nw 

* Optical Instruments. 

Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4£ nw 


Alexander Isaac, 1012 F nw 
Franklin & Co, 1227 Pa av nw 
Hempler H H, 453 Pa av nw 
lannarone F P, 507-£ Pa av nw 
Oppenheimer Simon, 528 9th nw 


(See Pianos.) 

(See also Fish, also Restaurants.) 

Athey Thomas 1215 32d nw, Gtn 
Brown Charles & Co, 220 8| I nw 
Brown Henry. 2618 Paav nw 
Brown Jordan, 1642 10th nw 
Burgess John B, 607 11th nw 
Burns Richard H. 1826 G nw 
Campbell John. 133 B se 
Churchwell George, 1322 9th nw 
Cole James, 631 44 sw 
Collins CD. 1736 Pa av nw 
Curry Jacob C, 11th and R I av nw 
DeAtley Turner, 11th st whf 
Dickson & Arthur, 346 Pa av nw 
Dorsey John, 300 Md av ne 
Driver Rafe, 452 Va av sw 
Edlin John M, 1223 M nw 
Ellis William G, 240 13th sw 
Fletcher Benjamin F, 11th st whf 
Flurry Robert, 1100 16th nw 
Gardner Henry, 822 20th nw 
Garnett John H, N C av c B se 
Gaskins Shadrack, 19th c L nw 
Herbert James, 1121 7th nw 
Hogan John J, 423 12th nw 
Hughes John, 1332 32d nw, Gtn 
Hurley Walter G, 1226 N nw 
Jackson Stephen, c 7th and E Capitol 
Jenkins John W, 636 L se 
Johnson Edward, 28 2d ne 
Johnson Henry, 724 22d nw 
Johnson Lewis, 1120 18th nw 
Johnson Reuben, 612 19th nw 
Jones Henry, 2051 9th nw 
Jones Henry A, 2115 K nw 
Jones Scott, 119 D se 
Lewis Charles, 815 18th nw 
Lewis Peter, 1206 15th nw 
Lomax & Johnson, 404 9th nw 
Luck <te Johnson, St Charles Hotel 
McLowell & Oliver, 216 B nw 

McKenney Daniel W, 119 E nw 
Madison B W, 1211 10th nw 
Mangum Luther, 805 N Capitol ne 
Matthews John H, 404 3d nw 
Matthews Mathias, 741 4th se 
Miles & Eckloff, 1414 P nw 
Miller William F, 1226 H nw 
Minor Batrle, 1704 H nw 
Nash T J & Bro, 802 5th nw 
Nelson Reuben, 1101 I nw 
Micho's Frank, 5th cB se 
Nolen William C, 11th st wharf 
Peyton Henry D, 1120 K nw 
Port John, 400 E Capitol 
Reid Robert, 323 4^ nw 
Sanders & Rowland, 428 10th nw 
Schwarge Joseph R B, 1313 E nw 
Smith Jasper, 329 Pa av se 
Smith Robert B, 418 11th sw 
Taylor Peyton, 100 4£ sw. 
Taylor William, 2011 8th nw 
Thomas Charles W, 408 11th nw 
Thomas George, 1336 9th nw 
Thomas James H, 804 12th nw 
Tinsley Joseph, 234 4| sw 
Turner William, 11th st w T harf 
Walker George, 1401 27th nw, Gtn 
Walker Robert, 112 3d se 
Ward William, 1133 23d nw 
Wathen Daniel T, 335 1st ne 
Weser Edward. 1116 E nw and 11th 

Whipper & Beckett, 923 17th nw 
White Nicholas, 621 B nw 
Williams John Mrs, 8th c Va av se 
Wills George W, 1430 32d nw, Gtn 
Wyatt Charles, 909 N nw 

Painters, Fresco. 

(See also Artists.) 
Baessell Louis, 616 N nw 
Fisher & Ramm, 1027 4th nw 
Forsberg G W & Co, 715 15th nw 
Schutter Hubert, 804 E nw 

Painters, House and Sign. 

Angel John T, 710 1 G sw 
Armor Charles, D c 9tli nw 
Atchison Eugene, r 1316 14th nw 
Blondel Eugene, 606 I nw 
Born Leon, 1119 9th nw 
Bowen Columbus J, 1542 8th nw 
14th nw 
av nw 

Brown Reuben M, 1148 7th nw 
Brown T A, 1413 F nw 
Callaghan & Moran, 507 10th nw 
Callahan John C, 507 10th nw 
Carr J W, 428 11th nw 
Cassell John T, 645 Md av sw 
Cavnaugh & Walsh, 706 12th nw 
Collier Andrew J, 904 L nw 
Conroy James F, 805 14th nw 
Cornwall & Tucker, 12th nr B nw 
Crossfield & Coomes. 434 11th nw 
Davis J Harman, 938 O nw 

| Bowen Cornelius T, 619 14t 
Bowen Uriah G, 1323 Mass 



Davis & Chism, 1021 lltli nw 

Donn Henry T, 457 Mass av nw 

Dunham Aiva, 466 Pa av nw 

Evans John T, 1540 8th nw 

Everson Burton J, 1310 Pa av nw 

Fenwick Richard M A, 634 H nw 

Ferguson Charles E, 1823 L nw 

Finch J S, 1413 F nw 

Frere Richard A, 1240 Boundary nw 

Godfrey L & Son, 1412 R I av nw 

Govers John C, 1113 Vt av nw 

Haight Horace, 1742 14th nw 

Hall & Latham, 803 D se 

Hamer Charles A, 225 D sw 

Harvey Peter, 216 Md av sw 

Harvey W C. 216 7th sw 

Hawke & Meehan, 111 Pa av se 

Hilton Joseph H, 1009 G nw 

Hodges James M, 1310 Pa av nw 

Hunt John B, D c 6th nw 

Johnson James H. 814 K nw 

Keys William, 12 Covington nw 

Kirk George E, 300 6th nw 

Lauman John H, 605 G nw 

Lee James C, 1119 4^ sw 

Lehmann Anton, 119 E Capitol 

Lehmann J W, 119 E Capitol 

Lewis William F, 1229 8th nw 

Linskey & Irving, 20th c I nw 

Luther Daniel, 454 N Y av nw 

Luxen Joseph A. 312^ Pa av se 

McGee John. 2605 Pa av nw 

McNichol Charles, 415 10th nw 

Mankin John W, 3051 M nw, Gtn 

Mark ward Taylor, 622 G nw 

May William H, 624 O nw 

Mickum Samuel, 726 19th nw 

Millan J D, 434 9ih nw 

Montrop Emil, 806 D nw 

Moore Richard H. 1427 9th nw 

Moran David F, 622 G nw 

Murray Joseph C 3212 Prospect av nw,Gtn 

Nalley James C, 509 F nw 

Newman Frederick S. 911 20th nw 

Newton James C, 713 18th nw 

Off utt Cornelius A, 23 Potomac, Gtn 

Orton William H, 632 G nw 

Parker M T & Son, 621 La av nw 

Ralph Henry sr, 1531 10th nw 

Robinson Robert S, 613 3d sw 

Roese Adolphus, 311 6th sw 

Ryan A G, 2122 10th nw 

Sengstaek Charles A, 1548 8th nw 

Shanks James R, 1243 31st nw, Gtn 

Shepperson James, 216 7th sw 

Spalding William E & Co, 1224 Pa av nw 

Stalling!} JM, 3051 M nw, Gtn 

Stoops William B, 319 8th nw 

Tait William. 605 11th nw 

Train Davis M, 643 Massav nw 

Watts Sydney S, 1340 G nw 

Wheeler William P, 218 4th ne 

Wise George W, N J av c M se 

Painters, Portrait. 

(See Artists.) 

Paints, Oils, &c. 

Bradley's Enameled Paint Agency, 936 Pa 

Brummel A O, 1115 G nw 
Gill & Rearden, 712 K nw 
Holton & McLain, 711 G nw 
Levy Isaac. 1009 7th nw 
Martin & Butler, 609 C nw 
Miller Francis, 307 9th nw 
Peake Bros, 642 Pa av se 
Poole N A & Co, 937 La av nw 
Raub Samuel C. 1416 Ohio av nw 
Riggles J Richard, 714 K nw 
Rutherford William, 1217 E nw 
Ryneal George jr, 418 7th nw 
Shanahan Daniel, 1919 Pa av nw" 

Paper ISags. 

Daly & Hughes. 61 Centre mkt 
Morrison Ebenezer, 806 D nw 
Scott & Lenoir, 919 La av nw 

Paper Box Manufacturers. 

Bawman Charles, 1634 5th nw 
Goetz Louis. 208 2d se 
Lecombe Charles, 1237 7th nw 
Reh F-ederick, 210 12th nw 
Reh Henry F, 320 12th nw 

Paper Dealers. 

(See also Books.) 
Daly & Hughes, 61, 62 and 63 Centre mkt 
Morrison Ebenezer, 805 D nw 

Paper Hangings and Mangers. 

Clark William F. 1113 F nw 
j Coon John W, 1311 32d nw, Gtn 
j Hansell George Y, 725 H ne 
Hansell James Y, 725 H ne 
Henderson Richard, 403 9th nw 
Krause Charles A, 1223 N Y av nw 
Mahoney John R, 315 "*a av se 
Markriter John. 626 E nw 
Meiners John H, 912 8th nw 
Moore James A K, 309 9th nw 
Reh Rudolph, 737 7th nw 
Schaefer George M, 1709 Pa av nw 
Spelshouse John F, 708 7th nw 
Spelshouse William H. 1028 7th nw 
TaHavull Peter, 723 8th se 
Tubman Albert M. 411 9th nw 
Veerhoff William H, 916 7th nw 
Vogel F, 906 5th nw 
Willmer Francis, 1925 Pa av nw 
Willmer George, 429 9th nw 

Paper Manufacturers. 
American Palm, Pulp and Paper Co, 632 

F nw 
Hill George jr, 432 9th nw, Potomac c 
Water, Gtn 

Paper Manufacturers' Agent. 

Morrison Ebenezer, 805 D nw 
Patent Solicitors and Attorneys- 
Alexander Charles M, 709 G nw 
Alexander T A, 607 7th nw 



Allen Dewitt C, 511 F nw 

Lacey R S & A P, 604 F nw 

Allen Walter, 632 F nw 

Leggett & Leggett, 607 7th nw 

Anderson E W & Co, 700 7th nw 

Lehmann F A, 517 7th nw 

Babcock William H, 513 7th nw 

McCleary F 0, 509 7th nw 

Bagger Louis & Co, 802 F nw 

McDonald I H, 802 Fnw 

Baldwin, Hopkins & Peyton, 25 Grant pi 

McFarland J L, 517 7th nw 


Mclntire W C, 513 7th nw 

Beadle H W & Co, 437 7th nw 

Mahon Alexander, 637 F nw 

Breed Daniel, 802 F nw 

Mason, Fen wick & Lawrence, 802 F nw 

Brereton William H, 639 F nw 

Masson E E, 615 7th nw 

Brown Andrew R, 635 F nw 

Merrill J H, 511 7th nw 

Brown J S, 810 F nw 

Mills & Lathrop, 617 La av nw 

Burris William, 529 7th nw 

Mister J William, 617 7th nw 

Campbell Robert T, 715 )£ nw 

Munn & Co, 7th c F nw 

Carter Charles M, 511 7th nw 

Myers & Co, 940 F nw 

Cragin H W, 617 7th nw 

Neale Charles A, 703 7th nw 

Crawford Newton, 529 7th nw 

Norris J L, 501 F nw 

Deane Llewellyn, 515 7th nw 

Nottingham J R,515 7th nw 

Dodge & Sons, 700 9th nw 

Orth Henry, 529 7th nw 

Donn Edward W, 930 F nw 

Perkins J McC, 809 L nw 

Doubleday & Bliss, 705 H nw 

Postley Charles E, 505 9th nw 

Duffle John S, 632 F nw 

Prindie & Co, 515 7th nw 

Dyer & Wilber, 519 7th nw 

Ritter Frederic W, 701 7th nw 

Edson Brothers, 711 G- nw 

Robertson T J W, 820 F nw 

Eils & Doolittle, 703 7th nw 

Seely L Warren, 701 7th nw 

Ennis Henry J, 711 G nw 

Seymour H A, 607 7th nw 

Evans A H & Co, 505 7th nw 

Smith Addison M, 637 F nw 

Ewin James L, 633 F nw 

Smith RD 0,615 7th nw 

Finckel William H, 637 F nw 

Snow Chester A & Co, 709 G nw 

Foster Charles E, 509 7th nw 

Somes Frank C, 707 G nw 

Fowler Charles H, 706 8th nw 

Soule & Kookogey, 719 Market sp nw 

Gelston E H & Co, 73 Corcoran bldg 

Spear Ellis, 701 7th nw 

Good C J, St Cloud bldg 

Stansbury & Munn, St Cloud building 

Oridley J H, 7th c F nw 

Stearn Norman W, 513 7th nw 

Halsted J J, 515 7th nw 

Stoughtons A B (successor), 615 7th nw 

Hancock , 1449 Pa av nw 

Sweet Parker H jr & Co, 820 F nw 

Heylmua & Kane, 508 and 510 F nw 

Tanner Aug M, 425 7th nw 

Hil'l W C, 530 9th nw 

Tasker J C & Co, 635 F nw 

Hill & Church. 617 7th nw 

Toulmin Mortin, 942 nw 

Holloway & Blanchard, 608 F nw 

Towles G B, 529 7th nw 

Houffhton Thomas, 1333 4* sw 

Tucker & Bishop, 17 7th nw 

HowVd G H & W T, 707 G nw 

Watson C H & Co, 605 7th nw 

Howard & Co. 810 F nw 

Whitman Charles S, 1417 G nw and F c 

Howson & Sons, 605 7th nw 

7th nw 

James Edwin, 639 F nw 

Patent Medicines. 

Johnson E W & Co, 510 F nw 

Baldus William T, Pa av c 19th 

Johnson & Johnson, 639 F nw 

Brown William J, 719 N C av se 

Kirk S S& Co, 613 7th nw 

Cannon William Minor. 7th c La av nw 

Knight Bros, 633 F nw 

Cook Truman A, 605 6th nw 



American and Foreign 


Corner F and Fifth Streets, 




Lepreux Louis, 704 5th nw 
Rorer J J, 349 Pa av nw 
Simpson Thomas J, 217 44 sw 

Paving Company. 

American Asphalt Pavement Co, 802 F nw 

Cohen H, 1007 7th nw 
Cohen J M & R, 1105 Pa av nw 
Fulton Horace K, 1218 Pa av nw 
Heidenheimer Elias, 1238 Pa av nw 
Smith William, 314 9th nw 


McDaniels J L, 1404 6th nw 


Bieterich Fred G, 700 9th nw 


Armstrong William J, 426 7th nw 
Bates N E, 3018 M nw, Gtn 
Bell Charhs M, 459 Pa av nw 
BickelerT J, 401 7th nw 
Bowdoin David W, 1115 Pa av nw 
Brady M P, 625 Pa av nw 
Cudlip Charles S, 711 Market sp nw 
Davis George W, 925 Pa av nw 
Dillon Luke C, 1227 Pa av nw 
Douglas Ranald, 305 7th sw 
Goldin John, 819 Market sp nw 
Jarvis John F, 135 Pa av nw 
Johnson J O, 809 Market sp nw 
Nephew John, 6th c C se 
Phipps William M, 708 7th nw 
Pullman Edgar J 935 Pa *,v nw 
Rice MOses P, 1219 Pa av nw 
Spedden William L, 808 7th nw 
Trail es Paul, 1013 D nw 
Ulke Julius, 1109 Pa av nw 
Washington Copying Co, 918 F nw 
Wheeler Paris H, 422 7th nw 


Peters Norris, 458 Pa av nw 

(Marked thus * are Homoeopathic.) 
Acker George N, 1403 NYav nw 
Adams Arthur C, 709 11th nw 
Adams Benjamin B, 1616 7th nw 
Adams Eimon A, 422 8th se 
Adams J Lee, 1335 E se 
Adams Mason P, 1602 8th nw 
Adams Samuel S, 831 14th nw 
Allen Charles, 415 7th sw 
Appleby James F R, 1430 33d nw, Gtn 
Ash ford Francis A, 1330 N Y av nw 
Augusta Alexander T, 1319 L nw 
Austin Francis Irby, 1360 L se 
Baldwin Aaron, 1017 M nw 
Baldwin William O, 1715 Pa av nw 
Ball Charles A, 233 G nw 
Balloch E A, 7th nr Howard University nw 
Barker Howard H, 1116 H nw 
Barnes Joseph D. 1733 G nw 
Batson John R, 1413 8th nw 

Baxter J H, chf med purveyor "USA, 1504 

H nw 
Baxter ML, 125 E nw 
Bayn< s John W, 210 B se 
Beale James S, office 206 Pa av se 
BeallBM, 941 R lav 
Behrend Adajah, 709 H nw 
Bigelow Horatio R. 1502 14th nw 
Bigelow J R, 931 G nw 
Blair David, 1626 14th nw 
Blanche Mme, 522 10th nw 
Bland M Cora, 1209 G nw 
Bland Thomas A, 1209 G nw 
Bliss D Willard, 1329 Fnw 
Boarman Charles V, 1114 Md av sw 
Bogan Martin V B, 604 Mass av nw 
Bogan Samuel W, 421 G nw 
Bogert Peter. 912 R I av nw 
Bogue A P, Sumner av nw 
Boldemann Theodore, 822 8th nw 
Bond Samuel S, 813 1st nw 
Bolland Andrew J, 903 6th nw 
Borrows Joseph, 921 E nw 
Bosworth Allen L. 918 E, nw 
Bowen Charles, 908 6th nw 
Boyd William, 108 Va av sw 
Brackett John E, 31 B se 
Briscoe Walter C, 317 C nw 
Brooke Charles B, 408 L nw 
Brooks George W, 322 E sw 
Brothers Louis J, 906 B sw 
Brown William A, 801 Market sp nw 
Bruckheimer Moses, 748 6th nw 
Budlong Orsemus W, 6294- F sw 
Bulkley John W, 615 11th nw 
Burghardt Caroline A, 939 H nw 
Burnett Swan M, 1215 I nw 
Busey Samuel, 1525 I nw 
Bushnell John H, 1212 10th nw 
Byrns William F, 600 N C av se 
Callan C V N, 1422 F nw 
Candee H O. 944 K nw 
Christie Arthur, Anacostia 
Clarke D B, 1008 13th nw 
Colesberry W H, 723 14th nw 
*Connell Benjamin F, 3139 Dumbarton av 

nw, Gtn 
Cook G Wythe, 1502 S nw 
Cooke Benjamin C, 120 B ne 
Corbit William B, 231 E nw 
Corey Waltman F, 906 French nw 
Coumbe John T, 1304 9th nw 
Cragin Charles H, 3121 Dumbarton av nw, 

Crew SB, 146 6th sw 
Crook Harrison, 424 7th sw 
*Custus J B Gregg, 604 E Capitol ne 
De Forrest Madame, 606 10th nw 
De Gomez Alphonzo F, 45 K ne 
De Meza Manuel M, 927 9th nw 
Dewey R B, 508 11th nw 
Dexter James E, 1333 F nw 
Dorsey Lloyd, 1022 9th nw 
Dorsey Thomas G, 400 B se 
Dovilliers Leopold V, 1221 13th nw 
Dufour John F R, 1814 14th nw 



Duhamel William J C, 338 Ind av nw 

Dunn John W, N Capitol c Boundary 

Duvall William T S, 1009 L nw 

Dyer John I, 413 12th nw 

Edson Susan A, 1308 I nw 

Eliot Johnson, 510 E nw 

Evans Warwick, 1107 9th nw 

Faggms Peter H, Howard's row 

Farnham Robert, 1242 11th nw 

Fenwick George P, 405 7th sw 

Fisher Samuel B, 307 E Capitol 

Ford Charles M, 150 Pa av se 

Foster Romulus A, 722 9th ne 

Francis John R, 212 G nw 

Franzoni C W, 810 H nw 

Freeman James R, 1207 G nw 

French R D De L, 1316 T nw 

Fry Henry D, 819 14th nw 

Garnett Alexander Y P, 1317 N Y av nw 

Garretson F, 444 O nw 

Gibbs Thomas F, 935 R I av 

Gieseking Henry N, 1241 5th nw 

Gilbert Charles B, 1104 F nw 

Gilpin George E, Tennallytown 

Gleeson James K P, 1227 N nw 

Glennan Patrick, 404 Boundary nw 

Goldsborough Edmund K, 1331 K nw 

Goodman William R, 216 13£ sw 

Guswold Alexander S, 1217 24th nw 

*Groot Simon 1, 924 N Y av nw 

Gross George, 311 E Capitol 

Hagner Charles E, 944 L nw 

Hagner Daniel R, 1814 H nw 

Hammett Charles M, 644 F sw 

Hanner Edward T, 705 I nw 

Hansmann Theodore, 724 13th nw 

Harlan James A, 917 16th nw 

Harris Joseph D, 500 Maple av, Le Droit 

Harris J O, 929 L nw 
Harris Robert, 929 L nw 
Harrison George By id, 1345 F nw 
Hart Mary E, 939 H nw 
Hartigan James F, 1125 14th nw 
Hartwell John B, 1303 S nw 
Harvey W F, Pa av c 9th nw 
Hatch Horace, 1323 F nw 
Hazen David H, 409 6th sw 
Hazen W P C, 511 E Capitol se 
Heller P H, 217 6th nw 
Herbert Joseph W, 205 H nw 
Herndon Dabney, 1441 Corcoran nw 
Heron George H, 1328 6th nw 
Herron Charles S, 626 10th ne 
Hillyer Frances S, 1527 10th nw 
Hoehling Adolph A, 722 12th nw 
Hoff Florence B, 1509 H nw 
Hoover Clayton A, 604 Mass av nw 
Hopkins George N, 1743 20th nw 
Houston S N, 14L7 Columbia nw 
Howard Flodardo, 1019 F nw 
Howard Horatio N, 918 Mass av nw 
Howard Joseph T, 1126 9th nw 
Hudson William L, 61 H nw 
Huff Jane E, 340 B sw 
Hunter William, 1425 N Y av nw 

Hyatt Franck, 934 N Y av nw 

Jenkins F T, 2115 Pa av nw 

Johnson Albert E. 101 B se 

Johnson Dallas. 825 N J av nw 

Johnson John B, 922 N Y av nw 

Johnson Joseph Taber, 937 N Y av nw 

Johnson G F, 420 6th nw 

Johnston William W, 1401 H nw 

Jones Henry, 456 Va av sw 

Jouy Joseph, 2218 Pa av nw 

Joyce James W, 912 I nw 

Ju'lihn Magnus L, 200 \ 7th sw 

Keech Thomas A R. 645 Pa av se 

Kellogg George, 1332 G nw 

Kelly Daniel J, 2628 K, nw 

Ketcham Orlando C, 37 C ne 

Kimball E S, 721 15th nw 

Lindsley Harvey, 824 Coun av 

King A F A, 726 13th nw 

King Nathaniel E, 810 M nw 

Kleinschmidt C H A, 3113 2* nw, Gtn 

Lamb D S, 1324 V nw 

Landers Thomas, 926 I nw 

Latimer Geo, 1604 7th nw and 714 H n©- 

Lawyer W P, 1912 I nw 

Leach Hamilton E, 233 7th sw 

Le Conte John N. 907 T nw 

Lee William, 2111 Pa av nw 

Leon Edward, 455 Mass av nw 

Lincoln Nathan S, 1514 H nw 

Lindsly Harvey, 824 Conn av nw 

Linn Samuel F, 3314 P nw, Gtn 

Little J W, Anacostia 

Logucn S Marinda, 2002 17th nw 

Long Owen M, 933 K nw 

Loomis Silas L, Montello 

Loiing Francis B, 1407 N Y av nw 

Lovejoy James W H. 900 12th nw 

Lunuey George, 618 6th nw 

McArdle Thomas E, 707 12th nw 

McBlair John H, 439 9th nw 

McKim Samuel A H, 25 5th se 

McLean John W, 127 Corcoran bldg 

McNally V, 1203 13th nw 

McPherson Dorsey M, 711 8th nw 

McWilliams Alexander, 607 4+ sw 

Mackall James McV, 612 14th nw and 3127 

M nw 
Mackall Louis jr, 1203 31st nw, Gtn 
Magruder George Lloyd, 310 E nw 
Marmion Wm V, 1106 F nw 
Marr S S, 1415 10th nw 
Marsteller Adpf'ar A, 221 D nw 
Massey Thomas E, 2423 Pa av nw 
Mauss Richard G, 1701 6th nw 
Mead Theodore, 902 22d nw 
Melvin McCarty B. 721 44 sw 
Menke John, 608 3d nw 
Meriam E C, 622 N J av nw 
Miller Aaron W, 233 Pa av se 
Moore J B, 1924 Pa av nw 
Morgan Ethelbert C, 916 E nw 
Morgan James E, 905 E nw, 1114 Md avsw 
Morgan .Joseph D, 1609 8th nw 
Morris Mifflin D, 1728 Vt av 
Mosher James, 115 B se 



Muhleman Samuel. 723 6th nw 
Muncaster Otbo M, 1405 N Y av nw 
Mundell John H. 1022 18th nw 
Murphy Patrick H, Pa av c 25th nw 
Naylor William J, 456 M nw 
Newman Henry M, 2403 Pa av nw 
Newman William G H, 2403 Pa av nw 
Newton Louis, 413 L nw 
Nicholson William, 1322 I nw 
Nisch Anna B, 626 Mass av nw 
O'Connell J C, 40 M nw 
Okie William T, 1210 G nw 
Owens Thomas, 1023 17th nw 
Palmer Gideon L, 1113 Mass av nw 
Palmer William Gray, 929 H nw 
Parke Joseph M, 936 R nw 
Parker C F, 1011 7th nw 
Parsons John, 8 I ne 
Parsons Mary A, 724 11th nw 
Patterson D C, 919 I nw 
Pa'ze Adolphus, 311 Penn av nw 
Pearson Clement, 608 12th nw 
Peck M D. 918 R 1 av nw 
Peter Armistead, 1303 31st nw, Gtn 
♦Pope Gustavus W, 1109 14th nw 
Porter Henry C, 3145 P nw, Gtn 
Poulton William E, 426 4| sw 
♦Prentiss Charles E, 212 6th se 
Prentiss D W, 1224 9th nw 
Purvis Charles B, 1118 13th nw 
Radcliff Samuel J, 1733 G nw 
Ramsey William T, 1341 Q nw 
Rauterberg Charles, 215 3d nw 
/ ♦Rauterberg Lewis E, 215 3d nw 
Ravenberg Rudolph, 1457 Pierce pi nw 
Indian Herb Doctor, Red Syn A, 349 Pa 

av nw 
Reid Louis H, 506 K nw 
Reily James R, 221 4| sw 
Reuling George, 1209 Pa av nw 
Reyburn Robert, 1321 F nw 
Reynolds Walter B, 1001 E Capitol 
Rice Nathan E, 2004 14th nw 
Richey Stephen O, 1426 N Y av nw 
Ripley Z Howe, 726 11th nw 
Ritchie Louis W, 3259 N nw, Gtn 
Roberts Grace, 204 5th se 
Roberts William E, 715 G se 
Robertson William W, 456 C nw 
Rogers Alphonso P, 308 L se 
Rosette John, 1616 8th nw 
Rosse Irving C, 1106 F nw 
Russell William R, 14th c Vt av nw 
Rutherford Allan, Corcoran bldg 
St Clair Francis 0, 1428 Rlav nw 
Samson George C, 2419Paavnw 
Schaefer E M, 1115 F nw 
Scholl Joseph, 615 D nw 
Schucking Prosper L, 1131 11th nw 
Sellhiusen Ernest A, 636 G nw 
Shekell Abraham B, 1529 32d nw, Gtn 
Shirley Charles B, 1336 Q nw 
ShraderHD, 620 11th nw 
Sloweu William M, 2408 N nw 
Smith Thomas C, 1133 12th nw 
Sonnerschmidt Charles W, 626 E nw 

Sothoron J T, 1919 I nw 
Sowers Z T, 1324 N Y av nw* 
Spackman Mary D, 1634 16th nw 
Sroud W H, 4th c L nw 
Stanton Joshua O, 1344 G nw 
Starr William M, 206 B nw 
Stearns S S, 924 P nw 
Stegemeier Charlotta, 334 Me av sw 
Sephenson Joseph G, 1007 F sw 
♦Stevens William H, 1313 H nw 
Stickney Charles D, 1231 N Y av nw 
Stone Charles G, Bright wood 
Stout Alexander M, 1137 24th nw 
Street Daniel B, 804 8th ne 
Stratton J T, 517 7th se 
Suddarth James S, 2 I ne 
Sumby Sydney A, 513 3d sw 
Suter Henderson, 1205 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Sweetman J T, 1919 G nw 
Swormstedt Lyman B, 1455 14th nw 
Tachmyntis E J, 1106 C nw 
Tarkington Joseph A, 217 D nw 
Taulman Dowe D, 6th c G nw 
Tavlor Leroy M, 701 M nw 
Taylor William H, 619 M nw 
Tebbs A Sidney, 3300 M nw, Gtn 
Thompson J Ford, 1000 9th nw 
Toner Joseph M, 615 La av nw 
Torrey Turner, Anaeostia 
Townsend William W, 1011 T nw 
Townshend Smith. 213 4^- nw 
Tree Charles N, 514 12th nw 
Tiott Thomas H, 232 N J av se 
Turpin Henry W, 723 12th nw 
Tyler Grafton, 1300 30th nw, Gtn 
Tyler Lachlan, 609 13th nw 
Tyler Walter B, 2918 P nw, Gtn 
Van Arnum John W, 1413 Q nw 
Van Vliet Frederick C, 819 15th nw 
Verdi T S, 815 14th nw 
Wallace William F, 104 Ind av nw 
Walsh John K, 1111 13th nw 
Walsh Joseph, 1111 13th nw 
Walsh Ralph, 332 C nw 
Walter John, 1010 F nw 
Ward William W, 1931 Pa'av nw 
Watson Arthur, 810 20th nw 
Watts Samuel R, 1134 Conn av 
Wells Francis, 1721 8th nw 
White N F, 726 10th nw 
Willett John E, 476 F sw 
Williamson A N 602 llth nw and 486 F sw 
Wilson J G, 1529 Columbia nw 
Winslow Caroline B, 1 Grant pi nw 
Winter John T, 1613 10th nw 
Wirt William, 1741 G nw 
Wolhaupter David P, 801 H nw 
Woodbury Henry E, 912 12th nw 
Woodward James S. 1526 9th nw 
Yarrow H C, 816 17th nw 
Young James T, 1336 N Y av nw 
Young Noble, 344 Pa av nw 
Young Park G, 1258 8th nw 
Piano Fortes. 
(See also Music.) 
Ellis J F & Co, 937 Pa av nw 



Kuhn Gustav H, 407 10th nw 
Metzerott & Co, 925 Pa av nw 
Nimmo Sidney T, 433 7th nw 
Reichenbach Catherine, 423 11th nw 
Smith Freeborn G, 1103 Pa av nw 
Wild G L &Bro, 7123 7th nw 

Piano Tuners. 

(See also Music, also Pianos.) 
Becker Victor, 907 H nw 
Lucas Joseph F, 1313 7th nw 
Urso Fernand A, 1007 G nw 

Pickles and Canned. Ooods. 

Claude Hammond, 630 3d nw 
Pictures and. Picture Frames. 

(See Looking Glasses and Frames.) 

Planing* Mills. 

Aires & Belt, Ohio av c th nw 

Dyer William H & Bro, 27th bet I and K 

Hayden & Hughes, 13th c B nw 
Plumley John A, 26 D nw 
Plumley Samuel N, sw c 7th and T nw, h 

408 H nw 
Simms William H, ft 30th nw, Gtn 
Smith Daniel, 1210 Ohio av nw 
Wemph*, Smith & Co, S Capitol c S se 
Wimsatt & Uhler, 9th st wharf sw 

Plaster Ornaments. 

Parker Lemuel D, 1825 H nw 

Cole James, 1521 9th nw 
Rabbitt Samuel E, 1520 8th nw 
Sbeckels James, 1517 9th nw 
Smith Francis E, 111 Pa av se 
Stickell Joseph, r 1220 10th nw 
Tyler Charles H, 241 4| sw 

Plumbers and Oasfitters. 

Anadale John A, 1236 9th nw 

Atchison Julius I, 13 16 14th nw 

Bagby William W, 702 3d nw 

Barnard Edward, c 18th and H nw 

Birch William H, 807 4th nw 

Blinkhorn & Co, 427 10th nw 

Bond Joseph D, 133 Pa av nw 

Bride Cotter T, 306 Pa av se 

Brien James F, 419 9th nw 

Brill & Hayden, 308 Pa av nw 

Brooks E F, 531 15th nw 

Brooks Rufus C, 622 D nw 

Campbell Robert G, 517 10th nw 

Caverly Edward & Co, 1425 N Y av 

Clarridge William H, 28 H ne 

Cole & Anderson, 304 B &e 

Collins, Ward & Cunningham, 418 9th nw 

Conner James A, 1312 9th nw 

Cruit& Scott, 810 9th nw 

Daly John, 703 9th nw 

Donaldson Thomas S, 524 11th sw 

Fritz Theodore, 917 7th nw 

Goodall George W, 1215 E nw 

Gorman Edward, 807 14th nw 

1 Hamilton & Shedd, 409 9th nw 
| Hannan Daniel, 517 F nw 
I Hannan Edward J, 517 11th nw 
j Hannan & Co, 717 M nw 
J Harkness & Knorleine. 1207 F nw 
i Harris n James T, 603 Pa av se 
| Havward & Hutchinson. 317 9th nw 
Hilleary Theodore W, 434 11th nw 
j Hurdle Albert D, 1236 32d nw, Gtn 
i Hurdle Charles C, 1835 K nw 
; Hutchins George E, 632 H nw 
j Kelly Thomas, 1222 E nw 
! King Frank A, 1329£ 7th nw 
Lansdnle Eldridge. 2134 Pa av nw 
Loekkead James, 1414 Pa av nw 
McAvoy George F, 710 14th nw 
McAvoy John'M, 1829 H nw 
McBee Randolph, 1207 7th nw 
McCarthy John I, 1251 32d nw, Gtn 
McDonnell John, 617 La aV nw 
McMahon Dennis, 811 14th nw 
Moran John, 428 9th n wand 2126Paavnw 
Mounteney John, 1303 H nw 
Nolan J, 1411 F nw 
Noonan T V, 1035 7th nw 
O'Hagan James, 1917 Pa av nw 
O'Hare Edward, 1128 14th nw 
Paul George W, 1339 32d nw, Gtn 
Power John A, 424 9th nw 
Quinter Bros, 1323 Vt av nw 
Ragan James, 814 19th nw 
Reach & Humphrey, 1742 14th nw 
Ridgway E A, 1428 F nw 
Rotbwell William, 113 B se 
Schaffer George F, 625 La av nw 
Seal George A, 1015 F nw 
Spearing Samuel J, 450 Pa av nw 
Suman James L, 713 D nw 
Talty James, 1017 I nw 
Thomas & Albinson, 702 O nw and 1337 

9th nw 
Thorn Charles G, 1220 F nw 
Thorn Henry C, 725 13th nw 
Ward William N, 736 13th nw 
Waters S M, 1213 32d nw, Gtn 
Wilkerson John H, 230 7th se 
Williamson Donald S, 923 Mass av nw 
Wright Charles, 458 C sw 

Plumbers' Supplies. 

McKelden & Co, 319 12th nw 

Columbia Potiery Co, 313 Ga av se 
Hammer John H, Pierce, Uniontown 
Hiser Paul, 1823 Wiltberger 
Straub Francis, wid Joseph, 636 L nw 
Szymanowski Anton, 507 9th ne 


(See also Produce.) 
Barclay Edgar L, 606 Centre mkt 
Beach Edgar W, 460 Centre mkt 
Beach Francis L. 245 N L mkt 
Beach H L, 608 Centre mkt 
Brunswick Samuel, 4> Corcoran mkt 
Burch & Leese, 112 N L mkt 



Calvert Samuel, 447 Centre mkt 

Crown Charles T. 55 Higgs mkt 

Eli Daniel E, 279 Centre and 60 Western j 

Greenapple Felix, 467 Centre and 128 N L i 
mkts | 

Harrington Dennis, 270 Centre mkt 

Holliday Robert, 42 Corcoran mkt 

Jefferson Samuel, 17 Riggs and 84 "West- 
ern mkts 

La Fontaine James. 367 Centre mkt 

Leese & Burch, 114 N L mkt 

Levy Leopold, 464 Centre and 221 N L 

Limerick William, 220 Centre mkt 

Reid N P & Co, 370 Centre and 59 Cor- 
coran mkts 

Riley Perry P, 59 Corcoran and 370 Cen- 
tre mkts 

Skidmore James H. 334 Centre mkt 

Wendel John H, 223 Centre and 32 West- 
ern mkts 

Bart & Bro. 50/ S> inv 

Beard^ley J E. 637 La av nw 

Bereslord R, 523 7th nw 

Brashears Thomas J, 641 La av nw 

Brown Charles AV, 920 F nw 

Bunch Nazareth, 314 8th nw 

Buruside William H, 610 5th nw 

Cohen Max, 613 7th nw 

Cooper & Stanford, 611 F nw 

Cromwell John W, 609 La av nw 

Darby Rufus H, 432 9th nw 

Ford Charles F, 458 La av nw 

French A P, 623 K nw 

Gibbons G W & Co, 89 Corcoran bldg 

Gibbs H A, 517 7th nw 

Gibson Bros, 1012 Pa av nw 

Gibson Orlando, 412 7th nw 

Gmck John L, 631 F nw 

Grant & Nalle, 934 F nw 

Hall C E, 511 9th nw 

Henckle Edward A, 458 La av nw 

Judd & Detweiler, 11th c Pa av 

Koch Werner, 701 7th nw 

McGill Thomas & Co, 1109 E nw 

McLean George H, G c 7th nw 

Mankin Louis"E, 154 Bridge, Gtn 

Moore Thomas P, 904 Pa av nw 

Moore William H, 511 11th nw 

National Republican Ptg Co, 1308 Pa av nw 

Parker & Co, 912 D nw 

Pearson Joseph L, D c 9th nw 

Pinkus Isadore, 21 Mvrtle ne 

Polkinhorn R O, 634 D nw 

Ringwalt, Hack & Miller, 511 9th nw 

Rives Franklin, 339 Pa av nw 

Rothrock HI. 104 Corcoran building 

Scott & Lenoir, 919 La av nw 

Sheiry John F, 307 7th nw 

Snodgrass Stanley, 501 F nw 

Sothoron & Bastable, c 20th and I nw 

Spindle J Powell, 1529 10th nw 

Stephens L G & Son, 700 9th nw 

Tait J M, 409 7th nw 
Todd David B, 308 14th nw 
Tomlinson J S, 915 F nw 
Waters R A, 1420 Pa av nw 
Wimer Charles A, 1300 F nw 

Produce Commission. 

(See also Commission.) 
Andrews & Wade, 905 La av nw 
Belt & Hall, c 6th and N Y av nw 
Golden Robert A. 931 La av nw 
Knox R F & Co, 905 La av nw 
Mankin John R W, 919 La av nw 
Schatz Arthur, 903 La av nw 
Spllman T M, 205 \ 7th nw 
Wilkins C F & Co, 907 La av nw 

Produce Dealers. 

Adel Dietrick, 410 N L mkt nw 
Anderson W S & Co, 921 B nw 
Andrews & Wade, 911 B nw 
Archer & Brewer, 1440 32d nw, Gtn 
Atkins George, 209 Centre mkt 
Atkins Mary A, 8 Eastern mkt 
Baden John M, 385 Centre mkt 
Barnes David, 48 Corcoran mkt 
Barnes George W, 222 Centre mkt 
Beach Charles J, 400 Centre mkt 
Beck Jacob, 252 Centre mkt 
Becket William, 406 N L mkt nw 
Beckett Clement, 16 Western mkt 
Bitter F, 144 N L mkt 
Bradford John, 450 N L mkt nw 
Bradley Henry J, 364 Centre and 203 N L 

Braum Michael, 361 Centre mkt 
Brent Jane A. 96 Western mkt 
Broeker Mary M. 529 N L mkt nw 
Brooks Arthur, 280 Centre mkt 
Brooks Milton T, 93 Western mkt 
Brown Charles, 438 Centre and 12 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Brown E Price, Corcoran mkt 
Brown Isaac B, 199 Centre mkt 
Brown John M, 441 Centre mkt 
Brown John S, 57 Riggs mkt 
Brown Laurelia C, 624 Centre mkt 
Brown Washington T, 13 Western mkt 
Brown Bros 927 B nw 
Budd Jane, 136 N L mkt 
Budd Thaddeus A. 36 Corcoran mkt 
Burnette Edward W, 232 Centre mkt 
Burross George, 24 Western mkt 
Butter Ferdinand, 244 Centre and 144 N 

L mkts 
Calhoun James, 57 Citizens' mkt nw 
Cannon Patrick, 366 Centre and 33 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Carroll David. 304 Centre mkt 
Cavanaugh James W, 213 N L mkt 
Chun James, 446 N L mkt nw 
Clements Edward H, 52 Riggs and 86 

Western mkts 
Col man & Son, 404 N L mkt 
Cook F R & Bro. 43, 44 and 45 Centre 
and 227 N L mkts 


•Cook & Pillsbury, 442 Centre and 209 N 

L mkts 
Cooper James W, 196 Centre mkt 
Connor Nelson, 42 Corcoran mkt 
Courtney John R, 35 Corcoran mkt 
Crane John H, 460 Pa av nw 
Crowley William F. 925 B nw 
•Crown John O, 28 Eastern and 571 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Davis John "W, 68 and 77 Citizens' mkt nw 
Davis William, 11 Western mkt 
.Devote Anthony, 79, 80 and 81 Centre mkt 
Dewitt Cornelius, 397 Centre mkt 
Dickson George, Corcoran mkt 
Diggs Elizabeth, 87 Western mkt 
Donohoo Edward, 43 Eastern mkt 
Dorn John, 88 Corcoran mkt 
Dorsch Michael, ,640 Centre and 79 £ Cor- 
coran mkts 
Dorsey & Co, 65 and 66 Citizens' mkt nw 
Doyle James T, F and B mkt, Gtn 
Dries John F, 228 Centre mkt 
Dries Mary E, 340 Centre mkt 
Drury William C & Co, 913 B nw 
Duckett Daniel, Corcoran mkt 
Edel Diedreck, 420 Centre and 410 N L 

Edmonston Burell E, 59 Riggs mkt 
Eberly & Brunger, 388 Centre and 21 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Engel Christian, 625 Centre mkt 
Engel William, 591 Centre and 243 N L 

Evans E E, 3210 M nw, Gtn 
Faulhaber Alexander, 506 N L mkt and 

727 5th nw 
Faunce Catherine, 207 Centre mkt 
Fearson Emanuel, 94 Corcoran mkt 
Finchan Albert, 53 Riggs and 9NL mkts 
Frank James, 330 Va av se 
Gray William H, 449 Centre mkt 
Gross John W, 3256 M nw, Gtn 
Gross & Co, 3244 M nw, Gtn 
Hall George I, 415 Centre and 418 N L 

Hall Percy H, 253 Centre mkt 
Hammond John, 205 N L mkt 
Hanfman John S, 26 Centre and 107 N 

L mkts 
Harrison Charles, 352 Ya av sw 
Heider Dietrich, 391 Centre mkt 
Heider William, 457 Centre and 33 West- 
ern mkts 
Heine William, 412 Centre and 426 N L 

Heitmnller Henry, 448 Centre and 104 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Heitmuller Lewis, 463 Centre mkt 
Heine William, 426 N L mkt nw 
Hessler Lawrence, 393 Centre mkt 
Hill John S, 98 Western and 52 Riggs mkts 
Hillyard Benjamin, 156 N L mkt 
Hilton & Co,' 1122 14th nw 
Holmead Mar}', 231 Centre mkt 
Holsten Arnold H F, 664 Centre mkt 
Howard Samuel, 1 to 6 Gtn mkt 

Howard William. 16 to 20 Gtn mkt 
Jackson Whitfield, 586 Centre mkt 
Joachim Sophia, 448 N L mkt nw 
Johnson Edward, Corcoran mkt 
Johnson William T, 54 Corcoran mkt 
Jones James, 276 Centre and 406 NL mkts 
Jones Joseph, 409 Centre mkt 
Joy Albert C, 2 Riggs mkt 
Joy Thomas W, 11 Corcoran mkt 
Kennedy Ann, 376 Centre mkt 
Kennedy Thomas, 375 Centre mkt 
Kern George, 362 Centre mkt 
Kernan Mary A, 218 Centre mkt 
Kidwell Levi B, 224 Centre and 53 West- 
ern mkts 
Kiefer William G, 81 Western mkt 
King Richard F, 271 Centre and 229 N L 

Kissner Lorenz, 151 N L and 418 Centre 

Kuhlemann Elizabeth, 459 Centre mkt 
La Fontaine Mary, 445 Centre mkt 
Larman Georgiana, 2442 P nw, Gtn 
Lavender Lottie, 11 Riggs mkt 
Lavender Robert, 430 N L mkt nw 
Leese & Bro, 116 N L and 42 Riggs mkts 
Lipscomb John T, F and B mkt and 98 

Bridge, Gtn 
Lynn Luther, 253 N L and 273 Centre 

McArdle Margaret H, 589 Centre mkt 
McEl fresh & Cavanaugh, 213 N L and 202 

Centre mkts 
McKeever Michael, 97 Western mkt 
McKenna Michael J, 817 3d ne 
Mankin Edward, 3272 M nw, Gtn 
Miller John, 52 Western mkt 
Miller Robert T, 89 Western mkt 
Moten & Berry, 201 Centre and 78 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Moton Catherine, 78 Corcoran and 201 

Centre mkts 
Mouland Peter, 20 Gtn mkt 
Mullins Richard W, 24 Centre mkt 
Myers Dora, Corcoran mkt 
Nash Bros, 1223 9th nw 
Neff Wendell, 207 N L and 277 Centre 

Newton William M, 124 N L and 471 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Ockstadt Catherine, 40 Eastern mkt 
Ockstadt George L, 187 Centre mkt and 

316 8th ne 
Ockershausen John, 274 Centre and 101 

Western mkts 
O'Lenger Francis, 411 Centre mkt 
O'Sullivan John, 515 Centre mkt 
Owens M J & i o, 901 La av nw 
Peel William, 507 N L mkt nw 
Permilli"n John, F and B mkt 
Perry Hugh, 138 N L mkt 
Pettit Benjamin, 82 Western and 570 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Popkins James H, 1232 32d nw, Gtn 
Purner John A. 205 Centre mkt 
Rabbi tt & Crown, 571 Centre and 85 West- 
ern mkts 



Eader Margaret, 414 N L mkt nw 
Kichards Elias, 50 Riggs mkt 
Robertson Daniel F, 14 Georgetown mkt 
Robinson Bernard M, 84 Western and 17 

Riggs mkts 
Roby Georgiana A, 19 Riggs mkt 
Rome John, 42 Centre mkt 
Roseberry Geo W, 33 and 34 Eastern mkt 
Roth & Geoghegan, 938 La av nw 
Rott Gustave, 217 N L mkt 
Rover John, 268 Centre mkt 
Sandman Alexander, 92H La av nw 
Schafer & Clary, 923 La av nw 
Schuhman John, 100 Western mkt 
Scroggins Geo W, 35 and 36 Eastern mkt 
Shepherd Abraham, 237 N L mkt 
Sherwood J R, 46 Riggs mkt 
Sherwood Perry, 556 Centre mkt 
Shreve Alexander M, Corcoran mkt 
Shreve John H, 394 Centre mkt 
Shipman Lamdon H, 33 Citizens' mkt nw 
Simmermacher Leonard, 226 Centre mkt 
Smith Ann, 517 Centre mkt 
Smith John W, 1421 32d nw, Gtn 
Smith Thomas H, 663 Centre and 46 West- 

ern mkts 
Sonnemann Ottmar, 438 N L mkt nw 
Stenzel Mary, 48 Riggs mkt 
Stout Henry I, La av c 9th nw 
Strang & Tucker, 918 La av nw 
Summers Henry C, 3306 M nw, Gtn 
Summy Frank L, 46 Riggs and 6 Cor- 
coran mkts 
Thomas V B, 434 Centre and 422 N a L mkt 

Thompson Richard L, 293 Centre and 104 

Western mkts 
Triplett John, 472 Centre mkt 
Truxon Rebecca, Corcoran mkt 
Tucker, Cooke & Co, 916 La av nw • 
Voigt William, 35 F and B mkt, Gtn 
Ware Allan, 426 Centre mkt 
Weaver John, 19 Corcoran and 51 Riggs 

Welsh John E, 1228 32d nw, Gtn 
White Bros, 298 Centre and 6 Corcoran 

Whitmore John R, 931 B sw 
Wilkison Robert T, 317 7th se 
Williams Charles G, 326 Centre mkt 
Williams Nellie, 17 Corcoran mkt 
Williams Thomas B, 321 4| sw 
Wiltberger Thomas L, 1912 7th nw 
Wood Andrew J, 1434 32d nw, Gtn 
Wood J J, 37 Eastern mkt 
Wooster & Adams, 909 B nw 
Zegowitz Joseph, 155 NL and 474 Centre 


Provision I>ealei*s. 

(See also Bacon, also Butchers.) 
Alexander Frederick G, 821 11th c I nw 
Allen Thomas, 46 Eastern mkt 
Appich Jacob J, 312 Pa av nw 
Archer & Brauer, 1257 and 1440 32d, Gtn 
Barnard A F & Co, 922 18th nw 

Bayliss John, N Capitol c Myrtle ne 

Beek William B, 1504 14th nw 

Beers Isaac jr, 53 Eastern mkt 

Berry Pauline A, 420 7th sw 

Bessler George J, 713 F sw 

Binnix Edward, 432 6th nw 

Brooke T S & Co, M c Mass av nw 

Brown Harry A, 2016 7th nw 

Burke J B, 1749 Pa av nw 

Butler Charles, 1365 32d nw, Gtn 

Butt Charles, 1820 7th nw 

Carson Robert, Q c 5th nw 

Counselman Benjamin, 19th c K nw 

Devote Antonio, 420 L se 

Donaldson John T, 1701 K nw 

Duvall Jacob S, 700 13th nw 

Dyson Sydney, 47 Eastern mkt and 101 

7th se 
Eiker Isaac & Son, 1019 F nw 
Fall & Love, 1620 14th nw 
Fisher Henry W, 1271 32d nw, Gtn 
Fister & Elms, 831 20th nw 
Furrer Jacob A, 601 3d nw 
Gaddis & Miller, 536 8th se 
Geisler Daniel, 620 N nw 
Hardell John W, 1428 9th nw 
Hofmann William, 135 A ne 
House Thomas L, 1209 H nw 
Houser W H, 3032 M nw, Gtn 
Huhn Ferdinand, 803 H ne 
Huntley George & Co, 818 14th nw 
Hurley James W, 1222 N nw 
Hyatt Robert, 430 11th nw 
Johnson J C, 3100 M nw, Gtn 
Jones & Koontz, 920 4th se 
Kauffman George R, 105 2d se 
Kosack Leo W, 1720 7th nw 
Kuhlemann L, 38 Eastern and 459 Centre 

Langley Richard W, 45 Eastern mkt 
Linskins William & Son, 720 20th nw 
Lipphard Adolph F, 625 L nw 
Littleford John W, 66 Eastern mkt 
Loeb Jacob, 1205 7th nw 
Lowe William R, 701 9th nw 
McGarraghy Mary, 330 A ne 
Mehrling Daniel, 461 H nw 
Meidel Michael, 1348i H ne 
Morgan William H, 23 Eastern mkt 
Mueller Carl, 800 H nw 
Nauman William, 3048 M nw, Gtn 
Neumeyer Edwin H, 13th c G nw 
0'Donnoghue& Lipscomb, 3055 M nw,Gtn 
Oppenheimer Herman, 809 N Capitol ne 
Oppenheimer Michael, 807 7th nw 
Otterback Philip B, 110411th se 
Oyster George M jr & Bro, 1106 12th nw 
Padgett John T, 3 Eastern mkt 
Pettit Hudson, 701 I se 
Phillips Annie, Wilson nw 
Pickens Samuel, 1368 D sw 
Pinkers Maurice, 700 5th nw 
Preinkert John G, 1744 7th nw 
Rainey G W, 3000 M nw, Gtn 
Redman Jacob, 228 4^ sw 
Robey Mary, 63 Eastern mkt and 718 10th se 



Sanders William, 1354 28th nw, Gtn 

Schell Leon & Co, 1719 Pa av nw 

Schulze William, 1013 10th nw 

Smith Hanse H, 822 19th nw 

Smith Mary E, 134 G sw 

Strinzing & Bro, 609 Md av sw 

Strider & Heflebower, Conn av c L nw 

and 13th c N Y av nw 
Sydney Mary A, 1200 12th ne 
Taylor James, 65 Eastern mkt 
Thecker Alonzo, 2601 Pa av nw 
Tibbets Frank J, 14th c N Y av nw 
Virnstein Frank, 1103 3d se 
Wagner Christian, 1117 7th nw 
Walker Joseph C, 1025 4th se 
Webster F B, 1009 M nw 
Weis Adam, 935 E nw 
Wells Philip, 57 and 58 Eastern mkt 
Wixom O R, 438 9th nw 

JPiihlislier, IMrectory. 

Boyd William H, 810 F nw 

Alexandria & Fredericksburg, 6th c Pa 

av nw and Pa av c 13th nw 
Anacostia & Potomac River, Anacostia 

Coast Line, 511 Pa av nw 
Atlantic Coast Line, 511 Pa av nw 
Baltimore & Ohio, 619 Pa av nw, 1351 do 

and N J av c C nw 
Baltimore & Potomac, 6th c B nw, 1239 

Pa av nw, 6th c Va av sw and 9th c Md 

av sw 
Capitol, N O St & S Wash, 3d c B sw 
Columbia Railroad Co, 15th c H nr Ben- 

nings rd 
Metropolitan, P nr Rock creek, Gtn 
Northern Central, 6th c Pa av nw and Pa 

av c 13th nw 
Pennsylvania Railroad, offices 13th c Pa 

av nw, Pa av c 6th nw, B c 6th nw 
Piedmont Air Line, Pa av c 13th nw 
Washington City & Point Lookout, 605 

C nw 
Washington City, Virginia Midland & 

Great Southern, 601 Pa av nw 
Washington & Georgetown, 3222 M, Gtn 

Railroad Tickets. 

Abraham Mark, 467 Pa av nw 
Dorsey Bros, 481 Pa av nw 
Frank William M, 493 Pa av nw 
Hancock John, Pa av c 13th nw 
Howser F T, 1351 Pa av nw 
Oppenheimer Bros, 463 Pa av nw 
Smith Percy G, 1431Pa av nw 
Whiteside M D, 903 Pa av nw 

Real Estate Agents and Bro- 

Argue, Carpenter & Co, 505 7th nw 
Arms John T, 810 F nw 
Barber A L & Co, 802 F nw 
Bishop Charles E & Co, 517 7th nw 
Bowles John, 530 9th nw 
Brand Edward, 7th c La av nw 

Burford William E & Co, 1115 F nw 
Cassin John H, 1339 F nw 

«T. H. CAS©I1V, 

Real Estate Agent and Broker, 

1339 F Street, nw.. Second Floor, 

Opposite Ebbitt House. Washington, D. C. 

Rents Collected. Loans Negotiated. 

Cay wood Aaron S, 1225 9th nw 

Christman Philip H, 719 D nw 

Clagett William H, 819 Market sp nw 

Clark Appleton P, 220 4£ nw 

Coldwell Joseph T, 806 F nw 

Cox W W, 519 7th nw 

Danenhower Wm W & Son, 1212 F nw 

Darneille P A, 613 15th nw 

Davidson Delozier, 928 F nw 

Denison William O, 920 F nw 

Dickson William, 222 4| nw 

Dixon & Ware, 1411 G sw 

Downman R W, 412 7th nw 

Duvall & Marr, 804 F nw 

Dyer J Tarbell, 7th c La av nw 

Entwistle J R, 1427 F nw 

Fisher Thomas J & Co, 1223 F nw 

Fitch, Fox & Brown, 1437 Pa av nw 

Fowler Thomas W, 928 F nw 

Fox Albert F, 920 F nw 

Freeman & Ward, 635 G nw" 

Gilbert B F, 530 9th nw 

Grant F A & Co, 2 3d se 

Green Osceola C, 412 7th nw 

Hall Richard M, 530 9th nw 

Havenner C W, 7th c La av nw 

Hellen & Nicholson, 615 7th nw 

Hill George I, 810 F nw 

Holtzman Robert O, 943 Fnw 

Holtzman William F, 1321 F nw 

Howser Milton L, City Hall 

Hubbard E S, 1420 F nw 

Huyck Jesse V N", 1505 Pa av nw 

Hyde G F, 530 8th nw 

Jackson William S, 3250 M nw, Gtn 

Lawyer Joseph B, 810 F nw 

Luckett Samuel T, 1221 F nw 

McBlair C R & Co, 1411 G nw 

Mclntire Edwin A, 918 F nw 

Main Brothers, St Charles Hotel 

Mankin James D, 2<>8 4| nw 

Marr & Byrne, 605 7th nw 

Metcalf William W, 1429 N Y av nw 

Middleton Frank E, 701 15th nw 

MillerFW&Co, 631 Fnw 

Mitchell T A, 529 7th nw 

Myers Thomas J, 1216 F nw 

Ogden D M, 628 F nw 

Olmsted John F, 1416 N Y av nw 

Patch Joseph, 910 R I av nw 

Pilling J W, "519 7th nw 

Rohrer M M, 509 7th nw 

Ruffin R D, 810 F nw 

Ryon J P & Co, 719 D nw 

Sheckels Theodore. 1013 N nw 

Sherman John & Co, St Cloud building 

Shoemaker Louis P, 920 F nw 



Shreve Charles S, 1125 7th nw 
Smith F B, 806 F nw 
Smith F H, 806 F nw 
Starr John W, 1429 NYavnw 
Steiger & Lieberman, 1418 N Yav nw 
Stickney George W, 632 F nw 
Swormstedt John S, 928 F nw 
Tait James A, 221 Pa av se 
Thorn C N, 718 15th nw 
Thompson Oliver T, 902 Pa av nw 
Todd & Handy, 509 7th nw 
Truesdell G, 605 7th nw 
Waggaman Thomas E, 519 7th nw 
Walters & Co, 810 F nw 
Warner B H, 916 F nw 
Wescott E S & Co, I c 20th nw 
Wharton Robert S, 610 12th nw 
Whitaker Edward W, 208 4| nw 
Wilson A A & Co, 509 7th nw 
Wollard Charles F, 708 D nw 
Wollard James F, 708 D nw 
Wormley James T, 520 8th nw 
Young & Middleton, 1420 N Y av nw 

Real Estate Dealers. 

Barber A L & Co, 802 F nw 

Regalia Manufacturer. 

Lutz Blandina, 626 G nw 


(See Saloons, also Eating Saloons.) 



(See also Slaters, also Stoves.) 
Gettier Henry L, 308 11th nw 
Shugrue Michael, 414 11th sw 

Rope Maker. 

Campbell Alex, P nr Rock creek, Gtn 
Saloons and. Restaurants. 

(See also Eating and Oyster Saloons.) 
Abner Edward, 413 9th nw and 708 E nw 
Adt Alexis, 237 IS" J av nw 
Albert J, 2907 M nw, Gtn 
Allman James, 243 14th sw 
Aman Sebastian, 316 9th nw 
Arlow Robert T, 3215 Water, Gtn 
Atzel Frederick, 1105 7th nw 
Baier George K, 1002 Pa av nw 
Baier John, 1200 Dnw 
Barbour William P & Co, 938 N nw 
Barnes Charles A, 739 N Capitol ne 
Bartholme G Anton, 221 Pa av nw 
Bauer George W, 1148 7th sw 
Bauman John C, 107 H nw 
Beck August, 604 Pa av nw 
Beck John, 630 D nw and 631 La av nw 
Becker Martin, 1322 6th sw 
Beckert Frank A, 7th c L se 
Beckert George J, 617 Pa av se 
Becker Martin, 1322 6th sw 

Becker Michael H, 628 Va av sw 

Beckmann August, 1109 E nw 

Berens Bernhart, 1126 7th nw 

Berner Charles, 228 C ne 

Bergmann William, 2001 14th nw 

Bernheimer Henry, 918 Pa av nw 

Betz Louis, 509 E nw 

Beuchert Edward, 727 H ne 

Beuchert John I, 623 Pa av se 

Beuchert William L, 232 7th se 

Beveridge Benjamin F, 305 Pa av nw 

Bieligk John G, 305 4i sw 

Biglep Joseph A, 532 8th se 

Bleifus Rudolph, 415 E Capitol 

Boegeholz Henry, 1139 7th nw 

Boyd Margaret, 200 11th nw 

Boyle Christopher, 52 C nw 

Brannan Samuel, 1063 E Market sp nw,Gtn 

Bregazzi Antonio, 227 B nw 

Brodreght Philip, 1918 7th nw 

Brown John, 1538 N Capitol 

Bryan Bun, 119 Pa av nw 

Burch James H, 1106 Water sw 

Burke John, 439 8th sw 

Burley Charles S, 1208 D nw 

Burrus Edward, 1006 Pa av nw 

Bryan Samuel M, 800 L se 

Byrne Lucy, 318 14th nw 

Callahan John, 319 13th nw 

Callahan Robert, Pa av c 9th nw 

Campbell A, Pa av c 3d se 

Campbell John, 600 4£ sw 

Carey William, 7th c La av nw 

Chamberlin John F, 1409 NYavnw 

Christman Harry, 1100 8th se 

Clark Lawrence, 1020 7th sw 

Clements Barbara, 1425 H ne 

Cole Jackson S, 338 Md av ne 

Collins Daniel, 427 12th nw 

Coppes Augustus B, 7th c Mass av nw 

Connor John, 101 G nw 

Continental, 333 Pa av nw 

Crocker Willis F, 1718 G nw 

Crown James F, 300 10th nw 

Curran John, 2106 L nw 

Curry John, 1215 C nw 

Curtin John, 3258 M nw, Gtn 

Cusick Patrick F, 200 H nw 

Dally John D, 1344 5th nw 

Day Charles, 720 4th nw 

De Atley John H, 1230 Pa av nw 

De Boy Nicholas, 239 Mass av nw 

Deitz Charles, 227 N J av nw 

Deitz William, 1716 Pa av nw 

Denty J W, 1908 Pa av nw 

Dentz Catherine, 1123 29th nw, Gtn 

Detterer August, Pa av c 14th nw 

Deuringer John, 1428 10th nw 

Dismer Charles, 708 K nw 

Doehrer August, 18th c L nw 

Donnelly Edward, 1216 Pa av nw 

Donelly James, 2315 Pa av and 14th c 

I nw 
Dorsch Michael, 1329 7th nw 
Drescher George F C, 401 13£ sw 
Driver & Schofleld, 1343 E nw 



Dubant William E, 1249 7th nw 

Harvey & Holden, 438 7th nw and 1016 

Du Bois Maria L, 1728 Pa av nw 

Pa av nw 

Dunn Dennis, 942 La av nw 

Haske George A, 229 Pa av se 

Dunn Patrick B, 517 7th nw 

Hauser John, 1020 C nw 

Duvall James E, 924 8th se 

Hayden Darby, 705 4th nw 

Edelin Charles A, 400 10th se 

Hayden Michael, 315 14th nw 

Egloff Caspar, 505 7th sw 

Heitinger Charles, pod 

Egloff George, B c 3d se 
Eisenbeiss Julius, 301 H nw 

Helm Alfonse,. 1000 4| c K sw 

Helmus William, 414 7th nw 

Eisenbeiss Rosa, 400 13th nw 

Hennessey James, 114 4| sw 

Eller J & Bro, 634 O nw 

Henry William, 1022 6th sw 

Endres A, 1421 F nw 

Herfurth William, 436 4| sw 

English & Supplee, 928 Pa av nw 
Essig Charles, 1200 E nw 

Herefurth William jr, 1847 7th nw 

Herzog Fritz, 2031 K nw 

Essig August, 737 N Capitol ne 

Hessler William, 1017 E nw 

Evans John D, 36 N se 

Hodermann Henry, 1743 Pa av nw 

Evans Walter, 922 F nw 

Hoffmann Christian, 409 9th se 

Faber Louis, 405 11th nw 

Holmes George, 602 Pa av nw 

Fahrnkopf John, 1701 7th nw 

Holtzman Robert C, 427 12th nw 

Farrell John, 332 4£ nw 

Horigan Cornelius, 744 N J av nw 

Feersenger Hilarius, 1326 11th se 
Fidler Madison, 1813 14th nw 

Horner Christopher, 214 9th nw 

Horner Jacob, 475 L and 464 N Y av nw 

Field C R, 3004 M nw, Gtn 

Hoy Robert, 314 11th nw 

Fillins Joseph, Anacostia 

Hudson Henry A, 1261 4| sw and Pa av 

Finley Frank H, 612 La av nw 

c 6th nw 

Finley Joseph, 227 14th sw 

Hudson & Martin, Pa av c 6th nw 

Fitzgerald John, 482 Pa av nw 

Hugle F, 511 7th nw 

Fitzgerald Michael, 107 H ne 

Hunt Zachary T, 3015 Water, Gtn 

Fitzgerald Morris, 201 F sw 

Jackson William, 11th c G sw 

Fitzpatrick James, 1319 7th nw 

Jacobson Jacob, 1308 D nw 

Fitzpatrick William, 1101 8th se 

Javins Edward T, 1501 O sw 

Flaith Joseph A, 1307 E nw 

Johansen Theodore, 211 7th nw 

Flynn Michael, K c 2d ne 

Johnson Esau L, 440 9th nw 

Fogle George F, 208 7th sw 

Johnson John B, 600 K se 

Forster Frank, 311 8th nw 

Jones Thomas, 1235 11th se 

Fox Michael G, 1137 7th nw 

Kadden Levi, 409 4| sw 

Foy James, 105 B se 

Kaiser H A, 3033 M nw, Gtn 

Friedmann Friedrich, 304 10th nw 

Kaiser John, 1314 32d nw, Gtn 

Fuelling William L, 735 7th nw 
Fugitt Eugene, 515 4£ sw 

Kant C Edward, 936 F nw 

Karney James W, 342 Va av sw 

Fugitt Robert E, 1304 32d nw, Gtn 

Keady Dennis T, 3312 M nw, Gtn 

Fugitt William H, 532 4£ sw 

KelleyJohn, 236 4| sw 

Gachet Louis, 1424 Pa av nw 

Kimball A E, 12th c E nw 

Gannon Gilbert, 1120 8th se 

Klotz Charles, 1706 G nw 

Ganter Charles T, 927 D nw 

Klotz Frederick R, 401 4| sw 

Garges Otto G, 645 C se 

Koch August, 933 D nw 

Gentner John J, 310 11th nw 

Koch Henry, 1818 7th nw 

Gerhold Elizabeth, 209 7th nw 

Koehler George G, 661 Pa av se 

Gibbons Myles, 946 27th nw 

Kochs Charles, 2029 K nw 

Gibson James W, 632 O nw 

Kolb Edward, 434 8th nw 

Giesecke August, 1341 7th nw 

Kolb Henry, 937 D nw 

Gill William R, 17th c Pa av nw 

Kolipinski Leo, 400 K nw 

Gockeler Christian, 939 4th nw 

Kottmann Eberhard, 512 41 sw 

Godfrey Charles G, 417 13th nw 

Kraus Henry, 3288 M nw, Gtn 

Goss John S, 303 4£ sw 

Kreamer Charles A, 2145 Pa av nw 

Graff John, 222 7th se 

La Fetra S D Mrs, 604 9th nw 

Groener Charles, 1812 7th nw 

Laurenzi Marcus, 626 O nw 

Hagerty David, 454 La av nw 

Lauten Herman, 1526 15th nw 

Hagerty Frank, 1203 Pa av nw 

Lee William H, 18 C nw 

Hall Charles H, 304 13th nw 

Leary Michael, 1105 C nw 

Hallinan Michael, 1216 7th nw 

Le Mour Ernest, 312 8th nw 

Hamlin & Bro, 310 6th nw 

Lesch George, 401 A ne 

Hancock John, 1234 Pa av nw 

Lewis Theodore sr, 729 8th se 

Harrigan Peter, 621 7th sw 

Lewis William, 109 Pa av nw 

Harris George W, 1609 11th nw. 

Lichau H, 611 7th nw 

Hartigan James, 3101 Water, Gtn 

Lightwardt Henry, 923 7th nw 



Livingston George, 6th c C nw 

Lochboeler Joseph, 1714 7th nw 

Loeffler Ernst, 109 and 111 N Y av nw 

Lohmann Frank, 238 7th se 

Long August, 1418 Md av ne 

Losekam C, 1409 Pa av nw 

Lynch Patrick, 332 Va av sw 

Lynn Mary Ann, 486 Pa av nw 

McCormick Michael G, 216 6th nw 

McCarty James, 87 N sw 

McDaniels William, 202 9th nw 

McDonnell Bernard A, 1104 8th se 

McGinnell Patrick, 607 G nw 

McGrann James, 1704 Pa av nw 

McGuire Mary, 500 14th nw 

McKeever Clement M, 907 21st nw 

McKenna John, 960 26th nw 

McMahon P F, 605 15th nw 

McMahon Thomas, 501 D nw 

Maack William N H, 1300 6th sw 

Mades Charles, 300 Pa av nw 

Mahoney William L, 508 D se 

Mancosos Percival F, 1220 E nw 

Mantz George W, 300 11th nw 

May Nicholas, Ivy City 

May Philip M, 3241 Prospect av nw, Gtn 

Mayer John, 220 10th nw 

Merrydith Philip, 321 13th nw 

Middleton John H, 218 9th nw 

Miller Charles H, 7th c D nw 

Miller F E, 1418 F nw 

Miller William S, 601 7th nw 

Mitchel Maud, 301 13 £ nw 

Moelich F, 3059 M nw, Gtn 

Monument House, 101 Pa av nw 

Morgan Patrick H, 1300 D nw 

Mormann Edwin, 803 5th nw 

Morrow Thomas, 921 La av nw 

Mortin Samuel, 503 G nw 

Mueller Francis, 601 Md av sw 

Mtiller Charles F, 2010 K nw 

Murphy Dennis, 818 7th sw 

Murphy John, 819 E Capitol 

Nadin Arthur, Rock Creek ch rd 

Nail & Middleton, 350 Pa av nw 

Nash Richard, c 2d and G nw 

Nan Andrew, 1019 7th nw 

Nelson William, 304 4| nw 

Nephuth Andrew, 212 9th nw 

Neurath Jacob, 1209 F ne 

Niehaus Franz, 1222 D nw 

Niemeyer B, 1720 Pa av nw 

Ochsenreiter Francis, 1019 7th nw 

O'Connell Jeremiah T, 105 H nw 

O'Hallaran Mark, 700 22d nw 

Ohl John W, 2006 I nw 

O'Neal Thomas, E nr 13th se 

O'Neal Robert, 629 2d sw 

Ontrich John H, 639 H nw 

O'Sullivan Dennis, 3328 M nw, Gtn 

Pabst Mathias, 7th st rd 

Pach Julius, 1218 7th nw 

Perreard John M, 508 14th nw 

Peters John B, 709 D nw 

Petersen Alexander 1717 K nw 

Petersen Rudolph, 643 D nw 

Petersen & Alschwee, Pa av c 4J nw 

Pf drier Mathais,1239 7th nw 

Phillipp Louis, 2101 K nw 

Platz Joseph, La av c 6th nw and 219 Pa 

av se 
Poulton William F, 227 7th sw and 601 

O nw 
Pumphrey Edward P, 406 4| sw 
Quackenbush William H, 1048 32d nw,Gtn 
Ready John, 701 N Capitol ne 
Rainey C A, 3002 M nw, Gtn 
Randall Ephraim S, 1345 E nw 
Reesch Carl A F, 827 7th nw 
Reichert Francis L, 515 7th sw 
Reiser George C, 1006 4| sw 
Reiter Henry,306 6th nw 
Reiter Philip, 305 10th nw 
Rest Mary, 2901 M nw, Gtn 
Reuth John B, 1737 7th nw 
Ribnitzki Dora, 1102 18th nw 
Robb Richard, 423 10th nw 
Rollins Joshua, 2012 K nw 
Rose Frederick, Bunker Hill rd 
Rose William H, Anacostia 
Ross John, 309 7th nw 
Roth A, 419 Knw 
Roth Caroline L, 802 19th nw 
Roth John A, 9th c S C av se 
Rothmund Charles, 611 D nw 
Rouey John, 301 13th nw 
Rourk Catherine, 111 4^ sw 
Rowzee Reuben, 3285 M nw, Gtn 
Ruckert William E, 613 Pa av se 
Rudd Theodore M, 931 La av nw 
Rudhart Romenus, 1230 7th nw 
Rupertus Herman, 636 O nw 
Ruppert Mathew, 1003 7th nw 
Ruppert Michael, 1109 7th nw 
Rvan William, 221 3d sw 
Sautter C A, 502 9th nw 
Scanlan John, 715 26th nw 
Stott John, 206 9th nw 
Shaefer Peter, 139 B se 
Scherf Henry, 469 Pa av nw 
Schergerer William, 1117 F nw 
Schladt Joseph, 1238 32d nw, Gtn 
Schlotterbeck John, 628 O nw 
Schmidt August, Boundary nr 2d ne 
Schmidt A H, 470 K nw 
Schmidt Louis, 702 7th nw 
Schnebel Charles, 224 14th sw 
Schoebom William E, 731 8th se 
Schoenborn William E, 731 8th se 
Schonborn Henry F, 213 7th nw 
Schultz John, Lincoln av ne 
Shaw Alonzo D, 1005 9th se 
Shaw J A, 2924 M nw, Gtn 
Simi Lawrence, 1249 N J av se 
Smith Charles B, 912 F nw 
Smith Frank, 3d c C ne 
Spatz Louis, 23 H ne 
Sprohs Andrew. 483 C nw 
Stanton John, 1218 32d nw, Gtn 
Stelzle Lawrence, 1009 E nw 
Stephens William H, 1100 Water sw 
Stephenson John R, Anacostia 



Stiebeling Herman, 635 L nw 

Streitberger Henry A, 315 8th nw 

Stubenor Henry, Bladensburg rd 

Stulz John, 11th and Q nw 

Sullivan Daniel, 70 H ne 

Sullivan John T, 153 B se 

Sweet Charles, 208 9th nw 

Thecker George W, 1225 32d nw, Gtn 

Thompson James P, 941 D nw 

Thurm Herman, 1209 11th se 

Tierney Michael V, 1412 NYavnw 

Travers John, 906 Pa av nw 

Trede Fritz, 1057 E Market sp nw, Gtn 

Treiber Ernest, 712 E nw 

Trodden Thomas J, 205 7th nw 

Turner Daniel, 58 C nw 

Union News Co, B & O R R Depot 

Usher John W, 1335 E nw 

Van Riswick Leander, 132 1st nw 

Vernon John H, 415 4-J sw 

Vogelveyd William, 725 7th nw 

Voigt Edward, 809 7th nw 

Von Der Heide Barbara, 210 9th nw 

Walsh Thomas, 942 F nw 

Weber Ernest, 1208 6th sw 

Weber Henry J, 243 N J av nw 

Weimer Jacob, 115 4| nw 

Weiss Leopold, 907 7th nw 

Welker John C Mrs, 727 15th nw 

Welsh Thomas E, 1101 1 nw 

Wendel Alfred, 807 N Capitol ne 

West Joseph, 446 I nw 

White Bridget, 214 H nw 

White Patrick, 41 H ne 

Widmeyer William, 7th st rd 

Wilkening William H, 483 Pa av nw 

Wilkinson Newman W, 1000 6th nw 

Will Henry, 7th st rd nw 

Willege Augustus, 2200 Pa av nw 

Willers William, 312 11th nw 

Windholz C L, 9th c F nw 

Wise Charles F, 229 N J av nw 

Wolz Elizabeth, Warehouse al nw, Gtn 

Worthan John L, 610 K se 

Wright John H, 512 8th nw 

Wright Theresa, 904 F nw 

Wright William H, 801 13th nw 

Wunderlich John, 1005 7th se 

Wynne Peter, 1701 8th nw 

Xander Carl, 1418 P nw 

Young Adam, 456 La av nw 


Baker John A, 3204 Water, Gtn 


(See also Building Materials.) 
Farrell Dennis, ft D sw 
Goodrick Benjamin, 1035 29th nw, Gtn 

Sash, I>oors, Blinds, &c. 

(See also Building Materials, also Planing 

Baldwin Bros, 100 D nw 
Barker George M, 649 N Y av nw 
Cross T B, ft 4th se 

Hammond John B, c Ohio av and 12th nw 
McCullough W W, 511 N J av nw 
Plumley J A, 24 D nw 
Shiles John W, 346 Md av sw 

Schools, Academies and Col- 

(See also Teachers.) 
Academy of the Holy Cross, 1312 Mass av 

Academy Sacred Heart of Mary, c 8th 

and C sw 
Academy of Visitation, 35th c P nw, Gtn 
Archer Institute, 1401 Mass av nw 
Arlington Academy, 505 7th nw 
Cavis S A, 807 H ne 
Curtis School, O nr 32d nw, Gtn 
Dengler Christiana, 929 I nw 
Dickson School, 2906 Q nw, Gtn 
Emerson Institute, 914 14th nw 
Georgetown College, RevP F Healeyprest, 

west end of O nw 
Georgetown Collegiate Institute for Young 

Ladies, 3100 N nw, Gtn 
German and English, 505 4th nw 
Grant Benjamin F, 2020 E nw 
Hanckel Mary, 3045 Dumbarton av nw, Gtn 
Harris Elizabeth, 622 18th nw 
Hilton Charles E, 405 E Capitol 
Hunt Emily E, 210 A ne 
Immaculate Conception, 8th c Q nw 
Jensen Ellen L, 204 F nw 
Lincoln School, 2d c C se 
Linthicum Institute, O nr Potomac nw, Gtn 
Metropolitan Seminary, 1803 H nw 
Mt Vernon Institute, 1530 I nw 
Mt Vernon Seminary, 1100 M nw 
Musical Conservatory, 655 NYav nw 
National University, 1419 NYav nw 
Park Seminary, 506 5th nw 
Pollock & Noerr, 1127 13th nw 
Prudhomme Victoria Mile, 910 14th nw 
Rosslyn Seminary, 903 16th nw 
Roys Chase, 321 Pa av nw 
St Aloysius (female), N Capitol c Myrtle ne 
St Aloysius Parochial, I bet N Capitol and 

1st ne 
St Augustine's, L nr 16th nw 
St Cecilia's, 601 E Capitol se 
St Dominick's Parochial, 6th c F sw 
St Joseph's, 2d nr C ne 
St Joseph's (female), 35th bet Q and R nw, 

St Mary's (in charge of Sisters of Notre 

Dame), 5th c Washington nw 
St Matthew's Institute, K bet 14th and 15th 

St Peter's Parochial School, 3d and E se 
St Rose's Industrial, 2023 G nw 
St Vincent's, 10th and G nw 
School of Music, 707 8th nw 
Sendorff Elizabeth, 513 9th nw 
Sisters of Notre Dame, N Capitol c K ne 
Spencerian Business College, 7th c L nw 
Sumner, M c 17th nw 



Trinity School, N bet 35th and 36th nw, 



(See also Roofers. ) 

Wallach, Pa av nr 7th se, janitor Wil- 

Jones John 0, 213 12th nw 

liam E Hutchison 

Waverly Seminary, 1412 H nw 

Slipper Manufacturer. 

Scroll Sawing. 

Buscher Bernard, C c 5th ne 

Hoxie Vinnie Ream, 929 17th nw 
Mills Theodore, Bladensburg rd 
Mills Clark, Bladensburg rd 

Second Hand Dealers. 

Devlin Edward, 611 D nw 
Justh E S, 619 D nw 

Sewer Traps. 

Downey W F, 1013 17th nw 

Sewing Machines. 

Baar L, 407 9th nw 

Domestic Sewing Machine Co, 905 F nw 

Fiske Joseph H, 421 9th nw 

Gillam J W, 466 K nw 

Hollister J J, 905 F nw 

Howe Co, 419 7th nw 

Karr J, 629 Pa av nw 

McKenney J F, 427 9th nw 

Oppenheimer S, 528 9th nw 

Remington, 10th and D 

Singer Manufacturing Co (The), 407 9th nw 

Stevens A C, 10th c D nw 

Stiebeling William, 1717 Pa av nw 

Victor Sewing Machine Co, 530 9th nw 

Weed Sewing Machine Co, 530 9th nw 

Wells Joseph B, 1250 32d nw, Gtn 

Wheeler & Wilson, 421 9th nw 

Wilcox & Gibbs Automatic, 416 7th nw 

Shipping' Agents. 

Agnew J P & Co, 3400 to 3413 Water, Gtn 
Ship Chandlers. 

(See Grocers.) 
Shirt Makers. 

(See also Gents' Furnishings.) 
Adams Martha S, 1009 11th nw 
Burdette Oliver P, 437 7th nw 
Dubreuil Bros, 1112 F nw 
Keep Mfg Co, 437 7th nw 
Taylor & Hufty, 933 Pa av nw 
Teel William S , 935 Pa av nw 
Thompson James, 816 F nw 

Silver Platers. 

Bohrer William O, 1003 F nw 
Bromwell Jacob E, 1214 Pa av nw 
Emmner Julius jr, 1317 D nw 
Kimmel Henry, 421 10th nw 
Lutz William F, G nr 7th nw 
Stolpe E, 609 7th nw 
Whitehand Robert A, 804 D nw 

Slate Mantels. 

Haywood & Hutchinson, 317 9th nw 
Roche Mylon, 493 C nw 

Gray A P, 204 7th sw 


Bates Frederick, 619 G nw 
Jewell C B & Co, ft £ sw 
Memert & Co, 25th c N nw 
Raub George T, 1416 Ohio av nw 
Weaver, Kengla & Co, 3244 Water, Gtn 


Georgetown Soapstone Works (M H Alber- 
ger), 101 and 103 Water, Gtn 

Sporting Goods. 

(See also Guns.) 
O'Meara J TJ, 601 15th and 521 7th nw 
O'Meara William C, 215 Pa av nw 
Peabody John J, 619 La av nw 
Stevens A C & Co, 10th c D 

Stair Builders. 

(See also Carpenters.) 
Boggs John W, 621 B se 
Carver Frank N, L nr 12th nw 
Davis Jerome M, 615 P nw 
Davis Joseph G, 222 Mass av nw 
Vermillion William & Son, r 1912 H nw 


Denis Rebecca M, 431£ 7th sw 
Pfanne Charles, 1205 N Y av nw 
Prince William, 1009 F nw 
Zypprecht M Mrs, 416 11th nw 


Delmar & Co, 902 Pa av nw 

Steamship Lines. 

Clyde's Line, ft 12th sw and 59 Water, Gtn 
Inland & Seaboard Coasting Co, 1416 F nw 
Merchants', 3118 Water, Gtn 


Clephane James O, 517 7th nw 
Johns Aaron, 342 D nw 
Linton Irvin B, 410 5th nw 
Pechin Maurice, 323 4£ nw 
Linney J J, 7 Corcoran building 


Joyce Maurice, 418 11th nw 


Littlefield Lyman A, 26th and D nw 

Stone and Marble Yards. 

(See also Artificial Stone, also Marble.) 
Acker & Co, c 1ST Capitol and E nw 
Barker B F, 613 Md av sw 
Blundon Joseph A, 28th c K nw 
Bradley William, O c Union sw 



Burns & Son (John and W S Burns), 228 

1st sw 
Edmonds Charles, c G and 2d nw 
Emery Samuel, 1st c B nw and ft 6th sw 
Evans & McLeod, 1st c B sw 
McGowan Michael A, 28th c K nw 
Rothwell Richard, r 23 9th ne 
Sayers & Co, 12lh c B nw 
Thomas Edward, 114 1st sw 
Veihmeyer Jacob, 1420 C nw 
Walker & Edwards, 26th c K nw 

Stoves and Tinware, 

(See also Hardware, also House Furnish- 
Anthony & Thorne, 1314 Pa av nw 
Ball Charles G, 1337 E nw 
Barker James W, 401 and 403 7th sw 
Baxter George W, 2019 14th nw 
Bell John, 200 C nw 
Bennett James, 32 H ne 
Berry W O & Co, 503 9th 
Bouis Robert H G, 519 11th nw 
Bright James E, 601 Pa av se 
Brill & Hayden, 308 Pa av nw 
Bucholtz Henry, 1727 H nw 
Buhortz Christian, 91 Western mkt 
Burch Joseph A, 706 4| sw 
Butler John A, c 5th and K nw 
Chaney & Keefer, 1227 H nw 
Collins, Ward & Cunningham, 418 9th nw 
Cook James, 2035 9th nw 
Cook John H, 1725 Pa av nw 
Dante Frank B, 1302 F nw 
Dux Emanuel, 305 Centre mkt and 462 Va 

av sw 
Ebeling Henry, 145 N L mkt 
Eberly A & Sons, 718 7th nw 
Eivel Henry, 621 K nw 
Ferguson William J, 1017 M se 
Fisher J J, 151 Bridge, Gtn 
Flaherty Edward, 741 3d nw 
Flynn Maurice B, 662 Pa av se 
Gardner William T, 1252 11th se 
Gartrell George E, 815 7th nw 
Gibson George G, 518 12th nw 
Goodrich John T, 1807 12th nw 
Greer William A, 923 Mass av nw 
Gregory Frank, 1108 E nw 
Gregory H I, 634 Pa av nw 
Hamann Charles A, 931 Mass av nw 
Hamilton & Shedd, 409 9th nw 
Hanlein Frank, 743 8th se 
Harrington John J, 3275 M nw, Gtn 
Harrover James R, 1406 14th nw 
Harrover William H, 313 7th nw 
Hauptman Francis E, 407 11th nw 
Hicks Harley T, 641 Mass av nw 
Hurdle Theodore, 507 K nw 
Jenks W S & Co, 717 7th nw 
Johnson Allen S, 1250 9th nw 
Johnson John D, 607 2d nw 
Kelly James, 1727 Pa av nw 
Kennedy John, 1211 7th nw 
Kohl Frank, 910 4th nw 
Lyles George W, 1425 L nw 

Marche William B, 323 Pa av se 

Marks Samuel A H, 641 E se 

Mehler William H, 306 B se 

Mitchell M C, 3108 M nw, Gtn 

Moran John, 2126 Pa av nw 

Muller William B, 147 B se 

O'Donnell William, 1248 7th nw 

Pepper John, 1223 7th nw 

Petsch Julius, 1006 E nw 

Raff Barnhard, 513 11th se 

Rapley William W, 1315 E nw 

Rasher Elias, 551 Centre mkt 

Richey Hiram, 427 10th nw 

Ryon John T, 150 and 152 Centre mkt 

Sauer Peter G, 438 4£ sw 

Say John, 2143 Pa av nw 

Seay John W, 2143 Pa av nw 

Shelton William R, 479 I nw and 508 H nw 

Simons William H G, 1000 1 nw 

Simpson E F, 1005 D nw 

Steele John M, 632 H nw 

Stonnell Benjamin, 218 4£ sw 

Symanoskie Joseph, 335 7th ne 

Talbot Robert E, 1233 32d nw, Gtn 

Tilghman William H, 1238 20th nw 

Uber Samuel, 215 C ne 

Warren Henry, 1228 M nw 

White William S, 462 Me av sw 

Wilson John, 614 D nw 

Wright John T, A nr 8th se 

Wyvill Walter D, 452 Pa av nw 

Sumac Mills*. 

Dreyfuss D & Co, High nr Canal, Gtn 

Surgical and Dental Instru- 

(See also Cutlers.) 
Fischer Charles, 623 7th nw 
Ross Joseph Mrs, 431 9th nw 


Carpenter B D, Brightwood 
Forsyth William, 1707 G nw 
Partridge John A, City Hall 
Reeves R J, Corcoran building 
Tuttle Horace P, Corcoran building 


(See also Clothiers.) 
Athey John M, 1757 Pa av nw 
Bahlman Henry, 140 E Capitol 
Berens William, 1128 7th nw 
Bergling George, 1318 F nw 
Bergling Henry, 1134 7th nw 
Bischoff Charles, 922 D nw 
Boyle John M, 501 D nw 
Burke Josiah D, 619 L nw 
Bush John C, 622 Pa av nw 
Cecil Joseph B, 713 8th se 
Clancy John, 33 Myrtle ne 
Cohen Edward P, 1548 I nw 
Collins Thomas, 717 I se 
Curtin Patrick, 618 11th nw 
Curtin Thomas, 112 3d se 
Dieterich Christian, 112 4i nw 



Dieterick Louis, 345 Pa av nw 
Douglass Robert J, 1113 Vt av nw 
Duehring August, 1317 7th nw 
Eckert George, 1013 F nw 
English John T, 719 15th nw 
Finney John T, 3225 O nw, Gtn 
Frankel Andrew, 822 14th nw 
Fuller John J, 58 H nw 
Ghiselli A, 1730 Pa av nw 
Glentz Gustave, 707 L nw 
Griesbauer John A, 435 9th nw 
Goetz George M, 208 2d se 
Goetzinger Ernest, 1734 7th nw 
Gopel William M, G nr 10th ne 
Griesbaur J A, 435 9th nw 
Haase August, 941 L nw 
Heiberger F J, 535 15th nw 
Heil Henry, 322 Pa av nw 
Heilmann Theodore, 1713 Pa av nw 
Herbel John, 825 F ne 
Herbst D, 908 4th nw 
Herold George W, 1234 9 th nw 
Hertrich George, 913 D nw 
Horgan Edmorid, 615 I nw 
Horrigan Dennis, 233 Va av sw 
Hart William, 917 E nw 
Humphries George C, 2118 I nw 
Imhof Frederick, 1422 L nw 
Katzenstein S, 310 7th nw 
Keeler John M, 1111 Pa av nw 
Keen G T, 414 9th nw 
Kettler L, 1423 F nw 
Kiefer Conrad, 815 E nw 
Klotz Frederick, 210 H nw 
Koehler Ferdinand, 421 10th nw 
Koppel H, 605 13th nw 
Kraak H, 483 Pa av nw 
Lewis Eugene R, 1221| F nw 
Losano & Mcintosh, 62-7 D nw 
Loughran John, 24 H ne 
Luckel Henry, 1747 L nw 
McCormick John, 711 F sw 
McDonald B G, 605 7th nw 
McDonald Sween, 1214 M nw 
Mcintosh John M, 823 7th nw 
Man ogue James, 3242 M nw, Gtn- 
Martin Bernard, 430 6th nw 
Moore William, 925 K nw 
Moriarty John, 33 Myrtle ne 
Moriarty John, H, 612 D nw 
Mudd Ignatius F, 810 9th nw 
Muller Henry, 519 10th nw 
Nicoll Alexander, 617 Pa av nw 
O'Connell Daniel, 603 C nw 
Pomeroy William H, 1404 14th nw 
Probey John T, 1219 32d nw, Gtn 
Rafus John W, 822 12th nw 
Rest Fredk W, 425 12th nw 
Ribnitzky William, 1202 H nw 
Richards George, 2219 G nw 
Rick John, 2016 I nw 
Roberts Michael F, 1733 Pa av nw 
Rosenaur Louis, 422 4£ sw 
Ruppert Casper, 1011 E nw 
Schmidt Traugott, 1316 Pa av nw 
Schreiber Theodore, 1416 32d nw, Gtn 

Schultheis Henry, 904 E nw 
Schulz George, 1206 F nw 
Schwab John G, 711 7th sw 
Searles James H, 9 6th ne 
Seltz & Mertz, 437 9th nw 
Shaw John T, 2914 M nw, Gtn 
Siebel John C, 402 7th nw 
Slattery Edward, 354 F sw 
Smith Frederick B, 624 D nw 
Sohl August, 606 N Y av nw 
Solan Michael H, 632 F nw 
Stalzer Charles, 1339 E nw 
Stanford William H, 459 Pa av nw 
Taff George D & Son, 810 7th nw 
Teel William S, 985 Pa av nw 
Thiel Nicholas, 602 La av nw 
Toenese John, 417 K nw 
Vandevoordt John H. 1101 Pa av nw 
Van Doren T J, 940 F nw 
Voegler John, 229 G nw 
Vogler Henry, 635 K nw 
Wade John W, 915 7th nw 
Waldman J, 609 7th nw 
Wilson J Henry, 3107 M nw, Gtn 
Zahn Theodore, 474 C nw 
Zeller Frederick, 320 Pa av nw 

Martin David B, 216 10th nw 

Turner William R, 2079 32d nw and 3283 
M nw, Gtn 

French William H, 1209 N Y av nw 
Hackenyos Charles W, 1221 7th nw 
Harbrecht Stephen, 1133 7th nw 

Teachers, Dancing-. 
(See also Schools.) 
Marini Louis G, 914 E nw 
Sheldon George T, 1004 F nw 
Taylor J D, 2927 M nw, Gtn 

Teachers, Elocution. 
Congdon J A, 456 C nw 
Schreiner Mary K, 1212 L nw 

Teachers, Languages. 
Colliere L E C, 1538 I nw 
Foulon L, 1131 17th nw 
Prud'homme Mile V, 910 14th nw 
Teachers, Music. 
Arth George M, 1232 E se 
Beall Helen A, 41 2d, Gtn 
Beck E Lillie, 612 7th sw 
Boucher Cora M, 1501 9th nw 
Bullard O B, 655 N Y av nw 
Flynn Bella, 1405 29th nw, Gtn 
Johnson David S L, 1216 Md av sw 
King Theo I, 707 8th nw 
Kremb Conrad, 1637 3d nw 
McNerhaney M L Mrs, 3008 M nw, Gtn 
Madden Antonia, 1333 U nw 
Mueller J Max, 1237 Mass av nw 
Richards Effie A, Hillman House 
Rowe Rudolph, 925 E ne 
Smothers Mary E, 1920 12th nw 
Washington Conservatory of Music, 655 

N Y av nw 
Waters Annie P, 3252 M nw, Gtn 



Teachers, Penmanship. 

Spencer's College, L c 7th nw 

Teachers, Phonography. 

Snell M Porter, 5208th nw 

Teas and Coffee. 

(See also Grocers.) 
Awah Choy, 544 N L mkt 
Dannenberg I W & U, 628 Pa av nw 
Duvall J Walter, 430 9th nw 
Freeh Theobald, 148 and 149 Centre mkt 
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co (The), 

503 7th nw 
Jackson J Ah Hen. 88 Western and 352 
T Centre mkts and 54 Bridge, Gtn 
Kitt Ah. 143 N L mkt 
Koon Chew, 265 Centre mkt 
McBride Alexander, 731 7th nw 
Miller Byrd T, 3056 M, Gtn 
Murray Margaret J, 62 Eastern mkt 
O'Donnel & Bro, 324 Centre and 67 East- 
ern mkts and 337 Pa av se 
Southern Pacific Tea Co, 703 7th nw 
Spignul William H, c 7th and K nw 
Sweeny James A, 1146 7th nw 

Telegraph Companies. 
American Dist Telegraph Co, F c 10th nw 
American Rapid, 1427 Pa av nw 
American Union and Baltimore and Ohio, 

8th c F nw and 1351 Pa av nw 
Atlantic and Pacific, St Marc Hotel and 

1347 E nw 
Baltimore and Ohio, 619 Pa av nw 
Western Union, 541 15th nw and 603 Pa 

av nw 

Telephone Companies. 
National Capital Telephone Co, 1413 Gnw 
Western Union, 105 Corcoran bldg 

Terra Cotta Works. 
Potomac Terra Cotta Co, 401 1ST J av nw 

Comique, 11th c C nw 
Ford's Opera House, 9ih c C and Laavnw 
National, E bet 13th and 14th nw 

Thermometer Manufacturer. 
Hempler H H, 453 Pa av c 4£ nw 

Tin and Sheet Iron Worker. 
Pfeil Daniel, 1315 7th nw 

Tonic Beer. 
Bates Benjamin, 315 Pa av nw 
Bridwell Moses T, 351 M sw 

Goldschmid Rudolph, 812 7th and 811 8th 

Knorr Ernst A, 745 7th nw 

Transportation Lines. 

(See also Miscellaneous.) 
Co-operative Mail and Passenger, 431 7th 

Downey W F, 1013 17th nw 


Lauer Aman D, 2 Eastern and 478 Centre 


(See Harness.) 

Christman John, 1106 E nw 

Type Founder. 

Pelouze H L & Son, 316 8th nw 

Chase Buell B & Co, 1412 Paav nw and 411 

11th nw 
Cook Catherine, 515 Q nw 
Kirk Enoch, 819 R nw 
Lefevre C, 512 9th nw 
Rogers Elizabeth, 324 Pa av nw 
Rogers John, 613 D nw and 409 11th nw 
Rogers William, 806 I nw 
Vollten Theodore, 71 High, Gtn 
(See also Cabinetmakers.) 
Barker Richard W, 612 11th nw 
Berry George & Son, 458 School sw 
Better George C H, 1408 S C av se 
Birch J F, 3034 M nw, Gtn 
Boteler Edward M, 735 8th se 
Brown W Paul, 421 9th se 
Buchly Anthony, 912 Pa av nw 
Burgdorf Augustus, 316 Pa av n w> . 
Clements James T, 1235 32d nw, w Gtn 
Davis James H, 1626 11th nw 
Day Addison, 301 4-£ sw 
Friess Dora, wid Christopher, 1008 6th nw 
Gawler Joseph, 1726 Pa av nw 
Harvey R F, 921 7th nw 
Jenifer & Randall, 318 3d sw 
Jordan H & Son, 1910 8th nw 
Lee Joseph C, 304 Pa av se 
Lee's Henry Sons, 332 Pa av nw, 498 Md 

av sw and 304 Pa av se 
Lewis William, 1453 Samson nw 
Martin Luther C. 739 7th nw 
Mitchell John M, 913 11th se 
Nelson & Dabney, 441 L nw 
Parker & Scott, 602 29st nw 
Queen Ambrose, 1437 K nw 
Sigourney Winfield S,2824 Pa av nw, Gtn 
Speare W R, 940 F nw 
Spindler Frederick, 1233 7th nw and 239 

Williams Lemuel, 1705 Pa av nw 
Wright John R, 1337 10th nw 
Young & Reed, 1737 K nw 
Zurhorst George P, 320 Pa av se 

Undertakers' Supplies. 
Standford Charles E & Co, 605 La av nw 

(See also Cabinet, also Furniture, also 
Paper Hangings.) 
Atkinson Guy C, 627 H nw 
Bell Amos, 708 A se 
Bergmann Carl F W, 903 G nw 
Boswell Richard H, 717 9th nw 



Brickwedde Charles A, 822 9th nw 
Brooks Saulsbury, 2035 9th nw 
Carroll Daniel H, 1124 F ne 
Chace A H & Co, 616 La av nw 
Collin sworth William, 318 E se 
Cook John H, 309 4| sw 
Coon John W, 102 High, Gtn 
Currey J Wheeler, 616 Pa av se 
Davis Robert H, 1905 H nw 
Dillion Michael, 502 11th nw 
Donn George W, 424 H nw 
Fosgate Mendall G, 100 1 ne 
Freeman Henrick, 428 6th nw 
Geneste Leona D, 722 17th nw 
Harting Charles, 1103 9th nw 
Harting John E, 816 9th nw 
Hoffman Frank, 450 Me av sw 
Humes John T & Co, 731 5th nw 
Jackson Henry A, 1546 I nw 
Jinkins Turner, 438 N Y av nw 
Krieg Godfrey, 1306 H nw 
Lucas George W, 1230 32d nw, Gtn 
McClain John F, 1723 Pa av nw 
McKenny Francis T, 1903 Pa av nw 
McLean Allen, c 18th and H nw 
Martin Fred, 125 Pa av se 
Meyer Louis, 901 9th nw 
Noell William, 927 C nw 
Sweeny T W, 420 9th nw 
Tallent Arthur, 1269 32d nw, Gtn 
Ullman Joseph, 2036 7th nw 
Young Frank H, 1404 Pa av nw 

Variety Stores. 

(See also Dry Goods, also Fancy Goods. 

Allen Samuel E, 1303 11th se 

Arnold Jane, 623 N Y av nw 

Bean Laura, 128 N se 

Betts Elizabeth R, 1115 7th se 

Bradley Kate A, 820 C se 

Canaan Mary, 734| 13th nw 

Carter Charles, 4 Goat al nw 

Coleman Henry, 1036 4th nw 

Conner Francis B, 508 7th se 

Connolly Mary A, 1G68 31st nw, Gtn 

Cooksey Mary E, 15 N se 

Coyle Mary A, 238 9th se 

Cusic Alice J, 700 G se 

Diggs Margaret C, 1000 10th se 

Dyson Sydney, 101 7th se 

Ellis Kate, 90 Myrtle ne 

Flemming Abraham, 631 K nw 

Fowler Sarah Mrs, lltii c M se 

Frost Annie, 473 I nw 

Fulcher James A, 926 Pa av nw 

Garrett Edward, Nichols av 

Gladmon Annie, 1210 28th nw, Gtn 

Hart Elias, 632 Mass av nw 

Hayward Emma, 1412 14th nw 

Hill Annie M, 435 L nw 

Hutcherson Walter Ann, 11th c O se 

Johnson Thomas E, 206 L se 

Keithley Mary, 1201 3d se 

Kerr Catherine Mrs, 515 E nw 

Kinkier Samuel R, 1700 7th nw 

Mason George W, 1337 7th nw 

Matthiason Hans A, 1221 3d se 

Miller Margaret, 533 6th se 

Milstead L D, 1103 N J av se 

Morrow Mary Mrs, 1023 G se 

Murray Margaret J, 1215 E se 

Newman Mary, 1245 N J av se 

Norris Annie M, 1320 28th nw 

O'Brien Bridget, 1247 20th nw 

Pfister Catherine, 1219 N H av nw 

Pritchard Louisa, 1224 3d sw 

Rowley Merritt A, 1407 11th se 

Ruppel Adam, 910 4th nw 

Smith Catherine, 29 N se 

Thompson Matilda, wid John T, 1909 M nw 

Turner Thomas B, 1702 7th nw 

Vigle Richard, 424 Prater al nw 

Wallace John F, 1015 24th nw 

Walsh John H, 823 R nw 

Wells Joseph M, 809 E se 

Wibecker C, 628 L nw 

Willige Augustus Mrs, 2200 Pa av nw 

Wills Harriet, 2028 35th nw, Gtn 

Wood William H, 1727 7th nw 

Yates Sarah F, 2613 P nw, Gtn 
Venetian Blinds. 

Noell William, 926 Pa av nw 

Norton House and Ship VentilatorCo (The), 
633 F nw 

Veterinary Surgeons. 
Baker William M, 14th st rd nw 
Bushman Joseph, 409 14th nw and 1244 

9th nw 
Clever W E, 811 19th nw 
) Ifield Thomas, Bladensburg rd 
Palmer T S, 717 O nw 
Ribiere Joseph, 475 C nw 
Smith Robert & Co, 409 14th nw and 526 

4th se 
Taylor Thomas, 908 11th nw 
Williams Thomas, 6 Swinghammer al nw 
Woodruff James E, 1307 G nw 

Vinegar Manufacturers. 
Brown & Forrest, High c Water, Gtn 

Wasliing Blue. 
Meehan James, 902 4th ne 

IVatches and Jewelry. 
Alburger William H jr, 531 7th nw 
Baum Louis, 705 7th nw 
Berger John A, 833 1st ne 
Berger O L, 1734 Pa av nw 
Blackford John S, 3125 M nw, Gtn 
Bottomore Charles H, 321 Pa av nw 
Breuninger William. 929 Paavnw 
Bryan Edward, 1902 14th nw 
Burn Joseph, 510 8th se 
Callishers D L, 903 7th nw 
Cremen John E, 1 101 Pa av nw 
Desio Jerome, 1215 Pa av nw 
Faber Otto G, 427 11th nw 
French James F, 1209 N Y av nw 
Friederich William, 409 7th nw 
Gait M W, Bro & Co, 1107 Pa av nw 
Garrison Catherine, 1132 19th nw 
1 Glenn W D, 402 9th nw 
Goldsmith Max, 917 Pa av nw 



Goldstein S & Co, 939 Pa av nw 
Harris R & Co, 432 7th nw 
Harris & Shafer, 1113 Pa av nw 
Head Christopher C, 1010 7th nw 
Hinke Hemy, 425 9th nw 
Hoffa Herz, 624 Pa av nw 
Iannarone Frank P, 507^ Pa av nw 
Jacobs Bros, 1229 Pa av nw 
Johannes John G, 939 Pa av nw 
Kamm August, 934 F nw 
Karr Jacob, 629 Pa av nw 
Kattelmann Carl, 715 7th nw 
Keil George, 737 8th se 
Krackhardt Frederick, 509 4£ sw 
Ladson Thomas A, 528 9th nw 
Lendner & Ladson, 1209 Pa av nw 
Letmate Frederick W, 1336 F nw 
Lewin Ainslie, 1058 30th nw, Gtn 
Lewis' Samuel Sons, 1215 Pa av nw 
Mills C F, 616 9th nw 
Kordhoff & Knabe, 607 15th nw 
Peterson Carl. 424 7th nw 
Prigg John E, 457 Pa av nw 
Rickenbacher D, 1423 F nw 
Sawtell S A, 432 7th nw 
Schmitt Peter F, 932 Pa av nw 
Semken Henry, 945 Pa av nw 
Shmedtie Bros, 704 7th nw 
Steibel Francis J, 325 Pa av se 
Tappan W S, 905 F nw 
Unsworth John J, 201 7th sw 
Unsworth Thomas H, 1836 7th nw 
Van Doren John A, 205 Pa av se 
Vollten Theodore, 1242 32d nw, Gtn 
Wagner Henry G, 162 Bridge, Gtn 
Wahl John H, 1123 7th nw 
Wallach P, 1417 Pa av nw 
Weissenstein I, 530 9th nw 
Wetzell Louis, 1012 7th nw 
Wood Charles M, 916 8th se 
Worch Alfred, 1912 Pa av nw 

Water Closets. 

See R D O Smith 

Wax for Flowers. 

Cary M E B Mrs, 821 14th nw 

Well Digger. 

Wilkerson Frederick, Boundary nr 8th 

Johnson J H & Co, 12th st whf 
Littlefield L Austin, 26th c D nw 
Riley Thomas W, 11th st whf 


(See also Blacksmiths, also Carriage 
Ayer Oliver P, 131 B nw 
Balinger Richard, 3135 Water, Gtn 
Bridget Richard J, 119 1st nw 
Degen George, 1630 9th nw 
Dewer & Fitzgerald, 4 Bridge, Gtn 
Dietz Christian, 322 1st nw 
Etzer Archibald, Anacostia 
Jenkins Chas J, Harrison, Anacostia 

Heazler Archibald, Harrison, Uniontown 

Heitmuller Charles, 1403 R I av nw 

Kell William H, B n 9th se 

Lauxman Martin, Md av nr 15th ne 

Megles Patrick C, nr 14th sw 

Moore George W, 1681 32d nw, Gtn 

Ricks William H, 201 B ne 

Ries H T, 637 N Y av nw 

Smith John W, Boundary nr 8th nw 

Sullivan Thomas, 300 H ne 

Wig* makers. 
Demongeot N, 616 9th nw 
Estren Samuel W, 1109 F nw 

Window Shades. 

(See also Grocers, also Saloons.) 
Tubman A M, 411 9th nw 

Wines and Liquors. 

(See also Grocers, also Saloons.) 
Bayer Albert, 1828 7th nw 
Bien Samuel, 406 9th nw 
Boegeholz Henry, 1139 7th nw 
Burke Frank P, 1324 D nw 
Clotworthy James, 1017 7th nw 
Daly & Cunningham, 638 O nw 
Douglas August, 1702 Pa av nw 
Dunn Patrick B, 935 La av nw, 517 7th 

nw and 302 3d sw 
Fagan William, 15th c P nw 
Fegan Hugh J, 305 9th nw 
Fegan Peter, 462 Pa av nw 
Flanagan James J, 1722 F nw 
Genty Peter F, 714 D nw 
Gibbons John, 2829 M nw, Gtn 
Hallinan Cornelius, 1108 7th nw 
Knight E C, 1732 Pa av nw 
McGee James, 2002 7th nw 
Miller & Co, 1500 14th nw 
Miller & Jones, 1325 and 1327 E nw 
Moran M F, 3011 M nw, Gtn 
Moran Thos H, 1311 7th nw and 640 Onw 
Muehleisen William, 918 5th nw 
Russell Thomas, 1213 Pa av nw 
Shoomaker & Hertzog, 1331 and 1333 E nw 
Spanier Louis, 1416 F nw 
Tharp James, 820 F nw 
Welcker P D, 609 15th nw 
Xander Christian, 911 7th nw 
Xander Jacob, 1313 7th nw 
Wines and ULquors, Wholesale, 
Dnnn Patriek I5„ 925 La av nw 

Wire "Workers. 
Beveridge Daniel B, 308 11th nw 
Beveridge Daniel W, 316 11th nw 
"Wool and Sumac. 
Ramsburg's Jacob Sons, 1336 32d nw, Gtn 

Worsted Goods. 
Ruppert Selma, 614 9th nw 


Deulkas Anthony C, 1112 15th nw 

(See also Fancy Goods.) 
Ruppert Selina, 614 9th nw 




Abbreviations used in this Work. 

ab above 
agt agent 
ago Adjutant - General 

al alley 
Ala Alabama 
Alex Alexandria Va 
asst assistant 
aud Auditor 
av avenue 
bel below 
bet between 
bds boards 
bldg building 
blk block 
bkkr bookkeeper 
bu eng Bureau Engraving 

and Printing 
bur bureau 
bvt brevet 
Cal California 
Cap Capitol 
Capt Captain 
carp carpenter 
cen centre 
ego Commissary Gene 

ral's Office 
Col Colonel 
com mer commission 

compt comptroller 
Conn Connecticut 
c corner 
elk clerk 
ct court 

Del Delaware 

dept Department 

d 1 o Dead Letter Office 

do same place 

e East 

E Cap East Capitol 
east side 

forwd forwarding 

ft foot 

Ga Georgia 

Gen General 

g 1 o General Land Office 

Gtn Georgetown D C 

bdqrs headquarters 

b bouse 

H K House Representa- 

hydr Hydrographic Office 

111 Illinois 

Ind Indiana 

In dp Independence 

insp inspector 

int dept Interior Depart- 

int rev internal revenue 

Ky Kentucky 

La Louisiana 

la lane 

lab laborer 

1 b b light bouse board 

let car letter carrier 

Md Maryland 

Mass Massachusetts 

M C Member Congress 

Me Maine 

Wis Wisconsin 
med stat medical 

mer merchant 
Mich Michigan 
Miss Mississippi 
mkr maker 
mkt market 
mnfr manufacturer 
Mo Missouri 

Ird road 
statis-,r rear or room 

reg o Register Office 

IRR railroad 

!RI Rhode Island 

jRev Reverend 

's south 

iS C South Carolina 
Sen U S Senator, Senate 
S Cap South Capitol 

n b h National Board of se southeast 


Neb Nebraska 

n north 

N C North Carolina 

N Cap North Capitol 

ne northeast 

N HNew Hampshire 

N J New Jersey 

N L North Liberty 

nr near 

N Y New York 

nw northwest 

op opposite 

Pa Pennsylvania 

pat o Patent Office 

pen o Pension Office 

pi place 

p m g o Paymaster Gene- 
ral's Office 

p o Post Office 

pres President 

prod produce 

pub public 

qm quartermaster 

ss southside 

sig o Signal Office 

sw southwest 

sec secretary 

servt servant 

s g o Surgeon General's 

supt superintendent 
Tenn Tennessee 
trans transportation 
treas treasurer treasury 
USCS United States 

Coast Survey 
USA United States 

U S N United States 

U S S UnitedStates Senate 
Vt Vermont 
Va Virginia 
Wash Washington 
ws west side 
whol wholesale 
wid widow 


Aaron Jacob, shoes, 1238 7th nw 

Abbe Charles C, elk pat o, 408 Spruce, Le Droit 

Abbe Cleveland, professor and 

assistant signal officer, 2017 

I nw 
Abbot Anna, 1418 33d nw, Gtn 
Abbot Charles, 933 Mass av nw 
Abbot David J, supt, 1231 N nw 
Abbot Howard S, lawyer, €17 

7tb nw, b S007 JP nw, Gtn 
Abbot Lucy E, elk, 1003 K nw 
Abbot Mary C, elk treas, 1003 K nw 
Abbot Mary H Mrs, 1003 K nw 
Abbot Mattie, 1418 33d nw Gtn 
Abbott Alice, sewing, 304 Jackson Hall al 
Abbott Ellen Mrs, 1507 33d nw, Gtn 


Abbott George A, engraver treas, 410 N J av se 

Abbott Howard B, elk g 1 o, Falls Church, Va 

Abbott James, lab, 708 3d nw 

Abbott Jennie, teacher, 1507 33d nw, Gtn 

Abbott Julius, elk, 459 D sw 

Abbott Thomas J, elk qm g o, 1414 17th nw 

Abbott Wm E,grocr,1721 Pa av nw, h 1822 K nw 

Abel Anna E, dressmkr, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 

Abel Frederick, modelmkr, 802 H nw 

Abel John, lab, 109 M se 

Abel Kesiah, 934 Palmer al nw 

Abel Samuel, mess, Hillsdale 

Abell Charles R, elk dept justice, 1519 T nw 

Abell Leila K, 620 Va av sw 

Abell Kate, attendant, Insane Asylum 

Abell Sabra, teacher, Anacostia 

Abert Charles (Abert & Warner), Montgomery 

Abert Charles, elk s g o, 718 10th nw 
Abert William Stone, lawyer, 408 5th, h 14th 

c Boundary nw 


Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

1430 J*EW YORK ATE. 




Pure California Hock,Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, gn 7th st. nw. 

Ahert & Warner (Charles Abert and John "YY 

Warner), lawyers, 460 La av nw 
Abley Mina, wid Philip, Boundary nr 7th nw 
Abner Christian, cigars, 415 9th nw 
A1>uei* Edward., importer lilies 

and agent Cjieorg-e Eliret's l\ew 

York beer and restaurant, 4L13 

Jk 415 9tli nw, li do & 7©8 E 

Abner Oscar C E, elk, 413 9th nw 
Abraham Alexander, elk pen o, 1232 9th nw 
Abraham Augustus, lab, 1337 Cedar nw 
Abraham Clara Miss, 1232 9th nw 
Abraham James H, solicitor, 1102 B ne 
Abraham Lewis, lwyr, 1215 F nw, h 1232 9th nw 
Abraham Richard, watchman, 233 N J avnw 
Abrahams Abram, lab, 14 Temperance av nw 
Abrahams Esther R, cigars, 239 N J av nw 
Abrahams Hannah, servt, 1337 Cedar nw 
Abrahams JD, teacher, 914 14th nw 
Abrahams John, lab, 14 Temperance av nw 
Abrahams Lehman, 329 N J av nw 
Abrahams Mark, ticket broker, 467 Pa av nw, 

h 239 N J av nw 
Abrams Geo B, watchman, 821 9th nw 
Academy of the Holy Cross, 1312 Mass av nw 
Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary, 706 Md 

av sw 
Academy of the Visitation, 35th op P, Gtn 
Academy of Visitation, Conn av nr L nw, Dyer 

Augustine Mother Superior ess 

Accardi Mary, wid Salvador, 502 7th se 
Accinelly Bartholomew J, agt Inland & Sea- 
board Coasting Co, 646 F sw 
Accinelly John B, engineer, 646 F sw 
Aceval Ken j Senor Don, E E and 

Wl I», Paraguay 
Achstadter Charles, carp, 931 4th nw 
Achstetter August, barber, 226* C ne, h 226 C ne 
Acker Albert A, drug elk, 183 E nw 
Acker Caroline C, wid Jacob, 206 E nw 
Acker Charles A (Acker & Co), 37 E nw 
Acker Franklin J (Acker & Co), 133 E nw 
Acker George M, physician, 133 E nw 
Acker George N, physician, 1403 
1% IT av nw, li «!©. 

Acker Jacob N, locksmith, 16 I ne 
Acker John F, stonecutter, 317 A ne 
Acker Margaret L, boarding, 16 I ne 
Acker Sarah, wid Nicholas, 133 E nw 
Acker William B, elk cen, 422 B se 
Acker William B, elk, 317 A ne 
Acker William J (Acker & Co), 133 E nw 
Acker & Co ( Wm 3- and Eranklin 
JT Acker), stonecutters and 
dealers, IV Capitol c E nw 
Ackerman Benjamin, printer, 110 J nw 
Ackers Henry H, lab, 462 K nw 
Ackers John H, lab, 462 K nw 
Ackershausen Henry, baker, 735 6th nw 
Ackiss Lycurgus, skoemkr,7th ab Boundary nw 
Acklen Joseph H, M. C, 3©7 E 

Acosta Gennaro, elk, Wormley's Hotel 
Acton Caroline, wid George, 507 E sw 
Acton Elijah, 930 3d se 


413 & 415 Ninth Street 9 nw, 


Was awarded FIRST PRIZE 

Aug. Marshall & Co v New York, 

American Extra Dry Champagne. 

P. Lent & Co., Toledo, " Catawba." 

For which he is Sole Agent. Also Importer of 



tap Eliret's New York Lapr Beer, 

413 & 415 NINTH STREET, NW. 


Aimer's Garden, 708 E nw. 

Agrent Norwich. Union Fire Soc'y, England. 
Rhode Island Fire Ins. Ass'n, Providence. 




ed. .ajbivihr, 

Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EH RETS) 

New York Lager Beer, 

w x oik. ungvr 
413 & 415 Ninth St., 


Acton George, porter, 1422 E nw 
Acton George C, lab, 1100 K se 
Acton George Q, elk, 911 22d nw 
Acton H C, elk p o H R, 452 N J av se 
Acton James A, blacksmith, 911 22d nw 
Acton James F, 930 3d se 
Acton Jessie, 737 7th se 

Acton John C, butcher, 582 Centre & 17 East- 
ern mkts, h Anacostia 
Acton John S, milk, 230 11th se 
Acton Joseph, detective, 109 3d se 
Acton Laura, servt, 3329 N nw, Gtn 
Acton M E, attendant, Insane Asjium 
Actor Che vis, porter, Dumbarton nr Rock 

Creek nw, Gtn 
Actor David, lab, Dumbarton nr Rock Creek 

nw, Gtn 
Acwith Abraham, mess, 1032 18th nw 
Adam Charles F F, 3d sec Brit- 
ish legation, 1711 R I av^nw 
Adam Mary, 524 6th se 
Adam William, 74 I nw 
Adamantine Brick Company, 

office 302 6th nw 
Adams Ada C, 636 La av nw 
Adams Adolphus H, laborer, 1136 20th nw 
Adams Agnes, g h o, 10 I nw 
Adams Alexander, bricklayer, Boyle's Hotel 
Adams Alice, 218 44- nw 
Adams Alice, elk, 47 Mass av nw 
Adams Amos S, tel op, 600 13th nw 
Adams Anna B, printer, 903 6th nw 
Adams Annie, servt, 1702 Pa av nw 
Adams Annie E, elk int. rev, 713 11th nw 
Adams Annie M, 636 La av nw 
Adams Annie P, elk treas, 1636 14th nw 
Adams Annie P, wid J F, 1339 L nw 
Adams Arthur C, physician, 709 11th nw. 
Office hours 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1, 4 to 6 p m 
Adams Asbury, waiter, 210 F sw 
Adams Belle, elk, 47 Mass av nw 
Adams Benjamin B, physician. 
1616 7th nw, h do. 

0™ E Ho™ S :j^ B X Vpm . 

Adams Byron S, elk p o, 1102 8th nw 

Adams Caleb, lab, 1201 3d sw 

Adams Catherine, widChas, 1331 Corcoran nw 

Adams Catherine, wid Saml, midwife, 411 5th se 
Adams Catherine, wid Taylor, 1208 R nw 
Adams Charles, elk d 1 o, 322 C nw 
Adams Charles H, lab, 909 1st sw 
Adams Clinton, civil engineer, 502 E nw 
Adams Crawford C, special agt treas dept, 947 

R I av nw 
Adams David, lab, 1st nr V sw 
Adams E A (Columbia Pottery Co), 422 8th, se 
Adams Edgar, carp, 609 4th nw 
Adams Edwd J (Wooster & Adams), 306 D sw 
Adams Edward M, conductor, 3142 M nw, Gtn 
Adams Eliza, wid John, 524 6th se 
Adams Eliza, servt, Pomeroy nw 
Adams Elmon A, physician, 422 8th se. Office 

hours, 7 to 9 a m, 1 to 2, 4 to 6 p m 
Adams Express Co, 225 Fa av 

and Ind ay cor 1st nw. O W 

Moss, superintendent branch 

office, 1125 Fnw; WmHBayne, 

agent, and 3036 M nw, Gtn, 

E C Luckett, agent 
Adams Fannie, folder, 115 E nw 
Adams F Colburn, 729 15th nw 
Adams Francis J, asst physician Children's 

Adams Frank, mess, Wheaton, Md 
Adams Frank C, elk n pay o, 1906 H nw 
Adams Gabriel, lab, 1307 C se 
Adams George, bootblack, 124 Schott al ne 
Adams George, lab, 303 4th ne 
Adams George F, builder, 307 4J sw, h 309 

4| sw 
Adams George Ul, cleric House 

Representatives, h 1013 E nw 
Adams George W, huckster, 1221 C sw 
Adams George W, president 

Evening Star Newspaper Co, 

1201 K nw 
Adams Georgie, wid John, 1424 33d nw Gtn 
Adams Green, chief cleric HL R, 

1316 S nw 
Adams Gustav, paper hanger, 620 I nw 
Adams Hamilton H, elk, 1102 8th nw 
Adams Harry, printer, 1415 Columbia nw 
Adams Hattie P, teacher, 1100 M nw 
Adams Henry, 1607 H nw 
Adams Henry, 110 B nw 
Adams Henry M, butcher, nr Bridge rd 




^CKIEIR, Sz> CO., 



North River Blue Stone, and Rutland and Southerland Falls Marble, 


Marble, Granite and Brown Stone Works, 


Near B. & O. Railroad Depot, WASHINGTON, D. C. 

TO IM\fCMTflDO First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

I U IIM V tlM I Unoi PUSKAS & saportas, 2 Nassau., cor. Wall, NEW YORK. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. n/^S^ 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w. 

Adams Henry M, assistant chief 
of" engineers, War l>ept, 1905 
I nw 

Adams Henry T, coppersmith, 410 L se 
Adams H W, stonecutter, 611 N J av nw 
Adams Inez H, wid Seth, 2401 Pa av nw 
Adams Jackson, waiter, Trumbull nw 
Adams James, fireman, 417 1st sw 
Adams James, lab, 1822 E nw 
Adams James A, machinist, 221 3d ne 
Adams .Tames Bradley, books 
and stationery, 814t JF nw and 
527 7th nw, h 11 ©2 8th n w 
Adams James D, fireman, 1016 22d nw 
Adams James W, shoemkr, 819-| E nw, h 414 

7th sw 
Adams Jeremiah, mess, 519 3d sw 
Adams Jerry, lab, 471 C nw 
Adams Jesse, carp, 521 Q nw 
Adams Jesse G, carp, 1817 12th nw 
Adams J Lee, physician, 1335 E se. Office hours 

7 to 9 a m, 4 to 6 p m 
Adams John, 3075 M nw, Gtn 
Adams John, bookbinder, 114 11th se 
Adams John, elk cen o, 1424 33d nw, Gtn 
Adams John, driver, 313 Va av sw 
Adams John, lab, 2303 G nw 
Adams John, marble cutter, 607 N J av nw 
Adams John, tinsmith, 426 11th sw 
Adams John, waiter, 417 1st sw 
Adams John N, waiter, Pomeroy nw 
Adams John Q, elk, 1514 13th nw 
Adams John Q, furnacebldr, 631 K se 
Adams John R, elk treas, 1009 5th se 
Adams John R, lab, 1634 Valley nw, Gtn 
Adams Joseph, lab, 1822 E nw 
Adams Joseph, lab, 122 Q nw 
Adams Josiah, cabinetmkr, 1106 4th nw 
Adams Julia, 713 11th nw 
Adams Julia, elk treas, 1331 G nw 
Adams Kate, 1331 Corcoran nw 
Adams Kate, washer, 612 K sw 
Adams Kate, wid John, 1413 32d nw, Gtn 
Adams Kitty, cook, 416 12th nw 
Adams Lizzie R, servt, 1511 30th nw, Gtn 
Adams Marion D, elk cenbu, Hamilton House 
Adams Martha E, wid George, tailoress, 97 

Myrtle ne 
Adams ^lartha 8, shirt manu- 
facturer, 1009 11th nw, h 93© 
Xa vlmv 
Adams Mary Miss, 309 4£ sw 
Adams Mary, servt, 8th ab Grant av nw 
Adams Mary C, servt, 921 19th nw 
Adams Mary C, washer, 21 8th se 
Adams Mary E, dressmkr, 1522 10th nw 
Adams Mary J, servt, Pomeroy nw 
Adams Mason P, physician, 1602 8th nw 
Adams Melvina, 16th nr E Capitol se 
Adams M Fannie, elk treas, 419 N J av se 
Adams Milton G, 1102 8th nw 
Adams Moses, carp, 1522 10th nw 
Adams M P, elk pen o, 1602 8th nw 
Adams Nelson D, elk g 1 o, Linden station, Md 
Adams Rachel A (Clampitt & Adams), 336 Pa 

av nw 
Adams Rebecca, servt, 407£ 1st nw 
Adams Robert, carp, 701 C ne 

Adams Robert, lab, 1140 20th nw 

Adams Samuel, 327 C sw 

Adams Samuel N, barber, 1008 7th nw, h 12a 

1st sw 
Adams Samuel S, elk cen, 1332 I nw 
Adams Samuel S, physician, 831 14th nw. Office 

hours 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1 p m, 6 to 8 p m 
Adams Sarah, servt, 1415 H nw 
Adams Tenia, servt, 220 H sw 
Adams Thomas, elk, 218 4J nw 
Adams Thomas, elk, 345 Pa av nw 
Adams Thomas, watchman, 508 12th se 
Adams Thomas jr, stonecutter, 508 12th se 
Adams Thomas B, fisherman, 815 G sw 
Adams Thomas H, mess, 519 3d sw 
Adams Thomas J, blksmith, 1069 32d nw, Gte 

h 1437 P nw 
Adams Thomas N, elk, 519 11th nw 
Adams Walter, lab, 612 K sw 
Adams Walter G, locksmith, 336 Pa av nw 
Adams Wesley, rags, Wilson st al nw 
Adams Wesley, waiter, 920 Grant av nw 
Adams William, lab, 124 Schott al ne 
Adams William, lab, Grinnell al nw 
Adams William, lab, 525 24th nw 
Adams William, lamplighter, 701 C ne 
Adams William E, lab, 124 Schott al ne 
Adams William W, 1221 C sw 
Adam son Annie Mrs, 917 G nw 
Adamson Mary, wid Richard, Boundary nr Vt 

av nw 
Adamson Richard A, carp, Boundary nr Vt av 

Adamson William W, driver, 1923 8th nw 
Addis Sarah J. wid Robert W, 635 A se 
Addis Wellford, elk, 635 A se 
Addison Alfred, 1624 2d nw 
Addison Annie, 1353 D nw 
Addison Annie, cook, 420 7th nw 
Addison Antony, lab, 231 9th ne 
Addison Anthony C, 1720 H nw 
Addison Arthur D, elk navy, 1720 H nw 
Addison Caroline A, wid James, 1113 7th se 
Addison D A, elk navy, 1809 I nw 
Addison Dennis, lab, 922 I ne 
Addison Elizabeth H, 1338 N Y av nw 
Addison Fanny, servt, Hamilton rd 
Addison Frank, lab, Lucas al nw 
Addison Franklin, agt, 538 7th se 
Addison George, lab, Hamilton rd 
Addison Hannibal C, in charge mail dept asy- 
lum, 1226 36th nw, Gtn 
Addison Henry, elk, 2737 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Addison Ida, seamstress, 103 3d sw 
Addison James, lab, Lucas al nw 
Addison James C (C W Thorn & Co), 218 I nw 
Addison Joanna, widJno, cook, r 1632 Mass av 
Addison John, lab, Hamilton rd 
Addison John W, 2737 Dumbarton av nw, Gtn 
Addison Laura, cook, U c 30th nw, Gtn 
Addison Maria, caterer, 832 24th nw 
Addison Mary, 13£ nr B ne 
Addison Mary, wid Israel, Hamilton rd 
Addison Mary, servt, 1010 Pa av se 
Addison Mary, washer, Pomeroy nw 
Addison Murray, elk s g o, 1720 H nw 
Addison Rachel, cook, 1149 20th nw 
Addison Resin, lab, Murdock Mill rd 
Addison Thomas, lab, Lucas al nw 
Addison Thomas, lab, 1315 27th nw, Gtn 
Addison Thomas G Rev, rector Trinity P K 

church, 219 C nw 
Addison Thos W, med student, 1430 3d nw 
Addison Virgil, painter, 722 2d sw 
Addison Watkins, 3310 N nw, Gtn 

The LARGEST Insurance Co. in the World. 




Addison Watkins jr, elk, 3310 N nw, Gtn 

Addison William, lab, Pomeroy nw 

Adee Alvey A, chief diplomatic bu state d, 

1019 15th nw 
Adel Dietrich, produce, 410 N L mkt nw, 

h Brentwood rd 
Adgley Annie, washer, 908 3d nw 
Adgley John, lab, 908 3d nw 
Adkins Ann, wid Jarrett, 26 Bates al nw 
Adkins Walker F, porter, 26 Bates al nw 
Adler Adolph, elk, 604 H nw 
Adler Henry, fancy goods, 105 

9th nw, h 601 H nw 


405 9th. St. 1ST. W. 

GEO. A. CLARK, Sole Agent. 

Adler Henry (Adler & Bro), 501 4J- sw 
Adler Maurice «F, hardware, 

3148 UI nw, €rtn,h U nr 33d nw, 


3VC. ST. ^3D>JL»ttJEL, 


Foreign and Domestic Hardware, 

Bar Iron, Cutlery, and Sporting Goods, 

New ISO. 3148 1, Old NO. 123 BEID&E St., 


Adler M C, wid Morris, 1309 30th nw, Gtn 
Adler Michael (Adler & Bro), Baltimore, Md 
Adler & Bro (Henry & Michael Adler), boots, 

501 4^ sw 
Adley Mary, servt, Arlington Hotel 
Adolf Bro, prof St John's collegiate inst, Vt 

av nr N nw 
Adolf Stoll, brewer, 1229 20th nw 
Adrean George W, bricklayer, 60 H ne 
Adresen Jerome, musician, 423 1st nw 
Adrians John H, elk pat o, 928 P nw 
Adt Alexis, 716 B I av nw 
Adt Francis J, Brewer, D nr 14th se 
^Etna Fire Ins Co of Hartford, 519 7th nw 
Aged Women's Home, 1255 32d nw, Gtn 
Agee Hezekiah, lab, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Ager Charles H, lab, nr Canal rd 
Ager Frank, lab, B nr 34th nw, Gtn 
Ager James, printer, 104 11th se 
Ager John H, lab, 3331 R nw, Gtn 
Ager Susan, wid James, 34 I nw 
Ager Wilson, elk p o, 34 I nw 
Ager Wilson, patentee, 915 12th nw 
Agnew John P (J P Agnew & Co), h 

Agnew JT JP «fc Co (John P. Ag- 
new, A Oreenlees & Park Ag- 
new), shipping agents, 3100 to 
3413 Water, Otn 

ibrary LampN 


Ahern Bartholomew, watchman, 220 D nw 
Ahem Ellen, wid Michael, 1043 33d nw, Gtn 
Ahern James M, plumber, 944 B sw 
Ahern John, bartender, 904 F nw 
Ahern John W, elk, 929 I nw 
Ahern Kate, bu eng, 828 20th nw 
Ahern Lawrence, watchman, 944 B sw 
Ahem Letitia, elk bu eng, 944 B sw 
Ahern Maggie, bu eng, 1019 3d ne 
Ahem Margaret, elk treas d, 220 D nw 
Ahem Mary, elk, 220 D nw 
Ahern Mary, servt, 43 Myrtle ne 
Ahern Maurice, seaman, 904 9th se 
Ahern Michael, elk, 220 D nw 
Ahem Michael, elk, 1043 33d nw, Gtn 
Ahern Michael T, mess, 14 Market, Gtn 
Ahern Thomas, painter, 220 D nw 
Ahern William J, stonecutter, 1426 R I av nw 
Ahmay George L, artist, 929 K nw 
Ahmy George, carp, 148 P nw 
Aigler Sophia, wid Andrew, 422 6th nw 
Aiken 1> Wyatt, Jfl C, h Metropo- 
litan Hotel 
Aiken George K, carp, 824 13th nw 
Aiken Mathew, gardener, 7th ab Grant av nw 
Aiken William D, elk, 314 B ne 
Aiken William J, grocer, 1100 4J c L sw 
Aikers Louisa, cook, Shepherd al nw 
Ainger l>aniel B, city postmas- 
ter, 417 3d nw 
Ainslee Gove C, elk cen, bds Globe House 
Aires George W (Aires & Belt), 405 14th nw 
Aires & Belt (George W Aires 
and Francis A Belt), planing 
mill, Ohio av c 13th nw 


Mechanics' Planing Mill, 

Ohio Ave., cor. 13th St., Washington, D. C. 

Mouldings, Brackets, Newels and Balusters, Plain, 
Octagon and Fluted. 

Dressing and Saiving. 



tone's Greet CUMBERLAND COAL. 

Shipping Wharves : Alexandria, Va., Georgetown, 

D. C, and Baltimore, Md. 
Offices : Alexandria, Va., and Georgetown, D. C. 

Agnew Park (J P Agnew & Co), Alexandria 
Agricultural Fire Ins Co of Watertown, N T, 
810 F nw 

Aisquith Charlotte, 808 5th nw 
Aistrop Edward P, elk, 301 Pa av nw 
Aitcheson Harry, machinist, 14th c B nw 
Akers Carrie, cigars, 1018 C nw 
Akers J O, millinery, 1115 7th nw 
Akers John F, carp, Q nrlst sw 
Akers Joseph, yeastmkr, 1238 29th nw, Gtn 
Albaugh John W, prop Na- 
tional Theatre, Willard's 
Alber August, ironfencemkr, 1439 Ohio av nw 
Alber Minnie, bu eng, 1925 L nw 
Albers J H, grocer, 1345 14th nw 
Albers Julius, elk, 1345 14th nw 
Albert Henry, porter, 108 11th ne 
Albert John, milk, 1128 3d ne 
Albert John, saloon, 2907 M nw, Gtn, h 25th c 

Albinson James E (Thomas & Albinson), 1337 

9th nw 
Albrecht John C, tobacconist, 3119 M nw, Gtn 
Albrecht Leonard, baker, 334 K sw 
Albrecht Louis H, elk sigo, 1323 Hnw 
Albright Alex, bartender, 486 Pa av nw 
Albright Ann M, wid Thomas, 1317 L nw 


Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Albright Elizabeth, servt, 625 F nw 
Albright James B, elk cen o, 1317 L nw 
Albright J Joseph (Albright & Co), 1910 

Harewood av, Le Droit park 
Al brig-lit & Co (J Joseph Al- 
bright and Win E Barker), 
coal. St Cloud building 




Sales Agents of the 

St. Cloud Building, 9th and F Streets, nw. 

Alburger William H, trunkmkr, 1625 6th nw 
Alburger William H jr, watchmkr, 531 7th nw, 

h 1625 6th nw 
Alcock Martha, cook, 3040 P nw, Gtn 
Alcorn John, blksmith, 634 L se 
Alcorn John K, milk, Grant av nr 10th nw 
Alcorn William, painter, 634 L se 
Alden Hattie E, 1516 Columbia nw 
Alden J M, sec to admiral of navy,1223 13th nw 
Alden Lucius D, elk treas, 1516 Columbia nw 
Alden S S, elk, 912 I nw 
Alden Wilber B, elk cen, 1012 Mass av nw 
Alden William H, elk 6th aud, 1918 Harewood 

av, Le Droit park 
Alder William H, dairy, Conduit rd 
Aldine Lizzy, 1106 C nw 
Aldis Asa Owen, Frencli claims 

commission, 1617 M I av nw 
Aldrich I\elson W, M C, Ar. 

lington Hotel 
Aldrich Thomas, policeman, 722 8th sw 
Aldricli William, M C, Arling- 
ton Hotel 
Aleger M J, elk cen, 711 14th nw 
Aleider Joseph, cabinetmkr, 612 D se 
Alexander Adelaide, 727 12th nw 
Alexander Alice A, wid John, 613 A se 
Alexander Amaleta, 3041 Q nw, Gtn 
Alexander Amelia, wid Moses, 333 C sw 
Alexander Annie, servt, 1224 B sw 
Alexander Catherine, servt, 3041 Q nw, Gtn 
Alexander Charles, elk pen o, 711 14th nw 
Alexander Charles, lab, Trumbull nw 
Alexander Charles A, printer, 16 I ne 
Alexander Charles H, porter, Trumbull nw 
Alexander Charles M, pat atty, 709 G nw, h 

1012 14th nw 
Alexander Charles W, 1510 R nw 
Alexander Charlotte, cook, 4 Shepherd al nw 
Alexander Columbus, 1007 F nw 
Alexander Columbus jr, 1007 F nw 
Alexander Columbus O, printer, 434 H nw 
Alexander C R, elk pen o, 711 14th nw 
Alexander Daniel, carp, h 5 Sheperd al w 
Alexander Douglass, g p o, 715 K nw 
Alexander Edward F, paper hgr, 72712th nw 
Alexander Elizabeth S, wid James, 1510 R nw 
Alexander Elizabeth, washer, 3121 N nw, Gtn 
Alexander Eva, servt, 1514 K nw 
Alexander F. E., lawyer, 482 La av nw, h 

Branchville, Md 
Alexander Finnella M, wid Dr Joseph B, Co- 
lumbia rd 

Alexander Frank, lab, 920 Grant av nw 
Alexander Frederick G, provisions, 821 11th, h 

637 M nw 
Alexander George, driver, 2015 12th nw 
Alexander George, lab, 623 West al nw 
Alexander George S, butcher, 637 N nw 
Alexander George W, elk int rev, 2223 12th nw 
Alexander George W, porter, 7 Baldwin's row 

Alexander Harriet, wid Charles, laundress, 

Vermont al nw 
Alexander Harris, mess Supreme Court, 1127 

19th nw 
Alexander Harry C, mess, 1127 19th nw 
Alexander Henry, caterer, 1622 Corcoran nw 
Alexander Henry, coachman, 1526 L nw 
Alexander Hyman, 2d hand clothing, 530 4£ sw 
Alexander Isaac, bricklayer, 1727 20th nw 
Alexander Isaac, optician, 1012 F nw, h 1530* 

16th nw 
Alexander James, lab, Pleasant al sw 
Alexander James E, elk navy, Alex, Va 
Alexander James H, elk pod, 1131 12th nw 
Alexander Jane E, wid Charles A, 1012 D sw 
Alexander John, 711 14th nw 
Alexander John, lab, 712 8th nw 
Alexander John, lab, 1346 Cedar nw 
Alexander John, porter, 1120 K nw 
Alexander John, wood turner, 234 13th nw 
Alexander John F, civ engr, 705 R I av nw 
Alexander John P, lab, Hillsdale 
Alexander Kate U, teacher, 9 Stoddard, Gtn 
Alexander Lewis, coachmkr, 19 Covington nw 
Alexander Lewis, mess, 1152 15th nw 
Alexander Lincoln, waiter, 1526 L nw 
Alexander Louis, waiter, 1231 9th nw 
Alexander Louisa, cook, 1303 K nw 
Alexander Lucy, w r id James. 3041 Q nw, Gtn 
Alexander Lucy, nurse, 1526 L nw 
Alexander Marinda, seamstress, 5 Shepherd al 

Alexander Martha, servt, 519 13th nw 
Alexander Martha E, washer, 927 F sw 
Alexander Mary C, elk treas, 1802 I nw 
Alexandria Matilda, washer, 1111 20th nw 
Alexander Oscar, printer, 438 H nw 
Alexander Rebecca, sewing, 216 2d nw 
Alexander Samuel, elk, 1104 7th nw 
Alexander Sandy Rev, 2026 M nw 
Alexander Sarah, wid Charles L, 1017 K nw 
Alexander Sarah A, laundress, Vermont al nw 
Alexander Sarah J, wid Wm G, 637 N nw 
Alexander Simon, butcher, 463 G sw 
Alexander T H, patents, 607 7th 

nw, li 1108 M nw 
Alexander Thomas, lab, 120 M sw 
Alexander Upshur, waiter, 3041 Q nw, Gtn 
Alexander Walter G. coal, 1740 Pa av nw, h 

1728 F nw 
Alexander Washington, lab, 1417 35th nw, Gtn 
Alexander William, lab, 216 2d nw 
Alexander Winnie, cook, 317 Va av sw 
Alexandria Canal, R R and Bridge Co, 1106 

13th nw 
Alexandria William, lab, Anacostia 
Alford Frederick G (Edward Caverly & Co), 

1327 G nw 
Alfriend F H, elk senate, Willard's 
Alig Ulatliias Rev, pastor St 

Mary's Oerman Catholic 

Church, 721 5th nw 
Allabach Peter H, capt cap police, 223 B nw 
Allan Sciota Mrs, 1255 9th nw 
Allan Thomas G, elk 2d audo, 1530 15th nw 
Albinson James H, plumber, 1717 Pa av nw 
Alldritt Joseph F, book agt, 105 2d nw 


Houses fLeza.tec3L. neuts Colleoted. 





New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNEK, Sole Agent, 

413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Alleger Mary J, wid Thomas, 1407 F nw 
Alleger Walter W, elk, bds 1307 9tli nw 
Alleman H C (Helmick & Alleman), Arlington 

Allen Abraham, lab, Hamilton rd 
.Allen Adam, elk, 1341 6th nw 
Aden Adeline, wid Alfred, 632 Cox al nw 
Allen Agnes, wid Frank, 2107 9th nw 
Allen Agnes, servt, 1605 4th nw 
Allen Albert A, elk, 300 7th sw 
Allen Alice E, seamstress, 1224 XYav nw 
Allen Allison, lab, N J av nr N se 
Allen Andrew, lab, Wilson nw 
Allen Andrew H, elk state d, 1205 M nw 
Allen Ann, washer, 2615 Va av nw 
Allen Ann W, wid James, 718 12th nw 
Allen Annie, wid John, 307 9th ne 
Allen Aquilla R, constable, 522 8th nw, h 1224 

N J av nw 
Allen Barbara, washer, 718 Jackson al nw 
Allen Benjamin, lab, 1926 10th nw 
Allen Butler, plasterer, Hillsdale 
Allen Carrie, elk bu eng, 611 6th nw 
Allen Catherine, servt, 1639 11th nw 
Allen Charles, lab, 1633 O nw 
Allen Charles, lab, 2010 11th nw 
Allen Charles, physician, 415 7th sw. Office 

hours 8 to 11 a m, 1 to 3, 6 to 7.30 p m 
Allen Charles, reporter, 1102 4th nw 
Allen Charles H, 1910 R nw 
Allen Charles K, elk, 1427 11th nw 
Allen Clarence G-, elk. 1700 14th nw 
Allen Crawford, 506 9th nw 
Allen Daniel, porter, 511 H nw 
Allen Dewitt C, pat attorney, 511 F nw 
Allen Diana, servt, 931 11th nw 
Allen Dorsey M, huckster, 494 I sw 
Allen Edward, cook, 249 3d sw 
Allen Edward, driver, 916 Del av ne 
Allen Edward, lab, 603 West al nw 
Allen Edward, lab, 323 L sw 
Allen Elijah, 1108 N J av se 
Allen Elijah, lab, 1231 3d sw 
Allen Elisha H, E E and JI JP 

Hawaii, Riggs House 
Allen Eliza J, wid 0, dressmkr, 1013 E se 
Allen Elizabeth, cook, 431 Ridge nw 
Allen Elizabeth, laundress, 405 4th se 
Allen Elizabeth, washer, 110 C sw 
Allen Emma, servt, 623 Glick al nw 
Allen Ethan, druggist, 201 10th sw 
Allen Francis L, police, 22 Myrtle ne 
Alltn Frank, shoemkr, 1211 D nw, h 1223 C nw 
Allen Frank H, elk pen o, 1212 S nw 
Allen George, blacksmith, 132 D sw 
Allen George, eating saloon, 61 Eastern mkt, 

h Marlborough rd 
Allen George, lab, 518 1st nw 
Allen George, tinsmith, 1818 Boundary nw 
Allen George L, printer, 1918 K nw 
Allen George Q, elk a g o, 622 B sw 
Allen George T, blacksmith, 425 7th se 
Allen George W, elk, 1734 33d nw, Gtn 
Allen George W, elk treas, 1403 L nw 
Allen Henrietta, r 14 1st se 
Allen Henry, lab, 1041 31st nw, Gtn 
Allen Henry, lab, 1637 11th nw 
Allen Henry, watchman, 601 II sw 
Allen Hiram, lab, 11th st whf 

-Avb. ? 6ARBERLC0. 

ftG'QSES for sale or rent. 

%EtfaR6lT PARK. 

Allen Ida, elk q m g o, 619 Va av sw 
Allen Ira S, elk q m g o, Bennings 
Allen Jacob, lab, 405 4th se 
Allen James, lab, Chapman al nw 
Allen James, lab, 615 3d sw 
Allen James, porter, 8th c W nw 
Allen James, shomkr, 322 134 nw 
Allen James, waiter, 300 Canal sw 
Allen James A, guide. 1427 11th nw 
Allen James M, bkkr, 227 E ne 
Allen James T, asst ex pat o, 461 G nw 
Allen James W, elk, 621 L nw 
Allen Jeremiah C, elk a g o, 1910 R nw 
Allen J Ethan, agt, 1223 10th nw 
Allen John, 1011 D nw 
Allen John, lab, I nr 25th, nw 
Allen John, lab, 1228 N J av nw 
Allen John, lab, 2018 E nw 
Allen John D, driver, 1241 30th nw, Gtn 
Allen John G, grocer, 710 4| sw 
Allen John, white washer, 435 12th sw 
Allen John W, 1011 Fa av nw 
Allen John W. elk, 152 6th sw 
Allen John W, cigars, JtOO}^ 9th 
ml w, h 906 20th nw 



Fine Cigars and Tobacco, 


Opposite Lincoln Hall. 

Allen John W, mess, 1427 11th nw 

Allen Joseph, bricklayer, 107 E sw 

Allen Joseph^ mess, 1716 L nw 

Allen Joseph, lab, 1147i 23d nw 

Allen Joseph, elk, 500 5th nw 

Allen Joseph, lab, 107 E sw 

Allen Joseph H, musician, 507 G se 

Allen Judson E, plumber, 465 F sw 

Allen Julia, washer. 939 25th nw 

Allen Langston W, 1612 11th nw 

Allen Leana. wid William, 2021 35th nw, Gtn 

Allen Lillian, elk, 465 F nw 

Allen Louis, express, Pomeroy nw 

Allen Lucien, lab, 414 3d ne 

Allen Margaret, 321 13i nw 

Allen Margaret, wid Jas, washer, 1305 12th nw 

Allen Margaret, asst matron Deaf and Dumb 

Allen Margaret, servt, 918 19th nw 
Allen Maria, servt, Boundary c 9th nw 
Allen Martha, Avid E S, 619 Va av sw 
Allen Mary, wid Charles, 1312 V nw 
Allen Mary, wid James, 117 Va av sw 
Allen Mary, nurse, 1411 D nw 
Allen Mary, servt, 124 M sw 
Allen Mary, teacher, 314 H ne 
Allen Mary C, wid Edwin, 611 6th nw 
Allen Mary E, washer, 28th c K nw 
Allen Marv L, washer,' r I nr 25th nw 
Allen Matilda E, elk, 425 7th se 
Allen Millie, washer, 212 Jackson Hall al 
Allen Minnie, washer, 1803 L nw 
Allen Mollie A, dressmkr, 12th c E sw 
Allen Nathaniel jr, waiter, 1005 S C av se 
Allen Notley,lab, C c 12th se 
Allen O S, printer, 512 9th n-v 


Seal Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 680. 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold by all Druggists and at 911 7th St 

Allen Kobert W, paymaster U S N, 1418 I nw 

Allen Kose, cook, Insane Asylum 

Allen Samuel, lab, 611 K sw 

Allen Samuel E, plate printer, 621 N nw 

Allen Samuel E, variety, 1303 11th se 

Allen Sarah, teacher, 506 9th nw 

Allen Sarah L, 1940 N H av nw 

Allen Savannah, servt, Mt Pleasant 

Allen Signora, servt, 1608 10th nw 

Allen Silas M, 1427 11th nw 

Allen Stephen R, driver, 404 R nw 

Allen Susan, servt, 1210 H nw 

Allen Susan B, seamstress, 422 8th sw 

Allen Thomas, bricklayer, 631 D nw 

Allen Thomas, mess, 1312 16th nw 

Allen Thomas, provisions, 46 Eastern mkt, h 

Silver Hill rd 
Allen Thomas, waiter, 916 Del av ne 
Alien Thomas G-, elk 2d aud, 1530 15th nw 
Allen Thomas M, mess, 1312 16th nw 
Allen Tillie, servt, Insane Asylum 
Allen Timothy, grocer, 314 H ne 
Allen Violet, wid John, servt, 717 9th ne 
Allen Violet, wid Levi, washer, 422 12th ne 
Allen Walter, cor Boston Advertiser, 511 14th 

Allen "Walter, solicitor of pat- 
ents, with Knight Bros, «»3 F 
nw, h 118 C se 
Allen Walter P S, gasfltter, 321 13th sw 
Allen Wilbur J, elk, 619 Va av sw 
Allen William, elk, 628 H nw 
Allen William, lab, 931 Boundary nw 
Allen William, lab, 2615 Va av nw 
Allen William, lab, 1803 L nw 
Allen William, lab, 613 Goat al nw 
Allen William, lab, 1803 L nw 
Allen William, mess, 710 4J sw 
Allen William, mess, 1716 L nw 
Allen William A H, passed asst engineer U S 

N, 219 3d nw 
Allen William D, usher Ex Mansion, 1223 30th 

nw, Gtn 
Allen William H, lab, 1830 L nw 
Allen William H, lab, 28th c K nw 
Allen William L, elk, 928 7th 
Allen William P, elk, 522 6th se 
Allen William T, blksmith, 425 7th se 
Allers George, elk sisr o, 1918 K nw 
Alley John B, 926 15th nw 
Alliger Walter, printer, 449 Mass av nw 
Allison Albert, printer, 313 Del av ne 
Allison Anna, washer, 1215 8th nw 
Allison Arthur A, elk g p o, 808 K nw 
Allison Charles N, elk, 3238 P nw. Gtn 
Allison Edward C, elk cen, 329 Mo av nw 
Allison John H, carp, 491 H sw 
Allison Martha, wid Nathaniel, 1355 H ne 
Allison Martha, press tender, 21 K ne 
Allison Mary F, wid William J, seamstress, 
1410 31st nw, Gtn 
• Allison Robert B, lab, 1309 10th "nw 
Allison Sarah, cook, 1430 T nw 
Allison Susan, wid John, 21 Kne 
Allison William, printer, 1436 S nw 
Allison William B, IJ S S, 1121 

At av nw 
Allrnan Daniel, carp, 243 14th sw 
Allman Daniel, lab, 154 N G av se 

Allman Daniel jr, blacksmith, 154 N C av se 
Allman Frank, brakeman, 415 6£ sw 
Allman Henry, brakeman, 417 11th sw 
Allman James, restaurant, 243 14th sw 
Allman James jr, carp, 243 14th sw 
Allman John, bartender, 243 14th sw 
Allman Mary, wid Henry, 417 11th sw 
Allman Mary, elk, 150 N C av se 
Allman Marv, tailoress, 417 11th sw 
Allsworth Charles P C, 1319 S nw 
Allsworth Edward, lieut USA, 1319 S nw 
Allton Charles, lab, Farragut nw 
Allwine Jacob, brickburner, Snow hill sw 
Allwine Martin L, carp, Snow hill sw 
Allyn Mary J, 610 M nw 
Almarolia Alex, dining saloon, 116 Md av sw 
Almy John J, U S N, 1019 15th nw 
Alphins Benjamin, blacksmith, 2213 G nw 
Alphins Henry, driver, 2213 G nw 
Alschwee Henry (Petersen & Alschwee), 479 

Mo av nw 
Alschwee William, shoemkr, 307 10th nw 
Alsop Harriet, servt, 813 14th nw 
Alstead Abraham, elk bu eng, 2812 Dumbar- 
ton av, Gtn 
Alston Mary D, 214 A se 
Alston Philip C, musician, 1446 T nw 
Altdorfer Andrew, cigarmkr, 915 26th, nw 
Altdorf er Frank L, confectioner, 915 26th nw 
Altdorfer Lewis, lab, 915 26th nw 
Altdorfer Lewis F, confectioner, 915 26th nw 
Altdorfer Philip, lab, 915 26th nw 
Altemus Elizabeth A, wid Forrest A, elk treas, 

17 9th ne 
Altemus Frank S, elk qm g o, 216 2d ne 
Altemus Thomas, machinist, 334 1st ne 
Altman Charles, elk, ago, 470 Pa av nw 
Altman Charles, grocer, 1700 Riggs nw 
Altman Charles Jr, elk, 1700 Riggs nw 
Altman George, elk, 1228 D nw 
Altman Samuel, cigarmkr, 1221 Potomac, Gtn 
Altmansperger Charles, elk, 1146 21st nw 
Altmansperger Margaret, wid Charles, fancy 

store, 1146 21st nw 
Altschu Louis P, elk, s g o, 956 24th nw 
Altschuh Martin, lithographer, 1213 4th nw 
Alstead Abrm, elk bu eng, 51 Dumbarton, Gtn 
Alston R W, mess senate, 621 E nw 
Altumus Thomas, machinist, 334 1st ne 
Alvert Catharine, grocer, 22 II ne 
Alvert Daniel, driver, 22 H ne 
Alvey Elizabeth, seamstress, 616 12th nw 
Alvey Mary J, tailoress, 616 12th nw 
Alvord. Benjamin, hrigadier 

general U S A, 13 07 Q nw 
Alward E D Mrs, 125 B se 
Alwine Carrie, servt, 727 20th nw 
Am a ii. Sebastian, restaurant, 
31 Othnw, huo 


Restaurant and Saloon, 

NINTH STREET, NW. lioxiro, attache Japan- 
ese legation 

Amberger Casper, butcher, Conduit rd 
Ambler Edward, cook, 1407 N nw 
Ambler John H, waiter, 231 3d sw 
Ambler Julia B, dressmaker, 231 3d sw 
Ambrose Mary, wid Michael, dressmaker, 634 
Mass av nw 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. House* 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 5, SO. 




Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass Crocteyfare 



JVo. 923 Perm Avenue. 

anges and Furnace^ 


Ambrose Nathaniel M,clk 2d aud,1713 Vt av nw 
Ambrose Oliver D, dentist, 1307 K nw 
Ambush Andrew, lab, 209 2d sw 
Ambush Annie, washer, Bassett al ne 
Ambush Augustus, lab, 1232 10th nw 
Ambush Caroline, wid Charles, servt, 2122 K 

Ambush Edward, lab, 4 Fuller al nw 
Ambush Enoch, waiter, 812 11th nw 
Ambush Henry, cook, 458 Mass av nw 
Ambush Henry, lab, 118 4th ne 
Ambush James, lab, 2702 Poplar nw, Gtn 
Ambush Johanna, washer, 207 C sw 
Ambush John, fireman, 1309 Md av ne 
Ambush Joseph, lab, 4 Fuller al nw 
Ambush Laura, wid Enoch, 812 11th nw 
Ambush Mary B, washer, 118 4th ne 
Ambush Kichard, 334 5th se 
Ambush Robert, driver, 3045 N nw, Gtn 
Ambush Samuel, barber, 207 C sw 
Ambush Susan, dressmkr, 812 11th nw 
America George E, elk, 1009 E se 
America John W, blksmith. 1009 E se 
America Joseph P, stone cutter, 1009 E se 
America Sedonia, wid John, dressmkr 1310 L 

America D "W Washington, blksmith, 628 E se 
American Asphalt Pavement 

Company, Andrew Langdon, 

vice pres, A II* Barber, general 

manager, 803 F nw and 27th 

and I>, nw 
American Colonization Society, 

4150 Pa av nw 
American IMstriet Telegraph 

Company, F c lOth nw^ 
American Fire Ins Co of Phila, 628 F nw 
American House, DuHy & fl.<*» 

annarda, props, Pa aV, c 7th 


American House, 

Cor. Pennsylvania Ave. & 7th St. 

$2.00 per day. Table Board. $4.50 per week, $18.00 
per month. 

American Insurance Co, I\ J, 517 
7th, nw 

American Life Ins Co of Philadelphia, 819 
Market, sp nw 

American Palm, Pulp and Pa- 
per Company, 632 F nw 

American Palm, Pulp & Paper Co, 

Dr. Josiah Curtis, President. 

E. J. Brooks, General Manager. 

G. W. Balloch, Secretary. 
Box 557. 

American Rapid Telegraph 
Company, IKlias Smith, man- 
ager, 14M87 Pa av nw 

American Union Telegraph 
Company, 1351 Pa av nw, 619 

Pa av nw, 800 F nw, B & () I! 
II depot, U S Capitol, Interior, 
Post Office, War and Navy 
I>ep'ts, and Chief* Signal office 

Amery Robert L, carp, 1224 Pa av se 
Ames*John, farmer, 18 Prater al nw 
Ames John G Rev, Supt ofDocn- 
ments Interior, 1600 13th mw 

Ames Peter, lab, 18 Prather's al nw 

Ames Willis C, draftsman, U S C and G S 

office, 7 Grant pi nw 
Amidon Horace, 709 E Capitol se 
Amiss Maria S, wid James M, dressmkr, 3153 

P nw, Gtn 
Amiss Tazarell B, police 1906 Vt av nw 
Ammann Augusta, widUlrich, dressmkr, 1225 

Md av ne 
Ammann Augustus, blacksmith, 1225 Md av ne 
Ammann Henry, tinsmith, 1225 Md av ne 
Ammann Robert, elk cen, 1225 Md av ne 
Ammann Wm P, baker, 1225 Md av ne 
Ammann Henry, elk cen, 1225 Md av ne 
Ammann Robert M, elk cen, 1225 Md av ne 
Amorno Alphonso, scssrs grndr, 111 Purdy's ct 
Amor Martha, wid Charles, 420 I nw 
Amos Augusta E, wid Andrew J, 1912 7th nw 
Amos Harry E, elk, 1912 7th nw 
Amos James T, elk, 1912 7th nw 
Amos Joseph E, policeman, Bridge rd 
Amos Molly S, 1912 7th nw 
Amrihn Michael, baker, h 1011 E nw 
Anadale John A, plmbr, 1236 9th nw, 1319 10th 

Anandale Andrew M, grocer, 543 6th c G se 
Anchor Margaret, nurse. Wash Asylum Hospt 
Ancona John F, bkkr HE, 109 D nw 
Anden James L, stenographer, 418 2d nw 
Anderson Adeline, wid Peter, Pleasant al sw 
Anderson Albert, postal elk, 470 N sw 
Anderson Alexander, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Anderson Alexander, lab, 1752 K nw 
Anderson Alexander, lab, 1241 27th nw 
Anderson Alexander D, lawyer, 1334 T nw 
Anderson Allen, bricklayer, 'Anticostia 
Anderson Amelia, wid Henry, 1115 16th nw 
Anderson Amelia, servt, 2422 K nw 
Anderson Andrew B, blacksmith, Va av nr 8th 

se, h Anacostia 
Anderson Ann, wid John L, 817 13th nw 
Anderson Ann, wid William N, 1115 Gaav se 
Anderson Annie, seamstress, 1830 M nw 
Anderson Annie, washer, 2 Shepherd al nw 
Anderson Arthur B. elk treas, 1414 9th nw 
Anderson Arthur H, 817 13th nw 
Anderson Benjamin, lab, 1149 17th nw 
Anderson Benjamin, lab, 12 Brown's ct se 
Anderson Benjamin, lab, 473 School sw 
Anderson Betty, servt, 1726 19th nw 
Anderson Burnett, waiter, 1153 20th nw 
Anderson Caroline, servt, 602 Md av ne 
Anderson Catharine, washer, 807 Q nw 
Anderson Cecilia F, dressmkr, 355 Pa av nw, 

h 607 Md av sw 
Anderson Charles, elk, 313 I nw 
Anderson Charles, lab, 124 2d sw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPOETAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YOKE. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt. 





For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 


Anderson Charles C. blksmith, 104 12th nw, h 

1307 Md av sw 
Anderson Charles J, elk, 1019 22d nw 
Anderson Charles J. lab, 607 Md av sw 
Anderson Charles P, elk, 313 I nw 
Anderson Charles W, lab, Wilson nw 
Anderson Christian, elk, a g o, 814 13th nw 
Anderson Christian, driver, 207 1st nw 
Anderson Christiana, 212 D nw 
Anderson Daniel, lab, 318 New York av nw 
Anderson David, lab, 1729 E nw 
Anderson Dora, dressmkr, 607 Md av sw 
Anderson Edward, lab, 311 1 se 
Anderson Edward E, 632 4£ sw 
Anderson Edward J, watchman, 1801 T nw 
Anderson Edward W (E W Anderson & Co)^ 

465 G nw 
Anderson Elizabeth, wid John, 723 23d nw 
Anderson Elizabeth, servt, 229 E nw 
Anderson Elizabeth A, 212 D nw 
Anderson Ellen, servt, 1625 10th nw 
Anderson Ellen E, attendant Insane Asylum 
Anderson E W & Co (E W Anderson and J C 

Smith), patent attorneys, 700 7th nw 
Anderson Fannie A, washer, 628 2d sw 
Anderson Frances, dressmkr, 607 Md av sw 
Anderson Frank, waiter, 334 C sw 
Anderson Gabriel, servt, 338 C nw 
Anderson George, cook, Boyle's hotel 
Anderson George, lab, 2131 F nw 
Anderson George, lab, Whitney av 
Anderson George, lab, Montello 
Anderson George F, waiter, 1144 8th nw 
Anderson Georgiana, elk, 106 Ind av nw 
Anderson Georgietta, servt, 2601 1 nw 
Anderson Gillespie B, mess, 1027 18th nw 
Anderson Harriet, servt, 335 Mo av nw 
Anderson Harriet S, wid Alex, 304 Pa av se 
Anderson Hattie, servt, 811 6th nw 
Anderson Helen L, 516 12th nw 
Anderson Henry, printer, 351 Pa av nw 
Anderson Henry H, lab, 526 26th nw 
Anderson James, coachsmith, 409 N J av nw 
Anderson James, driver, 15th nr K nw 
Anderson James, plumber, 736 7th se 
Anderson James, rags, Montello 
Anderson James, waiter, 452 Franklin nw 
Anderson James, waiter, West nr Montgom- 
ery, Gtn 
Anderson James F, hackman, 1144 8th nw 
Anderson James M, barber, C nr 12th ne 
Anderson James T (Cole & Anderson), 736 

7th se 
Anderson Jane, wid Lewis, 1112 K nw 
Anderson Jane, servt, 17th nr Mass av se 
Anderson John, gardener, Md av nr 3d sw 
Anderson John, laborer, 1145 23d nw 
Anderson John, lab, 1762 T nw 
Anderson John, waiter, 709 C ne 
Anderson John, waiter, Emmett House 
Anclei-soii John A, ME C, 1407 F 

Anderson John E, lab, Boundary c 1st nw 
Anderson John E, watchman, 18th c T nw 
Anderson John G, printer, 312 C nw 
Anderson John H, conductor, St James Hotel 
Anderson John H, blksmith, Anacostia 
Anderson John P, elk bu stat, 1333 T nw 
Anderson John S, blksmith, Anacostia 
Anderson John S, elk treas, 1216 Mass av nw 

Anderson John S, mess, 1216 Va av 
Anderson John W, stenographer, 821 N J av nw 
Anderson Joseph, 2408 N nw 
Anderson Joseph, lab, 1640 4th nw 
Anderson Joseph C, bricklayer, Anacostia 
Anderson Joseph M, exp agt, 106 Ind av nw 
Anderson Joshua, lab, 27th bet D & E nw 
Anderson Julia, wid Edward, 348 K sw 
Anderson Julia A, cook, Anacostia 
Anderson Kate, servt, 1241 27th nw, Gtn 
Anderson Lewis, fireman Insane Asylum 
Anderson Lewis, lab, 25 Bates al nw 
Anderson Lewis, plasterer, 216 14th sw 
Anderson Lingan, police, Nichols av 
Anderson Lingan G, blksmith, Nichols av 
Anderson Lloyd, waiter, 1830 M nw 
Anderson Louis, porter, Bates al bet 6th & 7th 

Anderson Louisa, wid Thomas, 424 8th sw 
Anderson Louisa, cook, 1720 N nw 
Anderson Lybrun, engineer, 817 6th sw 
Anderson Maggie Miss, 607 Md av sw 
Anderson Mahalia, wid Thomas, 502 K se 
Anderson Marcellus, tinsmith, 736 7th se 
Anderson Maria, wid John, 822 3d nw 
Anderson Marion, carp, 416 12th sw 
Anderson Marion T, elk war d, 949 T nw 
Anderson Mary, servt, 124 2d sw 
Anderson Mary, servt, Pleasant al sw 
Anderson Mary A, wid Charles, Wilson nw 
Anderson Mary A, boarding, 312 C nw 
Anderson Mary E, wid William, 1719 R nw 
Anderson Mary E, teacher, 1307 Md av sw 
Anderson Mary J, cook, 1144 8th nw 
Anderson Mathew, lab, 105 L sw 
Anderson Mathew D, millinery, 1010 D sw 
Anderson Matilda, cook, 1830 M nw 
Anderson M D, millinery, 1010 D sw 
Anderson Mildred, wid James, 736 7th se 
Anderson Moses, eating stand, 10th c La av 

nw, h 236 13th ne 
Anderson Moses, mess, 1747 K nw 
Anderson Notley, carp, 619 14th nw, h 1435 

P nw 
Anderson Oliver P, blksmith, 120 G nw 
Anderson Philip, lab, 3 Brown's ct se 
Anderson Philip, waiter, 916 N nw 
Anderson Rachel, wid Richard, 17th nr B se 
Anderson Richard, driver, 209 D sw 
Anderson Richard P, shoemkr, 2223 G nw 
Anderson Robert, elk Smithsonian, Mades* 

Anderson Robert, lab, 17th nr B se 
Anderson Robert, lab, 1917 M nw 
Anderson Robert L (William S Anderson & 

Co), 473 Gsw 
Anderson Sallie, servt, 1149 17th nw 
Anderson Samuel, driver, 1017 32d nw, Gtn 
Anderson Samuel, lab, 532 25th nw 
Anderson Sarah, cook, 919 G nw 
Anderson Sarah, servt, 420 Mass av nw 
Anderson Sarah F, wid George, 106 Ind av nw 
Anderson S G Mrs, elk 2d compt o, 2027 I nw 
Anderson Stephen, porter, 1909 12th nw 
Anderson Stephen T, elk, 106 Ind av nw 
Anderson Thomas, blksmith, Bowen rd 
Anderson Thomas, lab, Pleasant al sw 
Anderson Thomas, lab, 39 G nw 
Anderson Thomas, mess, 800 Md av ne 
Anderson Thomas J, plasterer, Anacostia 
Anderson Victor, elk sig o, 223 4£ sw 
Anderson Victoria, wid Samuel, 2110 11th nw 
Anderson William, 1450 R I av nw 
Anderson William, horseshoer, 1207 Ohio av 

nw, h 1207 E nw 

Assets, over - $90,000,000 





Importer Khine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw, 

Anderson William, lab, Bennings rd 
Anderson William, lab, N H av nr P nw 
Anderson William, painter, 621 I ne 
Anderson William, plumber, 736 7th se 
Anderson William A, elk war d, 1103 G nw 
Anderson William D, boilermkr, 1115 Ga av se 
Anderson William E, porter, 419 8th sw 
Anderson William G. elk war d, 1234 36th nw, 

Anderson William S (William S Anderson & 

Co), 464 F sw 
Anderson William T, police, 502 K se 
Anderson W S & Co (William S and Robert L 

Anderson), whol prod, 921 B nw 
Andre William A, elk a g o, 30 Bridge, Gtn 
Andresen Elizabeth, wid John, 423 1st nw 
Andrew W A, elk a g o, 9 K ne 
Andrew Elizabeth S, wid Thomas, 9K ne 
Andrew William A, elk war d, 9 K ne 
Andrews Annie, bu eng, 612 18th nw 
Andrews Byron, Correspondent 

Cliicag-o Inter-Ocean, 142© I\ 

Y av nw 
Andrews Cassius J, plate printer, 1005 26th nw 
Andrews Celia E, elk cen, 469 G nw 
Andrews Charles D Rev, minister Christ Epis- 
copal Church, h 620 G se 
Andrews Charlotte, wid Josiah, 1110 H nw 
Andrews Chase, mail contractor, 530 9th nw, h 

126 Mass av nw 
Andrews Edward G Rev, pastor Bishop M E 

church, h 805 11th nw 
Andrews Eliza, washer, Grace Church al sw 
Andrews Fannie, wid Wm H, Mt Pleasant 
Andrews Ferdinand, elk, 480 F sw 
Andrews Francis V, elk, 73 Corcoran bdg, h 

605 I nw 
Andrews Gardner K (Andrews & Wade), 1505 

8th nw 
Andrews Henry W, elk ind o, 605 1 nw 
Andrews Joseph, sailor, Grace Church al sw 
Andrews Kate, 20 6th ne 
Andrews Lillie L, elk, 755 6th se 
Andrews Lizzie, folder, p o, 20 6th ne 
Andrews Lydia, wid Ferdinand, 408 N J av se 
Andrews Margaret, wid William, 8 F nw 
Andrews Mark, elk treas, 1418 Columbia nw 
Andrews Mary, wid Samuel, 324 C ne 
Andrews Philip, lab, 20 6th ne 
Andrews Reuben H, asst disb elk treas, 1103 

G nw 
Andrews Samuel J, elk, 469 G nw 
Andrews T Franklin, elk cen, 620 G se 
Andrews William, lab, 2807 M nw, Gtn 
Andrews William, telegrapher, 402 12th sw 
Andrews William H, bacon cutter, 5 Eastern 

mkt, h 755 6th se 

Andrews William H, iron molder, 755 6th se 
Andrews William P, elk 2d aud, h 1031 8th nw 
Andrews William R, elk, 402 12th sw 
Andrews & Wade (Gardner K Andrews and 
George T Wade), com mers, 905 La av nw 
and 911 B nw 
Andrus Jonathan M, elk g 1 o, 935 R I av nw 
Angel Edward C, elk, 2819 N nw, Gtn 
Angel Eliza W, bu eng, 44 Gay, Gtn 
Angel John T, painter, 71< 4 G sw, h 901 F sw 
Angel Mary D, wid John, 903 F sw 
Angell Amy A, wid Andrew, 1423 S nw 
Angell Frank, teacher, 1423 S nw 
Angell George B, driver, 1505 33d nw, Gtn 
Angell John G, fireman, 1066 31st nw, Gtn 
Angell Julia A, fancy goods, 1505 23d nw, Gtn 
Angell Mary C, wid Daniel, music teacher,, 

Hamilton rd 
Angell Thomas, tanner, 513 14th se 
Angell William C, butcher, 1505 33d nw, Gtn 
Angerer Matilda, wid Aug W, 75 Defreese nw 
Angerman CJeorge, slioes, 71Jfc 

7th nw, h do 
Angerman John, Morrison nw 
Angerman John Jr, Morrison nw 
Angerman Philip, lab, 419 7th ne 
Anglim James (James Anglim & Co), N Y av 

c 14th nw 
Anglim James «fc Co (James An- 
glim and Will H l.owdermillt)„ 
antiquarian books, publishers 
I^anman's Biographical An- 
nals, 14SJ: F 1 nw 
Anglo-American Land and 
Claim Association (Tlie),1430]\ 
Y av nw 


Land & Claim Association, 



Managing Attorney. 

C. F. PECK, 


Angus J W, builder, 1314 13th nw 

Angus Louise B, elk cen, 1314 13th nw 

Anholt Frederick W, lab, 810 Ga av se 

Annand Joseph H, bricklayer, 721 4th ne 

Anno Joseph, painter, 502 20th nw 

Anno Lucy, dressmkr, 830 24th nw 

Ansell William, printer, 634 8th ne 

Ansman Sarah L, wid Alexander, 1007 G nw 

Anters Kate V, elk, 1222 Potomac nw, Gtn 

Anthony George, elk, 2139 D nw 

Anthony Geo B (Anthony & Thome), 1314 Pa 

av nw 
Anthony Harry W, 2139 D nw 


Rare, Old ana Curious Books, Law Books, Americana, Valuable Government Publications, &c. 

Publishers of Lanman's Biographical Annals, and Lowdermilk's History of Cumberland and Braddock'^ 


1424 F Street, Corcoran Building, near the Treasury. 

\Uf 1VF 15 Vft TT 1VF C ^ ea * Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

VV 1T1 m I* I U U I T U j 142© NEW YORK ATE. 





Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's. 911 7th Street. 

Anthony Henry B, U S S, 1807 
H nw 

Anthony John G, blksmith, Nichols av 
Anthony Joseph, 1252 8th nw 
Anthony Maria, printer, 2221 G nw 
Anthony William H, photographer, 2139 D nw 
Anthony & Thorne (George B Anthony & 

Hamilton Thorne), tinsmiths, 1314 Pa av nw 
Antisell Thomas Dr, exam pat o, 1311 Q nw 
Antisell Thomas Jr, elk, 1311 Q nw 
Antonio Samuel, driver, E nr 13th nw 
Antony Samuel, porter, 1215 E nw 
Antrim Sarah Mrs, g p o, 935 4th nw 
Apel Frederick, elk s g o, 1008 M nw 
Apfeld John G, dyer, 229 Mass av nw 
Aplin Stephen A, elk int rev, 725 11th nw 
Appell Charles A, stonemason, 1503 S nw 
Appell David R, sewing machine, Rockville 

Appich Jacob J, provisions, 312 Pa av nw 
Appich John, baker, Anacostia 
Apple Deborah J, elk reg o, 1705 T nw 
Appleberg John T, elk marine hosp service, 

321 E Capitol 
Appleby Frank, 1519 33d nw, Gtn 
Appleby George F (Appleby & 

Edmonstou), 510 I nw 
Appleby Horatio, watchman, 1733 20th nw 
Appleby James F R, physician, 1430 33d nw, 

Gtn; office hours, 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1 and 4 

to 7 p m 
Appleby Jeremiah, lab, 2812 Olive av, Gtn 
Appleby Martha, printer, 78 Market, Gtn 
Appleby Martha, wid Mark, 1519 33d nw, Gtn 
Appleby Sarah A, wid B, 510 I nw 
Appleby & Edmonston (George 

F Appleby & William E Ed. 

monston), lawyers, 4L30 5th nw 
Applegate Samuel, elk sig o, 1419 G nw 
Appleman Asbury G, broker, 939 K nw 
Appleman John P, brickmkr, 708 4th nw 
Appleman William S, elk pen o, 708 4th nw 
Appier Arthur M, letter carrier, 2808 P nw, Gtn 
Appier Arthur R, carp, 2808 P nw, Gtn 
Appier Charles W, barber, 1235 G nw 
Appier Jesse, carp, 1004 N J av se 
Appier Jesse H, paper hanger, 64 Myrtle ne 
Appleton Chas D, elk, 6th aud o, 523 6th nw 
Appleton Clifton R, elk p o, 8 E nw 
Appleton I> & Co, publishers, 

413 7th nw, W W Hayne man- 
Appleton Ebon D, stenographer, 16th nr I nw 

Appleton Mary, 224 D nw 
Appleton William H, ex pat o, 819 14th nw 
Appley James D, carp, 325 Md av ne 
Aramayo Apolinar, sec Bolivian 

legation, The Arlington 
Arbuckle Frederic, Willowtree al sw 
Archer Andw (Crawford & Archer), 815 6th sw 
Archer Andw, hardware, 831 4|sw, h815 6th sw 
Archer Chloe A, wid Benj, 1440 Sampson nw 
Archer Institute (The), 1401 Mass av nw 
Archer Irving, carpenter, 1375 Ohio av nw 
Archer John (Archer & Brewer), 132629th, Gtn 
Archer James A, elk, 1326 29th nw, Gtn 
Archer James B, blksmith, 4£ c M sw, h 1202 

6th sw 
Archer John (Archer & Brewer), Dumbarton 

av c 29th nw, Gtn 
Archer John B, lawyer, 211 E Capitol 
Archer Mary R,wid Robert H, principal Archer 

Institute, 1401 Mass av nw 
Archer Simon, carp, 1621 17th nw 
Archer William L, teacher, 1440 Sampson nw 
Archer Wyatt, elk 6th aud o, 821 14th nw 
Archer & Brewer (Jno Archer and Wm H 

Brewer), prov, 1257 and 1440 32d nw, Gtn 
Archibald Caleb P, elk pod, 1513 Vt av nw 
Archibald Clara, elk g 1 o, 1027 9th nw 
Archibald Fred W, elk 6th aud o, 1027 9th nw 
Archibald Jane B, wid John, 1027 9th nw 
Archie John, lab, h 2212 Va av nw 
Archy Richard, lab, 101 Chew al nw 
Arctander A W Emil, elk pod, 1214 Va av 
Ardeesar Edward C, carp, 1000 7th nw 
Ardeesar John P, 1000 7th nw 
Ardeeser Catherine, 1210 E nw 
Ardeeser Catherine, servt, 727 5th nw 
Ardeeser Christian, 826 E ne 
Ardeeser Christopher, lab, 818 Del av ne 
Ardeeser Henry, bricklayer, 826 E ne 
Ardeeser John, stonecutter, 826 E ne 
Ardeeser Martin, bartender, 15 P ne 
Ardeeser Mathias, lab, 15 P ne 
Ardeeser Stephen, tailor, 1422 L nw 
Ardell Charles, waiter, 820 S Capitol 
Arendes William, baker, 39 Eastern mkt and 

539 8th se, h 539 8th se 
Arenz Martin, grocer, 918 L nw 
Argue, Carpenter & Co (W L Argue and Z T 

Carpenter), law and real estate, 505 7th nw 
Argue William L (Argue, Carpenter & Co), 

916 14th nw 
Aristarchi Bey Oregoire, E E 

andlPTurkey, 1015 Connar 
Arkwright Fannie, gpo, 119 K nw 
Arlington Academy, Burton Macafee principal, 

505 7th nw 
Arlington Fire Ins Co, 1505 Pa 

av nw 

The Arlington Fire Insurance Co., 


1E*&> ic3L-xi.;j3 0«ajpit£»,l ? 


Walter S. Cox, President. 
Wm. It. Riley, 
D. F. Robinson, 
Wm. Galt, 

William King, Vice-President. 
Charles Edmonston, 
S. Thomas Brown, 
Dr. J. W. H. Lovejot, 

C. B. Maury, Treasurer, 
Dr. W. W. Johnston, 
Frank T. Rawlings, Sec'y. 

Office : Tie Arlington Fire Insurance Go's Building, 1505 Pennsilraia Ave.. 

, North of United States Treasury, WASHINGTON, D. C. 







Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass Crockery fare 

5 AND 


No. 923 Perm Avenue. 

Arlington Hotel, T. Roessle & 
Son proprietors, Tt a? c H nw 

Arlow Robert T, restaurant, 3215 Water, h 

1019 32d nw, Gtn 
Armes Agnes E, 323 Mo av nw 
Armes Chas H, lawyer, 633 F nw, h 1443 Q nw 
Armes Eliza, servt, 422 12th ne 
Armfield It F, M C, National 

Armistead Addison, lab, Connor's al nw 
Armistead Cora L, elk cen o, 1343 K se 
Armistead Martha E, teacher, 1343 K se 
Armistead Mary E, teacher, 1245 G- se 
Armistead Mary M, wid Samuel, 1343 K se 
Armistead Thomas, lab, 72 P nw 
Armisted Thomas H, car driver, 1315 I ne 
Armistead "William C, galleymkr, 1328 Ga av se 
Armitage George, elk pod, 124 D nw 
Armling Henry, ship carp, 204 L se 
Armor Chas, painter, D c 9th nw, h 1415 9th nw 
Armor John, painter, 420 I nw 
Armour M C, attendant Insane Asylum 
Armour Robert, elk q m g o, 1604 Q nw 
Arms Aaron, waiter, 444 9th sw 
Arms John X, notary, real es- 
tate and insurance, 810 F nw, 
li 1213 Q nw 


Real Estate. Insurance & Note Broler, 

Xe Droit Building, cor, 8th & F Sts. 

Loans negotiated on the most favorable terms. I re- 
present a number of strong Insurance Companies, and 
can place all kinds of Risks on the best terms. 

Armstead Albert, shoemkr, 361 K sw 
Armstead Alexander, 1241 27th nw, Gtn 
Armstead Alexander, lab, 209 15th nw 
Armstead Edward, lab, McDermott's al 
Armstead Emma, teacher, 1511 P nw 
Armstead Henry, nurse Ereedman's Hospital, 

Wilson nw 
Armstead Hannah, nurse, 946 R nw 
Armstead Leo, waiter, 626 H nw 
Armstead Lewis, farmer, 946 R nw 
Armstead Louis, herdsman, Benning's rd 
Armstead Lucy, washer, McDermott's al 
Armstead Robert (Armstead & Carter), H nr 

20th nw 
Armstead Robert A, grocer, 500 4£ sw 
Armstead Rosa, dressmkr, 1432 8th nw 
Armstead Thomas H, cigars, 1421 H ne, h 

1315 I ne 
Armstead William, lab, r 20th nr L nw 
Armstead & Carter (Robert Armstead and 

Lewis C Carter), confectioners, 1731 L nw 
Armsted Agnes, servt, 1019 15th nw 
Armsted Tulip, servt, 924 3d nw 
Armstrong Aggie M, elk, 1258 8th nw 
Armstrong Alfred, elk pod, bds 471 C nw 
Armstrong Bessie, washer, 416 10th sw 
Armstrong Edward, lab, 472 L sw 
Armstrong Elizabeth, servt, 1746 K nw 
Armstrong Elvia J, housekpr, 1514 30th nw,Gtn 
Armstrong Francis, watchman, 1258 8th nw 

lumbing & Gas Fitlirtll 


Armstrong George, lab, 1127 18th nw 
Armstrong Gertrude, bu eng, 904 25th nw 
Armstrong Harrie E, elk, 2913 Olive avnw, Gtn 
Armstrong Henry J, lawyer, 105 2d nw 
Armstrong Isaac, lab, 2108 D nw 
Armstrong James, lab, 1127 18th nw 
Armstrong James "W, driver, 475 Md av sw 
Armstrong James W, lab, 330 B sw 
Armstrong Jane,wid Thomas,1514 30th nw,Gtn 
Armstrong John, driver, 628 6th sw 
Armstrong John A, carp, 707 7th sw 
Armstrong John F, elk, 612 B sw 
Armstrong John F, lab, 330 B sw 
Armstrong John "W, carp, 1813 6th nw 
Armstrong Joseph, lab, 444 N T av nw 
Armstrong Maria, cook, 1127 18th nw 
Armstrong Mary E, wid John, 2006 Q nw 
Armstrong Robert C, cooper, 1000 I nw 
Armstrong Samuel, carp, 414 7th sw 
Armstrong Samuel, carp, 612 Md av sw 
Armstrong Samuel J, printer, 2006 Q nw 
Armstrong Sarah, servt, 916 17th nw 
Armstrong Thomas F, elk, 1814 14th nw 
Armstrong William, elk pod, 471 C nw 
Armstrong "Wm II, assistant so- 
licitor internal revenue treas, 
1313 W Y av nw 
Armstrong William J, elk ago, 1629 Conn av 
Armstrong Wm J, photographer, 426 7th nwv 

h 614 12th nw 
Armstrong William W, elk cen o, 605 6th nw 
Army and Navy Register, Edmund Hudson, 

editor, 513 14th nw 
Army Dispensary, 1733 G nw 
Arnaud Pierre, barber, 38 H nw 
Arnet Dorsey, lab. 312 13£ sw 
Arnett Adella, 216 R nw 
Arnett Charles D, coachman, 1236 M nw 
Arnett Christopher, plumber, 4891 sw 
Arnett Eliza V, servt, 1011 M nw 
Arnett Joseph, builder, 489 I sw 
Arneth William H, tinsmith, 55 G nw 
Arnold Bayne, musician, 221 D se 
Arnold Catherine, 813 23d nw 
Arnold Charles W, baker, 1108 11th se 
Arnold Charlotte, 814 R I av nw 
Arnold Edmund C, mess, 904 F nw 
Arnold Edward A, florist, 1309 M nw 
Arnold Eliza, seamstress, 2617 Va av nw 
Arnold Emily, music teacher, 309 E nw 
Arnold Eugene F, lawyer, 221 D se 
Arnold Fannie, wid Henry A, 1309 M nw 
Arnold Flora, saleslady, 1308 Vnw 
Arnold Francis A, carp, 110811th se 
Arnold George L, grocer, 721 E Capitol se 
Arnold George W, elk. 533 8th se 
Arnold H B Mrs, 423 I nw 
Arnold Henry, baker, 813 23d nw 
Arnold Henry F, plate printer, 1309 M nw 
Arnold Henry N S, comr U S N, 1112 11th, nw 
Arnold Ida E, cook Insane Asylum 
Arnold James E, police, Anacostia 
Arnold James E jr, elk, Anacostia 
Arnold James T,*clk, 411 L nw 
Arnold Jane Mrs, 2209 12th nw 
Arnold Jane, varieties, 623 N T av nw 
Arnold Jay H, 910 8th nw 
Arnold J Brook, elk, 423 I nw 
Arnold Jesse, elk 2d aud, 1112 F nw 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 'i'ria^ 




Chris. Xander's "MELLISTON," 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German . Aromatic Bitters, 

* For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Arnold Joseph W, grocer, 535 8th se, h 533 

8th se 
Arnold Katie, 309 E nw 

Arnold Kitty, wid Frank H, copyist,728 13th nw 
Arnold Libby, elk cen, 734 13th nw 
Arnold Lucy B, elk cen, 1101 G nw 
Arnold Maria, 1533 5th nw 
Arnold Mary J, wid John H, 411 L nw 
Arnold Paul, asst ex pat o, 1229 N nw 
Arnold Richard A, lieut police, 428 8th se 
Arnold Samuel E, elk cen bu, 1100 B ne 
Aruold Samuel G, elk int rev, Howard av, Mt 

Arnold Sarah A, grocer, 1100 B ne 
Arnold Sarah S H, teacher, 506 9th nw ' 
Arnold Theresa, grocer, 1201 S nw 
Arnold Thomas 6, anchormkr, 732 11th se 
Arnold W H, attendant Insane Asylum 
Arnold William M, elk, 1201 S nw 
Arnold Willie L, elk, 423 I nw 
Arrick M J C, wid Clifford, 1131 14th nw 
Arrick William T, 1131 14th nw 
Arrington Addie, 407 13th sw 
Arlington Andrew J, lab, 1030 30th nw, Gtn 
Arsenius Bro, prof St John's Collegiate Inst, 

Vt av nr N nw 
Arsnau Mary, servt, 1440 M nw 
Art School of the Washington Art Club, 945 

Pa av nw, 3d floor 
Artes Daniel, baker, 1541 6th nw 
Artes Hannah A, wid Henry, confectioner, 

1509 9th nw 
Artes Henry, barkeeper, 1541 6th nw 
Artes Pauline, cook, 907 7th nw 
Artes Sophia, 1541 6th nw 
Artes Sophia, servt, 1422 8th nw 
Arth Catherine, wid Jacob, 1113 D ne 
Arth Chris, barber, 614 Pa av nw, h 510 2d nw 
Arth George M, music teacher, 1232 E se 
Arth John W, musician, 1232 E se 
Arth Joseph A, musician, 521 10th se 
Arthur Emma, elk pat o, 1519 8th nw 
Arthur Henrietta, servt, Boundary nr 10th nw 
Arthur Henry, lab, 2123 Twine al nw 
Arthur Henry H, elk ind o, 1326 T nw 
Arthur Isabella G, dressmaking, 706 K nw 
Arthur John, lab, 1208 U nw 
Arthur Philip (Dickson & Arthur), 346 Pa av 

Arthur* William, captain IS JNT, 

naval attache British legation, 

Artz Henry, teamster, 1213 32d nw, Gtn 
Artz Samuel, conductor, 1213 32d nw, Gtn 
Arundell Charles A (Arundell & Fairfax), 

2145 I nw 
Arundell & Fairfax, (Charles A Arundell and 

Arthur W Fairfax), grocers, 2145 I nw 
Arvin George H, carp, 129 K nw 
Arvin William W, carp, 129 K nw 
Aschenbach Elmer, machinist, 220 13th sw 
Aschenbach Geo H, machinist, 220 13th sw 
Aschenbach Henry (Sinclair & Aschenbach), 

222 13th nw 
Ash Albert, lab, 1711 K nw 
Ash Aloysius, tinsmith, 1622 Valley nw, Gtn 
Ash Catherine, wid Jacob, 20 D se 
Ash Charlotte, cook, 1828 M nw 

Ash Frank, mattressmkr, Anacostia 

Ash Frank T, driver, Anacostia 

Ash Franklin, agt, 1202 3d se 

Ash Ida E, printer's asst, 1369 C sw 

Ash Jacob R, painter, 211 4^ sw 

Ash John, milk, 1101 4th se" 

Ash Margaret, printer, 43 South, Gtn 

Ash Margery, wid John, 1202 3d se 

Ash Maria, bu eng, 1357 C sw 

Ash Mary, wid Michael, 1622 Valley nw, Gtn 

Ash Mary E, nr Canal rd 

Ash Mathew, lab, 1011 3d ne 

Ash Moses, lab, 25 Goat al nw 

Ash Philipine, wid Francis, 3124 South nw, Gtn 

Ash Thomas, carp, 1357 C sw 

Ash Thomas G, elk ago, 230 N J av nw 

Ash William M, elk a g o, 27 D se 

Ashar Martha, wid Jas, dressmkr, 2503 M nw 

Ashburn A Jefferson, student, 428 7th sw 

Ashburn Martha A, elk treas d, 715 11th nw 

Ashby Alice, servt, 233 13th sw 

Ashby Alice, servt, Nailor's al nw 

Ashby Bertrand S, elk 6th aud, 128 D nw 

Ashby Coila B, elk pat o, 1313 H nw 

Ashby Fannie, cook, 319 11th sw 

Ashby Gertrude W, elk d 1 o, 128 D nw 

Ashby Irving G, elk, 1448 N nw 

AslibyJohn 1^, antiquarian hook 

store ana pictures, 1705 Pa 

av nw, h 1513 17th nw 
Ashby Martha, servt, 525 7th sw" 
Ashby Mary, 1711 Pa av nw 
Ashby R Stuart, elk, 128 D nw 
Ashby Susan, servt, 1217 Vt av nw 
Ashby Vernon W (Ashby & Co), 128 D nw 
Ashby William T (Ashby & Co), 224 C nw 
Ashby & Co (Vernon W and William T 

Ashby), grocers, 300 E nw 
Ashdown Ann G, mailbag repairer p o, 307 

10th se 
Ashdown Geneva, wid William, 307 10th se 
Ashdown William, 1010 N J av se 
Ashford Francis A, physician, 

133© I¥ Y av nw, h do. Office 

hours S to lO a in, 1 to 1 1-3 pm, 

O to 8 p m 
Ashford Frank M, cabinetmkr, 406 8th sw 
Ashford Henry, elk, 409 7th sw 
Ashford John T, cabinetmkr, 408 10th nw, h 

406 8th sw 
Ashford Mahlon, lawyer, 503 D nw, h 926 17th 

Ashford Mary, fancy goods, 2815 Dumbarton 

av nw, Gtn 
Ashley Alexander, chief clerk 

signal office, 2012 O nw 
Ashley George K, elk cen, 926 E nw 
Ashley James A, elk, 38 C ne 
Ashley Julia E, elk treas. 1212 N T av nw 
Ashley Osborn, elk, 416 6th ne 
Ashley William M, elk cen, 302 6th nw 
Ashley William M, currier, 626 F sw 
Ashley William HI, secretary 

Adamantine Brick Co, 506 Hie 

av sw 
Ashley William M jr, tinsmith, 626 F sw 
Ashton Andrew A, lab, 628 3d sw 
Ashton Beverly, lab, 1004 1st se 
Ashton Charles, lab, 326 C sw 
Ashton Cornelius, lab, 417 L se 
Ashton Elizabeth, Canal rd 
Ashton Ella M, elk treas d, 1018 25th nw 
Ashton Ellen W, wid Gurdney, 717 9th nw 
Ashton George, butcher, 1702 10th nw 
Ashton George P, porter, 208 12th ne 






Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Ashton Gurden C, painter, 1419 11th nw 
Ashton Isaac, lab, 1216 N J av nw 

Ashton Jacob, lab, 1st nr sw 

Ashton James, printer, Canal rd 

Ashton James G, bricklayer, 113 7th se 

Ashton Jane B, wid Charles, 1225 4S sw 

Ashton «F Hnhley, lawyer, 635 
F nw, h 1347 Conn av 

Ashton John C, sergt sig o, 1225 4% sw 

Ashton John T, Canal rd 

Ashton Joseph, lab, 1250 23d nw 

Ashton Judith, servt, 1014 12th nw 

Ashton Llewellyn, lab, 1st nr N sw 

Ashton Louis, lab, 18 Pleasant al sw 

Ashton Luberta, washer, 2115 E nw 

Ashton Lucinda, wid Robert, 1018 25th nw 

Ashton McDaniel, lab, 608 3d sw 

Ashton Margaret, servt, 708 3d nw 

Ashton Missouri, servt, 1004 1st se 

Ashton Nathan, cook, 1122 7th se 

Ashton Nathan, lab, 1128 7th se 

Ashton Nathaniel, waiter, 1214 N J av nw 

Ashton Nellie, servt, 609 6th nw 

Ashton Rhoda, 208 12th ne 

Ashton Richard, lab, 1702 10th nw 

Ashton Samuel, lab, 704 3d nw 

Ashton William, lab, 628 3d sw 

Asker Charlotte, 808 5th nw 

A6kew William H, mess, 416 C se 

Askin Bushrod W, gardener, Rockville pike 

Askins Marv A, wid Daniel, 1921 12th nw 

Aspinwall - — , 1000 E nw 

Assmussen Augusta, wid Charles W, boarding, 
620 I nw 

Asta Burua^a V A Senor l>on, 
E E and JI i» Chili, 14 Lafay- 
ette sq 

Asta Burnag-a Oeorg-e, second 
secretary Chilian legation, 14 
Lafayette sq 

Astel Henry, chf elk hdqrs USA, 1739 13th 
Aston Albert, TJ S N, 1108 L nw 
Atchinson Alice, g p o, 46 Defrees nw 
Atchinson Mary, wid John, 46 Defrees nw 
Atchison Claude B, plumber, 2216 13th nw 
Atchison Eugene A, painter, 1316 14th nw, h 

2216 13th nw 
Atchison George H, blksmith, 737 7th se 
Atchison Harris L, police,Ex Mansion,413 C se 
Atchison Ignatius W, farmer, 1005 E se 
Atchison I W, tobacco, 500 E Capitol, h 1005 

E se 
Atchison Julius I, plumber, 1316 14th nw 
Atchison John M, upholsterer, 206 B nw 
Atchison Lovegrove, elk, 206 B nw 
Atchison Mary Mrs, 512 9th nw 
Atchison Mary T, wid Henry, 351 M sw 
Atchison William T, carp, 1005 E se 
Ates Maria, servt, 804 E nw 
Atherton Edwin N, elk treas d, 213 1st se 
Atherton George O, teacher Reform School 
Atherton Nellie L, box tender, 213 1st nw 
Athey John C, bkkr, 3252 O nw, Gtn 
Athey John M, tailor, 1751 Pa av nw, h"3252 O 

nw, Gtn 
Athey Thomas, oysters, 1245 32d nw, Gtn, h 
1034 Jefferson, Gtn 


Atkins Edward H, elk war d, College nw be? 

3d and 4£ 
Atkins Elizabeth, wid Joseph, 714 9th se 
Atkins George F, produce, 210 Centre mkt, h 

300 8th se 
Atkins George W, lab, 1605 12th nw 
Atkins Henry, patternmkr, 714 9th se 
Atkins J I> C, Ul C, 419 6th nw 
Atkins Joseph S, elk, 523 6th nw 
Atkins Julia, washer, 414 17th nw 
Atkins Mary, nurse Freed men's Hospital 
Atkins Mary A, prod, 8 Eastern mkt, h 300 

8th se 
Atkins Matilda, wid David, 300 8th se 
Atkins Mavlon B, miller, 25 Valley, Gtn 
Atkinson Charles A, elk treas d, 1211 1 nw 
Atkinson Edward S, mess, 232 11th se 
Atkinson Fannie, elk, 908 D sw 
Atkinson George B, printer, 115 2d nw 
Atkinson Guy C, upholsterer, 627 H nw, h 

D sw 
Atkinson Henry L, painter, 1323 W nw 
Atkinson John B, elk, 440 N J av nw 
Atkinson Malon B, engineer, 1678 Valley nw, 

Atkinson Robert H, architect, 1112 M nw 
Atkinson William B. elk pat o, 115 2d nw 
Atkinson Win B, local agt p o, 408| N J avnw 
Atkinson William R, elk cen, 300 C nw 
Atkinson William T, drygoods, 201 Pa av nw, 

h 115 2d nw 
Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph 
Co, 1347 E nw, Baltimore and Potomac 
rr depot, St Marc Hotel, Chief Signal 
Office, Government Printing Office, 
Post Office, Agricultural and In- 
terior Departments, Adams' Express 
Warehouse, N J av c C nw, Entrance 
to House of Representatives, Reporters' 
Gallery and Senate Gallery, Capitol 
Atlantic Coast Line, 511 Pa av nw 
At Lee Goodwin Y, constable, 930 F nw, h 109 

Atlee Peter, lab, 1324 N H av nw 
At Lee S. Yorke, elk cen, 1119 B se 
At Lee Thomas S, elk ind o, 471 C nw 
At Lee William Yorke, lawyer 
1430 i* T Y av nw, h 35 Ivy pi se 
Atwater Fannie, elk cen, 2326 G nw 
Atwell James, elk cen, National Hotel 
Atwell John, tinsmith, 319 Del av ne . 
Atwell Joseph, lab, 2518 F nw 
Atwell Mary H, gov print o, 1414 5th nw 
Atwell William, printer, 509 Mass av nw 
Atwell William H, carp, 1530 12th nw 
Atwell William P, capt USA, 1731 13th nw 
Atwood D W, elk pen o, 192812th nw 
Atz Christopher, grocer, 1521 5th nw 
Atz Jacob, baker, h 1437 Ohio av nw 
Atzel Frederick, restaurant, 1105 7th nw 
Atzerodt John C, carriage trimmer, 802 3d se 
Auber Lawrence, elk s g o, 413 O nw 
Audenried Mary, wid Joseph C, 1023 Vt av nw 
Aue Frederick L, elk, 1336 7th nw 
Aue Henry, shoes, 1336 7th nw 
Aue William, shoemkr, 513 Q 
Auer B A, elk, 429 G nw 
Auer Peter A, elk treas d, 403 E nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORK. 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer. 911 7th St 

Aiierfoacli Carl, gents' furnish- 
ing ;s, SOI 7th nw, Ii 1013 Sth nw 

Auerbach Joseph (Auerbach & Bro), 1132 8th 

Auerbach Louis (Auerbach & Bro), 1132 8th nw 
Auerbach «& Bro (I*ouis and JTo- 
seph Auerbach), gents' fur- 
nishings and hats, 633 Pa av 
nw and 510 Oth nw 

Louis Auerbach, 

Formerly with 
Mr. Henry Franc. 

Jos. Auerbach, 

Formerly with 

Messrs. Lansburgh & Co. 




Auerochs Anna M, wid John F, 105 F sw 
Auerochs John C, junk, 105 F sw 
Auerochs William, junk, 105 F sw 
Aufenthie Kudolph, shoemkr, 1128 11th nw 
Auffort Charles F, carpenter, 463 L sw 
Aufrecht Gottlob, baker, 1011 E nw 
Augenstein Moritz, crockery., 

817 7 th nw, h do 
Augenstein Moritz jr, bkkr, 817 7th nw 
Augenstein Samuel W, elk, 817 7th nw 
Augherton George, carp, 306 13th sw 
Aughinbaugh Wm L, elk pat o, 818 E Capitol 
Augney Matilda, wid Isaac, 1423 F nw 
Augusta Alexander T, physician, 1319 L nw. 
Office hours 8 to 10 a m, 3 to 4 and 6 to 8 p m, 
Auguste Benjamin, butcher, 1208 I se 
Auguste George G, shipwright, 1208 I se 
Auguste Samuel, gunsmith, 1208 1 se 
Augusterfer Frank J, bacon, 14 Corcoran and 

45 Biggs mkts, h 320 H nw 
Augusterfer John AW (Johnson & Auguster- 
fer), 700 4th ne 


SOI & 803 7th Street, Cor. H, 


SEWING MACHINES, From $10 up to $50, 

Machine Repairing a Specialty. 

WM. FUNK, Machinist. 

Sewing MacMnes Run by Water Power, Agency for tie Saxony Wool German Hani Knit Jackets. 




Importer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


China, Glass, 

Crockery Ware, 

Plated Goods, 

Britannia and Block-Tin Goods, Japanned Tea Trays, 

No. 817 7th Street, nw., Washington, D. C. 

Iftflfcl AIIPIMIIU A Aft Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Hooves 

I U M VUI-kMAM Xi II Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Gare£al- 

JUnll OnClllflHlH W UUll 1* Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

CM Glass Crockery fare 



No. 923 JPenn Avenue. 

Aukard Annie, servt, 1423 14th nw 
Aukward Horatio, elk, 915 3d se 
Aukward Mary A , teacher, 39 H mv 
Auld David, draftsman, 1224 30th nw, Gtn 
Auld James, chief judicial ac- 
counts division 1st compt treas, 

815 13th nw 
Auld John G, grocer, 9th c L nw, h 1109 9th, nw 
Aulick Emma J, wid Ralph, 1709 De Sales nw 
Aulick Wylie J, 911 18th nw 
Austin Charles C, elk p o d, 709 8th nw 
Austin Daniel, carp, Anacostia 
Austin Edward, undertaker, 938 I nw 
Austin Edwin F, watchman, 1116 Park ne 
Austin Emma, dressmkr, 913 N T av nw 
Austin Florine A, elk 1st compt, 1325 F nw 
Austin Francis Irby, physician, 1360 L se 
Austin Georgia, servt, 1822 Vt av nw 
Austin Gould P, 405 11th nw 
Austin Harriet, servt, 1633 Vt av nw 
Austin James, printer, 634 8th ne 
Austin James B, elk 6th aud. Hyattsville, Md 
Austin James B, telegraphist, 1428 S nw 
Austin James H, clerk, American House 
Austin Jane Mrs, 1325 F nw 
Austin M A, lieut police, 302 C ne 
Austin M Ada, elk cen o, 1325 F nw 
Austin Martha, servt, Cedar nr 17th nw 
Austin Sallie F, 941 H nw 
Austin Samuel, coachman, 1626 Vt av nw 
Austin Sarah F Mrs, N Y Av Hotel 
Austin Thomas H, mess, 1908 R nw 
Austin William A, ship carp, 1360 L se 
Auth Annie M Mrs, 1714 Riggs nw 
Auth Louisa, servt, 1003 7th nw 
Auth Nicholas, butcher, Champlain av 
Auth Santus, butcher, 53 & 54 Centre mkt, h 

Bladensburg rd 
Aveline Miranda F, wid Oliver, elk cen o, 1203 

Aventon Edward, lab, 427 Franklin nw 
Aventon Sarah, 427 Franklin nw 
Averj T Frances, wid George, 723 23d nw 
Avery Frances, clerk treas, 1802 G nw 
Avery Frank T, elk, 800 G sw 
Avery James, barber, 913 20th nw 
Avery James D, barber, 1729 Pa av nw 
Avery James D, plasterer, 715 G sw 
Avery Philip, upholsterer, 819 10th nw 
Avery R S, U S C & G S o, 320 A se 
Avery Susan I, seamstress, 819 10th nw 
Avery William O, agt, 1427 F nw, h 1337 

Awah Choy, teas, 544 N L mkt, h 431 L nw 
Awkmoody Julia L, housekeeper, 945 K nw 
Awkward Augustus, waiter, 106 F nw 
Awkward Annie, servt, 1525 26th nw, Gtn 
Awkward Carrie, cook, 945 K nw 
Awkward Caroline, servt, 1231 10th nw 
Awkward James, waiter, 1458 Sampson nw 
Awkward Martha, servt, 1458 Sampson nw 
Awl Henry, lab, 1219 25th nw 
Ayars Annie C, elk cen o, 1902 9th nw 
Aydelotte William, journalist, 510 13th nw 
Ayer Henry G, elk 6th aud o, 1731 9th nw 
Ayer Oliver P, whlwrgt, 131 B nw, h 235 4J sw 




Ayers Henry G, elk treas, 1731 9th nw 

Ayers John E, elk 3d aud, 518 E Capitol 

Ayers Mary, servt, 2909 N nw, Gtn 

Ayers Oliver P, wheelwright, 235 4£ sw 

Ayers S P, elk pen o, 321 A se 

Ayers Susie C, copyist, h 450 N J av se 

Ayers Willard, watchman treas, 806 K nw 

Aylmer James R, 1705 G nw 

Aylmer Joseph S, elk s g o, 1705 G nw 

Aylmer Margaret, wid Robert R. 1705 G nw 

Ayres Benjamin, waiter, 912 17th nw 

Ayres Edward W, cor Kansas City Times, 321 

A se 
Ayres Lewis, coachman, 1514 30th nw, Gtn 
Ayres Mary, 210 D nw 
Ayres Mary, servt, 2706 nw, Gtn 
Ayres Win, driver, 2713 Dumbarton av nw, Gtn 
Ayrse Priscilla, sewing, 1737 L nw 
Ayton Abraham C, painter, 408 8th sw 
Ayton Mary A, wid Richard, 408 8th sw 
Axe Charles W, printer, 30 I nw 
Axe Eliza J, 30 f mv 


If uur Le^vis, Singer sewing ma- 
chines and .K Butterick's pat- 
tern agency, 4L07 Oth nw, h 
1006 H nw 

Babbington Bridget, wid William, 822 1st ne 
Babbitt Charles H, elk land o, 722 10th nw 
Babbitt Henry W, elk g 1 o, 1550 8th nw 
Babbitt John W, elk, 322 2d se 
Babcock, Agnes, servt, 619 M nw 
If ahcoclc E J, private secretary 
to Secretary of Treasury, 81© 
32d nw 
Babcock George W, elk war, 2065 32d nw, Gtn 
Babcock Lewis M, manager national news 

bureau, Tremont House 
Babcock O E, general USA, 2024 G nw 
Babcock Sarah A, wid Joseph,- 941 K nw 
Babcock Wells J, 2032 G nw 
Babcock William H, patents, 513 7th nw, h 

400 E se 
Babe Joseph W, elk treas, 434 K nw 
Baber Horace, gardener, Hillsdale 
Baborowi George, tailor, 917 E nw 
Babson James A, elk treas, 109 10th se 
Babson John W, elk pat o, 106 11th se 
Bacey, Fannie, servt, 814 13th nw 
Bache Alfred, carp, 15 2d ne 
Bache Arthur J, carp, 1021 11th nw, h 815 10th 

Bache Sharrington, collector,*1416 10th nw 
Bachelder Caroline E, elk war d, 708 13th nw 
Bachelder Elizabeth, elk war d, 708 13th nw 
Bachman E I, elk int rev, 1519 Columbia nw 
Baehman R K, HI C, Metropo- 
litan Hotel 
Bachus Annie, wid August, 714 D nw 
Bachus Edward, waiter, Meyers' Hotel 
Backenheimer Amelia, dressmkr, 304 D sw 
Backenheimer Henry, elk, 304 D sw 
Backenheimer Henry jr, elk 304 D sw 
Backenheimer Louis, elk, 304 D sw 
Backenheimer Philip, elk, 304 D sw 


Heal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





Chris. Xander's "MELLISTON," 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German . Aromatic Bitters, 

For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 


Backenheimer Solomon, elk, 304 D sw 

Backus Ellen, 929 5th nw 

Backus William M, elk, 1421 33d nw, Gtn 

Bacon Albert W, paym U S N, 1531 1 nw 

Bacon Arthur A, carp, 1002 6th nw 

Bacon Charles F, elk, 633 E Capitol 

Bacon Eliza, cook, 1134 Conn av nw 

Bacon Eliza, servt, 1408 L nw 

Bacon Frank, elk, 336 Ind av nw 

Bacon George A, supt document room H R, 

National Hotel 
Bacon Georgiana, cook, 1420 33d nw, Gtn 
If aeon John M, colonel and aide 

to General USA, 1333 L nw 
Bacon Joseph, lab, 1810 Wiltberger nw 
Bacon Letty, servt, Blagden's al nw 
Bacon Levi, finance elk pat o, 633 E Capitol 
Bacon L Seward, elk, 633 E Capitol 
Bacon Lizzie, cook, 1151 19th nw 
Bacon Nathaniel, waiter, 7 Goat al nw 
Bacon Peter F, grocer, 640 Pa av nw, h 336 Ind 

av nw 
Bacon Reuben A, druggist, 529 4^ sw 
Bacon Samuel, 620 E nw 
Bacon Samuel jr, grocer, 336 Ind av nw 
Bacon Samuel, huckster, 19 L nw 
Bacon Samuel H (Thompson & Bacon), 1003 

8th nw 
Bacon William, elk, 336 Ind av nw 
Baddon Mary, wid James, 1008 1st nw 
Baddy Robert, hostler, Bowen av, Hillsdale 
Bade Dieterich, tailor, 506 G nw 
Baden Ann C, boarding, 1739 F nw 
Baden Frank W, tel opr, 4229 36th nw 
Baden James T, elk qm g o, 1235 6th nw 
Baden John M, prod, 385"Cen mkt, h 7th c C se 
Baden Susie S, elk bu eng, 506 8th sw 
Baden Thomas E, elk treas, 1229 36th nw, Gtn 
Badgely Alfred S, elk pod, Laurel Md 
Baer Adolph, clothing, 3128 M nw, h 3126 Mnw 
Baer Alphonse M, hatter, 3155 M nw, Gtn, h 

3128 M nw, Gtn 
Baer Benoit jr, elk, 3103 M nw, Gtn 
Baer Mary, servt, Reform School 
Baer Maurice, elk, 1235 31st nw, Gtn 
Baer Robert N, pastor Met M E church, 511 


Baeschlin Frederick, horseshoeing, 107 F nw, 

h 135 L nw 
Baeschlin Mary A, seamstress, 1004 7th se 
Baessell Louis, fresco painter, 616 N nw 
Bagaley Waterman P, elk war d,151828th, Gtn 
Bagaley William, elk, 1518 28th nw, Gtn 
Bagby Aaron, waiter, 15 8th se 
Bagby Ellen, servt, Fitzmorris row nw 
Bagby Henry, lab, 1732 17th nw 
Bagby Robert, lab, 207 G sw 
Bagby Sarah, servt, 487 Md av sw 
Bagby Thomas, lab, 1732 17th nw 
Bagby Walker, lab, Fitzmorris row nw 
Bagby William, plumber, 1624 5th nw 
Bagby William W, plumber, 702 3d nw, h 115 

10th nw 
Bagg Geo W, elk navy pay o, 1434 Corcoran nw 
Bagger Louis (Louis Bagger & Co), 117 C ne 
Bagger Eonis & Co (Louis Bagw 
ger and August Peterson), law- 
yers, 802 E nw 
Bagger William, pat attorney, 1615 8th nw 
Baggett Cornelia, 1020 16th nw 
Baggett Wm T, driver, 1022 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Bagley Primus, bu eng, 216 2dnw 
Bagnam Albert W, elk cen, 523 13th nw 
Bagnam William, 523 13th nw 
Bagsby William, porter, 478 Md av sw 
Bagwell John D Rev, editor, 921 5th nw 
Bagwell M A Mrs, 921 5th nw 
Bahlman Henry, tailor, 140 E Capitol 
Baier George K, restaurant, 1002 Pa av nw 
Baier John, restaurant, 12tlt 
c 1> nw, li do 



Cor. 12th and D Streets, 

Opp. Pension Office, WASHINGTON, D. C 

Baier William, bartender, 1200 D nw 

Bailer Agnes, wid William, washer, 17th nr 

Mass av se 
Bailer Caroline, servt, 6 Savage al nw 
Bailer George, grass cutter, Mass av nr 16th se 
Bailess Fannie, servt, 1606 10th nw 
Bailess Jennie, wid Peter, servt, 1604 10th nw 
Bailey Albert, lab, 1425 N nw 
Bailey Albert, miller, Chapman al 
Bailey Alfred, shoemkr, 702 3dnw 
Bailey Amanda, washer, 317 C sw 




American and Foreign Patents, 


Offices, Le Droit Building, Comer F and 8th Streets, 

Opposite Main Entrance to U. S. Patent Office, 



Agent Norwich Union Fire Soc'y? England. 
Rhode Island Fire Ins. Ass'n, Providence. 




Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET"S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 Sl 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Bailey Andrew J, cook, 810 20th nw 

Bailey Ann E, washer, 18th nr D nw 

Bailey Annie D, 513 3d nw 

Bailey Arstead, lab, 310 L sw 

Bailey Bernard, hardware. 829 7th nw. h 1031 

8th nw 
Bailey Bettie, 715 8th sw 
Bailey Catherine, 7th st rd nw 
Bailey Caroline, servt, 5 Temperance av nw 
Bailey Carrie, cook, 1144 21st nw 
Bailey Charles, driver, 320 B sw 
Bailey Charles B, sec Washing- 
ton Gas Light Co, 4L11 lOtli 

nw. h 513 3d nw 
Bailey Charles E, elk ord o, 1031 8th nw 
Bailey Charles L, whitewasher, 1614 10th nw 
Bailey Charles M, pilot, 328 D se 
Bailey Charlotte, wid Acker, laundress, 27 

Goat al nw 
Bailey Christopher, waiter, 317 C sw 
Bailey Colbert, lab, 1009 7th se 
Bailey Cora, wid Geo, 5 Temperance av nw 
Bailey Cornelius, 641 B se 
Bailey Daniel, lab, 18th nr C se 
Bailey E A, elk gas o, Tremont House 
Bailey Edmund A, lawyer, 416 5th nw, h 612 

14th nw 
Bailey Edward, lab, 216 L sw 
Bailey Eileen A Mrs, 312 1st se 
Bailey Eliza, wid William, Chapman al 
Bailey Elizabeth, wid William, washer, 1406 

28th nw, Gtn 
Bailey Elizabeth, washer, 922 Del av ne 
Bailey Elizabeth, washer, 323 Vant sw 
Bailey Elizabeth J, wid Wm H, 909 5th nw 
Bailey Emma, servt, 823 9th ne 
Bailey Ezra H Col, 1826 16th nw 
Bailey Fannie B, teacher, 312 1st se 
Bailey Frances, washer, 320 B sw 
Bailey Francis, huckster, 31 N se 
Bailey Frank, lab, 1813 West al nw 
Bailey George H, D C computing engineer, 

811 1st nw 
Bailey George L, lab, 124 Madison al nw 
Bailey George W, printer, 220 11th sw 
Bailey Hannah L, servt, 1462 Q nw 
Bailey Hanson, huckster, h, nr O se 
Bailey Harriet, wid Robert, 307 M nw 
Bailey Harriet, wid Roland, 912 14th nw 
Bailey Harriet P, 513 3d nw 
Bailey Henrietta, printer, 1236 11th se 
Bailey Henry, lab, 1629 11th nw 
Bailey Henry, lab, 1009 6th sw 
Bailey Henry Rev, pastor Abyssinian Colored 

Baptist Church, 1814 Vt av nw 
Bailey Horace J, stenographer, 312 1st se 
Bailey James, blksmith, 511 10th sw 
Bailey James, lab, 1405 1st n w 
Bailey James K, bookbinder, 73 H nw 
Bailey James S, lab, 305 L sw 
Bailey J Edward, lab, 1315 K se 
Bailey Jane, bu eng, 17 H nw 
Bailey Jane, servt, 324 14th se 
Bailey Jane, wid Washington, 54 N se 
Bailey Jesse, lab, 216 L sw 
Bailey Jesse, lab, 212 N sw 
Bailey John, Anacostia 


Bailey John, disbursing- clerk, 
HR.519 1th nw 

Bailey John, lab, 1315 K se 

Bailey John, lab, Q nr 11th nw 

Bailey John A, machinist, al nr 11th and N se 

Bailey John F, printer, 912 14th nw 

Bailey John L, elk agricul bu, 938 E nw 

Bailer John UI, HE C, Arlington 

Bailey John T, hackman, 1015 N J av se 
Bailey John W, police, 1232 16th nw 
Bailey Joseph B, dry goods, 601 7th sw, h 715 

8th sw 
Bailev Josiah R, elk, 1031 8th nw 
Bailey Kate, 715 8th sw 
Bailey Laura, servt, 11th nr R nw 
Bailey Laura G, teacher, 419 8th sw 
Bailey Lavinia E, wid J, dressmkr, 122 B ne 
Bailey Leonard C, barber, 2923 M nw, Gtn, n 

1022 19th nw 
Bailey Levi, lab, 324 14th se 
Bailey Lewis, fisherman, 3212 Grace nw, Gtn 
Bailer Lorenzo A, lawyer, 629 F 

nw, h 313 1st se 
Bailey Lottie, elk, 912 14th nw 
Bailey Lucy, washer, 209 D sw 
Bailey M, major USA, 924 17th nw 
Bailey Marcellus, lawyer, 501 F 

nw, h 1115 SOth nw 
Bailey Margaret, servt, 216 L sw 
Bailey Margaret, wid Wm, 3212 Grace nw, Gtn 
Bailey Margaret E, washer, 914 Liberty sw 
Bailey Margaret H Mrs, elk g 1 o, 1704 L nw 
Bailey Maria, wid Benjamin, 808 5th nw 
Bailey Maria A, teacher, 1633 P nw 
Bailey Maria F, elk treas d, 514 13th nw 
Bailey Martha, washer, 1344 N C av ne 
Bailey Martha, wid James, 207 H ne 
Bailey Martha, wid James, 1828 Lawrence nw 
Bailey Mary, 940 Liberty sw 
Bailey Mary, servt, 1118 23d nw 
Bailey Mary, servt, 807 L nw 
Bailey Mary A, notions, 1015 N J av se 
Bailey Mary E, elk bu eng, 320 11th sw 
Bailey Mary E, govt print o, 909 5th nw 
Bailey Mary E, milliner, 1009 7th se 
Bailey Mary J, wid James, 229 Adams' Exp al 
Bailey Matilda, servt, 1342 7th nw 
Bailey Mira, servt, 5 Temperance av nw 
Bailey Miranda A, washer, 419 8th sw 
Bailey Nancy, washer, 1629 11th nw 
Bailey Nancy, wid Benjamin, 2123 12th nw 
Bailey Oliver N, plumber, 492 H sw 
Bailey Polly, washer, 825 2d se 
Bailey R C, elk cen, 306 C nw 
Bailey Rebecca, wid John, 220 11th sw 
Bailey Richard H, carp, 715 8th sw 
Bailey Robert, lab, Long al nw 
Bailey Samuel, lab, 103 L sw 
Bailey Theodore, driver, 209 10th sw 
Bailey Theodore, oysters, 921 11th nw 
Bailey Thomas, lab, 2142 G nw 
Bailey Thomas C, chief paymas- 
ter's division, 3d auditor's 

treas, 3008 I* nw 
Bailey Thos L, coach trimmer, 621 Md av sw 
Bailey William, blksmith, al nr 11th and N se 
Bailey William, lab, 2116 11th nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSEAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORK. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. tWfflfti** 




Pure California Hock,Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th st. nw, 

Bailey William, lab, 323 Vant sw 

Bailey William, lab, 5 Temperance av nw 

Bailey William jr, lab, al nr 11th and N se 

Bailey William C, elk, 1919 H nw 

Bailey William F, driver, 419 8th sw 

Bailey William G, elk, 1458 Corcoran nw 

Bailey William H, supt lamps & gas, 914 M nw 

Bailey William L, elk, 122 B ne 

Kailcy William X, lawyer, 4»0 

IL.a av nw, h I6O6 Marion nw 
Bailey William T, coach trimmer, 621 Md av sw 
Bailey & Co (F M Bradley), grocers, 1130 13th 

Bailhacbe Preston H, surg U S M Hospital, 

1316 R nw 
Bailhache W H, elk pen o, 1110 M nw 
ltaillieux Louis, florist, Conn 

av c Ul, li do 


Southwest Corner Conn. Av*. and M Street, nw. 

^""Special attention given to Bouquets, Wreaths, 
Crosses, and other Floral Designs. 

Bailor Frances, wid James, servt, 325 8th ne 
Bailor Henry Rev, 1243 3d sw 
Bailor Jane, cook, 1026 N J av nw 
Bailor Toliver, huckster, 508 20th nw 
BailylAnnie L, music teacher, 206 D nw 
Baily Hannah, wid Samuel, 206 D nw 
Baily Mary J, 206 D nw 
Baily Rebecca C, elk cen, 206 D nw 
Bain Andrew, asst engineer, 80 Defrees nw 
Bain Andrew M, elk, 80 Defrees nw 
Bain James R, printer, 312 C ne 
Bain John F, printer, 80 Defrees nw 
Bain John J, clerk, 66 Defrees nw 
Bain Julia E, wid William M, 330 Ind av nw 
Bain Peter C, bookbinder, 131 F ne 
Baine Peter C, bookbinder, 5 H nw 
Baines Ellen, servt, 1607 11th nw 
Baines Stephen, lab, 1607 11th nw 
Baird Emily R E, wid William S, 1210 K nw 
Baird Emma, wid James, 434 N Y av 
Baird Frank T, elk, 1210 K nw 
Baird Harriet, hairdresser, 76 Myrtle ne 
Baird J Everett, elk, 1210 K nw 
Baird John, capt police, 345 Penn av nw 
Baird Joseph, lab, 434 N Y av 
Baird Lydia, sa eslady, 2017 12th nw 
Baird Margaret A, wid James B, 2017 12th nw 
Baird Mary, dressmkr, 76 Myrtle av ne 
Baird Spencer F, secretary 
i i sonian and IJ S Fish 
Com, 1445 Mass av nw 
Baker A B, elk pen o, 500 D se 
Baker A C, master U S N, 1024 17th nw 
Baker Albert, elk pen o, 500 D se 
Baker Alice, printer, 205 Fayette, G-tn 
Baker Alice, washer, 213 K nw 
Baker Anna, nurse, 3165 O nw, Gtn 
Baker Annie, 109 C ne 

Baker Annie, cutter, Back nr Madison, Gtn 
Baker Benjamin, printer, 1337 29th nw, Gtn 
Baker Benjamin E, hides, 9th nr M se, h 637 
E Capitol 

Baker Benj H, butcher, Back nr 36th nw, Gtn 
Baker Bettie, servt, 939 M nw 
Baker Betty, servt, 1126 N J av nw 
Baker Calista A, elk bu eng, 440 K nw 
Baker Catherine, wid Louis, G nr 11th ne 
Baker Catherine B, wid John E, dressmkr, 

1418J Mass av nw 
Baker Charles, elk, 1221 L nw 
Baker Charles, cooper, 3313 Water, Gtn 
Baker Charles C, elk cen, 623 O nw 
Baker Charles H, draftsman, 1429 Pierce pi nw 
Baker Charles T M, cooper, 3235 Water, Gtn 
Baker Charles T M jr, cooper, 3208 Grace, Gtn 
Baker Charles W, printer, 821 13th ne 
Baker Charlotte, wid Charles, 1221 L nw 
Baker Clara C, teacher, 1131 5th nw 
Baker Conrad, harnessmkr, 1328 G nw 
Baker Conrad W, elk navy d, Meyer's Hotel 
Baker Cora E, wid Robert, nurse, 433 2d sw 
Baker Davis, grocer, 56 Riggs and 130 North- 
ern mkts, h 1131 5th nw 
Baker Edgar, plate printer, 612 18th nw 
Baker Edward, 14th st rd nw 
Baker Elijah, elk 403 H ne 
Baker Elizabeth, folder, 816 13th nw 
Baker Emma C, 819 E nw 
Baker Emily, servt, Hopeton, 7th st rd nw 
Baker Fanny, servt, 736 5th nw 
Baker Fanny, wid Michael jr, 627 West al nw 
Baker Fielder I, bkkr, 3208 O nw, Gtn 
Baker Frank, baker, 1400 28th nw, Gtn 
Baker Frank, elk 1 h b, 326 C nw 
Baker Frank B, printer, 3208 O nw, Gtn 
Baker George, U S N, 905 8th se 
Baker George, lab, 3315 Water, Gtn 
Baker George, porter, 3165 O nw, Gtn 
Baker George C, lab, Back nr 36th nw, Gtn 
Baker George E, elk state d, 1104 13th nw 
Baker Henry, 637 E Capitol se 
Baker Henry, carp, 1002 D se 
Baker Henry, hides, 637 E Capitol 
Baker Henry, hostler, 1126 N J av nw 
Baker Henry, lab, nr Murdoch Mill rd 
Baker Henry, lab, 1334 9th nw 
Baker Henry, stonecutter, G nr 11th ne 
Baker Henry E, elk pat o, 1631 P nw 
Baker Henry J, bricklayer, 720 6th sw 
Baker Henry M (Cummings & Baker), 1411 F 

Baker Isaac M, carp, 1301 7th nw 
Baker Jacob, lab, 213 K nw 
Baker Jacob B, mese ago, 1010 18th nw 
Baker James, cook, 102 4£ nw 
Baker James H, plateprinter coast survey, 517 

9th nw 
Baker Jane Mrs, Fox Hall rd 
Baker Jane, servt, 1520 Valley nw, Gtn 
Baker Jane, wid Michael, 627 West al nw 
Baker J Charles, elk cen, 108 Prospect av, Gtn 
Baker J Edgar, elk, 637 E Capitol se 
Baker John, baker, G nr 11th ne 
Baker John, carp, 1140 7th sw 
Baker John, lab, 12341st sw 
Baker John, printer, 621 D nw 
Baker John A, agricultural im- 
plements, 920 Biii av nw, and. 
salt, 3304 Water nw, It 340 Ind 
av nw 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Agricultural Implements and Machinery, 

Garden, Field Seeds and Fertilizers. Con- 
tractors' Tools of all Kinds. 

926 Louisiana Ave., bet. 9th & 10th, West of Centre Market. 

Invites Attention to its Endowment Policies. 




Baker John C, baker, 2 Cen mkt, h 831 7th nw 
Baker John H, JI C, 921 G nw 

Baker John H, carp, 712 44 sw 
Baker John H, elk g 1 o, 1429, Pierce pi nw 
Baker John P, cigarmkr, 511 6th se 
Baker John T, baker, 831 7th mv 
Baker Joseph, porter, 1336 28th nw, Gtn 
Baker Joseph B, steward Insane Asylum 
Baker J S, attendant Insane Asylum 
Baker Julia, washer, 1126 N J av nw 
Baker Julia W (Baker & Sudduth), 444 9th 

Baker Kate, wid Frederick, 1328 G nw 
Baker Lewis, contractor, 2 Liberty nw 
Baker Llewellyn L, elk, 468 La av nw 
Baker Lizzie, servt, 1018 8th nw 
Baker Lucy, cook, Harewood rd 
Baker Lucy, wid Aaron, r 3315 Water, Gtn 
Baker Marcus, U S C and S G O 221 11th sw 
Baker Margaret Mrs, 1113 18th nw 
Baker Margaret J, housekpr Insane Asylum 
Baker Mary, servt, 1029 4th nw 
Baker Mary C, washer, Va av n N J av se 
Baker Mary E, cook Children's Hospital 
Baker Moses D, paper hanger, 408 3d se 
Baker Nelson R, elk int rev, Montgomery Co, 

Baker O, dairy, 1757 Pennsylvania av nw 
Baker Reuben, lab 3165 O nw, Gtn 
Baker Reuben F (Beall & Baker), 514 5th nw 
Baker Richard, oysters, 5 Valley nw 
Baker Robert M Rev, pastor Grace Church 

3417 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Baker Sandy, lab, Guinan al sw 
Baker Sarah, servt, 2422 Penns}'lvania av nw 
Baker Sarah, wid Charles, 46 I ne 
Baker Sidney S, elk p o, 639 F sw 
Baker Susan, 16th extended nw 
Baker Susan, servt, 3165 O nw, Gtn 
Baker Thomas, lab, 1733 Marion al nw 
Baker Thomas B, elk, 1117 10th nw 
Baker Thomas M, elk d 1 o, 222 A se 
Baker Walter R, elk treas d, 1725 5th nw 
Baker William (Sandy & Co), 629 Q nw 
Baker William, baker, 1133 7th nw 
Baker William, elk, 1221 L nw 
Baker William, lab, r Pierce nr 1st nw 
Baker William, lab, 426 N J av nw 
Baker William, shoemkr, 1109 V nw 
Baker William H, elk, 903 E se 
Baker William M, vet surg, 14th st rd nw 
Baker William S, printer, 616 Q nw 
Baker William W, butcher, 2104 35th, Gtn 
Baker William W, elk pod, 629 Q nw 
Baker Zacbariah, flour inspector, 3208 O, Gtn 
Baker Zachariah, lab, 433 Ria-^s nw 
Baker & Sudduth (Julian W Baker and G. J. 

Sudduth), grocers, 444 9th nw 
Bakers' Co-operative Associa- 
tion, J II Doty manager, sJO-1 
loth nw 

:rly & co„ a 


The Bakers' Co-operative Association, 

No. 204 10th, nw. 

Bakersmith John, butcher, 2071 7th nw 
Bakersmith Rudolph, butcher, 7th ab Grand 

av nw 
Balch George V, elk, ago, 705 11th nw 
Balch Hiram A, elk, 945 Pa av nw 



Baldasare Milovicich, confection«r, 919 Tem- 
perance hall al 
Balderston Marcellus, iron roller, 1221 G se 
Baldeston George W, iron roller, 1234 E se 
Baldin Elizabeth Mrs, chambermaid, 306 G'se 
Baldits William X, drng-glst, 
IQOJ Pa av nw. h do 



Pennsylvania Avenue, Cor. 19th St., 


Baldwin Aaron, physician, 1017 
Jfl nw, li do. Office Hours 7 to 9 

a in , 5 1 o 7 p in 

Baldwin Andrew, grocer, 810 Del av ne 
Baldwin Annie, cigars and tob, 60 C nw 
Baldwin Annie J, dressmkr, 1237 4th nw 
Baldwin Benjamin L, bkkr, 422 5th nw 
Baldwin Brensen L, bkkr, 322 5th nw 
Baldwin Brenton, elk, 126 E nw 
Baldwin Bridget, bu eng, 325 D sw 
Baldwin Bros (Edward and 

William M), carpenters, 10O 


Wm. H. Baldwin. Edw. Baldwin. 


Builders and Manufacturers of 

Doors, Sash. Blinds, Mouldings. Balnsters. 

IVS'WSIjS, bracksts, 

And all other Wood Work for Builders' use. 
Factory, Cor. 1st & D Sts.. WASHINGTON, D. (!• 

Baldwin Charles E, elk H R, 1640 R I av nw i 
Baldwin Chas M, contractor, 1124 Conn av nw 
Baldwin D A, 317 44 nw 
Baldwin Edgar, machinist, 218 I se 
Baldwin Edward (Baldwin Bros), 126 E nw 
Baldwin George B, lab, Broad Branch rd 
Baldwin George H, books, 920 F nw 
Baldwin George H, farmer, Insane Asylum 
Baldwin H P, U S S, Arling- 
ton Hotel 
Baldwin, Hopkins &, Peyton 
(William I> Baldwin, Marcus 
S Hopkins and Joseph I Pey- 
ton), patent attorneys, 25 
Grant pi nw 



Solicitors of Patents and Counsellors in Patent 

25 Gkcazri/b Place, 

Baldwin Jeremiah, mess, 1237 4th nw. 

Baldwin John H, carp, 634 L se 

Baldwin John S, contractor, 1124 Conn av nw 

Baldwin John W, coal, 1350 C sw, h 1212 C sw 

Baldwin Julian P, carp, 903 O nw 

Baldwin Levi J, machinist, 212 10th nw 

II J ll/f I) VHTTlVrr Eeal Estate broker and Auofioneer, 

WW I'l. 1 » IUU ll llj 1*3© NEW YORK AVE. 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 


1 CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 

Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w 

Baldwin Maggie J, elk, 301 12th sw 
Baldwin Martha R, wid John, 622 H nw 
Baldwin Mary, wid James, 320 C sw 
Baldwin Mary, wid William T, 1000 E Capitol 
Baldwin Mary A, dressmkr, 418 11th sw 
Baldwin M C, lab, Insane Asylum 
Baldwin Perry G, machinist, 419 G se 
Baldwin Ralph, elk, 813 N J av nw 
Baldwin T Morgan, elk g 1 o, 1507 Caroline nw 
Baldwin William, carp, 126 E nw 
Baldwin William, elk qm g o, 1421 6th nw 
Baldwin William B, die sinker, 212 10th nw 
Baldwin William D (Baldwin, Hopkins & Pey- 
ton), 1502 13th nw 
Baldwin William E, gardener, Insane Asylum 
Baldwin Wm H (Baldwin Bros), 813 N Javnw 
Baldwin William O, physician, 1915 Pa av nw 
Bales Henry A, elk 6th aud o, 620 Q nw 
Bales Sarah C, servt, Lincoln av ne 
Balinger George W, blksmith, 3135 Water, h 

1 South, Gtn 
Balinger John H, 11 Congress, Gtn 
Balinger Richard, wheelwright, 3135 K nw, 

Gtn, h 1024 31st nw, Gtn 
Balinger Susan Mrs, Pierce Mill rd 
Ball Ada V, 1111 11th nw 
Ball Annie E, seamstress, 309 G nw 
Ball Annie E, washer, Vincent al nr Q nw 
Ball Charles, driver, 1208 Md av sw 
Ball Charles A, physician, 233 G nw. Office 

hours 7 to 9 a m, 1 to 2 and 5 to 6 p m 
Ball Charles F, elk navy, 608 13th nw 
Ball Charles O, furnaces, rang-es 
and bricklayer, 1337 E nw, h 
1111 lltn nw 

C. C. BALL, 


Warm Air Furnaces, Cooking Ranges, and Fancy 
Parlor Grates. All kinds of Furnace Work done at 
the Shortest Notice and in the Best Manner. 

No. 1337 E St., bet. 13th & 14th Sts., nw., Washington, D. C. 

Ball Charles T, train agt B & O R R, 725 20th n w 
Ball Dinah, wid George, 1828 K nw 

Ball Ebenezer B, prod, 201 1st nw 

Ball Edgar, carp, 1703 19th nw 

Ball Elsie, servt, Blagden's al nw 

Ball Frank O, elk, 611 La av nw 

Ball George, driver, 1318 D sw 

Ball George W, barber, 2113 12th nw 

Ball Harriet, servt, 616 Bates' al nw 

Ball Henry S, driver, 655 E sw 

Ball J J G, mess senate, 501 13th nw 

Ball James H, butter, 2 Gtn mkt, h 3237 P nw 

Ball Jemima P, wid James N, 1148 7th nw 

Ball John, 707 5th nw 

Ball John, lab, 2118 11th, nw 

Ball John R, huckster, 2051 35th nw, Gtn 

Ball John T, gardener, Old Chain Bridge rd 

Ball Joseph, basketmkr, 224 7th se 

Ball Joseph, lab, 2227 12th nw 

Ball Joseph S, elk war d, 1429 S nw 

Ball Kate, elk cen, 632 Mass av nw 

Ball Maggie, servt, 1110 M nw 

Ball Marcelia, teacher, 1519 10th nw 

Ball Mary A, wid Isaac S, 1113 K nw 

Ball Mottrom M, elk, 940 I nw 

Ball Nancy, wid Samuel, 5 Temperance av nw 

Ball Nathan A, shoemkr, 15 C ne 

Ball Oscar M, elk pen o, 10 3d se 

Ball Richard H, rev elk, 6th aud o, 810 21st nw 

Ball Robert, insurance, 233 G nw 

Ball Robert, lab, Vincent al nr O nw 

Ball Rudolph, elk, 1111 F nw 

Ball Samuel, carp, 1233 D sw 

Ball Thomas, elk, 1112 14th nw 

Ball Tabitha, wid John S, 3237 P nw, Gtn 

Ball Thomas L, elk, 1112 14th nw 

Ball T Sewell, elk cen, Baltimore Co Md 

Ball Virginia F, elk pat o, 111 1st ne 

Ball William D, porter, 1535 4th nw 

Ball Wm S, elk treas d, Fairfax Co Va 

Ballad James, driver, 425 5th se 

Ballad Victoria, laundress, 425 5th se 

Ballance Mary, servt, 1323 G nw 

Ballantyne R Carter (William Ballantyne & 

Son),' 908 N Y av nw 
Ballantyne William (William Ballantyne & 

Son) 908 N Y av nw 
Ballantyne William & Son (Wil- 
liam and It Carter Kallantyne). 
l>oolcsellers, 128 7th nw 
Ballard Andrew J, porter, 308 I se 
Ballard Augustus W, elk war d, 435 M nw 
Ballard Charles, porter, 509 F nw 
Ballard Fanny, wid Dennis 509 F nw 
Ballard Harriet, servt, 1228 Mass av nw 
Ballard James H, coachman, 425 5th se 
Ballard W S, elk q m g o, 433 M nw 


Booksellers and Stationers, 

Bible, Tract and Sunday School Depository, 

Staple and Fancy Stationery, School Furniture and Lecture-Room Settees, 



Visiting Cards Engraved and Printed, Sabbath School Supplies. 



Houses nented. Rents Oolleoted. 





New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 Sl 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Ballauf Daniel, model mkr, 731 
7th nw 

Ballauf William, model mkr, 418 L nw 
Ballbach Margaret, wid John, 422 6th nw 
Ballenger Albert, sailing master, 637 K se 
Ballenger Benjamin, lab, 458 G sw 
Ballenger Francis, grocer, 1109 4J sw 
Ballenger George W, blksmith, 3116 South nw, 

Ballenger George W, carp, 509 G se 
Ballenger James A, lab, 1109 4i sw 
Ballenger John T, elk pen o, 637 K se 
Ballenger Margaret A, dressmaker, 421 7th sw 
Ballenger Spencer, lab, 458 G sw 
Ballenger William, lab, Sullivan's al sw 
Ballentine Ann, elk treas, 713 4th nw 
bailiff John,stonecttr,1063 E Market spnw,Gtn 
BaUin Ralph, elk 1st comp, 1222 S nw 
Ballinger Richard F, lab, 1203 3d se 
TJallman Mary, wid John, 341 E sw 
Balloch Edward A, physician, 7th nr Howard 

University nw 
Balloch Geo S, bkkr, 7th nr Howard Universitv 
Balloch George W (J C Wilson 
& Co), also claim and. insur- 
ance agent, 632 JF nw, li Uni- 
versity Hill 


Insurance ana Claim Agent, 

632 F STREET, NW. 

Balloch James, elk, 3041 N nw, Gtn 
Ballock Robert A, elk cen, 1302 R nw 
Balls Calvin, lab, 6 Liberty nw 
Ballsworth Mary, 1221 C nw 
Balser Conrad, driver, 3212 N nw, Gtn 
Balsley George W, elk 6th aud o, 314 E nw 

Balster Frederick W, wid John, 1216 4i sw 

Balster Theodore, printer, 1216 4J sw 

Balsti John T, elk, 711 4J sw 

Baltimore Amelia, seamstress, 12 Gould's al 

Baltimore Isabel, servt, 2008 G nw 

Baltimore Jeremiah D, locksmith, 224 D sw 

Baltimore Mary, cook, 18th nr D nw 

Baltimore Mary, servt, 419 D se 

Baltimore Sun, 1314 F nw 

Baltimore & Ohio Express, 619 Pa av nw, 1351 

Pa av and N J av and D nw 
Baltimore *fc Ohio R R, George S 
Koontz g-enagt, ^ T J av c C nw, 
ticket office, SJavc Cnw, 61© 
Pa av nw, 1351 I*a av nw, and 
51 High, Gtn 
Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Co, 
1351I*aavnw, 61© PaaT nw, 
800 F nw, 38 A: O l>epot, Post 
Office, Interior, War and IVavy 
Depts and Chief'Signal Office 
Baltimore & Ohio R R freight depot, N Capi- 
tol nr D ne 
Baltimore & Potomac R R, Pa 
av c 6th nw, and 133© Pa av 
nw, and 6th c B nw 
Baltz Henry, butcher, 312 Pa av nw 
Baltzell Wm B, huckster, 1211 Union sw 
Baltzell Edwin, elk 1st aud o, 604 F nw 
Baltzer Mary A, 3247 M nw, Gtn 
Baludey Ellen, cook, 1607 I nw 
Balzer Chas, cigar maker, 87 Market, Gtn 
Bamberger Wm C, wheelwright, 927 Md av sw 
Barney James O, elk, 1900 10th nw 
Banagan Geo W, grocer, 7th c Md av sw, h 

708 8th sw 
Bancroft George (George Bancroft & Co), 

1527 6th nw 
Bancroft George, historian, 

1623 H nw 
Bancroft George & Co (George Bancroft, 
George W Ward & Benjamin Freeman), 
claims, 701 7th nw 



Mechanician and Model Maker, 


Between G and H Sts., nw 



All orders for Certified Duplicates of Patent Office Models, and Models of any Foreign Patents 
from Drawings and specifications, filed in the Library of the Patent Office, for law suits in case of infringe- 
ment ; also, Original Models for Inventors, and Models (to complete application for Patent) from 
•drawings and specifications filed in the Patent Office, executed in a superior manner and at short notice. 

Baltimore & Ohio R, R. 

Great Double Track Route 


City Ticket Offices, 1351 and 609 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw. 
iPassenger Depot and T cket Office. Cor, New Jersey Ave. and C St. Freight Depot, Cor. North Capitol and E St. 

GEORGE S. KOONTZ, General Agent, 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Hornsea 

Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 

a ly Managed. St. Clond Building. See p. 580, 




The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Bancroft Hannah, wid James, 1412 9th nw 

Bandel Elizabeth, wid George, 804 20th nw 

Banes Albert, baggage agt, 336 2d ne 

Banes Charles E, plate printer. 1211 1 nw 

Banes Samuel P, clerk, s g o, 13 Myrtle ne 

Banes William, carp, Mass av c 2d ne 

Banf John, baker, 432 4^ sw 

Banf Ulrich, baker, 119 Pa av sw 

Bangerter Frederick, dairyman, Tennallytown 

Bangs Amanda, wid John T, 930 N Y av nw 

Bangs Austin, servt, 25 1st ne 

Bangs Edward, elk 6th aud o, nr 31st nw, Gtn 

Bangs James C, carp, 1523 12th nw 

Bangs James E, elk geol survey, 811 K nw 

Bangs J Howard, bkkr, 3026 N nw, Gtn 

Bangs Laura, elk cen, 1523 12th nw 

Banion Amanda, servt, 1321 Vt av nw 

Banion William, lab, nr Ridge rd 

Banister Annie, nurse, 1536 30th nw, Gtn 

Banister Henry, lab, 433 Wash nw 

Banister Lizzie, servt, 1136 16th nw 

Banister Lucy, wid Charles, 1136 16th nw 

Banister Sallie, servt, 1136 16th nw 

Bank James, lab, 2312 L nw 

Bank oi~ Washington, 7th c C nw 

Banker John P, cigarmkr, 511 6th se 

Banker Mary A, cook, 819 15th nw 

Banket Addison, huckster, 1537 L nw 

Banket Armstead, clothier, 1319 D nw 

Banket Brass, lab, 733 12th nw 

Banket Carrie, servt, 211 13th nw 

Banket Martha, servt, 1233 S nw 

Banket Martha, washer, 733 12th nw 

Banket Mary, servt, 211 12th nw 

Banket Rob't, grocer, 121110th nw, h 807 R nw 

Bankitt Daniel, plasterer, 2112 C nw 

Bankitt Edward, lab S C av c 15th se 

Banks A D, elk senate, 1328 Corcoran nw 

Banks Amanda, servt, 2020 P nw 

Banks Amanda, servt, 1725 Cedar nw 

Banks Anthony Huckster, r 2009 7th nw 

Banks Baldwin, fireman, Nichols av 

Banks Battle, lab, 1822 Lawrence nw 

Banks Broderick, lab, 1074 Jefferson nw, Gtn 

Banks Butler, lab, 2d c O sw 

Banks Carrie, seamstress, 300 N nw 

Banks Charles, lab, Freedmen's Hospital 

Banks Chloe, wid, 608 M ne 

Banks Christopher J C, lab, 4 Covington nw 

Banks David, lab, 1114 W nw 

Banks David, lab, 18 Snow al nw 

Banks David W, watchman, 1539 K se 

Banks Edgar Rev, Sumner av, Hillsdale 

Banks Eliza, servt, 447 N J av se 

Banks Eliza, washer, 608 N Capitol 

Banks Ella, dressmkr, 819 E nw 

Banks Ella, folder, 2 I ne 

Banks Ellen, wid Birell, 711 2d sw 

Banks Essex, lab, 1833 T nw 

Banks Frank, waiter, 1236 M nw 

Banks George, lab, 812 2d, sw 

Banks George, shoemkr, 1327 7th nw 

Banks George E, tailor, 1154 21st nw 

Banks George W, lab, 1136 Del av ne 

Banks Grace, servt, 219 I nw 

Banks Gracy, servt, 1639 11th nw 

Banks Hannah, servt, 2206 11th nw 

Banks Harriet, servt, 1136 12th nw 

Bauks Harrison, cook, 731 2d sw 
Banks Henrietta, servt, 1751 K nw 
Banks Henry T, capt police, 117 2d nw 
Banks Hugh, lab, 914 N nw 
Banks Ida, servt, 18 Snow al nw 
Banks James, elk senate, 505 13th nw 
Banks James, lab, 729 2d sw 
Banks James, lab, 1216 M nw 
Banks James, lab, r 516 2d sw 
Banks James, waiter, 1308 G nw 
Banks James W, shoemkr. 1328 Cedar nw 
Banks Jane, servt, T nr7th nw 
Banks Jeremiah, lab, 821 23d nw 
Banks Jerry, lab, Champlain av 
Banks Jessie, watchman, 711 2d, sw 
Banks Joshua, collector, 1133 9th nw 
Banks Julia, cook, 729 2d sw 
Banks Lee, servt, 1017 Conn av 
Banks Lizzie, cook, 729 2d sw 
Banks Lucy, cook, 233 Adams' Express al 
Banks Margaret, servt, Champlain av 
Banks Maria, servt, St Julian 
Banks Maria, servt, 1000 Vt av nw 
Banks Marrion, nurse Freedmen's Hospital 
Banks Martha, servt, Beunings rd 
Banks Martha, wid Joseph, 729 2d sw 
Banks Mary, servt, 300 N nw 
Banks Mary, servt, 1011 17th nw 
Banks Miles, servt, 618 H ne 
Banks Moses, lab, 626 T nw 
Banks Nancy, cook, 729 2d sw 
Banks Nelson, lab, 1704 Glick's al nw 
Banks Nicholson, lab, 715 7th se 
Banks Patsey, wid Coleman, Anacostia 
Banks Richard, carp, 1640 Vt av nw 
Banks Sallie, wid Bacchus, 731 2d sw 
Banks Samuel, lab, 106 4J sw 
Banks Samuel, mess, 2708 Dumbarton av, Gtn* 
Banks Susan A, washer, 4 Covington nw 
Banks Thomas, contractor, 1208 4£ sw 
Banks William, lab, 431 Washington nw 
Banks William, lab, 1st c O sw 
Banks William, lab, 928 E sw 
Banks William H, lab, 1201 Blagden's al nw 
Banks William R, waiter, 912 18th nw 
Bannagan Thomas, grocer, 1609 12th nw 
Banner Sarah, wid Charles, 1321 L nw 
Banniel George, lab, 1009 4th nw 
Bannister Hannah F, wid John, 215 12th sw 
Bannister John, 2603 D nw 
Bannister Laura, servt, Oak Hill Cemet'y, Gtn» 
Bannister Sallie, servt, 2033 L nw 
Bannister William, lab, 27th bet D and E nw 
Bannon Eliza, wid Wm, grocer, 1300 14th nw 
Bannon William F, elk, 1300 14th nw 
Banville George W, horseshoer, 2618 N nw, Gtn. 
Baptist E R, bu eng, 218 2d nw 
Baptist John, lab, 1357 Cedar nw 
Baptista Antonio J, musician, 528 5th se 
Barbadoes Frederick G, elk, 1208 16th nw 
Barbarin Frank H, elk, 3219 Q nw, Gtn 
Barbarin Francis N, elk, 1236 33d nw, Gtn 
ISarbarin Francis S, asst cura* 
tor Corcoran Art Gallery, 13 13 
31st nw, Gtn 
Barbee A Tucker, salesman, 1426 Pa av nw 
Barbee Rosetta, servt, 525 21st nw 
Barber Abraham, lab, 1306 5th nw 
Barber AL& Co (Andrew Lang> 
don and Amzi B, Barber), real 
estate and proprietors I^c l>roit 
building* and I,e Droit park, 
importers ofTrinid ad asphalt*. 
room Hi. Le l>roit biiitdingv 
803 F c 8th nw 


Heal Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. Seep. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass Crockery fare 



gjg^To. 923 Penn Avenue. 

Barber Ainzi L ( A L Barber & Co), 903 16th nw 

Barber Daniel, grocer, 2123 G mv 

Barber Daniel, plasterer, 2124 10th mv 

Barber David, lab, 1826 Lawrence nw 

Barber Delia, servt, 1414 3d nw 

Barber Eliza, wid Albert, 816 14th nw 

Barber Elizabeth C, wid Geo, elk treas, 406 C se 

Barber Estelle, servt, 1414 3d nw 

Barber Hannah, servt, 158 H ne 

Barber Hiram jr, 31 C, Sann- 

derson's Hotel 
Barber John, shoemkr, 474 Willow al sw 
Barber John, lab, Aiken's al sw 
Barber John H, cigarmkr, 480 L sw 
Barber Julia, cook, 2822 Olive av, Gtu 
Barber Kate, washer, 1105 20th nw 
Barber Lemuel J. elk, 2123 G nw 
Barber Lottie E, 2123 G nw 
Barber Lucy A, teacher, 816 14th nw 
Barber Maggie, servt, 1414 3d, nw 
Barber Margaret Mrs, nr Tennall3-t\vn rd 
Barber Mary, 1532 L nw 
Barber MarV, washer, 616 Sth sw 
Barber Patrick, cook, 1333 10th nw 
Barber Phillip, huckster. 616 Sth sw 
Barber Phineas (Samuel Ross & Co), Phila- 
Barber Rachel, teacher, 1401 Mass av nw 
Barber Robert, elk war d, 1819 F nw 
Barber Samuel D, waiter, r Mass av nr 16th nw 
Barber Susan, servt, 1519 S nw 
Barber Theo C,cigars,614 La av nw,h 928 G sw 
Barber William D, elk, 2123 G nw 
Barbour Alice, wid Mason, 1177 N H av nw 
Barbour Andrew, contractor, 1621 10th nw 
Barbour Andrew jr, bricklayer, 1621 10th nw 
Barbour Annie, washer, 629' Essex ct nw 
Barbour Annie E, ladies' hair worker, 2818 O 

nw, Gtn 
Barbour Bertie, servt, 629 Essex ct nw 
Barbour Burdette E, servt, 1416 Corcoran nw 
Barbour Ella, servt, 629 Essex ct nw 
Barbour E L, 1621 10th nw 
Barbour Harrison S, law student, 724 9th nw* 
Barbour Henry B, plumber, C nr 22d nw 
Barbour Henry W, elk, 1621 10th nw 
Barbour Isabella, mess treas, 1724Brainard nw 
Barbour James, porter, 124 Q nw 
Barbour James F, bkkr, 724 9th nw 
Barbour James L (Barbour & Hamilton), h 

724 9th nw 
Barbour John H, cigarmkr, 480 L sw 
Barbour John S. receiver 
Washing-ton City, Virginia 
Midland &: Great Southern R 
R Co,hl44Bne 
Barbour John S, porter, 408 O st al nw 
■Barbour Louis, engineer, 1224Blagden's al nw 
Barbour Louisa, wid John, 629 Essex ct nw 
Barbour Lucy A, teacher, 810 14th nw 
Barbour Maggie, laundress, 121 Q nw 
Barbour Nancv, servt, 2215 L nw 
Barbour Robert E L, elk. 1621 10th nw 
Barbour Robert P, elk 2d aud, 1819 F nw 
Barbour Samuel, coachman, 2818 O nw Gtn 

anges and Furnaceo 


Barbour Samuel S G, machinist, 1016 Pa av 6e 
Barbour William H, elk. 605 O se 
Barbour Willie, lab, 2217 L nw 
Barbour William, servt, 3233 Mnw, Gtn 
Barbour Wm P (W P Barbour & Co), 1333 

10th nw 
Barbour W P & Co, (Wm P Barbour and Wm 

Wood), restaurant, 938 N nw 
Barbour & Hamilton (James 
Ij. Barbour and «Iohn A. Ham- 
ilton), grocers, 637 La av nw 
Barclay Edgar L, poultry and game, 606 Cen- 
tre mkt, h 2316 I nw 
Barclay Henry C, elk, 724 18th nw 
Barclay Joseph J, elk, 724 18th nw 
Barclay Kate, 303 134 nw 
Barclay Thomas J, 724 18th nw 
Barclay W M, elk, 724 18th nw 
Bard John C, printer, 300 Mass av mv 
Barden Charles, waiter, 1214 H nw 
Barden Edwin J, elk treas, 1518 Columbia nw 
Bardwell George H, bds 310 6th nw 
Barefield Henry, machinist, Wash arsenal 
Barefield Lillie" dressmaker, Arsenal 
Barghauseu Herman, cabinetmaker, 618£Mase- 

av nw 
Barker Abram F, carp, 209 12th sw 
Barker Andrew, plasterer, 3411 Q nw, Gtn 
Barber Andrew J, carp, 316 C nw 
Barker Andrew T, plasterer, 3411 Q nw, Gtn 
Barker Anna, notion's, 407 H ne 
Barker Arthur, tinsmith, 4i nr G sw 
Barker Benjamin F, stonecutter, 613 Md av sw ; . 

h 629 4i sw 
Barker Bros (Geo O, Frank F and Charles W 

Barker), Kennebec Ice Co, 3260 Water, Gtn 
Barker Catharine, seamstress, 614 Bates' al nw 
Barker Charles A, elk cen, 1106 H nw 
Barker Charles R, elk q m g o, 1111 F nw 
Barker Charles W (Barker Bros), 1223 Potomac 

nw, Gtn 
Barker Dora F, teacher, 74 4th, Gtn 
Barker Edward L, elk war d, 807 8th nw 
Barker Edwin, plasterer, 3411 Q nw, Gtn 
Barker Eliza M, elk treas d, 2108 Pa av nw 
Barker Ella J, 1106 H nw 
Barker Elsie, washer, 24 Jackson Hall al 
Barker Eugene S, plasterer, 3415 Q nw, Gtn 
Barker Frank F (Barker Bros), 2506 K nw 
Barker Fred, plasterer. Canal rd 
Barker Frederick, butcher, 629 4£ sw 
Barker CJeorge M, doors, sashes 
and hlinds, 619 and 651 ^Yav 
nw, h 900 UI nw 






649 ik 651 New York Ave., bet. 6th and 7th 

Streets. Washington, D, C. 

Barker George O (Barker Bros), 2506 K nw 
Barker H E, mess treas d, 914 19th nw 
Barker Howard H, physician, 
1116 II n w, lido. 

Office Hours • -I 8 to 9:30 a m " 
Uffice houks • j ! p m< 5 to 7 p m. 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall NEW YORK. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. tWSSM** 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold by all Druggists and at 911 7tn St. 

Barker Irwin S, carp, 1106 H nw 
Barker Isaac, plasterer, Canal rd 
Barker Israel, lab, Grant av nr 9th nw 
Barker Jacob, 1609 N J av nw 
Bsrker James, plasterer, 3415 Q nw, Gtn 
Barker James, ship carp, 1102 4th se 
Barker James C, plasterer, 3415 Q nw, Gtn 
Barker James II, civil engineer, 319 A ne 
Barker James S, ice dealer, 2506 K nw 
Barker James T, captain, 726 4J sw 
Barker, James W, stoves and 

tinware, 4L01 and 4t>3 7tli sw. li 

70S I> sw 




401 and 403 Seventh Street S. W., Washington, D. C. 

All work done at Short Notice. Terms Reasonable. 

Barker James W, carp, 1333 H nw, h 1106 H nw 
Barker John B (Murray & Barker), 314 14th nw 
Barker John H, engineer, 916 D sw 
Barker John P, cigars, 928 E nw 
Barker John R, u s c and g s o, 319 A ne 
Barker John S, elk, 705 H nw 
Barker John T, 1365 Ohio av nw 
Barnum Joseph B, bkkr, 18 28th dw, Gtn 
Barker Joseph F, plate printer, 1238 8th nw 

Barker Catherine, elk cen, 827 Vt av nw 
Barker Lucretia, wid Quinton, 1318 6th nw 
Barker Lucy, washer, Grant av nr 9th nw 
Barker Mary, elk, 407 H ne 
Barker Mary, elk g 1 o, 1131 5th nw 
Barker Mary E, elk, 2506 K nw 
Barker Mary E, wid B M, 613 2d nw 
Barker Medora F, teacher, 3415 Q nw, Gtn 
Barker Nelson, lab, Green al nw 
Barker Richard W, undertaker, 
©12 11th nw, li do 



Residence on the Premises. 
Furniture of all kinds manufactured to order. 
Repairing and Varnishing promptly executed. 
Funeral calls attended to at all hours, day or night. 

Barker Sarah, servt, 3416 M nw, Gtn 
Barker Susan, boarding, 316 C nw 
Barker Susan, wid Ulan W, 406 Mass av nw 
Barker, Wesley B, express, 930 L nw 
Barker William, driver, 629 4J sw 
Barker William E (Albright & Co), 1915 Hare- 
wood av Le Droit park 
Barker William F, supt Pullman Palace Car 

Co, National Hotel 
Barker William H, bkkr, 803 N nw 
Barker William H, elk, 422 I nw 
Barker William H, ship carp, 405 L se 
Barkley George W, police, 321 6th se 
Barkley John A, machinist, 1019 27th nw 
Barkley Mary E, wid William H, 1019 27th nw 
Barkman George, carp, 454 Md av sw 
Barks Mary, servt, 211 D nw 
Barlow Bradley, M C, 1601 I nw 

James L, Barbour. 


John A. Hamilton, 



Groceries, Teas, Wines and Liquors, 



■Gur New West and Royal Flour from Minnesota Wheat, and Unrivalled 
Edelweiss Family and Silver Spring Extra Flour. 



And Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated 1869 Pure Rye and Cheston 
Brands of Fine Whiskies, 

637, 639 & 641 LOUISIANA AVENUE, 
Bel. 6tli & 7tli Sts., opp. BanK of Washington, WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Writes at 1 5 per Cent. Less than any other Co. 





New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Barlow Henry UT, art gallery, 
1225 I»a av nw, li 1215 Ul nw 



Always on hand a large stock of Paintings, En- 
gravings, Chromos, Photographs, &c, at reasonable 
prices. Frames for Paintings, Photographs, &c, in 
Gold Leaf, Velvet and Black Walnut. Old Frames 
Regilded and Repaired. Paintings Cleaned, Restored 
and Varnished. 

Barlow James, printer, bds American House 
Barlow Kate, servt, 131 Ind av nw 
Barlow Thomas, mess, 1514 20th nw 
Barnaclo Charles H, 406 N Y av nw 
Barnaclo James K, lab, 911 4J sw 
Barnaclo William A, painter,~911 4J sw 
Barnaclo William H, watchman, 911 4i sw 
Barnard A F & Co (A F Barnard & E P Cross), 

provisions, 922 18th nw 
Barnard A F (A F Barnard & Co), 922 18th nw 
Barnard Amelia P, wid Samuel, 3150 P nw, Gtn 
Barnard Charles P, 1528 14th nw 
Barnard Clarence L, elk 1520 Pierce pi nw 
Barnard Edgar A, elk ago, 1413 S nw 
Barnard Edward, plumber, c 18th and H nw, 

h 922 18th nw 
Barnard Egbert G, elk com customs, 619 F nw 
Barnard Erastus A, elk, 922 18th nw 
Barnard Fanning, elk q m g o, 1520 Pierce pi 

Barnard Frank, elk treas, 819 14th nw 
Barnard George B, druggist, 3150 P nw, Gtn 
Barnard Hanson S, printer, 1527 P nw 
Barnard H F, elk ago, 1527 P nw 
Barnard HF, machinist, 922 18th nw 
Barnard I F Mrs, Hamilton House 
Barnard Job (Edwards & Barnard), Langdon 

ter, 6th st ext nw 
Barnard John B, mess, 3028 M nw, Gtn 
Barnard John J, elk bu eng, 1705 K nw 
Barnard Kate, boarding, nr Road st 
Barnard Mary E Mrs, fancy gds,3028 M, Gtn 
Barnard Matilda, wid Henry, 1107 Mass av nw 
Barnard Matilda R, wid Theodore, 481 G sw 
Barnard Milton C (Edwards & Barnard), 2 

Langdon ter, 6th st ext nw 
Barnard Minnie L, elk cen, 1520 Pierce pi nw 
Barnard Montgomery F, elk, 1424 L nw 
Barnard Rebecca, boarding, nr Road st 
Barnard Samuel M, elk, 3150 P nw, Gtn 
Barnard William H, treas National Capital 

Telephone Co, 109 1st ne 
Barnell Elizabeth, 715 9th nw 
Barnes A H, lab, 54 O nw 
Barnes Albert C, elk g 1 o, 1118 10th nw 
Barnes Alexander, lab, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Barnes Andrew, elk, 30 Myrtle ne 
Barnes Ann, washing, W r allach nw 
Barnes Annie, servt, 424 11th nw 
Barnes Benton, lab, 204 G sw 
Barnes Bernard O, driver, 1121 11th nw 
Barnes-Bridget, servt, 1100 13th nw 
Barnes Cecilia, washer, r 14 1st se 
Barnes Charles, carp, nr Grant rd 
Barnes Charles, lab, Conduit rd 
Barnes Charles, driver, 922 11th nw 

KOI T Building.. e^. 

Barnes Charles, lab, 118 D se 
Barnes Charles A, elk pen o, 322 C nw 
Barnes Charles A, restaurant, 
739 IV Capitol ne, h do 


No. 7^30 IV. Oapital. 

Barnes Daniel H, lab, 1142 N H av nw 
Barnes David, produce, 1© Cor- 
coran mkt, li 1239 2 7 tli nw,Gtn 


Poultry and Produce Dealer, 

Stand 48 Corcoran Market, 

And No. 1239 27th Street, - - GEORGETOWN. 

Barnes Edward, carp, Howard av, Hillsdale 

Barnes Edward, cook, 365 L sw 

Barnes Elias E, livery, 313 B se and 310 Pa av se, 

h 150 A ne 
Barnes Eliza, servt, 1729 34th nw, Gtn 
Barnes Eliza, washer, 9th n Q nw 
Barnes Elizabeth, washing, Wallach nw 
Barnes Elizabeth, wid Thomas, 617 B ne 
Barnes Ella, wid John, 30 Myrtle ne 
Barnes Elza, janitor, 1701 11th nw 
Barnes Emma, cook, 118 D se 
Barnes Emma, washer, Marks al se 
Barnes Frank, painter, 906 3d nw 
Barnes Frank M, printer war d, 907 1 nw 
Barnes George, bookbinder, 914 2d ne 
Barnes George, coachman, Blagden's al nw 
Barnes George, driver, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Barnes George, lab, 911 Blagden's al nw 
Barnes George R, lab, Wallach nw 
Barnes George W, elk cen, 338 Pa av nw 
Barnes George W r , produce, 222 Centre mktj k 

Benning's rd 
Barnes Hannibal, lab, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Barnes Henry, porter, Sumner row nw 
Barnes Henry, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Barnes Henry L, fisherman, Canal rd 
Barnes James, lab, 1 Sumner row, nw 
Barnes James, lab, 315 C sw 
Barnes, James, waiter, 706 Grant av nw 
Barnes James J, elk g 1 o, 1433 R nw 
Barnes «F B, assistant surgeon 

general, U S A, 2136 I»a av nw 
Barnes Jesse, lab, 306 G se 
Barnes John C, lab, 107 L nw 
Barnes John F, police, 1214 I ne 
Barnes John F, shoemkr, 2513 P nw, Gtn 
Barnes John H, produce, 1115 4£ 
Barnes Joseph, carp, Chappell rd 
Barnes Joseph, mason, Broad Branch rd 
Barnes Joseph K, l>revet major 

general and surgeon general 

U S A, 1723 H nw 
Bmrnes Joseph T, mess, 449 Washington nw - 
Barnes J Wallace, mdse broker, 505 7th nw 
Barnes Laura, servt, 201 13th sw 
Barnes Laura, washer, 935 F sw 
Barnes Lemuel, blksmith, E Market Space 

nr K se 


Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 


Barnes Lena, servt, 17th nr A ne 
Barnes Lewis H, lab, Cook al nw 
Barnes Lilly, servt, 1325 11th nw 
Barnes Lizzie, servt, 507 13th nw 
Barnes 1 jiician .1 . chiei'internal 

commerce bureau statistics, 

1837 lltu nw 
Barnes Maggie, washing, Waliach nw 
Barnes Martha E, teacher, 212 4£ sw 
Barnes Martha E, wid James, 14 8th se 
Barnes Mary, cook, 906 3d nw 
Barnes Mary, servt, 327 4i sw 
Barnes Mary A, 908 F sw " 
Barnes Mary J, cook, 1208 I nw 
Barnes Maurice, porter, 906 3d nw 
Barnes Moses, lab, 508 2d sw 
Barnes Perry, lab, 76 30th, Gtn 
Barnes Raymond F, draughtsman, 625 G sw 
Barnes Rebecca, cook, 118 D se 
Barnes Rebecca, wid" Pliny, 1435 R nw 
Barnes Rebecca F, wid J C, 807 11th nw 
Barnes Samuel, lab, r 14 1st se 
Barnes Sarah, wid William, 118 D se 
Barnes Sarah P, wid Wm H, artist, 322 C nw 
Barnes Sophia, cook, 1 Sumner row nw 
Barnes Susan, servt, 1313 C sw 
Barnes Susan E, wid Henry, Colfax University 

Barnes Theodore, butcher, 599 Centre and 306 

N L mkts, h 377 High, Gtn 
Barnes Thomas, painter, 514 13th se 
Barnes Vincent, station keeper, 2217 H nw 
Barnes Virginia, washer, 718 Jackson al nw 
Barnes Walter, dentist, 112 6th se 
Barnes William, lab, 1452 N nw 
Barnes William, lab, Md av nr 6th se 
Barnes Walter, miller, 3249 M nw, Gtn 
Barnes William, lab, 3130 South nw, Gtn 
Barnes William, waiter, 507 F nw 
Barnes William A, painter, 1332 21st nw 
Barnes William A, grocer, 210 4£ sav 
Barnes William A jr, elk, 210 4| sw 
Barnes William H, driver, 610 6th sw 
Barnes Winnie, washer, Insane Asylum 
Barnett Asher, elk H R, 934 E nw 
Barnett Ella V, elk cen, 934 E nw 
Barnett Ellen S, elk cen, 1100 E nw 
Barnett George B, elk, 165 West, Gtn 
Barnett James (Barnett & Walsh), grocer, 

1144 18th nw 
Barnett Julia, housekeeper, 1216 24th nw 
Barnett Lucy, laundress, 929 N J av nw 
Barnett Lucy, wid Charles, 723 21st nw 
Barnett Sarah A, servt, 1422 R I av nw 
Barnett Susan, wid Frank, 1835 R nw 
Barnett & Walsh, coal (James Barnett and 

John Walsh), 1126 22d nw 
Barney James A, elk H R, La Fayette House 
Barney JLaura F, teacher, 1332 16th nw 
.Barnham Edward, lab, 1371 D nw 
Barnhouse Lavinia, wid Caleb, Howard av, 

Mt Pleasant 
Barnhouse Lavinia E, elkbu eng, 1820, 12th nw 
Barnitz McPherson, cashier B & P freight, 

636 F sw 
Barnitz Richard H, postal elk, 636 F sw 
Barnitz Robert M, elk cen, 729 7th nw 
Barns Edward, lab, 911 6th sw 
Barns Emma, servt, D nr 1st se 

Barnuni E«ra It, agt Bevlin & 
Co, 132© F nw, li 41» Spruce, 
Le I>roit parlc 

Barnum Levi, National Fair Grounds 

Barnum Thomas, lab, 2216 Va av nw 

Barnum William, printer, 12 1 ne 

Barothi Felix Rev, pastor St Augustine Cath- 
olic Church, 1118 15th nw 

Barr Annie C, printer, 580 5th se 

Barr Anna L, elk cen, 1010 Mass av nw 

Barr Charles W, car driver, 2316 G nw 

Barr Emma, seamstress, 805 D nw 

Barr F F, brevet Kent colonel 
USA, 1235 I¥ Y av nw 

Barr Frank O, huckster, 482 L sw 

Barr George A, carp, 408 G se 

Barr George F, carp, 351 C sw 

Barr George H, bu ens:, 614 9th nw 

Barr George R, carp, 2320 G nw 

Barr Henrietta, tailoress, 805 D nw 

Barr Henry, elk, 1329 9th nw 

Barr Henry, huckster, 1329 9th nw 

Barr Henry B, manager, 1111 
Fa av nw, li 1323 O nw 

H. D. BARR, 


1111 Pennsylvania Ave., nw. 

Barr James A, lithographer state d, 1114 C nw 

Barr John, mason, bds Branch rd 

Barr John, elk ego, 1425 Pierce pi nw 

Barr John, elk, c 17th and Pa av nw 

Barr John D, paper hanger, 319 Mo av nw 

Barr John F, painter, 2308 G nw 

Barr John H, wheelwright, 530 5th se 

Barr J Russell, elk cen ,911 O nw 

Barr Lester, plasterer, 614 9th nw 

Barr Margaret, wid David, 614 9th nw 

Barr Margaret E, elk treas, 911 O nw 

Barr Michael P, sail maker, 408 G se 

Barr Morton, printer, 822 1st nw 

Barr Morton jr, elk, 822 1st nw 

Barr Robert, carpenter, 482 L sw 

Barr Robert M, elk, 911 O nw 

Barr Thomas, 526 5th se 

Barr Thomas F, Col USA, 1743 F nw 

Barr William E, carp, 202 Md av 

Barr William T, contractor, 2320 G nw 

Barrand Mary, 1118 K nw 

Barrett Anna T, elk, 1423 9th nw 

Barrett Annie, elk, 208 G nw 

Barrett Catharine, wid Michael, 1211 G nw 

Barrett Caroline, wid George, 1115 14th nw 

Barrett Clarence F, elk pen o, 720 11th nw 

Barrett Daniel E, elk pen o, 417 6th nw 

Barrett Dennis, lab, 949 Boundary nw 

Barrett Dennis, lab, 232 7th ne 

Barrett Dennis, lab, 1743 8th nw 

Barrett Ellen, grocer, 721 N Capitol ne 

Barrett Fannie", wid Allen, elk, 412 Spruce Le- 

Droit Park 
Barrere Felix, elk int rev, 218 4£ nw 
Barrett Franklin, grocer, N Y av c 12th nw 

h 941 1 nw 
Barrett Garrett E, coachmkr, 208 G nw 
Barrett Harry W, elk, 3226 N nw, Gtn 
Barrett Henry C, elk, 634 Md av sw - 
Barrett Henry E, elk, 901 Pa av nw 
Barrett Hiram W, bkkr, 21 1st, Gtn 
Barrett James, butcher, 1233 Md av ne 
Barrett James, lab, Insane Asylum 
Barrett James, blacksmith, 608 T nw 
Barrett James, plasterer, 23 2d ne 

Morxoy to XjoxxcSL on Real Eistate. 





Importers and Dealers in 

CMna.61ass CrocteryWare 



jJRTo. 923 Penn Avenue. 

lumbing & Gas Fittin|] 


Barrett John, lab, 1235 F ne 

Barrett John M, elk, 208 G nw 

Barrett John P, 56 B ne 

Barrett John T, lab, 479 E sw 

Barrett John W, elk p o, 508 5th nw 

Barrett Joseph, cook, Insane Asylum 

Barrett Julia, grocer, 300 Md av ne 

Barrett Julia Mrs, 941 1 nw 

Barrett Katie, printer, 208 G nw 

Barrett Kate, 608 T nw 

Barrett Kate, wid Joseph, 1423 9th nw 

Barreman Louis, coachman, 1100 Vt av nw 

Barrett Maggie, servt, 213 D nw 

Barrett Margaret J, teacher, 1423 9th nw 

Barrett Mary, wid Edward, grocer, 1235 Madi 

son nw 
Barrett Mary, wid John, 23 2d ne 
Barrett Mary F, servt, 1115 14th nw 
Barrett Michael, coachman, 724 3d nw 
Barrett Michael, 208 G nw 
Barrett Michael, conductor, 1211 G nw 
Barrett Michael, lab, 3313 Water, Gtn 
Barrett Morris, printer, 720 11th nw 
Barrett Oliver », lawyer, 501 

I> nw, li National Hotel 
Barrett Patrick, watchman Insane Asylum 
Barrett Richard, fireman, 202 H nw 
Barrett S H, elk pen o, Falls Church, Va 
Barrett Robert, lab, 608 T nw 
Barrett Thomas, bricklayer, 23 2d ne 
Barrett Thomas P, mess, 429 M nw 
Barrett William Claude, elk, 3026 N nw, Gtn 
Barrett William J, mess, 1828 6th nw 
Barrick Charles H, 1010 E nw 
Barrick Charles M, agt, 605 Md av sw 
Barrick Daniel J, cattle, 605 Md av sw 
Barrier Ella D, teacher, 806 M nw 
Barrier Fannie A, teacher, 806 M nw 
Barriere Izadore ,cook, 1429 Ohio av nw 
Barringer Florence L, music teacher, 1534 16th 

Barringer Martin, printer, 1534 16th nw 
Barringer W S, ink mnfr, 934 F nw 
Barris William, lab, 6 Lowe's al ne 
Barroll Benjamin C J (Gilmor, Meredith & Co) 

h Baltimore 
Barron Albert W, elk, 736 11th nw 
Barron Alfred D, carp, 906 K nw 
Barron Charles O, elk, Prospect av nw. Gtn 
Barron Edward 0(TH Barron & Sons), h 472 

I sw 
Barron Elizabeth A, wid Henry, 3409 Prospect 

av nw, Gtn 
Barron George O, carp, 482 G sw 
Barron Harry H (T H Barron & Sons), 472 I sw 
Barron Henry C, cigar mkr, 456 6£ sw 
Barron James O, elk, 3409 Prospect avnw, Gtn 
Barron John, lab, 1220 1st se 
Barron Leonard, butcher, Pierce Mill rd 
Barron Mary, stitcher, g p o, 89 Myrtle ne 
Barron Mary A, wid Henry L, 456 6£ sw 
Barron Owen F, plumber, 456 6£ sw 
Barron Samuel H, carp, 736 11th nw 
Barron Sarah E, wid Henry, 1115 S nw 
Barron Thomas, lab, 1304 B sw 

Barron Thos H (T H Barron & Sons),472 I sw 
Barron T H & Sons (T H, E O & Harry W 

Barron, carps, 472 I sw 
Barron Wm H, elk, 2818 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Barrow Arthur, driver, 207 1st nw 
Barrow F M, elk pen o, 2028 P nw 
Barrow Frederick J, elk, 401 4th nw 
Barrows Johnson C, bricklayer, 917 Ga av «e 
Barrows Mary E, wid Ebenezer, 501 Maple av, 

Le Droit park 
Barrows Stephen M, elk, 6th aud o, 1018 9th 

Barry Ann, 230 N J av se 
Barry Anna M, 471 Mo av nw 
Barry Annie, servt, 213 D nw 
Barry Catherine, wid Richard, 926 F nw 
Barry Charles H A, elk, 2221 H nw 
Barry David, milk, 7th st rd nw 
Barry David S, stenographer, 1305 F nw 
Barry Edward, blacksmith, 217 G sw 
Barry Edward, hostler, 1611 H nw 
Barry Eliza, wid Richard, h 471 Mo av nw 
Barry Florida, grocer, Bladensburg rd 
Barry Francis, elk, 124 C se 
Barry Francis J, 2221 H nw 
Barry Helen F, 471 Mo av nw 
Barry James, bricklayer, 413 A ne 
Barry James, lab, 121 K ne 
Barry James, lab, 203 K se 
Barry James, machinist, 218 Md av ne 
Barry James, painter, Nichols al ne 
Barry James C, lab, 517 6th nw 
Barry Jeremiah, watchman, Bladensburg rd 
Barry John, carp, 7th st rd nw 
Barry John, lab, 24 5th ne 
Barry John, lab, 2607 I nw 
Barry John N, police, 497 E sw 
Barry Joseph T, shoemkr, 653 N Y av, h 420 

N Y av nw 
Barry Josephine, folder, g p o, 121 K ne 
Barry Joshua H (Hobson & Barry),618 12th nw 
Barry Margaret, wid Richard, 118£ G nw 
Barry Margaret C, boarding, 1115 I nw 
Barry Mary, 471 Mo av nw 
Barry Mary, folder, 724 8th nw 
Barry Mary, servt, 1611 H nw 
Barry Mary, wid John, 1600 4th nw 
Barry Mary, wid Thomas, 1220 Pa av se 
Barry Mary M, elk cen, 925 N J av nw 
Barry Michael J, steAvard, 2221 H nw 
Barry Patrick, 622 L nw 
Barry Patrick, lab, 19 F ne 
Barry Patrick C, moulder, 1010 P nw 
Barry Paul, plate printer, 508 9th nw 
Barry Philip, cigars, 511 B se 
Barry Richard V, elk, 124 C se 
Barry Sally L, 471 Mo av nw 
Barry Thomas, bricklayer, Boundary c 8th nw 
Barry Thomas, shoemkr, 420 N Y av nw 
Barry William, coachman, 1709 20th nw 
Barry Willie A, elk pod, 1115 I nw 
Barschkies Henry, elk, 406 7th nw 
Barston John, lab, 21st nr A se 
Barston John H, lab, 21st nr A se 
Barston William H, elk cen, 622 B se 
Bart A F, elk, 1253 8th nw 
Bart Charles L, elk, 1253 8th nw 
Bart Henry F (Bart & Bro), 505 E nw 
Bart Joseph (Bart & Bro), 505 E nw 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of HY.t*^ 




Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's, 911 7th Street. 

Bart Louis R, elk, 1253 8th nw 
15a r t & Bro (Henry F and Joseph 
Bart), printers, SO? 1> nw 


►team goxusr ^xinUvs? 

507 D Street, nw. 

Legal Printing a Specialty. 

Bartell Elizabeth, 1356 D nw 
Bartell Mary, 1356 D nw 
Bartelmas Christopher F, driver, 823 4J sw 
Bartelmes Mary, wid Godfrey, 3632 O nw, Gtn 
Bartels Augusta A, cook, 910 M nw 
Barthel John G, dyer and scourer, 114 4£ nw 
Bartholme G Anton, saloon, 221 Pa av nw 
Bartholomae William, corks, 1705 7th nw 
Bartholomei Michel, EE&1P 

Russia, 1015 Conn av nw 
Bartels Louisa, costumer, 312 9th nw 
Bartle George, elk state d, 1326 12th nw 
Bartle Harry E. printer, 1326 12th nw 
Bartle Howell, 'elk, 1326 12th nw 
Bartle Riidolph F, engraver, 210 11th sw 
Bartlett Armenia, wid Burgess D, 521 13th nw 
Bartlett Bettie, 611 6th nw 
Bartlett Bettie, elk treas, 521 13th nw 
Bartlett Carrie, 504 E nw 
Bartlett Catherine H, 1221 Mass av nw 
Bartlett Charles W, boat builder, 404 G se 
Bartlett Clementine N, mess, 919 15th nw 
Bartlett David W, American sec Chinese lega- 
tion, 1337 L nw 
Bartlett Edwin C, elk, 402 4th se 
Bartlett Ella, elk cen o, 945 K nw 
Bartlett Ellen, servt, Mass av c 15th nw 
Bartlett Eliza M, elk int rev, 723 13th nw 
Bartlett Emily F, servt, 1126 Conn av nw 
Bartlett Fanny, wid Emmett, washer, 1510 

Bartlett Fitz J, bkkr, 813 11th nw 
Bartlett Florence M, teacher, 1125 13th nw 
Bartlett George, elk treas, Mt Pleasant 
Bartlett George H, com agt, 903 Pa av nw 
Bartlett Hattie, elk int rev, 944 K nw 
Bartlett Isaac C, musician, 402 4th se 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 525 6th se 
Bartlett John, elk treas, 910 French nw 
Bartlett John, watchman, Arlington, Va 
Bartlett John C, laborer, 105 Mass av nw 
Bartlett John H, elk 1st aud, 904 N Y av nw 
Bartlett Julia M, teacher, 8th ab Grand av nw 
Bartlett Lester A (Rich & Bartlett and H D 

Cooke ir & Co), 1221 Mass av nw 
Bartlett Lizzie, elk int d, 945 K nw 
Bartlett Madison, elk 2d aud, 1729 N J av nw 
Bartlett Marcus M, elk p m g o, 1720 10th nw 
Bartlett Mary A, wid Isaac C, 402 4th se 
Bartlett M E, elk pat o, 945 K nw 
Bartlett Nathaniel B, elk, 1221 Mass av nw 
Bartlett Phoenix, elk, 12 F nw 
Bartlett Sarah F, teacher, 1125 13th nw 
Bartlett Stephen M, elk 2d aud, 1729N Javnw 
Bartlett Wallace A, ex pat o, 1351 E se 
Bartley Abram, 1016 13th nw 
Bartley Catherine, wid William, K nr 15th se 
Bartley Herbert D, lawyer, 1016 13th nw 

Bartley John D, 1112 10th nw 

Bartley John M, 1112 10th nw 

Bartley J W, grocer, Anacostia 

Bartley Thomas W (Bartley «fc 
Southard), lOIO 13th nw 

Bartley William H, plastering, 1132 18th nw 

Bartley & Southard (Thomas 
W Bartley and Milton I 
Southard), lawyers, 1343 JF nw 





1343 F Street, nw., Washington, D. C. 

Bartol B H, prest Wash Gas Light Co, h Phila 
Bartol Horace V, elk treas, 458 C nw 
Bartollomini M, E E and M P Russia, 1015 

Conn av nw 
Barton Catherine, washer, Grinder's al se 
Barton C L, wid Thomas M, 37 B se 
Barton Clarence M, journalist, 112 2d ne 
Barton Elizabeth, servt, 2821 Dumbarton av 

nw, Gtn 
Barton Emily, wid William, washer, 616 K se 
Barton Henry, bailiff police court, 423 lstnw 
Barton Joseph, elk treas, 1309 30th nw, Gtn 
Barton Mary, wid Thos, washer, Hamilton rd 
Barton Mary L elk reg o, 933 R I av nw 
Barton William, lab, 438 N Y av nw 
Barton William H, law elk sol treas, 336 B ne 
Bartman Mary, wid Henry, T st al se 
Bartscher Christopher M, ship carp, 808 K se 
Baruch Albert, elk, 617 E nw 
Basch Julia, elk, 601 5th nw 
Basey Henrietta, servt, 406 Franklin nw 
Basey Mary, servt, 927 O nw 
Basey Samuel, shoemkr, 406 Franklin nw 
Basey Solomon, shoemkr, 504 nw, h 406 

Franklin nw 
Basford Richard A (Owens & Basford), 923 

18th nw 
Basker Catherine, wid John, 26 Clark al sw 
Bass Edward W, carp, 623 Md av sw 
Bass Lewis, printer, 106 E nw 
Bass Robert A, driver, 623 Md av sw 
Bass Stuart H, lab, 623 Md av sw 
Bass William H, lawyer, 623 Md av sw 
Bass William M, printer, 106 E nw 
Bassenheimer Bertha, saleslady, 306 4£ nw 
Basser P W, postal elk, 935 H nw 
Bassett C M, wid David, 929 N Y av nw 
Bassett Elizabeth, nurse, 1313 N nw 
Bassett Frederick N, tel opr, 1325 Q nw 
Bassett George A, elk treas, 405 G nw 
Bassett George T, grocer, 203 C ne, h 17 2d ne 
Bassett George W, stengrphr treas, 715 9th ne 
Bassett Isaac, asstsergt-at-arms Senate, 18 2d ne 
Bassett Isaac A, cigars, Mount Vernon House, 

h 643 E Capitol 
Bassett Jesse M, elk treas, 1211 1 nw 
Bassett Mason N, 154 E Capitol 
Bassett Robert T, coast survey, 318 A ne 
Bassett Susan, servt, 1216 I nw 
Bassfleld Dillard, lab, 1426 Sampson nw 
Bassfleld Emma, servt, Spring st rd nw 
Bassford Richard A, shoemkr, 923 18th nw 
Bast Margaret, wid, grocer, 507 21st nw 
Bastable Charles, mason, 1902 N nw 
Bastable John, elk, 1902 N nw 
Bastable Walter (Sothoron & Bastable), 1902 

N nw 
Baster John, printer, 1111 4| sw 

The LARGEST Insurance Co. in the World. 





New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Bastien E Madame, hairdresser, 914 8th nw 
Bastien Eugene, elk, 914 8th nw 
Batchelor J H, elk pen o, Wheaton, Md 
Batcher Edgar, lab, 826 2d se 
Bateein Eliza, cook, 1512 33d nw, Gtn 
Bateman Chas H, driver, S Capitol c N se 
Bateman Chas I, seaman, S Capitol c N se 
Bateman Clara P, elk 6th aud o, 626 I nw 
Bateman George F, sailor, 28 14th se 
Bateman James, carp, Canal rd 
Bateman John L, seaman, S Capitol c N se 
Bateman Joseph, lab, 811 14th nw 
Bateman Thomas, driver, 3604 O nw, Gtn 
Bateman Virginia F, laundress, 1303 12th nw 
Bateman William B, conductor, 520 8th se 
Baten Alice, dressmkr, 1733 H nw 
Bates Benj, tonic beer, 315 Pa av nw 
Bates Caroline, folder g p o, 15 K ne 
Bates C A, cliief" assessment 
division. internal revenue, 
1431 S nw 
Bates C F, chief issue division 
comptroller currency treas- 
ury, 802 K nw 
Bates 'Charles S, elk cen, 811 20th nw 
Bates Charles L, elk war d, 208 N J av se 
Bates Edgar H (Wm H Bates & Co), 414 H ne 
Bates Edward T, elk, 1515 Caroline nw 
Bates Eliza, servt, 2706 nw, Gtn 
Bates Eveline C, elk comp cur, 1702 F nw 
Bates Francis H, Maj IT S A, 1330 30th nw, Gtn 
Bates Francis, elk ago, 1117 G nw 
Bates Frank E, elk treas, 105 2d nw 
Bates Frederick, soap, 619 G nw, h 614 H nw 
Bates George T, lieut U S m c, 301 Del av ne 
Bates George W, printer, 15 K ne 
Bates Harriet B, wid Samuel, 220 A se 
Bates H E, elk pen o, 1702 F nw 
Bates H H, examiner-in-chief pat o, 1313 R nw 
Bates James G, clockmkr, 658 Pa av se 
Bates J Franklin, chf div issues comp cur, 802 

K nw 
Bates John E, druggist, 931 18th n> 
Bates Josephine, 704 5th nw 
Bates Lawson, lab, C nr 20th nw 
Bates Mary, wid William, 1207 1st nw 
Bates Mollie, wid Emory H, Lincoln av nw 
Bates Nathan, lab, 409 21st nw 
Bates Nelly M, elk qm g o, 714 12th nw 
Bates Nellie, servt, 3 Temperance av nw 
Bates Norval E, photographer, 3018 M nw, Gtn 
Bates Richard, lab, 925 V nw 
Bates Robert, hostler, 3 Temperance av nw 
Bates Robert, lab, 1722 21st nw 
Bates Robert W, 1515 Caroline nw 
Bates Samuel F Mrs, 1702 F nw 
Bates Sethey, sewing, C nr 20th nw 
Bates Stephen, elk ago, 1836 15th nw 
Bates William C, elk, 1000 E nw 
Bates Willi* in H (Wm H Bates & Co), 326 A ne 
Bates Wm H & Co (William H and E H Bates), 

patent attys, 414 H ne 
Bateson Eliza, servt, 2905 P nw, Gtn 
Batham John H, tailor, 920 G se 
Batsin Mary, wid Helen, 2624 P nw, Gtn 
Batson Henry, gardener, Hamilton rd 
Batson John, basketmkr, Hamilton rd 
Batson John R, physician, 1413 8th nw 

■■■■ A'. L. BARBER LCO. 

Batson Thomas, lab, 102 8th se 

Batt Bettie. servt, 1733 F nw 

Battenfleld Frederick, butcher, 1009 H ne 

Battenfleld Rosa, dressmkr, 1009 H ne 

Battimore John, 4 Goat alnw 

Battle Frances, seamstress, 1015 4th nw 

Battson John, lab, 1131 21st nw 

Batty Jane, g p o, 16 Defrees nw 

Batty Mary J, sewing, 908 25th nw 

Bauer George, confectioner, 227 4£ sw 

Bauer George W, restaurant, 1148 7th sw 

Bauer Henry F, teller Met Bank, 227 4£ sw 

Bauer John H, elk, 48 H nw 

Bauer Sebastian, butcher, 48 H nw 

Bauer William, confectioner, 1238 4i sw 

Bauerdore Henry, nurse, 1130 21st nw 

Baughn Oliver D, 210 A ne 

Baukhages Fred E, elk pod, Hyettsville, Md 

Bauldin Leander, driver, 1512 S nw 

Baulsir Annie, wid Edward A, 221 10th sw 

Baum Charles, ladies, gents 

and childrens' furnishings, 416 

7th nw, h 807 L nw 

C T3L ^ IR, L E S B^TTIM!., 

Ladies', Gents' and Children's 

416 Seventh St., nw. 

Baulsir Edward A, bu eng, 221 10th sw 

Baum Edwin C, 803 6th sw 

Baum Elizabeth, midwife, 803 9th ne 

Baum George L, elk, 803 6th sw 

Baum George L, elk, 1327 6th nw 

Baum Jacob, 807 L nw 

Baum John, bartender, 714 D nw 

Baum John, lab, 823 Md av ne 

Baum John, lab, 803 9th ne 

Baum John C, grocer, 401 E Capitol se, h 419 

E Capitol se 
Baum Lipmau, dry goods, 1200 7th nw, h 605 

N nw 
Baum Louis, jeweler, 705 7th nw 
Baum Wm H, coal, 10th c C sw, h 700 6th sw 
Baum William R, printer, 404 E Capitol 
Bauman Charles, blacksmith, 1418 20th nw 
Bauman Conrad, express, 1413 N Capitol ne 
Bauman John C, restaurant, 107 H nw 
Bauman William, engineer, 908 N H av nw 
Baumbach Annie, 813 23d nw 
Baumbach Joseph P, harnessmkr, 1526 33d 

nw, Gtn 
Baumbach Mary A, wid Louis C, 2031 H nw 
Baumgarten Herman, engraver, 306 Pa av nw, 

h 729 5th nw 
Baumgarten Julius, engraver, 1222 Pa av nw, 

h 133 Carroll se 
Baumgarten Morris, artist, 904 5th nw 
Baur, George J A, tinsmith, H bet Del av and 

Baur John P, telegraph operator, 436 9th sw 
Baur Joseph, tinsmith, 131 Hue 
Baur Minnie, printer, 458 N T av 
Baur Minnie A, elk bu eng, 436 9th sw 
Baur Paul, painter, 436 9th sw 
Baurman Augustus P, watchman, 317 N sw 
Bause Frederick, 1321 32d nw, Gtn 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKaS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW york, 

1 fi U k I O U ETD I. J A k\> Qm Afl £ eal Estate A ?ents and Auctioneers. Honse* 

JOHN oHcRMAN 06 CO., gs^^«^ 





(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St 

Bause George, cigarmkr, 1321 32d nw, Gtn 
Bause William, cigarmkr, 1321 32d nw, Gtn 
Bailsman Jacob B, elk g 1 o, h 19 Grant pi nw 
Bawn James, printer, 300 I nw 
Bawman Charles, boxmkr, 1634 5th nw, h 

1632 5th nw 
Bawsel Edward, elk, 182611th nw 
Baxter Ann, wid John, 1536 30th nw, Gtn 
Baxter Catherine, servt, 807 G sw 
Baxter Ella, servt, r 14 1st se 
Baxter Francis H, policeman, 1466 T nw 
Baxter G H (Chappel & Baxter), 504 E ne 
Baxter George W, tinner, 2019 14th nw 
Baxter James W, mariner, 411 A ne 
Baxter JTedediah II, colonel 

and chief medical purveyor 

USA,h 15©4 H nw 
Baxter John, lab, 216 C se. 
Baxter John B G, elk pen o, 504 8th ne 
Baxter John C, elk 3d aud, 24 6th se 
Baxter John H, mattressmkr, 218 4§ sw h 112 

Rumsey's al se 
Baxter Lechius, lab, r 14 1st se 
Baxter M C, elk pen o, Uniontown, D C 
Baxter M L, elk s g o, 125 E nw 
Baxter Peter N, lab, 905 N J av se 
Baxter Samuel elk 2d aud o, 1906 R nw 
Baxter Uri J, law cleric int, 

Linden station, I?Id 
Bayard Alfred F, elk, 1534 Columbia nw 
Bayard House, Marion Suit propr, 1000 E nw 
Bayard Thomas F, U S S, 1413 

Mass av nw 
Bayer Albert, liquor, 1828 7th nw 
Bayler Laura E, servt, 1647 11th nw 
Bayley Raphael A, elk treas d, 225 13th sw 
Bayley William, lab, Lucas al nw 
Baylie Jennie, elk, 405 G nw 
Bayliss Ellen, seamstress, 3208 O nw, Gtn 
Bayliss John E, butcher, 914 La av nw, h 1 

Myrtle ne 
Bayliss John H, huckster, 477 E sw 
Bayliss Margaret, g p o, 930 N Y av nw 
Bayliss Robert B, huckster, 477 E sw 
Baylor Allen, rags, C nr 15th se 
Baylor Jennie, servt, 234 11th se 
Baylor Mary, servt, 508 Me av sw 
Bayly Frank, contractor, 811 N J av nw 
Bayly Harry B, salesman, Windsor House 
Bayly John A, elk, 622 D se 
Bayly William H C, elk gas co, 2421 Pa av nw 
Bayman Margaret, servt, 6 Shepherd al nw 
Bayman William, driver, 6 Shepherd al nw 
Bayne Ann E, wid Robert S, 404 7th sw 
Bayne Margaret, wid John, 455 Mass av nw 
Bayne Robert E, bricklayer, A nr 8th ne 
Bayne Thomas, 221 D se 
Bayne Thomas ]fl, ML C, Wil- 

lard's Hotel 
Bayne W allium II, si" rial Adams 

Express hranch office, 11525 l 1 

nw, 710 11th nw 
Baynes Albert, baggage master, 2d c D ne 
Baynes John W, physician, 210 B se. Office 

hours 7 to 9 a m, 12 to 2 p m, 6 to 7 p m 
Baynes Martin, lab, 2809 N nw, Gtn 
Bazzuro John, cutler, 478 Paavnw, hl28 Pur- 

dy's.ct nw 
Beach Abel, elk qm g o 

Beach Charles E, elk, bds 314 Ind av nw 
Beach Charles J, prod, 400 Cen mkt 14 c D sw 
Beach Christopher C, shoemkr, 1375 D sw 
Beach Columbus, shoemkr, 1375 D sw 
Beach Daniel, printer, 107 F ne 
Beach Daniel W, elk, bu eng, 1511 Vermont av 
Beach Edgar W, prod, 460 Centre mkt, h 926 

Pa av nw 
Beach Edmund L, elk 1 h b, h 905 O nw 
Beach Edward W, produce, 402 8th nw 
Beach Eli, plasterer, 465 Md av sw 
Beach Francis L, poultry, 245 N L mkt, bds 

Washington House 
Beach Henry L, poultry, 608 Centre mkt, h 314 

14th sw 
Beach Horatio, huckster, 324 14th sw 
Beach Laura C, 1836 14th nw 
Beach Louis, plasterer, 1002 4th se 
Beach Louis L, carp, 1633 3d nw 
Beach Lucien E, tinsmith, 2118 G nw 
Beach Nathaniel, tinsmith, 316 14th sw 
Beach Nellie M, elk pat o, 430 K nw 
Beach Sanford, carp, Canal rd 
Beach Seward S, elk, 804 9th nw 
Beach Stephen S, house furnishing, 1328 32d 

nw, Gtn, h 1330 32d nw, Gtn 
Beach Thomas, watchman, 472 Md av sw 
Beach William, farmer, Rockville turnpike 
Beach Zachariah, lab, 1107 9th se 
Beaclmm William, lab, 724 7th sw 
Beadle Henry M, elk capitol, 5th c Boundary nw 
Beadle Heugh W (H W Beadle & Co), Alex- 
andria, Va 
Beadle II W & Co (Heugh W 
Beadle and Theodore S West), 
patent solicitors, 437 7th nw 

H. W. BEADLE & CO., 


American and Foreign Patents, 


437 Seventh St., nw. 

Beagle William, grocer, 800 23d nw 
Beagle William, machinist, 800 23d nw 
Beal Elizabeth, wid Lloyd, sw c 7th and Boun- 
Beal John H, shoemaker, 1222 Mass av nw 
Beale Buchanan (Johnson&Beale), 206 Pa av se 
Beale Edward F, general, 28 Lafayette sq nw 
Beale Emily, wid George, Lincoln av nw 
Beale George, driver, 1929 9th nw 
Beale James S, physician, 206 Pa av se. Office 

hours 7 to 9 a m, 1 to 2 p m, 6 to 7 p m 
Beale Maggie, servt, 1800 Boundary nw 
Beale Morella McDowell, cook, 213 Adams' 

Express al 
Beale RLT,M C, St Marc Hotel 
Beale William J, driver, 403 E Capitol se 
Beall Admiral S, painter, 2318 M nw 
Beall Alpha B, bricklayer, 1138 N J av nw 
Beall Amelia, wid John S, 312 K sw 
Beall Andrew J, papermkr, 160 Bridge, Gtn 
Beall Ann, wid Enoch, Hillsdale 
Beall Averv B, carp, 1527 8th, nw 
Beall Bazel M, driver, 1214 1 se 
Beall Benjamin (Beall & Baker) 468 La av nw 
Beall Benjamin B, carp, 452 M sw 
Beall B M, physician, 941 R I av 
Beall Charles, carp, 1613 N J av nw 
Beall Charles B, deputy clerk 
Supreme Conrt U S, 927 I» nw 
Beall Clarence, 468 La av nw 


Real Estate Aarents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. Seep. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

CMiia. Glass Crate! fare 

5 a:nt> 


0No. 923 Penn Avenue. 

Beall Eveline, wid Samuel, sw c Tth and 

Beall Fielder M M, elk sig o, 1529 Tnw 
Beall Fillmore, lawyer, 333 *U 

nw, li Bettsville, Md 







Chauncey Building, No. 323 4^£ Street, 
Opposite City Hall, WASHINGTON, D. O. 

Beall George W, 3260 nw, Gtu 
BeaU Geo W jr, elk cen o, 3260 O nw, Gtn 
Beall Hadassah, teacher, 3260 O nw, Gtn 
Beall Howard, elk p o, 941 RIavnw 
Beall Isabella, dressmkr, 614 Md av ne 
Beall James A, coach painter, Nichols av 

Beall James L, bricklayer, 1527 8th nw 
Beall Jessie, 1613 N J av nw 
1 Beall John, lab, nrMurdock Mill rd 
Beall John A, porter, 1011 22d nw 
Beall «f ©1m E, lawyer, 1420 IV Y 

av liw, li 1083 31st ir»v, Otn 
Beall John J (Beall & Shoemaker), 1670 31st 

nw, Gtn 
I Beall Joseph, bookbinder, 619 N J av nw 
Beall Joseph, wid James H, 809 D sw 
Beall Larkin A, elk, 606 La av nw 
Beall Leonora, wid Elema, 1138 N J av nw 
Beall Lewis E, elk pod, 1332 I nw 
Beall Martha, wid Horatio, 515 11th nw 
Beall Martha E, wid Z B, 2737 Dumbarton av 

nw, Gtn 
Beall Percy, 1004 Pa av nw 
Beall Richard J, b, 941 R I av nw 
Beall Rol>ert, l>oolcseller, 4195 

Pa av nw, li 90S E nw 
Beall Samuel, carp, Chase rd 
Beall Sarah A, wid A C, 1527 8th nw 
Beall Sarah L, dressmkr, 1017 E sw 
Beall Seward, printer, 941 R I av nw 

T/"\tJ1V 1_j"* "T^""!-^ ATT (Late with firm of 

«J m^PJtJLJ-^l JtLd* B» Bn^ /%. I j I J 9 Hughes, Denver & Peck,) 

Commissioner of Deeds for every State and Territory, Notary Publie, U. S. Commissioner, 
Examiner in Chancery, Ex-Offieio Commissioner of the Court of Claims. 



Hon. Andrew Wylie, Gen. Jas. W. Denver, Hon. Walter S. Cox, Nathaniel Wilson, Charles F. Peck, Wm. H. Phillip 



No, 495 Pennsylvania Avenue, Adjoining National Hotel, 

Has now a Large and Superior Stock of 

invitations, &c, 



Law and Miscellaneous Books 





Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





Pure California Hock,Zihfandel,Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, gn 7th st. nw, 

Beall Thomas V, bricklayer, 1527 8th nw 

Beall Warren, painter, 14th nr L se 

Beall William A, plate printer bu eng, 1527 

8th nw 
Beall William D, butcher, 7th st rd 
Beall William H, mdse broker, 633 La av nw, 

h 620 Va av sw 
Beall William J, postal elk, 504 E nw 
Beall William W, barber, 660 Pa av se 
Beall & Baker (Benjamin Beall and Reuben F 

Baker), grocer, 490 Pa av nw 
Bealle Annie E, supt ex div bu eng, 615 M nw 
Bealle T L, attendant Insane Asylum 
Beam Flora P, elk cen, 2014 14th nw 
Bsam Jacob S, painter, 2014 14th nw 
Beam Samuel O, elk, 945 Pa av nw 
Beaman Cynthia, attendant Insane Asylum 
Beaman John W Mrs, 1441 Chapin nw 
Beaman William, attendant Insane Asylum 
Beaman William A, elk pod, Baltimore, Md 
Beamer Charles, driver, 519 8th sw 
B earner Samuel, bartender, 602 Pa av nw 
Beams Susan H, servt, 928 O, nw 
Bean Ann, wid George, 1301 3d se 
Bean Artemesia, wid Benjamin, 1021 3dse 
Bean Benjamin F, carp, 320 L se . 
Bean Catherine, 759 11th se 
Bean Charles H, butcher, 77 Eastern 526 Cen- 
tre mkts, h Anacostia 
Bean Clarence, elk, 621 Md av sw 
Bean Edmond, shoemkr, 1111 21st nw 
Bean Eli, lab, 76 O nw 
Bean Elizabeth, wid Colley W, 1221 6th se 
Bean George O, lab, 1000 11th se 
Bean Isaac, lab, 481 C sw 
Bean James A, constable, 456 La av nw, h 

1021 3d se 
Bean James A, grocer, 759 11th se 
Bean Jennie, 604 G se 
Bean Jesse, lab, 1718 Marion al nw 
Bean John A, 1410 Pa av nw 
Bean John A V, shoemkr, 126 N se 
Bean John W, blksmith, 6th c M se 
Bean John W, blksmith, 1221 6th se 
Bean Laura, varieties, 128 N se 
Bean Martha Mrs, grocer, 320 L se 
Bean Olivia A, servt, 2144 9th nw 
Bean Rachael, washer, 1st c P sw 
Bean Rebecca, wid Charles, 621 Md av sw 
Bean Robert, lab, 120 M sw 
Bean Thadeus, grocer, 900 3d se 
Bean Virginia, teacher, 705 M nw 
Bean William, milk, 1st c P sw 
Bean William H, machinist, 120 N se 
Bean William H, engineer, 128 N se 
Bean William W, lab, 614 Mass av ne 
Beander James, lab, 1525 15th nw 
Beander Roser, janitor, 458 La av nw 
Beane Frederick, painter, 1110 21st nw 
Beaues George, lab, 413£ 6th se 
Beans Alfred, watchman, 615 L nw 
Beans Emma, servt, 509 4th nw 
Beans George J, mess, 41% 6th se 
Beans Henrietta, wid Dennis, 35 F nw 
Beans Josephine N, midwife, 413J 6th se 
Beans Robert, huckster, 1638 4th nw 
Bear Charles E, bookkeeper, 714 14th nw 
Bear Mary, wid Conrad, 420 3d ne 
Beard Christina, servt, 465 C sw 

Beard Geo A, 23 Corcoran bldg 
Vesird Henry, lawyer, 633 V nw, 
li 1305 I* nw 



And Solicitor of Claims, 

Procures Patents on Mining Claims, Land Entries, and 
California Private Land Claims, and argues contested 
Land Cases. Attends to the adjustment of Grants of 
Lands to States, Railroad Companies, &e. 

Office, No. 633 F Street, nw. 

Beard Henry, waiter, 1225 10th nw 

Beard John, watchman Cap, h 345 Pa av nw 

Beard John, lab, 240 14J ne 

Beard John J, elk cen o, 1305 F nw 

Beard Lloyd, painter, 465 C sw 

Beard Nannie C, elk cen o, 1739 F nw 

Beardslee T* A, commander IJ S 

Uf, ISO© F nw 
Beardsley Ann A, elk, 1712 Vt av nw 
Beardsley Charles, <4th auditor 

treasury, h 311 1th se 
Beardsley James K, printer, 007 

La av, li 1133 17th nw 
Beardsley John J, elk s g o, 604 12th nw 
Beardsley Joseph, elk, 1453 Mass av nw 
Beardsley Sarah A, elk cen, 1133 Park pi se 
Beare Eliza J, wid Wm, elk treas, 942 N nw 
Beasley Lottie, elk pat o, 504 13th nw 

; Beasley Manuel, lab, 1028 21st nw 

1 Beason Hannah, servt, 2701 Dumbarton av 
nw, Gtn 

I Beason Mary L, teacher, 2701 Dumbarton av 

j nw, Gtn 

{ Beatey John, watchman, 2111 1 nw 
Beaton, Christina, servt, 30 P nw 
Beaton Effie, dressmkr, 30 P nw 
Beaton Lydia, bu eng, 311 10th se 
Beaton Maria, servt, 23d nr N T av nw 
Beaton Marie M, servt, 30 P nw 
Beaton Susie L, bu eng, 1619 3d nw 
Beatty C C, wid John A, 9 K ne 
Beatty Charles, lab, 2331 G nw 
Beatty David W, elk, 402 N Y av nw 
Beatty J II, chief* receipts and 
expenditures div reg treas, h 
128 11th se 
Beatty John J, watchman, 2111 1 nw 
Beatty Louis K, student, 128 11th se 
Beatty Kobert L, lab, 9 K ne 
Beauregard Louis, engineer, 1517 33d nw, Gtn 
Beavans Chas A (Beavans & Shaw), 931 M nw 
Beavans C Edward, elk, 931 M nw 
Beavans & Shaw (Charles A 
Beavans and John W Shaw), 
wholesale flour and teed, B c 
11th nw 

C. A. Beavans. 

Jno. W. Shaw. 


Flour & General Commission Merchants, 

Wholesale Dealers in Mill Feed, Baled Hay, Corn, 

Oats, Fine Groceries, Liquors, &c. 
Cor. 11th & B Sts., WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Beavers Ellen, wid John, 437 K nw 
Beavers John A, huckster, 3131 O nw, Gtn 
Beavers Leona, servt, 613 10th ne 
Beavers Sarah Miss, 340 C sw 
Beavius George A, carp, 312 B ne 
Becht John, carp, 226 4>£ sw 
Bechtel Henry C, modelmkr, 124 Md av sw 
Beck Annie, 1311 6th nw 






Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Beck Annie, 300 A se 

Beck Aug-iist, restaurant, 604 
Pa av nw, h. d© 

Beck Christian, baker, 2903 M nw, Gtn, h 1204 

29th nw, Gtn 
Beck Dennis, baker, 1201 N J av se 
Beck Dietrich, shoemkr, 921 20th nw 
Beck Dorsey, folder capitol, 1016 8th nw 
Beck E Lillie, music teacher, 612 7th sw 
Beck Eliza, U nr 31st nw, Gtn 
Beck Elizabeth, wid Rezin, 1016 8th nw 
Beck Godfrey, watchman, 517 9th nw 
Beck Henry, baker, 1201 N J av se 
Beck Jacob, butcher, 104 E sw 
Beck Jacob, butcher, 307 Va av sw 
Beck Jacob, produce, 252 Centre mkt, h Ben- 

ning's rd 
Beck James B, U S S, 1307 

F nw 
Beck James H, plate printer, u & c & g s o, 

1733 De Sales nw 
Beck John, elk, 612 7th, sw 
Beck John jr, elk, 612 7th sw 
Beck John, restaurant, 630 1> 

nw and 631 H<a air nw,h630D 

Beck Lizzie, servt, 1010 Mass av nw 
Beck Louisa, dressmkr, 307 9th nw 
Beck Nicholas, milk, Sherman av nw 
Beck Theodore, bartender, 630 D nw 
Ueck William, seaman, 1201 N J av se 
Beck William B, provisions, 1504 14th nw, h 

49 7th, Gtn 
Beck William H, lawyer, 1424 

New York av nw, h 838 11th nw 
Beck Zebulon W, carp, 1813 35th nw, Gtn 
Becker Anton, elk s g o, 1332 6th nw 
Becker Arthur, elk, 911 8th nw 
Becker Charles, druggist, 1367 32d nw, Gtn 
Becker Charles A, elk, 1367 32d nw Gtn 
Becker Charles T, carp, 616 L nw 
Becker Conrad,laarness,trunks, 

etc, 537 15th nw and 521 7th 

nw, h 1328 G nw 


Fine Harness, Trunks, Satchels, &c, 

No. 537 Fifteenth Street, 

(Corcoran Building, opposite U. S. Treasury), 


Trunks neatly repaired and covered. Canes and 



Becker, Edward, grocer, 201 F nw, h i 
Becker Ernestine, elk treas, 79 H nw 
Becker Frank M, elk, 911 8th nw 
Becker George, carp, 616 L nw 
Becker George, carp, 911 8th nw 
Becker James H, carp, 29 L nw, h 616 L nw 

Becker John H, stationer, 1622 14th nw 
Becker John M, butcher, D c 7th sw 
Becker Martha, wid John, 1015 C av se 
Becker Martin, restaurant, 1322 6th sw 
Becker Michael H, saloon, 628 Va av sw, h 636 

Va av sw 
Becker Nicholas, barber, 651 N T av, h 905 

4th nw 
Becker Victor, piano tuner, 907 H nw 
Becker William, harnessmkr, 1328 G nw 
Becker William, tailor, 911 8th nw 
Becker William M, elk, 911 8th nw 
Becker William M, bkkr, 1135 10th nw 
Beckert Frank A, restaurant, 7th c L se 
Beckert Frank H, cigarmkr, 309 N Y av nw 
Beckert George, bricklaj^er, 3412 P nw, Gtn 
Beckert George J, restaurant, 617 Pa av se 
Beckert Joseph, 1416 5th nw 
Beckert Krezentia, wid C M, 309 N T av nw 
Beckert Margaret, teacher, 12th bet N & 
Beckert Theresa, wid George, 1352 E se 
Becket Alberta, servt, 920 16th nw 
Becket Francis, boatman, 1248 20th nw 
Becket Mary, servt, 428 O nw 
Becket William, produce, 406 N L mkt nw, 

1115 Md av ne 
Becket William H, porter, 1164 21st nw 
Beckett Alice, wid Henry, 1450 Sampson nw 
Beckett Andrew, porter, 405 O nw 
Beckett Caroline, wid John, washer, 1303 12th 

Beckett Clement, produce, 16 Western mkt, h 

nr Rock creek nw, Gtn 
Beckett Daniel, lab, 908 E sw 
Beckett David (Whipper & Beckett), 1450 

Samson nw 
Beckett David, lab, 1013 19th nw 
Beckett Ell, lab, 2723 M nw, Gtn 
Beckett Frank, janitor, 1714 19th nw 
Beckett Frank 6. elk, 1011 M nw 
Beckett George, lab, 1446 Sampson nw 
Beckett Henry, lab, 303 G nw 
Beckett Isaiah C, lab, 908 E sw 
Beckett James, driver, 1450 Sampson nw 
Beckett Jane, washer, 908 E sw 
Beckett John F, sailor, 919 G sw 
Beckett John M, engineer, 919 G sw 
Beckett Joseph C, mail carrier, O nr Rock 

creek nw, Gtn 
Beckett Julia, servt, Anacostia 
Beckett Julia J, dressmkr, O nr Rock creek 

nw, Gtn 
Beckett Lemuel, hackman, 629 Freeman's al 

Beckett Louisa, washer, 207 C sw 
Beckett Margaret E, teacher, 1303 12th nw 
Beckett Margaret J, servt, 1004 26th nw 
Beckett Marianna, dressmkr, 1714 19th nw 
Beckett Mary, wid Wm, laundress, 2312 L nw 
Beckett Rachel, wid James, dressmkr, 1204 

Blag-den's al nw 


604 Penn. Ave. and 604 B St., opp. B. & P. Depot, 


EUROPEAN PLAN. Furnished Rooms, 80, 75 and $1. 

AUGUST BECK, Proprietor (Successor to JOS. PLATZ). 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Hassan, cor. Wall, NEW YOBL 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 'i.WKM* 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w 

Beckett Samuel, elk, 725 8th se 
Beckett Sarah J, washer, 905 E sw 
Beckett Susan, wid John, nurse, 725 8th se 
Beckett Thomas, bookbinder, 55 Myrtle ne 
Beckett. Wainwright, waiter, O nr Rock creek 

nw, Gtn 
Beckett William, lab, 908 E sw 
Beckett William, lab, 1628 M nw 
Beckett William, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Beckett William H, cornicemkr, 125 A ne 
Beckett Wilton H, printer, 415 N J av nw 
Beckham Charles Wickliffe, elk H R, h 1108 

F nw 
Beckham Cicero, founder, SI 05 

Water, Gtn, la 321S © nw Gtn 


3105 Water St„ Georgetown, 


Machine Work and 

General Blacksmithing. 

Beckftam Maria, servt, 1417 (^> nw 
Beckham William T, florist, O nr 32d nw, Gtn 
Beckley Edgar R, mess, 1932 12th nw 
Beckley Emma, wid William, 2117 K nw 
Beckley James, lab, 49 nw 
Beckley Joseph, barber, 280 2d sw 
Beckley Louis L, waiter, 1218 N Y av nw 
Beckley Lucinda, wid John, 280 2dsw 
Beckley Margaret, servt, 1110 16th nw 
Beckley Martha, washer, 1215 25th nw 
Beckley Rosier D, elk pod, Alex, Va 
Beckley Sarah, wid Armstead, 1236 N J av nw 
Beckman Eliz, washer, 1237 Blagden's al nw 
Beckman Martha, servt, 933 N nw 
Beckmann August, restaurant, 1109 E nw 
Becks William, lab, 1904 16th nw 
Beckstedt Charles, gardener, 1st nr Q sw 
Beckstedt Henry, carp, 1st nr Q sw 
Beckstein William, baker, 310 E sw 
Beckwith Edward G, gen USA, 2031 1 nw 
Beckwith John, carp, 1242 36th nw, Gtn 
Beckwith John, elk int d, 1206 E nw 
Beckwith John, hostler, 121 F sw 
Beckwith John A, elk ind o, 1206 E nw 
Beckwith John H, driver, 1016 Wnw 
Beckwith Martha Mrs, Broad Branch rd 
Beckwith William H, driver, 1016 W nw 
Beckwood George, lab, 1700 33d nw, Gtn 
Beddo Harriet, 902 12th nw 
Beddoo Mary J, dressmkr, 927 I nw 
Bee Alice A, wid John, 822 3d nw 
Beedle William F, printer, 1402 12th nw 
Beecher A E Miss, elk pat o, 108 11th nw 
Beecher William, lab, 912 N nw 
Beecher Lucy, washer, Insane Asylum 
Beek Thomas, blksmith, 49 7th, Gtn 
Beek William, coachinkr, 3418 T nw, Gtn 
Beeler William, elk sig o, 1103 G nw 
Been Henry, carp, 308 C ne 
Been Jacob, carp, 903 F sw 
Beender John F, whitewasher, 2 Wylie al nw 
Beer Charles, confectioner, 348 Va av sw 
Beers Annie, teacher, Anacostia 
Beers Frank, carp, Anacostia 
Beers Isaac, carp, 323 3d se, h Anacostia 

Beers Isaac jr, provisions, 53 Eastern mkt, b 

Beetle Carrie E, dressmkr, 529 13th nw 
Beggs Ellis Y, elk, 1014 E nw 
Beha Balbina, servt, 452 K nw 
Beha John W, carp, 617 N nw 
Behle Charles E, elk pen o, 624 6th nw 
Behm Michael, driver, 2532 P nw, Gtn 
Behrend Adajah, physician, 709 H nw 
Behrend Anuion, dry goods, 7&7 

Market sp, li 4L4S M nw 
Behrend Bendiza «T,laney goods. 

818 7th nw, h do 




Hosiery, Notions, Millinery,. &o. 
818 Seventh Street, bet. H and I Streets. 

Behrend Eliza, wid Bernhard, 732 6th nw 
Behrend Joseph K, cigars, 82114th, h 215 D nw 
Behrend Philip A. 215 D nw 
Behrend Uri, com mer, 415 7th nw, h 606 H nw 
B^-hrends Leopold, dry goods, 

and notions, 908 7th nw, h do 
Behrens Albert, cigar factory, 1024 7th nw 
Behrens Charles, baker, 502 Centre mkt, h 1311 

6th nw 
Behrens Elizabeth, wid Frederick, 1249 6th nw 
Behrens Johanna, wid John E, 1024 7th nw 
Behrens Louis, 1324 6th nw 
Behrens William C, ex pat o, 30 Grant pi 
Behrle Blasius, shoemkr, 512 8th se 
Beidler Carl, baker, 2139 Pa av nw 
Belden Saml, lieut U S N hydr o, 1121 14th nw 
Belding Edmund B, elk treas, 1319 Riggs nw 
Belding Wallace J, Supt National Fair Grounds 
Beles A G, attendant Insane Asylum 
Bell A G, telephonist 904 14th nw 
Bell Agnes, servt, 93o N Y av nw 
Bell Alexander, driver, Green's al nw 
Bell Alexander, driver, 2614 P nw, Gtn 
Bell Alexander, lab, 1344 27th nw, Gtn 
Bell Alfred L, elk, 482 Maryland av sw 
Bell Alfred, cook, 309 7th nw 
Sell Alonzo, assistant secretary- 
interior, 994 PH nw 
Bell Amanda, servt, 1430 Chapin nw 
Bell Amos, upholsterer, 708 A se 
Bell Anna, wid Sampson W, 482 Md av sw 
Bell Annie, servt, 812 21st nw 
Bell Annie, washer, 8 Brown's ct se 
Bell Anthony, lab, 326 D sw 
Bell Arthur, elk int d, 2104 B nw 
Bell Arthur, lab, 625 Va av sw 
Bell Arthur W, elk g 1 o, 1519 Caroline nw 
Bell Asbury, porter, 2138 9th nw 
Bell Basil, sent, 3629 N nw, Gtn 
Bell Bertie, washer, 1802 L nw 
Bell Carter, lab, 209 C sw 
Bell Charles, elk pen o, 1115 G nw 
Bell Charles, driver, 1802 L nW 
Bell Charles, lab, 1025 33d nw, Gtn 
Bell Charles II, waiter, 476 School sw 
Bell Charles M, bu eng, 710 Boundary 
Bell Charles M, photographer, 
459 I»a av nw, h 225 B nw 

C. M. BELL, 

Nos. 459, 461, 463 and 465 Penn'a Ave. 
Special attention paid to copying old pictures* 

Assets, over - $90,000,000 




Bell Courtney E, seamstress, 1109 3d nw 

Bell Daniel A, lab, 315 H sw 

Bell Daniel I, whitewasher, 230 13th ne 

Ball David, lab, 929 F sw 

Bell Don, guard jail, 433 I nw 

Bell Dorcas E Mrs, 1109 3d nw 

Bell Edward, lab, 3232 Q nw, Gtn 

Bell Edward, lab, 4th nr Market, Gtn 

Bell Eleasab, driver, 4 Kimball al nw 

Bell Eliza, servt, 230 3d sw 

Bell Eliza, washing, 419 19th nw 

Bell Ellen, servt, 10 Union al 

Bell Ellen A, wid John, 53 Savage al nw 

Bell Emma, cleaner, 26 Pierce nw 

Bell Enoch, barber, O nr Rock Creek nw, Gtn 

Bell Fanny, servt, 1621 Q nw 

Bell Francis, servant, 1305 C nw 

Bell Francis A, carp, 523 7th se 

Bell Frank, boarding, 2079 7th nw 

Bell Frank, elk, 1501 Q nw 

Bell Frank, elk g 1 o, 1102 Park ne 

Bell Frank, mess, 1749 S nw 

Bell George, elk cen o, 51511th nw 

Bell George, lab, 320 Willow al, sw 

Bell George, lab, 430 N J av se 

Bell George, moulder, 727 G se 

Bell George A, elk, 1800 15th nw 

Bell George A, machinist, 727 13th se 

Bell George A jr, iron moulder, 727 13th se 

Sell George S, custodian of dies, 
rolls, &c, bureau engraving 
and printing, 709 12tl& nw 

Bell George W, elk, 7th st road nr University 

Bell Georgiana, laundress, 1 Goat al nw 

Bell Granison, lab, 2614 P nw, Gtn 

Bell Harriet, cook, 207 D sw 

Bell Harriet, wid Archy, 1110 10th nw 

Bell Harriet, laundress, 3 Savage al nw 

Bell Henry, driver, 108 4J sw 

Bell Henry, hostler, 414 3d nw 

Bell Henry, porter, 1218 23d nw 

Bell Isaac, lab, Hogau al nw, Gtn 

Bell Isabella, servt, 827 2d se 

Bell Jacob, caulker, 2712 Olive av, Gtn 

Bell Jacob, lab, 1524 3d nw 

Bell James, elk treas, 815 D sw 

Bell James, porter, 476 School sw 

Sell James E, supt city delivery 
p o, 330 C nw 

Bell James H, kalsominer, 426 Ridge nw 

Bell James R, barber, 710 Boundary 

Bell James W, eating saloon, 343 Penn av nw 

Bell Jane, wid John, boarding, 923 5th nw 

Bell John, guard county jail 

Bell John, lab, 110 Madison al nw 

Bell John, lab, 1649 11th nw 

Bell John, lab, 1404 1st nw 

Bell John, porter, 725 21st nw 

Bell John, tinsmith, 200 C nw 

Bell John G, mess, 1015 4th nw 

Bell John H, driver, 1802 L nw 
Bell John H, horses, 452 H nw 
Bell John L, caro, 820 4th nw 
Bell John R, butcher, 727 13th se 
Bell John R, driver, 22d bet I & K nw 
Bell John T, porter, 434 6i sw 
Bell John W, elk g 1 o, 1005 H nw 
Bell John Z. mess, 1015 4th nw 
Bell Joseph M, carp, 439 L nw 
Bell Judson, coachman, 35 F nw 
Bell Julia, wid Charles, servt, 320 I se 
Bell Lawson, coal, 26 Pierce nw 
Bell Lewis, lab, 3 Sumner row nw 
Bell Lewis, lab, 1134 16th nw 
Bell Lillie, seamstress, 1212 E nw 

ibrary Lamp$ 


Bell Liza A, laundress, 311 D se 

Bell Louis, lab, 620 K sw 

Bell Louis E, elk p o, 1332 I nw 

Bell Louis W, painter, 1110 10th nw 

Bell Lucy, servt, 108 4| sw 

Bell Lucy, servt, 411 10th sw 

Bell Maria, nurse, 340 Ind av nw 

Bell Maria, washer, 211 S Capitol sw 

Bell Mark, lab, 41 Jackson al nw 

Bell Mark M Rev, Wilson n w 

Bell Martha, wid William, 1014 I nw 

Bell Mary, nurse, 1112 10th nw 

Bell Mary, washer, Proctor al nw 

Bell Mary, washer, 610 Md avne 

Bell Mary, wid Daniel, 319 F sw 

Bell Mary J, servt, 2026 I nw 

Bell Mary J, washer, 232 13th ne 

Bell Matilda, washer, 1303 12th nw 

Bell Matthew N, grocer, 1109 3d nw 

Bell Michael J, elk cen, 1115 I nw 

Bell Millie, wid Richard, 484 School sw 

Bell Moses, lab, 311 D se 

Bell Nathaniel, dilver, 476 School sw 

Bell Nelson, 708 A se 

Bell Orlando, lab, 608 S nw 

Bell Paul P, servt, 1139 9th nw 

Bell Robert, elk, 482 Md av sw 

Bell Robert, gardener, 2462 P nw, Gtn 

Bell Robert, lab, 1 Goat al, nw 

Bell Robert, lab, 4i nr P sw 

Bell Robert, waiter, 1110 10th nw 

Bell Robert jr, elk 1st aud, h 1930 Pa av nw 

Bell Samuel, plate printer, 625 C se 

Bell Samuel, waiter, 45 Pierce nw 

Bell Samuel H, printer, 914 H ne 

Bell Samuel P, 605 6th nw 

Bell Sandy, lab, 3232 Q nw, Gtn 

Bell Sarah, servt, 331 Md av sw 

Bell Sarah, wid Simon, 727 21st nw 

Bell Solomon, lab, 442 Washington nw 

Bell Susan, washer, 222 13th se 

Bell Thomas, elk city p o, 225 B nw 

Bell Thomas, driver, 2 Brown's ct ee 

Bell Thomas, lab, 134 Pierce nw 

Bell Thomas R, cigarmkr, 308 C ne 

Bell Thomas S, elk pen o, 1014 I nw 

Bell Thomas S, elk p o, 215 4i nw 

Bell Vincent, lab, 1526 6th nw 

Bell Wesley, cook, 1218 Madison nw 

Bell Wi liam, driver, 727 21st nw 

Bell William, lab, 808 G sw 

Bell William, lab, 337 Md av sw 

Bell William, lab, Mt Pleasant 

Bell William, lab, G nr 3d se 

Bell William, mess, 27 West, Gtn 

Bell William E jr, 1530 32d nw, Gtn 

Bell William E, captain, 1530 32d nw, Gtn 

Bell William H, artist, 1703 T nw 

Bell William* H, brevet major 
and depot commissary U S A, 
1337 Fnw 

Bell William H, elk pen o, 1426 T nw 

Bell William H, grocer, 1800 15th nw 

Bell William H, lab, 326 D sw 

Bell William 5»eirce, lawyer, 

470 La av nw, n 14.45 Corcoran, 


\hl IW P Y II I IN P Keal Estate Broker and Auctioneer* 

VV 111. Am I vUll IX ■ 14»© NEW YORK AYE. 




Vhe Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 


^ttMMtj mill ®mn$tlUx -ut-H&m, 

470 Louisiana Avenue, nte. f 

Washington, D. C. 

Bellard Melville, instructor Deaf and Dumb 

Belleiny Henry, locksmith, 134 B ne 
Beller James, elk, 629 Md av ne 
Beller James H, druggist, M c 16th nw 
Bellew James, stationer, 711 7th nw 
Bellew Mary A, dressmaker 711 7th nw 
Bellew Thomas, stone cutter, 1516 8th nw 
Bellew William R, plate printer, 1516 8th nw 
Bellford Catherine, wid Jonas, washer, 6 Cov- 
ington nw 
Bellinger Jacob B, carp, 210 2d nw, h 18 E nw 
Bellis Roger, elk 2d compt o, College sta, Md 
Belloni John, fruit, 213 Pa av nw 
Bellows Isabella, servt, 710 H sw 
Bellows Josiah, elk 6th aud o, 27 H nw 
Bellmain Ellen P, boarding, 718 10th nw 
Belmore Frances, seamstress, 323 Va av se 
Belshaw William J, painter, 115 Va av sw 
Belt Adeline, servt, Baptist al nw 
Belt Anderson K, carp, 1216 Cnw, h 10133d ne 
Belt Annie 1369 Ohio av nw 
Belt Andrew, lab, 815 9th ne 
Belt Annie, seamstress, 1369 Ohio av sw 
Belt Annie, wid Harvey C, elk treas, 519 Q nw 
Belt Benjamin, mail bag repairs p o, Md av nr 

6th sw 
Belt Charles, elk, 123 F ne 
Belt Charles R, Old Brookville rd 
Belt Cornelius, engineer, 2908 N nw, Gtn 
Belt Edward C, elk, 918 N nw 
Belt Elton S, wid Benjamin, 918 N nw 
Belt Francis A (Aires & Belt), 523 7th se 
Belt Greenburg J P, carp, 2908 N nw, Gtn 
Belt Henry F, carp, 938 B, sw 
Belt James, carp, 1369 Ohio av nw 
Belt James jr, elk, 1369 Ohio av nw 
Belt Julia, washer, 815 9th ne 
Belt Rachel, elk cen o, 1314 10th nw 
Belt Robert V, elk q m g o, 1314 10th nw 
Belt S Sprig, farmer, Old Brookville rd 
Belt Thomas, carp, 1133 9th nw 
Belt Thomas D, waiter, 1625 11th nw 
Belt Trueman Mrs, 1217 30th nw, Gtn 
Belt Vinton, elk q m g o, 1314 10th nw 
Belt William, student, 1369 Ohio av nw 
Belt William H, broommkr, 1550 8th nw 
Belt William L, carp, 2022 8th nw 
Belt Wm M, printer, 918 N nw 
Belt & Hall (J W Belt & Clarence Hall), com- 
mission merchants 
Beltzhoover Frank E, JH C, 

Willarn's Hotel 
Beltsfield John, lab, 1202 20th nw 
Bemis Ida, wid John H, dressmkr, 1431 8th nw 
Benard Mary, cook, 1713 M nw 
Benaugh Murray, lab, 2023 L nw 
Bender Harry F, elk pen o, 1702 9th nw 
Bender John, shoemkr, 50 H nw 
Bender Joseph B, farmer, 507 9th nw 
Bender Joseph T, chf finance div ind o, 1702 
9th nw 

Bender Joseph W, tel opr, 101 6th ne 
Bender Josephine, dressmkr, 1016 6th sw 
Bender Robert W, tel opr, 101 6th ne 
Bender Ruth A, wid Jacob S, 1702 9th nw 
Bender Sophia, wid John A, 433 H nw 
Bender Thomas H, coachman, 1525 15th nw 
Bendick Hugh, lab, bds 1258 23d nw 
Benedick John A, ne cor N T av & 11th nw 
Benedict Charles T, elk treas, 809 nw 
Benedict Cyril P, express agt treas dept r 

Ebbitt House 
Benedict Isaac H, elk treas, 324 E Capitol 
Benedict John A, bur eng, 906 F nw 
Benedict Newton, elk state d, 1205 M nw 
Benet Stephen V, origadier- 
general and chief of ordnance 
USA, 1717 I nw 
Benham K Mrs, elk, 422 E Capitol 
Benicer Alvenia, servt, 409 3d nw 
Benisch Edmund, piano tuner, 626 Mass av nw 
Benisch Elise, elk, 626 Mass av nw 
Benish John, locksmith, 1728 7th nw 
Benjamin B A, elk p o, 1102 4th nw 
Benjamin Charles F, lawyer, 95 Corcoran bldg r 

h 412 C se 
Benjamin Elizabeth, tailoress, 419 L nw 
Benjamin Frederick, elk, 910 French nw 
Benjamin John, fisherman, 3620 N nw, Gtn 
Benjamin Louis, furniture, 1029 7th nw 
Benjamin Mary T, teacher, Nichols av 
Benjamin Samuel C, elk cen, 1319 Vt av nw 
Benjamin William T, mess, Nichols av 
Benkert George F (Benkert & Wilson), 1321 

13th nw 
Benkert Melitta V, wid George P, elk p o d, 

2010 35th nw, Gtn 
Bcnlcert & Wilson, (George IP. 
Benkert and €Jeorge B Wil- 
son), shoes, 81S> Market sw nw 



Ladies' and Gentlemen's 

Fine Boots and Shoes^ 

of Every Description. 

819 Pennsylvania Ave., nw. 

Benner Ellen, wid Allan, elk treas, 1111 K nw 
Benner Franklin W, engraver, 1206 Md av sw 
Benner George L, stonecutter, 617 6th nw 
Benner Maggie V, wid Lewis C, elk pen o, 945 

Benner Margaret V, elk pen o, 1831 12th nw 
Benner Walter, elk, 1012 E nw 
Benner Walter, printer, 1206 Md av sw 
Bennett Alice J, wid Charles N, 1402 14th nw 
Bennett Allen (Dubreuil Bros and Bennett),. 

Bait, Md 
Bennett Andrew J, elk, 410 7th nw 
Bennett C Goundry, publisher, 1101 H nw 
Bennett Charles, bricklayer, 16 Defrees nw 
Bennett Charles, lab, 27 Bates al nw 
Bennett Clara, student, 619 F nw 
Bennett Clement W, lawyer* 

11 Ol H nw 
Bennett Elizabeth, laundress, 58*Jackson al ne 
Bennett Ellen V, wid A B, 718 12th nw 
Bennett Fannie J, bu eng, 601 4th nw 
Bennett Frank A, elk, 818 14th nw 
Bennett Frazier, lab, 1642 10th nw 
Bennett George A, elk pod, 1318 4th nw 
Bennett Oranville €J, UI C, ^fa» 

tional Motel 
Bennett Hannah G, wid Lewis J, 619 F nw 






Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 A 415 Ninth St.. nw. 

Bennett Harrison M, elk 3daud, 1410 Boundary 

Bennett Henry B, elk treas, 1416 N nw 
Bennett Honora,wid Richard, milk,Bennings rd 
Bennett Howard M, elk, 718 12th nw 
Bennett James, lab, 1322 16th nw 
Bennett James, tinsmith, 32 H ne 
Bennett John, 20 Jackson al ne 
Bennett John, lab, 914 E sw 
Bennett John, lab, 311 Willow al sw 
Bennett John', lab, 413 A se 
Bennett John, milk, Bennings rd 
Bennett John E W, farmer, Conduit rd 
Bennett John F, elk, 1318 4th, nw 
Bennett Kate, servt, 729 9th nw 
Bennett Margaret, wid Geo, cook, Green al nw 
Bennett Martin, stone cutter, Bennings rd 
Bennett Mary, 433 N J av nw 
Bennett Philo H, elk pod, 809 11th nw 
Bennett Richard, supervisor gov Hospital for 

the Insane 
Bennett Richard A, elk treas d, 410 8th se 
Bennett Rosa, servt, 424 3d nw 
Bennett Rupert, lab, N Y av nr22d nw 
Bennett Thomas, tinsmith, 20 Jackson al ne 
Bennett Thomas C, machinist, 933 4th nw 
Bennett William, boilermkr, 419 9th se 
Bennett William, tinsmith, 20 Jackson al ne 
Bennett William H. constable, 928 F nw, h 

601 4th nw 
Bennett William M, printer, 458 La av nw 
Bennett W W, elk cen o, 926 8th nw 
Bennix Benjamin F, engineer, 922 6th nw 
Bensinger Sarnl, junk, 927 La av nw, h 608 F sw 
Benson Annie E, wid Hepburn, 710 N nw 
Benson E G, student medicine, 1335 G ne 
Benson Eliza, servt, 111 1st ne 
Benson Harry S, elk, 710 N nw 
Benson J Hepburn P, dentist, 710 N nw 
Benson John, Boyle's Hotel 
Benson Kate, servt, 723 18th nw 
Benson Lewis, lab, r K nr 25th nw 
Benson Maria, washer, r K n 25th nw 
Benson S B, lawyer, 402 6th nw 
Benson Thomas R, supt Columbia R R, 1333 

G ne 
Bentar Max, plumber, 1033 N J av nw 
Bentc Frederick, paper hanger, 53 D se 
Benter Frank A, janitor, 2d c N nw 
Benter Maria, g p o, 49 H nw 
Bent ley Alexander J, law cleric 

department of justice, 1116 

9th nw 
Bentley Charles P, piano repairer, 915 L nw 
Bentley Edward M, ex pat o, 1313 H nw 
Bentley Ellen, washer, 9 Mass av nw 
Bentley George A, druggist, 1618 14th nw 
Bentley John, huckster, 624 Mass av nw 
Bentley John A, com pen, 1340 Vt av nw 
Bentley John K, painter, 915 L nw 
Bentley John I», chief* public 

debt division 1st auditor treas- 
ury, 915 L nw 
Bentley Louisa, wid William, 1221 T nw 
Bentley Thomas, elk land o, 1604 Marion nw 
Bentley Thomas, machinist, 1014 M se 
Bentley William, lab, 109 L se 

Benton Amanda M, wid La Fayette, 1620 14th 

Benton Ben Hyde, prof polytechnic Jdept Na 

tional University, 520 11th se 
Benton Charles M, elk, Washington House 
Benton Edward T, postal elk, 234 1st se 
Benton Edward V, elk, 518 9th nw 
Benton James E, foreman, 954 R nw 
Benton Jennie, milliner, 3232 M nw 
Benton John H, elk pen o, 518 9th nw 
Benton John H, driver, 3248 Grace nw, Gtn 
Benton Lucy, servt, 2117 Pa av nw 
Benton Thomas R, elk g 1 o, 1604 Marion nw 
Benton William T, policeman, 1718 32d nw, Gtn 
Beutrick Mary Mrs, dressmkr, 419 7th se 
Bentz Waldemar E, elk treas d, 1411 College 

Hill terrace 
Bentzler John, bookbinder, 45 Myrtle ne 
Benzinger Andrew, lab, A nr 16th se 
Benzler Francis, printer, 737 7th nw 
Benzler Herman, bartender, Meyers' Hotel 
Berard Philippe, 3d secretary 

French legation, 8 528 I nw 
Berberich Robert, boots and shoes, 1138 7th nw 
Berekmann John G, cabinetmkr, 1315 Union sw 
Berdan George L, elk s d, 2433 K nw 
Berens Adolph, baker, 1126 7th nw 
Berens Bernhart, restaurant, 1126 7th nw 
Berens William, tailor, 1128 7th nw 
Beresford Randolph, printer, 523 7th nw, h 

1514 9th nw 
Bergelbach Sarah, 1538 Columbia nw 
Berger Franz (Matz & Berger), 3dnr R nw 
Berger George, barber, 712 vth se 
Berger Henrietta, wid Charles H, 1508 14th nw 
Berger John A, watchmkr, 833 1st ne 
Berger Oscar L, jeweler, 1734 Pa av nw 
Berger Peter, carp, 911 N nw 
Bergen Susie A, wid Charles M, 1807 H nw 
Berger William F, blksmith, 1401 R I av nw, h 

1400 14th nw 
Bergevin Peter P, elk g 1 o, 937 H nw 
Bergh George, baker, 419 12th sw 
Bergh George jr, baker, 419 12th sw 
Bergling Bernard, tailor, 708 5th nw 
Bergling Geo, tailor, 1318 F nw, h 708 5th nw 
Bergling George C, elk, 708 5th nw 
Bergling Henry, tailor, 1134 7th nw, h 614 5th 

Bergling Henry jr, tailor, 614 5th nw 
Bergling John, elk, 708 5th nw 
Bergman Frederick W, cig and tob, 107 Pa av 
Bergman Henry E, carp, 641 N nw 
Bergman Herman E, elk, 813 G nw 
Bergman John, hostler, 7th st rd nw 
Be gman Leonard F, let carrier, 1137 10th nw 
Bergman Lambert M, 727 8th nw 
Bergman Lambert, let carrier, 1137 10th nw 
Bergman William H (Bodemer & Bergman), 

6th c N nw 
Bergmann A, wid Carl, 813 G nw 
Bergmann Carl F W, upholsterer, 903 G nw, 

h 813 G nw 
Bergmann Franz A, elk, 813 G nw 
Bergmann F William, baker, 22 Eastern mkt, 

11th e C se, h 240 11th c C se 
Bergmann Herman E, elk, 813 G nw 
Bergmann H H, insurance agent, 813 G nw 
Bergmann John W, music teacher, 513 N nw 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580, 




Direct fo'om Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's. 911 7th Street. 

Bergmann Louisa, teacher, 732 13th nw 
Bergmann Rudolph, elk, 2100 14th nw 
Bergmann William, saloon, 2001 14th nw 
Bergwine Margaret, cook, 1405 H nw 
Berkan P H, elk pen o, 1600 16th nw 
Berkeley Bedell, reporter, 316 Irid av nw 
Berkeley Enos R, elk Oil-more & Co, 513 

10th se 
Berkeley Guy, lab, 1210 U nw 
Berkeley Jane, wid D T, seamstress, 8093dse 
Berkeley Martha, wid Benj, janitrix, 200 M se 
Berkeley Sarah M, wid Enos E, 513 10th se 
Berkeley Thomas M, machinist, 525 9th se 
Berkley Alfred, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Berkley Alice, servt, 1907 Harewood av, Le 

Droit park 
Berkley Annie, servt, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Berkley Bedell, 16 nr I nw 
Berkley Charles E, police, 402 12th se 
Berkley Christopher, baker, 724 9th se 
Berkley Cornelius A, mess, 1706 5th nw 
Berkley David L, letter carrier, 640 Gr se 
Berkley Henry, blksmith, 908 13th se 
Berkley Henry J, printer, 430 6th nw 
Berkley Horace, Wilson st al nw 
Berkley John W, elk, 711 1 se 
Berkley Richard, lab, 101 Baptist al nw 
Berkley Richard, porter, 1 Johnson row nw 
Berkley Samuel, lab, 2145 9th nw 
Berkley Wm, gardener, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Berkley William, hostler, 111 Madison al 
Berkley William E, huckster, 1218 1st se 
Berlin Benjamin R, elk cen bureau 
Berlin Grace M (Stoddard & Co), 610 9th nw 
Berlin Henry S, bookkeeper, 236 2d nw 
Berlin Wm, 'druggist, 908 6th nw, h 610 9th nw 
Berman Moses, shoemkr, 1212 7th nw 
Bernabo Anna K, grocer, 130 1st nw 
Bernabo Francis J, elk, 130 1st nw 
Bernard Frank S, plate printer, 3130 Dumbar- 
ton av, Gtn 
Bernard Geo, cabinet rnkr, 1824 Wiltberger nw 
Bernard John L, tinner, 3130 Dumbarton av, 

Bernard Margaret, wid William, elk reg o, 816 

13th nw 
Bernard Michael, lab, 418 I ne 
Bernard Overton, elk cen, 222 3d nw 
Bernardini A G, waiter, 1439 K nw 
Berner Charles, saloon, 228 C 
ne, It 22G C ne 


S -A. X-m o o n, 

228 C, NE. 

Bernhard Casper, shoemkr, 828 6th nw 
Bernhard Eugene, piano tuner, 828 6th nw 
Bernard F T, elk g 1 o, 3d c C nw 
Bernhard John, 926 C nw 
Bernhard Juliet, boarding, 926 C nw 
Bernhardt Caspar, shoemkr, 828 6th nw 
Bernheimer Henry, restaurant, 918 Pa av nw 
Beron John, machinist, 319 7th se 
Berou William, painter, 332 8th se 
Berres Henry, elk, 328 2d ne 
Berres Joseph, carp, 328 2d ne 

Berret James O, lawyer, I4L2I) 
NY av nw, li 1 535 I nw 

Berret John J, lawyer, 1003 H nw 
Berris Henry, rag dealer, 1025 20th nw 
Berris Margaret, washer, 1025 20th nw 
Berry A G, lieut U S N, hydrographic o 13th c 

F nw 
Berry Albert L, elk, 420 7th sw 
Berry Alexander, lab, 1737 L nw 
Berry Alfred (Moten & Berry), Marks al 66 
Berry Alice, elk treas, 1611 35th nw, Gtn 
Berry Allen P, bkkr, 461 Mo av nw 
Berry Annie, servt, 1st nr P sw 
Berry Arthur T, elk, 1316 N nw 
Berry Barbara L, wid Michael, 495 G sw 
Berry Benjamin J, elk, 420 7th sw 
Berry Catherine V R, 1512 H nw 
Berry Cora, elk, 806 7th nw 
Berry C I», M C, e cor 8th nw 
Berry David A (George Berry & Son), 132 

Berry E A, butcher, 419 N L mkt, h Valley 

bet Stoddard and Road, Gtn 
Berry Edgar I*, teller Farm- 
ers and Mechanics' National 
Bank, 3233 I» nw, Otn 
Berry Eli A, butcher, 621 Cen and 419 N L 

mkts, h 1689 Valley nw, Gtn 
Berry Elizabeth, milk, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Berry Elizabeth, laundress, Union al nw 
Berry Elizabeth, washer, Insane Asylum 
Berry Ella C, servt, 205 3d sw 
Berry Eugenia, 614 19th nw 
Berry E W, lieut U S N, 916 Farragut sq 
Berry Fanny, wid Thomas, 518 A se 
Berry Ferdinand, elk, 1247 G se 
Berry George (George Berry & Son), 517£ aw 
Berry George, driver, 211 4^ sw 
Berry George, gardener, Anacostia 
Berry George, printer, 314 B ne 
Berry George, undertaker, Va av nr N J av se 
Berry George & Son (George and David A. 

Berry), undertakers, 458 School sw 
Berry George F, elk, 3223 M nw, Gtn 
Berry George L, waiter, Va av nr N J av se 
Berry George M, lab, 430 1st sw 
Berry George T, salesman, 3223 M nw, Gtn 
Berry Hannah, wid Richard, washer, 2205 Gnw 
Berry Harriet, cook, 617 4th nw 
Berry Harry L, baker, 920 D sw 
Berry Henry, painter, 303 8th ne 
Berry Henrietta, wid Ferd, grocer, 1223 G se 
Berry Isaiah, lab, 12 Liberty nw 
Berry Isaiah, lab, 1733 L nw 
Berry James, sig corps, 310 B ne 
Beny James E, boatman, 1610 Corcoran nw 
Berry James E, livery stable, C c 13& nw, h 

1203 F nw 
Berry Jeremiah, lab, 2024 E nw 
Berry John, elk, 3223 M nw, Gtn 
Berry John, butcher, 1633 N J av nw 
Berry John, carp, 440 I nw 
Berry John T. carp, 920 D sw 
Berry John, lab, 206 Guild al 
Berry John, lab, 1210 25th nw 
Berry John, sailor, 354 K sw 
Berry John E, blacksmith, 707 10th se 
Berry John H, blacksmith, 740 5th se 
Berry John H, lab, Child's al se 
Berry John R, lab, 2515 P nw, Gtn 
Berry John T, driver, 2310 L nw 
Berry J Owens, elk cen o, 3223 M nw, Gtn 
Berry J T, elk, Hillman House 
Berry Julia B, elk cen o, 621 E nw 
Berry Lizzie, servt, 1924 1 nw 


Real Estate Agents anfi Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China, Glass Crockery Ware 



Wo. 923 JPenn Avenue. 

Berry Lucy, washer, insane asylum 

Berry Madison, lab, 430 1st sw 

Berry Margaret, 933 T nw 

Berry Maria, 3114 nw, Gtn 

Berry Mary, servt, 1603 L nw 

Berry Mary A, cook, Guinan al sw 

Berry Mary A, seamstress, Marks al se 

Berry Mary A, wid Thomas, 725 18th nw 

Berry Mary E, wid Edward P, 109 C se 

Berry Minnie, servt, 1208 M nw 

Berry Naomi, servt, 2205 G nw 

Berry Paulina A, provisions, 420 7th sw, h 1007 

G nw 
Berry Pauline, elk, 1209 T nw 
Berry Peter, coachman, 1739 I nw 
Berry Philip, 3113 N nw, Gtn 
Berry Presley, lab, 217 F nw 
Berry Priscilla, wid Peter, 3233 P nw, Gtn 
Berry Richard, elk, 3233 P nw, Gtn 
Berry Richard, lab, Hamilton rd 
Berry Rich L, gardener, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Berry Robert, carp, 7th ab Grant av nw 
Berry Robert, gardener, Mass av nr 19th se 
Berry Robert, waiter, 1101 1 nw 
Berry Rosina, laundress, 703 6th nw 
Berry Sallie, elk cen o, 1233 N T av nw 
Berry Samuel, plasterer, 226 L sw 
Berry Sarah, wid Phil, 3100 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Berry Sarah, cook, 818 A sw 
Berry Sarah B, wid William T, 1341 L nw 
Berry Susan, washing, 1133 L nw 
Berry Thomas, cook, 1610 Corcoran nw 
Berry Thomas H, brickmkr, 54 N se 
Berry Thomas W, 1127 9th nw 
Berry Thornton, lab, 1210 25th nw 
Berry Warren, lab, 101 D sw 
Berry Washington O ( W O Berry& Co),493 G sw 
Berry W H, elk, Anacostia 
Berry William, elk, 310 B ne 
Berry Winnie A, servt, 1419 G nw 
Berry W O & Co (Washington O Berry), 

stoves, 503 9th nw 
Berryman Caroline, washer, 108 N se 
Berryman Henry, lab, 826 2d sw 
Berryman Isaac, lab, 1230 1st sw 
Berryman Lucius, lab, 334 G sw 
Berryman O C, 1st lieut U S M C, 1800 F nw 
Berryman Otway W, elk, 433 7th sw 
Berryman Rachel, servt, T nr 18th nw 
Berryman Wilson, lab, 474 H sw 
Berryman Wilson, lab, 239 4i sw 
Berryman W O, elk, 433 7th sw 
Berthrong Ithamar P, elk, 1370 B sw 
Berthrong Mary, 1370 B sw 
Bertram Joseph, elk, P nw, Gtn 
Berwanger Abraham, clothing:, 3122 Mnw, Gtn 
Berwanger David, elk, 3122 M nw, Gtn 
Bery Fannie, wid Thomas, 518 A se 
Bessant Henry, 1228 1 se 
Bessel Charles, lab, 1142 6th ne 
Bessels Emil, physician Smithsonian 
Besser Catherine, wid John. 38 I ne 
Besser Emma, elk, 38 I ne 
Bessey James M, elk pen, 1525 5th nw 
Bessey Mary J, counter, 1525 5th nw 
Bessler Frank, shoemkr, 1230 7th nw 

anges and Furnaceo 


Bessler George J, provisions, 713 F sw 

Bessling James H, elk, 119 B se 

Best Amanda M, wid Anthony, boarding, 410 

11th nw 
Best Charles A (Best & Co), 410 11th nw 
Best John, carp, 228 4i| sw 
Best Mahlon H, grocer, Wilson c 4th nw 
Best Robert W, elk cen, 813 K nw 
Best & Co (Chas A Best), furniture, 418 11th nw 
Bestor C H, attendant Insane Asylum 
Bestor Norman, elk, 1405 H nw 
Bestor Norman S, elk, 1723 35th nw, Gtn 
Bestor Orson H, bkkr, 219 3d nw 
Bethune Fannie R, 305 C nw 
Bethune James N, farmer, 305 C nw 
Better George C H, undertaker, 1408 S C av se 
Better John, lab, 1005 K se 
Bettes Eugene, plate printer, 517 20th nw 
Betts Daniel S, watchman, 7th st whf sw 
Betts Edward H, elk, 645 9th ne 
Betts Elizabeth R, varieties, 1115 7th se 
Betts Thomas G, wood and coal, 901 H ne, 7th 

c Md av ne, h 645 9th ne 
Betts William, lab, 1115 7th se 
Betts William T, elk, 645 9th ne 
Betz Andrew, elk, 328 K sw 
Betz Christian, grocer, 328 K sw 
Betz Ernest, tinsmith, 1008 6th nw 
Betz Kate Mrs, 1142 N J av nw 
Betz Louis, saloon, 509 9th nw, h 1003 E nw 
Beuchert Edward, restaurant, 727 H ne 
Beuchert John I, restaurant, 623 Pa av se 
Beuchert John M, lab, 727 H ne 
Beuchert Theodore, lab, 1008 6th, nw 
Beuchert William L, restaurant, 232 7th se 
Beuchler Alexander R, elk, 469 H nw 
Beuchler Anna, elk, 469 H nw 
Beuchler Emma, elk, 469 H nw 
Beuchler Florence A, harnessmkr, 1410 N Y 

av nw, h 469 H nw 
Beumann Charley, ironworker, 21st bet O and 

P nw 
Bevans Charles, lab, 2011 11th nw 
Bevans James, machinist, 1209 Pa av se 
Bevelev Millie, servt, Wilson nw 
Bevens* John T, 63 H nw 
Beveridge A F Mrs, propr Washington House, 

Penn av c 3d nw 
Beveridge Benjamin F, saloon, 305 Pa av nw, 

h 224 3d nw 
Beveridge Daniel B, wire works, 308 11th nw, 

h 435 9th sw 
Beveridffe UIYV^liina, glass and 

liouselursri filing* goods, IOO& 

Pa av nw, li 1618 H nw 


(Late Webb & Beveridge,) 


Cliina, C3-lass 3 Crockery 

Fine Plated Ware, Cutlery and 
House Fiarnistiirig G-oods, 

1009 Penn'a Ave., let. 10th & 11th Sts. 

Beveridge Teresa, Vermont al nw 
Beverley Harriet, servt, 1430 Sampson nw 
Beverley Henry, lab, 714 1st sw 
Beverley Henry, porter, 1218 N Y av nw 
Beverley Thomas, lab, 1430 Sampson nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 
PUSKAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Hassan, cor. Wall, NEW YOffi. 

Mutual Life Ins, Co. of N. Y. 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt* 





For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 


Beverly Caroline, washer, B nr 19th nw 
Beverly Cornelius, lab, 1828 Wiltberger nw 
Beverly Cornelius,' lab, 1602 4th nw 
Beverly Eliza, servt, 1331 Cedar nw 
Beverly Ellen, servt, Bassett al ne 
Beverly Ellen, servt, 60 C nw 
Beverly Griffin, lab, 909 G sw 
Beverly Henry, grocer, Vt av nr R nw, h R nr 

13th nw 
Beverly Henry, lab, 212 13th se 
Beverly Jackson, butcher, Boundary nr 10th nw 
Beverly James, lab, 616 West al nw 
Beverly Jane, servt, 2116 G nw 
Beverly John, lab, Hillsdale 
Beverly Judson, lab, 723 21st nw 
Beverly Minerva, wid Robert, washer, 121 L se 
Beverly Nancy, washer, 1144 20th nw 
Beverly Presley, lab, 822 2d sw 
Beverly Richard H, blksmith, 905 G sw 
Beverly Rose, servt, 236 Willow al sw 
Beverly Sarah, servt, 1723 R nw 
Beverly Silas W, porter, 905 G sw 
Beverly Sophia, servt, Mass av nr 16th se 
Beverly Temple, mariner, 121 L se 
Beverly Tucker J, lab, 329 G sw 
Bevier Susie, 104 K nw 
Bey Gregoire Aristarche, E E and M P Turkey, 

1015 Conn av nw 
Beyer Louis, file mnfr, also propr Park Hotel, 

7th nr Grant av nw, h Park Hotel 
Beyer Samuel B, insp bldgs, 620 D sw 
Beyer William, machine agent, 710 D nw 
Beyers Annie E, elk, 923 19th nw 
Bex Frederick, carriagesmith, 734 8th nw 
Beynon Bridget, housekeeper, 2414 N nw 
Beynon L H,' tailor, Gov Hospital for Insane 
Biandi Antonia, lab, 528 7th se 
Biard Jane, servt, Mass av c 15th nw 
Biarlain Michael, barkpr, 26th nr M nw 
Bias Frank, butcher, 820 4th nw 
Bias Joseph, lab. 408 L se 
Bias Murray A, lab, 1410 34th nw, Gtn 
Bias Sarah, wid John F, 1410 34th nw, Gtn 
Bibb Annie E, seamstress, 809 9th ne 
Bibbins Richard, elk. 717 9th ne 
Bickerton Harry, painter, 1833 L nw 
Bickerton Richard F, elk, 307 H ne 
Bickerton Roberta, seamstress, 1833 L nw 
Bickford F T, correspondent, 1322 F nw, h 

1834 15th nw 
Bickford Jennie L, teacher, 1834 15th nw 
Bickford Nathan B E, elk cen o, 617 F nw 

Bickford Warren C, elk treas d, 1016 25th nw 
Bickley Leanner, cook, 494 Maine av sw 
Bieknell O A, Ul C, 211 n Cap 

Bicksler Emily, 1005 E Capitol 

Bicksler Martin V, carp, 462 F sw 

Bicksler Thomas J, photographer, 401 7th nw. 

h 331 Del av ne 
Biddle Hiram, tailor, 513 E nw 
Biddle Horace C, lawyer, 800 21st nw 
Biddle John, elk p o, 210 B nw 
Biddle John R, elk, 1101 G nw 
Biddle Margaret E, elk tr 1 o, 427 4th nw 
Biddle M E I Mrs, 1632 K nw 
Biddle Samuel, elk 1st compt o, 800 21st nw 
Biddle Sophia L, 3d c R nw 
Biddleman Addie, bu eug, 1417 9th nw 
Bidwell Emily B, wid Daniel D, 224 N J av se 
Bidwell Frances E, elk treas, 224 N J av se 
Bieber Isadon, elk, 905 8th se 
Bieber Samuel, clothier, 905 8th se, h 903 8th se 
Biedler Andrew J (Biedler & Co), Howard 

Biedler Christian, sexton Prospect Hill Ceme- 
tery, Lincoln av nw 
Biedler & Co (Andrew 3 Biedler 

and. David Howard), commit 

sion, 932 La av nw 
Biehl Clara M, teacher, 1608 Marion nw 
Biehl Reinhart, bookbinder, 1608 Marion nw 
Bielaski Oscar, elk 2d compt o, 123 E ne 
Bieligk John G, saloon, 305 4J sw 
Bien Samuel, liquors, 406 9th nw, h 337 D sw 
Bien Sophia, elk, 337 D sw 
Bierfreund Theodore, lab, 1006 Pa av nw 
Bierlein Michael, gardener, Pierce Mill rd 
Bierline Michael, bartender, 1134 26th nw 
Bifield John, stonecutter, 112 1st nw 
Bigelow Benj F, receiving teller, 917 R nw 
Bigelow George S, elk pod, 931 G nw 
Bigelow Horatio R, physician, 1502 14th nw ? 

h 1525 14th nw, office hours 10 a m to 12 m, 

2 to 4 p m 
Big-elow Jonathan O, lawyer* 

«2« IX nw, h 154LO »th nw 


32P H St., Washington, D. C. 

Bigelow John R, elk pen o, 931 G nw 
Bigelow Otis (Otis Bigelow and Co), 13th c 

Q nw 
Bigelow Otis & Co (Otis Bige- 
low and Charles Hi BuBois), 
hankers, 605 7th nw 






Flour, Butter, Eggs, Hay, Pork, Poultry 



Hottle, Smith & Co., Woodstock, Va. 
Daniel Miller & Co., Baltimore, Md. 

D. F. Kagey, Cashier, New Market, Va. 
A. T. M. Filler, Leesburg, Va. 

John A. Baker, Washington, D. C 
Central National Bank, " 






Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

nw R M. widow Janoh. 611 X nw 

Bigelow R M, widow Jacob, 611 K nw 

Biggan William, driver, 2d nr D sw 

Biggins James, grocer, 2151 K nw 

Biggins John, grocer, Bowen rd 

Biggins Thomas, grocer, 2151 F nw 

Biggs Charles, painter, lot bet 23d and 24th 

and G and H nAV 
Biggs George, agt, 465 I sw 
Biggs Henry D, elk, 1807 14th nw 
Biggs Henry M, elk, 1807 14th nw 
Biggs Henry R, carp, 608 8th sw 
Biggs Isabella, wid John H, 1031 31st nw, Gtn 
Biggs James E, painter, 906 25th nw 
Biggs James L, plasterer, 906 25th nw 
Biggs Leonora, servt, 1617 I nw 
Biggs William T, lab, 214 22d nw 
Bigle Harriet, servt, 446 N Y av nw 
Bigler Joseph A, restaurant, 532 8th se 
Biglerr Philip, musician, 1203 E se 
Bigley Mary A, wid D RP, bu eng, 1515 8th nw 
Bild Charles, carriage trimmer, 640 B sw 
Bildman Joseph, clothing, 1208 7th nw 
Billard Jules F, elk pod, Annapolis Junction 
Billing Emily V, teacher, 611 K nw 
Billing Margaret M, elk int rev, 611 K nw 
Billing R K. wid W T W, 611 K nw 
Billings Henry, elk 3d aud o, 1222 4th nw 
Billings John, lab, 1244 1st se 
Billings John H, lab, 1244 1st se 
Billing s J olin S, l>revet lieuten- 
ant-colonel and assistant sur- 
geon general IJ S A, 34)27 M nw 
Billings Rolland B,bu eng, 1222 4th nw 
Billingsley Byron O, elk mt rev, 1222 O nw 
Billingsley Joseph F, carp, 1224 C sw 
Billingsley Leslie 0, driver, 706 6th sw 
Billows Isabella, servt, 514 10th sw 
Billups John, plasterer, 811 9th ne 
Bingham Albert W, elk pod, 1003 S nw 
Bingham Benjamin F, elk 3d aud o, 643 B ne 
Bingham Edward, lab, 10th st whf 
Bingham Henry H, M C, 1721 R I av nw 
Bingham John, elk, 708 6th nw 
Bingham Lafy'tte Gen, lawyer, Pa av nr 14th se 
Bingham Moses, upholsterer, 413 8th sw 
Bingham Sally, washer, 3d c P sw 
Bingley Matilda, elk bur ed, 714 12th nw 
Binish John, hatter, 606 10th nw 
Binkenburg George, draftsman, 105 2d nw 
Binnix Belle, servt, 1031 2d ne 
Binnix Edward, provisions, 432 6th nw 
Binnix Edward, plasterer, 930 G sw 
Binnix Thomas, tinner, 930 G sw 
Binns Douglass, elk 1st aud, 1014 F nw 
Biondi Antonio, lab, 528 7th se 
Biondi Charles P, jeweler, 528 7th se 
Biondi Joseph S, machinist, 1203 N J av se 
Biondi William, elk, 528 7th se 
Birch Bessie, folder, 19 Myrtle ne 
Bircn ISuslirod, disbursing* elk 

treas, Hamilton House 
Birch Charles E, engraver, 1231 31st nw, Gtn 
Birch Frances, wid Thomas, 617 14th nw 
Birch George A, undertaker, 3034 M nw, Gtn 
Birch Gus A, conductor, bds 1322 6th sw 
Birch Henry, contractor, 2422 K nw 
Birch Isaac, undertaker, 1404 29th nw, Gtn 
Birch Jacob, elk, 1809 35th nw, Gtn 



Birch Jane C, wid James H, 918 D sw 

Birch John O, lab, 819 F sw 

Birch John F, paver, 3401 O nw, Gtn 

Birch Joseph F, undertaker, 3034 M nw, Gtn,. 

h 3043 M nw 
Birch Joseph F, elk, 923 I nw 
Birch Mary, servt, Lincoln av nw 
Birch Mary 3 , dressmkr, 3401 O nw, Gtn 
Birch Phillip W, fireman, 918 D sw 
Birch Richard I, 491 E sw 
Birch Samuel H, fish, 491 E sw 
Birch Susan, wid Balaam, 615 14th ne 
Birch Susan, wid George, 1204 G nw 
Birch Susie, servt, 5 Liberty nw 
Birch Thomas, lab, 496 L sw 
Birch William H, plumber, 807 4th nw, h 19 

Myrtle ne 
Birch William J, driver, 308 13£ sw 
Birch W Taylor, 719 Market sp, h 126 Beall,Gte 
Birchard James T, elk g 1 o, 123 Md av ne 
Birchett R A, assistant postmaster senate, L 

nr 17th nw 
Birchett Richard T, elk 2d aud, 1635 L nw 
Birckhead Charles (Birckhead & Mishaw) r 

1100 4th nw 
Birckhead Charles E, cabinetmkr, 409 L nw 
Birckhead John N, elk, 625 Md av sw 
Birckhead Middleton, carp, 1100 4th nw 
Birckhead & Mishaw (Charles Birckhead and 

John Mishaw), cabinetmkrs, 409 L nw 
Bird Albert, blacksmith, 2203 L nw 
Bird Alexander, lab, 1525 34th nw, Gtn 
Bird Alfred, 2230 L nw 
Bird Annie, servt, 1718 Erie nw 
Bird Barney, lab, Erie nw 
Bird Eliza, wid John, 45 C sw 
Bird Florence, cook, 341 H sw 
Bird Frances, cook, Sherman pi, Mt Pleasant 
Bird Georgiana C, wid John H, 189 6th sw 
Bird Harriet, cook, 1525 34th nw,Gtn 
Bird Harriet, wid Henry, cook, 2125 Pa av nw 
Bird Harvey, lab, 318 Vant sw 
Bird Henry R, elk, 409 10th nw 
Bird John, lab, Cook al nr 21st nw 
Bird John, lab, 236 Nailor's al nw 
Bird John H, lime and cement. 1007 B nw f 

189 6th sw 
Bird Joshua, lab, 604 2d sw 
Bird Joshua, lab, 8 Lowe's al ne 
Bird Lewis H, paper hanger, 1237 C sw 
Bird Lucinda, laundress, 806 3d sw 
Bird Lucinda, servt, 812 3d sw 
Bird Lucy A, washer, 633 I sw 
Bird Maggie S, tailoress, 1426 9th nw 
Bird Margaret, washer, 45 C sw 
Bird Martha, wid Hector, Canal nr G sw 
Bird Minnie C Miss, 189 6th sw 
Bird Patsey, wid John, 341 H sw 
Bird Patsey, wid Thornton, 720 1st sw 
Bird Patsey, servt, 10 3d se 
Bird Philip, lab, 1 Covington nw 
Bird Randall, servt, 1014 12th nw 
Bird Randall, waiter, 311 C sw 
Bird Rebecca G, 189 6th sw 
Bird Reuben, lab, 2125 Pa av nw 
Bird Robert, lab, 323 Clark al sw 
Bird Samuel, lab, 339 G sw 
Bird Samuel, lab, 1206 3d sw 
Bird Susan, elk pat o, 717 4th nw 

WML P. young, ^ssfSfamsr* 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold by all Druggists and at 911 7tb St. 

Bird Thomas, lab, 2128 F nw 
Bird Virginia, servt, 51 C sw 
Bird William, barber, 233 3d sw 
Bird William, lab, 635 I sw 
Bird William, lab, 702 3d nw 
Bird William E, carp, 945 Va av sw 
Birge Henry W, elk cen o, 525 3d nw 
Birkenwald Aaron, elk, 3128 M nw, Gtn 
Birkigt Louis A, lab, 3056 Water, Gtn 
Birley Frances, washer, 2217 E nw 
Birmingham Alfred J, shirt cutter, 216 3d se 
Birmingham Edward, blksmith, 1012 3d se 
Birmingham Edward C, blksmith, 216 3d se 
Birmingham Harry L, 216 3d se 
Birmingham William O, printer, 216 3d se 
Birney Arthur A (Birney & Birney), 1903 Hare- 
wood av, Le Droit park nw 
Birney William (Birney & Birney), 1901 Hare- 
wood av, Le Droit park 
Birney & Birney (William and 
Arthur A Birney), lawyers, 
33© 4L>£ nw 


330 Four-and-a-Half St., nw. 

Birnie Clotworthy, lawyer, 2107 Pa av nw 
Birth Henry, elk, 219 3d nw 
Birth Maria L, wid James, boarding, 219 3d nw 
Birth Wm W, grocer, 313 3d nw, h 219 3d nw 
Birtwell Daniel, elk pen o, 1129 5th nw 
Bisbee Horace B, printer, 511 4th, nw 
Bischoff Andrew, elk, 511 R I av nw 
Bischoif Charles, tailor, 922 D nw 
Bischoff Joseph, blksmith, 809 6th sw 
Bischoff John W, prof music, 7 Grant pi nw 
Bischoff Leonard, elk, 511 R I av nw 
Biscoe Henry JL. grocer, 1108 
Water sw, also wharfinger 
Biscoe's wharves, foot of 10th 
sw, h 813 31st nw 
Biscoe Teresa, servt, 924 D sw 
Biser Margaret, servt, 620 F nw 
Bishop Augustus A, feed, 819 7th nw 
Bishop Catherine, cook, Washington Asylum 

Bishop Charles E (Charles E Bishop & Co and 

Tucker & Bishop), 1224 14th nw 
Bishop Charles E & Co, gene- 
ral insurance and real estate 
agents, 517 7th nw 


General Insurance & Real Estate Agents, 

517 7th St.. opp. Post Office. 

Bishop Elijah, musician, 458 N Y av nw 
Bishop Elizabeth A, wid Charles, 422 7th sw 
Bishop Elizabeth W, P c 29th nw, Gtn 
Bishop Henry, 1733 8th nw 
Bishop Henry, harnessmkr, 235 10th se 
Bishop Isaac W, P c 29th nw, Gtn 

Bishop John M, elk 6th aud o, 621 E nw 
Bishop Joseph E, photographer, 417 11th nw 
Bishop Leroy C, druggist, 730 9th nw, h 1200 

Bishop Lizzie, cook, 1716 Pa av nw 
Bishop Louisa M, teacher, 1733 8th nw 
Bishop Mary, 1214 G nw 
Bishop Minnie, wid Henry, 1232 8th nw 
Bishop N D, elk bu stats, 1431 2d nw 
Bishop Varden R, bookbinder, 228 A ne 
Bisphan Robert A, driver, 1345 H ne 
Bissell Arthur H. law elk pod, 641 E Capitol 
Bitter Ferdinand, produce, 244 Centre and 144 

N L mkts, h 20 P nw 
Bitting Jared D (Robert Davidson & Co), Phil- 
Bittinger Benjamin F Rev, 638 F sw 
Bittinger Isabella M, wid Dr Charles, 1108 JMd 

av sw 
Bittinger William M, bkkr, 638 F sw 
Bitz Caroline, wid Casper, 1822 Wiltberger 
Bivens Thomas H, lab, Anacostia 
Bivins John T, chief stub divis« 
ion commissioner of customs, 
73«» 12th nw 
Black Albert, 224 2d ne 
Black Alice, servt, 454 Md av sw 
Black Catherine, 1801 E nw 
Black Charlie, waiter, 145 Pierce nw 
BlackCharles IS, lieutenant com* 

mander U S W, 1108 16th nw 
Black Ellen P, elk cen, 512 9th 
Black George W, elk pen o, 1306 G nw 
Black Harriet M, elk compt cur, 100 West,Gtn 
Black Jacob M, bu eng, 4 3d ne 
Black James, engineer, c 1st and K sw 
Black James F A, driver, 1724 H nw 
Black James H, printer, 18 F nw 
Black John A, elk cen, 1326 N Y av nw 
Black John H, cook, 1829 I nw 
Black Joshua, lab, 1215 U nw 
Black Lavinia, wid Samuel, 1326 Union aw 
Black Lillie R, servt, 1829 I nw 
Black Lucy, servt, 2109 H nw 
Black Marion A, elk cen 
Black Mary, 610 O nw 
Black Mary E, elk pen o, 512 9th nw 
Black Mary L, elk, 911 G nw 
Black Michael, lab, 954 R nw 
Black Oliver C, elk cen, 813 13th nw 
Black Robert, watchman, 311 3d 
Black Sidney, servt, 310 Ind av nw 
Black Sidney, wid James, 470 E sw 
Black Thomas, gardener, 2122 N nw 
Black William H, elk pod, 2111 12th nw 
Blackburn Amelia, servt, 927 19th nw 
Blackburn Arthur, lab, 906 7th se 
Blackburn Haywood, lab, 55 O nw 
Blackburn H H, {lawyer, <tfl>S 

l*a av nw, h National Hotel 
Blackburn, Howard, lab, 346 Vant sw 
Blackburn J M, elk sen, 917 N Y av nw 
Blackburn Joseph, lab, 1043 31st nw, Gtn 
Blackburn Joseph C S, M. C, 917 

IV Y av nw 
Blackburn Lutie, washer, Louse al sw 
Black fan •Joseph H, superin- 
tendent foreign mails post of* 
lice department, 1130 12th nw 
Blackford B Lewis, insurance 
agent, 517 7th nw, h 3026 Q 
Blackford Frank A, elk treas d, bds 102 Mass 

av nw 
Blackford Hannah, servt, 1016 Vt av nw 







Importers and Dealers in ■ - 

CM Glass CrottayWare 



No, 923 Penn Avenue. 

Blackford Huldah W, wid John S, supt Gtn 

p o, 3156 P nw, Gtn 
Blackford John S, watchmkr and jeweler, 

3125 M nw, Gtn 
Blackford Saml S, elk agl d, 102 Mass av nw 
Blackford Walter M, elk, 3125 M nw, Gtn 
Blackford William D, 705 B se 
Blackford William E, elk q m g o, 307 H nw 
Blackiston William D, cabinetmkr, 1541 

Columbia nw 
Blackley Lambert, lab, Wallach nw 
Blackman Abraham, lab, Locust al sw 
Blackman Agnes, washer, 226 Willow al sw 
Blackman Andrew J, elk, 2723 K nw 
Blackman Armistead, lab, 226 Willow al sw 
Blackman Frederick, 209 M sw 
Blackman Sarah, washer, 226 Willow al sw 
Blackman Thomas S, shoemkr, 1251 31st nw, 

Gtn, h Madison nr Back, Gtn 
Blackman Wm, shoemkr, 2049 35th nw, Gtn 
Blackmar John F, elk pen o, 614 F nw 
Blackson Mary A, servt. 111 F nw 
Blackstock Mary, wid Geo, 4th c Pomeroy nw 
Blackstock William A, elk, 4th c Pomeroy nw 
Blackston Dorsey, janitor, 615 7th nw 
Blackston James, carp, 128 D sw 
Blackston Jeremiah, 12th c C ne 
Blackston Joseph, lab, 107 E sw 
Blackston Robert, waiter, 2718 P nw, Gtn 
Blackstone John, cook, 430 8th nw 
Blackwell Abraham, lab, V c 17th nw 
Blackwell Alice, servt, 1514 9th nw 
Blackwell Ann M, laundress, 1146 16th nw 
Blackwell Armistead, barber, 926 3d nw 
Blackwell Charles, fireman, 1st nr O sw 
Blackwell Charles, lab, 1216 1st sw 
Blackwell Charles, waiter, 339 E sw 
Blackwell Charles H, waiter, 1321 N nw 
Blackwell Emma, washer, 15 Pierce nw 
Blackwell Harry, waiter, 1814 3d nw 
Blackwell Hiram, lab, 339 E sw 
Blackwell George, lab, 508 3d sw 
Blackwell Isaac, lab, 15 Pierce nw 
Blackwell Isabella, washer, 12th nr C ne 
Blackwell James, lab, 1146 16th nw 
Blackwell James, lab, 339 E sw 
Blackwell James E, computer treas, Alex, Va 
Blackwell John, lab, 1913 E nw 
Blackwell Joseph H, postal elk, Charlottes- 
ville, Va 
Blackwell Mary A, wid Samuel, washer, 1147 

21st nw 
Blackwell Samuel, lab, 256 3d sw 
Blackwell Sarah, wid Jeremiah, 12th nr C ne 
Blackwin Thomas, shoemkr, 28th nr P nw, 

Gtn, h Back nr 35th nw, Gtn 
Blackwood Carrie, servt, 1112 21st nw 
Blackwood Emma, washer, 710 3d nw 
Blackwood E S, architect, 615 7th nw, h 1112 

G nw 
Blackwood Joseph H, elk c g o, 1603 S nw 
Blackwood Nancy, 1418 3d nw 
Blackwood Randolph, porter, 1735 Marion al 

Bladen Charles E, brassfinisher, 1116 4th se 

lumbing& Gas Fittinlj 


Bladen John J, lab, 1116 4th se 

Bladen Mary, 236 Nailor's al nw 

Bladen Samuel, brass fitter, 4th bet L & M nw 

Bladen Thomas S, lab, 901 M se 

Bladen William, gardener, 2610 K nw 

Blades George, butcher, 507 G se 

Blades John, moulder, 507 G se 

Blagden Abram, lab, 1623 V nw 

Blagden Heartley, washer, 111 L nw 

Blagden Maria, washer, 111 L nw 

Blagden Thos, feed 609 G nw h Brightwood rd 

Blagmon James,, fireman, 606 3d sw 

Blague Eliza R, elk treas, 213 2d se 

Blague Elizabeth, elk, 213 2d se 

Blague Elizabeth R, elk treas, 213 2d se 

Blaine James G 9 U S S, 831 IStU 

Blaine Joseph A, carp, 9th c P nw, h 1431 8tb 

Blaine Robert G, 206 A se 
Blair Bettie, servt, Wilson st al nw 
Blair Cecelia, servt, Wilson st al nw 
Blair David, physician, 1626 14th nw. Office- 
hours 10 a m to 1 p m, 5 to 10 p m 
Blair Eliza A, wid John, servt, 222 5th se 
Blair Frank P, plumber, 420 H nw 
Blair Frank P jr, plumber, 420 H nw 
Blair Gist, 1651 Pa av nw 
Blair Henry W, 624 5th nw 
Blair H W, sub asst use and g s, 129 C se 
Blair Henry W, U S S, S05 JE& 

Blair J ames D, carp, 3265 M nw, Gtn 
Blair Jane, wid John, 1319 H nw 
Blair Jessup, 12 Lafayette sqnw 
Blair John S, law elk dept justice, 828 14th nw 
Blair Mary A, washer, 306 3d sw 
Blair Mary E, cook, 1011 M nw 
Blair Mary J, wid James, 12 Lafayette sq nw 
Blair Montgomery (Montgomery Blair & Son), 

1651 Pa av nw 
Blair Rachael, nurse, Burke al sw 
Blair Richard, blacksmith, Wilson st al nw 
Blair Robert, waiter, 1454 Q nw 
Blair Robert W, baker, 629 H ne 
Blair Sarah, printer, 420 H nw 
Blair Winnie, wid Godfrey, 1454 Q nw 
Blair Woodbury (Montgomery ^Blair & Son),, 

1651 Pa av nw 
Blake A D (Wemple, Smith & Co), Norfolk, Va 
Blake Daniel, elk, 520 7th sw 
Blake Edward, printer, 2 I ne 
Blake Francis E, cabinetmaker, 219 5th ne 
Blake George A H, gen USA, 1312 N nw 
Blake George W, elk navy, 4.9 H nw 
Blake Isaac, plasterer, 1122 8th nw 
Blake James, elk 1st aud, 511 13thnw 
Blake Jane, wid Benjamin, caterer, 1208 13th nw 
Blake John, driver, 632 N Capitol 
Blake Jolui B Br, 511 4ltla mw 
Blake Kate K, 1428 Corcoran nw 
Blake Loyal L, 910 F nw 
Blake E Tucker, 511 4th nw 
Blake Philip, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Blake William, plumber, 632 N Capitol 
Blake William A, plumber, 632 N Capitol 
Blake William F, steward Cosmos Club, Cor- 
coran bldg, 1208 13th nw 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. ^gStf 




Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's, 911 7th Street 

Blake Williamson R, coachman, Green al nw 
Blakelock Richard J, elk ago, 619 6th sw 
Blakely Thomas M, coal inspctr, 14th nrJC sw 
Blakemore Frank, elk, 1215 6th nw 
Blakemore Nathan L, elk, 325 Pa av nw 
Blakeney James T, bookbiuder, 2021 9th nw 
Blakey Ellen, servt, 3103 M nw, Gtn 
Blakey Frances, cook, 1749 F nw 
Blanahan Margaret, washer, 313 3d sw 
Blane Alhei*t Baron, E E and 191 

1% Italy 
Blanchard Arthur, elk, 223 B nw 
Blanchard Charles, oysters, Boundary nr 2d ne 
Blanchard Charles, plasterer, 319 3d ne 
Blanchard Charles H, 104 Mass av nw 
Blanchard Charles M, elk, 507 11th nw 
Blanchard Charles M, druggist, 316 4J sw 
Blanchard Constantine, painter, 319 3d ne 
Blanchard Frances Mrs, 1443 Corcoran nw 
Blanchard Frank S, elk pat o, 104 Mass av nw 
Blanchard H W, elk pen o, Herndon Va 
Blanchard James M (Holloway & Blanchard), 

305 M nw 
Blanchard Lewis, painter, 319 3d ne 
Blanchard William, printer, 35 K ne 
Blanchard William B, elk, 1443 Corcoran nw 
Blanche Madame, physician, 522 10th nw 
Blanck William, driver, h 1203 Pa av se 
Blanco O Augustin Senor Don, 

secretary Peruvian legation, 

Bland Allen M, tailor, Lincoln, University Hill 
Bland Charlotte, washing, Farragut nw 
Bland Dennis, driver, 101 I sw 
Bland Dolly, cook, 101 1 sw 
Bland Elizabeth, 421 10th sw 
Bland Elizabeth, servt, 110 Madison al nw 
Bland Fannie, cook, 101 1 sw 
Bland James, carp, 1162 16th nw 
Bland James, confectioner, 1168 16th nw 
Bland John, hostler, 467 K sw 
Bland John, lab, Farragut nw 
Bland John W, lab, 348 K sw 
Bland Joseph, carp, 914 Walker al sw 
Bland Joseph T, lab, 348 K sw 
Bland Lydia A, Lincoln, University Hill 
Bland Maria, servt, 504 Me av sw 
Itland UI Cora, physician, 1309 
O nw 

Bland Mildred, servt, 818 2d sw 

Bland Millie, servt, 318 3d nw 

Bland RP,MC, National Hotel 

Bland St Julian, mess sen 

Bland Samuel, driver, 348 K sw 

Bland Spencer, driver, 467 K sw 

Bland Thomas A, physician, manager National 

Press Association, 1209 G nw 
Bland Zebulon, lab, 491 L sw 
Blandford George W, police, 806 A se 
Blandf ord Thos, basketmkr, 441 Franklin nw 
Blandy Henry B, asst ex pat o, 1447 S nw 
Blaney Dennis, lab, 493 L sw 
Blaney Matilda, wid Charles, Johnson's al nw 
Blankenship Elizabeth F A, 413 Mass av nw 
Blankman John S, lawyer, 321 4i nw, h 1402 

17th nw 
Blannon Charlotte, washer, 74 Jackson al nw 
Blasland William, elk treas, 915 O nw 

Blass James M,cap police, bds American House 

Blass William G, bkkr, 463 G nw 

Blatzheim Jacob, locksmith, 1739 Pa av nw, h 

K nr 19th nw 
Blau Eugene, bricklayer, 1712 N J av nw 
Blau Frederick L, painter, 1712 N J av nw 
Blau Herman, upholsterer, 704 14th nw 
Blau Herman E, elk int d, 704 14th nw 
Blau Pauline, 1712 N J av nw 
Blazer Peter W, student, 309 Elm,Le Droit park 
Blazey Charles W, elk, 636 La av nw 
Bleakmore F F, elk, 6th aud o, 1215 6th nw 
Bleecker Sarah R, wid John V B, paymaster 

U S N, 819 Vt av nw 
Bleecker Nina, elk cen, 815 Vt av nw 
Bleecker Rosalie L, elk 1 h b, 815 Vt av nw 
Bleiius Rudolph, restaurant, 

115 JE Capitol se, h do 



415 E. CAPITAL. 

Bligh John, grocer, 1200 C nw 
Blythe John A, bartender, 486 Pa av nw 
Blincoe William W, driver, 816 N H av nw 
Blinkhorn John L (Blinkhorn & Co), 926 E nw 
Blinkhorn & Co (John L Blinkhorn), plumb- 
ers, 427 10th nw 
Bliss Alexander, 820 Conn av nw 
Bliss Alfred G, elk int rev, 321 11th se 
Bliss Archibald ME, ME C, Wil- 

lard's Hotel 
Bliss Carrie L, elk cen o, 709 I nw 
Bliss Charles H, civil engineer,709 I nw 
Bliss » Willard, physician, 1339 
E nw, h do 

0™» How :{«£»«; 

Bliss Ellis B, dentist, 1329 F nw 
Bliss Henry H, pat attorney, 705 H nw 
Bliss Sylvia L, wid James E, 913 N Y av nw 
Bliss William W, cen o, 1207 E nw 
Block Charles, elk, 503 I nw 
Block Joseph G, police, 814 7th sw 
Block Leopold, pedler, 430 4 J sw 
Block Sigmund G, police, 814 7th sw 
Blodgett William H, elk treas, 450 Pa av nw 
Blodgett William H, ex pat o, 602 A ne 
Bloettner E Mme, dressmkr, 422 7th nw 
Blois James F H, elk pod, 728 11th nw 
Blondel Eugene, painter, OOl I 
nw, h 133 9 , law 


Graining, Glazing, Kalsomining, &c, 
No. 604 I ST., BET. 6th AND 7th NW. 


Kalsomining Plain and in Colors. Orders promptly 


Blondel Maggie, elk, 423 L nw 

Blondell William T, elk, Congressional Hotel 

Blonden James, shoemkr, 62 H nw 

Blondheim Henry, elk, 916 5th nw 

Blondheim Julius, elk, 916 5th nw 

Blood Elizabeth E, elk d 1 o, 513 A se 

Blood Henry Ames, elk state d, 834 13th 

Blood Sarah W, 513 A se 

Bloomer Arthur F, printer, 804 1st nw 

Bloomer Caroline Mrs, 1321 M nw 

Bloomer George, 1321 M nw 

Invites Attention to its Endowment Policies. 





Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRETS) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Bloss JohD B, lawyer, 505 7th nw, h Mt Pleas- 

Blount James H, UI C, Metropo- 
litan Hotel 

Blout Emanuel, elk, 716 6th nw 

Blout I L, milliner)*, 710 7th 

Blow Ann, servt, Theatre al nw 

Blow Maggie, wid Peter B, 1420 9th nw 

Bloxton Allen H, coachman, U nr 31st nw,G-tn 

Bloxton Barbara, wid Allen, 344 M sw 

Blue Benjamin F, grocer, Hillsdale 

Blue Charles H, elk cen o, 907 N Y av nw 

Blue David S, bkkr, 908 I nw 

Blue Elizabeth, wid Wilson, Hillsdale 

Blue Locklin, mess, 730 4th nw 

Bluford Mary, seamstress, 1515 Pa av nw 

Blum David, elk, 747 8th se 

Blum Mark, elk, 747 8th se 

Blum Nathan, dry goods, 747 8th se 

Blum Rosa, 747 8th se 

Blumenberg Israel R, mining, 924 M nw 

Blumenberg John H, baker, 307 Centre and 36 

Corcoran mkts, h 1222 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Blumenthal Abraham, clothing, 3104 M nw, 

Gtn, h 1211 29th nw 
Blumenthal Michael, clothing, 3264 M nw, Gtn 
Blumenthal Michael, boots and shoes, 3268 M 

nw, Gtn, h 3262 M nw, Gtn 
Blumer Frederick, grocer, 822 C se 
Blumer John, elk, 825 E se 
Blumer William, engineer, N nr 1st se 
Blunden Annie, dressmkr, 1023 17th nw 
Blundon John A, supt parking com, 1419 33d 

nw, Gtn 
Blundon John F, contractor, 1706 33d nw, Gtn 
Blundon Joseph H, stone, 28th c K nw, h 

3215 O nw, Gtn 
Blundon Kate M, teacher, 1419 33d nw, Gtn 
Blundon Thomas O, pumpmkr, 2213 E nw 
Blunt Abraham, waiter, 111 5th se 
Blunt Edmund C, lawyer. 4=16 

oth nw, h 230 13th sw 
Blunt Harry W, cement, 1061 31st nw, Gtn, h 

230 12th sw 
Blunt Jeremiah, lab, 111 5th se 
Blush Mary J, presstender, 54 H ne 
Boaman Ann, wid Baptist, Grant av nr 9th nw 
Board of* Indian Commission- 
ers, 1129 ]\ Y av nw 
Boardley Albert, lab, 1064 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Boardley Carolina, wid Simon, 1907 K nw 
Boardman Catherine E, 1127 14th nw 
Boar dm an 3H E, hookseller, 539 

15th nw, h 1437 14th nw | 


Bookseller and Stationer, 

52S Fifteenth Street, nw., 

Opposite U. S. Treasury. 




Boarman G Clifford, elk, 1114 Md av sw 
Boarman John, carp, 1628 32d nw, Gtn 
Boarman Martha E, teacher, 1512 33d nw, Gtn 
Bnarman Mary E, wid Chas L, 3323 Rnw, Gtn 
Boarman Richard T, elk, 3321 R nw, Gtn 
Boarman Sylvester P, bkkr Bank of Wash- 
ington, 1114 Md av sw 
Boarman William A, carp, 217 6th se 
Boarman Wm I, plumber, 3123 South nw, Gtn 
Boarman, William W, lawyer, 505 D nw, h 

1114 Md av sw 
Boatman Mary, housekeeper, 823 D sw 
Bobee Ida, g p o, 77 Defrees nw 
Bechtel Henry C, modelmkr, bdsl24Md av sw 
Bock Henry, blksmith, 491 1 sw 
Bock, Margaret Mrs, Grant rd 
Bock Max, elk ago, 216 7th se 
Bock Theodore, florist, bds 500 10th nw 
Bodfish Abbie H, elk cen, 923 I nw 
Bodfish Abby L, wid Charles, elk int rev, 

1117 G nw 
Bodfish Sumner H, civil engineer, 605 F nw 
Bodine Enoch K, elk, 505 11th sw 
Bodine H D, elk 6th aud o, 618 9th nw 
Bodely Rachel A, cook, 418 10th nw 
Bodemer Alfred (Bodemer & Bergman), 805 

7th nw 
Bodemer & Bergman (Alfred 
Bodemer and William M Berg- 
man), drug-gists, 6th c N nw, 
and 805 7th nw 



Corner 6tli & ff. streets, nw., ana 805 7tn Street 

All Medicines Compounded with the greatest 
Skill and Care. Horse and Cattle Powders, the 
Alkaline Aperient, the Hair Invigorator, yet un- 

Boardman May E, elk pat o, 945 K nw 
Boardman Myron, elk war d, 1332 T nw 
Boardman Robert H, 1127 14th nw 
Boarman Charles V, physician, 1114 Md av 

sw. Office hours 8 to 10 a m, 2 to 4 p m, 6 

to 7 J p m 

Boden George C, elk, 721 12th nw 

Bodensick Geo H, bookbinder, 1129 N J avnw 

Bodley Thomas, lab, 709 C ne 

Bodny Martin, cook, 1417 K nw 

Body John H, cabinet shop, 1923 M nw, h 1301 
R I av nw 

Boegeholz Henry, liquors, 1139 
7th nw, h do 

Boehmann William, barkeeper, 1716 Pa av nw 

Boehmer George H, elk Smithsonian, High- 
land, Md 

Boernstein August S, physieian, 
1717 6th nw 

( 8 to 9 a m 
Office Hours : 1 4 to 5:30 p m 
( 7 to 8 p m 

Boettcher Frederick, cabinetmkr, 322 9th se 

Bogan Charles, lab, 926 5th nw 

Bogan John F, tailor, bds Mades Hotel 

Bogan John F jr, printer, 431 7th sw 

Bogan Lizzie, fancy goods, 431 7th sw 

Bogan Martin V B, physician, 604 Mass av nw. 
Office hours 8to 9 a m,3 to 4 p m, 7to 10 pm 

Bogan Samuel W, physieian, 
121 Gnw, hdo 

8 to 9 a m 
6 to 7 p m 

Office Hours : 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YOEI 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful* 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580* 




For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 


Bogeler Daniel, lab, 1623 11th nw 
Bogeler Nancy, washer, 1623 11th nw 
Bogen F W, elk pen o, 1330 4th nw 
Bogert Alice V, architect, 912 R I av nw 
Bogert Fannie, wid James, 136 F ne 
Bogert Peter, elk cen, 912 R I av nw 
Bogetson William, horseshoer, 806 E se 
Boggs Edward, stairbuilder, 1112 6th ne 
Boggs Ellen M, wid W Brenton, 3035 Dumbar- 
ton av nw, Gtn 
Boggs John W, stairbuilder, 621 B se, h 622 

N C av se 
Boggs Laroy J, music teacher, 319 N J av se 
Boggs Robert W, painter, E Capitol bet 1st and 

2d ne, h 219 Delaware av ne 
Boggs William B, stairbuilder, 622 N C av se 
Bogia A W, watchman ago, College Station, 

Prince George county, Md 
Bogia Ferd F, bookbinder, 621 10th ne 
Bogis Essex, lab, 1628 Vermont av nw 
Bogle John, 1224 D sw 

Bogley Reuben A, elk cen o, 2451 P nw, Gtn 
Bogue A P, physician, Sumner av nw 
Bogue John J, general agt, 3314 N nw, Gtn 
Bogus Augustus, cigars, 427 7th nw 
Bogus George, coal, 505 9th nw, 215 14th nw 

and wharf ft 13J sw, h 460 O nw 
Bogus Henry, cigars, 929 D nw, h 460 O nw 
Bohanah Joseph, coachman, 1014 19th nw 
Bohanah Mitchell, cook, county jail 
Bohanan Sarah, servt, 1423 K nw 
Bohannan Betsey, servt, 1415 Sampson nw 
Bohannan Mitchell, driver, 1415 Sampson nw 
Bohannan William H, grocer, 521 4th se 
Bohen Hannah, cook, 800 20th nw 
Bohlayer Annie E, 631 S C av se 
Bohlayer Christopher, butcher, I c 9th se 
Bohlayer George W, painter, 631 S C av se 
Bohlayer John T, carp, 631 S C av se 
Bohlayer William H, painter, 631 S C av se 
Bohn John, lab, 1116 F ne 
Bohn Joseph A, cig and tob, 117 Pa av nw 
Bohrer Alexander B, elk, 1020 G se 
Bohrer Cavour O, machinist, 1020 G se 
Bohrer George A, agt, 1020 G se 
Bohrer George P, insp, 326 Va av se 
Bohrer George W, bkkr, 3401 O nw, Gtn 
Bohrer Marion W, conductor, 1020 G se 
Bohrer Mary E, teacher, 1020 G se 
Bohrer Wm O, plater, 1003 F nw, h 616 H nw 
Boileau Paul, 820 K se 
Boise Samuel, bricklayer, 609 N J av nw 
Boiseau James T, iron railing, 518 N J av nw, 

h 822 G se 
Boiseau Ellen, wid Richard, elk cen, 1415 Q nw 
Boiseau Julien F, elk 2d aud, 818 G se 
Bokenbeny Mary J, servt, 944 N Y av nw 
Boker Henry, upholsterer, 709 4th ne 
Boland Catherine, wid Anthony, 41 H ne 
Boland George, lab, 101 L nw 
Boland John D Rev, asst pastor St Matthew's 

Church, 1415 H nw 
Boland Lydia A, 815 F sw 
Boland Margaret, wid Thomas, 321 Va av sw 
Boland Patrick, bricklayer, 821 2d ne 
Bold Charles H, lab, 1022 3d nw 
Bold Henrietta, washer, 1022 3d nw 
Boldemann Theodore, physician, 822 8th nw 
Bolden Albert Rev, pastor Baptist church, 444 

I nw 

Bolden Amelia, 1637 L nw 

Bolden Anna A, teacher, 612 19th nw 

Bolden Charles, lab, 352 Pa av nw 

Bolden Charles, oysters, 1637 L nw 

Bolden Fanny, servt, 1714 10th nw 

Bolden Frances, dressmkr, 612 19th nw 

Bolden George, driver, 12th cor E sw 

Bolden Henry C, mess, 1620 5th nw 

Bolden Ida, dressmkr, 1618 10th nw 

Bolden Jane C, dressmkr, 1903 R nw 

Bolden John, lab, 1333 27th nw, Gtn 

Bolden Joseph, waiter, 530 3d nw 

Bolden Julia M, seamstress, 2712 Olive av, Gto 

Bolden Julius, lab, 922 Del av ne 

Bolden Martha, servt, 315 C nw 

Bolden Samuel, lab, 1215 R nw 

Bolden Samuel, lab, 315 11th ne 

Bolden Susan, cook, 1131 16th nw 

Bolden Thomas, lab, Grace st al, Gtn 

Bolden Thornton, lab, 1341 28th nw, Gtn 

Bolden William, cook, 908 F sw 

Boldin George, butcher, 21 Western mkt, h 

High, Gtn 
Boldin Jesup Rev, pastor 19th street Baptist 

Church, 1123 19th nw 
Bolding John, watchman, 407 13£ sw 
Boler John, lab, 1735 Cedar nw 
Boler Richard M, 2004 17th nw 
Bolger Adam, lab, 1211 6th se 
Bolger Annie, elk bu eng, 1716 Lnw 
Bolger William, stone mason, 1002 7th se 
Bolinstark Charles, architect, 715 9th nw 
Boll Paul, musician, 227 9th se 
Bollding David, lab, 1301 R I av nw 
Bolles Katherine Dix Mrs, 929 G nw 
Bollinger Christopher G, printer, 2209 I nw 
Bollison James, waiter, 417 11th nw 
Bolter Edward, boot fitter, 503 2d sw 
Bolter James, plate printer, 805 9th nw 
Bolton Alice, washer, 1125 3d nw 
Bolton Charles W, porter, 1108 9th nw 
Bolton Henry, 15 2d se 
Bolton Henry B, bkkr, 1226 4th nw 
Bolton Henry W, books, 615 7th nw, h 1330 

8th nw 
Bolton Hoffman, porter, 1125 3d nw 
Bolton James F, elk bu statistics, 1226 4th nw 
Bolway Joseph S, elk ex mansion 939 O nw 
Bomar Julia B, elk treas, 1300 Vt av nw 
Bombray Lucy, servt, 1149 17th nw 
Bombray Rebecca, wid George, 329 8th ne 
Bomgard Louis, upholsterer, 618J Mass av nw 
Bonavedes Paul, barber, 1741 Pa av nw, 209' 

Bonavires Paul,barber,1202 Pa av nw, h 16 E n w 
Bonce Winfleld, plumber, 630 Mass av nw 
Bonck Jane E Mrs, dressmkr, 602 11th nw 
Bond Bridget, servt, 1406 Corcoran nw 
Bond Carrie E, wid Isaac, 1510 8th nw 
Bond C F, attendant Insane Asylum 
Bond Charles, porter, 922 11th nw 
Bond Charles D, letter carrier, 718 H sw 
Bond Clara J, servt, 6th c Pa av se 
Bond Daniel H, hostler, 1506 19th nw 
Bond David A, student, 1430 3d nw 
Bond Edwin H, elk, 1410 9th nw 
Bond Elizabeth, wid Levi, 1013 16th nw 
Bond Ella, wid John F, 1726 17th nw 
Bond Emma L, teacher, 813 1st nw 
Bond George M, plumber, 222 2d ne 
Bond George P, elk, 1510 8th nw 
Boud George J, elk ind o, 406 6th nw 
Bond James H, lab, 252 3d sw 
Bond John D, musician, bds 725 8th se 
Bond John H, lab, 1158 20th nw 


Heal Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

.CM. Glass CrocfeyWare 



No. 923 Penn, Avenue. 

Bond Joseph D, plumber, 133 Pa av nw, h 221 

10th ne 
Bond tester I>, lawyer, 605 7tli 

nw, It 1J.-14 Columbia nw 

Bond Lorenzo D, elk q m g o, 718 H sw 
Bond Martha, servt, 117 C"ne 
Bond Mary, cook, P c 29th nw, Gtn 
Bond Mary, washer, 313 Md av ne 
Bond Mary E, teacher, 813 1st nw 
Bond Newell, merchant, 723 8th ne 
Bond Nimrod, elk pat o, 1236 I ne 
Bond Overton, lab, 1617 O nw 
Bond Samuel, huckster, 1219 17th nw 
Bond Samuel K, watchman, 718 H sw 
Bond Samuel B, lawyer, 321 4J4 
nw, h HIO 9th nw 






321 Four-and-a-half Street, 

Bond Samuel S, physician, 813 1st nw 
Bond Susan, wid William, 462 school sw 
Bond Theodosia, wid Joseph, 1514 8th nw 
Bonds Ella, washer, Wilson st al nw 
Bonds John H, lab, 1158 20th nw 
Bonds Samuel, lab, Wilson st al nw 
Bone Wallace G, elk treas d, 912 9th nw 
Bonebrake James H, elk treas d, 123 E Capitol 
Bonell Edward, stonecutter, 330 9th se 
Bones Thomas A, elk treas d, 922 8th nw 
Bones William, waiter, r 14 1st se 
Bonini J F, attendant Insane Asylum 
Bonitz Henry, millinery, 1030 7th nw 
Bonn Nelson, lab, 611 Md av ne 
Bonnell George W, elk cen, 1324 S nw 
Bonnell Lizzie C, printer, 715 9th nw 
Bonner Aaron, bricklayer, 1248 11th nw 
Bonner Benjamin, lab, 21st nr C nw 
Bonner Fanny, washing-, 21st nr C nw 
Bonner Greene, lab, 21st nr C nw 
Bonner James li, servt, 1215 13th nw 
Bonner John H, proofreader, 108 I nw 
Bonner Lucretia, washing, 21st nr C nw 
Bonneville Carrie, 456 M sw 
Bonneville Columbus J, U S N, 456 M sw 
Bonney Mary E, wid Elias, 1209 I nw 
Bonsai Rebecca McP, elk treas d, 228 12th sw 
Bonsall Thomas W, mate U S N, Anacostia 
Bontz Fairfax, carp, 438 Mass av nw 
Bontz Jacob D, bricklayer, 1814 7th nw 
Bontz John, carp, 438 Mass av nw 
Bontz Robert, printer, 438 Mass av nw 
Bontz Winfield S, porter, Mass av nr 7th nw 
Booker Coleman, lab, 1144 6th ne 
Booker Jane, servt, 1215 O nw 
Booker Lucinda, cook, 1415 N nw 
Booker Mary R, wid Robert H, 914 14th nw 
Booker Nelson J, lab, 1749 K nw 
Booker Robert H, 914 14th nw 
Bookman Henry D, harnessmkr, 1711 Pa av nw 
Bookman Thomas, waiter, 1032 Conn av nw 

Books Jane, cook, K nr 25th nw 
Bool George, shoemkr, 522 12th nw 
Bool Jacob, shoes, 729 7th nw 
Booley Rosa Mrs, wid Hubert H, 727 6th se] 
Booms William, servt, 210 N Capitol nw 
Boon Annie, w r asher, 1308 C se 
Boon John, lab, 607 West al nw 
Boon Emanuel, lab, 16 Snow al nw 
Boon Matilda, servt, 615 S nw 
Boon Sarah, wid John, washer, 17 c B se 
Boone Albert E, mail contractor 
and general manager Co-oper- 
atlTe Mail and Passenger 
Transportation Co, 131 7 th 
nw, n do 
; Boone David, lab, 2708 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
I Boone Ella, dressmkr, 2708 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Boone George R, printer, 1516 Pierce pi nw 
Boone Isaac, gardener, Bladen sburg rd 
Boone Rachel A, wid Robert, 1513 9th nw 
Boone Sophia, washer, 1112 S C av se 
Boone Tobias, lab, 1008 7th se 
Booraem Edgar I, elk 2 aud o, 1730 10th nw 
Boose Elijah, oysters, 2211 12th nw 
Boose Florence, washer, 903 N J av se 
Boose John, elk, 714 K nw 
Boose John T, bricklayer, 1239£ 6th nw 
Boose Margaret, wid William, 714 K nw 
Boose Sarah, servt, 2209 12th nw 
Booten Harriet, wid, servt, 1602 10th nw 
Bootes Samuel, q m g o, 3304 N nw, Gtn 
Bootes Sophia S, elk bu eng, 3304 N nw, Gtn 
Booth Ann M, wid Jno W, laund, 1118 22d nw 
Booth Dolly, servt, 2145 23d nw 
Booth James A, carp, 229 3dne 
Booth John T, lab, 2910 O nw, Gtn 
Booth Kate, 8th ab Grant av nw 
Booth Louisa, servt, 1307 3d nw 
Booth Mary, servt, 1145 23d nw 
Booth Moses, lab, 2910 O nw, Gtn 
Booth Nancy, servt, 1145 23d nw 
Booth Sarah, servt, 1145 23d nw 
Booth William, huckster, 7th st rd 
Booth William S, lab, 2910 O nw, Gtn 
Boothe Rosella Mrs, 1125 3d se 
Booton Harriet, servt, Spring st rd nw 
Booton Jane E, servt, Spring st rd nw 
Bopp Barbara, wid George, 802 H nw 
Bopp Barbara M, elk, 802 1st nw 
Bopp Barbara M G. elk, 802 H nw 
Bopp James H, engineer, 1242 4£ sw 
Bopp James H jr, engineer, 1242 4£ sw 
Bopp Mary H, sewing, 1242 4i sw 
Borden Henry C, lawyer, 1517 Pa av nw 
Borden James McKee, elk pod, 501 13th nw 
Borden Mining Co, upper coal wharf, Gtn 
Bordley Alice, servt, 1423 Sampson nw 
Bordley Mary E, 1900 F nw 
Boreland John, carp, 16th nr P nw 
Borgenski Leah, nurse, 1223 K nw 
Bonres A P de Carvalho, E E and M P Brazil, 

22 Lafayette sq nw 
Borger George H, grocer, 3d c R nw 
Borgun Mary, servt, 2109 F nw 
Borland Alexander T, elk treas d, 1517 L nw 
Borland Andrew J, physician, 903 6th nw 
Borland Charles C, carp, 1339 Vt av nw 
Borland John, carp, 1507 16th nw 
Borland John A, elk, 1439 L nw 


\hf ]VT D VHTT N r E3al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

WW ITi • Km I V U 11 U9 1430 IUEW YORK AVE, 





(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St 

Borland John E, elk, 1507 16th nw 

Born John C, hostler, 107 L nw - 

Born Leon, painter, 1119 9th nw, h 1139 9th 

Born Thomas, lab, 138 Schott al ne 
Bom stein August S, elk cen, 1717 6th nw 
Bornstein Heury N, g p o, 1717 6th nw 
Borrenians Charles, elk, 2415 Penn av nw 
Borrows Joseph, physician, 
921 E nw, h do 

( 8 to 10 a m 
Office Hours: < 12 m 

( 3 to 5 p in 
Borskowskie Ferdinand, lab, 904 8th se 
Bortle Cornelius,clk pen o, 1136 7th nw 
Boschke Ida, 236 1st se 
Bosee A K (M J Owens & Co), Baltimore 
Bosenberg Henry, cigars, I c 4th nw 
Bosenberg John H, cabiuetmkr, 1 c 4th nw 
Bosh Lena, servt, 306 6th nw 
Bosley Cornelius H, waiter, 1923 L nw 
Bosley George Rev, 1923 L nw 
Boss Charles, fireman, 1926 K nw 
Boss Elizabeth H, bu eng, 913 9th nw 
Boss Grace I, elk treas, 913 9th nw 
Boss James G, printer, 401 H nw 
Boss James H, carp, 401 H nw 
Boss John R, printer, 407 N Y av nw 
Boss Joseph, carp, 1524 8th nw 
Boss Robert, carp, 1209 C sw 
Boss Rosa, wid Thomas, 2700 O nw, Gtn 
Boss Samuel D, elk, 1524 8th nw 
Boss Thomas, lab, 2700 O nw, Gtn 
Bosse William C G, wheelwright, 21 6th ne 
Bossell Amanda, 451 Mass av nw 
Bossell John, printer, 451 Mass av nw 
Bossey Celia, widBurk, 452 1st sw 
Bossey Hyson, waiter, 452 1st sw 
Bossie James A, elk, 452 1st sw 
Boston Annie E Mrs, teacher, 810 M nw 
Boston Annie M, teacher, 810 M nw 
Boston Advertiser, 511 14th nw 
Boston Catherine, servt, 432 2d sw 
Boston Daniel, lab, 1456 Sampson nw 
Boston Eliza, wid Robert, 135 D sw 
Boston Ella, sewinsc, 1236 11th se 
Boston Ella M, teacher, 2221 G nw 
Boston Eugene, lab, 4 Temperance av nw 
Boston Evening Traveler, 1314 F nw 
Boston Fannie M, sweeper, 1236 11th se 
Boston George H, 1336 9th nw 
Boston Harriet, servt, 411 4th nw 
Boston Henrietta, servt, 1215 U nw 
Boston Henrietta, washer, 122 Pierce nw 
Boston Isaac, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Boston Jane, servt, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Boston Josephine, servt, 16 E se 
Boston Journal (The), 1319 F nw 
Boston Julia, seamstress, 16 E se 
Boston Margaret, wid Samuel, 1236 11th se 
Boston Maria, wid John, servt, h 2221 G nw 
Boston Nathaniel, driver, 1231 3d sw 
Boston Philip, lab, A nr 19th ne 
Boston Richard, lab, 223 E ne 
Boston Richard, Porter, 216 E se 
Boston Robert E, sexton, 1806 Sherman'nw 
Boston Samuel, waiter, 16 E se 
Boston Sarah, wid Daniel, 223 E ne 
Boston William T, sailmkr, 516 9th se 

Bostel Lizzie, 1321 Corcoran nw 
Bostwiek Peter, lab, 519 20th nw 
Boswell Alfred, lab, 2219 B nw 
Boswell Allen T, grocer, 1004 4th, h 1006 4th se 
Boswell Alphonso, watchman, 1104 12th nw 
Boswell Ceylon M, boilermkr, 903 3d se 
Boswell Charles, lab, 121 K se 
Boswell Charles E, lab, 2219 B nw 
Boswell Charles H, boilermkr, 1116 1st se 
Boswell Charles W, lab, 409 1st se 
Boswell Clara D, elk cen, 604 9th nw 
Boswell Elizabeth, wid John, 525 5th"se 
Boswell Elizabeth, wid John, 409 1st se 
Boswell George D, bricklayer, 1249 Union sw 
Boswell George H, machinist, 525 5th se 
Boswell Henry, lab, 121 K se 
Boswell James, lab, 625 H ne 
Boswell John W, blacksmith, 903 3d se 
Boswell Mathew, blacksmith, 903 3d se 
Boswell Richard H, upholsterer. 717 9th nw, 

h 417 O nw 
Boswell Sallie, waiter, 1514 K nw 
Boswell Samuel, lab, 831 2d se 
Boswell Samuel, lab, 824 2d sw 
Boswell Susan, wid Henry T, 919 3d se 
Boswell Thomas, bricklayer, 623 L nw 
Boswell Thornton, lab, 18th nr Mass av se 
Boswell Washington E, drover, 466 N sw 
Boswell Washington E jr, drover, 466 N sw 
Boswell Wm, grocer, 300 L c 3d sw, h 310 K sw 
Boswell William, watchman, 1115 K nw 
Boswell William, watchman, 1238 M nw 
Boswell William C, elk, 1006 4th se 
Boswell William H, blacksmith, 829 7th sw 
Boswell William H, lab, 903 3d se 
Boswell William W, lab, 1000 N J av se 
Boswell Willie A, wid John W, 716 H sw 
Bosworth Allen L, physician, 918 E nw 
Bosworth Charles, carp, 1537 5th nw 
Bosworth Frank, dressmaker, 1217 24th nw 
Bosworth Henry, baker, 1537 5th nw 
Bosworth John S, elk ago, 527 llth^nw 
Bosworth Joseph, baker, 1537 5th nw 
Bosworth Louis C, carp, 461 Q nw 
Boteler Annie S, 708 2d ne 
Boteler Catherine, wid Charles W,321 Mo av nw 
Boteler Charles W, tailor, 26th nr M nw 
Boteler Edward M, undertaker, 735 8th se 
Boteler Frank M ( J W Boteler & Son), 1324 

Mass av nw 
Boteler George, clerk, 1219 32d nw, Gtn 
Boteler George G, elk, 3200 M nw, Gtn 
Boteler Harry L, machinist, 1225 8th nw 
Boteler James E, lieut police, 510 7th se 
Boteler John D, locksmith, 540 7th se 
Boteler John W (J W Boteler & Son), 1324 

Mass av nw 
Boteler J W & Son (John W and 
Frank ftl Boteler), china, glass 
and house furnishing,' goods, 
92 S I»a av nw 
Boteler J.Wesley Rev, sec MutualFire Ins Co, 

1225 8th nw 7th c La av nw 
Boteler Lemuel I, carp, 436 Mass ave nw 
Boteler Mary J, wid Edward, 708 2d ne 
Boteler Orlando R, carp, 1218 U nw 
Boteler Overton, printer, 80 I ne 
Boteler Philip, watchman, 1026 4th nw 
Boteler T Howard, elk, 1324 Mass av nw 
Boteler William E M, painter, 708 2d ne 
Boteler Wm P, elk, 1225 8th nw 
Boteler Wilton,, carp, 920 O nw 
Botsch Geo L (G L Botsch & Co), 1314 22d nw 
Botsch G L & Co (G L Botsch & Casper Sena- 
fer), bacon, 67 Western and 634 Cen mkt 







Am. Marshall & Go's Dry Ctaijfpfi. 


413 and 415 Oth St., nw. 

Botsch Leonard, butcher, 1314 22d nw 
Botsford Ann A, elk treas, 1134 18th nw 
Bott John, watchman, 1811 8th nw 
Bottomley John T, lab, 634 E se 
Bottoinley J Louis, baker, 634 E se , 

Bottomley Mary E, wid James, 634 E se 
Bottomore Charles G, watchmkr, 321 Pa av nw 
Bottomore Charles H, watches and jewelry, 

321 Pa av nw 
Botts Annie, wid John M, 1922 N H av nw 
Botts Edwin T, mess, 618 B se 
Botts Evalina, wid William H, 618 B se 
Botts J E, elk navy d, 910 N Y av nw 
Botts Jerry, lab, Grant rd 
Botts John A, elk q m g o, 1305 T nw 
Botts Rose, servt, 1751 K nw 
Botts Thomas, lab, 1620 11th nw 
Botts William, lab, 1808 L nw 
Boucher Cora M, music teacher, 1501 9th nw 
Boucher Eliza M L, wid Theo F, 3331 P nw, Gtn 
Boucher Elizabeth R, elk cen, 506 9th nw 
Boucher George, elk, 905 H nw 
Boucher Henry, lab, 43 Jackson al ne 
Boucher Kate V, wid J W, 1501 9th nw 
Boucher Sallie M, elk cen, 1501 9th nw 
Boucher Theodore F, elk, 3331 P nw, Gtn 
Boucher Thomas, stonecutter, 612 N Capitol 
Boudin Sarah Becraft, wid Alexander, 3025 O 

nw, Gtn 
Boudiuot George S, elk, 923 M nw 
Boudinot Henry E, printer, 923 M nw 
Boudinot Mary E Mrs, 923 M nw 
Boudren James E, stairbuilder, 658 B se 
Boughton Charles, agent, 219 10th sw 
Boughton Horace, elk pen o, 514 2d nw 
Boughton Lena M, 219 10th sw 
Boughton Wilfred E, elk, 219 10th sw 
Bouilleres Alfonso, waiter, 1016 15th nw 
Bouis Rachel A, wid Stephen, 519 11th nw 
Rouis Stephen G, tinsmith, 929 5th nw 
Bouis Robert H G, stoves, 519 11th nw 
Boulden Ellen E, dressmkr, 3134 N nw, Gtn 
Boulden Jesse, brick moulder, 1012 F ne 
Boulding George, wood and coal, 465 N Y av nw 
Boulin Nicholas, lab, 312 D se 
Boulter Frederick, machinist, 905 9th ne 
Bounds David T, grocer, 2229 G nw 
Bounds Isidore, 2229 G nw 
Bourne T C, elk a g o, 1003 G nw 
Bournes William H, watchman, 221 10th sw 
Boush Mary E, seamstress, 516 3d sw 
Bourss Harriet, wid Obediah, 939 Md av sw 
Boutchyard John, farmer, Good Hope rd 
Boutwell Jennie, washer, Noland al sw 
Bouvet Napoleon, elk, 1807 I nw 
Bovee Holsey L, baths, 509 E nw 
Bovee John N, foreman, 509 E nw 
Bow Henry, lab, 76 O nw 
Bowbeer Isaac, eating house, 612 K nw 
Bowden Dennis, lab, £ nr M se 
Bowden Elizabeth, boarding, 332 Ind av nw 
Bowden Mary E, wid L G, 1203 7th nw 
Bowden Maurice A, elk, 118 M se 
Bowdler Robert W, florist, Bennings rd 
Bowdoin David W, photogrphr, 1115 Pa av nw 
Bowdoin Gilbert T, photogrphr, 1115 Pa av nw 
Bowdwin Hans, hostler, 505 D se 

A. V DA'RBER f\ 

hx.tE Droit Bui ldinG.V^ 

Bo wen Abraham, lab, 1412 34th nw, Gtn 
Bowen Adaline T, teacher, 940 E sw 
Bowen Amanda R, teacher, 1396 17th nw 
Bowen Anna, washer, 2615 I nw 
Bowen Annie, 1504 L nw 
Bowen Burton L, printer, 1542 8th nw 
Bowen Charles, lab, 632 F nw 
Bowen Charles H, 908 6th nw 
Bowen Columbus J, painter, 1542 8th nw 
Boweu Cornelius T, painter, 
619 l£tli nw, li 918 F ne 

o. T- :BO"w:E32sr 3 

House, Sip and Ornamental 

Painter and G-lazier, 


Corner G Street, nw., opposite Foundry Church, 

Jobbinjr Promptly Attended To. 

Bowen Edwin (Clagett & Bowen), 916 French 

Bowen Elizabeth, wid James A, 632 Q nw 
Bowen Erasmus M, plasterer, 513 11th sw 
Bowen Esta B, elk cen o, Baltimore, Md 
Bowen Esther, 1306 17th nw 
Bowen George, porter, 1449 Sampson nw 
Bowen Grace, servt, 720 Freeman's al nw 
Bowen Harrison S, elk navy d, Bladensburg, 

Bowen Henry, elk, 624 S nw 
Bowen Ida, elk, 918 F ne 
Bowen Isaac R, dredging, 3215 Q nw, Gtn 
Bowen James, livery stable, 605 Mass av nw 
Bowen James E M, ex pat o, N Y av nr 10th nw 
Bowen James F, waiter, 1504 L nw 
Bowen James G (Huguely & Bowen), 605 Mass 

av nw 
Bowen John, lab, 1823 Vt avnw 
Bowen John W, painter, 51 Defrees nw 
Bowen Lizzie, teacher, 513 11th sw 
Bowen Luther, coal, 1133 19th nw, h Queens 

al nw 
Bowen Luther, lab, 503 H nw 
Bowen Margaret, servt, 3109 N nw, Gtn 
Bowen Mary A, wid Benjamin, 2243 12th nw 
Bowen Mary E, wid Charles M, 921 P nw 
Bowen Mary M, wid Anthony, 417 8th sw 
Bowen Mattie, teacher, 1306 17th nw 
Bowen Maxwell, carp, 51 Defrees nw 
Bowen P T, elk 4th *ud o, 427 G nw 
Bowen Randall, lab, 2615 I nw 
Bowen Sarah, wid Henry, 519 6th nw 
Bowen Sayles J, 1411 K nw 
Bowen Uriah G, painter, 1323 Mass av nw, h 

1316 M nw 
Bowen Wilmer, draughtsman, 632 Q nw 
Bowen Wilmer E, 1536 9th nw 
Bowen Winter, painter, 923 18th nw 
Bowers Mary, wid James L N, 904 E sw 
Bowens Mary A, wid Leonidas, teacher, 513 

11th sw 
Bowens Samuel, lab, 42712th sw 
Bower Carrie C, elk pen o, 1131 Park ne 
Bower Effingham T, 1131 Park ne 
Bower Fannie, wid John, 338 Va av sw 
Bower Jacob, miller, 1128 Park ne 
Bower Richard L, upholsterer, 606 A se 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORL 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. tWSBM* 




Chris. Xander's "MELLISTON " 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German Aromatic Bitters, 

For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Bower Samuel W, elk, 338 Va av sw 
Bowers Harry C, prop St Marc Hotel 
Bowers Jordan, waiter, 1607 I nw 
Bowers Jordan, waiter, 412 20th nw 
Bowers Maggie C, wid William C, 1741 13th nw 
Bowers Richard L, upholsterer, 606 A se 
Bowersox Levi, carp, 104 H ne 
Bowes Joseph, elk treas d, 1704 14th nw 
Bowhay Wm E, coal, 111718th nw, h 1614 M nw 
Bowie A C, elk cen 
Bowie Adaline, wid John, 511 H nw 
Bowie Addene, dressmkr, 1235 10th nw 
Bowie Agnes, dressmkr, 1235 10th nw 
Bowie Ann, wid Thomas, 614 D sw 
Bowie Ann, servt, 1130 3d nw 
Bowie Annie, servt, 1226 27th nw, Gtn 
Bowie Annie, servt, 1358 C sw 
Bowie Augustus, lab, 1128 3d nw 
Bowie Caroline, 1226 27th nw, Gtn 
Bowie Charles, waiter, Lucas al nw 
Bowie Elizabeth, cook, 1415 H nw 
Bowie Elizabeth, seamstress, 611 Bates' al nw 
Bowie Frank, porter, Wilson nw 
Bowie George, lab, 619 Freeman's al nw 
Bowie Harriet, servt, 3505 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Bowie Harry C, elk, 1113 G nw 
Bowie Henry, lab, 913 Lst sw 
Bowie James Anna, servt, 310 C nw 
Bowie Jane, wid William, washer, 619 Free- 
man's al nw 
Bowie Jennie, servt, 813 21st nw 
Bowie John, basketmkr, 82 I se 
Bowie John R, lab, 903 N J av se 
Bowie Kittie, wid William, washer, 621 B ne 
Bowie Leonard O, 1105 N nw 
Bowie Lizzie, washer, 232 Willow al sw 
Bowie Louisa M, teacher, 602 K nw 
Bowie Mary, wid Arnold, cook, 2208 I nw 
Bowie Mary T, 435 I nw 
Bowie Nathaniel, porter, 238 3d sw 
Bowie Randall, elk, 2208 I nw 
Bowie Rebecca, servt, 1706 Glick al nw 
Bowie R Irving, elk, 2737 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Bowie Robert, lamplighter, 417 2d sw 
Bowie Robert, lab, 472 School sw 
Bowie Sarah, washer, 1143 19th nw 
Bowie Sprigg, lab, 232 Willow al sw 
Bowie Susan Mrs, gp o, 811 I nw 
Bowie Thomas E D, waiter, 1117 5th nw 
Bowie Thomas H, lab, 1143 19th nw 
Bowie Tyler, lab, 635 L sw 
Bowie Walter, coachmaker, 1020 20th nw 
Bowldin Julius, waiter. 31 L nw 
Bowler Charles, barber, 1135 7th nw 
Bowler Charles C, butter merchant, 514 A se 
Bowler Francis T, engineer, 452 Me av sw 
Bowler Joseph A, watchman, 720 7th sw 
Bowler Margaret, 1733 8th nw 
Bowler Maria, servt, 227 3d nw 
Bowler Mary, 1310 G nw 

Bowler Minor H, telegraph operator, 1221 C sw 
Bowler Moses, lab, 1416 Sampson nw 
Bowler R M, elk p o H R, 2004 17th nw 
Bowler Sarah, washer, 131 D sw 
Bowles Alphonso J, musician. 1808 20th nw 
Bowles Anna H, elk 5th aud, h 2453 P, Gtn 
Bowles George, butler, 825 15th nw 

Bowles Henry, sexton, 2819 Dumbarton av 

nw, Gtn 
Bowles Henry, waiter, 222 3d nw 
Bowles John, real estate. 530 9th nw, h 1332 

11th nw 
Bowles Joseph, carp, 213 Q nw 
Bowles Lucy, servt, 2701 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Bowles Maria, servt, 726 12th nw 
Bowles Michael, mess ago, 1808 20th nw 
Bowles William B, mess, 226 Del av ne 
Bowley Mary E, wid George, 2 Liberty nw 
Bowling Charles C, butter, 514 A se 
Bowling John, boilermkr, 1112 I se 
Bowling Thomas, lab, Woodley la 
Bowling William L, lab, 1120 I se 
Bowman Albert, driver, 1406 34th nw, Gtn 
Bowman Alexander W, carp, 814 3d se 
Bowman Ann, wid, servt, 1231 10th nw 
Bowman Belle, servt, 923 I nw 
Bowman Charles, driver, P nr R R Bridge,Gtn 
Bowman Charles, lab, 23 Goat al nw 
Bowman Elizabeth, servt, 313 3d sw 
Bowman Ellis, baker, 14 P nw 
Bowman FanLie, washer, Nichols av 
Bowman George, lab, 1529 33d nw, Gtn 
Bowman Ida, dressmkr, 712 4£ sw 
Bowman James H, waiter, 1007 21st nw 
Bowman Jane, wid Peter, washer, 214 lst sw 
Bowman John F, lab, 1406 34th nw, Gtn 
Bowman John H, waiter, 1208 H nw 
Bowman Joseph H, lab, 1406 34th nw, Gtn 
Bowman Julia A, wid George, r 2726 O nw,Gtn 
Bowman Leonard, shoemkr, 2414 G nw 
Bowman Lucinda N, wid James A, bu eng,. 

1708 Vt av nw 
Bowman Maria, wid Thomas, 10072 lst nw 
Bowman Mary E, elk int rev, 1117 I nw 
Bowman Mary O, dressmkr, 1007 21st nw 
Bowman Samuel, shoemkr, 618 5th nw 
Bowman Samuel S, printer, 433 Mass av nw 
Bowman Thomas, porter, 1007 21st nw 
Bowman Thomas, waiter Hamilton House 
Bowman Thomas H, driver, 1007 21st nw 
Bowman Wesley, painter, 1373 C sw 
Bowman William, elk, 1716 Pa av nw 
Bowman William, lab, 415 Limerick al sw 
Bowman William, shoemkr, 618 5th nw 
Bowman William H, bacon, 480 Centre and; 

184 Corcoran mkts, h 1630 10th nw 
Bowmer Susan E, dressmkr, 616 H nw 
Bowmon James, plasterer, 1112 19th nw 
Bowmon Mary E, dressmkr, 1112 19th nw 
Bowser Harriet, servt, 1713 I nw 
Bowser Robert, laborer, Hamilton rd 
Bowyer A E, wid John C, 617 19th nw 
Bowyer Otis, elk, 410 7th nw 
Bowyers Margaret, cook, 211 4§ nw 
Bowzer John W, lab, 414 D ne 
Box Martha, seamstress, 1017 12th nw 
Boxley Isaac, lab, 1615 V nw 
Boxley Lucy, servt, 2211 12th nw 
Boyce Isaac, printer, 920 F ne 
Boyce Isaac D, photographer, 920 F ne 
Boyce James, bricklayer, 48 I ne 
Boyce James, watchman, 2627 I nw 
Boyce James D, attendant Insane Asylum 
Boyce James M, bricklayer, 95 Myrtle ne 
Boyce J D, 467 Pa av nw 
Boyce Silas, elk cen, 934 F nw 
Boyce Walter, elk, 85 Myrtle ne 
Boyce Walter J, elk, 80 I ne 
Boyce William H, bricklayer, 48 I ne 
Boyd Annie, servt, 626 F nw 
Boyd Annie, servt, 46 F nw 
Boyd Charles, lab, 1104 W nw 

Writes at 1 5 per Cent. Less than any other Co. 




Boyd Charles A B, fruits, 4 Eastern mkt, h 

428 1st se 
Boyd Charles C, elk ceil, 500 D se 
Boyd Charles W, hackman, 2704 Dumbarton 

jiv, Gtn 
Boyd Charles W, stair builder, 617 Mnw 
Boyd Edward D, ex pat o, 1312 12th nw 
Boyd Edward M, painter, 439 Q nw 
:Boyd Elizabeth, servt, 3230 Q nw, Gtn 
Boyd Elizabeth M, seamstress, 511 Q nw 
Boyd Fannie, wid John, 212 O nw 
Boyd George, lab, 226 Reeve al nw 
Boyd George, porter, 226 Reeve al nw 
Boyd George H, mess, 1822 13th nw 
Boyd George W, elk, 1501 Conn av nw 
Boyd George W, grocer, 1200 16th nw 
Boyd George W, lab, 68 Beall, Gtn 
Bovd Henry, hostler, 220 H sw 
Boyd Henry L, elk sig o, 1735 13th nw 
Boyd Jane, wid Robert, 1001 26th nw 
Boyd J K Mrs, 1011 D nw 
Boyd «f olim, 1217 Vt av nw 
Boyd John, coachpainter, 342 Me av sw 
Boyd John C, pass asst surg U S N, Nav Hosp 
Boyd John D, 406 Mass av nw 
Boyd Joseph, hackman, 342 Me av sw 
Boyd Ledru R, confectionery, 42 Eastern mkt, 

h 428 1st se 
Boyd Margaret, wid Saml, restrnt, 200 11th nw 
Boyd Margaret S, servt, 1440 T nw 
Boyd Mark, servt, Nailor's al 
Boyd Martha M, grocer, 108 Va av sw 
Boyd Mary, servt, 1230 7th nw 
Boyd Mary A, gov print o, 429 G nw 
Boyd Mary J, wid John C, 511 Q nw 
Boyd Robert, hardware, 41G 9th 

nw, li 1805 H nw 
Boyd Robert E, elk, 934 I nw 
Boyd Robert E, elk, 511 Q nw 
Boyd Robert J, bkkr, 919 G nw 
Boyd Russell N, lab, 1110 18th nw 

ibrary Lamp$ 


Boyd Thomas, lab, Lucas al nw 
Boyd Thomas \V, lab, 2706 P nw, Gtn 
Boyd Washington, lab, 2807 O nw, Gtn 
Boyd William, physician, 108 Va av sw 
Boyd William A, lab, 1525 34th nw, Gtn 
Boyd William G, elk, 1805 H nw 
Boyd Wm H, elk g 1 o, 922 R nw 
Boyd William H, elk g 1 o, 931 1 nw 
Boyd William H, directory piib- 
li*lier, 810 F nw, U 1£1± Co- 
lumbia nw 
Boyd William J, painter, 210 10th sw 
Boyd William J, tel opr, 822 13th nw 
Boyd William M, printer, 70 I ne 
Boyd William S, elk p o, 526 11th sw 
Boyd William H, elk g 1 o, 922 R nw 
Boyden George, 22 3d se 
Boyden Cornelia F, teacher, 22 3d se 
Boyden Stephen A, lieut capt police, 205 C ne 
Boydkin Eliza, wid Edward, laundress, 1114 

21st nw 
Boyed Ann M, wid Abraham, nurse, 11 Goat 

al nw 
Boyer Courtland, cigars, 311 4i sw 
Boyer Harry, engineer, 606 6th~sw 
Boyer James, carp, 620 D sw 
Boyer John, hats, 361 Pa av nw, h 307 Mo av nw 
Boykins Henry, porter, 1427 L nw 
Boyland John, 1016 20th nw 
Boylan Joseph, milk, 724 7th ne 
Boyle Bernard, plate printer, 800 10th nw 
Boyle Bridget, servt, 728 9th nw 
Boyle, Catherine ME, proprietor 
Lafayette House, B c 3d nw 


Importer and Dealer in 

Tin, Plate, Sheet, Copper, Russia 


Wire, Rivets, Stove Ornaments, Sheet Zinc, Mica, &c, 


416 Ninth Street, bet. D and E Streets, WASHINGTON, D. C. 


Corner Second and 
€. M. BOYLE, Proprietor. 


B Streets, 


This House is conveniently located, being within a few minutes walk of the 
Depot, near the Capitol, and but a short distance, by the Street Cars, from all the 


European Plan, rooms from 50c. to $1 per day. 
American Plan, . . $2 to $2.50 per day. 

Weekly Boarders, 
Monthly Boarders, 

$8, $10, $12. 
from $25 to $40. 

t IF lyi J} \f A IT M p Eeal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





Pure California Hock,Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7thst.nw. 

Boyle Cherry, wid Cornelius, 305 C nw 
Boyle Christopher, elk g 1 o, 308 Md av ne 
Boyle Chris topner, proprietor 
Boyle's Hotel, 52 and 5& C nw 

Boyle Daniel, grocer, 501 20th nw 

Boyle Elizabeth, 2023 G nw 

Boyle Francis E Rev, pastor St Matthew's 
Church, 1415 H sw 

Boyle's Hotel (Cliristop'r Boyle 
proprietor), 52 C nw 

Boyle John, attendant Insane Asylum 

Boyle John, confectioner, 1749 Pa av nw, h 
1728 H nw 

Boyle John, farmer, 1819 T nw 

Boyle John, journalist, 1454 Corcoran nw 

Boyle John, lab, 1003 F ne 

Boyle John jr, lab, 1003 F ne 

Boyle John F, carp, Water nr 25th nw 

Boyle John M, tailor, 5th c E nw 

Boyle Julia, wid Terence, 486 Md av sw 

Boyle Junius I, fancy goods, 3005 M nw, Gtn, 
h 3216 O nw, Gtn 

Boyle Margaret, servt, 1611 H nw 

Boyle Mary, gpo, 486 Md av sw 

Boyle Mary, servt, 600 F nw 

Boyle Patrick, carp, 486 Md av sw 

Boyle Peter, hostler, 14th nr C sw 

Boyle Richard B, sergeant police, 413 1st nw 

Boyle Robert, butcher, 1003 F ne 

Boyle Sidney F, cigars, 616 13th nw 

Boyle Thomas butcher, 1003 F ne 

Boyle Thomas, butcher, 14 Western mkt, h 

Boyle Watson, private sec speaker H R, 1454 
Corcoran nw 

Boylston Sarah, washer, 222 Willow al sw 

Boyne Henry S, elk, 204 H nw 

Boyne Richard, elk, 204 H nw 

Boynton Charles A, elk, 22 9th ne 

Boynton Eleanor A, wid Wm M, elk 4th aud, 
1467 T nw 

Boynton Henry S, elk 3d aud, 928 P nw 

Boynton Henry V, correspond- 
ent Cincinnati Oazette, 511 
lltn nw, h 1331 R nw 

Boynton Nettie E, press feeder, 613 2d nw 

Boynton William R, elk sig o, 616 6th nw 

Bozemon Ada A, teacher, 318 2d se 

Bozemon Euretta B, wid Benj A, 318 2d se 

Bozemon Margaret P, teacher, 318 2d se 

Bozzell Charles L, elk sig o, 1802 G nw 

Bozzell Isabella A, 1802 G nw 
Brace Edson C, elk pat o, 1205 F nw 
Brace ElishaR, elk sig corps, 1316 30th nw,Gto 
Brace Russell, clrng-glst, 3001 
M nw,Gtn, h 131C 30thnw,0tn 


T=L XJ C3r C3r X 

S> T 

Old Number, 66 Bridge St.; New Number, 3001 M St., 
Cor. Bridge and Washington Sts., 


Brace William D, elk, 1316 30th nw, Gtn 
Brackebush Francis L, wid Charles, 1107 S nw 
Brackett Frederick, elk pat o, 13 K ne 
Brackett John E, physician, 31 B se. Office 

hours 8 to 9 a m, 1 to 2, 5 to 7 p m 
Brackett William H, upholsterer, 1923 M nw 
Brackston Carrie, dressmkr, 1528 12th nw 
Brackston John, porter, 1528 12th nw 
Bradburn John D, patternmkr, 225 13J sw 
Bradburn Samuel R, molder, 225 13J sw 
Bradburn Thomas W, machinist, 441 10th sw 
Bradburn Washington B, coach painter, 225 

13J sw 
Bradbury George J, brassfinisher, 710 I se 
Bradbury Charles A, lieut U S N, 1706 G nw 
Bradl>nry Cliaries W, chf book* 
keeper's division commission- 
ers of customs, 1753 Pa av nw 
Bradbury John W, brassfinisher, 710 I se 
Bradbury Olive O, wid John, 36 Myrtle ne 
Bradbury Samuel B, shipwright, 904 S C av se 
Bradbury San ford, elk a g o, 915 22d nw 
Braddock Ada, elk g 1 o, 809 6th nw 
Braddock A Austin, printer, 916 8th nw 
Bradecamp William, driver, 1326 21st nw 
Bradenbaugh Charles H, elk p o, 1341 Q nw 
Bradengreyer George, grocer, 1414 N Cap nw 
Bradford Agnes, elk, 937 H nw, 
Bradford Alberta, seamstress, 333 Md av sw 
Bradford Alfred, pi pr, 1312 1 nw 
Bradford Arnold, elk, 55 C se 
Bradford Baldwin, sewing machines, 1133 9tb 

Bradford Benjamin, architect, 1310 F nw 
Bradford Caroline, servt, 21st nr L nw 
Bradford Charles A, , lawyer* 

81© F nw, h 1331 H nw 
Bradford Charles A, postal elk, 416 G se 
Bradford ISlisha H, model 
maker, 711 €J nw,li 515E Capi- 
Bradford George T, elk, 55 C se 
Bradford James M, servt, 1166 20th nw 
Bradford Jefferson D, elk cen, 1305 F nw 


Opposite B. and O. Railroad Depot. 


B^This House has been thoroughly refitted for the especial accomodation of 
the traveling public. 


IMCoxxoy* to Iiend. on Heal Estate, 






Ang. Marshall & Co's Dry Ctoppe, 


413 and 415 '9th St.,nw. 

Bradford Jennie E, 628 Rlav nw 

Bradford J, elk cen o, 1307 F nw 

Bradford John, produce, 450 N L mkt nw, h 

1236 Madison nw 
Bradford John W, elk 1st aud, 62S R I av nw 
Bradford J S, asst u s c & g s, h 1216 H nw 
Bradford J Strieker, lawyer, 452 La av 
Bradford Lincoln S, elk, 515 E Capitol se 
Bradford Morgan (Bradford & Brick) 1403 3d 

Bradford Patsey, 1520 3d nw 
Bradford Robert B, 733 13th nw 
Bradford Robert H (Drummond & Bradford), 

125 C se 
Bradford Samuel, sailor, 717 Va av se 
Bradford Welman, engineer, 125 C se 
Bradford William, elk, 937 H nw 
Bradford William, lab, 503 H nw 
Bradford W R, elk pen o, 937 H nw 
Bradford & Brick (Morgan Bradford and Ed- 
ward Brick), carnage mkrs, 1221 E nw 
Bradin Robert, elk ind o, 2218 13th nw 
Bradley, elk, 1242 N J av nw 
Bradley Aimer F, plumber, 726 5th se 
Bradley Aditha D, wid Samuel, 1335 11th nw 
Bradley Andrew C, lawyer, 4=7© 
F*a av aw, h 134fil Corcorannw 


470 Louisiana Avenue, nw., 


Bradley Andrew J, fruits, 76 77 <fc 78 Centre 

mkt, h 1220 Md av sw 
Bradley A Thomas (Bradley & Duvall), Mont- 
gomery Co, Md 
Bradley Benjamin, lab, 412 Q sw 
Bradley Blanche, bu eng, 1247 7th nw 
Bradley diaries, cashier Na- 
tional Bank of* the Republic, 
secretary Franklin Fire Ins 
Co, 7th c » nw, h 307 C nw 
Bradley Charles D, watchman, 1108 W nw 
Bradley Chas S, asst cash Nat Bank of the Re- 
public, 307 C nw 
Bradley David B, postal elk, 1727 N J av nw 
Bradlev Delia, wid Alexander, 1110 W nw 
Bradley Elihu, marble yard, 1826 H nw 
Bradley Elizabeth, wid Henry J, 726 5th se 
Bradley's Enameled Paint Agency, 936 Pa av 

nw, James Guild, agt 
Bradley Francis M (Bailey & Co), 804 10th nw 
Bradley George, tailor, 128 F nw 
Bradley George W, stonecutter, 1820 H nw 
Bradley Georgia L Miss, 1335 11th nw 
Bradley Henry PI, 625 La av nw 
Bradley Henry J, produce, 364 Centre and 203 

N L mkts, h 1222 Md av sw 
Bradley Henry T, lab, 222 G sw 
Bradley Isaac, stonecutter, 1116 N H av nw 
Bradley James, milk. Cool Spring rd 
Bradley Jane, wid Joseph, treas,936 22d nw 
Bradley Jennette M, elk cen, 1017 M nw 
Bradley John E, undertaker, 726 5th se 

Bradley John R, printer, 1611 8th nw 
Bradley Joseph F (Bradley & Son), stone, 

2135 L nw 
Bradley Joseph H (Bradley & Duvall), Mont- 
gomery Co, Md 
Bradley «Ioseph P, associate 
justice Supreme Court U S, h 
201 I nw 
Bradley Kate A, variety, 820 C se 
Bradley Leonard, carp, 726 5th se 
Bradley Leonard A, elk, 203 E Capitol 
Bradley Louisa, servt, 431 G nw 
Bradley Martha Miss, 1110 W nw 
Bradley Marion A, cigarmkr, 726 5th se 
Bradley Mary, wid Heiiry, 509 3d nw 
Bradley Mary D, wid Joseph H jr, 1688 31st 

nw, Gtn 
Bradley Patrick H, pi pr, 1318 E nw 
Bradley Robert E, elk, 307 C n w 
Bradley Sarah, servt, 1133 14th nw 
Bradley Sarah, servt, 1137 19th nw 
Bradley Sarah, wid Charles. 140 N C av se 
Bradley S I, elk 6th aud, 1242 N J av nw 
Bradley Susan A, wid Joseph F, 1220 Md av sw 
Bradley Thomas H, brevet cap- 
tain 1JSA, 92 7K E nw 
Bradley Walter R, stonecutter, 3526 Nnw, Gtn 
Bradley William, bookbinder, 44 I nw 
Bradley William, plateprinter, 1318 Pa av nw 
Bradlev William, stoneworks, O c Union sw, 

h 1820 H nw 
Bradley A: Bnvall (Joseph H and 
A Thomas Bradley and An- 
drew B Bnvall), lawyers, 452 
La av nw 


No. 452 D Street, nw., 

(Opposite City Hall.) 

Bradshaw Aaron, lawyer, 1010 H nw 
Bradshaw A R, cigars, 1319 E nw, h 316 14th nw 
Bradshaw Henry, elk p o d, 634 A se 
Brads James, elk pod, Baltimore, Md 
Bradshaw James W, agent, 1247 4£ nw 
Bradshaw John, 203 Va av se 
Bradshaw Leonard P, 634 A se 
Bradshaw Moses, lawyer, 634 A se 
Bradstreet George P, elk Sen, 226 A se 
Bradstreet's Improved Jlercau- 
tile Agency, Harry Kershaw 
superintendent, 810F nw 
Bradt Albert H, grocer, 3343 Prospect av, Gtn 

Business Established. A.D., 1849. 
Chas. F. Clark, Pres't. Edw'd F. Randolph, Treas. 

The Bradstreet Company 

Improved Mercantile Agency, 

Principal Office: — 279, 281 & 283 Broadway, 17. Y. 
Branch Offices in all the Principal Cities of the 
United States and Canada, in London, England ; 
also a Continental Correspondence. 

Washington Office: — Boom 19, Le Droit Building. 

Harry Kershaw, Supt., Baltimore, 


Real Estate Ascents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580* 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, qii 7th St. n. w, 

Bradt George H, elk, 3343 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Bradt Orlando W, lab, 1033 31st nw 
Bradtz Herman, waiter, 1623 H nw 
Brady Catherine, servt, Freeman's al nw 
JSSrady Engene I> F", lawyer, 

143 O ]\ Y av nw, h 1439 Q nw 
Brady Francis H (S J), teacher, 47 I nw 
Brady George W, sailor, 212 L nw 
Brady James, stonecutter, 1011 2d ne 
Brady James W, elk, 6th aud o, 601 E nw 
Brady John, florist, 915 35th 

nw, la «lo 


Grows all the best known varieties and newest im- 
portations of roses. Prices very reasonable. 

G reen-houses ; 25th St., Between I and E. nw. 

Brady John, lab, Boundary nr 2d ne 
Bradv John IS, architect, 1343 

F nw, h 493 E sw 
Brady Julia, servt, 427 Washington nw 
Brady Kate M, elk treas, 1213 1 nw 
Brady Malcolm, lab, 208 5th se 
Brady Margaret, wid. Isaac, 818 10th nw 
Brady Margaret M, wid Jasper E, 1213 I nw 
Brady Mary H, elk reg o, 610 13th nw 
Brady Mary L, music teacher, 1118 K nw 
Brady Mathew B, photograph- 

t er, 635 F*a av nw, h do 
Brady Michael, shoemaker, 24 G ne 
Brady Michael J, 412 10th nw 
Brady Patrick, shoemaker, 54 H nw 
Brady Robert, coachman, 944 L nw 
Brady Sarita M, elk treas, 137 East Capitol 
Brady Thomas, lab, 723 7th ne 
Brady Thomas J, second, assist- 
ant postmaster general, 1701 
K nw 
Brauy William, horseshoer, 505 Mass av nw 
Brady William IV, horseshoer, 
©19 IV Y av. In do 



No. 619 New York Avenue, 


Braendle Fridolin, elk ceu, Arlington, Va 
Bragdon Oren D, lawyer, 470 La av nw, h 1343 

Q nw 
Bragg P E, postal elk, Culpepper, Va 
Brabler Edward, dyer, 635 Pa av se 
Brahler Francis, carp, 1227 Md av ne 
Brahler John H, cigarmkr, 635 Pa av se 
Brahler William, grocer, 401 H ne 
Brail lard Charles F, elk treas, 1632 R I av nw 
Brainard J L D Mrs, 1414 14th nw 
Brainard Mark D, lawyer, 802 F nw, h 911 K nw 
Brainard H M W, elk d 1 o, 4 Lafayette sq nw 
Braitmayer, John E, plate printer, 1340 28th 

nw, Gtn 
Brakhagen William, trunks, etc, 905J 7th nw 

Braley Annie, wid Leonard, 1221 L nw 
Bramhall Frank J, elk pen o, 134 F ne 
Bramhall William L, elk, 2023 N nw 
Branan Charles H, salesman, 521 7th nw 
Branan John, stonemason, 628 E sw 
Branard Jesse, driver, 3230 Grace nw, Gtn 
Branch Edward, lab, 2210 Va av nw 
Branch Ellen, wid Walker, servt, 46 F nw 
Branch Julia, wid Nelson, 1415 N J av, nw 
Branch Lucy, servt, 1415 N J av nw 
Branch Maria, servt, 1415 N J av nw 
Brand Augusta, wid Louis, 742 12th nw 
Brand Edward, real estate broker, 7th c La av 

nw, h 485 C nw 
Brand Sarah A, w r id Minor L, 12 1st se 
Brandenburg Edgar, elk sig o, 301 2d nw 
Brandenburg Fred H, elk sig o, 1745 Pa av nw 
Brandenbm-g Fred W, cigars, 1745 Pa av nw 
Brandebury Henry F, foreman, 1201 Pa av se 
Brandebury Laura, wid Lemuel G,1201 Pa av se 
Brandebury Lemuel A, elk pen o, 1522 Colum- 
bia nw 
Brandes Carl, elk cen, Q c 12th nw 
Brandison Charles, lab, 1918 12th nw 
Brandner Francis, boarding, 215 4§ nw 
Brandner Frank, 517 13th nw 
Brandon Hannora, wid Thomas, 35 L nw 
Brandon Michael, lab, 45 G nw 
Brandis William, postal elk, 913 Pa av nw 
Brandt Alexander M, coal, 117 6th, ne 
Brandt Charles, elk war d, 1829 R nw 
Brandt Gustavus A, elk ago, 631 Md av sw 
Brandt Jacob, 1328 I nw 
Brandt Margaret, 1815 H nw 
Brane Dennis A J, engineer, 1516 Pierce plnw 
Branham Edward A, elk sig o, 1232 19th nw 
Brannagan, Julia, servt, 1515 L nw 
Brannagan Patrick, lab, 19 4th ne 
Brannan Alice, wid William, 2005 K nw 
Brannan Charles, watchman, 1431 M nw 
Brannan Deborah, 1827 I nw 
Brannan Edward, grocer, 300 13th sw 
Brannan Ellen, servt, 1409 L nw 
Brannan John, mess, 1213 7th nw 
Brannan Mary, dressmkr, 300 13th sw 
Brannan Samuel, restaurant, 
1063 E Iflarket space 11 w, Gtn 



1063 East Market Street, 


Brannan Sarah, cook, 2208 I nw 
Brannigan Felix, elk int rev, 904 N Y av nw 
Brannin Ellen, wid Hugh, 825 2d ne 
Brannin Mary, bu eng, 825 2d ne 
Brannon Annie, wid Henry, 205 C sw 
Branson Alfred, hostler, 3289 M nw, Gtn 
Bransford John F, surgeon U S N, Hamilton 

Branson Charles, lab, 130 Pierce, nw 
Bransom G Beauregard, elk, 812 M nw 
Bransom Ida, washer, 130 Pierce nw 
Bransom James, waiter, Green's al nw 
Branson James C, horseshoer, 1008 1st nw 
Bransom Jane, wid, cook, 23d nr D nw 
Bransom John J, bkkr, 1901 8th nw 
Bransom John J, elk, 1114 7th nw 
Bransom Laura, washing, Green's al nw 
Bransom Louisa Mrs, washer, 130 Pierce nw 
Bransom Matilda, cook, 329 23d nw 
Bransom Matthew, lab, 14 Pierce nw 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. o 80. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China, Glass Crotayf are 



No. 923 Pentb Avenue. 

Bransom Millie, servt, 130 Pierce nw 
Bransom William, waiter, 329 23d nw 
Branson Addie, nurse, 1821 34th nw, Gtn 
Branson Clara, 1517 K nw 
Branson Ellen, servt, 1329 F nw 
Branson George D, lab, 111 5th se 
Branson George W, mess, 1100 Q nw 
Branson Horace, lab, 2220 Va av nw 
Branson James A, lab, 126 N se 
Branson James H, lab, 539 6th se 
Branson James T, police, 749 6th se 
Branson John, moulder, E Market space se 
Branson John A, lab, 1st nr O se 
Branson John F, butcher, Bladensburg rd 
Branson John W, lab, 1106 3d sw 
Branson Joseph, bartender, 125 G sw 
Branson Kiel, upholsterer, 1517 K nw 
Branson Mary, wid William, 1331 1st se 
Branson Otho, lab, 1815 L nw 
Branson Philip H, letter carrier, 710 10th ne 
Branson Robert, lab, E Market space se 
Branson Sarah, widHemy, 5396th se 
Branson Sophia, 1815 L nw 
Branson Stephen, contractor, Phillips' al nw 
Branson William A, waiter, 1515 H nw 
Brant Rosanna, wid John D, 514 Sth se 
Brantford Richard, porter, 1615 6th nw 
Branton James, gardener, Stautontown 
Branum Edward, mess treas, 1232 19th nw 
Branum John, lab, 1239 20th nw 
Branum Robert, waiter, 1239 20th nw 
Branzel Benjamin, watchman, 3624 O nw, Gtn 
Branzell Samuel, lab, 3529 O nw, Gtn 
Braschi Peter, cook, 722 17th, nw 
Brashear M, bookkeeper, 635 La av nw 
3rashear Wm B, grocer, 1128 F ne 
Brashear William H, waiter, 1831 L nw 
Brashears Amelia, laundress, 820 17th nw 
Brashears Bern A, scroll sawyer, 1304 6th sw 
Brashears Bertie, 406 L nw 
Brashears Fannie, servt, Nichols row, ne 
Brashears John, carp, 820 18th nw 
Brashears John, printer, 431 6th sw 
Brashears Lizzie, servt, 1700 L nw 
Brashears Mary, servt, 927 O nw 
Brashears Shipley, asst ex pat o, Laurel Md 
Brashears Thaddeus, elk, Anaeostia 
Brashears Thomas M, 616 N J av 
Brashears Thomas JT, printer 

and publisher, 04=1 La av nw, 

h 431 Oth sw 
Brass Fanny D, 2002 14th nw 
Brass J Harvey, fireman, bds Child's al se 
Brauch Mathias, tailor, 1704 N J av nw 
Braudes Henry, grocer, 12th c Q 
Braulik C F L, tel opr H R, Metropolitan Hotel 
Braum Michael, produce, 361 Centre mkt, h 

920 S nw 
Brauman John, butcher, Anaeostia 
Braumam John, cutler, 8th ab Boundary nw 
Brauns Henry, architect, 924 14th nw 
Braun Henry, machinist, 2130 N nw 
Braun John, grocer, 123 G nw 
Brawley Clara O, elk pen o, 1201 R I av nw 
Brawner Charles, lab, 202 7th sw 

anges and Furnaceo 


Brawner Charles, lab, 332 14th se 
Brawner Dennis, lab, 336 14th se 
Brawner Edward, barber, 925 18th nw 
Brawner Henry A, constable, 1600 7th nw 
Brawner John, eating saloon, 1307 C nw 
Brawner Mary L, wid Thornton, 602 Pa av se 
Brawner William, lab, 1416 Sampson nw 
Brawner William H (J H Semmes &Co), 944 N 

Y av nw 
Braxton Allen H, coachman, Road st 
Braxton Annie, laundress, Sth ab Grant av nw 
Braxton Annie, wid John, 429 4J sw 
Braxton Benjamin, white washer, 2144 9th nw 
Braxton Carter B, carp, 2106, 11th nw 
Braxton Carter M, dairy, 1630 14th nw 
Braxton Catherine, cook, R nr 12th nw 
Braxton Eliza, wid Isaac, Sumner, University 

Braxton Eliza, wid Nelson, 2106 11th nw 
Braxton Elizabeth, servt, 2106 11th nw 
Braxton Ellen, servt, 1104 M nw 
Braxton George, lab, 1607 11th nw 
Braxton George, porter, 1107 D se 
Braxton Hannah, servt, 2121 12th nw 
Braxton Isaac, lab, 1220 20th nw 
Braxton John, lab, 1023 4th se 
Braxton John C, blksmith,429 10th sw 
Braxton John C, carp, 303 C se 
Braxton John C, carp,. Sumner, University hill 
Braxton Joshua, news, 2144 9th nw 
Braxton Julia, servt, 1831 8th nw 
Braxton Lewis, carp, 429 4£ sw 
Braxton Maggie, wid George, 2106 11th nw 
Braxton Malinda, laundress, 921 V nw 
Braxton Maria, wid James, 632 E se 
Braxton, Maurice, waiter, Sumner, University 

Braxton Nancy, servt, 1607 11th nw 
Braxton Nancy, servt, 1820 Vt av nw 
Braxton Nathaniel, janitor, r 635 F nw 
Braxton Nathaniel, waiter, Sumner, UniTersity 

Braxton Phoebe, servt, 17 H se 
Braxton Thomas, lab, 105 Va av sw 
Braxton Thomas, lab, 479 C sw 
Braxton Virginia B, servt, 1602 7th nw 
Bray Charles, lab, 737 11th nw 
Bray Isaac, sailor, r 6th nr K sw 
Bray John, druggist, 301 13th sw 
Bray John jr, butter, 496 Cen mkt, h 937 Hnw 
Bray John, coachman, 11th bet G and H nw 
Bray Peter, lab, 210 N sw 
Bray Robert T, printer, 606 H ne 
Bray Thomas, lab, 210 N sw 
Braynard William, broker, 323 Mo av nw 
Brayton Charles E, elk compt cur, 1527 Co- 
lumbia nw 
Brazell William, lab, 602 Md av ne 
Brazeroi John, carp, Anaeostia 
Brazerol Joseph (Brazeroi & Toepfer), 1118 

7th nw 
Braserol & Toepfer (Joseph 
ISrazerol and Sehastian Toep- 
fer), eahinetmhrs, 7 S3 7th nw 
Brazier Emily J, wid William H, 1007 G nw 
Brecht Charles A, elk, 44 H nw 
Brecht Theodore C, asst ex pat o, 2109 I nw 
Breck George W, draftsman, Mt Pleasant, D C 


First-Glass Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

POSKAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, MEW YOffi. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y, ^VtSSMP- 




The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Jos. Brazerol. Seb. Toepfer. 



735 7th St., nw., bet- a & S Sts., Washington, D. C. 
All kinds of hard wood doors, veneered or solid, 
department cases, mantels, mirror frames, made to 
order in the best style. 

Breckinridge E H, chief 'refund- 
ing* and abatement section in- 
ternal revenue, h 4L3 4L li nw 

Bredekamp Henry, barber, 308 4| sw 
Bredekamp Hermann, baker, 308 4J sw 
Brediger Henrv, baker, 1009 S C av se 
Bredin Dot, elk treas d, 725 20th nw 
Breed I>aniel Br, patent agent, 

S02 JF nw, h Howard av, Mt 

Breedin Louisa, elk cen, 101 Gay, Gtn 
Breen Bridget, grocer, 59 G 
Breen Jobn, painter, 836 23d nw 
Breen Michael, police, 1355 U nw 
Breen Michael, porter, 201 D sw 
Breen Patrick, lab, 59 G nw 
Breen Thomas, 35 F nw 
Bregazxi Antonio, proprietor 

Columbia Motel, h S3 7 B nw 



Steamed Oysters and Restaurant, 

325 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw., 

Terms:— $1.50 per day. $7.00 per week 

A. BREGAZZI, Proprietor. 

Breithaupt Bernhard, elk 2d and, 1501 P nw 
Breitbarth George, furniture, 417 7th nw, h 131 

B se 
Brelsford Hiram W, lawyer, 539 

7th nw, h 1535 lOth nw 



529 7 Hi St., Washington, D. C. 

Room 13. 
Practices in all the Courts, and before the Depart- 
ments and Committees of Congress. 

Brelsford Mary A, grocer, 328 Va av sw 
Brelsford William H, baker, 328 Va av sw 
Bremer John A, lab, Brickyard hill, Gtn 
Bremer John P, sailor, Brickyard hill, Gtn 
Bremer William, elk a g o, 1718J 10th nw 
Bremerman Anna S, 1517 32d nw, Gtn 
Bremerman Charles E, salesman, 3117 M nw 
Bremerman Charles H, driver, 1807 14th nw 
Bremerman John L, cooper, 1015 3 1st nw, Gtn 
Bremerman Melvin, cooper, 8 Congress, Gtn 
Bremerman Thomas H, elk, 1517 32d nw, Gtn 
Bremmerman Martha, 2705 K nw 
Bremner James, Kalorama heights 
Brenan William L, elk, 102 Ind av nw 
Breneman Marian V, wid Edward, 728 20th nw 
Brenerman Charles HE, driver, 1807 14th nw 
Brennan Agnes, 1624 14th nw 
Brennan Isaac, foreman, 422 E Capitol 

Brennan James, machinist, 926 C nw 
Brennan Jane, wid B A, 711 13th nw 
Brennan Martin, lab, 941 Boundary nw 
Brennan Mary, printer, 825 Q ne 
Brennan Mary A, wid William, 912 P nw 
Brennan Mary A, wid Patrick, 422 E Capitol 
Brennan Patrick, dry goods, 1638 14th nw 
Brennan Richard J, stonecutter, 422 E Capitol 
Brennan Robert, painter, 723 4th ne 
Brennan Thomas J, cor Cleveland Herald, 501 

14th nw, h 1331 F nw 
Brennan Patrick, livery, 408 1st nw 
Brennan David B, elk compt cur, 1801 Q nw 
Brent Albertine, dressmkr, 1006 19th nw 
Brent Ann, wid Warrington, 8th nr Grant av 

Brent Anna, seamstress, 101 3d sw 
Brent Calvin T S, architect, 1006 19th nw 
Brent Clementina, 227 Del av ne 
Brent Curtis, lab, 101 3d sw 
Brent Eliza, servt, 101 3d sw 
Brent Elizabeth, wid Moses, 402 A se 
Brent Estelle A, 1215 F nw 
Brent George, eating saloon, 101 3d sw 
Brent Georgian a, 935 O nw 
Brent Henry W, physician, 307 N C av se 
Brent Henrv W, elk, 1215 F nw 
Brent Henry W jr, elk, 1215 F nw 
Brent Horace, lab, 1822 G nw 
Brent Jane, servt, 605 F nw 
Brent Jane, servt, 1205 14th nw 
Brent Jane, wid William, 1807 T nw 
Brent Jane A, produce, 96 Western mkt, h 

1824 G nw 
Brent John, 1038 18th nw 
Brent John, hostler, Willow al se 
Brent John, huckster, 2155 9th nw 
Brent John H, hostler, 927 F sw 
Brent John S, driver, 2121 1 nw 
Brent Lizzie, cook, 916 19th nw 
Brent Martha, wid Charles, 1643 N J av nw 
Brent Mary, servt, 228 Jackson Hall al 
Brent Mary, servt, 13 L nw 
Brent Mary E, servt, West al nw 
Brent Mary E, washer, 927 F sw 
Brent Mollie, wid James, washer, 1029 19th nw 
Brent William H, coal and wood, 1004 19th 

nw, h 1038 18th nw 
Brents Thomas H, M C, 73«* 

11th nw 
Brereton James I, bkkr, 810 A se 
Brereton Richard, slater, 1938 14th nw 
Brereton Richard, stonecutter, 1328 V nw 
Brereton Sarah A, 810 A se 
Brereton William H, patents, 639 F nw, h Md 
Breslauer Barbara, wid Abraham, 916 5th nwj 
Breslin James H (Breslin & Cooke), Willards 

Breslin & Cooke (James H Bres- 
lin and Joseph O Cooke), prop- 
rietors Willard's Hotel, I*a av 
c 141th nw 
Breslyn A William, lab, 1243 3d se 
Bresnahan Cornelius (McNally <fe Bresnahan), 

206 14th sw 
Bresnahan Edward, lab, 816 C ne 
Bresnahan John, grocer, 1300 5th nw 
Bresnahan John, lab, 234 2d ne 
Bresnahan John, lab, 1704 33d nw, Gtn 
Bresnahan John, produce, 94 and 96 Eastern 

mkt, h 664 B se 
Bresnahan Josephine, cook, Insane Asylum 
Bresnahan Michael, bricklayer, 816 C ne 
Bresnahan Patrick, bricklayer, 234 2d ne 
Bresnahan Patrick E, tanner, 1704 33d nw } Gtn 

The LARGEST Insurance Co. in the World. 






Ant. Marshall & Co's Dry Champagne, 


413 and 415 9th St., nut. 

Bresnahan Thomas, elk c p o, 666 B se 
Bresnahan William, plumber, 1704 33d nw,Gtn 
Bresnahen Thomas, scroll sawyer, Sullivan's 

al sw 
Bresnan Thomas, gig sawyer, 29 14th sw 
Bresnanan Kate, servt, St James Hotel 
Bresnehau Margaret, milk, 105 L nw 
Bretow Charles A, elk pat o, 1208 F nw 
Bretsch Lenia, housekeeper, 307 11th sw 
Bretsch William, baker, 901 F sw 
Breuhl George C, shoemkr, 1613 6th nw 
Breuninger Henry F, milk, 3d and H nw, h 

421 H'nw 
Breuninger William, jeweler, 929 Pa av nw, h 

115 E Capitol 
Breuninger William jr, jeweler, 115 E Capitol 
Brewer Alice, servt, Green's al nw 
Brewer Alice, washer, Simms al nw 
Brewer Annie (McLeod & Brewer), 1717 Vt av 
Brewer Annie, servt, 13 Temperance av nw 
Brewer Archie, lab, 1411 N J av nw 
Brewer Charles J, feed, 311 12th sw 
Brewer Cyrus A, 319 E Capitol 
Brewer Daniel E, letter carrier, 208 13th sw 
Brewer Edward, physician, 1511 33d nw, Gtn 
Brewer Eveline, servt, 915 12th nw 
Brewer Eveline, servt, Green's al nw 
Brewer George J, elk pod, 919 I nw 
Brewer Harley H, agent, 13th c B sw 
Brewer Henry F, farmer, Pierce Mill rd 
Brewer Henry G, elk war d, 1011 12th nw 
Brewer Henry W, engineer, 1511 33d nw, Gtn 
Brewer Hiram, 208 13th sw 
Brewer Hiram H, bill poster, 1236 B sw 
Brewer J Eli, confectioner, 3406 M nw, Gtn 
Brewer J Newton, elk, 1511 33d nw, Gtn 
Brewer John W, farmer, Pierce Mill rd 
Brewer Joseph A, elk, 7 Vermont av 
Brewer Kate, 3410 Q nw, Gtn 
Brewer Kinsey, dressmkr, 607 Mass av 
Brewer Lewis, lab, 13 Temperance av nw 
Brewer Lewis, porter, 13 Temple av nw 
Brewer Lizzie, drawing teacher, 22 3d se 
Brewer Lucinda, servt, 13 Temperance av nw 
Brewer Mark S, UI C, National 

Brewer Martha A, wid Joseph A, Vermont al 

Brewer Nace, lab, Green's al nw 
Brewer Nath'l, feed, 652 Pa av se, h 241 8th se 
Brewer Nixon (Nixon Brewer & Co), 214 8th 

Brewer Nixon & Co (Nixon 

Brewer and Edgar W Wat- 

kins), feed, 309 7th sw and 

1S05 14th nw 

Nixon Brewer. 


Dealers in Flour 

E. W. Watkins 


Feed, Hay and Straw, 

Grain of all kinds, Mill Offal, Ac, 
209 7tli !*t., bet. Maryland Ave. and B St., sw. 

Branch Store, 1805 14th St., nw. 
S5P~A]1 orders promptly attended to. 

At ES 


Brewer Wallace, printer, 80910th ne 
Brewer William, coachman, 1025 Conn av nw 


Brewer William H (Archer & Brewer), 1820 

34th nw, Gtn 
Brewer Zachariah, junk, 3406 M nw, Gtn 
Brewster John T, printer, 809 E nw 
Brewster Virginia, elk int rev, 1219 T nw 
Brewton William W. carp, 519 5th se 
Brian George, lab, 1325 Stanton al nw 
Brian Henry T, elk bu eng, Baltimore, 
Brian Jemima, washer, 21 8th se 
Brice Alice, washer, 207 2d sw 
Brice Arthur T, elk, 3106 P nw, Gtn 
Brice Catherine, servt, 413 6th nw 
Brice China, cook, 144 A ne 
Brice George, lab, Hogan al nw, Gtn 
Brice James R, elk H R, 420 B se 
Brice Julia F, wid Richard T, 3106 P nw, Gte 
brice Randolph, lab, Conduit rd 
Brick Catherine, seamstress, 204 K ne 
Brick Edward (Bradford & Brick), 204 K ne 
Brick Edward, mess, 204 K ne 
Brick Mary, notions, 54J H nw, h 722 1st nw 
Brick Patrick, plumber,~40 Myrtle ne 
Brick William, lab, 722 1st ne 
Brickhouse Lawrence L, agent, 732 10th nw 
Brickwedde Chas A, nphol* 

sterer, 833 9th nw 


(Successor to Miller & Brickwedde,) 

First-Class Upholsterer and Decorator, 

No. 822 Ninth Street, nw., 

Bet. H and I Sts., WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Bride Cotter T, plumber, 306 Pa av se 

Bridge Joseph K, agent, 809 9th ne 

Bridges Mary A, washing, Sherman av nw 

Bridges Mattie C, elk cen o, McPherson Housfr 

Bridges Thomas, Sherman av nw 

Bridget Bernard M, elk, 1£5 D nw 

Bridget James A, ice, 719 23d nW 

Bridget James T, carp, 717 23d nw 

Bridget John T, 125 D nw 

Bridget Joseph T, 225 D nw 

Bridget J William, painter, 1222 N J av nw 

Bridget Richard B, coachmkr, 119 1st sw, h 

1222 3d nw 
Bridget Richard J, wheelwright, 119 1st sw, h 

1222 3d nw 
Bridwell Clemintina, dressmkr, 349 M sw, h 

351 M sw 
Bridwell John H, bottler, 1323 4J sw 
Bridwell Louis T, driver, 349 M sw 
Bridwell Hfoses T, Dottier, 35 E 

UI sw, h do 
Briel Michael, confectioner, 4=17 

9th nw, h do 
Briel William, waiter, 324 E sw 
Briel William H, confectioner, 417 9th nw 
Brien Charles, lab, 1317 A se 
Brien Elizabeth, wid John, 1317 A se 
Brien James F, plumber, 419 9th nw, h 52£ 

8th ne 
Briggs Alfred B, elk, 1006 M nw 
Briggs Annie M, teacher, 638 G se 
Briggs Emily Edson, wid John R, journalist^ 

S C av nr 6th se 
Briggs Emma, servt, Pleasant al sw 

lAfli/f Xi VHTT fi C ^ ea * Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

VW IT1» JT - lUU ll Uj 143© HEW YORK AVE. 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold by all nrutfg-istH and at 911 7tti R* 

Briggs Gussie, elk, 406 2d nw 
Briggs Gustaves, lab, 714 1st sw 
Briggs Ida E, 638 G se 
Briggs Martha B, teacher, 1633 P nw 
Briggs Mary, servt. Pleasant al sw 
Briggs Mary, wid Joseph H, 1231 8th nw 
Bi-isrgs Mary A, wid Joseph H, 
N w dye hoiase, 7 ©9 Olh 11 w 9 li 
1331 Sth law 
Briffgs Mary E, wid James, 638 G se 
Briggs Solomon, mariner, 422 11th se 
Briggs S William, printer, 638 G se 
Briggs William, lab, Rock Creek Ford rd 
Briggs William, machine agt, 2247 12th nw 
Brigham Eli, 311 N C av se 
Brigham Emily J, elk treas d, 810 12th nw 
Brigham Lucian, carp, 1025 31st nw, Gtn 
Brigham Mary H, elk treas d, 427 G- nw 
Bright Albert W, elk, 1013 E se 
Bright Amelia E, millinery, 545 8th se, h 1317 

Bright Annie, seamstress, 228 3d nw 
Bright Edward, elk treas d, 1719 11th nw 
Bright Elizabeth, wid James, 1317 E se 
Bright Frederick H, elk, 1013 E se 
Bright Jacob L, machinist, 303 L se 
Bright James, plumber, 1317 E se 
Bright James E, hardware, 601 Pa av se 
Bright Joanna, wid George S, 137 C se 
Bright Johia M, M C, Metropo- 
litan Hotel 
Bright John F, paperhanger, 702 4£ sw 
Bright John G (Bright & Humphreys),913 Nnw 
Bright John W, supt street repairs, 1013 E se 
Bright Rebecca, wid Jacob, 318 K se 

Brig-lit Richard J, sergeant at 
arms IJ S S, 2©1 E Capitol 

Bright Soloman, servt, 315 4£ nw 
Bright Virginia, teacher, 1317 E se 
Bright W t,draf tsman, use and g s o,2358th ee 
Bright & Humphrey (John G Bright and 
Robert T Humphrey), carps, 927 N Y av nw 
Brightwell Melvina, wid Joshua, 826 10th ne 
Brightwell Owen H, dentist, 1227 Pa av nw, 

h Bennings Station, D C 
Brikley Patrick, lab, 24 Jackson al ne 
B riles Daniel, expressman, Erie nw 
Brill Charles (Brill & Hayden), 31 Va av sw 
Brill Charles jr, tinsmith, 31 Va av sw 
Brill Charles O, barkpr, 1409 Pa av nw 
Brill & Hayden (Chas Brill and Richard B Hay- 
den), tinsmiths and plumbers, 308 Pa av nw 
Brine John B, gents' furnishing, 435 7th nw 

and 1337 F nw, h 925 9th nw 
Brink Olivia, 3516 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Brinkerhoff H( j nry S, elk war d, 1208 N nw 
Brinkley Fannie, servt, h 1214 N nw 
Brinkley Isaac H, grocer, 527 4th se 
Brinkley John, grocer, 110 M se, h 112 M se 
Brinkley Samuel, hack driver, 35 N se 
Brinkley William H, grocer, 103 M se 
Brinkman August, cigarmkr, 474 Pa av nw 
Brinkman Frederick (F. Brinkman & Co), 818 

6th nw 
Brinkman F. & Co (Frederick Brinkman and 

Caroline W Plugge), cigars, 622 Pa av nw 
Brintnall Francis, elk ago, 642 R I av nw 
Brisbane Howard, elk sig o, 519 13th nw 
Brisco Alice, servt, 1435 L nw 
Brisco Catherine, servt, 1005 16th nw 
Brisco Columbus, barber, 213 K nw 
Brisco Henry, driver, F nr 3d sw 
Brisco John, waiter, 1515 M nw 
Brisco Mary, cook, 213 K nw 
Brisco Mary, cook, 1106 9th nw 
Brisco Mary, wid Palmer, lodgings, 213 K nw 


HllfMSBili3 & liMftUOBS* 

Goods delivered to any part of the city. 


Tonic Beer, Mead, Ginger Ale & Soda Water, 


351 M Street, sw. 


709 9th St., Bet. G and H Sts., nw., 


Laiiies'& Gents' Wearing Apparel of every description Cleaned or Dyel 

Gloves Cleaned, 10 cts, per pair. 







Importers and Dealers in 

Clina. Glass Crockery fare 



S^g^3 r o. #23 Pchm Avenue. 

Brisco Robert, lab, 507 D se 

Brisco Sandy, lab, 1435 L nw 

Briscoe Alexander, lab, 517 Chicago ne 

Briscoe Edward, waiter, 520 13th nw 

Briscoe Eliza, washer, 931 F sw 

Briscoe Elizabeth, washer, 1503 N Capitol ne 

Briscoe Emeline, 430 9th sw 

Briscoe Emily, wid Levi, Anacostia rd 

Briscoe Frank, barber, Water nr 12th sw, h 

1026 Q sw 
Briscoe George, lab, 1413 28th nw, Gtn 
Briscoe Hattie, servt, 1712 L nw 
Briscoe Henrietta, servt, 1214 14th nw 
Briscoe Henrietta, servt, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Briscoe Henry T, lab, 620 N Capitol 
Briscoe James, bricklayer, Boyle's Hotel 
Briscoe Lottie, servt, 710 R I av nw 
Briscoe Louisa, wid James, laundress, 2d al 

bet I and Mass av nw 
Briscoe Maria J, 317 C nw 
Briscoe Maiy, servt, 1538 9th nw 
Briscoe Mary, servt, 802 E sw 
Briscoe Mary T, servt, 802 E sw 
Briscoe Moses, lab, 714 9th sw 
Briscoe Patrick, lab, 326 C sw 
Briscoe Patrick, waiter, Hillman House 
Briscoe Philip E, carp, 1920 1 nw, h 2517 I nw 
Briscoe Philip I, lab, 1st c O sw 
Briscoe Rachel A, laundress, 113 D se 
Briscoe Richard, carp, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Briscoe Thomas, fireman, 430 9th sw 
Briscoe Thomas, lab, B nr 19th nw 
Briscoe Walter C, physician, 317 C nw 
Briscoe William, carp, 113 D se 
Briscoll Frank, lab, Beall nr Montgomery, Gtn 
Briscoll Mary, servt, 117 F ne 
Briskcol John, lab, 86 N sw 
Brisker James, painter, 1122 3d nw 
Brissey Benjamin, painter, 710 I ne 
Brissey I E, tanner, 810 11th nw 
Brissey Lucinda E, dressmkr, 810 11th nw 
Bristcow Alice, wid James, 1352 D nw 
Bristol John E, elk ago, 718 19th nw 
Brithaupt Benjamin, elk 2d aud o, 1501 P nw 
British America Assurance Co of Canada, 928 

F nw 
Britler John, waiter, 2015 H nw 
Britt George R P, bookbinder, 1222 Pa av se 
Britt George S, bookbinder, 102 C sw 
Britt Richard, butcher, 3421 T nw, Gtn 
Britt Robert, gardener, Back, Gtn 
Britt Sallie H, elk, 1222 Pa av se 
Britt Thomas, police, 1230 13th nw 
Brittain Milton I, elk c p o, 1422 11th nw 
Brittain William B, letter carrier, 1527 17th nw 
Britton Alexander T (Britton & Gray), 622 F nw 
Britton John, waiter, 2126 F sw 
Britton L L, elk, National Hotel 
Britton Wylie, elk, q m g o, 1116 H nw 
Britton & Gray (Alexander T 

Britton and Horace «I Gray), 

lawyers, 624 F nw 
Brizora valentine, fruits, 432 8th nw 
Broadbent Louis R, 615 E nw 
Broaddus Berry, lab, 307 G sw 

lumbing & Gas Fittinll 


Broadstreet Frederick, lab, 1102 W nw 
Broadus Lewis, lab, 2012 11th nw 
Broadus Mary J, wid Samuel, 914 E sw 
Broadus T A, elk pen o, Alexandria, Va 
Broadway Matilda J, sewing, 240 N Capitol nw 
Broadway Richard, shoemkr, 240 N Capitol nw 
Brochman Charles, driver, 1229 7th nw 
Brock Alvin D, printer, 55 Myrtle ne 
Brock Fenelon D, pat lawyer, 136 Pa av e 
Brock Jacob, boots, 802 7th nw, 634 N Y av nw 
Brock J F, mess sergeant-at-arms H R, 222 

3d nw 
Brock Toles, lab, 1338 Cedar nw 
Brock William G, major police, 219 11th 6W 
Brock William H, printer, 55 Myrtle ne 
Brock William S, elk peu o, 219 11th sw 
Brockenborough Edmund, mess, 1112 K nw 
Brockenborough Lizzie, dressmkr, 1112 K nw 
Brockenborough Walter, lab, 1022 W nw 
Brockenbrough Robert, driver, 525 3d sw 
Brockenbrough William H, waiter, 111 F sw 
Brockett Benjamin F, elk treas, 1422 Bound- 
ary av nw 
Brod Charles E, elk 802 7th nw 
Brodas John, driver, 1137 19th nw 
Broden Patrick, lab, 327 E sw 
Broderick Bros (Daniel I and John F Broder- 

ick), junk 1009 B nw 
Broderick Daniel I (Broderick Bros), Baltimore 
Broderick Fannie, dressmkr, 237 13£ sw 
Broderick John F (Broderick Bros), Baltimore 
Broderick Michael, lab, 41 Mass av nw 
Broderick Thomas, elk war d, 923 22d nw 
Broderick Thomas, rigger, 476 E sw 
Brodhag Edmond, draughtsman, 411 N nw 
Brodhag Louis, architect, 411 N nw 
Brodhead Clinton De W, elk treas, 816 Conn 

av nw 
Brodhead Josephine, wid John M, 235 N J ar se 
Brodhead Mark, agt dry goods, 1512 Q nw 
Brodie Albert K, elk dep justice, 1019 4th nw 
Brodie Basil M, elk treas, 1309 F nw 
Brodie Henry D, printer, 1416 S nw 
Brodie Paul, elk pen o, 1410 S sw 
Brodigan Christopher, lab, 458 F sw 
Brodreght Philip, saloon, 1918 7th nw 
Brodrick Mary, 1133 8th nw 
Brodrick Teresa, printer bu eng 
Brodt William F, hatter, 4L1& 

11th iim, h do 
Broeker Bernard, cabinetmkr,*709 4th ne 
Broeker Henry, upholsterer, 709 4th ne 
Broeker Mary, prod, 527 N L mkt, h 709 4th"ne 
Broeker Virginia, dressmkr, 709 4th ne 
Brogdam Nancy, servt, 302 C nw 
Brogden Harry, elk cen, 825 Vt av nw 
Brokenberry Albert, cook, 213 K nw 
Brokenberry Florence, washer, 213 K nw 
Brokenberry Jennie, servt, 1334 9th nw 
Brokenburg Newman, lab, 1215 3d se 
Broman Andrew, butcher, Anacostia 
Bromberg Richard A (Turner & Co), 626 D nw 
Brombrey Ellen, cleaner, 1219 N Y av nw 
Bromley A C, elk pen o, 110 4th se 
Bromley Wm, confectionery, 1053 31st nw, Gtn 
Bromley Wm H, janitor, 1018 31st nw, Gtn 
Bromwell Jacob E, plater, 1214 Pa av nw, h. 
618 H nw 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. tWSSte* 





(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St. 

Bromwell James E, silver plater, 618 H nw 
Bromwell Thomas S C, casliier 

Adams Express Co, 3015 O nw, 


Bronaugh Frank H, bookbinder, 303 11th se 
Bronaugh Frank P, elk war d, 3328 O nw, Gtn 
Bronaugh Harnbleton, 3328 O nw, Gtn 
Bronaugh John C, elk navy yard, 303 11th se 
Broner Andrew, lab, 1816 Lawrence nw 
Broner Annie, wid Thomas, 9th nr Q nw 
Broneugh Fenton, barber, 329 23d nw 
Broneugh Laura, seamstress, 329 23d nw 
Bronnell P Y Mrs, 1323 F nw 
Bronspn Charles, elk, 115 Md av ne 
Bronson Chas E, elk 1st compt o, 213 E Capitol 
JBronson Simon D, horseshoer, 1008 1st nw 
Brook Andrew, elk, 122 Carroll se 
Brook Arthur, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Brook John C, barber, 1714 10th nw 
Brook, John W, elk, 21 K nw 
Brook Maria, servt, 814 21st nw 
Brook Mary, wid Michael F, 122 Carroll se 
Brook William T, elk, 122 Carroll se 
Brook Philip, gardener, nr Tunlaw rd 
Brooke A A, lawyer, 3413 La av, 

nw, li ©1© I* iiw 
Brooke Albert, 641 D nw 
Brooke Alexander M, grocer, 1600 14th nw, h 

1227 6th nw 
Brooke Amelia Y, astrologer, 1023 4th nw 
Brooke C Barton, physician, 408 L nw 
Brooke Charles H, lab, 1710 Marion al nw 
Brooke Clement H, butcher,539 Centre mkt,h 

Brooke Columbus, elk, 1225 6th nw 
Brooke Deborah C, wid Zach B, 819 9th nw 
Brook Edgar S, elk cen, 69 H nw 
Brooke Edward, butcher, 632 Centre mkt, h 

1416 34th nw, Gtn 
Brooke Edward, carp, 1810 L nw 
Brook Eugenie, wid Edmond, 1227 6th nw 
Broooke Francis I, 3031 O nw, Gtn 
Brooke Frank, engineer, 128 Beall, Gtn 
Brocke Irving, elk, 338 C nw 
Brooke James K, elk, Willard's Hotel 
Brooke John E, mess ord, 1647 K nw 
Brooke John L, 716 G sw 
Brooke Joseph H (N A Pool & Co), 125 D nw 
Brooke J Wellington, elk, 53 K nw 
Brooke Lloyd B, bu eng, 1020 25th nw 
Brooke Madame, clairvoyant, 408 L nw 
Brooke Margaret, wid George, 716 G sw 

Brooke Olivia, wid Walter, 69 H nw 
Brooke Philip L (T S Brooke & Co), Tennally- 
town rd 
Brooke Pinckney, agl implts, 338 C nw 
Brooke Sarah J, servt, 919 H nw 
Brooke Thomas S (T S Brooke & Co), 1335 

Mass av nw 
Brooke T Humphrey, mess ago, 2409 H nw 
Brooke T S & Co (Thomas S and Philip L 

Brooke), provisions, M c Mass av nw 
Brooke Wellington, elk, 120 Bne 
Brooke William, lab, 903 4£ sw 
Brooke William I, elk, 338 C nw 
Brooke William P, 338 C nw 
Brooke W W, postal elk, 100 C se 
Brooker Alice, servt, 1020 F ne 
Brooker George, lab, A nr 17th ne 
Brooker William, barber, E Capitol nr 17th ne 
Brooker William, hostler, 5 E sw 
Brookes Aleck M (A M Brookes & Co), 1227 
! 6th nw 
Brookes A M & Co (N A Poole and A M 

Brookes), grocers, 1600 14th nw 
Brookes Charles B, elk war d, 1538 8th nw 
Brookes Felix Q, elk, 1227 6th nw 
Brookes Geo D, elk, 486 La av nw, h Alex, Va 
Brookes John St C, lawyer, 486 La av nw, h 

Alexandria, Va 
Brookes T Humphrey, mess, 2409 H nw 
Brookfleld Alexander, plumber, 1705 N Y av 
Brooking W T, porter, 1931 Pa av 
Brookings Edward J, elk ago, 508 13th nw 
Brookings Julia, servt, 1116 K nw 
Brookins Burgess, lab, E nr 15th se 
Brookins Peter, seaman, Wilson nw 
Brookins William, lab, Wilson nw 
Brookner Adam, hostler, 49 I nw 
Brooks Aaron, elk cen, 1315 11th nw 
Brooks A I Mrs, 1116 10th nw 
Brooks Albert, lab, 335 Mass av ne 
Brooks Albert F, elk treas d, 113 F ne 
Brooks Alexander, porter, 1543 32d nw, Gtn 
Brooks Alfred, lab, Nichols al ne 
Brooks Alfred, painter, 234 3d sw 
Brooks Alme D, elk treas d, 409 G nw 
Brooks Ann, washer, Trumbull nw 
Brooks Ann, wid Henry, washer, 108 N se 
Brooks Ann, wid Joshua, 309 2d nw 
Brooks Anna, servt, 2415 Pa av nw 
Brooks Anna, servt, Lake al ne 
Brooks Anna, washing, 1731 K nw 
Brooks Annie, dressmkr, 1806 M nw 
Brooks Annie, servt, 915 Desmond's al sw 
Brooks Annie, servt, 1235 Blagden's al nw 
Brooks Annie, servt, Mt Pleasant 
Brooks Anthony, bricklayer, 1909 12th nw 
Brooks Anthony jr, 1909 12th nw 
Brooks Arthur, lab, 626 Freeman's al nw 


, 9 nw. 5 

419 Eleventh Street 
Manufactures Hats of All Kinds at Short Notice, 

— AND — 

Remodels Silk and all other kinds of Hats 

At trifling Cost, and makes them Equal to New Ones. 


Assets, over - $90,000,000 




New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 A 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Brooks Arthur, produce, 280 Centre mkt,h 321 

S C av se 
Brooks Arthur, waiter, 321 S C se 
Brooks Arthur J, lab, 723 19th nw 
Brooks Belle, servt, 1617 Conn av nw 
Brooks Bel'zora, dressmkr, 1318 5th nw 
Brooks Benjamin, lab, Bowen rd 
Brooks Caroline, washer, 723 19th nw 
Brooks Carrie, dressmkr, 1728 21st nw 
Brooks Carrie, servt, 1412 8th nw 
Brooks Catherine, servt, 3039th ne 
Brooks Catherine, washer, 1337 H nw 
Brooks Catheiine I, dressmkr, 311 L nw 
Brooks Cecelia,wid Chas, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Brooks Charles, elk, 711 H sw 
Brooks Charles, lab, 1331 1st se 
Brooks Charles, lab, 215 O nw 
Brooks Charles E, porter, 215 O nw 
Brooks Charles H, lab, 19 H se 
Brooks Charlotte, wid Thomas, washer, 1406 

28th nw, Gtn 
Brooks Clement, butcher, Tennallytown 
Brook6 Cora, servt, Lake al ne 
Brooks Correl E, elk, 1810 K nw 
Brooks Daniel L, claim agent, 520 8th nw, h 

1901 E nw 
Brooks David, porter, 927 5th nw 
Brooks Edward, driver, 1305 15th nw 
Brooks Edward, grocer, 732 3d nw 
Brooks Edward, lab, 1111 20th nw 
Brooks Edward D, eating house, 1422 Sampson 

nw, h 1453 Sampson nw 
Brooks Enwin F\ g"»s fixtures 

and pliinibei*, 531 15 th nw, li 

181Q K nw 

Pine Gas Fixtures, 

531 Fifteenth St, 

Corcoran Building. 

Brooks K «ff, general manager 
American Palm, Pulp and 
Paper Co, 639 P nw 

Brooks Eliza, servt, 2110 N nw 

Brooks Eliza, servt, 302 C nw 

Brooks Eliza, washer, 1025 3d nw 

Brooks Eliza, wid Samuel, 304 13th nw 

Brooks Ella, laundress, 1806 M nw 

Brooks Eugene, bell man, 1015 I nw 

Brooks Frances, servt, 822 2d se 

Brooks Frank, Bunker Hill rd 

Brooks Frank, elk, 1415 12th nw 

Brooks Frank, poster, 2123 11th nw 

Brooks George, lab, r K nr 25th nw 

Brooks George, lab, 308 E sw 

Brooks George W, physician, 322 E sw 

Brooks Harriett, wid Richard, 308 E sw 

Brooks Henrietta F, wid Albert, seamstress, 

318 E sw 
Brooks Henson, fireman, 1435 L nw 
Brooks George H, engineer, 322 E sw 
Brooks Henson, lab, 1st nr N sw 
Brooks Henry, driver, Pleasant al sw 


l tvbROiT park:: 

Brooks Henry, lab, 303 9th ne 

Brooks Henry, mess, 1806 M nw 

Brooks Henry, plasterer, 1121 8th nw 

Brooks Henry, waiter, 1736 L nw 

Brooks Henry H, servt, 1330 N Y av nw 

Brooks Henry S, porter, 2143 9th nw 

Brooks Hester, servt, 737 11th nw 

Brooks Hobart H, elk bu eng, 1116 10th nw 

Brooks Horace H, waiter, 1150 16th nw 

Brooks Howard, tailor, 730 3d nw 

Brooks Isaiah, dairy, 1st and N Capitol, h 1332 
5th nw 

Brooks Isaac, lab, Trumbull nw 

Brooks James, driver, 1421 N nw 

Brooks James, janitor, 927 5th nw 

Brooks James, lab, A nr 16th ne 

Brooks James E, elk, 732 3d nw 

Brooks James H, coachman, 438 Washington 

' nw 

Brooks James J, chief secret 
service division treasury, Oil 
R nw 

Brooks Jane Mrs, laundress, Old Chain Bridge 

Brooks Jane W, bu eng, 730 3d nw 
Brooks J Carl, barber, 1714 10th nw 

Brooks Jefferson, lab, 1806 M nw 
Brooks Jehiel H, Bunker Hill rd 
Brooks John, janitor, 1 Valley nw 
Brooks John, lab, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Brooks John, lab, 907 1st sw 
Brooks John, lab, School, Hillsdale 
Brooks John, lab, 48 Jackson alley nw 
Brooks John, painter, 1st nr P sw 
Brooks John, plumber, 1302 N J av se 
Brooks John F, barber, 1205 E nw 
Brooks John H, brickmkr, 419 1st sw 
Brooks John H, elk navy d, 927 18th nw 
Brooks John H, elk treas d, 222 5th se 
Brooks John H, driver, 1803 Conn av nw 
Brooks John H, driver, 208 B nw 
Brooks John H, lab, Springmann's al sw 
Brooks John H, plasterer, 215 O nw 
Brooks John H, physician, Bunker Hill rd 
Brooks John H, porter, 1526 3d nw 
Brooks John H Rev, pastor 5th Baptist church, 

2143 9th nw 
Brooks John H, shoemkr, 1761 L nw 
Brooks John T, feed dealer, 1201 21st nw 
Brooks Joseph, carp, 1342 28th nw, Gtn 
Brooks Joseph, lab. 208 L sw 
Brooks Joseph, waiter, 233 3d sw 
Brooks Judson, lab, 406 3d sw 
Brooks Julia, teacher, 1609 P nw 
Brooks Julia T, washer, 732 10th nw 
Brooks Kate servt, 202 I) nw 
Brooks Kate, servt, 126 Madison al nw 
Brooks Lloyd, steward, 630 Cox al nw 
Brooks Louisa, servt, 702 3d nw 
Brooks Louisa, servt, 112 D nw 

| Brooks Lucinda, dressmkr, 1806 M nw 
Brooks Lucy, laundress, 927 5th nw 

! Brooks Lucy E, servt, 76 I se 

j Brooks Madison, coachman, 27 7th ne 

; Brooks Margaret, washer. School, Hillsdale 

| Brooks Margaret A, wid Philip, 611 22d nw 

i Brooks Martha, fancy store, 912 22d 

I Brooks Maria, servt, 1761 L nw 

Tfl IMl/EMTflDQ First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

I U IN ¥ CIM I UROi PUSKAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW KM. 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 




Chris. Xander's "MELIJSTQN," 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German Aromatic Bitters, 

For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. • 

Brooks Maria, servt, 1219 I nw 
Brooks Martha, servt, 3 Sumner row nw 
Brooks Martha, washing, 2210 H nw 
Brooks Martha, wid Thaddeus, 1141 T al nw 
Brooks Martha C, servt, 1339 K nw 
Brooks Mary, cook, 1008 I nw 
Brooks Mary, servt, 1528 5th nw 
Brooks Mary A, dressmkr, 643 S C av se 
Brooks Mary A, matron Freedmen's Hospital 
Brooks Mary A, servt, 76 I se 
Brooks Mary E, servt, 643 S C av se 
Brooks Mary J, grocer, 438 Wash nw 
Brooks Matherson, coachman, 207 I nw 
Brooks Milton T, produce, 93 Western mkt, h 

1000 Conn av nw 
Brooks Mollie, dressmkr, 1806 M nw 
Brooks Moses, confectioner, 172S 21st nw 
Brooks Moses, waiter, 1406 28th nw, Gtn 
Brooks Moses, waiter, 945 K nw 
Brooks Newton M, elk pod, 237 1st se 
Brooks Nina, teacher, 2143 9th nw 
Brooks Patsey, servt, 1111 24th nw 
Brooks Philip, lab, 320 3d sw 
Brooks Philip, lab, 353 Vant sw 
Brooks Phoebe A, washer, 234 3d sw 
Brooks Rebecca, servt, 2840 N nw, Gtn 
Brooks Richard H, printer, 730 3d nw 
Brooks Robert, lab, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Brooks Robert C, lab, 438 Washington nw 
Brooks Rose, servt, 303 9th ne 
Brooks Rufus C, plumber, 622 D nw, h 1217 

8th nw. 
Brooks Samuel R, printer, 732 3d nw 
Brooks Samuel S, barber, 2186th nw, h43 D se 
Brooks Sarah, dressmkr, 27 7th ne 
Brooks Sarah, wid William, 819 E nw 
Brooks Saulsbury, upholsterer, 2035 9th nw, 

h 1524 21st nw 
Brooks S F, elk cen, 338 Pa av nw 
Brooks Silas, porter, 1121 8th nw 
Brooks Sophia, dressmkr, 215 O nw 
Brooks Sophia, laundress, 217 O nw 
Brooks Susan, washer, School, Hillsdale 
Brooks Sylvester, lab, 1027 3d nw 
Brooks Sylvester, lab, 7 Mass av nw 
Brooks Theodore, lab, 1311 12th nw 
Brooks Theodore J, lab, 1041 31st nw, Gtn 
Brooks Thomas, lab. 1150 15th nw 
Brooks Thomas H, lab, 2123 11th nw 
Brooks Thompson, lab, 2509 Q nw, Gtn 
Brooks Walter, lab, 305 9th ne 
Brooks Walter J, elk pen o, 714 10th ne 
Brooks W B, chief eng U S N, Navy Yard 
Brooks William, 1813S nw 
Brooks William, lab, Tennallytown 
Brooks William, lab, 22d and C nw 
Brooks William, whitewasher, 219 F sw 
Brooks William B, shoemkr, 1614 L nw 
Brooks William E, driver, 643 S C av se 
Brooks William E, waiter', 311 L nw 
Brooks William F, elk, 1810 K nw 
Brooks William H, 313 C se 
Brooks William H, carp, 1318 5th nw 
Brooks William H, watchman, 912 22d nw 
Brooks William S, presser, 320 E sw 
Brooks William S, printer, 208 L nw 
Brooks William W, moulder, 500 13th se 
Broom Charity, wid Benjamin, Theatre al nw 

Brophey Bernard, shoes, 925 1st ne 
Brosnahan Cornelius, mess, 315 H ne 
Brosnahan Martin, printer, 811 10th ne 
Brosnahan Michael, lab, 1032 5th ne 
Brosnahan Patrick, lab, 41 I ne 
Brosnan Cornelius, mess treas d, 82 Myrtle ne 
If I'osnan Daniel A. fancy goods, 

613 9th nw, and books, 936 O 

nw, It 936 O nw 
Brosnan James W, elk, 919 1st ne 
Brosnan Jeremiah, grocer, 732 2d sw 
Brosnan Jeremiah, lab, 1st c I ne 
Brosnan John, fireman, 110 L nw 
Brosnan John, grocer, 600 2d sw 
Brosnan Maggie, teacher, 1 st c I ne 
Brosnan Mary, elk 409 N J av nw 
Brosnan Patrick H, grocer, 415 K nw 
Brosnan Timothy, police, 1033 3d ne 
Brosnan Timothy J, stonecutter, 307 H ne 
Brosnan William F, teacher, 1st c I ne 
Broston John T, card writer, 206 1st se 
Brothers Louis E, cigars, 202 7th sw 
Broth erton John A, shoemkr, 1105 E 
Brotzel Susannah, wid John, al sw 
Brough Charles, upholsterer, 15th nr C se 
Brough Charles jr, hostler, 15th nr C se 
Brough John H, elk 2d compt o, 309 11th sw 
Broughton David, 1423 8th nw 
Broughton Emma, servt, 1122 9th nw 
Brouss John, butcher, 35 Western mkt, h 

Brouthers John, driver, 1137 19th nw 
Brow Robert, elk, Anacostia 
Browdie Albert K, elk, 1019 4th nw 
Brower Horace H, elk pen o, 1234 5th nw 
Brower Irving B, elk compt cur, 1524 Q nw 
Brown A B Mrs, wid Frank, 1111 N se 
Brown Abraham, 1226 21st nw 
Brown Abraham, carp, 815 Del av sw 
Brown Absalom, horseshoer, 907 G nw, h 428 

N T av nw 
Brown Adaline, servt, Pomeroy nw 
Brown Adaline, sewing, 229 Adams Express al 
Brown Addison, shoemkr, 14th st rd nr Mt 

Brown Adeline, servt, Pomeroy nw 
Brown Adelaide B Mrs, boarding, 725 8th se 
Brown Agnes E, teacher, Park Mt Pleasant 
Brown A H, proofreader, 408 N J av nw 
Brown A Hosford, contractor, 1136 8th nw 
Brown Albert, elk, 432 M nw 
Brown Albert, driver, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Brown Albert, lab, 3247 O nw, Gtn 
Brown Albert, real estate, 310 E Capitol 
Brown Albert, waiter, 822 20th nw 
Brown Albert S P, printer, 806 3d se 
Brown Alexander, barber, 438 I nw 
Brown Alexander, driver, 1138 20th nw 
Brown Alexander, painter, 602| sw 
Brown Alexander, painter, 318 Pa av nw 
Brown Alfred, express, 409 8th sw 
Brown Alice, servt, 1110 10th nw 
Brown Alice, servt, 1309 F nw 
Brown Alice, washer, 822 2d se 
Brown Alice, servt, 305 M nw 
Brown Allen, lab, 1307 A se 
Brown Alonzo, lab, 3287 Water, Gtn 
Brown Aman, machinist, 212 I se 
Brown Amanda, cook, 1908 M nw 
Brown Amanda, servt, 913 M nw 
Brown Amanda E, elk treas d, 930 B sw 
Brown Amelia, servt, 208 Del av ne 
Brown Amelia, servt, 301 N nw 
Brown Amelia, washer, 1642 10th nw 
Brown Amelia, washer, 19 Covington nw 

I filial OlimiJAkl 0. Art Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 

I HIM \Hr KIWI AIM A/ Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 

JUIlll OriLRIflrlll W UUlJ ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

CM Glass CrocleryWare 



No, 923 Penn Avenue. 

Brown Andrew, lab, 1140 Libbey row 
Brown Andrew R, insurance, 
patents and claims, 635 F nw, li 

203 C se 

Brown Ann, wid James, 1523 L nw 

Brown Ann, wid John, seamstress, 1221 9th nw 

Brown Ann, wid William, 445 Washington nw 

Brown Anna, washer, 724 Jackson al nw 

Brown Annie, Wilson nw 

Brown Annie, attendant Insane Asylum 

Brown Annie, servt, 420 6th nw 

Brown Annie, servt, 904 S C av se 

Brown Annie, servt, Fitzmorris row nw 

Brown Annie, servt, 920 N Y av nw 

Brown Annie, washer, 309 12th nw 

Brown Annie, washer, 232 Adams Express al 

Brown Annie, wid John, 1710 14th nw 

Brown Annie, wid John, 1422 10th nw 

Brown Annie, wid Henry, 1414 Sampson nw 

Brown Annie E, nurse, 1013 L nw 

Brown Annie L, bu eng, 936 P nw 

Brown Annie L, teacher, 431 8th sw 

Brown Archibald, elk q m g o, 815 13th ne 

Brown Archibald, lithographer, 309 9th nw, h 

212 7th se 
Brown Arthur H, elk, 408 N J av se 
Brown Arthur S, elk cen o, Park, Mt Pleasant 
Brown Arthur T, caterer, 1512 33d nw, Gtn 
Brown Arthur T jr, teacher, 1512 33d nw,Gtn 
Brown Augustina, servt, 745 7th nw 
Brown Augustus, police, 3311 K nw, Gtn 

ibrary LampN 


Brown Augustus B, elk 911 D nw 
Brown Austin I*, naval sup- 
plies, 1426 F nw 

Brown Avrie, guide capitol, 222 3d nw 

Brown Barbara, wid Richard, 1239 F ne 

Brown Belle, cook, 213 K nw 

Brown Benjamin F, elk, Willard's Hotel 

Brown Benjamin F, engraver, 212 I se 

Brown Benjamin H, lab, 1410 Sampson nw 

Brown Bessie, servt, 218 13th sw 

Brown Bessie, servt, 1620 4th nw 

Brown Betty, servt, 1626 4th nw 

Brown Blanche, elk cen o, 1747 S nw 

Brown Blanche, dressmkr, 1741 N nw 

Brown B Peyton Rev, 413 6th nw 

Brown Bros (Charles W and Tillotson E 

Brown), prod, 927 B nw 
Brown Calvin S, elk g 1 o, 620 6th nw 
Brown Calvin W, elk s g o, 910 F nw 
Brown Caroline, servt, Snow hill sw 
Brown Caroline, servt, Sherman av nw 
Brown Carrie, seamstress, 1641 N J av nw 
Brown Carrie, servt, 1218 N J av nw 
Brown Carrie A, teacher, 1617 12th nw 
Brown Carrie E, servt, 1136 16th nw 
Brown Carrie J, elk, 1316 G nw 
Brown Cassie, washing, Sherman av nw 
Brown Catherine, elk treas, 813 22d nw 
Brown Catherine, servt, 400 E se 
Brown Catherine, servt, 219 C nw 
Brown Catherine, servt, 219 1st ne 
Brown Catherine, washer, 1011 5th se 
Brown Catherine, washer, 616 K se 


Otis Iron and Steel Co., 

Geo. F. Blake Manufacturing Co., 

N. Y. Belting and Packing Co., 

Consolidated Safety Valve Co., 





Army and Navy Supplies, Engineers' Stores, Builder-' Materials, 
Hardware, Metals, Oils, Coal, &o. 




Heal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

1430 ZSEW YOS££.AT13. 




Pure California Hock,Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th st. nw. 

Brown C D, foreman, 118 C ne 

Brown Chapin, lawyer, 470 La av nw, li Mt. 

Brown Chas (Charles Brown & Co), 2208i I nw 
Brown Charles, barber, 413 Franklin nw 
Brown Charles, elk war d, 1015 T nw 
Brown Charles, hostler, 219 I n w 
Brown Charles, lab, 808 3d se 
Brown Charles, lab, 120 D se 
Brown Charles, lab, 2127 H nw 
Brown Charles, painter, 205 1st nw 
Brown Charles, prod, 438 Centre and 12 Cor- 
coran mkts, h 1500 8th nw 
Brown Charles, steward, 1133 15th nw 
Brown Charles, waiter, 122 Pierce, nw 
Brown Charles, waiter, 1133 15th nw 
Brown Charles & Co (Charles Brown and 

Zachariah Martin), oysters, 2208| I nw 
Brown Charles A, elk treas d, 1824 11th nw 
Brown Charles B, miller, 1243 34th nw, Gtn 
Brown Charles E, lab, 3332 S nw, Gtn 
Brown Charles F Dr, asst ex pat o, Boundary 

nr 17th nw 
Brown Charles H, asst chf loans and currency 

div treas d, 1340 R I av nw 
Brown Charles H, butcher, 623 L se 
Brown Charles H, lab, Hillsdale 
Brown Charles H, waiter 1119 21st nw 
Brown Charles O, lawyer, 1212 G- nw 
Brown Charles W (Brown Bros), 1329 9th nw 
Brown Charles W, lab, 1121 16th nw 
Brown Chas W, printer, 920 F nw, h 1008 F nw 
Brown Charlotte, laundress, 68 Savage al nw 
Brown Charlotte, wid Marshall, 1341 S nw 
Brown Clara, washer, 1115 20th nw 
Brown Clinton G, plumber, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Cornelius, lab, 1341 S nw 
Brown C Perry, printer, 1127 8th nw 
Brown C W, waiter, Windsor House 
Brown Cynthia, 1512 33d nw, Gtn 
Brown Daniel, gardener, Nichols av 
Brown Daniel, lab, 2912 Q nw, Gtn 
Brown Daniel, porter, 1421 Sampson nw 
Brown Daniel P, lab, 727 11th se 
Brown David, elk cen o, 1323 E se 
Brown David H P, elk int dept, 316 Ind avnw 
Brown David Walfe, reporter II R, 305 C nw 
Brown Delia, wid Robert, Hamilton rd 
Brown Dennis, carp, 1908 Mnw 
Brown Dennis lab, 1110 Conn av nw 
Brown Dennis, lab, 1141 T nw 
Brown Dennis, porter, Ridge nr 5th nw 
Brown Dolly, servt, 1140 N II av nw 
Brown Dora N, teacher, 936 P nw 
Brown Dorsey, elk, 413 6th nw 
Brown Douglass, coachman, 1731 20th nw 
Brown Douglas A,correspoudent Adams' Exp 

Co, 225 Pa av nw, h 411 4th nw 
Brown D Paul, painter, 722 5th nw 
Brown Edgar J, carp, 1523 Vt av nw 
Brown Edward, barkeeper, 418 8th sw 
Brown Edward, lab, 9 Union al 
Brown Edward, lab, 906 Blagden's al nw 
Brown Edward, lab, 1313 A so 
Brown Edward, lab, 10th c E sw 
Brown Edward, lab, 819 2d se 
Brown Edward, lab, 2123 P nw 
Brown Edward, lab. 1015 18th nw 
Brown Edward, lab, 1158 15th nw 

Brown Edward, mess, 1158 15th nw 
Brown Edward, servt, Baldwin's al nw 
Brown Edw F, coachman, 1608 Corcoran nw 
Brown Edward 11, elk, 3225 Q nw, Gtn 
Brown Edward H, eating stand, 11th street 

wharf, h 1230 3d sw 
Brown Edward W, mess, 1236 20th nw 
Brown Edwin, lab, 718 11th ne 
Brown Edwin 11, mess, 1422 3d nw 
Brown E H, elk s g o, Springfield, Md 
Brown Eleanora, dressmkr, 1119 21st nw 
Brown Electa J, wid C A, 911 D nw 
Brown Elias, lab, 1105 A nw 
Brown Elias, lab, 358 Yant, sw 
Brown Elias E, 718 19th nw 
Brown Eliza, wid John, 509 3d sw 
Brown Eliza, wid William, 1316 G nw 
Brown Eliza, wid Wilson, 1108 M nw 
Brown Eliza, servt, 3265 N nw, Gtn 
Brown Eliza, servt, 1315 Stanton al nw 
Brown Eliza, servt, 627 K nw 
Brown Eliza, washer, 304 S Capitol se 
Brown Elizabeth, 2010 F nw 
Brown Elizabeth,- 308 F nw 
Brown Elizabeth, 1701 R I av nw 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Alexander, 722 Md av ne 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Charles, 1439 N nw 
Brown Elizabeth, wid John, h 422 1st se 
Brown Elizabeth, boarding, 1416 I nw 
Brown Elizabeth, cook, 3234 N nw, Gtn 
Brown Elizabeth, dressmaker, 2120 9th nw 
Brown Elizabeth, servt, 702 3d nw 
Brown Elizabeth, washer, 927 11th nw 
Brown Elizabeth A, wid John, elk, 2211 H nw 
Brown Elizabeth A, wid Joseph, 3010 O, Gtn 
Brown Elizabeth F, wid Daniel, washer, 12th 

nr Kse 
Brown Elizabeth L Mrs, grocer, 419 7th se 
Brown Ella, servt, 3216 N nw, Gtn 
Brown Ellen, servt, 1139 1st, nw 
Brown Ellen, servt, h 1341 S nw 
Brown Ellen washer, 928 Del av ne 
Brown Ellen, washer, 1008 R I av nw 
Brown Ellen, wid Daniel, 600 4| sw 
Brown Ellen, wid John, 3233 Water, Gtn 
Brown Emeline, servt, 444 2d sw 
Brown Emeline, wid Richard H, 1914 11th nw 
Brown Emily, 1416 Pa av nw 
Brown Emily, dressmkr, 1138 20th nw 
Brown Emily, servt, 126 Pierce nw 
Brown Emma, servt, 1620 4th nw 
Brown Emma, servt, 1340 N Y av nw 
Brown Emma, servt, 314 N C av se 
Brown Emma, servt, 1143 19th nw 
Brown Emma, washer, 941 26th nw , 
Brown Emma S, bu eng, 1926 9th nw 
Brown E Price, produce, Corcoran mkt, h 1341 

7th nw 
Brown Eugene, lab, 3415 N nw, Gtn 
Brown Fannie, servt, 612 23d nw 
Brown Fannie, servt, 608 K nw 
Brown Fannie, waiter, 1741 N nw 
Brown Fannie, Washer, 8 Rumsey's al se 
Brown Fannie, wid Cain, washer, 163711th nw 
Brown Fannie, wid William, 1626 Q nw 
Brown Fisher, coachman, 1119 3d nw 
Brown Francene, bu eng, 936 P nw 
Brown Francis F, cook, 1613 12th nw 
Brown Francis H, upholsterer, 1445 N nw 
Brown Francis W, printer, 421 9th se 
Brown Frank, asst ex pat o, 1007 H nw 
Brown Frank, coachman, 332 3d sw 
Brown Frank, driver, 1115 20th nw 
Brown Frank, driver,. 1715 D nw 
Brown Frank, driver, 2058 34th nw, Gtn 

Jkgfent IVorwich. Union Fire Soc'y, England 
Rhode Island Fire Ins. Ass'n, Providence. 






Marshall & Go's Dry Champagne 


413 and 415 9th St., nw. 

Brown Prank, hostler, 104 Willow al se 
Brown Frank, lab, 317 E ne 
Brown Fi;ank, lab, 1412 S C av se 
Brown Frank, lab, 305 Frederick, Gtn 
Brown Frank, porter, 706 3d nw 
Brown Frank, waiter, 1027 3d nw 
Brown Frank, waiter, 232 Adams Express al 
Brown Frank L, elk pen, 1704 9th nw 
Brown Frank N, driver, 120 4th ne 
Brown Franklin, lab, 221 Guild al nw 
Brown Frederick, lab, Springmann's al sw 
Brown Frederick, servt, 609 14th nw 
Brown Frederick F, lab, 820 1st ne 
Brown George, attendant Insane Asylum 
Brown George, carp, 935 Mass av nw 
Brown George, grocer, 419 7th se 
Brown George, lab, 136 Pierce nw 
Brown George, lab, K c 13th se 
■ Brown George, pattern mkr, 419 7th se 
Brown George, servt, 219 E Capitol 
Brown George, waiter, 1641 N J av nw 
Brown George E, cook, 215 Mass av nw 
Brown George C, waiter, 523 24th nw 
Brown George F, lab, 2016 7th -nw 
Brown George H, supt, 634 B sw 
Brown George O, elk a g o, 1226 8th nw 
Brown George K, cook, 1017 N J av nw 
Brown George W, barber, 438 S nw 
Brown George W, carp, 1045 Jefferson, Gtn 
Brown George W, 25 9th ne 
Brown Geo W, plate printer, bu eng, 25 9th ne 
Brown George W (Fitch, Fox & Brown), 1345 

L nw 
Brown Georgiana, dressmkr, 212 L nw 
Brown Georgiana, cook, 25 Lafayette sq nw 
Brown Glenn, architect, 607 La av nw, h Alex- 
andria, Va 
Brown Grace G, 1532 I nw 
Brown Hamilton, lab, 910 6th sw 
Brown Hannah, caterer, 907 8th nw 
Brown Hanson, grocer, 1326 se 
Brown Hanson, lab, Ga av nr 16th se 
Brown Harrison, lab, 1526 12th nw 
Brown Harrison B, elk Munn & Co, 219 E nw 
Brown Harry A, provisions, 2016 7th nw, h 

1929 8th nw 
Brown Harry B, elk, 711 1 nw 
Brown Harry P, elk cen o, 472 C nw 
Brown Harry G, elk cen o, 1720 G nw 
Brown Harry, lab, Wilson nw 
Brown Harvey, lab, K nr 25th nw 
Brown Hattie, washer, 2169 9th nw 
Brown Henrietta, servt, 903 7th nw 
.BroAvn Henritta, washer, 122 Pierce nw 
Brown Henrietta, washer, 18th nr D nw 
Brown Henry, blksmith, 1411 Sampson nw, h 

1429 T nw 
Brown Henry, brickmkr, 907 8th nw 
Brown Henry, carp, 507 D se 
Brown Henry, coachman, 1214 12th nw 
Brown Henry, coachman, Blagden's al nw 
Brown Henry, gardner, 229 9th ne 
Brown Henry, lab, 116 M sw 
Brown Henry, lab, 319 Mass av ne 
Brown Henry, lab, 2d nr N sw 
Brown Heni-y, lab, Canal rd 
Brown Henry, lab, 126 2d sw 
Brown Henry, lab, e 19th and C nw 


Brown Henry, oysters, 2618 Penn av nw 
Brown Henry, waiter, 213 Ball's al nw 
Brown Henry, waiter, 1243 9th nw 
Brown Henry T, painter, 121 B ne 
Brown Henry F J, elk war d, 1231 M nw 
Brown Henry W, elk, 3010 O nw, Gtn 
Brown Herbert E, grocer, 405 4A- sw 
Brown Hetty, wid William, washer, 1236 Blag- 
den's alnw 
Brown Horace, blksmith, 1220 3d nw 
Brown Horace, lab, 1220 N J av nw 
Brown Horace, lab, 56 Jackson al nw 
Brown Horace R, lab, 807 1st se 
Brown Ida, washer, 1715 D nw 
Brown Ida, servt, Sherman av nw 
Brown Isaac, driver, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Brown Isaac, lab, 1243 3d sw 
Brown Isaac, lab, 1140 6th ne 
Brown Isaac, lab, 303 4th ne 
Brown Isaiah, mess, 1627 Madison mv 
Brown Isaac B, produce, 199 Centre mkt, h 

324 E sw 
Brown Isabella, dressmkr, 308 3d se 
Brown Isaiah, mess, 1627 Madison av nw 
Brown Jack, lawyer, 8 I nw 
Brown Jackson, lab, al r 12th nr R nw 
Brown James, bricklayer, 337 N sw 
Brown James, elk, 1739 12th nw 
Brown James, elk ago, 1711 6th nw 
Brown James, coachman, 1023 Conn av nw 
Brown James, coachman, 606 5th nw 
Brown James, farmer, 1701 33d nw, Gtn 
Brown James, lab, 3247 O nw, Gtn 
Brown James, lab, 517 Chicago ne 
Brown James, lab, 339 G sw 
Brown James, lab, 474 II sw 
Brown James, lab, 1108 20th nw 
Brown James, lab, 306 D se 
Brown James, lab, 1331 Cedar nw 
Brown James, lab, 1335 Cedar nw 
Brown James, lab, 1109 15th nw 
Brown James, machinist, 722 Md av ne 
Brown James, mess, 1027 18th nw 
Brown James, porter, 1249 Madison nw 
Brown James, porter, 1224 H nw 
Brown James A, barber, 1523 6th nw 
Brown James A, dyer, 2460 P nw, Gtn 
Brown James B, feed, Boundary c 8th nw, h 

917 Boundary nw 
Brown James C, elk treas d, 708 H ne 
Brown JE,US S, Metropolitan 

Brown James E, driver, 1249 Madison nw 
Brown James F (W H Brown & Bro), 113 

Purdy's ct 
Brown James H, lab, 205 L nw 
Brown James H, lab, Bowen av, Hillsdale 
Brown James H. lab, 2123 9th nw 
Brown James J, lab, 113 Purdy's ct 
Brown James L, agt, 725 8th se 
Brown James L, butcher, 32 Corcoran and 20 

Riggs mkts, h 2016 7th nw 
Brown James M, elk een o, 209 10th sw 
Brown James R, machinist, 740 N J av nw 
Brown James S, seaman, 1231 Union sw 
Brown James S, waiter, 1515 H nw 
Brown James T,clk Smithsonian Inst, 1425 S nw 
Brown James T, dentist, 1407 G nw 
Brown James W, barber, 352 Pa av nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wan, NEW Y0£L 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. tWBSMP 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w. 

Brown James W, elk cen, 915 12th nw 

Brown James W, lab navy yd, 807 D ne 

Brown Jane, cook, 1034 20th nw 

Brown Jane, wid John, 1213 17th nw 

Brown Jane, wid John, laundress, 1703 N nw 

Brown Jane, wid Saml, laundress, V nr 10th nw 

Brown Jane, wid Wm,laundress, Tilley's alnw 

Brown Jane A, teacher,Howard av,Mt Pleasant 

Brown Jefferson, lab, 406 D se 

Brown Jennie, seamstress, 1146 16th nw 

Brown Jennie, servt, 1518 S nw 

Brown Jennie, servt, 810 M nw 

Brown Jennie C, janitress Insane Asylum 

Brown Jeremiah, lab, 2312 L nw 

Brown Jeremiah, waiter, 1121 14th nw 

Brown Jesse, 1801 1 nw 

Brown Jesse, lab, 426 Franklin nw 

Brown Jewell, lab, 20th nr L nw 

Brown Jilgou, whitewasher, 618 N Capitol 

Brown Joanna, wid Daniel, grocer, 3400 N, Gtn 

Brown Johanna, lemons, 72 K nw 

Brown John, 1617 Corcoran nw 

Brown John, elk, 1631 N J av nw 

Brown John, elk, 1934 14th nw 

Brown John, driver, 1028 29th nw, Gtn 

Brown John, driver, 608 10th nw 

Brown John, fireman, Canal rd nw, Gtn 

Brown John, hostler, 2124 Pa av nw 

Brown John, hostler, 425 8th nw 

Brown John, lab, 429 8th sw 

Brown John, lab, Proctor al nw 

Brown John, lab, D nr Del av sw 

Brown John, lab, 612 23d nw 

Brown John, lab, 928 Del av ne 

Brown John, lab, 482 Marble al nw 

Brown John, lab, 19th nr C ne 

Brown John, lab, 319 2d sw 

Brown John, lab, 109 2d ne 

Brown John, lab, 2019 L nw 

Brown John, lab, 718 9th sw 

Brown John, lab, 126 Pierce nw 

Brown John, lab, 727 2d ne 

Brown John, lab, 340 F sw 

Brown John, lab, Montello 

Brown John, lab, 724 Jackson al nw 

Brown John, painter, 717 10th se 

Brown John, porter, 1215 17th nw 

Brown John, saloon, 1538 N Capitol 

Brown John, servt, 2130 Pa av nw 

Brown John, shoemkr, 921 H nw 

Brown John, shoemkr, 1207 H nw 

Brown John, shoemkr, 22d c E nw 

Brown John, steward, 456 F sw 

Brown John, stonecttr, 1063 E Market sp, Gtn 

Brown John, whitewasher, 1129 3d nw 

Brown John A, asst ex pat o, 47 K ne 

Brown John C, elk 2d compt cur, 3036 P, Gtn 

Brown John E, tailor, 25 9th ne 

Brown John F, lab, 1117 15th nw 

Brown John G, elk ago, 1839 12th nw 

Brown John H, brickmkr, 467 E sw 

Brown John H, elk, 718 19th nw 

Brown John H, lab, 1008 R I av nw 

Brown John H, lab, 616 Bates' al nw 

Brown John H, lab, 1019 3d nw 

Brown John H, miller, 3520 N nw, Gtn 

Brown John H, plasterer, 1747 S nw 

Brown John I, elk cen 

Brown John M, produce, 441 Centre mkt, h 

1500 8th nw 
Brown John M Rev Bishop, African M E. 

Church, University Hill 
Brown John M jr, student, University hill 
Brown John R,'clk treas, 1741 N nw 
Brown John R, printer, 1532 I nw 
Brown John S, carp, 1404 12th nw 
Brown John S, patents, 810 V 

nw, li I»ai*lt, Mt Pleasant 

J. s. BiRO'w-isr, 

Room No. 47, Le Droit Building, 

F, Cor. 8th, WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Solicitor of Patents for the United States, Canada. 

and foreign countries, and Expert in 

Patent Law Cases. 

Brown John S, produce, 57 Riggs mkt, h M nr 

16th nw 
Brown John S, tailor, 1103 E nw 
Brown John S jr, bricklayer, 1404 12th nw 
Brown John T, lab, 1341 S nw 
Brown John T C, lab, 470 E sw 
Brown John W, carp, 3135 O nw, Gtn 
Brown John W, elk, 212 I se 
Brown John W, elk war d, 100 11th se 
Brown John W, lab, 1208 30th nw, Gtn 
Brown John W, lab, 718 9th sw 
Brown John W, lamplighter, 331 I ne 
Brown John W, milk, 2123 9th nw 
Brown Johnson, shoemkr, 1108 20th nw 
Brown Jordan, oysters, 1642 10th nw 
Brown Joseph, elk, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Joseph, express, 118 2d se 
Brown Joseph, grocer, 2120 9th nw 
Brown Joseph, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Brown Joseph, lab, H nr 9th sw 
Brown Joseph, lab, 2730 P nw, Gtn 
Brown Joseph, plumber, 520 6th se 
Brown Joseph C, barber, 924 24th nw 
Brown Joseph H, elk, 421 9th se 
Brown Joshua, lab, 18th nr D nw 
Brown J Sayles, lawyer, City Hall, h 914 15tb 

Brown J Stanley, elk land com, 1318 Mass av 

Brown Judson S, elk cen o, 936 P nw 
Brown Julia, servt, 1323 K nw 
Brown Julia A, teacher, 1131 5th nw 
Brown Julia J, 431 8th sw 
Brown J W, elk cen o, 919 G nw 
Brown J Warren, elk ago, 102 11th se 
Brown Kate, wid John, D nr Del av sw 
Brown Kate, washer, 3415 N nw, Gtn 
Brown Kate T, teacher, 635 I nw 
Brown Katie, washer, 927 11th nw 
Brown Kitty, servt, 808 21st nw 
Brown Laura, servt, 1107 9th nw 
Brown Laura E, wid Thos V, 635 I nw 
Brown Laurelia C, produce, 624 Centre mkt, b 

2107 8th nw 
Brown Laurena, servt, 1507 R I av nw 
Brown Laurinia, cook, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Brown Lee, lab, 1149 17th nw 
Brown Lethia, wid Richard, 128 Madison al nw 
Brown Lewis, gardener botanical garden, Md 

av nr 3d sw 
Brown Lewis, lab 125 Chew al nw 
Brown Lewis B, teacher, 212 L nw 
Brown Line, wid George, servt, 1922 9th nw 
Brown Lizzie, caterer, 1304 H nw 
Brown Lizzie, servt, Pleasant al sw 
Brown Lizzie, elk cen, 627 2d sw 





Brown Lizzie E, elk pen o, 1316 G nw 

Brown Lizzie F, teacher, 635 I nw 

Brown Lloyd, mess, 1112 18th nw 

Brown Lloyd, plasterer, 1119 21st nw 

Brown Louis', lab, Pomeroy nw 

Brown Louis, servt, S C av c 2d se 

Brown Louis, waiter, 945 K nw 

Brown Louis E, grocer, 805 14th nw, h 811 

14th nw 
Brown Louis K, elk 4th aud, 904 E ne 
Brown Louisa, servt, 920 P nw 
Brown Louisa, servt, 2511 M nw 
Brown Louisa, servt, 917 R nw 
Brown Louisa, servt, 1106 N Y av nw 
Brown Louisa, servt, 126 Pierce nw 
Brown Louisa, wid Charles, 3253 Water, Gtn 
Brown Louisa, wid Charles, 1214 IT nw 
Brown Louisa, wid Henson, Hillsdale 
Brown Louisa B, wid Henry, Sumner av, Hills 

Brown L P, elk pen o, 1334 Q nw 
Brown Lucinda, wid John, 2708 Dumbarton 

av, Gtn 
Brown Lucinda L, wid Edmond F, 2620 K nw 
Brown Lucy, laundress, 1641 N J av nw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 1300 L nw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 1620 Covington nw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 714 19th nw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 1313 N T av nw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 1255 9th nw 
Brown Lucy, washer, Trumbull nw 
Brown Lucy, washer, 405 A ne 
Brown Lucy, wid James, Wilson nw 
Brown Lucy R, elk pat o, 919 G nw 
Brown Luther A, telegrapher, 711 1 nw 
Brown Maggie G, wid William, 805 9th nw 
Brown Maggie G, printer's asst, 8059th nw 
Brown Mahala, dressmkr, 1104 18th nw 
Brown Mahala, servt, 31 B se 
Brown Malinda, cook, 1338 N Y av nw 
Brown Malinda, servt, 918 5th nw 
Brown Malinda, servt, Wilson nw 
Brown Mandana J, teacher, 1405 31st nw, Gtn 
Brown Margaret, cook, Jefferson nrWater,Gtn 
Brown Margaret, servt, 428 Ridge nw 
Brown Maria, wid Daniel, 1421 Sampson nw 
Brown Maria, wid George, washer, 338 9th se 
Brown Maria, servt, 1062 West Market sp, Gtn 
Brown Maria, servt, 46 Jackson al nw 
Brown Maria, servt, 8th ab Grant av nw 
Brown Maria, servt, 126 Pierce nw 
Brown Maria, servt, 1437 Sampson nw 
Brown Maria, washer, 1633 O nw 
Brown Marshall, 1801 1 nw 
Brown Martha, servt, 1816 Vt av nw 
Brown Martha, servt, 413 1st nw 
Brown Martha, servt, 1341 S nw 
Brown Martha, wid Henry, 312 I se 
Brown Mary, elk cen, 940 N nw 
Brown Mary, cook, Cow al sw 
Brown Mary, cook, 213 Knw 
Brown Mary, dressmkr, 438 I nw 
Brown Mary, dressmkr, 1213 17th nw 
Brown Mary, g p o, 64 Def rees nw 
Brown Mary, grocer, 332 3d sw 
Brown Mary, seamstress, 1703 N nw 
Brown Mary, servt, 442 N J av se 
Brown Mary, servt, Louse al sw 
Brown Mary, servt', 918 17th nw 
Brown Mary, servt, 1207 N H av nw 
Brown Mary, servt, 318 1st se 
Brown Mary, servt, 112 2d ne 
Brown Mary, servt, 4 Shepherd al nw 
Brown Mary, servt, 645 Md av sw 
Brown Mary, servt, 918 17th nw 





Brown Mary, servt, 128 Madison al 

Brown Mary, servt, 14th st rd nr Mt Pleasant 

Brown Mary, servt, Nailor's al nr 10th nw 

Brown Mary, servt, 1207 T nw 

Brown Mary, servt, 1420 10th nw 

Brown Mary, servt, 643 S C av se 

Brown Mary, servt, 25 K nw 

Brown Mary, servt, 1343 L nw 

Brown Mary, tobacconist, 203 12th nw 

Brown Mary, washer, 1715 D nw 

Brown Mary, washer, 136 Pierce nw 

Brown Mary washer, 335 Jackson Hall al 

Brown Mary, wid James, seamstress, 638 Mass 

Brown Mary, wid Joseph,washer,Nichol's row 

Brown Mary, wid Michael,washer, 1324 5th nw 
Brown Mary, wid Thomas, laundress, 1130 

15th nw 
Brown Mary, wid Victor, elk cen, 940 N nw 
Brown Mary A, teacher, 635 I nw 
Brown Mary E, washer, 32 Jackson al hw 
Brown Mary E, washer, 1017 N J av 
Brown Mary E, wid Charles B, 713 9th nw 
Brown Mary H, boarding, 1117 G nw 
Brown Mary J, dressmkr, 118 2d se 
Brown Mary J, seamstress, 2123 9th nw 
Brown Mary J, servt, 1341 S nw 
Brown Mary I, wid James, dressmkr, 2310 I nw 
Brown Mary L, teacher, University hill 
Brown Mary P, teacher, 313 N J av se 
Brown Mathias, carp, A nr 19th ne 
Brown Matilda, 420 Franklin nw 
Brown Matilda, cook, r K nr 25th nw 
Brown Matilda, servt, 535 N J av nw 
Brown Matilda, servt, 1822 12th nw 
Brown Matilda, servt, 1913 M nw 
Brown Matilda, wid Henry, 637 Bates' al nw 
Brown Mattie, servt, 2422 Va av nw 
Brown Michael, painter, 107 F sw 
Brown Minerva V, wid John P, 1532 I nw 
Brown Minnie, cook, 1601 16th nw 
Brown Mint era S, dentist, 725 

lltli nw, h 1318 Has* av nw 
Brown Moses, gardener, 903 Md av ne 
Brown Moses, lab, 603 2d sw 
Brown Nancy, servt, 1502 S nw 
Brown Nancy, servt, r 952 Grant av nw 
Brown Nancy, .washer, 405 8th sw 
Brown Nancy, washer, McDermott's al 
Brown Nancy, wid William, 420 Franklin nw 
Brown Nathaniel, lab, 3 Temperance av nw 
Brown Neill S, reading elk H R 
Brown Nellie, bu eng, 64 Defrees nw 
Brown Nellie, servt, r 952 Grant av nw 
Brown Nicholas H, engineer, 940 26th nw 
Brown J5f W, origadier general 

and. paymaster general XI S A, 

h 2026 O nw 
Brown O B, elk q m g o, 1524 Columbia nw 
Brown O C, elk int rev, 940 F nw 
Brown Orris, 1532 I nw 
Brown Oscar, fruits, 124 4£, h 733 7th se 
Brown Oscar, shoemkr, 1408 7th nw 
Brown Patrick, lab, 26 Jackson al ne 
Brown Patrick H, shoemkr, 1018 7th sw, h 

1601 Corcoran nw 
Brown Perry, stereotypist, 17 K ne 
Brown Perry J, whitewashing, 1104 18th nw 


Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Brown Philip, lab, 1060 Jefferson nw, Gtn 

Brown Philomena, nurse, 6 Sumner row nw 

Brown Rachel, servt, 224 Mass av nw 

Brown Rachel, wid George, 1001 23d nw 

Brown Rachel, wid Isaac, Pomeroy nw 

Brown Ransell, seaman, 493 H sw 

Brown Rebecca, janitress, 306 Ind av nw 

Brown Rebecca, laundress, 317 S Capitol se 

Brown Rebecca, servt, 619 H nw 

Brown Rebecca, servt, 1341 S nw 

Brown Rebecca, Avid James T, 1926 9th nw 

Brown Rena, nurse, 1143 15th nw 

Brown Reuben, lab, 1210 3d sw 

Brown Reuben M, painter, 1148 7th nw, h 616 

N nw 
Brown R Faddie, 1332 G nw 
Brown R G, elk p o, 625 I nw 
Brown Richard (Brown & Peyton), 627 2d s w 
Brown Richard, coal, 135 Pierce nw, h 126 

Pierce nw 
Brown Richard, lab, 616 Bates' al nw 
Brown Richard, lab, 2108 Va av nw 
Brown Richard, lab, 45 Jackson al ne 
Brown Richard, lab, 609 22d nw 
Brown Richard, painter, 203 12th nw 
Brown Richard H, elk cen o, 1914 11th nw 
Brown Richard I, contractor, 707 20th nw 
Brown Richard W, tanner, 940 26th nw 
Brown Robert, carp, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Robert, carp, 722 Md av ne 
Brown Robert, driver, Anacostia 
Brown Robert, laborer, 253 B sw 
Brown Robert, lab Insane Asylum, Hillsdale 
Brown Robert, lab, Columbia av nw 
Brown Robert, lab, 1341 S nw 
Brown Robert, laborer, 316 N T av nw 
Brown Robert, lab, Vermont al nw 
Brown Robert, porter, Anacostia 
Brown Robert, upholsterer, Pomeroy nw 
Brown Robert, waiter, 1119 3d nw 
Brown Robert, waiter, 424 Ridge 
Brown Robert A, car inspector, 607 I ne 
Brown Robert B, elk cen, 1532 I nw 
Brown Robert F, carpenter, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Robert J, elk 6th aud o, 625 I nw 
Brown Robert S, elk int rev, 1417 R I av nw 
Brown Robert T, lab, 619 Va av se 
Brown Rosa, laundress, 412 Franklin 
Brown Rosa, servt, 1341 S nw 
Brown Rosa, servt, 1122 3d nw 
Brown Rosa, servt, 944 L nw 
Brown Rosetta Mrs, nurse, 1017 N J av nw 
Brown Rosina, wid R R, 337 11th se 
Brown Russell E, mess, 205 13th sw 
Brown Sallie, cook, Springman's al sw 
Brown Samuel, 1313 Corcoran nw 
Brown Samuel, 231 13J ne 
Brown Samuel, driver, Grace Church al sw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 1017 V nw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 1812 Vt av nw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 351 Knox's al sw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 303 4th ne 
Brown Samuel, lab, 2123 9th nw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 304 I se 
Brown Samuel, lab, 1310 21st nw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 448 N Y av nw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 2123 9th nw 
Brown Samuel, lab, 306 Ind av nw 

Brown Samuel, porter, 711 H sw 
Brown Samuel F, gardener, 2127 I nw 
Brown Samuel K, house furnishing, 830 20th, 

nw, h 915 N H av 
Brown Samuel H, waiter, 1119 21st nw 
Brown Samuel J, lab, 504 12th se 
Brown Samuel J, waiter, 1146 16th nw 
Brown Samuel P, commission merchant, con- 
tractor and builder, 1426 F nw, h Mt Pleasant 
Brown Samuel T, 2813 M nw, Gtn 
Brown Sarah, 1801 1 nw 
Brown Sarah, cook, 1027 3d nw 
Brown Sarah, servt, 429 8th sw 
Brown Sarah, washer, 1129 3d nw 
Brown Sarah, wid John, laundress, 3 Savage 

al nw 
Brown Sarah, wid Thomas, servt, 1243 9th nw 
Brown Sarah, wid William, 914 Pa av nw 
Brown Sarah E, dressmkr, 1103 N nw 
Brown Sarah G, elk cen o, 1237 Mass av nw 
Brown Sevellon A, cliief cleric 
department of slate, 1204L Q nw 
Brown Solomon, driver, Queen al nw 
Brown Solomon G, elk, 325 10th se 
Brown Solomon G, lab, Hillsdale 
Brown Sophia, servt, 2211 9th nw 
Brown Spriggs, lab, 324 D sw 
Brown Stephen, pressman, 813 5th nw 
Brown Stephen Rev, 930 B sw 
Brown Stephen C, elk, 928 B sw 
Brown Stephen H, lab, Broad Branch rd 
Brown. S Thomas (Brown & Lewis), 2903 P, Gtn? 
Brown Sue A, elk p o, 516 9th nw 
Brown Susan, laundress, 1741 N hw 
Brown Susan, wid Thomas, 623 4th nw 
Brown Susan A, elk p o, 516 9th nw 
Brown Susan B, teacher, 635 I nw 
Brown Susan C, wid Paul, 461 P nw 
Brown Susie, printer, 708 6th sw 
Brown Theophilus, lab, 1408 7th nw 
Brown Theresa, servt, 2312 L nw 
Brown Thomas, grocer, 634 2d sw 
Brown Thomas, driver, 1437 N nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, Pomeroy nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, 908 Blagden's al nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, 301 N nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, 1020 29th nw, Gtn 
Brown Thomas, lab, Fitzmorris row nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, r E nr 9th sw 
Bi'own Thomas, plumber, 14th c B nw 
Brown Thomas, shoemkr, 350 Va av sw 
Brown Thomas, waiter, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Brown Thomas A, painter, 1413 
F nw, h £32 ME nw 


1413 F STREET, NW. 

Brown Thomas A jr, elk, 432 M nw 
Brown Thomas B, pyrotechnist, 1220 Pa av se 
Brown Thomas H, express, 1017 N J av nw 
Brown T J, elk pen o, 1337 11th nw 
Brown Thomas J, elk bu eng, 728 10th nw 
Brown Tillotson E (Brown Bros), 1500 8th nw 
Brown Townly, driver, 2708 P nw, Gtn 
Brown Victoria, washer, Green al nw 
Brown Virginia, servt, 148 N C av se 
Brown Virginia, servt, 1304 L nw 
Brown Virginia, wid Samuel, 1768 T nw 
Brown Waldo Mrs, elk 1712 Vt av nw 
BroAvn Walter, butcher, 612 Centre mkt,i h 
Heights, Gtn 


Houses Rented. Rents ColleotedL, 





Importer Ehine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Brown Walter, steward, 645 N nw 

Brown Warner, lab, 126 Pierce nw 

Brown Washington, lab, 11 G nw 

Brown Washington T, prod, 13 Western mkt, 

h 2416 H nw 
Brown W E & Co (Wilson E Brown and James 

E Hibbs), brickmkrs, N J av c N 
Brown W H & Bro (WH and James F Brown), 

cigars and tobacco, 125 Pa av nw 
Brown William, al 13th nr R nw 
Brown William, bkkr, 2010 F nw 
Brown William, cook, 6 Sumner row nw 
Brown William, cook, 1036 N J av nw 
Brown William, driver, 2 McCullough al nw 
Brown William, driver, 1013 18th nw 
Brown William, driver, 2208 H nw 
Brown William, dyer, 228 3d ne 
Brown William, lab, Canal rd 
Brown William, lab, 30 Jackson al nw 
Brown William, lab, 2619 Va av nw 
Brown William, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 

Brown William, 
Brown William, 
Brown William, 
Brown William, 
Brown William, 
Brown William, 
Brown William, 
Brown William, 


133 Cabbage al ne 
421 7th ne' 
Union al nw 
Wilson nw 

h T 

lab, 214 Willow al sw 
lab, 446 Washington nw 
plasterer, 707 20th nw 
seaman, 422 1st se 
Brown William, shoemkr, 2015 14th nw, 

nr 19th nw 
Brown William, waiter, 426 Franklin nw 
Brown William, waiter, 105 Va av sw 
Brown William A, phvsician, 801 Market sp 
Brown William B, elk int rev, 919 G nw 
Brown William B, elk state d, 500 6th sw 
Brown William B, lab, 121 B ne 
Brown William C, carp, 707 20th nw 
Brown William C, elk, 1523 Vermont av nw 
Brown William E, chainmkr, 520 13th se 
Brown William E, elk, 318 C nw 
Brown William E, pedler, 418 D se 
Brown William F, machinist, 1111 N se 
Brown William F, pat agt, 950 F sw 
Brown William F, patternmkr, Brown's al se 
Brown William F, watchman, 315 12th nw 
Brown William H (W H Brown & Bro), 113 

Purdy's ct 
Brown William H, eating stand, 128 and 130 

Centre mkt and 306 11th nw, h 410 D se 
Brown William H, engineer, 1137 8th nw 
Brown William H, horseshoer, 927 4th nw 
Brown William H, lab, 325 Va av se 
Brown William J, mni'r patmeds, 719 NCavse 
Brown William M, dry goods, 817 Market sp, 

h 219 E nw 
Brown William M jr, computer, 219 E nw 
Brown William M, supt, 1523 Vt av nw 
Brown William M, lab, 431 8th sw 
Brown William R, grocer, 718 19th nw 
Brown William R, grocer, 20th and Pa av, h 

2011 H nw 
Brown William S, elk, 2010 F nw 
Brown William S, wood turner, 39 Green, Gtn 
Brown William T, carp, 2706 M nw, Gtn 
Brown Wilson E (WE Brown & Co) 
Brown Wilson E, carp, 337 11th se 

I Brown Winfleld S, horseshoer, 515 K nw, h 1518 

5th nw 
Brown W Paul, undertaker, 421 9th se 
Brown W S, boots, 1928 Pa av nw, h 2103 Pa 
av nw 
j Brown Zachariah, lab, 1122 3d nw 
Brown Zachariah T, elk cen bu, 2322 G nw 
! Brown & Lewis (S Thomas Brown and William 

V. Lewis), dry goods, 3146 M nw, Gtn 
■ Browne Andrew K, lawyer, 323 4| nw, h 332 

Ind av, nw 
Browne Benjamin W, elk s g o, 420 C se 
Browne Britania, dressmkr, 737 6th nw 
i Browne Jerome jr, insurance, 220 4i nw, h 

1704 9th nw 
Browne Margaret L, elk compt cm- 
Browne Sara G, elk cen bu, 1237 Mass av nw 
Browne T1iobml»s M, Zl C, Na- 
tional Hotel 
1 Browne William B, lab, se c 6th and E sw 
Browne William P, waiter, 1510 nw 
Browne William R, librarian navy d, nr Hope- 
ton, 7th st rd 
i Browne William diarl, artist, 
OA5 I*a av nw, h Arlington 

Pictures Painted entirely from Ziife. 

Browne William H, lawyer, 460 La av nw, h 
1718 5th nw 

Browne William Henry, law- 
yer, 505 » nw, h 1645 K nw 

Brownell Sarah V, elk cen bu, 303 M nw 
Browner Rachael, 301 13£ nw 
Browner Richard R, elk, 803 Market sp nw 
Browning A C, elk, 1258 8th nw 
Browning Albert, lab, 1611 V nw 
Browning Annie E, elk, 1507 9th nw 
Browning Charles T, elk, 1022 Pa av se 
Browning Edward, blksmith, M nr 12th se 

; Browning Ellen, 318 Pa av nw 

; Browning Frank T, lawyer, 416 5th nw, h 331 
Mo av nw 

\ Browniug George G, elk pat o, 2801 N nw, Gtn 
Browning Henry C, elk cen o, 404 N J av se 

, Browning Horatio (Browning & Middleton), 
1022 Pa av se 

• Browning Jackson, lab, T st al se 

| Browning John L, elk, 2801 N nw, Gtn 
Browning John N, elk p o, 1507 9th nw 
Browning John N jr, blksmith, 1507 9th nw 
Browning Joseph, moulder, T st al se 
Browning Lewis, lab, al nr 11th and N se 
Browning Livingston, lawyer, 628 I nw 
Browning Silas. "supt, 1801 14th nw 

I Browning Theodore F, coffee roaster, Jackson 
hall al, h 104 3d nw 
Browning Thomas, carp, 417 6J sw 
Brow r ning Virginia A, 1216 Mass av nw 
Browning William, lab, 1216 I ne 
Browning William L, hostler, National Fair 

i Grounds 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful" 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold l»v nil Itrn&rsists and at 911 7th St 

Browning William S, hostler, 1235 Md av ne 
Browning' &, Ulieltlleton (Hora- 
tio Browning and. Alpheus 
Uliddleton), grocers, 61© Pa av 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Fine Family Groceries, Teas, &c, 

Brandies, Wines, Whiskies, Cigars, &c, 
Also, Proprietors and Manufacturers of Browning's 

Stomach Bitters. 
610Penn'a Ave. (Opp. Met. Hotel) Washington, D.C. 

Brownlow John, elk treas, 601 13th nw 

Broydrick Thomas J Kev, 312 2d se 

Brubaker Jonas M, printer, 1220 5th nw 

Bruce Albert, lab, 18 9th se 

Bruce Alexander, 37 G nw 

Bruce Alice, servt, Blagden's al nw 

Bruce Annie, wid James, laundress, Connor's al 

Bruce Arthur, waiter, 37 G nw 
Bruce Blanch M, « S S, 909 HI 

Bruce Caroline, washer, 74 Jackson al nw 
Bruce Catherine, cook, 110 B se 
Bruce Charles, hackman, 1537 L nw 
Bruce Chas F, furniture, 1101 K nw, h37 Gnw 
Bruce Charles H, caterer, 407 A ne { 

Bruce David W, printer, 902 II ne 
Bruce Edwin S, 1011 M nw 
Bruce Eliza, wid Jared, 1612 Madison av nw 
Bruce Ellen E, 407 A ne 
Bruce Ellsworth M, barber, 2006 17th nw 
Bruce Fannie S, teacher, 37 G nw 
Bruce Frances H M, teacher, 2006 17th nw 
Bruce George, driver, 307 C se 
Bruce Gibson, shoemkr, 1513 34th nw, Gtn 
Bruce Hannah, wid Charles, 909 11th nw 
Bruce Hannah, wid John, Stantontown 
Bruce Harriet V, teacher, 2002 17th nw 
Bruce Henry, conductor, 7th c Boundary nw 
Bruce Henry, lab, 317 10th ne 
Bruce John C (Costin & Bruce), 2006 17th nw 
Bruce John Edward, 1305 12th nw 
Bruce John T, lab, 1408 17th nw 
Bruce Kate L Mrs, 1335 L nw 
Bruce Kate R, elk compt cur, 1011 M nw 
Bruce Lewis, porter, 215 5th se 
Bruce Lucy J, wid Robt, dressmkr, 613 10th ne 
Bruce Martha, wid Aaron, cook, 116 2d sw 
Bruce Martha, wid James, cook, Blagden's 

al nw 
Bruce Martha, servt, 116, 2d sw 
Bruce Martina E, teacher, 2006 17th nw 
Bruce Mary, wid George, 514 4th ne 
Bruce Mary, washer, Hamilton rd 
Bruce M B Mrs (Mrs M B Bruce & Co), 433 

9th nw 
Bruce M B Mrs & Co (Mrs M B Bruce and Mrs 

M A Hardcastle), ladies' furn'gs, 433 9th nw 
Bruce Montgomery, barber, 2006 17th nw 
Bruce Philip, basketmkr, Stantontown 
Bruce Regenaia, dressmkr, 1617 12th nw 
Bruce Richard, lab, 707 C ne 
Bruce Robert, 2006 17th nw 
Bruce Robert E, cook, 307 C se 
B ru ce Rosa, servt, 1451 Q nw 

Bruce Samuel, lab, Uniontown, D C 
Bruce Samuel, lab, 703 6th nw 
Bruce Sandy, lab, 825 9th ne 
Bruce Sandy, lab, 1222 20th, nw 
Bruce Shadrach, coal, 1706 21st nw 
Bruce Thos, lab, Prospect, Meridian Hillnw 
Bruce William, gardener, School, Hillsdale 
Bruce William, mess, 1619 12th nw 
Bruckheimer Moses, physician, 748 6th nw. 
Office hours 8 to 10 a m, 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 p m 
Bruehl August, shoemkr, 1205 Pa av nw 
Bruehl Charles, cabinetmkr, 1207 Pa av nw 
Bruehl Emil, shoes, 913 D nw, h 1613 6th nw 
Banff Charles 1009 24th nw 
Bruff Charles M, carp, 624 Pa av se 
Bruff J Goldsborough, designer, 1009 24th nw 
Bruff Richard W, carp, 624 Pa av se 
Bruff Richard W, jr, carp, 624 Pa av se 
Bruff WTO, draughtsman, 1011 24th nw 
Bruggar Oscar, watchmkr, 704 7th nw 
Bruggemann Hermann, elk p o, 625 N nw 
Brumagen Nellie E, bu eng, 1923 9th nw 
Brumagim Ella, stitcher, 100 F, ne 
Brumagim Hannah, wid John W, 1923 9th nw 
Brumagim Henry, engineer, 100 F ne 
Brumagim Jane, wid Jacob, 100 F ne 
Brumagin Nelson, saloon, 610 F sw 
Brumfield Florence, attendant Insane Asylum 
Brumfield George, 1312 11th se 
Brumfield Nathan, ship carp, 1312 11th se 
Brumfield Nathan, jr. elk 1312 11th se 
Brummel Augustus O, contrac- 
tor, 1115 U nw 
Brummel Susan, wid Joseph, grocer, 2022 7th 

Brummett John O, huckster, 1209 K ne 
Brummett Joseph, elk navy, 902 Pa av se 
Brunas Harry, elk, 924 14th nw 
Brunen Samuel, wheelwright, 4J nr E sw 
Brunei- Richard, elk cen o, 919 7th nw 
Brunnetti Jose Senor Bon, sec- 
retary Spanish legation, 1714 
I*a av nw 
Brunger Charles (Eberly & Brunger), 60 P nw 
Bruni Charles, conductor, 3214 P nw, Gtn 
Brunin Frieda, nurse, Meyer's hotel 
Brunswick Samuel, poultry, 45 Corcoran mkt, 

h 510 N nw 
Brunt Thomas, lab, 3208 Grace nw, Gtn 
Brunthaver Charles E, elk a g o, 512 10th nw 
Brusecke Henry, bricklayer, 7th c Pomeroy nw 
Brusecke Louisa, grocer, 7th c Pomeroy nw 
Brush Harmon M, elk ind o, 326 A se 
Brust Albert G, carp, 743 7th nw 
Brutis Kate, wid John, 1516 Valley nw Gtn 
Bryan Alice, umbrellamkr, 1412 Pa av nw 
Bryan Alice C, servt, 301 C nw 
Bryan Annie, wid William, 1229 4th nw 
Bryan Augustus S, elk 3d aud, 2205 H nw 
Bryan Benjamin H, 704 10th ne 
Bryan Bennette Mrs, 1327 G nw 
Bryan Bun, saloon, 119 Pa av nw 
Bryan Charle-, lab, 444 2d sw 
Bryan Charles C, grocer, 15th c 

I nw, h »38 flflay nw 
Bryan Edward, lab, 48 Jackson al nw 



Cor. 15th and I Streets, nw., 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORK. 


FWTR 1 (iffliir i 


Office, 1115 G Stf^eet, nw., 


This is not a Cheap. Catch-Penny 
Compound, but the Finest, 
Most Durable, Best and 
Cheapest Heavy-Bodied 
Article ever Manu- 
factured for 

Tin, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Shingle 


For the Protection of Walls from Dampness it 
has no Superior. 

A. 0. BRUM MEL Sole Agent, 

1115 G St., nw. 





) y 



Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt. 





For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
' CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7tn St. N. W. 


Bryan Edward C, mess, 704 10th ne 

Bryan Edward, jeweler, 1902 14th nw 

Bryan Emma, dressmkr, 1902 14th nw 

Bryan Emma, servt, 635 9th ne 

Bryan Estella, 412 13th nw 

Bryan George W, 811 G nw 

Bryan Henry L, stenographer, 1908 G nw 

Bryan James, bartender, 119 Pa av nw 

Bryan «J" IB &■ Bro (.Joseph 11 and 

William Bryan), grocers, 608 

Pa av nw 

J. B. Bryan. Wm. Bryan. 

J. B. BRYAN & BRO., 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Choice Family Groceries, 

608 Pennsylvania Ave., 

Opp. Metropolitan Hotel, WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Bryan Jemima, wid Charles. 21 8th se 

Bryan John, musician, 810 L se 

Bryan John T, carp, 514 26th nw 

Bryan John T, moulder, 6th bet E and F nw 

Bryan John T, pressman, 443 H nw 

Bryan Joseph B ( J B Bryan & Bro), 113 lit nw 

Bryan Laura V, folder, 929 Md av sw 

Bryan Lawrence J, elk war d, 2133 F nw 

Bryan Lewis, lab, 324 C ne 

Bryan Lewis C, engineer, 80 Gr ne 

Bryan Lucinda, servt, 711 G nw 

Bryan Maggie, washer, L nr 16th nw 

Bryan Margaret, wid Samuel, 810 L se 

Bryan Margaret, wid Sandy, 1607 L nw 

Bryan Marian Miss, 938 N Y av nw 

Bryan Mary, g p o, 728 N J av nw 

Bryan Mary T, wid Daniel, 1205 14th nw 

Bryan Mathew, elk s g o, 1438 Q nw 

Bryan Matilda, servt, 44 G nw 

Bryan Mattie, folder, 622 N J av nw 

Bryan Ralph, police, 524 8th se 

Bryan R Hughlett, conductor, 3142 M nw, Gtn 

Bryan Richard T, elk pod, 1811 13th nw 

Bryan Samuel, engineer, bds Childs' al se 

Bryan Samuel D, printer, 933 N Y av nw 

Bryan Samuel F, engineer, 926 L nw 

Bryan Samuel M, restaurant, 800 L se 

Bryan Thomas B, lawyer, 1407 Mass av nw 

Bryan Thomas G, elk, 1327 G nw 

Bryan Virginia E, grocer, 148 C ne 

Bryan William (J B Bryan & Bro), 1029 9th nw 

Bryan Winfield S, driver, 203 1st nw 

Bryan Winnie M, bu eng, 901 16th nw 

Bryant Agnes, wid Henry, 1517 M nw 

Bryant Almond, master mechanic Deaf and 

Dumb Institution 
Bryant Annie, servt, 615 E se 
Bryant A P, Mrs, N Y Av hotel 
Bryant Arthur D, artist, Deaf and Dumb In- 
Bryant Charles B, elk, Kendall Green ne 
Bryant Charles M, elk pen o, 816 E Capitol 
Bryant Elizabeth A, elk cen, 1007 G nw 
Bryant Emily C, wid William, 415 G nw 
Bryant Emory A, student, 619 F nw 
Bryant Fannie, elk cen, 120 C nw 
Bryant George M, coachman, 1724 E nw 
Bryant James, lab, 439 10th sw 
Bryant Levi J, elk war d, 1815 Q nw 

Bryant Louis, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Bryant Louisa, g p o, 80 K nw 
Bryant Louise V, elk pod, 619 F nw 
Bryant Marie E, elk, 1007 G nw 
Bryant Martha, wid Jerry, cook, 126 E nw 
Bryant Mary A, seamstress, 1724 E nw 
Bryant Mary E, servt, 132 11th se 
Bryant Mary R, nurse, 1517 M nw 
Bryant Oscar UI, propr Holly 

Tree lunch, 518 Oth nw, li 51« 

9th nw 
Bryant Samuel, mess, 312 13th nw 
Bryant Sarah, wid William C, 442 I nw 
Bryant Seth S, elk int rev, 119 C ne 
Bryant William L, foreman, L c 14th se 
Brynan John, engraver, 1101 Pa av nw 
Brynes Emma, washer, 809 Q nw 
Brjmes Susan, servt, 819 Q nw 
Bryon Edward, lab, 44 Jackson Hall al se 
Bryson Annie, 1214 Mass ay nw 
Buchanan Albert N, waiter, 1411 1 nw 
Buchanan Cecelia B, washer, 927 Liberty sw 
Buchanan Charles T, waiter, 1411 1 nw 
Buchanan Dennis, lab, 339 H sw 
Buchanan Edward, druggist, 1441 Pierce pi nw 
Buchanan E Rey, elk pen o, 922 R nw 
Buchanan F Selina, wid McKean, 3 Cooke 

pi, Gtn 
Buchanan George, upholsterer, 510 10th sw 
Buchanan Israel, janitor, 108 C sw 
Buchanan James (Hughes, Buchanan and 

Dewees), Indianapolis, Ind 
Buchanan J Milton, salesman, 43 Myrtle ne 
Buchanan John, butcher, 927 Liberty sw 
Buchanan John, dairy, 1522 Q nw 
Buchanan John, waiter, 1411 1 nw 
Buchanan John M, elk, 43 Myrtle ne 
Buchanan John W, driver, 1341 W nw 
Buchanan Kate, servt, 2011 1 nw 
Buchanan Lizzie, seamstress, 1411 1 nw 
Buchanan Maggie, servt, 1105 5th nw 
Buchanan Margaret, servt, 927 Liberty sw 
Buchanan Mary, laundress, 1411 1 nw 
Buchanan Moten, lab, 1309 Md av sw 
Buchanan Roberdeau, computer nautical 

almanac, 3 Cooke pi, Gtn 
Buchanan Robert, lab, nr Murdock Mill rd 
Buchanan Sarah, servt, 1462 Q nw 
Buchanan Susan, 1411 I nw 
Buchanan Thaddeus S, elk s g o, 317 4£ nw 
Buchanan William, waiter, 927 Liberty sw 
Buching Henry, cabinetmkr, 807 6th sw 
Buchly Anthony, undertaker* 

»12 I*a av nw, It do 


Underta]5:er 3 

912 Pa. Av., nw., (south side,) Det. 9tH & 10th sts. 


Always on hand. 

Funerals promptly attended to. Residence on the 


Buchly William S, undertaker, 311 10th nw 
Bucholtz Henry, tinsmith, 1727 H nw 
Buchsteiner Emanuel, cabinetmkr, 415 L nw 
Buck Alonzo M, elk s g o, 1826 13th nw 
Buck Cassius M, elk pat o, 1600 8th nw 
Buck W W, elk pen o, 1600 8th nw 
Buckey Charles A (Buckey & Marbury), 1337 

32d nw, Gtn 
Buckey Mathias V (Buckey & Co), 1337 32d, Gtn 
Buckey Philip J, 313 D nw 

Invites Attention to its Endowment Policies. 





Importer Khine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Buckey & Co (Mathias V and Charles A 

Buckey), grocers, 1337 32d nw, Gtn 
Buckey & Marbury (Charles A Buckey and 
John Marbury jr), hardware,1200 32d nw,Gtn 
Buckholtz Francis, carp, 1714 Vt av nw 
Buckingham Charles P, elk, 612 A se 
Buckingham Charles W, elk, 612 A se 
Buckingham Edgar, confectioner, 20 2d ne 
Buckingham Francis M, confectioner, 1223 Pa 
av nw, 930 F nw, 7327th nw and 1222 32d nw, 
Gtn, h 404 K nw 
Buckingham Frank, engineer/486 Pa av nw 
Buckingham George W, elk, 612 A se 
Buckingham Harry M, actor, 612 A se 
Buckingham John E, carp, 612 A se 
Buckingham John E jr, carp, 612 A se 
Buckingham William E, candymkr, 20 2d ne 
Buckingham & Co (John T Lighter), confec- 
tioners, 1634 14th nw 
Buckler Zachariah S, elk war d, 812 A se 
Buckley Daniel, lab, 418 3d sw 
Buckley Dennis, printer, 430 6th nw 
Buckley Edward, painter, 418 3d sw 
Buckley Edward F, cigars, 706 E nw 
Buckley Eliza, cook, 8th ab Grant av nw 
Buckley Eugene St J, tinsmith, 806 3d se 
Buckley James, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Buckley Jane, grocer, 519 21st nw 
Buckley John, stonecutter, 418 3d sw 
Buckley John D, helper, 437 6£ sw 
Buckley John M, grocer, 1202 20th nw 
Buckley John W, shoemkr, 219 4th ne 
Buckley Lucy, laundress, 1720 P nw 
Buckley Mary E, fancy goods, 1318 Pa av nw, 

h 706 E nw 
Buckley Michael B, watchman, 722 6th sw 
Buckley P J, plasterer, 1704 H nw 
Buckley Sarah H Mrs, 806 3d se 
Buckley Thomas, police, Anacostia 
Buckley Thomas, stonecutter, 1063 E Market 

sp nw, Gtn 
Buckley Timothy, stonecutter, 418 3d sw 
Buckley William, foreman, 722 4£ sw 
Buckley William, prod, 628 I nw 
Buckley William C, elk, 620 18th nw 
Buckley William D, teamster, 14th nr C sw 
Bucklin J Edward, engineer, 1231 C sw 
Buckman Benjamin, waiter, 206 E sw 
Buckman Frederick, lab, 807 E Capitol 
Buckman John, lab, 322 3d sw 
Buckman Sallie A, elk g 1 o, 1219 10th nw 
Buckner Adam, coachman, 1030 1st nw 
Buckner Annie, servt, Wilson st al nw 
Buckner Aylett H, H C, Metro- 
politan Hotel 
Buckner Beverly, lab, N J av c D se 
Buckner David, waiter, 1030 1st nw 
Buckner Edward, lab, 210 E sw 
Buckner Edward, lab, 105 E sw 
Buckner Elizabeth, servt, 1014 12th nw 
Buckner Francis, lab, 1720 P nw 
Buckner Frederick, lab, Canal rd 
Buckner Harriet, servt, 1229 N Y av nw 
Buckner Henry, driver, 718 3d sw 
Buckner Ida, servt, 1030 1st nw 
Buckner Jacob, driver, 1727 Cedar nw 
Buckner James, lab, 1013 19th nw 
Buckner John 0, Hamilton rd 

rV. U r ■leoroitbuilD 

Buckner Josephine, 1309 C nw 
Buckner Josephine, washer, 133 Pierce nw 
Buckner Joshua, porter, 204 L nw 
Buckner Lavinia, servt, 817 F sw 
Buckner Mary, washer, 1510 10th nw 
Buckner Melissa, servt, 117 6th ne 
Buckner Eachel, servt, 1124 N J av nw 
Buckner Richard lab, 1510 10th nw 
Buckner Robert, lab, 1327 Cedar nw 
Buckner Robert H, porter, 1326 Cedar nw 
Buckner Sarah, wid George, 1137 T al nw 
Buckner Scott, waiter, 133 Pierce nw 
Budd George T, confectioner, 457 I nw 
Budd Ida, seamstress, 1641 6th nw 
Budd Jacob (Budd, O'Neill & Co), 1004 E nw 
Budd Jane, prod, 136 N L mkt, h 1641 6th nw 
Budd, O'Neill & Co (Jacob Budd, Dennis and 
William O'Neill), props Theatre Comique. 
11th c C nw 
Budd Patrick, lab, 1403 N Capitol ne 
Budd Rosina, teacher, 1641 6th nw 
Budd Sarah, wid John, 1213 8th nw 
Budd Thaddeus A, prod, 36 Corcoran mkt. h 

1641 6th nw 
Budd William, coachman, 2233 12th nw 
Budd William, driver, 305 Nnw 
Budd William, driver, 1641 6th nw 
Bnddeche I* W, chancellor Ger- 
man legation, 73 Delrees nw 
Budlong John N, elk agl bu, 629i F sw 
Budlong Orpheus H, lawyer, 629i F sw 
Budlong Orsemus W, physician, 629J F sw 
Budroe Laura, servt, 1117 30th nw, Gtn 
Buechling John B, cigars and tobacco, 359£ 

Pa av nw, h 307 Mo av nw 
Buehler Adolph, cabinetmkr, 1416 N Cap- 
itol nw 
Buehler Hector, machinist, 326 2d se 
Buehler John F, bookbinder, 326 2d se 
Buehler William, 1122 19th nw 
Buell Augustus C, associate editor Sunday 

Capitol, 1202 Q nw 
Buell Martin, elk pat o, 625 10th ne 
Buell Thomas A, machinist, 1202 Va av 
Buescher Matilda, servt, 622 5th nw 
Buete George, driver, 1227 D sw 
Buffalo Firelnsurance Co of Buffalo, 810 F nw 
Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co of Buffalo, 

810 F nw 
Buffon George R, 1317 F nw 
Bugbce Elijah lu 9 manager 
American IJiiion and. Balti- 
more & Ohio Telegraph Com* 
panies, h 1617 lOth nw 
Bugden Frank, bricklayer, 1004 Pa av nw 
Bugwine Margaret, servt, 2734 P nw, Gtn 
j Buhler Gustav A, confectioner, 463 D sw 
I Buhler William, artist, 1122 19th nw 
j Buhortz Christian, tinware, 91 Western mkt. 

h 1727 H nw 
j Buie David J, carp, 1514 8th nw 
j Buie Mary C, dressmkr, 1514 8th nw 
Buil John M, sergeant police, 921 18th nw 
! Buker James W, Brown, Mt Pleasant 
! Bnllcley John W, physician, 
©15 lith nw, h do 

Office Hours 

) 7 to 9 a m 
\ 12 to 1 p m 
) 3 to 4 p m 


Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





Ghris. Xander's "MELLISTON," 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German Aromatic Bitters, 

i For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Bulkley Marcia A, boarding, 510 13th nw 
Bull Eliza C, elk qm g o, 811 21st n w 
Hull Joins, real estate, loans, 
and notary pnolic, Corcoran 
l>uilding-, li 833 Vt ay nw 


533 Fif teenth Street, nw. 

Real Estate Loans. 


Bull Lillie L, elk treas, 1323 H nw 

ISnllarcl Otis B, Washington 
Conservatory of* JJlnsic, 655 W 
Y av c 7tli nw, h 29 Grant pi 

Bullard Mary W, bu eng, 1309 F nw 
Bullard Sarah A, dressmkr, 225 Mass av nw 
Bulley Alexander F, 718 Va av se 
Bulley Edward A, elk, 718 Va av se 
Bullin James H, machinist, 517 10th sw 
Bulloch James B, slate roofer, 627 H nw 
Bullock Joseph J Dr Rev, chaplain U S Senate, 

915 N Y av nw 
Bullock Louisa, servt, 1311 K nw 
Bullock T W Dick, elk H R, 1007 9th nw 
Bulow Otto, waiter, Meyers' Hotel 
Bulster John, elk sig o, 711 44 nw 
Bumary Amelia, wid John, washer, 1625 O nw 
Bumbly Mary M, servt, 909 N J av se 

Bumbrey Annie, wid Thomas, midwife, 181 

Limerick al sw 
Bumbry Emily, servt, 906 M nw 
Bumbry Henry, waiter, 508 10th sw 
Bumery Arthur, lab, 606 3rd sw 
Bumery Richard, blksmith, 1116 20th nw 
Bumry Richard, lab, 2d nr G ne 
Bunch Nazareth, paper dealer, 

314= 8th nw, h © I nw 

3ST. buito ia: 3 

Dealer in 

Wrapping 3Paper 

Of all kinds ; also, Book and Job Printing, White 
Manilla and Straw Wrapping Paper, Stationery of all 
kinds, Ice Cream Boxes, Twine, Paper Bags, Flour 
Sacks, etc. 
314 8th Street, nw., WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Bundick Charles P, elk treas d, 1237 4£ sw 

Bundy Armstrong, lab, 443 L nw 

Bundy Austin, carp, 1815 S nw 

Bundy Austin, painter, 819 4th nw 

Bundy Charles S, lawyer, jus- 
tice of the peace, notary puh* 
lie and U S commissioner, 456 
I^a av nw, h 1224 If Y av nw 

o. s_ ZBTTnsriD-sr, 
Jltbo rrhey-at-Ijcuw , 

Justice of the Peace and Notary Public, 

No. 456 Louisiana Ave., 

Residence, 1224 New York ave., Washington, D. C 

Bundy Daniel, painter, Howard av Hillsdale 
Bundy Harrison, huckster, 1814 E nw 
Bundy John, porter, 444 N Y av nw 
Bundy Julius, lab, 1248 12th nw 

Washington Conservatory of Music 


655 New York Ave., and Parlors, 308 A St., ne. 


Singing, Elocution, Piano, Organ, Thorough Bass, Harmony, 

and Orchestral Instruments are taught by thorough 

and accomplished Instructors. 

.j Piano, Organ, Violin, Flute, &c, $5, $10, $15, $20. 
1U111U1N ,-j Singing, Voice Formation, and Culture, $5, $10, $15, $20. 


OPEN FROM 9 A. M. TO 7 P. M. 


The quarter begins when the pupil enters for lessons. See Circulars at the Music and Book 
Stores, or address, 

O. B. BULLARD, Director. 







Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET^S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St.. nw. 

Bundy Margaret, servt, 1814 E nw 
Bungy G-randison, hostler, Foundry al nw 
Bunker C G Mrs, housekpr, bds St James Hotel 
Bunker George W, proprietor The Dumbar- 
ton, 623 Pa av nw 
Bunnell M J, mess sen, 114 4th se 
Bunnemeyer Bernard, elk sig o, 609 7th sw 
Buoy Jeanette, servt, 92414th nw 
Buoy Sarah, wid James, washer, 1637 11th nw 
Buoy Thomas, lab, Union al nw 
Buoy Thomas E, lab, Union al nw 
Buoy William, plasterer, 703 6th se 
Buoys Louisa, servt, 1102 Vt av nw 
Burbage Wm D, elk 6th aud o, 519 N J av nw 
Burbank Daniel N, elk 6th aud o, 111 4th se 
Burbridge Albert G, elk 6th aud o, 921 Pa av nw 
Burbridge Elizabeth, 703 15th nw 
Burch Adelia, servt, 447 H nw 
Burch Alice G, 723 11th nw 
Burch Andrew A, elk pod, 7145th nw 
Burch Arthur, builder, 714 5th nw 
Burch A H S, watchman, 305 Mo av nw 
Burch Benjamin F, agent, 419 6th nw 
Burch Charles, attendant Insane Asylum 
Burch Cordelia E, elk bu eng, 1602 7th nw 
Burch David O, printer, 35 Defrees nw 
Burch Edwin H, printer, 433 N T av nw 
Burch Frederick (Burch & Leese), 714 5th nw 
Burch Geo A, conductor, 7th c Boundary nw 
Burch George D, bookbinder, 1602 7th nw 
Burch Harry M, elk, 431 N Y av nw 
Burch Henry C, elk, 2210 I nw 
Burch James H, restaurant, 1106 Water sw, h 

519 10th sw 
Burch John C, secretary senate, 

1025 Vt av nw 
Burch John H, 3526 N nw, Gtn 
Burch John J, bricklayer, 662 B se 
Burch John X, lawyer, St Cloud 

Blag-, h £57 Mo av nw 
Burch Joseph A, tinsmith, 704 4£ sw 
Burch Joseph 0, printer, 148 F ne 
Burch Joseph R, grocer, 235 Mass av ne 
Burch M, notions, 1602 7th nw 
Burch Martha, wid Thomas W, 714 5th nw 
Burch Mary, 714 5th nw 
Burch Mary, tobacconist, 1306 D nw 
Burch Mary R, printer, 2210 I nw 
Burch Richard H, carp, 1108 N J av se 
Burch Samuel K, elk pen o, 720 12th nw 
Burch Taylor, lawyer, 3037 O nw, Gtn 

anges and Furnace^ 


Burch Thomas E, dry goods, 223 6th se 

Burch Thomas E, tinsmith, 704 4£ sw 

Burch & Leese (Frederick Burch and Martin 

W Leese), poultry, 112 N L mkt 
Burchard Edward M, grocer, 354 Pa av nw, rr 

471 Mo av nw 
Burchard George C, elk, 321 Mo av nw 
Burchard., Horatio C, director 
of mint, treasury, 1103 O nw 
Burchard James T, elk pat o, 123 Md av ne 
Burchard Mary F, teacher, 1014 12th nw 
Burchard Mary V, teacher, 1207 G nw 
Burchard Stephen, lab, Proctor al nw 
Burchard William, chief* com- 
piling- division bureau statis- 
tics, 716 13th nw 
Burche Eliza J, dressmkr, 419 9th sw 
Burche JAW, clk,742 12th nw 
Burche Samuel K, elk pen o, 720 12th nw 
Burche S R, 720 12th nw 
Burche Victor M, elk cen o, 742 12th nw 
Burchell Edward, elk, 1102 Vt av nw 
Burchell N Landon, h 11 02 Vt av nw 
Burchell UTorval W, grocer, 1333 
F nw, h 1103 Vt av nw 


Family Groceries, 

Depot of Spring Leaf Tea, 
1332 F Street, nw., WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Burden, elk 6th aud o, bds Windsor House 

Burden Joseph, carp, 620 G nw, h 1835 6th nw 

Burdett Deborah D, 300 G nw 

Burdett George, elk, Grand rd 

Burdett Le Blond, elk, h 300 G nw 

Burdett Samuel S (Curtis, Earle & Burdett),- 

216 1st ne 
Burdette Charles, carp, 1500 10th nw 
Burdette Clara C, 1608 33d nw, Gtn 
Burdette Elmore W, broommkr, 1608 33d, Gtn, 
Burdette Frank, driver, 140 Greene nw, Gtn 
Burdette Mary E, 1523 5th nw 
Burdette Oliver I», shirts, 437 

7th nw, h 633 6th nw 
Burdette Walter W, dry goods, 

938 7th and 706 K nw, h 805 K 


w. w. burdette: a go., 


Dry Goods and Carpeting, 


Running through from Seventh to K Sts., 

Nos. 928 Seventh and 706 K Sts, nw., 


Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. 






(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St. 

Burdette William G, carp, 29fch nr Q nw, Gtn 
Burdette William T, carp, 1608 33d nw, Gtn 
Burdick Edson A, elk pen o, 649 B ne 
Burdine Bernard W, plumber, 602 Pa av se 
Burdine Charles A, elk, 14 F nw 
Burdine Eugene, elk pen o, 714 7tli nw 
Burdine James, watchman, 517 M sw 
Burdine Laura A Mrs, 602 Pa av se 
Burdine William, driver, 414 3d nw 
Burdine William T, barkeeper, 313 131- sw 
llurean of Education, Cr c 8th nw 
IHSnrean of Ethiioiog-y, Ssnithson- 
ian Institution, 8th and Cr mw 
Bureau of statistics, 107 15th 

B»W r 

Burford James, lab, 207 L sw 
Burford Minnie, folder, 1620 Marion nw 
Burford Robert P, blksmitli, 618 N J av nw 
Burford William E (William E Burford & Co), 

1303 T nw 
Burford WniE & Co (WmEBttr. 
lord and Jaines A McLimg'li- 
lin), real estate, 1115F nw 
Burgdorf Augustus, cabinetmkr and under- 
taker, 316 Pa av nw 
Burgdorf Ernest, livery stable, 
118 and 12© 8th nw, h 115 8th 


Livery and Sale Stables, 

418 & 420 Eighth St. 
Horses, Open and Close Carriages to Let, also 
Horses and Drivers furnished when desired. Ele- 
gant Carriages for Weddings and Receptions. 

Burgdorf Louis, elk treas d, 1027 8th nw 
Burgdorf Louisa, 1027 8th nw 
Burgee Edward E, machinist, 311 C se 
Burgee Edward T, machinist, 620 Dnw, h 311 

Burgee John R, machinist, 1702 5th nw 
Burgee Samuel M, machinist, 311 C se 
Burger Franz, machinist, 1635 3d nw 
Burger Henry, lab, 7th st rd nw 
Burger Joseph C, steward, 1305 E nw 
Burger John C S, elk war d, 1448 R I av nw 
Burger William B, bookbinder, 1450 R I av nw 
B urges Belle, folder, 819 10th nw 
Burges William G, printer, 1107 Park ne 
Burgess Abner, painter, 623 S C av se 
Burgess Andrew, lab, 739 13th se 
Burgess Alexander, waiter, 452 H nw 
Burgess Alice, teacher, 818 Conn av nw 
Burgess Anna, elk int d,;818 Conn av nw 
Burgess Archie, elk med museum, 815 13th ne 
Burgess Benjamin J, lab, 817 Del av se 
Burgess Charles, blksmitk, 726 9th se 
Burgess Charles, lab, 612 Md av ne 
Burgess Charles A, wheelwright, 915 8th mv 
Burgess Charles H, coal, 1811 

8th nw, h 1110 Columhia nw 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of 

(2240 lbs. to the ton,) 

Eighth and O Sts., nw., 1316 L, nw., and Wharf 

foot of 13* St., sw. 

Burgess Christy A, washer, Walker's al sw 
Burgess Clark, harnessmkr, 216 10th nw, h 

1219 D sw 
Burgess Eliza, washer, Walker's al sw 
Burgess Emily, servt, 1213 T nw 
Burgess Emma, servt, 2408 Va av nw 
Burgess Enoch N, police, 1024 21st nw 
Burgess Frank P, mess, 817 21st nw 
Burgess George, elk pen o, 1410 Columbia nw 
Burgess George, lab, Vt al nw 
Burgess George A, 1513 9th nw 
Burgess George W, coach trimmer, 1400 K se 
Burgess Harriet, wid Charles, 1925 12th nw 
Burgess Harriet, wid Samuel, 222 L sw 
Burgess James, elk, 739 13th se 
Burgess James, machinist, K c 14th se 
Burgess James, waiter, 1423 M nw 
Burgess J Benedict, lab, 1536 K se 
Burgess John lab, 711 C ne 
Burgess John B, oysters, 607 11th nw, h 617 

11th nw. 
Burgess John E, waiter, 1703 19th nw 
Burgess John H, lab, Anacostia 
Burgess Joseph H, lab, Sheridan nw 
Burgess Maggie, teacher, 818 Conn av nw 
Burgess Marrian, wid William S, 1513 9th nw 
Burgess Mary, wid Caleb, g print o, 202 M se 
Burgess Richard W, civil engineer, 722 21st nw 
Burgess Robert W, printer, 1413 9th nw 
Burgess Sarah, laundress, 452 H nw 
Burgess Sarah, teacher, 818 Conn av nw 
Burgess Susie, dressmkr, 1703 19th nw 
Burgess Thomas, painter, 229 2d ne 
Burgess William C, bill poster, 29 B se 
Burgess William H, engineer, 935 E sw 
Burghardt Caroline A, physician, 939 H nw 
Burghardt Peter H Rev, elk treas d, 16 7th se 
Burgoine Charlotte, wid Richard, 2715 Dum- 
barton av nw, Gtn 
Burgoine Eliza, servt, 2715 Dumbarton av nw, 

Burgoyne Bargillia H, carp, 1116 8th nw 
Burgy William C, bottles, 914 8th nw 
Burhans Wm W, reporter, 1435 Pierce pi nw 
Burhardt Louis E, e;ate keeper, 1441 O av nw 
Burk Bridget, wid Thomas, 613 H sw 
Burk Ann, wid Henry, 423 Washington nw 
Burk James, lab, 628 H sw 
Burk John, 1423 Md av ne 
Burk John, bricklayer, 315 13£ sw 
Burk Michael, lab, 620 H sw 
Burk Patrick, lab, 67 Jackson al ne 
Burk Peter, driver, Anacostia 
Burk Richard, distiller, 3609 O nw, Gtn 
Burk Terrance, lab, 121 Cabbage al ne 
Burk Thomas, mess, 1359 Ohio av 
Burk Thomas, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Burkart John L, elk, 701 7th nw 
Burkart Joseph W, notary public, 704 R I av nw 
Burkart Lizzie C, elk, 704 R I av nw 

Burke , conductor, bds 3137 M nw, Gtn 

Burke Albert F, lab, 1768 T nw 

Burke Alice, washer, 131 D sw 

Burke Amelia, wid Frederick, 1843 L nw 

Burke Andrew, stonecutter, Prospect hill ne 

Burke Annie, grocer, 439J 8th sw 

Burke Annie, wid Griffin, Connor's al nw 

Burke Caroline, wid Thomas, 3520 N nw, Gtn 

Burke Catherine, servt, 808 Grant av nw 

Burke Catherine, wid Patrick, 2155 8th nw 

Burke Charles F, conductor, 614 6th sw 

Burke C F, elk cen, 734 5th nw 

Burke Clara, servt, 1143 23d nw 

Burke Daniel M, mess, 1757 S nw 

Burke Delaphine, washer, 131 D sw 

Writes at 1 5 per Cent. Less than any other Co. 




New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 

413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Burke De Witt C, elk ago, 2319 L nw 

Burke Edmund, elk agl bu, 938 C sw 

Burke Edward, hostler, 39 G- nw 

Burke E B, fireman cap, 621 Mass avne 

Burke Eliza, servt, 1215 T nw 

Burke Elizabeth, wid Edmund, 82313th nw 

Burke Ellen J, servt, 1722 I nw 

Burke Francis P, watchman, 233 14th sw 

Burke Frank P, liquor, dealer, 1324 D nw, h 

508 12th nw 
Burke, Eraser & Connett, pat attys, 810 F nw 
Burke George O, physician, 812 L se 
Burke G W, elk, 1749 Pa av nw 
Burke H H, carp, 1135 20th nw 
Burke Ignatius, lab, 2419 F nw 
Burke Jacob L, elk, 1749 Pa av nw 
Burke James, driver, 131 D sw 
Burke James D, barber, 1508 12th nw 
Burke James T. driver, 916 Liberty sw 
Burke James W, plasterer, 27 Bates' al nw 
Burke J B, provisions, 1749 Pa av nw 
Burke Jeremiah, lab, 1620 Corcoran nw 
Burke J H, waiter, 1135 20th nw 
Burke Johanna, 8 G nw 
Burke Johanna, wid Thomas, 1820 K nw 
'Burke John, driver, 928 27th nw 
Burke John, lab, 2610 I nw 
Burke John, restrnt, 439 8th sw, h 439§ 8th sw 
Burke John A, lab, 47 I nw 
Burke John H', foreman, 1222 C sw 
Burke John H, huckster, 131 D sw 
Burke Joseph, blksmith, 1813 H nw 
Burke Joseph E, elk, 619 L nw 
Burke Josiah D, tailor, 619 L nw 
Burke Kate, govt print o, 317J B ne 
Burke Leah, washer, 1135 20th nw 
Burke Louis L, printer, 1602 15th nw 
Burke Maggie, dressmkr, 1820 K nw 
Burke Maggie, servt, 413 3d nw 
Burke Margaret, washer,317 Md av ne 
Burke Martha, wid James, 131 D sw 
Burke Mary, 1306 D nw 
Burke Mary, bu eng, 1820 K nw 
Burke Mary, washer, 2419 F nw 
Burke Mary, wid John, Prospect hill ne 
Burke Mary, printer, 1139 24th nw 
Burke Mary A, elk, 928 27th nw 
Burke Mary A, servt, 1930 14th, nw 
Burke M E, dressmkr, 1135 20th nw 
Burke Michael, elk a g o, 1916 R nw 
Burke Michael, lab, IS 8th se 
Burke Michael, lab, Prospect hill ne 
Burke Michael, stevedore, 10th st whf, h 620 

Burke Mollie, dressmkr, 344 M sw 
Burke Mollie, servt, 413 3d nw 
Burke Mollie E, 1005 23d nw 
Burke Noah, driver, Keating av ne 
Burke Patrick, lab, 3174 B ne 
Burke Redman, paver, 820 1st ne 
Burke Richard, elk 3d aud o, 714 13th nw 
Burke Ricard O'S, elk ago, 14th & N Y av nw 
Burke Robert, huckster, 905 E sw 
Burke Robert, shucker, 1418 12th nw 
Burke Sarah, servt, 808 Grant av nw 
Burke Sarah, sewing. 2419 F nw 
Burke Thomas W, elk war d, 430 K nw 
Burke Thomas, lab, 231 14th sw 

A'.L. BARBER 4. CO:-.: 


Burke Thomas A, lab, 3174 B ne 
Burke Thomas J, rigger, 732 N J av nw 
Burke Thomas W, printer, 430 K nw 
Burke Thomas S, elk pen o. 1207 G nw 
Burke Wesley, porter, 131 D sw 
Burke William, exam pat o, 1505 Vt av nw 
Burke William, lab, 104 Madison al nw 
Burke William, waiter, 104 Madison al nw 
Burke William W, elk g 1 o, 710 H ne 
Burket Jacob N, supt U S paper mills treas 

dept, 1326 11th nw 
Burket Joseph N. electrician, 1326 11th nw 
Burket Lincoln W, elk, 1326 11th nw 
Burket Luther E, collector, 1326 11th nw 
Burkett Rose, servt, 2015 G nw 
Burkhardt Henry, lab, 506 D ne 
Burkhardt Henry jr, contractor, 506 D ne 
Burkhardt John G, tailor, 1008 14th se 
Burkhardt John G, watchman, 1008 14th se 
Bui-kliart Herman, furniture, 

1013 7 tli utv, la €lo 
Burkhart Jacob, coppersmith, 324 13th nw 
Burkhead Mary M, wid Edward, 417 A ne 
Burkheimer Mary, wid George, 454 N J av se 
Burkholder Arthur R, elk 2d compt, 1311 Hnw 
Burkley Augustus E, confectioner, 52 H nw 
Burkley Eliza, servt, Howard's row 
Burkley George, lab, Howard's row 
Burkley James, waiter, 1520 10th nw 
Burkley Joseph, baker, 628 L nw 
Burkley Mary E, notions, 52 H 
Burkley Rosa, washer, 1520 10th nw 
Burklin Achile. elk, 107 30th Gtn 
Burklyn George, printer, 1208 30th nw, Gtn 
Burl Eliza, wid George, 1332 Boundary nw 
Burlew Cornelius, concrete wks, N Capitol c 

F nw, h 17 E nw 
Burlew William W, elk pen o, 17 E nw 
Burley Agnes, washer, 223 Adams Express al 
Burley Charles S, restaurant, 1208 D nw 
Burley George, lab, Pomeroy nw 
Burley James, kackman, 1110 6th sw 
Burley John E, porter, 1626 Valley nw, Gtn 
Burley Joseph, lab, 223 Adams Express al 
Burley Lizzie, cook, 1 Queen al nw 
Burley Richard, tailor, 819 Q nw 
Burley William, lab, 6th nr Wilson nw 
Burly Wilhelmina, servt, 1809 I nw 
Burlingame Franklin, elk, 128 F ne 
Burlingame MaryE, wid Alexis, dressmkr, 943 

I nw 
Burlingame Ward, elk d 1 o, 731 8th nw 
Burlingham Henry G, elk pen o, 507 R I av nw 
Burlls Hester M, wid James, eook, 2213 L nw 
Burlls Mary E, servt, 1224 N Y av nw 
Burlls Philip L. basketmkr, 2213 L nw 
Burlls Sarah, wid Dennis, cook, 1226 N Y avnw 
Burman Charles, musician, 1221 7th nw 
Burn Bridget, wid John, 919 1st ne 
Burn James X, carp, 602 M ne 
Burn Jane C, wid Geo F, dressmkr, 1514 8th nw 
Burn Joseph watchmkr, 510 8th se 
Burn Mary, dressmkr, 612 4J sw 
Burnell Louise, elk cen o, 1214 N Y av nw 
Burnes Joseph D, pi pr, 1258 10th nw 
Burnett Albert, lab, Benning's rd 
Burnett Amelia, 715 K nw 
Burnett Charles, driver, 465 School sw 
Burnett Charles, lab, 804 E sw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Hassan, cor. Wall, NEWYOKL 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 680. 





Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's. 911 7th Street. 

Burnett Daniel, lab, 812 2d sw 
Burnett David L, elk 6th aud o, 1600 Marion nw 
Burnett Edward, Centre mkt, h 731 2d sw 
Burnett Edward, lime burner, 25th c N nw 
Burnett Emily W, translator mint div treas d 
Burnett Frances, servt, 607 I ne 
Burnett Jerome C, cnief nation- 
al Dank division treasury, h 

11©3 O nw 
Burnett John L, student, 1215 I nw 
Burnett John W, elk, 1232 9th nw 
Burnett Joseph S, bank agt, 138 Pa av se 
Burnett Julia, servt, Pleasant al sw 
Burnett Maria E, wid Ephraim, Howard av, 

Burnett Martha, cook, 910 Mass avnw 
Burnett Martha, servt, 110 C sw 
Burnett Mary, servt, wid Sylvester, 2037 L, nw 
Burnett Reuben, sand, Canal nr G sw 
Burnett Swan M, physician, 1215 I nw. Office 

hours, 9 to 11 a m, 3 to 5 p m 
Burnett Thomas, lab, 134 Va av sw 
Burnett Ward B, elk qmgo, Kolb House, 8th 

and E nw 
Burnett William, lab, Sumner av, Hillsdale 
Burnett William, lab, Ivy City 
Burnett William H, elk war d, 1301 Mass av nw 
Burnett William W, elk 6th aud o, 138 Pa av se 
Burnette Amelia, wid Lucius, 128 2d sw 
Burnette Edward W, produce, 232 Centre mkt, 

h 732 2d sw 
Burnette Lucius, lab, 128 2d sw 
Burnette Thomas, cook, 622 N Capitol 
Burnham Desevignia S, elk 2d aud, 1413 5th nw 
Burnham Elgie, lab, 242 3d sw 
Burnham Eliphalet J, printer, 429 P nw 
Burnham Emma, 429 P nw 
Burnham Frank M, draftsman, 429 P nw 
Burnham Kate, 429 P nw 
Burnham Mark, elk sgo, 242 3d sw 
Burnham Nathan, elk reg o, 400 1st ne 
Burnhart William, marine, 739 11th se 
Burns Alexander B, elk cen, 632 L nw 
Burns Amanda, chambermaid, 2114 N nw 
Burns Andrew, plasterer, 1009 Del av ne 
Burns Ann, wid William, 119 L nw 
Burns Annie, cook, 2114 N nw 
Burns Annie C, wid James, 1314 R nw 
Burns Arabella E, wid William, 703 E Capitol 
Burns Bridget, 217 1st se 

Burns Catherine, wid Patrick, 220 Mass av nw 
Burns Daniel, painter, 10th c E nw 
Burns Edward, 1711 20th nw 
Burns Edward K, elk treas d, 1310 8th nw 
Burns Edward L, painter, 1417 3d nw 
Burns Edward L, shoes, 1109 Pa av nw, h 633 

G sw 
Burns Eliza, servt, St James Hotel 
Burns Elizabeth, servt, 711 G nw 
Bums Emma E, elk cen, 512 13th nw 
Burns Frank E, 1420 33d nw, Gtn 
Burns Frank H, elk, 635 G sw 
Burns George N, elk treas d, 477 G sw 
Burns Henry, plasterer, bds 220 Mass av nw 
Burns Henry J, elk, 104 K se 
Burns James, gardener, nr Road 
Burns James, lab, 22 G ne 
Burns James H, elk cen, bds Windsor House 
Burns James R, elk ago, 1014 F nw 
Burn6 Jennie, servt, 301 Del av ne 

Burns John (Burns & Son), 640 B sw 

Burns John, grocer, 1000 3d ne 

Burns John, physician, 927 I nw 

Burns John, driver, 2502 I nw 

Burns John, lab, 25 Mass av nw 

Burns John jr, elk, 25 Mass av nw 

Burns John J, 301 G se 

Burns Joseph D, plate printer, 1258 10th nw 

Burns Josephine, folder, Warehouse al nw,, 

Burns Julia, wid Harman, 506 R I av nw 

Burns Lewis T, waiter, 2205 L nw 

Burns Lillie, elk treas d, 925 22d nw 

Burns Lizzie, artist, 711 G nw 

Burns Louis, carp, 235 2d ne 

Burns Louisa A, 524 20th nw 

Burns Margaret, grocer, 2524 K nw 

Burns Margaret, washer, 207 D sw 

Burns Marian, servt, 1124 Conn av nw 

Burns Mary, seamstress, 2524 K nw 

Burns Mary B, elk pat o, 217 1st nw 

Burns Mary E, wid John, 1310 8th nw 

Burns Michael, elk, 25 Mass av nw 

Burns Richard H, oysters, 1826 G nw, h 2018 
E nw 

Burns Robert, police, 301 1st sw 

Burns Robert, upholsterer, 927 I nw 

Burns Sallie H, wid George, 712 4th nw 

Burns S Louisa, 512 13th nw 

Burns Sylvester, lab, 926 26th nw 

Burns Sylvester jr, bricklayer, 917 27th nw 

Burns Theodore L, carp, 104 K se 

Burns Thomas, painter, 27 O nw 

Burns William W, general USA, 1402 L nw 

Burns Timothy, carp, 315 13i sw 

Burns William G, flour and feed, 501 K, h 712 
4th nw 

Burns William S (Burns & Son), 640 B sw 

Burns & Son, marble and gran- 
ite works, 238 1st sw 


Marble, Granite & Brown Stone Worts, 

Italian and American Tiling, Ohio and North 
River Flagging a Specialty. Job- 
bing Dromptly attended to. 

Burnside Ambrose E, U S S, 
1823 H nw 

Burnside Frank P, printer, 726 N J av nw 
Burnside James B, elk pen o, 927 O nw 
Burnside John sr, pressman, 308 H nw 
Burnside John S, printer, 308 H nw 
Burnside 3 O I*, superintendent 

and disbursing- officer post of- 

lice department, li 937 O nw 
Burnside Robert W, printer, 308 H nw 
Burnside William H, printer, 

610 5tb nw, h do 
Burnstiel Edward, Canal rd 
Buroughs James, fireman, 1924 K nw 
Burr Albert D V, elk cen, 229 D nw 
Burr Benjamin B, advt agt, 353 Penn av nw 
Burr Brooks, fireman, 324 G se 
Burr Caroline, nurse, 1116 M nw 
Burr Charles R, elk, Hamilton rd 
Burr Cophile B, wid Henry A, teacher, 1308 H 

Burr Cornelia Mrs, 911 N J av se 
Burr Daniel H, elk pod, 811 1 nw 
Burr D Vere, 229 D nw 
Burr Effie, elk, 154 6th sw 
Burr Emmett, lab, 1027 18th nw 
Burr Eugene, g p o, 74 K nw 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 680. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass CroderyWare 



No, 923 Penrv Avenue. 

Burr Fanny A R, wid Richard W, 154 6th sw 

Burr Frances Miss, seamstress, 1116 8th nw 

Burr Harrison, janitor F hall, h 929 O nw 

Burr Jane Mrs, 431 4th nw 

Burr Lucas, lab, 5 Sumner row, nw 

Burr Maria, dressmkr, 1027 18th nw 

Burr Mary, elk, 154 6th sw 

Burr M Helen, elk cen, 1102 14th nw 

Burr Nellie M, elk, 154 6th sw 

Burr Philo, mess, 224 2d ne 

Buit Rebecca, 15 Grant pi nw 

Burr Richard R, mess, 154 6th sw 

Burr Thomas S, elk w r o, 917 R 

Burr William Henry, stenographer, 1017 K nw 

Burrel Evelyn, servt, 2067 N Y av 

Burrel Henry, lab, 2017 N Y av nw 

Burrell Benjamin, lab, 2109 11th nw 

Burrell Coffey, lab, 485 L sw 

Burrell Charlotte, nurse, 2608 K nw 

Burrell Christiana R, caterer, 1213 N Y av nw 

Burrell George, lab, 335 C sw 

Burrell James, lab, 1210 20th nw 

Burrell James, waiter, 1804 E nw 

Burrell Lewis, chair caner, 135 F sw 

Burrell Marshall, lab, 2608 K nw 

Burrell Mary A, wid Albert, cook, 1405 28th 

nw, Gtn 
Burrell Rebecca, wid Thomas, 9 Covington nw 
Bun-ell Sophie, 1717 R I av nw 
Burrell Thomas J, elk p o, 446 K nw 
Burrell William, lab, 816 24th nw 
Burrhus Eff C, 2206 14th nw 
Burrhus Eff C jr, elk ago, 2206 14th nw 
Burrill Henry, stevedore, 2215 D nw 
Bun-ill John G, elk 1st aud o, St James Hotel 
Bunill John H, watchman, 1708 Mass av nw 
Burrill Joshua, lab, 2215 D nw 
Burrills Alexander, driver, Anacostia 
Burris Jane, laundress, Lucas al nw 
Burris Lewis, lab, Lucas alnw 
Burris Mary, servt, 2008 G nw 
Burris William, patents, 529 

7th nw, It 227 E nw 


Attorney anfl Solicitor of Patents, 


Room 11 Federal Block, 

Burris Minnie, wid William, 6 Valley nw 
Burritt Ann W, dressmkr, 124 C nw 
Burritt Ira N, editor and pro- 

Srietor Sunday Herald, ©85 
► nw, la 215 E Capitol 
Burritt Lilian, elk g 1 o, 215 E Capitol 
Burritt Payson, elk, 6th aud o, 215 E Capitol 
Buni Thomas, lab, 1228 1st sw 
Burross George, produce, 24 Western mkt, h 

Burrough Edward E, coal, 930 F nw, h Md 
Burroughs Catesby W, cabiuetmkr, 620 G nw, 

h 217 13& sw 
Bunoughs Daniel, lab, 217 13£ sw 



Bun-oughs Catharine, wid Hezekiah, 3251 O 

nw, Gtn 
Burroughs Emily, washer, Hillsdale 
Burroughs James, fireman, 1924 K nw 
Burroughs Jane E, wid William, 1225 32d Gtn 
Burroughs Joseph, elk p o, 513 7th se 
Burroughs J Richard, 3044 P nw, Gtn 
Burroughs Mary, tailoress, 909 9th nw 
Burroughs Sarah, washer, Merritt al nw, Gtn 
Burroughs Scaney, servt, 1014 M se 
Burroughs Susan M, bu eng, 1525 I nw 
Burrows Asbury, carp, 911 N J av nw 
Burrows Charles, boatman, Analostin Island 
Burrows Charles R, paver, 3130 South nw, Gtn 
Burrows Charles W, elk, 3416 T nw, Gtn 
Burrows Daniel, servt, 217 13£ sw 
Burrows Daniel A, elk 6th aud o, Baltimore, Md 
Burrows David H, dairyman, River rd 
Burrows, Elizabeth A, wid Bazil M, 3416 T 

nw, Gtn 
Burrows Frank A, police, 1214 28th nw, Gtn 
Burrows Frederick, butcher, Tennallytown 
Burrows Geo E, plate printer, 1524 Madison 

av nw 
Burrows Harriet, 827 23d nw 
Burrows Helen, elk, 225 E nw 
Burrows Henry, wood measurer, 121428th, Gtn 
Burrows Henry B, elk, Washington House 
Burrows Henry T, huckster, 1823 35th nw, Gtn 
Burrows James, lab, Tennallytown 
Burrows .1 C, UI C, ElVbitt House 
Burrows James H, butcher, 3416 T nw, Gtn 
Burrows John H, farmer, Murdock Mill rd 
Burrows John J, engineer, 307 E nw 
Burrows Levi, farmer, Murdock Mill rd 
Burrows Margaret, wid Charles N, 813 4th nw 
Burrows Otho M, farmer, River rd 
Burrows Proverb, lab, nr Rockville pike 
Burrows Robert H, lab, nr Rockville rd 
Burrows Samuel F, farmer, River rd 
Burrows Virginia Mrs, farming, Murdock Mill 

Burrows William, driver, 103 Baptist al nw 
Burrows William, miller, Canal rd 
Burrows Wm H, plate printer, 1209 16th nw 
Burrus Edward, restaurant, 

lOOG I*a av nw, h do 


1006 Penn. Ave., nw., 
None bat the Finest Brands of 

Burse L J, wid Jonathan, 131 E ne 

Burslev Lemuel, attorney, Oilmore & Co, 

Hyattsville. Md 
Burt Edmond B, shipwright, 915 I se 
Burt John B, elk cen, Imperial Hotel 
Burt John W, elk, Lyon House 
Burt Kate W, elk cen, 1423 I nw 
Burt Richard, elk, 12 Grant pi nw 
Burt William J, elk cen, 1334 F nw 
Burt William R, 1317 Corcoran nw 
Burtt Ellery J, cigars, 307 7th sw, h 331 11th sw 
Burton Alfred E, draughtsman, use and g 

s o, 9 B nw 


Keal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





Chris. Xander's "MELLISTON " 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German Aromatic Bitters, 

For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Burton George W, conductor, 3113 M uw, Gtn 
Burton Mortimer L, bricklayer, 2320 I nw 
Burton Owen B, gardener, O nr 38th nw, Gtn 
Burton Perry G,dentist,315 7th s w,h Laurel,Md 
Bui'loii Richard C Jfl, awning, 

flag- and tent maker, 4 SI 41 9tli 

nw, h 174S IS tli nw 


Awning. Flag, Tent and Sail Maker, 


Decorations and Reception Tents furnished for 
Balls, Parties, &c. All work guaranteed First-class. 

Burton Rohert A, lawyer, 1434 
If Y av n w, li 90<5 14tli nw 

Burton William, actor, 1014 E nw 

Burton William, lab, Douglas al nw 

Burton William E, elk, 412 12th se 

Burton Zachary T, elk, 6th aud o, Windsor 

Burwell Charles, huckster, 460 6| sw 
Burwell Emmett J, lab, 1027 18th nw 
Burwell Henry D, mess, 1772 T nw 
Burwell Ophelia, wid William, 414 3d sw 
Bury Edward B, druggist, 413 

8th se and 300 E Capitol, li 

413 8th se 

E. B. BURY, 


Manufacturer of 
Perfumery, Flavoring Extracts, Essences, &c, 

412 Eighth Street, se., and 300 East Capitol Street 

Bury Eliza, wid William, 412 8th se 

Bury Jeremiah, lab, 3 Hope av se 

Bury John, gardener, Nay lor rd 

Bury Julia, wid Nelson, cook, 12 Brown's ct se 

Bury William C, apothecary U S N, 703 B se 

Bury William F, druggist, 1223 E se 

Busch ell Frederick E, expressman, 307 C ne 

Buschell Jane C, wid George, 307 C ne 

Buschell John J, expressman, 307 C ne 

Buscher Bernard, scroll sawing, C c 5th ne, h 

310 5th ne 
Buscher John H, butcher, 541 Centre and 305 

N L mkts, h 915 7th ne 
Buscher Louis E, elk, 915 7th uw 
Buscher Mary, wid Henry, 737 N Capitol ne 
Buse Ferdinand, fresco painter, 722 9th se 
Busey Albert, lab, 1336 27th nw, Gtn 
Busey Alfred, lab, 1219 Phillips al nw 
Busey Charles, elk p o, 421 P nw 
Busey Charles H, blksmitk, 2014 12th nw 
Busey George F, lab, 1136 23d nw 
Busey Harris, lab, 2217 L nw 
Busey Henry, lab, al r 24th nr M nw 
Busey Isaac W, machinist, 1240 5th nw 
Busey John H, postal elk, 1350 B sw 
Busey Mary A, wid Charles, servt, 1219 Phil- 
lips al nw 
Busey Samuel, physician, 1525 I nw 
Busey William G, 1671 31st nw, Gtn 

Bush Celia, servt, Pleasant al sw 

Bush Chapman, tailor, 1423 11th nw 

Bush Elizabeth Mrs, 626 K ne 

Bush Emmitt, florist, 1226 Pa av nw 

Bush Henry, lab, 219 Adams Express al 

Bush Hester, wid Henry, 1412 Samson nw 

Bush Jane M, housekpr, 1321 M nw 

Bush John, lab, 31 H ne 

Bush John, lab, 121 G sw 

Bush John C, tailor, 622 Pa av nw, h 1423 11th 

Bush Josephus, barber, 422 8th sw 
Bush Lizzie T, bu eng, 1103 G nw 
Bush Matthew, lab, 1412 Sampson nw 
Bush Philo L, 224 2d ne 
Bush Rosa F, cigars, 337 Pa av nw 
Bush Roselia E, wid Levin, seamstress, 1232 

12th nw 
Bush Thomas, driver, 2166 9th nw 
Bush William H, tailor, 1423 11th nw 
Bush William S, lawyer, 1421 N Y av nw, h 

2010 14th nw 
Bushby Charles D, bartender, 937 D nw 
Bushby James H, harnessmkr, 1423 5th nw 
Bushby Lucy E, dressmkr, 1137 10th nw 
Bushby William, elk, 1137 10th nw 
Bushby William, furniture, 1137 10th nw 
Bushby William R, elk sig o, 1509 8th nw 
Busher James H, constable, 490 La av ne, h 

Bushey Henry, 2116 14th nw 
Bushing Henry, cabinetmkr, 430 3d ne 
Bushman Joseph, veterinary 

surgeon quartermaster's de- 

{>artment IJ S A, 409 14th nw, 
t 1344 9th nw 
Bushnell John H, physician, 1212 10th nw, h 

923 10th nw. Office hours, 6 to 8 a m, 12 to 

lpm, after 6pm 
Bushnell J Howard, elk q m g o, 705 11th nw 
Bushrod Alpheus, eating house, 1208 1st sw 
Bushrod Benjamin, driver, 309 10th se 
Bushrod Francis, lab, 14 Temperance av nw 
Bushrod Wesley, lab, 906 1st se 
Bussius John, elk ago, 531 7th ne 
Butcher Henry, driver, 212 F sw 
Butcher James N, elk 1st aud, 335 D sw 
Butcher John, elk, 632 K nw 
Butcher John H, mess, 335 D sw 
Butcher John H, blksmith, 220 F sw 
Butcher Louise, wid James, 335 D sw 
Butcher Martha, washer, 1010 R I av nw 
Butcher Susan, washer, 19 8th se 
Butcher Thomas M, lab, 19 8th se 
Butcher William, lab, 1010 R I av nw 
Butcher Z 1> Mrs, teacher, 1037 

13th nw 

Washington Collegiate Institute, 
Formerly Washington Female seminary, 

1023 12th ST., NW. 
A Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and 
Children, presents unsurpassed advantages for the 
acquisition of a flue education. 


Butler A F, attendant Insane Asylum 
Butler Agnes, dressmkr, 1535 Kingman pi 
Butler Albert, blksmith, 2708 Poplar nw, Gtn 
Butler Alfred, waiter, 5 E sw 
Butler Alice, servt, 1451 Q nw 
Butler Ab'ph, cooper, 1321 27th nw, Gtn 
Butler Amanda, servt, 1923 H nw 
Butler Andrew, lab, 1222 R nw 

3t£oxxo5 r to XiendL on XH.oa.1 Estate. 




New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Butler Andrew J, painter, r 26th nr K nw 
Butler Annie, cook, 210 Mass av ne 
Butler Annie, servt, 908 M nw 
Butler Annie, washer, 109 3d sw 
Butler Annie, washer, 1 25 L nw 
Butler Annie E, washer, 452 9th sw 
Butler Anthony, butcher, 1005 21st nw 
Butler Aurelia, teacher, 1713 K nw 
Butler Benjamin, fisherman, 704 9th sw 
Butler Benjamin, lab, 104 F nw 
Butler Benjamin, oysters, 410 9th sw 
Butler Benjamin F, lawyer, 302 

S Capitol se, h 303 Uf J av se 
Butler Betty, servt, 498 Me av sw 
Butler Buchanan, driver, 412 Limerick al sw 
Butler Caroline, wid Hezekiah, O nr Rock 

creek nw, G-tn 
Butler Catherine, wid John S, 7 Union al 
Butler Charles, cook, 1103 I nw 
Butler Charles, lab, 200 K se 
Butler Charles, lab, 30 Jackson al nw 
Butler Charles, provs, 1365 32d nw, Gtn, h Va 
Butler Charles, servt, Sampson nr 14th nw 
Butler Charles, shoemkr, 452 9th sw 
Butler Charles F, waiter, 1200 K nw 
Butler Chas H, elk, 1st compt o, 119 Md av ne 
Butler Charles H, fruit, 1117 11th nw 
Butler Charles H, lab, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Butler Charles W, lab, Donohue al nw 
Butler Charles W, tailor, r 26th nr K nw 
Butler Charlotte, laundress, 625 K nw 
Butler Clistus N, elk, 1018 1st se 
Butler Cordelia, servt, 2122 K nw 
Butler David, brakeman, 612 Md av sw 
Butler David, driver, 510 F sw 
Butler David J, waiter, 1016 Vt av nw 
Butler E, cook, Queen's al 
Butler Edward, lab. 504 4th ne 
Butler Edward, waiter, 1151 19th nw 
Butler Elizabeth, 1319 Hnw 
Butler Elizabeth, Ivy City 
Butler Elizabeth, wid Alexius, 123 4th ne 
Butler Elizabeth, wid John, washer, 1216 I nw 
Butler Elizabeth, wid Watkins, 1512 12th nw 
Butler Ella, dressmkr, 2208 H nw 
Butler Ella, servt, 1100 9th se 
Butler Ella, servt, 1321 27th nw, Gtn 
Butler Ellen, servt, 943 R I av nw 
Butler Ellen, washer, 922 25th nw 
Butler Ellen, wid James,. caterer, 1320 13th nw 
Butler Emeline, servt, 512 12th nw 
Butler Estelle, servt, 6 Covington nw 
Butler Frank, driver, 910 18th nw 
Butler Frederick, driver, 922 25th nw 
Butler Frederick, lab, 1st nr O sw 
Butler George, lab, 106131st nw, Gtn 
Butler George, lab, 409 5th se 
Butler George, lab, 12 Snow al nw 
Butler George, mariner, 510 3d sw 
Butler George W, lab, E c 1st nw 
Butler George W, lab, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Butler Hannah, cook, 5 C sw 
Butler Hannah, wid Thomas, 617 Bates' al nw 
Butler Harriett, servt, 1440 Sampson nw 
Butler Henrietta, cook, 626 K sw 
Butler Henry, blksmith, 313 E Capitol 
Butler Henrv, brickmkr, 19 5th ne 
Butler Henry, lab, 316 3d ne 



L00 T l:\UJ I 

Butler Henry, lab, 1703 33d nw, Gtn 

Butler Henry, lab, Fitzmorris row nw 

Butler Henry, lab, 1503 N Capitol ne 

Butler Henry, lab, 1009 N J av nw 

Butler Henry, plumber, 10 Brown's ct se 

Butler Henry, sawyer, 412 Limerick al sw 

Butler Henry jr, seaman, 313 E Capitol 

Butler Ida, servt, Louse al sw 

Butler Ignatius, carp, 123 4th ne 

Butler Ignatius, lab, 533 N J av nw 

Butler Isaac M, caterer, 1713 H nw 

Butler James, brakeman, 414 7th sw 

Butler James, cook, 1456 Q nw 

Butler James, lab, 1220 R nw 

Butler James, lab, 1700 Click's al nw 

Butler James, lab, 307 D se 

Butler James, lab, 8 Brown's ct se 

Butler James, lab, 1710 Marion al nw 

Butler James, mess, 1237 20th nw 

Butler James, porter, 432 3d ne 

Butler James, waiter, 1806 L nw 

Butler James A (Butler & Clarridge), 318 3d 

Butler James A, sailor, 2112 L nw 
Butler James M, grocer, 922 F sw 
Butler James S, barber, 1230 N Y av nw, h 

1738 Mass av nw 
Butler Jane, janitor, Pomeroy nw 
Butler Jane, servt, Adams Express al 
Butler Jane, servt, 1443 Sampson nw 
Butler Jane, servt, 1005 H nw 
Butler Jane, washer, Hillsdale 
Butler Jennie, servt, 309 Mass av ne 
Butler Jennie, servt, 1017 9th nw 
Butler John, blksmith 1353 27th nw, Gtn 
Butler John, grocer, 326 13th nw 
Butler John, huckster, 5 Savage al nw 
Butler John, lab, 1738 Mass av nw 
Butler John, lab, 622 3d sw 
Butler John, lab, 2120 11th nw 
Butler John, lab, Spring st rd nw 
Butler John, waiter, 1739 I nw 
Butler John A, blksmith, 3121 Water, h Mon- 
roe n Beall, Gtn 
Butler John A Jr, blksmith, Monroe nr Beall, 

Butler John A, stoves, c 5th and K nw, h 624 

I nw 
Butler John F, huckster, Sheridan nw 
Butler John F, waiter, 2511 Q nw, Gtn 
Butler John G Rev, pastor Memorial church. 

1107 11th nw 
Butler John H, 1018 1st se 
Butler John H, driver, 1046 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Butler John L, driver, 417 A se 
Butler John P, elk treas d. 1212 G nw 
Butler John S, waiter, 2015 H nw 
Butler John W, lab, 1403 33d nw, Gtn 
Butler Joseph, lab, 2023 L nw 
Butler Joseph, lab, 18th nr A ne 
Butler Joshua, contractor, 811 G sw 
Butler Josiah, lab, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Butler Julia, nurse, 1151 19th nw 
Butler, Kate, servt, 1527 6th nw 
Butler Lafayette (Butler & Galliher), 811 G sw 
Butler Lawrence L, barber, 3047 M nw, Gtn, h 

2511 Q nw 
Butler Lizzie, servt, 2108 Pa av nw 

0UO First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 
IiOb PUSKAS k SAPOBTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEWYOffi. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. twaw* 




Pure California Hock, Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th st. nw, 

Butler Lizzie Mrs, washer, 318 4th se 

Butler Louis, lab, 418 5th se 

Butler Lurena M, wid William, dressmkr, 

1520 O nw 
Butler McElfresh, driver, 323 I ne 
Butler Margaret, wid Andrew, 1237 10th nw 
Butler Margaret, wid John, servt, 330 5th se 
Butler Margaret, wid William, 1304 F nw 
Butler Margaret E, wid John T, 812 11th nw 
Butler Maria, servt, 1425 Sampson nw 
Butler Maria, servt, 1512 Columbia nw 
Butler Maria, wid John,nurse,1738 Mass avnw 
Butler Martha, servt, 355 Pa av nw 
Butler Mary, elk treas d, 938 L nw 
Butler Mary, cook, 921 Md av sw 
Butler Mary, washer, Clark al sw 
Butler Mary, wid George, 1822 M nw 
Butler Maiy, wid James, cook, 417 D se 
Butler Mary, wid John, 504 4th ne 
Butler Mary A, cook, 105 C se 
Butler Mary A, servt, 2005 I nw 
Butler Mary A, wid Walter, 1713 K nw 
Butler Mary E, servt, 219 E ne 
Butler Mary E, Hillsdale 
Butler Mary L, servt, 123 4th ne 
Butler Mary M, elk treas d, 1107 11th nw 
Butler Melville, lab, 1820 E nw 
Butler M M, attendant Insane Asylum 
Butler Monroe, lab, 432 3d ne 
Butler Moses, junk, 432 3d ne 
Butler Nathaniel, lab, 3317 Q nw, Gtn 
Butler Nettie, servt, 102 F ne 
Butler Oliver, cooper, 2708 Poplar nw, Gtn 
Butler Ormond H (Harrison & Butler), 1618 

8th nw 
Butler Ottoway, cooper, 1321 27th nw, Gtn 
Butler Philip, gardener, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Butler Philip, lab, 1723 R nw 
Butler Phillipa, servt, 1303 K nw 
Butler Priscilla, seamstress, 525 21st nw 
Butler P F, elk sen, 529 6th nw 
Butler Purley, lab, 1211 E nw 
Butler Rachel, cook, 21811th nw 
Butler Rachel, servt, 232 Willow al sw 
Butler Rachel S, washer, 452 9th sw 
Butler Richard, lab, 1432 12th nw 
Butler Robert, lab, N nr h, sw 
Butler Robert, lab, 9th nr Grant av nw 
Butler Robert, miller, 3025 M nw, Gtn 
Butler Robert, waiter, 809 5th nw 
Butler Robert H, carp, 215 10th sw 
Butler Ruth, washer, 1030 20th nw 
Butler Sallie, elk, 723 11th nw 
Butler Sallie A, washer, 8 Brown's ct se 
Butler Samuel, barber, 1738 Mass av nw 
Butler Samuel, gardener, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Butler Samuel, waiter, 1805 T nw 
Butler Samuel P, elk cen, 1115 G nw 
Butler Sarah, cook, 1633 P nw 
Butler Sarah, laundress, 2112 Lnw 
Butler Sarah, servt, 2004 G nw 
Butler Sarah, servt, 800 L se 
Butler Sarah, wid Carter, 5 Lowe's al ne 
Butler S H, driver, 615 N J av nw 
Butler S P, elk sen, 405 11th nw 
Butler Stephen, porter, 514 3d sw 
Butler Susan, cook, 1229 13th nw 
Butler Susan, laundress, 311 S C av se 
Butler Susie, servt, 1522 10th nw 

Butler Thomas, blksmith, 2924 N nw, Gtn 
Butler Thomas, cook, 1535 Kingman pi nw 
Butler Thomas, lab, 143 A se 
Butler Thomas, lab, 438 1 nw 
Butler Thomas, lab, 1222 Blagden's al nw 
Butler Thomas, lab, 210 E sw 
Butler Thomas, lab, 322 Cne 
Butler Thomas, whitewasher, 1318 5th nw 
Butler Van Buren, lab, 1610 11th nw 
Butler Vincent, gardener, Hamilton rd 
Butler Wallace, lab, 204 G sw 
Butler Walter, lab, 12 Mass av nw 
Butler Walter, waiter, 910 18th nw 
Butler William, driver, 1108 7th se 
Butler William, huckster, 1011 E nw 
Butler William, lab, 455 Armory sw 
Butler William, lab, r 3255 Water, Gtn 
Butler William, lab, 450 1st sw 
Butler William, lab, 504 4th ne 
Butler William, lab, 617 3d nw 
Butler William, lab, Pomeroy nw 
Butler William, lab, Hillsdale 
Butler William, porter, 418 3d ne 
Butler William, waiter, 2536 P nw, Gtn 
Butler William D, watchman, 112 D sw 
Butler William E, driver, 45 E sw 
Butler William H (Martin & Butler), 642 F sw 
Butler William H, mess, 1711 N nw 
Butler William J, lab, 3161 O nw, Gtn 
Butler William J jr, driver, 3161 O nw, Gtn 
Butler William K, elk pen o, 1107 11th nw 
Butl'er Winfleld, lab, Springman's al sw 
Butler Zachariah, painter, 3322 T nw, Gtn 
Butler & Clarridg-e (James A 
Butler & James A Clarridge), 
drug-gists and proprietors of* 
Butler's rheumatic and gout 
remedy, JSOO Ind av nw 
Butler & Galliher (Lafayette Butler and Charles 

Galliher), grocers, 2328 G nw 
Butt Charles, grocer, 2142 9th nw 
Butt George H, grocer, 637 D sw, h^622 D sw 
Butt George J, carp, 620 6th sw 
Butt John H, pi pr, 111 2d nw 
Butt Margaret E, wid William, 615 M nw 
Butt Mary E, grocer, 620 6th sw 
Butt William H, waiter, 922 11th nw 
Butterfield Franklin G , elk cen o 
Butterfield George, elk pen o, 1314 G nw 
Butterfield John W, lawyer, 419 4th nw 
Butterfield Samuel J, elk int rev o, 1440 Q nw 
Butterhof Joseph, paver, 60912th ne 
Butterhuff Mary, servt, 497 C sw 
Buttner Henry, baker, 158 N L and 501 Centre 

mkts, h 418 D ne 
Button Elizabeth, dressmkr, 709 I nw 
Button George P, elk navy d, 709 I nw 
Butts Caroline R, servt, 1217 F nw 
Butts Harry T, elk, 1727 L nw 
Butts Henry T, druggist, 495 E sw 
Butts John, printer, 109 2d nw 
Butts Lafayette W, tinsmith, 495 E sw 
Butts Lewis W, painter, 411 7th sw 
Buxman John G, elk 2d aud o, 1606 8th nw 
Buxton A J, wid Otis S, 311 N J av se 
Buxton Carrie L, 311 N J av se 
Buxton Chas H, elk treas d, Falls Church, Va 
Buxton L B, elk d 1 o, 311 N J av se 
Buynitckv Stephen N, elk treas d, 1510 16th nw 
Buyrnes Willie, elk treas d, 925 22d nw 
Byard Jacob M, cook, 1722 I nw 
Byas George, lab, 800 Md av ne 
Byas Lucy^ servt, 800 Md av ne 
Byas Noah, lab, 810 G sw 
Byas William, cook, 436 2d sw 

The LARGEST Insurance Co, in the World. 




Byers Esther, Sidney, Lincoln av 

Byers Frank, porter, 4th w Mass av nw 

Byers Henry, lab, 406 3d sw 

Byers Jacob, barber, 319 C sw 

Byers R G, printer, 1016 E nw 

Byers William, cook, 432 2d sw 

Byers William H, bricklayer, 941 Md av sw 

Byers William J, elk, 941 Md av sw 

Byes James, coachman, 1218 20th nw 

Byington George R, elk p o, 1237 12th nw 

Byington Henry S, computer treas d, 1237 

12th nw 
Byles Emma, wid William H, 465 Mo av nw 
Byles James, lab, 2216 Va av nw 
Bynes Louis, hostler, 701 M nw 
Byng Catherine S, wid John, 1236 M nw 
Byng George X, arnggist, 1355 

29tli iaw. li 1353 29th nw, Otn 

GKEO- T- B-STIN-a-, 
1355 29th Street, nw., Georgetown. 


Physicians' Prescriptions accurately compounded 
Toilet Soaps, Perfumery, &c. 

Byng Nathaniel J, dyer, 1513 Pa av nw, h 1020 

20th nw 
Byng Robert H, dyer, 1513 Pa av nw 
Byington Elizabeth A Mrs, boarding, 1015 

L nw 
Byington George R, elk pat o, 1237 12th nw 
Byington Sarah, wid Aaron, 222 10th ne 
Byram Edward J, carp, 925 N H av nw 
Byram Frank, elk siff o, 828 20th nw 
Byram James H, carpenter, 

19141 H nw, h 2033 H nw 
Byram Kate, bu eng, 828 20th nw 
Byran Caroline, wid John, 715 20th nw 
Byran Frank M, ship carp, 1402 12th nw 
Byrd Anderson, servt, 1319 N nw 
Byrd Eliza, servt, 1324 9th nw 
Byrd Mamie, servt, 1324 9th nw 
Byrd Martha, servt, 606 I nw 
Byrd Mary L, servt, 1726 10th nw 
Byrd William H, barber, 233 3d sw 
Byrn Edward W, pat atty Munn & Co, also 

shoes, 1614 14th nw 
Byrn Harry, elk, 1614 14th nw 
Byrne Agnes, milliner, 308 Va av se 
Byrne Dennis, lab, 12 C nw 
Byrne James, elk, 308 Va av se 
Byrne John J (Marr & Byrne), 1205 6th nw 
Byrne Joseph, carp, 7th st rd nw 
Byrne Julia, chambermaid, 201 I nw 
Byrne Louisa A, elk q m g o, 524 20th nw 
Byrne Lucy, wid Mathew, restrnt, 318 14th nw 
Byrne Maggie, elk bu eng, 1336 F nw 
Byrne Margaret, widThos, grocer, 304 14th nw 
Byrne Mary, wid James, 343 D sw 
Byrne Mary E, dressmkr, 524 13th nw 
Byrne Patrick, elk treas, 1214 Mass av nw 
Byrne Patrick, watchman, 425 20th nw 
Byrne Patrick A, real estate, 605 7th nw, h 

1205 6th nw 
Byrne Patrick J, bookbinder, 65 H nw 
Byrne Peter, bookbinder, 424 I nw 
Byrne Robert Rev (S J), 47 I nw 
Byrnes Daniel J, lithgrphr, bds 500 10th nw 
Byrnes Daniel J, painter, 1422 Pa av nw 
Byrnes Dennis, lamplighter, 2136 9th nw 
Byrnes Edward, florist, 725 1st nw 
Byrnes John, lab, 228 E sw 
Byrnes John J, bookbinder, 415 Mass av nw 

ibrary Lamp) 


Byrnes Joseph, picture frames, 1422 Pa av nw 
Byrnes Mary, laundress, 1422 Pa av nw 
Byrnes Thomas H, elk treas, 1326 G nw 
Byrnes Lewis M, carp, 235 2d ne 
Byrnes Michael, police, 727 2d nw 
Byrns Jeremiah C, elk, 600 N C av se 
Byrns Mary A, wid James A, 925 22d nw 
Byrns William F, physician, 600 N C av se 
Byron George H, elk ago, 400 8th ne 
Byron James, grocer, 1019 44 sw 
Byron Richard, painter, 306 I nw 
Byron Walter T, grocer, 400 8th ne 
Byus Annie E, elk war d, 923 19th nw 


Cabell Annie, servt, 1413 10th nw 
Cabell George C, M C, Metropo- 
litan Hotel 

Cabell Mary R G Mrs, 618 H nw 

Cabell Samuel G, 22 3d ne 

Cabell William D, 1114 M nw 

Cabler Elizabeth, laundress, 1430 E nw 

Cabler John, driver, 1430 E nw 

Cabrera Eadislao Senor Doa, 
E E and HI I» Bolivia, The Ar- 

Cade Ezekiel, printer, 800 D nw 

Caden James F, 1215 F nw 

Caden Joseph C, 1215 F nw 

Cadman Walter L, elk s g o, 353 N sw 

Cadmus Eugene, tel opr, 1440 S nw 

Cadmus Frank R, florist, 1419 R nw, h 1440 S 

Cadmus Richard Y, U S N, 1440 S nw 

Cadwallader Emma R, 1461 S nw 

Cady Appleton, elk, 309 B ne 

Cady Benjamin J, guide, 803 E Capitol 

Cady Celia, wid Martin, 1716 Riggs nw 

Cady C M, bu eng, 240 14th sw 

Cady Edward W, asst ex pat o, 1105 13th nw 

Cady Ella, 1012 N H av nw 

Cady Howard C, lawyer, 1427 F nw, h 1105 
13th nw 

Cady James, grocer, 2200 M nw 

Cady John, lab, 2210 M nw 

Cady Julia, 1138 23d nw 

Cady Lewis M, printer, 457 Mo av nw 

Cady Maggie, servt, 3022 P nw, Gtn 

Cady Martin, lab, 2202 M nw 

Cady Mary, cook, 2206 M nw 

Cady Mary, teacher, 1401 Mass av nw 

Cady Michael, lab, 2204 M nw 

Cady Patrick, lab, 1138 23d nw 

Cady Patrick, lab, 1137 23d nw 

Cady Patrick, lab, 1144 23d nw 

Cady Patrick, lab, 2204 M nw 

Cady Patrick, lab, 820 25th nw 

Cady Robert P, elk ind o, 1413 Corcoran nw 

Cady Sarah E, wid William, 309 B ne 

Cady William R, carp, 724 17th nw 

Caezor Henry, lab, 3605 N nw, Gtn 

Caflard Leander, servt, 1453 Corcoran nw 

Carley Harriet, servt, 3318 N nw, Gtn 

Caffrey Nicholas, fireman, 1020 4th ne 

Cage Alice, wid John P, housekpr, 513 L se 

mnvr p yott n r Eeai Estate Br ° ter ana Auctioneer, 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 


! CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 

Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w 

Cahill »aniel E, lawyer, 308 &] 
nw, It 51 I 2d nw 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 
U. s. Commissioner and Examiner in Chancery, 

Office : 308 4% St., Residence : 511 2d St., nw. 
Practices in all the Courts of the District. 

Cahill Ella V, wid William, 3132 O nw. Gtn 

Cahill John, elk, 1117 NJavnw 

Cahill John F, elk sig o, 605 6th nw 

Cahill Mary, servt, 728 9th nw 

Cahill Nicholas, watchman, 2110 L nw 

Cahill Patrick, 511 2d nw 

Cahill Thomas, lab, 808 24th nw 

Cahill William, bartender, 1123 29th nw, Gtn 

Cahill Winnie, elk bu stats, 1521 Vt av nw 

Caho Charles A, plumber, 205 H ne 

Cain Calvin, foreman, 1202 Va av 

Cain Fannie, 1225 D nw 

Cain Fendall, elk, 906 N Y av nw 

Cain George, lab, 1111 20th nw 

Cain Ida E, dressmkr, 1251 8th nw 

Cain John F, 906 New York av nw 

Cain Kate, elk cen o, 1210 Mass av nw 

Cain Mary, dressmkr, 1225 D nw 

Cain Mary, washer, 1111 20th nw 

Cain Mary L, printer, 906 N Y av nw 

Cain Richard H, bishop AM E C, 637 S C av se 

Cain Richard S, elk, 1251 8th nw 

Cain Sabina, teacher, 1513 34th nw, Gtn 

Cain Thomas, 1526 M nw 

Caine Solomon, dyer, 725 N Capitol ne 

Cairns William, elk treas, 1000 D nw 

Cake Letitia P, 1500 H nw 

Calahan A J, poliee cap, Dumbarton Hotel 

Calbert George H jr, milk, 1121 11th nw. h 918 

Calbert George W, 730 11th nw 
Calbert Robert, lab, 1503 P nw 
Caldwell Benj M, driver, 3216 Grace nw, Gtn 
Caldwell Charles C, mess, 316 A ne 
Caldwell Charles T, physician, 1723 Vt av nw 
Caldwell Elias C. elk cen, 1229 Md av sw 
Caldwell Eliza J, elk, 3039 M nw, Gtn 
Caldwell Elizabeth M, elk agri, 503 13th nw 
Caldwell Ella, wid James, servt, 1434 N nw 
Caldwell James H, marblecttr, 2131 Pa av nw 
Caldwell J B, elk Senate, Riggs House 
Caldwell John H, butter, 78 Western mkt, h 

2131 Pa av nw 
Caldwell Lizzie M, elk pat o, 204 C nw 
Caldwell Mary A, wid Thompson, 1010 G ne 
Caldwell Rosa, servt, 316 2d sw 
Caldwell Samuel D, elk n b h, 811 11th nw 
Caldwell William A, painter, 1236 K se 
Caldwell William W, driver, 1666 Valley nw,Gtn 
Calhoun Charles B, paver, 3224 Grace nw, Gtn 
Calhoun Humphrey, plate printer, 1318 Pa avnw 
Calhoun Ida, mess, 1705 N J av nw 
Calhoun James L, produce, 57 Citizens' mkt 

nw, h 1705 N J av nw 
Calhoun James W, printer, 723 4th se 
Calhoun Letitia, elk treas d, 1521 Vt av nw 
Calhoun Robert W, foreman, 615 R I av nw 
Calhoun William H, insp, 1413 11th nw 

Calkins R N, teacher, 600 E Capitol ne 
Calkins William H, UI C, ElVbitt 

Call George, butcher, 923 7th ne 
Callaghan l>aniel O'C, lawyerv 
4U*5 7th nw, h 810 IWE nw 

Callaghan Dennis, grocer, 330 D se 
Callaghan Dennis jr, painter, 330 D se 
Callaghan Dennis P (Callaghan & Moran), 330- 

Callaghan George O, grocer, S c 10th nw 
Callaghan Hugh, grocer, 3352 T nw, Gtn 
Callaghan Jeremiah, driver, 3407 S nw, Gtn 
Callaghan John, lab, 3407 S nw, Gtn 
Callaghan John T, elk p o d, 131 C se 
Callaghan Laura V , housekeeper, 330 D se 
Callaghan & Moran (Dennis P Callaghan and 

James E Moran), grainers, 507 10th nw 
Callahan Adolphus W, grocer, 450 I nw 
Callahan Annie, bu eng, 2426 K nw 
Callahan Catherine, dressmkr, 129 H ne 
Callahan Charles J, plasterer, 1413 35th nw,Gtn> 
Callahan Dennis, draughtsman, 1416 Colum- 
bia nw 
Callahan Edward D, elk cen, 1416 Columbia nw 
Callahan Fannie W, wid Jerome, 425 1st nw 
Callahan Francis R, letter carrier, 907 4J sw 
Callahan Frank W, waiter, 430 8th nw 
Callahan George W, elk q m g o, 1728 10th nw 
Callahan James, Boyle's Hotel 
Callahan James A, plumber, 1127 5th ne 
Callahan Jeremiah, butcher, 1820 33d nw, Gtn 
Callahan John, Pomeroy av, Hillsdale 
Callahan John, carting, 1820 33d nw, Gtn 
Callahan John, elk, 1127 5th ne 
Callahan John, grocer, A nr 17th ne 
Callahan John, lab, 607 N Capitol ne 
Callahan John, lab, Rock Creek Ford rd 
Callahan John, lab, 811 26th nw 
Callahan John, restaurant, 319 13th nw 
Callahan John C, painter, 507 10th nw 
Callahan Joseph A, copjist bu eng, 1416 Co- 
lumbia nw 
Callahan Joshua B, elk int, 1416 Columbia nw 
Callahan Margaret Mrs, 1127 5th ne 
Callahan Margaret, wid George, 1224 D sw 
Callahan Margaret, wid John, grocer,'811 26th 

Callahan Mary, hairdresser, 129 H ne 
Callahan Mary, press feeder, 805 9th nw 
Callahan Mary J, elk, 66 Fayette, Gtn 
Callahan Matthew, tinsmith, 22d c I nw 
Callahan Michael, lab, 2327 Pa av nw 
Callahan Patrick, lab, 129 H ne 
Callahan Patrick J, lab, 1820 33d nw, Gtn 
Callahan Richard, flagman, 348 K sw 
Callahan Robert, saloon,Pa av c 9th nw, h 49$ 

Maine av sw 
Callahan Thomas, elk, 408 6£ sw 
Callahan Thomas, fireman, 835 26th nw 
Callahan Timothy, blksmith, 1820 33d nw,Gtn 
Callan Bartholomew, bricklayer, 428 4| sw 
Callan Catherine, servt, 1328 N Y av nw 
Callan Catherine, wid Patrick, 4 Colfax ne 
Callan Clara T Miss, 622 B sw 
Callan Cornelius V N, physician, 1422 F nw. 

Office hours, 7 to 9 a m, 5 to 7 p m 
Callan Daniel, hacks, 425 4£ sw 
Callan George W, student, 610 La av nw 
Callan James, capt police navy yard, 1068th ncf 
Callan James C, lab, 106 8th ne 
Callan James Nich, lawyer, 610 La av nw 
Callan John G, bricklayer, 640 E se 
Callan Kate, printer, Colfax bet L & M ne 
Callan Laura B Miss, 622 B sw 






New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 


Callan Lawrence, mess, 106 8th ne 
Callan Lawrence F, machinist, 1120 4th se 
Callan Margaret, notions, 428 4£ sw 
Callan Margaret, servt, 212 2d ne 
Callan Margaret A, elk cen o, 622 B sw 
Callan Marion, grocer, 1664 Valley nw, Gtn 
Callan Mary, fancy goods, 425 4£ sw 
Callan Michael, 1226 36th nw, Gtn 
Callan Michael P, notary, 615 7th nw, h 917 II 

Callan Nicholas, notary and commissioner, 

1422 F nw 
Callan Sarah A, wid John F, 622 B sw 
Callan Thomas H, lawyer, 472 La av nw, h 

917 H nw 
Callaway Erastus P, elk sig o, 420 7th nw 
Callisher Carrie, saleslady, 618 I nw 
Callisher David L, jeweler, 903 7th nw, h 618 

I nw 
Callisher Henry, elk, 618 I nw 
Callisher Louis, elk, 618 I nw 
Callow Robert R, 1710 Pa av nw 
Callow William, stationer, 1710 Pa nv nw 
Callow William C, elk pen o, 1119 14th nw 
Calmer Jennie, wid Thomas, servt, 614 22d nw 
Calver Henry, asSt ex pat o, 115 D nw 
Calver James V, dentist, 207 A se 
Calver Robert, lab, 215 L nw 
Calver Thomas, elk 2d aud, Brightwood 
Calvert Charles H, meter mkr, 2317 I nw 
Calvert Edward, paper hanger, 911 19th nw 
Calvert Frederick G, elk ago, 806 20th nw 
Calvert George W, conductor, 7th c Boundary 
Calvert Geo H, dairy, 1121 11th nw, h 918 P nw 
Calvert John, lab, Montello 
Calvert John J, machinist, 1351 U nw 
Calvert Margaret F, 1352£ B sw 
Calvert Mary B, wid Edward, 62 Defrees nw 
Calvert Robert M, elk Julius Lansburgh, h 

239 13th sw 
Calvert Samuel, poultry, 447 Centre mkt, h 

714 D nw 
Calvin Margaret, grocer, 2401 1 nw 
Calvo Mary V, 711 1 nw 
Calvo William W, elk, 711 1 nw 
Camacho Simon §enor Don, 

charge d'affaires Venezuela, 

Camalier George A, elk, Washington House 
Cameron Elizabeth, wid John A, 2217 G nw 
Cameron Henrietta, servt, 308 9th ne 
Cameron Isaac, driver, 72 G sw 
Cameron Isabella, wid John, 339 D sw 
Cameron John, elk ago, 1709 De Sales 
Cameron John, oysters, 72 G sw 
Cameron John W, lawyer, 512 13th nw 
Cameron Joseph O, UI C, Na- 
tional Hotel 
Cameron Mary A, wid Gilbert, 213 10th sw 
Cameron Matilda, wid William, laundress, 8 

Union ct nw 
Cameron Nathan, lab, 308 9th ne 
Cameron Robert L, 339 D sw 
Cameron Shelton T, elk dept agr, 1756 P nw 
Cameron Susan, wid William H, 1231 G nw 
Cameron William B, elk, 3124 M nw, Gtn 
Camilear George A, elk, 309 E nw 
Cammack Alfred, elk, 1225 L nw 

le©roit- BuildinG 

Cammack Edmund (E & J Cammack), 7th st 

rd nw 
Cammack Elizabeth, wid Christopher, 1423 F 

Cammack E & J (Edmund and John Cam- 
mack), florists, 7th st rd nw 
Cammack George C, watchman, 437 20th nw 
Cammack Jennie, folder, 35 Myrtle ne 
Cammack John, tailor, 630 I nw 
Cammack John (E & J Cammack), 7th strd nw 
Cammack John J, tailor, 630 I nw 
Cammack Lottie, 1225 L nw 
Cammack William, limekilns, 28th nr I nw, h 

621 Va av sw 
Cammack William H, elk, 731 7th se 
Camp Elisha, law student, 110 C nw 
Camp Emma, elk d 1 o, 73212th nw 
Camp Francis E, elk pen o, 1009 23d nw 
Camp H N, elk ag o, 1009 23d nw 
Camp Jennie B, dressmkr, 1720 G nw 
Camp J Jay, asst elk supreme ct D C, 110 C nw 
Camp L C, elk sig o, .921 Va av 
Camp Lillie, teacher, Howard University 
Camp Louisa K, wid Elisha, boarding, 1748 N 

Camp Mary A Miss, 217 4£ sw 
Camp Mary E, wid Charles H, 921 Va av sw 
Camp N Henry, elk ago, 1009 23d nw 
Camp N J, dressmkr, 1720 G nw 
Campbell Adeline, laundress, 459 H sw 
Campbell Alberto, restaurant, Pa av c 3d se, h 

908 E Capitol ne 
Campbell Alexander, ropemkr, P n R R bridge 

nw, Gtn 
Campbell Alexander G, elk, 1611 35th nw, Gtn 
Campbell Alfred G, barber, 1764 K nw 
Campbell Alice, wid Alexander, 736 23d nw 
Campbell Amelia, washer, 306 3d se 
Campbell Ann, wid Bartley, 3336 P nw, Gtn 
Campbell Ann, wid William, 315 1st se 
Campbell Annie, 238 1st se 
Campbell Anne, servt, 2426 Pa av nw 
Campbell Annie, wid John, washer, 1008 R 1 

av nw 
Campbell Archer, elk, 401 1st se 
Campbell Archibald, elk eng, 1729 H nw 
Campbell Archibald, driver, 142 Carroll se 
Campbell Augustus, dairyman, 1505 11th nw 
Campbell Belle, seamstress 404 C se 
Campbell Bettie, washer, Blagden's al nw 
Campbell Blanche, g p o, 815 N J av nw 
Campbell Carter W, lab, 2140 G nw 
Campbell Catherine, grocer, 18 G ne 
Campbell Catherine, wid Robert, 310 13th sw 
Campbell Charles D, elk agr d, 617 A se 
Campbell Charles H, driver, 626 Del av svr 
Cr.mpbell Charles R, elk, 13 C ne 
Campbell Charles W, elk pen o, 608 12th nw 
Campbell Cora, 1913 Pa av nw 
Campbell Daniel, elk, 238 1st se 
Campbell Easter J, wid Francis, E Market sp se 
Campbell Edwin, elk, 2319 I nw 
Campbell Edward, plumber, 1219 32d nw, Gtn 
Campbell Eliza, washer, 418 10th sw 
Campbell Eliza, wid Wallace, housekeeper, 

1244 25th nw 
Campbell Eliza, wid Wm, 1410 Sampson nw 
Campbell Elizabeth, wid John A, 401 1st se 
Campbell Elizabeth, 512 4th ne 

Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 

JUnil OnLBllflliai W UUll ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580, 




The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 


Campbell Ella, 5099th nw 
Campbell Ella, 815 H ne 
Campbell Ella V, teacher, 459 H sw 
Campbell Emma, servt, M nr 15th nw 
Campbell Emma, servt, 814 6th nw 
Campbell Fannie, wid James 702 13th nw 
Campbell Florence, servt, Howard's row 
Campbell Franklin L, elk int d, 15 H nw 
Campbell Galveston G, plumber, 736 6th nw 
Campbell George, elk int d, 1115 I nw 
Campbell George, driver, 212 nw 
Campbell George, grocer, 12 Jackson al ne 
Campbell George Q, elk pat o, 1115 I nw 
Campbell George W, bartender, 1123 4th nw 
Campbell George W, bartender, 456 Md av sw 
Campbell George W, painter, 57 Defrees nw 
Campbell Hannah E, servt, 1411 H nw 
Campbell Harriet, servt, 1413 K I av nw 
Campbell Harriet, servt, 17 H se 
Campbell Harriet, washing, Sherman av nw 
Campbell Hattie, servt, 1831 T nw 
Campbell Henry, lab, Spring st rd nw 
Campbell Henry, waiter, 1700 21st nw 
Campbell Howard M, elk cen o, 15 H nw 
Campbell Isaac, lab, 4th ab Le Droit park 
Campbell Isabella, wid John A, 1212 15th nw 
Campbell James, elk, 1125 7th nw 
Campbell James^ lab, 367 L sw 
Campbell James A, eating saloon, 427 4| sw, 

h 459 8th sw 
Campbell James C, plasterer, 456 Md sw 
Campbell James F, printer, 815 H ne 
Campbell James F jr, printer, 806 10th ne 
Campbell Jane, cook, 1731 De Sales nw 
Campbell Jane, laundress, 212 O nw 
Campbell Jane, servt, 445 H nw 
Campbell Jane, wid Daniel, 238 1st se 
Campbell Jesse J ), printer, 1123 4th nw 
Campbell John, cabmkr, 609 11th nw, h 456 Md 

av sw 
Campbell John, lab, 306 3d se 
Campbell John, lab, 74 G sw 
Campbell John, lab, 1349 Cedar nw 
Campbell John, rags, Pomeroy nw 
Campbell John, rags, 1306 6th sw 
Campbell John, saloon, 600 4J sw 
Campbell John A, bricklayer, 804 7th sw 
Campbell John B, printer, 19 H ne 
Campbell John G, elk, 1226 C sw 
Campbell John G, m c, 1108 6th 
. nw 

Campbell John H, agt, 55 Defrees nw 
Campbell John H, oysters, 133 B se, h 72 G sw 
Campbell John M, elk cen bu, 467 C nw 
Campbell John T, 1304 11th se, h 1109 N se 
Campbell Joseph, lab, Sherman av nw 
Campbell Joseph, porter, 800 20th nw 
Campbell J Q, ME C, lOOSOtliirvr 
Campbell Julia, nurse, al r 24th nr M nw 
Campbell Kate, nurse, Walker's al sw 
Campbell Kate, servt, 722 11th nw 
Campbell Kate, teacher, 1226 C sw 
Campbell Kate E, elk pat o, 471 C nw 
Campbell Lavinia, servt, Howard's row 
Campbell Lemuel, lab, 804 E sw 
Campbell Louis, lab, 367 L sw 
Campbell Louisa, elk compt cur, 9 B nw 
Campbell Lucy, dressmkr, 1764 K nw 

Campbell Maggie, washer, 626 K se 

Campbell Margaret, 114 Md av sw 

Campbell Maria, servt, 1831 T nw 

Campbell Mary, cook, 1900 F nw 

Campbell Mary, servt, Howard's row 

Campbell Mary K (Campbell & Kennedy), 610 

Campbell Mary M, elk g 1 o, 915 G nw 

Campbell Mason, elk 2d compt o, 1115 Mass 
av nw 

Campbell Mathews, lab, Erie nw 

Campbell Mollie, tailor, 1226 C sw 

Campbell Nathan, coachman, 1428 L nw 

Campbell Nellie, seamstress, Sherman av nw 

Campbell Nelson, lab, 1831 T nw 

Campbell Nora, waitress, Deaf and Dumb In- 

Campbell Patsey, 1534 5th nw 

Campbell I*etei% banker an«l 
brolcer, 1431 I* a av nw, an«l 
208 !}£ nw, li 1305 I^exingtoiiL 


Banker and Broker, 

1431 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw. 

And 208 Four-and-a-half St., nw. 

Campbell Peter, lab, 60 F sw 
Campbell Peter, lab, 2 Johnson's row nw 
Campbell Peter, lab, 17th nr C se 
Campbell Richard, servt, 1325 F nw 
Campbell Richard H, painter, 1226 C sw 
Campbell Robert, brickmkr, N c 1st se, h S 

Capitol c L sw 
Campbell Robert, grocer, 1200 I se 
Campbell Robert, lab, 747 7th se 
Campbell Robert E, barber, 521 7th sw 
Campbell Robert O, plumber, 

517 lOtb nw, h 934 I> sw 


Practical Plumber,Gas& Steam Fitter, 

And dealer in Ornamental Bath Tubs, Water Closets, 

Wash Stands, Urinals, Bidet Pans, Sinks, 

Double & Single Action Forcing Pumps. 

517 TENTH ST., NW., 

Adj. Medical Museum, WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Campbell Robert T, pat attorney, 715 H nw 
Campbell Rosamond E, bu eng, 310 13th sw 
Campbell Sarah A, wid Thomas, 1316 9th nw 
Campbell Sarah J, cook, 306 3d se 
Campbell Sarah L, elk treas d, 9 B nw 
Campbell Sophia, wid Hamlet, seamstress, 

Lake al ne 
Campbell Spencer, huckster, 70 G sw 
Campbell Steward, oyster shucker, 628 2d sw 
Campbell Thomas, elk cen, 412 10th nw 
Campbell Walker, lab, 1028 18th nw 
Campbell Washington, lab, 634 Cox al nw 
Campbell William, carp, 57 Defrees nw 
Campbell William, lab, 721 14th nw 
Campbell William, porter, 1410 3d nw 
Campbell William, porter, 1326 5th nw 
Campbell William H, 1680 31st nw, Gtn 
Campbell William H, barber, Arlington Hotel, 

h 1139 15th nw 
Campbell William P, plumber, 1226 C sw 
Campbell Willis, lab, 212 nw 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass Cro toy Ware 



Wo. 923 Venn Avenue. 

Camphell «& Kennedy (Mrs Mary 
K Camphell and John^W Ken- 
nedy), hardware, 606PaaT nw 


Builders', Coacli and CaWnet Hardware, 

Bar Iron, Steel, Tin Plate, Cutlery, 

Tools, Files, &c. 

•606 Pennsylvania Ave., opp. Met. Hotel. 

Camper Era, dressmkr, 411 D se 
Camper Charles, elk ago, 1310 I nw 
Camper Eugene G, waiter, 411 D se 
Camper Daniel, lab, 1208 Blagden's al nw 
Camper John R, waiter, 411 D se 
Camper Mary A, seamstress, 411 D se 
Camper Richard S, waiter, 411 D se 
Camper Samuel D, mess, 411 D se 
Campfield Henry, mess, 1520 21st nw 
Canaan Mary, variety store, 734i 13th nw 
Canby J Harrv, wheelwright, 1943 12th nw 
Canby Mary, wid William L, 1943 12th nw 
Canby Samuel E, stairbuilder, 1943 12th nw 
Canby Susan, 1943 12th nw 
Canby William J, elk, 413 10th nw 
Candee George W, major and 

paymaster USA, 1329 Cfc nw 
Candee Henry O, physician, 944 K nw 
Candee Louis, elk p m g o, 210 B se 
Candfield Martha S A, elk education bu, 110 C 

Candler William M, elk, 2210 Pa av nw 
Candy Harriet A, bu eng, 629 E nw 
Candy George, 629 E nw ' 
Candy Harriet A, elk bu eng, 629 E nw 
Caney Honora Mrs, 312 2d se 
•Canfield Charles I, printer, 821 11th nw 
Canfleld Ella T, elk cen, 1111 H nw 
Canfield James F, elk pod, 1732 G nw 
Cann John, lab, 1109 N J av nw 
Canning William, plasterer, Conduit rd 
Cannon Alfred D, painter, 402 8th nw 
Cannon Bridget, wid Martin, 714 2d ne 
Cannon Elijah F, grocer, 717 4th 
Cannon Elizabeth Mrs, 512 9th nw 
Cannon Jane Mrs, furniture, 1219 D nw, h 1217 

D nw 
Cannon John T, iron molder, 1004 K se 
Cannon Joseph, machinist, 1017 M se 
Cannon Julia, wid William, 1117 N se 
Cannon Margaret C, servt, 1513 30th nw, Gtn 
Cannon Patrick, prod, 366 Centre and 33 Cor- 
coran mkts, h H nr 3d ne 
Cannon Rosella Miss, teacher, 1117 N se 
Cannon Samuel G, lab, 5 Johnson row nw 
Cannon William P, furniture, 408 12th se 
Cantel Jean B, elk bu stats, 629 Pa av nw 
Canter Charles, fireman, 1137 16th nw 
Canter Charles E, 1137 16th nw 
Canter Clara, washer, 1622 32d nw, Gtn 
Cantine Catherine, g p o, 49 K ne 
Cantine Mary L, wid George D, 49 K ne 
Cantwell Ann, grocer, 211 3d 
Cantwell Enoch J, driver, 51 G nw 

anges and Furnace^ 


Cantwell James, candymkr, 211 3d nw 
Cantwell James, tailor, 211 3rd sw 
Cantwell James jr, candymkr, 211 3d sw 
Cantwell John, plumber, 211 3d sw 
Cantwell John R O, driver, 51 G nw 
Canty Catherine, wid Patrick, 519 H ne 
Canty Elizabeth E, servt, 411 Spruce, LeDroit 

Canty Ellen, wid Thomas, 214 D sw 
Caperton Lizzie, elk d 1 o, 1405 H nw 
Capital Business College, A nr 1st se 
Capital Pnhlishing Co, 927 » 

Capital (The), I>on Piatt editor, 

927 1> nw 
Capitol, North O St and South 

Washington R K Co, cor 3d 

and B sw 
Capner Thomas, farmer, 914 B sw 
Capps Louisa, elk, 1019 7th nw 
Capps Robert L, elk, 1305 E nw 
Capron Annie B, elk cen, 906 14th nw 
Capron Beanie, cook, 1122 21st nw 
Capron Horace, 1304 Conn av nw 
Carbery Francis A, watchman, 1615 N J av nw 
Carbery James L, farmer, nr Bridge rd 
Carberry Catherine, grocer, 225 3d sw 
Carberry James T, grocer, E c 3d sw 
Carberry Mary, 225 3d sw 
Cardella Frank, musician, 211 Pa av nw 
Carden Thomas, elk, 906 G sw 
Cardew William H, foreman, 1367 C sw 
Cardozo Francis L, elk 6th aud, 1463 Pierce 

pi nw 
Cardy Timothy, lab, 2d c Md av ne 
Careher Mary, servt, 205 13th sw 
Carew Albert J, letter carrier, 1414 D nw 
Carey Annie, wid James, washer,5 Brown's ct se 
Carey Catherine, nurse, 315 H sw 
Carey David, carp, 904 9th se 
Carey Edward, lab, 433 Franklin nw 
Carev Ellen, bu eng, 1110 26th nw 
Carey Ellen, servt, 1227 13th nw 
Carey Fannie, nurse, 3319 P nw, Gtn 
Carey Georgiana, grocer, 343 1st ne 
Carey Gwynn, 1407 L nw 
Carey Joshua, lab, 5 Brown's ct se 
Carey Maggie, cook, 3319 P nw, Gtn 
Carey Margaret A, teacher, 1420 W nw 
Carey Mary, servt, 311 C nw 
Carey William, restaurant, 7th c La av nw, h 

303 E nw 
Carey Wilson L, servt, 1447 Mass av nw 
Cargill Henry A, 2005 I nw 
Cargo Margaret, servt, 1608 L nw 
Carleton Arthur, barber, 343 F sw 
Carley Bernard J, salesman, 404 6th nw 
Carley William, grocer, 2601 1 nw 
Carlin J E F, grocer, 315 12th sw 
Carlin Mary L, bu eng, Alexandria p o Va 
Carlin Thomas M, elk, 3320 M nw, Gtn 
Carlisle Calderon (McPherson & Carlisle, 307 

D nw 
Carlisle Charles W, driver, 708 G se 
Carlisle Harry, farmer, 68 I ne 
Carlisle John G, M C, Riggs 

Carlisle Josephine, wid Zane, 68 I ne 
Carlisle Mildred E, wid James M, 307 D nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

puskas & SAPORTAS, 2 Hassan, cor. Wall, NEW York. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. ™ * ™™ 



1420 N EW YOR K AVE. 


* Physicians Recommend 

Sold by all Druggists and at 911 7th St. 

Carlisle Millard F, carp, 708 G se 
Carll Bros (John H and George Carll), butch- 
ers. 18 and 655 Centre mkt 
Carll'George (Carll Bros), 923 7th ne 
Carll Henry (Carll Bros), 7th c K ne 
Carll John H (Carll Bros), 923 7th ne 
Carlton Arthur P, barber, 343 F sw 
Carlton Martha, nurse, 3319 P nw, Gtn 
Carmack Joseph, farmer, nr Swart rd 
Carman A F, lawyer, 1420 N Y av 
Carman Ezra A, chief cleric agf- 

ricnlture department, 315 11th 

Carman L D, elk pen o, 315 11th sw 
Carman M A, dentist, 1015 14th nw 
Carmichael Kate, wid Benjamin, 1817 35th nw 
Carmick Thomas G, elk war d, 1214 K nw 
Carmiencke John H, elk 2d aud o, Laurel, Md 
Carmine George D, carp, 204 C sw 
Carmine John, lab, 302 F sw 
Carmine John T, porter, 302 F sw 
Carmody James, milk, 61 H ne 
Carmody John, lab, 61 H ne 
Carmody John, seaman, 6th c N sw 
Carmody Patrick, seaman, 6th c N sw 
Carmony Simon, contractor, 339 1st ne 
Carnal Scott, watchman, 1015 22d nw 
Carnell William, lab, 2612 P nw, Gtn 
Carnes John H, printer, 808 K nw 
Carney Henry C, plateprinter, 730 8th nw 
Carney John, cattle, 1212 3d sw 
Carney William (Carney & Gallagher) 1212 

Carnes John B, elk pod, Washington House 
Caron Charles L, elk treas, 1225 D sw 
Caron Lucille Miss, 349 Md av sw 
Carpenter Annie, presstender, 26 Mass av ne 
Carpenter Benjamin W, carp, 404 K nw 
Carpenter C H, 439 1 nw 
Carpenter Cyrns C, M C, Itiggs 

Carpenter Eliza, wid William, 914 20th nw 
Carpenter Elizabeth, servt, 602 F nw 
Carpenter Ella, servt, 1457 R I av nw 
Carpenter Ellen, washer, r I nr 25th nw 
Carpenter Emanuel, 622 O nw 
Carpenter Emeline, wid Lee, Columbia av nw 
Carpenter Frank, blksmith, 1819 6th nw 
Carpenter George, porter, 1019 H ne 
Carpenter George W, porter, 1019 H ne 
Carpenter H I, bicycles, 1108 & 1114 E nw, h 

426 11th nw 
Carpenter James N, pm U S N, 210 A se 
Carpenter James A S, elk 6th aud o, 439 I nw 
Carpenter James T, elk, 461 Mo av nw 
Carpenter Jane, wid John, 26 Mass av ne 
Carpenter Johanna, wid Michael, 216 F nw 
Carpenter John E, elk pen o, 104 C ne 
Carpenter John It I*, plasterer, 

1008 35th nw 


Plain & Ornamental Plasterer, 

1008 25th Street, nw., 

Jobbing promptly attended to. 

Carpenter Laura, servt, 1418 M nw 
Carpenter Matt II (Carpenter & 

Coleman) and USS, 822 Conn 

av nw 

Carpenter Michael, bricklayer, 1206 P nw 
Carpenter Miriam H, 1731 13th nw 
Carpenter Nelson, lab, Columbia av nw 
Carpenter Patrick, lab, 1430 12th nw 
Carpenter Rowser, lab, r I nr 25th nw 
Carpenter Sallie E, 439 I nw 
Carpenter Solon E, elk cen o, 1228 12th nw 
Carpenter Thomas M, elk treas, 125 D se 
Carpenter Virginia, cook, 448 I nw 
Carpenter Z T (Argue, Carpenter & Co), 312 

C nw 
Carpenter & Coleman (Matt H 
Carpenter and .Tames Cole- 
man), lawyers, 1330 F nw 


1330 F Street, nw., 

jgf'Three doors east of Ebbitt House. [Up stairs.} 

Carr Ann Mrs, 2008 Boundary nw 
Carr Margaret, 334 2d se 
Carr Benjamin, tailor, 1312 34th nw, Gtn 
Carr Dandridge, whitewasher, 1341 Cedar nw 
Carr Edmund, engineer, 914 G se 
Carr Edmund B, fireman int d, Laurel, Md 
Carr Edward J, cooper, 819 6th sw 
Carr Eliza, wid Alfred, 936 N nw 
Carr Ellen B, elk cen o, 1701 R I ave nw 
Carr Francis, bricklayer, 205 Va av sw 
Carr Hibernia, elk 3d aud, 1102 I nw 
Carr James, lab, 739 24th nw 
Carr James, lab, Prospect hill ne 
Carr James jr, bricklayer, 739 24th nw 
Carr Jesse W, boilermkr, 403 10th se 
Carr Jessie T, mess, 1338 32d nw, Gtn 
Carr John A, printer, 222 G nw 
Carr John J, machinist, 403 10th se 
Carr John J, painter, 1110 21st nw 
CarrJohnW, painter, J=28 11th 


House Painter and Grainer, 

No. 428 Eleventh St., nw., 
Between D and E Sts., Washington, D. C. 

Cleaning, Oiling and Repencilling of Brick Work a 

Carr Julia Mrs, 932 E nw 

Carr Julia, wid William, 622 E nw 

Carr Margaret, bu eng, 324 2d se 

Carr Martha, wid Samuel, 333 1st ne 

Carr Mary, servt, 1324 L nw 

Carr Mary C, 1102 I nw 

Carr Nelson C, grocer, 2252 11th nw . 

Carr Peter, carp, 3609 O nw, Gtn 

Carr Philip, butcher, Bladensburg rd 

Carr Sarah, trimming, 1110 21st 

Carr Susan, boarding, 218 2d nw 

Carr Tesia, 1713 M nw 

Carr Thomas, lab, 2532 F nw 

Carr Thomas, plasterer, 831 26th nw 

Carr Thomas V, 1102 I nw 

Carr William, bricklayer, 1117 20th nw 

Carr William, carp, 917 27th nw 

Carr William E, painter, 203 O nw 

Carr William H, elk, 333 1st ne 

Assets, over - $90,000,000 





Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Carr William H, gardener, 1434 21st nw 
Carr William W, 821 E nw 
Carraher Kate, 816 6th sw 
Carraher Thomas, letter carrier, 816 6th sw 
Carrick Albert E, cook, 467 N Y av 
Carrick Edmund, lab, 421 Washington nw 
Carrick Robert, elk cen o, 458 C nw 
Carrick Timothy, lab, Montello 
Carrico James, plasterer, 519 20th nw 
Carrico John H, lab, 131611th se 
Carrico Margaret, dry goods, 1240 11th se 
Carrico Mary L, wid William, 1316 11th se 
Carrico Susanna C, 2008 E nw 
Carrico William H, grocer, 1240 11th se 
Carrie Julio Senor Von, secre- 
tary Argentine legation and 
charge d'affaires, ad int, Uf Y 
Carrier A L, machinist, 420 M nw 
Carrier Andrew J, elk cen o, 25 5th se 
Carrigan Daniel, chief clerk 
bureau medicine and surgery, 
navy, 2241 A se 
Carrillo Joseph R, elk g 1 o, 500 10th nw 
Carrington Campbell (Carrington & Carring- 

ton), 933 H nw 
Carrington Charles H, elk war d, 1431 P nw 
Carrington David, shoemkr, 1213 H nw, h 

Stanton al nw 
Carrington Edward C, lawyer, 475 Mo av nw 
Carrington Edward C jr (Carrington & Car- 
rington), 49 Mass av nw 
Carrington JT McDowell, law- 
yer, «OA I> nw, h 475 9Io av 

James McDowell Carrington, 

.A. T T O 0E«. *8T 3E5 Y-^Sk T-Ij .A. W% 

No. 604 D nw, 
Practices in the Supreme Court of the United 
States, all the Courts of the District of Columbia, 
Maryland and Virginia, Court of Claims, and before 
the Executive Departments. 

fc^'Special attention to Patents, Pensions, 
Bounty, Land Warrants, &c. 

Carrington Jacob, expressman, 1315 Stanton 

al nw 
Carrington John, lab, 2027 35th nw, Gtn 
Carrington Laura, servt, L nr 13th nw 
Carrington Mary, servt, 2101 G nw 
Carrington Mildred, seamstress, 2132 9th nw 
Carrington «Sc Carrington (Ed- 
ward C jr and Campbell Car- 
rin&ton and Irving William- 
son) lawyers, 458 I^a av nw 

Edward C. Carrington, Jr. 
Campbell Carrington, Late AssH V. S. Atty. 
Irving Williamson, U.S. Com. Ex'rin Chancery. 

Office No. 458 La. Ave., opp. City Hall. 

Carroll Ada E, wid William P, 454 Me av sw 
Carroll A^es, wid John, 1230 I nw 
Carroll Albert, lab, 1009 22d nw 
Carroll Alfred, servt, 3025 N nw, Gtn 
Carroll Alice, servt, 1153 19th nw 
Carroll Alice, Avid William, 1622 4th nw 



Carroll Andrew, 2111 H nw 

Carroll Andrew, furniture mover, 109 O nw 

Carroll Andrew J, elk cen o, 478 Pa av nw 

Carroll Ann C, S C av c 2d se 

Carroll Anna, nurse, Willow al se 

Carroll Annie J, bu eng, 2111 H nw 

Carroll Bridget, servt, 435 Del av ne 

Carroll C Mrs, nurse, 456 La av nw 

Carroll Caroline, servt, 1328 Conn av nw 

Carroll Caroline, wid David, 1230 Blagden's al 

Carroll Catherine, 2111 H nw 
Carroll Charles, waiter, 622 Freeman's al nw 
Carroll Clara, servt, Grace st al, Gtn 
Carroll Daniel, lab, 107 D ne 
Carroll Daniel painter, 611 4th nw 
Carroll Daniel H, upholsterer, 1124 F ne 
Carroll Daniel I, driver, 3307 Q nw, Gtn 
Carroll Daniel J, u s sig serv, 2111 H nw 
Carroll David, huckster, 434 1st sw 
Carroll David, lab, 210 Mass av 
Carroll David, produce, 304 Centre mkt, h 434 

1st sw 
Carroll Dennis, waiter, 1153 19th nw 
Carroll Edward C, elk a g o, 3 H nw 
Carroll Emma J, servt, 1925 12th nw 
Carroll Flora, wid Samuel, 27 Bate's al nw 
Carroll Florence, elk cen, 1133 14th nw 
Carroll Frank, lab, 1220 6th nw 
Carroll Frank, tailor, 1028 1st nw 
Carroll Frederick, 1242 1st se 
Can-oil Frederick, lab, S Capitol nr K se 
Carroll George, waiter, 810 12th nw 
Carroll George W, elk, 213 13£ sw 
Carroll Hannah, cook, 1011 D nw 
Carroll Henry, lab, Schott al ne 
Carroll Henry, lab, 12th nr D ne 
Carroll Institute, 924 G nw 
Carroll Isabella, wid Henry, washer, 1184th ne- 
Carroll J C, elk pen o, 421 11th nw 
Carroll James, elk, 801 9th ne 
Carroll James, lab, 219 Nichol al ne 
Carroll James, mess, 1326 13th nw 
Carroll James, porter, 1142 8th nw 
Carroll James A, attendant Insane Asylum 
Carroll James J, grocer, 200 11th se 
Carroll James P, elk, 94 Myrtle nw 
Carroll James T, carp, 230 13£ sw 
Carroll James T, clk,726 7th nw 
Carroll James Yv , elk, 631£ S nw 
Carroll Jane C, S C av c 2d se 
Carroll Jeremiah, watchman, 1152 21st nw 
Carroll John, 230 13£ sw 
Carroll John, baker, 3327Ghw, 

h do 
Carroll John, gardener, 1606 35th nw, Gtn 
Carroll John, lab, Va av c 7th se 
Carroll John, lab, 115 L se 
Carroll John, lab, 915 3d ne 
Carroll John, watchman, 732 4th nw 
Carroll John jr, lab, 115 L se 
Carroll John B, watchman, 2224 I nw 
Carroll John H, butcher, Hillsdale 
Carroll John H, lab, 18th nr E Capitol se 
Carroll John J, elk pen o, 13 4th se 
Carroll John W, engraver, 1305 3d se 
Carroll Joseph G, butcher, 56 and 57 Centre- 

mkt, h 1109 3d se 
Carroll Joseph H, tinsmith, 707 13th se 

UlTM P YOTTNT Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 




For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 

OEP^T for melliston & aromatic bitters 

Carroll Joseph L, attendant Insane Asylum 

Carroll Joseph M, lab, 3500 M nw, Gtn 

Carroll Judson jr, lab, 301 C se 

Carroll Julia E, numberer, 1030 20th nw 

Carroll Leoni, servt, 712 I se 

Carroll Letha, seamstress, 1124 F ne 

Carroll Margaret, 2111 H nw 

Carroll Martha, cook, 111 D sw 

Carroll Martha, laundress, 1207 N H av nw 

Carroll Martha, servt, 111 D sw 

Carroll Mary, seamstress, 4th c Q nw 

Carroll Mary, servt, 1451 Sampson nw 

Carroll Mary, servt, 306 11th se 

Carroll Mary, wid Bryon, 43 H ne 

Carrol Mary, mess, 701 24th nw 

Carroll Mary A, wid John H, Willow al se 

Carroll Mary E, cook, 327 E Capitol 

Carroll Mary E, servt, 1001 11th nw 

Carroll Mildred A, teacher, 213 13J sw 

Carroll Miles, lab, 706 2d ne 

Carroll Nicholas, watchman, 2110 L nw 

Carroll Osborne, driver, Schott al ne 

Carroll Patrick, elk cen, 1716 P nw 

Carroll Patrick, fireman, 732 4th nw 

Carroll Patrick, lab, 1543 4th nw 

Carroll Patrick, mess, 1716 P nw 

Carroll Patrick H, tailor. 15th and Pa av nw, 

h 1510 12th nw 
Carroll Peter, gardener, 1030 20th nw 
Carroll Rebecca, S C av c 2d se 
Carroll Richard H, lab, 109 O nw 
Carroll Robert, lab, 39 Decatur ne 
Carroll Roger, lab, 7th ab Grant av nw 
Carroll Sallie, wid William, 1801 F nw 
Carroll Sandy, lab, 109 O nw 
Carroll Susan, nurse, 3331 N nw, Gtn 
Carroll Thomas, bricklayer, 125 K ne 
Carroll Thomas, driver, 1817 Cedar nw 
Carroll Thomas, grocer, 1000 D sw 
Carroll Thomas, lab, 3630 N nw, Gtn 
Carroll Thomas A, letter carrier, 1109 3d se 
Carroll Thomas L, 213 13J sw 
Carroll William, 1417 D nw 
Carroll William, janitor, 817 3d ne 
Carroll William, lab, 82 G ne 
Carroll William, lab, 14£ c C ne 
Carroll William, lab, 1916 10th nw 
Carroll William, waiter, 1333 10th nw 
Carroll William A, porter, 9th nr E sw 
Carroll Wm H, brickmoulder, 12th nr D ne 
Carroll William H, waiter, Willow al se 
Carroll William J, grocer, 13| c Md av sw 
Carroll William V, elk, 454 Me av sw 
Carroll Williamson, folder, 1230 1 nw 
Carrothers Rose, 1802 20th nw 
Carson Anne, elk int rev, 726 13th nw 
Carson Anna E, wid John P, 2 1st se 
Carson Edward, huckster, Tennallytowo 
Carson E J, elk, 1112 7th nw 
Carson Frederick D, elk cen o, 453 O nw 
Carson George, lab, 141 H ne 
Carson James M, cJk navy d, 429 20th nw 
Carson John, lab, 433 20th nw 
Carson John Ul, correspondent 

Kew York Times, 515 14th nw, 

h 1026 17th nw 
Carson Perry H, dep U S marshal D C, 227 C sw 
CarRon Robert, butcher, 77 Corcoran mkt 

and Q c 5th nw, h Q c 5th nw 

Carson Sarah J, 1112 7th nw 
Carson Sophia, servt, 1829 I nw 
Carson Sue W, elk cen o, 726 13th nw 
Carson William, elk int rev, 720 14th nw 
Carson William H, bricklayer, 407 14th nw 
Carson William W, tinsmsth, 418 8th sw 
Carst David W, dried beef, 215 Centre mkt, 

h 411 3d nw 
Carstens Emmerich, fresco painter, 418 6th ne 
Cartel Charles H, carp, 814 C se 
Carter Aaron, shoemkr, Pomeroy nw 
Carter Abraham, bricklayer, 505 22d nw 
Carter Abraham, eating saloon, 428 N J avnw 
Carter Abraham I, mattrassmkr, 1142 19th nw 
Carter Addison, lab, 8 Temperance av nw 
Carter Addison, waiter, 1756 T nw 
Carter Agnes, washer, 45 L nw 
Carter Albert, bricklayer, 117 5th se 
Carter Alexander, lab, 627 Essex ct nw 
Carter Alice, cook, 3315 P nw, Gtn 
Carter Amelia, nurse, 45 L nw 
Carter Amelia L, cook, 504 13th nw 
Carter Andrew, blksmith, 442 I nw 
Carter Andrew, lab, O nr Rock creek nw, Gtn 
Carter Andrew, waiter, 638 H ne 
Carter Andrew W, barber, 309 F sw 
Carter Ann, servt, 204 Pa av se 
Carter Annie, wid Addison, 1303 27th nw, Gtn 
Carter Annie M, elk treas d, 722§ 11th nw 
Carter Archibald, lab, 442 I nw 
Carter Armstead, lab, 320 F sw 
Carter Arthur, brickmkr, M nr 2d sw 
Carter Benjamin, lab, 244 14th se 
Carter Benjamin, lab, 2612 P nw, Gtn 
Carter Benjamin, waiter, 442 I nw 
Carter Betty, servt, 10 Snow al nw 
Carter Beverly, lab, 1419 28th nw, Gtn 
Carter Burl, driver, 10 Snow al nw 
Carter Caroline, servt, Columbia rd 
Carter Cassius, cook, 620 L nw 
Carter Charles, lab, 442 I nw 
Carter Charles, lab, 417 L se 
Carter Charles, lab, Conduit rd 
Carter Charles, varieties', 4 Goat al nw 
Carter Charles E, elk 3d aud, 1011 H nw 
Carter Charles F, coppersmith, 320 13th sw 
Carter Charles M, attorney and. 

solicitor, agent for sale and 

exchange oil 1 private lands, 511 

7th nw. h 1111 K nw 
Carter Charles T, elk, 1126 10th nw 
Carter Churchill, waiter, 3209 Prospect av nw, 

Carter Daniel, gardener, Anacostia 
Carter Daniel, lab, 1610 11th nw 
Carter Dennis, driver, 404 13£ sw 
Carter Dorsey E W, dry goods, 711 Market sp 

nw, h 415 3d nw 
Carter Edward G, lab, Deaf and Dumb Inst 
Carter Eliza, servt, 1410 K nw 
Carter Elizabeth, servt, 1332 Boundary nw 
Carter Emily, wid Walker, 627 Essex ct nw 
Carter Emily, tailoress, 492 F sw 
Carter Emma, servt, 2225 H nw 
Carter Emma J, servt, 11 Jackson al ne 
Carter Ella, servt, 1725 R nw 
Carter Ella, servt, Columbia av nw 
Carter Ella, washer, 2d c M ne 
Carter Ellen, servt, 1501 8th nw 
Carter Eugene, waiter, 608 3d sw 
Carter Fanny E, g p o, 8 I nw 
Carter Fielding, eating house, 29th nr Water, 

Gtn, h 1821 34th nw, Gtn 
Carter Floi*ence, nurse, 114 2d se 
Carter Fountain, lab, Samson nr 14th nw 






Importers and Dealers in 

= CMna.Glass Groctoyfare 

= AND 


No. 923 Perni Avenue. 

Carter Frances, servt, 14th st rd nr Mt Pleasant 
Carter Frances, washer, 22 Pierce nw 
Carter Francis, proprietor 
Eagle odorless excavating- ap- 
paratus, 1321 F and 207 4& 
nw, n 237 13th sw 


Eagle Odorless ExcaTating Company, 

Four-and-a-Half, nw, and 1221 F, nw. 

Carter Frank, watchman, 1214 I nw 
Carter Frank P, elk, 237 13th sw 
Carter Frederick, lab, 923 6th sw 
Carter Garrett lab, 404 13J sw 
Carter George, barber, 341 F sw 
Carter George, caterer, 1218 H nw 
Carter George, lab, 1142 19th nw 
Carter George, lab, Bowen av, Hillsdale 
Carter George, lab, 312 N C av se 
Carter George, lab, Fighting al sw 
Carter George, mess, 1212 27th nw, Gtn 
Carter George, plasterer, 1411 E nw 
'Carter George, waiter, 430 6£ sw 
Carter George H, lab, N nr 1st sw 
Carter George H, sailor, Grace Church al sw 
Carter George T, elk 3d aud, 1734 Vt av nw 
Carter G W, elk sen, 1209 F nw 
Carter George W, barber, 237 7th sw 
Carter Hannah, servt, 623 E Capitol se 
Carter Harriet, servt, 707 11th nw 
Carter Harriet, wid A, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Carter Harriet, wid Wm, 1231 Blagden's al nw 
Carter Harrison P, coal, 407 13th sw 
Carter Harry, lab, 1216 R nw 
Carter Helen, servt, 906 Desmond's al sw 
Carter Henrietta, servt, 1618 10th nw 
Carter Henrietta, servt, 927 P nw 
Carter Henry, lab, 1725 R nw 
Carter Henry, lab, 841 2d se 
Carter Henry, porter, bds 213 G nw 
Carter Henry, waiter, 912 Mass av nw 
Carter Hester, washer, Pomeroy nw 
Carter Isabella, elk g 1 o, 1212 G nw 
Carter James, constable, 421 6i sw 
Carter James, driver, 1818 Vt av nw 
Carter James, coal, 310 14th sw 
Carter James, driver, 443 8th sw 
Carter James, lab, 617 Bates al nw 
Carter James, lab, 317 E ne 
Carter James, waiter, 1328 I nw 
Carter James A, driver, 1231 Blagden's al nw 
Carter James A, shoemkr, 1408 Ohio av nw 
Carter James B, sec Nat Free Press, 1126 10th 

Carter James W, printer, 8 I nw 
Carter Jane, servt, 1231 11th nw 
Carter Jennie, servt, 116 B ne 
Carter Jeremiah, coachman, 1510 14th nw 
Carter Jeremiah, ]ab, 40817th nw 
Carter Jerome F, elk, 516 8th sw 
Carter Jessie, servt, 414 Temperance hall al 
Carter Johanna, 70 K nw 
Carter John, 925 N J av nw 




Carter John, cook, 527 C sw 

Carter John, driver, 1519 27th nw, Gtn 

Carson E J, elk, 1112 7th nw 

Carter G W, elk sen, 1209 F nw 

Carter John, elk, 1229 4th nw 

Carter John, lab, 1131 21st nw 

Carter John, lab, Columbia av nw 

Carter John, lab, 1228 N Y av nw 

Carter John A, driver, 43 G nw 

Carter John E, elk, 415 3d nw 

Carter John F, elk, 1229 4th nw 

Carter John H, collector, 2027 9th nw 

Carter John H, steward, 1729 11th nw 

Carter John T, waiter, 1303 27th nw, Gtn 

Carter John W, waiter, 921 17th nw 

Carter Joseph J, policeman, 1100 Parkne 

Carter Joseph N, waiter, 144 A ne 

Carter Joshua, lab, 227 3d ne 

Carter Julia, 1641 N J av nw 

Carter J William, driver, 14th nr E Capitol ne- 

Carter Kate, cook, 208 8th sw 

Carter Lavinia, wid Hezekiah, Montello 

Carter Lee, lab, 626 H nw 

Carter Lewis C(Armstead & Carter),517 20th nw 

Carter Lizzie, servt, 116 B ne 

Carter Louisa, hairdresser, 1828 M nw 

Carter Louisa, servt, 811 K nw 

Carter Lucinda, washer, 8 7th se 

Carter Lucy, laundress, 621 N Y av nw 

Carter Lucy, nurse, 1218 11th nw 

Carter Lucy, servt, 408 17th nw 

Carter Lucy, wid Lewis, servt, 1912 10th nw 

Carter Lucy, wid William, servt, 1007 I ne 

Carter Margaret, servt, 1142 19th nw 

Carter Margaret, wid Henry, 209 Va av sw 

Carter Margaret, wid Joseph, 331 Va av sw 

Carter Maria, laundress, 334 Goat al nw 

Carter Maria, servt, 62 I ne 

Carter Maria A Mrs, 1342 N Y av nw 

Carter Mary, cook, 3045 N nw, Gtn 

Carter Mary, grocer, 404 13£ sw 

Carter Mary, servt, 122 Schott al ne 

Carter Mary, servt, 1303 M nw 

Carter Mary, servt, Pleasant al sw 

Carter Mary, servt, 1012 14th nw 

Carter Martha, servt, 2127 H nw 

Carter Mary, washer, Locust al sw 

Carter Mary, washer, 6 Shepherd al nw 

Carter Mary, washer, 45 L nw 

Carter Mary, washer, 1732 L nw 

Carter Mary A, wid Arthur, 2218 I nw 

Carter Mary A, wid William, 305 E sw 

Carter Mary E washer, 1653 11th nw 

Carter Mary L, washer, Grace church al sw 

Carter Mattie, cook, 111 L nw 

Carter Michael, lab, 1339 2lst nw 

Carter Millie, servt, 1327 11th nw 

Carter Millie, wid Samuel, 9 Liberty nw 

Carter Minnie, servt, 1013 E sw 

Carter Mollie, cook, 114 A ne 

Carter Morton, porter, 1641 N J av nw 

Carter Moulton, lab, 3 Union al nw 

Carter Nellie, wid John, 218 H sw 

Carter Noah A, elk, 661 E sw 

Carter Pascoe, lab, 1906 16th nw 

Carter Philip, lab, 1233 Madison nw 

Carter Phoebe A, elk treas d, 1342 N Y av nw 

Carter Polly, washer, 1013 E sw 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt. 






Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's* 911 7th Street. 

Carter Rachel, cook, 1746 N nw 
Carter Rachel, servt, 1154 16th nw 
Carter Rachel, wid Thos, 8 Temperance av nw 
•Carter Rachel A, wid Henry, nurse, 443 Frank- 
lin nw 
Carter Rebecca, nurse, Donoho al nw 
Carter Richard, lab, 1035 1st sw 
Carter Richard, lab, 1653 11th nw 
Carter Richard, shoemkr, 67 H nw 
Carter Richard W, farmer, Tennallytown 
■Carter Richard W J, shoes, 62 H nw, h 67 H nw 
Carter Robert, lab, 1315 W nw 
Carter Robert, lab, 1604 Valley nw, Gtn 
Carter Robert, mariner, 348 F sw 
Carter Robert, waiter, 504 21st nw 
Carter Robert, waiter, 2902 M nw, Gtn 
Carter Robert C, waiter, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Carter Rose, servt, 1013 E sw 
Carter Rose, servt, Long al nw 
Carter Samuel, commodore U S N, 1316 Conn 

av nw 
Carter Samuel, lab, 244 14th se 
Carter Samuel C, grocer, 1010 6th sw 
Carter Sarah Mrs, nr Broad Branch rd 
Carter Sarah, dressmkr, 606 Md av ne 
Carter Sarah, servt, 1013 E sw 
Carter Sarah, servt, 624 Cox al nw 
Carter Sarah, servt, 1218 Va av 
Carter Sarah, washer, 1131 21st nw 
Carter Sarah, wid James, 505 22d nw 
Carter Sarah, wid Richard, mess treas d, 727 

6th se 
Carter Spencer, lab, 8 Pleasant al sw 
Carter Stephen, Spring st rd nw 
Carter Susan, laundress, Vermont al nw 
Carter Terry, wid Richard, 736 22d nw 
Carter Theodore, lab, 3324 S nw, Gtn 
Carter Thomas, lab, 8 Temperance av nw 
Carter Thomas, lab, 334 Goat al nw 
Carter Thomas A, hostler, 1244th se 
Carter Thomas D, 434 8th nw 
Carter Thomas H, nurse, 1729 11th nw 
Carter Thomas H jr, steward, 1729 11th nw 
Carter Thornton, waiter, 1604 Valley nw, Gtn 
Carter Violet, servt, 3313 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Carter Virginia, washer, 136 Schott al ne 
Carter Walter, lab, 618 25th nw 
Carter Walter F, plasterer, 917 Va av sw 
Carter Washington, lab, 210 E sw 
Carter William, elk, 1301 9th ne 
Carter William, cook, 1012 7th sw 
Carter William, driver, 1444 T nw 
Carter William, lab, 8 Pleasant al sw 
Carter William, lab, Nichols av 
Carter William, lab, 469 K sw 
Carter William, lab, 1249 3d sw 
Carter William, lab, 67 Jackson al nw 
Carter William, lab, 22 Pierce nw 
Carter William, lab, 1249 3d sw . 

Carter William, plasterer, 1154 16th nw 
Carter William, porter, 632 3d sw 
Carter William, ragman, 8 7th se 
Carter William, servt, Mt Pleasant 
Carter William, shoemkr, 608 G nw 
Carter William F, waiter, 1518 Madison nw 
Carter William H, huckster, 101.3 E sw 
Carter William H, lab, 122 Schott al ne j 

Carter William H, porter, 213 G nw 
Carter William H, shoemkr, 328 9th se ! 

Carter William L, hostler, 626 H nw 
Carter Willis, waiter, 1226 N Y av nw 
Carter Zachariah, express, 1011 N J av nw 
Cartner George, agt, 1723 9th nw 
Cartter I>»t1<i1 K, chief justice 
supreme court 1> C, 1505Huw 
Cartwright Anna, 2620 P nw,.Gtn 
Cartright Daniel, lab, 1st nr E sw 
Cartright Charlotte, midwife, 452 9th sw 
Cartwright George, lab, 469 Armory sw 
Cartwright Hamilton, servt, 1137 20th nw 
Cartwright Hamilton L, coachman, 1137 20th 

Cartwright Harriet, cook, 605 F nw 
Cartwright Isaac, express, 37 L nw 
Cartwright Julia, wid Lewis, 2620 P nw, Gtn 
Cartwright L Thos, contractor, 3033 nw, Gtn 
Cartwright Lucie, elk cen o, 94 35th nw 
Cartwright Maria, washer, 469 Armory sw 

[ Cartwright Moses, lab, 37 L nw 

I Cartwright Rebecca, wid William F, 1221 28th 

nw, Gtn 
Cartwright Richard T, elk, 1221 28th nw, Gtn 
Cartwright William E, elk, 1221 28th nw, Gtn 
Cartwright William J, 1609 35th nw, Gtn 
Caruana Orlando E, elk ago, 1214 Pa av e 
Carusi A T, elk cen o, 1133 13th nw 
Carusi Eugene, lawyer, 1225 13th nw 
Carusi John M, grocer, 9th c L nw, h 906 11th 

Carusi L M Mrs, 1133 13th nw 
Carusi Mary J, wid Nathaniel, 1227 13th nw 
Carusi Nathaniel, lawyer, 490 La av, h 1227 

13th nw 
Carusi Thornton, elk cen o, 727 18th nw 
Caruthers Calvin, police, 7th c Trumbull nw 
Carver Albert E H, route agt, 4143d nw 
Carver E Newell J, elk, 713 K nw 
Carver Fannie, wid Philip, cook, 476 Va av sw 
Carver Frank N, stairbuilder, L nr 12th nw, h 

1022 12th nw 
Carver Philip, porter, 476 Va av sw 
Cary A Is, »revet colonel and 
paymaster U S A, 1315 Cor- 
coran nw 

Gary Abbie, washer, 2110 Va av nw 

Cary Isaac N, dep U S marshal, 821 14th nw 

Cary Linton S, elk, 1421 W nw 

Cary Mary, washer, 821 24th nw 

Cary Mary A S, teacher, 1421 W nw 

Cary M E B Mrs, mnfr wax, 821 14th nw 

Cary Sarah E, 1421 W nw 

Cary T D, elk d 1 o, 928 N Y av nw 

Cary William H, lab, 831 24th nw 

Casassa Rose, wid John, confectionery, 611 
15th nw, h 412 9th nw 

Casassa Stephen G, fruits, 7th e C nw, h 610 
La av nw 

Case Ada B, 156 A ne 

Case Charles, lawyer, 156 A ne 

Case Francis H, watchman, 143 A ne 

Case Henry A, elk cen o, 1418 14th nw 

Case Ida L, 156 A ne 

Case Jennie B, 156 A ne 

Case William W, elk pen o, 207 N J av nw 

Casell John, 1410 K nw 

Casey Charles C, elk s g o, 728 11th nw 

Casey Edmund, lab, 2425 I nw 

Casey Edward F, sailmkr, 421 G se 

Casey Elizabeth, wid Morris, 1428 U nw 

Casey Henry, elk 3d aud o, 508 Me av sw 

Casey James, lab, 911 1st se 

Casey Joseph, watchman, 623 H sw 

Casey Kate, hairdresser, 512 9th nw 

Casey Margaret, 1428 14th nw 






Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Casey Margaret, servt, 509 H nw 

Casej Martin J, bds American House 

Casey Martin V B, elk treas d, 512 9th nw 

Casey Mary, laundress, Reform School 

Casey Mary, treas d, 725 24th nw 

Casey Mary A, wid Joseph, 1212 15th nw 

Casey Patrick, elk, 318 14th nw 

Casey Patrick, dairy, 1428 U nw 

Casey Sarah, servt ,'922 N Y av nw 

Casey Stephen, contractor, 1820 6th nw 

Casey Thomas !<, l>revet colonel 

engineers USA, 1419 K nw 
Cash Edwin E, lamplighter, 309 Md av sw 
Cash Ellen, servt, Arlington Hotel 
Cash Henrietta, cig and tob, 66 C nw 
Cash William L, engineer, 309 Md av sw 
Cashan Bridget M, servt, 1310 13th nw 
Cashel Margaret O Mrs, 1110 N J av se 
Cashman Mary, elk treas d, 1738 I nw 
Casilear George F, elk, 3019 N nw, Gtn 
Casilear George W, superinten- 
dent engraving division bur- 
eau engraving and printing, 
3019 N nw, Gtn 
Casimiro Ghiselli, fruits, 602 La av nw, h Pa 

av nr 2d nw 
Casler Jacob, horseshoer, 219 2d nw 
Caslow John F, elk cen, 316 La av 
Casnaoni Frank, fruit, 124 Purdy's ct 
Caspar Christian, confectioner, 1237 7th nw 
Caspari Henry, shoemkr, 409 I nw, h 816 1st ne 
Caspari Margaret, servt, 1018 8th nw 
Casper Anton C, baker, 720 Md av ne 
Casper John, cabinetmkr, 711 Va av se 
Casper Joseph, musician, 1131 12th nw 
Cass Lewis, plaster, 731 4th nw 
Cassel Florence, elk 1 h b, 1003 K nw 
Cnssell Mrs, dressmkr, 1705 Vt av 
Cassell Alfred C, mess, 806 11th nw 
Cassell George A, guide, 806 11th nw 
Cassell John H, builder, 645 Md av sw 
Cassell John T, painter, 645 Md av sw 
Cassell Robert, painter, 813 D ne 
Cassell Thomas W, printer, 410 H nw 
Cassidy Alicia, sewing, 2432 G nw 
Cassidy Caroline, wid Samuel, 206 G nw 
Cassidy Charles I, carp, 2432 G nw 
Cassidy Fannv, bu eng, 725 6th nw 
Cassidy Frank J, elk, 1105 21st nw 
Cassidy Isabella, wid Thomas, 1306 G nw 
Cassidy James, tailor, 725 6th nw 
Cassius Jennie, wid Edward, 9 Liberty nw 
Cassidy Julia, wid Patrick, washer, 123 K se 
Cassidy Margaret, wid Peter, 1105 21st nw 
Cassidy Marquis W. carp, 204 M se 
Cassidy Nellie, elk, 725 6th nw 
Cassidy Patrick, lab, 3323 S nw, Gtn 
Cassidy Theodore, carp, 2133 G nw 
Cassidy Thomas J, engineer, 1724 F nw 
Cassidy Thomas P, art gallerv, 1724 F nw 
Cassin John, elk navy d, 1219 30th nw, Gtn 
Cassin John H, real estate and 
insurance agent, 1339 F nw, h 
SOOl 35th nw 
Cassin Joseph R, druggist, 1201 

7th nw 
Cassin Schlev, elk, 1219 30th nw, Gtn 
Cassin William D, lawver, 1300 30th nw, Gtn 

Casson Ellen, cook, Providence Hospital 
Casson Katie, cook, Providence Hospital 
Castell Annie M, music, 330 D se 
Castell Edward, 12 Eastern mkt and 10 7th 

ne, h 10 7th ne 
Castell George C, engineer, 107 6th ne 
Castell John, lab, 532 6th se 
Castell John H, engineer, 532 6th se 
Castell Samuel M, painter, 811 2d se 
Caster John H, servt, 603 F nw 
Castille Marietta M, elk cen, 709 8th ne 
Castillo Frank M, bu eng, 709 8th ne 
Castinett John J, tailor,"913 D nw 
Castle Davis E, elk g 1 o, 1022 7th nw 
Castle Philip P, watchman, 2600 Penn av nw 
Castle Sidney B, plate printer, 1019 F nw 
Castle William, tinsmith, 728 5th nw 
Castleman Stephen D, contractor, 2203 M nw 
Castor James, carp, 121 G sw 
Castor Robert, waiter, 604 3d sw 
Caswell George A, commissioner and intend- 

ant Washington Asylum, 19th nr C se 
Caswell Heebe A Mrs, dressmkr, 406 N J av se 
Caswell Loicien B, M C, 612 14th 

Caswell Thomas T, p m U S N, 2008 G nw 
Cate E H, elk, 110 1 nw 
Cate Elijah G, agt, 812 8th ne 
Cate Fernando C, elk treas d, 806 8th ne 
Cate Nellie F, music teacher, 812 8th ne 
Cater Albert, painter, Anacostia 
Cater Mary, seamstress, Anacostia 
Cathcart Annie R, wid Thomas, 722 18th nw 
Cathcart Arthur W, 722 18th nw 
Cathcart Fannie, dry goods, 831 H ne 
Cathcart Frank H, eng, 2522 L nw 
Cathcart James L, eng, 2522 L nw 
Cathell James H, pilot, 214 8th sw 
Cathell Jonathan D, supt Georgetown Gas- 
light Co, 3254 O nw, Gtn 
Catlett Albert H, lab, Wilson nw 
Catlett David (Lee & Catlett), 1633 13th n w 
Catlin Benjamin R, ex pat o, 1006 N nw 
Catlin C S, elk pen o, 1831 12th nw 
Catlin David, barber, 11th and R I av, h 1633 

13th nw 
Catlin Louisa, dressmkr, 1633 13th nw 
Catlin R B, ex pat o, 1006 N nw 
Catlett Thornton, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Catlip Maria, servt, 3 Shepherd al nw 
Catney Laura, servt, 34 B ne 
Caton Edwd, cigarmkr, 2907 Olive av nw, Gtn 
Caton Emanuel B, carp, 812 N Capitol nw 

J. H. Cassin. G. I. Ennis. 


Eeal Estate Agents and Brokers, 

1339 F Street, nw., Second Floor, 

Opposite Ebbitt Honse. Washington, D. C. 

Rents Collected. Loans Negotiated. 



1201 Seventh St., nw. 

Physicians 1 Prescriptions carefully compounded. 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKaS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORK, 


Heal Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 

Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 

1 ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 680* 





(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St 

Caton Eliza, teacher, 732 5th nw 
Caton George, bricklayer, 335 I ne 
Caton George, stonecutter, 810 1st ne 
Caton George W, boarding, 1073 3tfd nw, Gtn 
Caton James, tailor, 209 H ne 
Caton James O, engineer, 3313 Water, Gtn 
Caton John P, bookbinder, 812 N Capitol nw 
Caton Margaret E, boarding, 3313 Water, Gtn 
Caton Mary, dressmkr, 209 II ne 
Caton Michael, 732 5th nw 
Caton Patrick A, printer, 70 K nw 
Caton Sarah A, wid Patrick, 812 N Capitol nw 
Caton Winnie, wid Patrick, 28 Jackson al ne 
Cator Joseph T, carp, 2015 35th nw, Gtn 
Cator Thomas T, butcher, 2015 35th nw, Gtn 
Cattell Henry P, station keeper, 1010 19th nw 
Cattley Samuel, lab, 2108 10th nw 
Caughlan Daniel, contractor, 48 Jackson al ne 
Cauldwell Andrew, chief sub- 
sistence division 3d auditor 
treasury, 1427 Q nw 
Caulfield John P, music teacher, 1534 I nw 
Caulk Lucy, wid Philip R, elk bindery state d, 

1219 O nw 
Cavagnaro Augustus, cook, 1250 7th nw 
Cavanaugh Catherine, dressmkr, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh Frank, plumber, 26 H ne 
Cavanaugh Honoria, wid Michael, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh James H, elk int rev, 1611 P nw 
Cavanaugh James W (McElfresh & Cav- 
anaugh), prod, 213 N L mkt, h 33 E nw 
Cavanaugh Kate, wid Arthur, grocery, 24th c 

G nw 
Cavanaugh Lawrence, grocer, 6th c A se 
Cavanaugh Margaret, dressmkr, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh Mary Mrs, 515 6th nw 
Cavanaugh Mary, wid John, 714 Jackson al nw 
Cavanaugh Mary A, dressmkr, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh Michael, watchman, 1159 4th ne 
Cavanaugh Michael V, bricklayer, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh Thomas, lab. 2709 K nw 
Cave Ada A, 616 13th nw 
Cave Ann, wid Silas, 616 13th nw 
Caven Henry, cooper, 209 D sw 
Caverly Edward (Edward Caverly & Co), 1239 

12th nw 
Caverly Edward & Co (Edward 
Caverly, A E Barber & Co and 
E O Alford) gas fixtures, fur- 
naces etc, 14135 1% Y av nw 
Cavis Adam T, printer, 807 H ne 
Cavis Annie H, elk cen o, 807 H ne 
Cavis S A, teacher, 807 H ne,hdo 


Kindergarten School, 

807 H Street, ne. 

Cavit Bruce, elk coast survey, 338 Pa av nw 
CavittNY, janitor uscandg so, 342Paavnw 
Cavnaugh John J (Cavnaugh & Walsh), 936 

D sw 
Cavnaugh & Walsh (John J Cavnaugh and 

John H Walsh), painters, 706 12th nw 
Cawood Andrew J, conductor, 505 8th se 
Cawood Hezekiah J, engineer, 503 4th se 
Cawood Sarah A, 503 4th se 

Cawood Stephen, tinsmith, 503 4th se 
Cawood Thomas G, mail carrier, 505 8th se 
Cawood William E, elk, 505 8th se 
Caynor George B, carp, 1523 9th nw 
Caywood Aaron S, real estate agt, 1225 9th nw 
Caywood Benjamin, real estate, 621 R I av nw 
Caywood Charles B, elk, 621 R I av nw 
Caywood Emma, bkkr, 621 R 1 av nw 
Caywood James E, guide, 626 D se 
Caywood Loretta, dressmkr, 621 R I av nw 
Caywood Philip A, coppersmith, 918 4th se 
Caywood Thomas M, 918 4th se 
Cecil Joseph B, tailor, 713 8th se, h 812 G se 
Cefus John, lab, Old Chain Bridge rd 
Ceiss Lorenzo (L Ceiss & Son), 113 Pa av 
Ceiss Lorenzo jr (L Ceiss & Son), 113 Pa av 
Ceiss L & Son (Lorenzo and Lorenzo jr Ceiss), 

cabinetmkrs, 113 Pa av se 
Center Samuel M, elk, 909 9th nw 
Central Free Dispensary, 514 6th nw 
Central Hotel, Caroline Kaiser propr, 518 10th 

Central National Bank, 7th c 

Ea av nw 
Central Pharmacy, Bo demer & 

Bergman, 805 7th, n w 



805 7th Street, nw., 

Prescriptions carefully compounded. Floral Balm 
for the Complexion. Horse and Cattle Powders. 

Cephas James N, lab, 318 D se 

Cephas Sarah, wid Joseph, cook, 1237 Blag- 
den's al nw 

Cezilly Julius, fancy goods, 527 15th nw 

Chace A II & Bro (Alhert H & 
Edward Chace), upholsterers, 
61G Laav nw, and carpet clean- 
ers, HO© 7th sw 

A. H. CHACE & BRO., 

Steam Carpet Cleaners, Feather Kenovating and 
Moths Exterminated from Furniture. 


Factory, Seventh Street Wharf. 

Chace Albert H (A H Chace & Bro), 210 D se 
Chace Edward (A H Chace & Bro), 1206 6th nw 
Chadsey James M, elk treas, 1214 O nw 
Chadsey William H, asst ex p o, 931 G nw 
Chad well Louisa, wid Lemuel, 2017 H nw 
Chadwell Lucy, elk, St Charles Hotel 
Chadwick Horace A, bartender, 36 F nw 
Chadwick James M, elk q m g o, 38 F nw 
Chafalle Marie, nurse, 924 15th nw 
Chaffee Kate, 431 Mass av nw 
Chaffee Frederick H, blksmith, 431 Mass avnw 
Chaffee William E, shoemkr, 431 Mass av nw 
Chaffee Wm E jr, elk pat o, 431 Mass av nw 
Chaffion Emanuel, upholsterer, bds 820 K se 
Chaise Charles, waiter, 1 Goat al nw 
Chalker Adeline N, elk g 1 o, 1129 5th nw 
Chalmers David G, elk, 419 N J av se 
Chalmers Leigh, elk senate, 419 N J av se 
Chamberlain Alfred H, plasterer, 2206 I nw 
Chamberlain Caleb, lab, 52426th nw 
Chamberlain Chas W, painter, 170734th nwGtn 
Chamberlain James H, elk, 3424 T nw, Gtn 
Chamberlain Jas H, poultry, 3424 T nw, Gtn 
Chamberlain Mary, g p o, 21 H nw 





Fine Gas Fixtures 


J XUl^UUM, *ltL« to U M j 






Charges Moderate, and all Work Guaranteed. 

IXflWF D Vft TT1VT r Keal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

YY lfl. r ■ I U U 11 Ul 3 liSO r*EW YORK AVE. 




Pure California Hock,Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th st. nw, 

Chamberlain Robert H, 3414 T nw, Gtn 
Chamberlain Sarah J, servt, 1314 R nw 
Chamberlain Thomas D, elk pen o, 1203 F nw 
Chamberlain William, driver, 710 4th se 
Chamberlen G W Mrs, 315 4% sw 
Chamberlin Alice V, bu eng, bds 122 Mass av 

Chamberlin Ann, cook, 2179 9th nw 
Chamberlin Clara, 425 1st nw 
Chamberlin Edward H (Kelley & Chamberlin), 

622 S nw 
Chamberlin John F, restaurant, 1409 N Y av nw 
Chamberlin Julius, driver, 2179 9th nw 
Chamberlin Marion, painter,bds 122 Mass av nw 
Chamberlin Sarah J, 1314 R nw 
Chamberlin Virginia, dressmkr, 122 Mass av nw 
Chamberlin William, blksmith, 3330 P nw, Gtn 
Chamberlin William, engineer, 1241 20th nw 
Chamberlin William, lab, 710 4th se 
Chamberlin Wm M, elk 3d aud, 1011 12th nw 
Chambers Benjamin, machinist, 634 D nw, h 

205 Enw 
Chambers Boone, elk 6th aud, 603 F nw 
Chambers Charles, waiter, 1221 K nw 
Chambers Charles, waiter, 16th nr M nw 
Chambers Charles W, elk sig o, 305 13th sw 
Chambers I>a> id A, claim agent, 

63S F nw, li 1441 Q nw 
Chambers Helen B, wid Benj, 1122 11th nw 
Chambers J Paul, supt folding machines govt 

print o, 506 K nw 
Chambers John, lab, 1358 N C av ne 
Chambers Maurice D, 115 7th se 
Chambers Mary, washer, Pomeroy nw 
Chambers Michael, car driver, 606 B se 
Chambers Rachel, cook, 1421 K nw 
Chambers Richard, lab, 2734 P nw, Gtn 
Chambers Robert, coachman, 1012 19th nw 
Chambers Thomas, bricklayer, 115 7th se 
Chambers Thomas, lab, 412 E se 
Chambers William, cabinetmkr, 1406 10th nw 
Chambers William W, livery stable, 1227 R 
Champ Emeline, washer, 819 Q nw 
Champ James, lab, 623 4th nw 
Champ Lewis, waiter, 1527 M nw 
Champ Moses, lab, 428 Washington nw 
Champion Catherine, wid Charles, 1113 I se 
Champion William, elk int d, 1405 L nw 
Champlin Elward, insp, 218 12th sw 
Champlin Theodrick H (Champlin & Hilton) 
211 12th sw 

Champlin & Hilton (Theodrick H Champlin 

and Ara D Hilton), livery, 211 11th nw 
Chancey William A, elk p o, 437 I nw 
Chancey John T, mess, 312 I nw 
Chandeler Rebecca M, wid Wm T, 1323 M nw 
Chandlee & Reid (W E Chandlee and C E 

Reid), cigars and news stand, Riggs House 
Chandlee William E (Chandlee & Reid), cigars, 

Ebbitt House, h 1223 Vt av nw 
Chandler A King', dry goods, 
832 and 831 7tli nw, h 607 I nw 
Chandler Evaline, cook, 1521 27th nw, Gtn 
Chandler George M, elk, 1105 N nw 
Chandler Henry, grocer, 2048 32d nw, Gtn 
Chandler Jacob, carp, 160 6th sw 
Chandler James B, printer, 1120 8th nw 
Chandler Jane E, cloakmkr, 1009 E se 
Chandler John W, elk 6th aud o, 1003 E nw 
Chandler Lucy B, wid John, elk 6th aud, 1421 

Q nw 
Chandler Malcolm T E, asst ex pat o, 213 C se 
Chandler Nina, 608 11th nw 
Chandler Richard, lab, 1821 Cedar nw 
Chandler S F, elk pen o, 1539 8th nw 
Chandler Thomas A, elk, 310 2d ne 
Chandler William, 1618 Valley nw, Gtn 
Chandler William, lab, 1733 Cedar nw 
Chandler William E, lawyer, 1421 1 nw 
Chaney Andrew W, elk pen o, 122 7th ne 
Chaney Catherine L, wid A W, 1210 6th nw 
Chaney Charles A, feed, 313 12th nw, h Mont- 
gomery nr Beall, Gtn 
Chaney George, butcher, Ridge rd 
Chaney James (Chaney & Keefer), Q nr 12th 

Chaney Nannie E, bu eng, 1210 6th nw 
Chaney Peter, lab, 1026 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Chaney Thos, driver, 1026 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Chaney & Keef er (James Chaney and Philip 

Keefer), tinsmiths, 1227 H nw 
Cluing Sze Shun, interpreter 

Chinese legation, 1705 K nw 
Channing Eugene L, elk treas d, Q nr 28th nw, 

Chapin Erastus M, supt, 622 I nw 
Chapin Joseph C, elk pod, 1602 13th nw 
Chapin Mary M, elk g 1 o, 1602 13th nw 
Chapline Annie E, wid Joseph, elk treas d, 

1606 15th nw 
Chapline Annie L, elk cen, 1606 15th nw 
Chapman Alice, elk bu eng, 24 Defrees nw 
Chapman Annie, press tender, 27 Myrtle ne 
Chapman Annie, washer, 13 L4 C se 
Chapman Annie E, wid Charles L, 309 14th"nw 
Chapman Cesar, driver, 355 L sw 
Chapman Charles W, plate printer, 309 14th nw 
Chapman Edward, elk, 309 14th nw 


Seventh St., Cor. La. Ave., nw., 






Vice President. 

J. A. RUFF, 




Ag-exit IVor-wich. XJnion Fii*e Soc'y, England. 

Rhode Island Fire Ins. Ass'n, Providence. 





Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Aarent 
for (GEO. EHKET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Chapman Edward K, elk, 1305 9th nw 
Chapman Fannie, servt, 1338 N T av nw 
Chapman Frances S,clk int rev d, 204 Pa av se 
Chapman G M, elk pen o, 239 N Capitol 
Chapman George R, steward, Pomeroy nw 
Chapman Henry, carp, 1224 20th nw 
Chapman Henry, gardener, Howard av, Hills- 
Chapman Henry, lab, 68 P nw 
Chapman Ignatius, bricklayer, 1226 6th nw 
Chapman James, lab, 804 £ sw 
Chapman James «F, bookseller 
and publisher, 911 I* a av nw, 
h 1336 O nw 


(Successor to SOLOMONS & CHAPMAN,) 
Bookseller and Stationer, Printer, Engraver, Lithog- 
rapher and Blank Book Manufacturer. 

"911 Pennsylvania Ave. , Washington, D. C. 

Chapman John, butcher, Hamilton rd 
Chapman John, builder, 1226 6th nw 
Chapman John, lab, 1115 30th nw, Gtn 
Chapman John E, elk, 920 Pa av nw 
Chapman John H, lab, 28th nr K nw 
Chapman John J, bricklayer. 1226 6th nw 
Chapman John P, ex pat o, 1300 10th nw 
Chapman Joseph, elk, 329 C se 
Chapman Josephine B, wid John T, 600 E 

Chapman J P, elk cen o, 523 9th ne 
Chapman Judith A, wid Leonard, 1753 S nw 
Chapman Kate, dressmkr, 317 Va av se 
Chapman Laura, wid James, 920 Pa av nw 
Chapman Leonard S, builder, 934 F nw, h 106 

Chapman Lucy, wid Isaac, 210 L sw 
Chapman Malinda, servt, 1410 Samson nw 
Chapman Martha, servt, 321 Mo av nw 
Chapman Martha A, laundress, 1224 20th nw 
Chapman Martha C, wid Charles, 909 10th se 
Chapman Mary, servt, 830 12th nw 
Chapman Mary E, 309 14th nw 
Chapman Mary E, servt, 19 8th se 
Chapman Mary J, servt, 21 Lafayette sq nw 
Chapman Matilda, washer, 28th nr K nw 
Chapman Mills, driver, K nr 7th sw 
Chapman Nace, waiter, 1406 Vt av nw 
Chapman Nancy, washer, 306 17th nw 
Chapman Richard, lab, 2417 F nw 
Chapman Rose, elk, 309 14th nw 
Chapman Samuel, watchman, 24 Defrees nw 
Chapman Samuel F, postal elk, Alexandria, Va 
Chapman Sarah, wid Henry, 68 P nw 
Chapman Silas, porter, 921 19th nw 
Chapman Susan A, wid John, 27 Myrtle ne 
Chapman Thomas, lab, 306 17th nw 
Chapman Thomas D, livery stable, 706 Q nw, 

bds Thyson House 
Chapman Thomas H, mason, 317 Va av se 
Chapman Wallace, lab, 1410 S C av se 
Chapman William, hostler, 715 G se 
Chapman William H, elk pat o, 1005 H nw 
Chapman William K, coachman, Boundary n 

10th nw 
Chappel Allen, elk, 722 H ne 

Chappel Charles H (Chappel & Baxter), 722 

Chappel Charles W, elk, H c 8th ne 
Chappel Cyrus W, elk, 628 I ne 
Chappel George M, elk, 722 H ne 
Chappel Loring, elk, 628 I ne 
Chappel Snowden, lab, Hughes al r 26th nr K 

Chappel Vernon P, elk sig o, 722 H nw 
Chappel & Baxter (C H Chappel and G H 

Baxter), grocers, 823 H ne 
Chappelear William H, carp, 2804 N nw, Gtn 
Chappell Charles K, gardener, Chappell rd 
Chappell Emmett T, 478 E sw 
Chappell Hannah A, notions, 478 E sw 
Chappell Henry, printer, 101 Pa av nw 
Chappell John E, teacher, Chappell rd 
Chappell John W, teacher, Chappell rd 
Chappell Oliver, carp, 1000 Pa av nw 
Chappell Thomas S, elk 1st aud, 455 C nw 
Chappell Nathan L, machinist, 1124 12th nw 
Chappie James W, elk, 1219 Union sw 
Chappie John T, driver, 1209 Union sw 
Chappie Lucy , washer, Hughes al r 26th nr K nw 
Chapuis Louis, cook, 1921 1 nw 
Charles Emily T, journalist, 1209 G nw 
Charles Richard A, elk int rev, 1405 College 

hill terrace 
Charles Stephen B, civil engineer, 212 2d ne 
Charleton Emma, bu eng, 809 9th nw 
Charlton Annie M, elk, 713 7th sw 
Charlton Benjamin, bakery, 

476 C nw, h SS4I E nw 


(Successor to Thos. Havenner,) 

Metropolitan Patent Steam Bakery 

No. 476 C Street, 

Between Four-and-a-half and Sixth Streets. 

Charlton Emma L, bu eng, 809 9th nw 
Charlton Henry, upholsterer, 1737 N nw 
Charlton Joseph A, elk, 713 7th sw 
Charlton Stephen S, carp, 713 7th sw 
Charlton Virginia A, elk cen, R c 13th nw 
Charter Daniel R, waiter, 149 Pierce nw 
Charter Oak Life Ins Co of Conn, 928 F nw 
Chase Albert H, upholsterer, 210 D se 
Chase Alexander, lab, 1019 17th nw 
Chase Amanda E, wid William,421 K nw 
Chase Andrew, lab, Good Hope rd 
Chase Ann R, washer, 120 10th se 
Chase Arthur, porter, 507 L se 
Chase Basil, lab, 313 A se 
Chase Basil M, plasterer, 1031 3d nw 
Chase Benjamin F, elk pen o, 715 2d nw 
Chase Bryson, porter, 1426 M nw 
Chase 'Bnell B, iimhrellsw, 14113 
I»a av nw and (Bnell 15. Chase 
& Co) 4111 11th nw, h 14113 I»a 
av nw 


Made, Covered and Repaired, to order. 

Canes fitted, varnished and ferruled. All work 

first-class, and no disappointments, at 


1412 Pennsylvania Ave., opp.Willard's Hotel. 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTiS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEWYORL 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. ^»^ 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w. 

Chase Buell B & Co (Buell B Chase & Alice 

Griswold), umbrellas, 411 11th nw 
Chase Caroline, servt, 1208 5th nw 
Chase Catherine, washwoman, 1820 L nw 
Chase Charles, servt, 1820 L nw 
Chase Charles, wagoner, 1820 L nw 
Chase Charles H, lab, 1250 10th nw 
Chase Daniel, shoemkr, 1428 12th nw 
Chase Daniel T, barber, 303 4th se 
Chase David, elk ago, 1417 8th nw 
Chase David, lab, 1828 L nw 
Chase Edward, lab, 915 G sw 
Chase Eliza, washer, 1820 L nw 
Chase Ella, laundress, 9 Goat al nw 
Chase Ella V, teacher, 1109 1 nw 
Chase Emma, dressmkr, 1412 Pa av nw 
Chase Emma, wid William, laundress, 447 Lnw 
Chase Eva A, teacher, 1109 I nw 
Chese Fanny C, folder, 1109 I nw 
Chase Fannie R, 121 B se 
Chase Frank, waiter, 1009 N J av nw 
Chase George, driver, 1510 M nw 
Chase George F, steamboat, 121 B se 
Chase George K, law elk d justice, Biggs House 
Chase George W, elk cen o, 916 E nw 
Chase Gilbert, waiter, 1741 E nw 
Chase G T, bkkr Gilmore & Co, Ft 

Washington, Md 
Chase Harriet, r 14 1st se 
Chase Harriet, washer, 1250 10th nw 
Chase Hattie E, dressmkr, 1935 9th sw 
Chase Henry, bookbinder, 702 6th sw 
Chase Isaac McK, patternmkr, 207 A ne 
Chase Jacob, lab, 21st nr A se 
Chase Jacob, let car, 2804 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Chase James, lab, Hillsdale 
Chase James, lab, 1407 1st nw 
Chase J K, wid S B, 1633 K nw 
Chase John, cook, 425 4th se 
Chase John H, waiter, 225 1st nw 
Chase Joseph, lab, 43 G nw 
Chase Joseph H, elk sig o, 1735 K nw 
Chase Julius, driver, 222 Savage al nw 
Chase Lavinia H, elk pod, 724 13th nw 
Chase Lewis P, janitor, 1015 V nw 
Chase Lloyd, hackman, 30 B ne 
Chase Lucinda, dressmkr, 1109 I nw 
Chase M D, elk cen, 20 6th ne 
Chase Maggie B, wid Charles, elk navy d, 759 

11th se 
Chase Manley, engineer, 1412 Pa av nw 
Chase Maria, wid Paul, 915 G sw 
Chase Martha E, servt, 2025 32d nw, Gtn 
Chase Mary, laundress, 322 Va av se 
Chase Mary, servt, 1741 E nw 
Chase Mary, servt, 326 C nw 
Chase Mary, servt, 1212 R nw 
Chase Mary E, servt, 14th nr H ne 
Chase Mary L, dressmkr, 1935 9th nw 
Chase Mattie, servt, 911 F sw 
Chase Mattie, servt, 432 8th sw 
Chase Maumee, elk, 1807 K nw 
Chase May, teacher, 1125 11th nw 
Chase Molly, wid Henderson, 1212 R nw 
Chase Owen, lab, r 2009 7th nw 
Chase Paul, lab, 915 G sw 
Chase Paul, lab, 48 Savage al nw 
Chase Priscilla, 1426 M nw 

Chase Robert, porter, 611 P nw 

Chase Sadie, 1353 D nw 

Chase Samuel, lab, 1310 4th nw 

Chase Sandy A, 7 Brown's ct se 

Chase SamlM, sexton, 2902 Dumbarton av,Gtia 

Chase Sarah, washer, 225 1st nw 

Chase Silas, cook, 4 Valley nw 

Chase Stephen M, elk cen o, 1633 E nw 

Chase Susan, servt, Lincoln av nw 

Chase Susan, washer, Clark al sw 

Chase Tabitha A, servt, 1519 R nw 

Chase Thomas, barber, 303 4th ne 

Chase Thomas, carp, bds 523 10th se 

Chase Thomas, lab, 41 O nw 

Chase Thomas, lab, 1222 R nw 

Chase Thomas B. carp, 214 N se 

Chase Virginia, servt, 326 C nw 

Chase Walter E, printer, 10 F nw 

Chase William, butcher, 1935 9th nw 

Chase William, lab, Clark al sw 

Chase William, lab, 5 Union al 

Chase William, lab, Blagden's al nw 

Chase William, lab, 1409 1st nw 

Chase William, lab, 46 Savage al nw 

Chase William, lab, 65 Pierce nw 

Chase William, lab, 14th nr H ne 

Chase William, lab. 303 4J sw 

Chase William C, 1109 I nw 

Chase William E H, printer, 407 O nw 

Chase William H, elk treas d, 1125 11th nw 

Chase William H, lab, 1407 1st nw 

Chase William W, machinist, 1125 11th nw 

Chase Winfleld S, elk pat o, 1325 S nw 

Chasley George A, waiter, 1606 Corcoran nw 

Chasley Louisa, servt, 2129 H nw 

Chatfield Alonzo B, elk reg o , 1637 19th nw 

Chatman Andrew, lab, Blagden's al nw 

Claves Ireno, elk pen o, 709 12th nw 

Chaves Gregory F, elk, 2126 H nw 

Chaves Margaret C, dressmkr, 2126 H nw 

Chaves William C, bkkr, 2126 H nw 

Check Catherine, servt, 420 20th nw 

Check Daniel, lab, 1023 20th nw 

Check Henrietta, dressmkr, 1023 20th nw 

Check Henry G, lab, 425 20th nw 

Chedal James D, printer, 633 D nw 

Chedal William, bookbinder, 309 H nw 

Cheek James H, fish, 430 Cen mkt, h 403 13£ sw 

Cheek Richard, lab, T st al se 

Cheek Thomas B, blksmith, 1015 S C av se 

Cheeks Julia, servt, 1314 12th nw 

Cheeks Nettie A, elk int rev, Windsor House, 

Cheeks P C, bds Windsor House 
Chelf Helen N, elk treas d, 834 24th nw 
Chelini Elia,coal, Del av c D ne, h 135 Pa av se 
Chelini Eugene (Chelini & Son), 241 1st se 
Chelini James (Chelini & Son), 241 1st se 
Chelini James & Son (James and Eugene Che- 
lini), cabinetmkrs, 241 1st se 
Chen Lan I»in, E E and UI I* 

China, 1705 K nw 
Chen Moo, attache Chinese le- 
gation, 1705 K nw 
Chen Song Liang, secretary 

Chinese legation, 1705 K nw 
Cheney Taylor, lab, 625 Va av sw 
Chenoweth Alexander C, chemical works, 1640 

R I av nw 
Chenoweth Frances A, wid George D, 1342 Vt 

av nw 
Chenoweth George D, 1342 Vt av nw 
Cheny Curtis, elk, 75 H nw 
Cherry Anna,' servt, 913 25th nw 
Cherry Annie, 1739 R I av nw 

Invites Attention to its Endowment Policies. 








Cherry Charles H, elk compt cur, 1115 S nw 
Cherry Emma, 2022 7th nw 
Cherry John, butcher, Bladensburg rd 
Cherry John, lab, 1213 4J sw 
Cherry John, watchman, 913 25th nw 
Cherry John J, carp, 913 I nw 
Cherry Mary A, servt, 913 25th nw 
Chery Clayton, 2018J H nw 
Chery Wm L (B Robinson & Co), 2018| H nw 
Cheseldine Alfred W, bu eng, 21 9th ne 
Cheseldine Ann R, wid Biscoe, 209 10th sw 
Cheseldine Augustus D, tinsmith, 21 9th ne 
Cheseldine George W, copperwrkr, 21 9th ne 
Chesley Annie, elk cen o, 1011 H nw 
Chesley Charles, solicitor of in- 
ternal revenue treasury, 1015 
K nw 
Chesley Charlotte, servt, 618 E nw 
Chesley Edward, carver, 211 13^ sw 
Chesley George, servt, 1606 Corcoran nw 
Chesney Annie A, teacher, 614 Q nw 
Chesney Artemesia, wid Israel, 609 West al nw 
Chesney Charles S, lawyer, 614 Q nw 
Chesney John W, carp, 614 Q nw 
Chesney Roberta M, 614 Q nw 
Chester Augustine, lawyer, 1016 
11th nw, h do 


Counsellor and Attorney of United States 

Supreme Court and other Courts, 

Solicitor of Claims, Lands 

and Patents 


Chester Charles, carp, 309 10th nw 
Chester Harry A, elk, Mades' Hotel 
Chester John Rev, 125 B se 
Chester John, milk, 1115 9th nw 
Chester Lillie A, bu eng, 125 B se 
Chevalier Alphonso M, cook, 1367 D sw 
Chew Abraham C, mess, 813 Del av sw 
Chew Agnes, washer, 607 Va av sw 
Chew Amanda, cook, 2 Shepherd al nw 
Chew Amelia, servt, 126 Schott al ne 
Chew Arthur P, lab, 813 Del av sw 
Chew Battle, lab, 346 F sw 
Chew Elizabeth R, wid Robert S, 1627 H nw 
Chew Emeline, washer, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Chew Emma, servt, 637 9th ne 
Chew Emma J, servt, 813 Del av sw 
Chew Fleetwood, 627 Essex ct nw 
Chew Hannah R, servt, 813 Del av sw 
Chew James, lab, 126 Schott al ne 
Chew James, lab, 722 3d sw 
Chew John H Rev, pastor St Alban's Episco- 
pal church, 3122 O nw, Gtn 
Chew John J, elk state d, 1627 H nw 
Chew John W, barber, 10th nr E Capitol ne 
Chew Joseph C, lab, 447 8th sw 
Chew L C, elk a g o, 35 N nw, Gtn 
Chew Margaret, wid William, 326 D se 
Chew Mary, washer, 447 8th sw 
Chew Mary, wid John, laundress, 929 N nw 
Chew Mary E, teacher, 326 D se 
•Chew Monroe G, elk s g o, 3116 Dumbarton 
av, Gtn 

Chew Robert, coachman, 908 Del av ne 

Chew Richard, driver, 1020 F ne 

Chew Robert S, sec and treas Belt Line R R, 

1627 H nw 
Chew Samuel, brakeman, 207 1st nw 
Chew Teresa, wid Arthur, 813 Del av sw 
Chew Walter H, 1627 H nw 
Chew Washington P, printer, 813 N Cap ne 
Chew William H, porter, 811 Del av sw 
Chew W Scott, 3320 N nw, Gtn 
Chewning Annie P, elk bu stats, 222 3d nw 
Chewning Aurelius G (Tyler & Chewning), 

1415 R I av nw 
Cheyney Rufus T, elk navy d, 2907 P nw, Gtn 
Chezum James H, carp, 1815 I nw 
Chicago Inter-Ocean, 1420 N Y av nw 
Chicago Journal, 1314 F nw 
Chicago Tribune (The), 1319 F nw 
Chick Charles T, lab, 524 26th nw 
Chick Henry, lab, Tunlaw rd 
Chick Jesse, plasterer, 224 C ne 
Chick Joseph C, plasterer, 3344 Q nw, Gtn 
Chick Margaret, seamstress, 2013 35th nw, Gtn 
Chick Turner, plasterer, 923 27th nw 
Chick William, painter, 1024 29th nw, Gtn 
Chickering John J, teacher, Kendall Green ne 
Chickering John W Rev, prof, Kendall 

Green ne 
Chickering: J W, elk cen bu, 114 C nw 
Chiffelle Thos P, draftsman, 2826 N nw, Gtn 
Child William, elk 6th aud o, 338 Pa av nw 
Childress Edward Q, lab, 1723 8th nw 
Childress Isabella, cook, 1723 8th nw 
Children's Hospital of the District of Colum- 
bia, W bet 12th and 13th nw 
Childs Albert E, lab, 406 Va av se 
Childs Albert F, elk g print o, 203 H nw 
Childs Andrew, shoemkr, 701 6th se 
Childs America, laundress, 8 Prater al nw 
Childs Charles H, lab, 1005 G se 
Childs Elwood, lab, 620 I se 
Childs Edward, sexton, 1126 21st nw 
Childs F H, elk pen o, 529 7th ne 
Childs Frank H, fireman, 432 6th sw 
Childs George B, shoemkr, 6th and G se 
Childs George H, brickmkr, 756 7th se 
Childs Harry S, elk pen o, 1224 11th nw 
Childs Hines, shoemkr, 915 1st sw 
Childs Howard P, let car, 30 I nw 
Childs Isaac P (Childs & Co), 512 Va av se 
Childs Jacob (Childs & Co), 761 6th se 
Childs James W, brickmkr, 756 7th se 
Childs John, 608 13th nw 
Childs Jeanette Miss, 469 C sw 
Childs John H, bricklayer, 713 H ne 
Childs Jonathan W, elk g 1 o, Anderson, Md 
Childs Lewis, driver, 1753 K nw 
Childs Luke, lab, 1753 K nw 
Childs Maggie Mrs, 469 C sw 
Childs Maggie, wid William, 469 C sw 
Childs Mary S, servt, 1441 Q nw 
Childs Mellie, wid Dudley, Columbia av nw 
Childs Samuel, bricklayer, 620 I se 
Childs Susan, servt, College Hill 
Childs Thomas S Rev, pastor Western Presby- 
terian church, 1119 I nw 
Childs Washington, plasterer, 1136 16th nw 
Childs William, coachman, Erie nw 
Childs William E, elk q m g o, 529 7th ne 
Childs William, electrician, 469 C sw 
Childs William, servt, Columbia av nw 
Childs & Co (Isaac P and Jacob Childs), bricks, 

342 D nw and 13th c D ne 
Chilton George S, elk, 210 4i nw 
Chilton Nellie, wid Charles, Howard's row 


Eeal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

143© If EW YORK ATE. 




The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Chilton Robert S, elk state d, 227 Del av ne 
Chilton Wm B,usc and g s o, 227 Del av ne 
Chimm Benton, postal elk, Alexandria, Va 
Chinn Addie, servt, 1205 14th nw 
Chinn Alfred, lab, 6 Savage al nw 
Chinn Kate, seamstress, 1206 G nw 
Chinn R H Mrs, 1140 Conn av nw 
Chipman Ades C, printer, 1926 Pa av 
Chipman A James, elk 1st comp, Hamilton 

Chipman Charles M, U S N, 1201 4£ sw 
Chipman George C, elk, 1802 M nw 
Chipman Sarah J, mess, 1926 Pa av 
Chipman Sarah J, wid Charles B, 1201 4£ sw 
Chiseldine Philip, fireman Insane Asylum 
Chisell George W, blksmith, Boundary nr 8th 

nw, h 1616 11th nw 
Chisley Benjamin, porter, 447 N J av se 
Chisley Catherine, wid Luke, 1514 26thnw,Gtn 
Chisley Cecilia, washer, 700 9th sw 
Chisley Charles, butcher, 3335 S nw, Gtn 
Chisley Eliza, nurse, 1831 F nw 
Chisley Eliza, servt, 3112 N nw, Gtn 
Chisley Elizabeth, laundress, 447 N J av se 
Chisley George, lab, 508 4th ne 
Chisley Israel, porter, 1326 9th nw 
Chisley James, lab, 3335 S nw, Gtn 
Chisley John, lab, 700 9th sw 
Chisley Lettie, wid Levi, washer, L nr 6th se 
Chisley Lewis, lab, 2625 Q nw, Gtn 
Chisley Mary, wid William, 508 4th ne 
Chisley Mary J, washing, 3335 S nw, Gtn 
Chisley Nancy, servt, 508 14th ne 
Chisley Sarah, servt, 1210 F nw 
Chisler James, lab, 1311 C nw 
Chisler Sarah, 1311 C nw 
Chism Edward, lab, P nr R R Bridge nw, Gtn 
Chism Elizabeth E, 2022 H nw 
Chism George, carp, 731 23d nw 
Chism George M, driver, 1021 26th nw 
Chism John H (Davis & Chism), 918 Va av se 
Chism Lorenzo, lab, Noland al sw 
Chism Tilly, painter, 910 27th nw 
Chism William L, painter, 2215 G nw 
Chisholm Emily S M, wid W W, elk lstcompt, 

1307 H nw 
Chisholm George, lab, 1220 23d nw 
Chisolm Rollins, printer, 1150 21st nw 
Chisselle George, blksmith, 8th and Bound- 
ary, h 1616 11th nw 
Chistletine Mary Mrs, 1517 M nw 
Chitham Joseph, lab, 309 B se 
Chitham Nellie, nurse, 331 C se 
Chitham Sophia, wid Thomas, 309 B se 
Chitham Stephen, lab, 12th nr D ne 
Chitham William, lab, 724 11th ne 
Chittenden George B, landscape engineer, Cor- 
coran building, h Rock creek 
Chittenden Simeon If , HI C, Vt av 

c II nw 
Olivers Annie, servt, 1412 Sampson nw 
Choate Columbus, student, 310 Ind av nw 
Choate Susan G, wid Warren C, 310 Ind av nw 
Choate Warren, telephone exchange, 413 

Spruce, Le Droit park 
Chollar John D, elk cen o, 1203 F nw 
Chorpening George, 913 G nw 
Choy Awah, grocer, 431 L nw 

Chrisman George W, shoemkr, 1145 15th nw 
Chrisman Margaret, wid Geo W, 1145 15th nv,r 
Chrisman W B, elk. 1746 Pa av nw 
Chrismond John T, carp, 14th c Park, Mt 

Chrismond Margaret A, grocer, 201 Va av sw 
Christian Anderson, lab, Bassett al ne 
Christian Caroline, nurse Children's Hospital 
Christian Charles H, lab, 239 1st se 
Christian E D, cashier, Metropolitan Hotel 
Christian Jacob, waiter. 4 Savage al nw 
Christian John, lab, 1119 Goat al nw 
Christian Jordan, lab, 1921 17th nw 
Christian Louisa, cook, 1336 N Y av nw 
Christian Martha A, College Hill 
Christian Mary, servt, 522 6th se 
Christian Sarah E, g p o, 940 L nw 
Christian Solomon, lab, 320 G sw 
Christian Thomas, lab, 3327 S nw, Gtn 
Christian Walter, lab, 26 Bates' al nw 
Christiancy James I, elk ind o, 612 6th nw 
Christianey Lillie Mrs, 311 D nw 
Christian! Charles, drug-gist* 

181 I»a av nw, h 1150 7 th nw 


Wholesale and Retail 

Apothecary and Chemist, 

484 Pennsylvania Ave., 

Between Four-and-a-half and Sixth Streets, 

Prescriptions carefully prepared. 

Christian! Theodore, druggist, 
1150 7 tli nw, la do 

Christie Alexander S, computer use and g s 

o, 1102 14th nw 
Christie Arthur, physician, Anacostia 
Christie James I, doorkeeper U S S, Imperial 

Christine Henrietta I, elk treas d, 1507 Q nw 
Christine Josephine B, wid Henry, 1507 Q nw 
Christman Augusta, seamstress, 1106 E nw 
Christman Daniel B, bartender, 723 7th se 
Christman Harry, restaurant, 1100 8th se, h. 

1112 8th se 
Christman John, turner, 1106 E nw 
Christman Minnie, seamstress, 1106 E nw 
Christman Philip II, real estate, . 

719 1> nw, h 1006 36th nw 
Christman Sophie, dressmkr, 1106 E nw 
Christmas James Y (William G Whitney & 

Co), I nr 14th nw 
Christopher Daniel, caterer,425 Washington nw 
Christopher Hester, laundress, 1627 6th nw 
Christopher Robt W, elk, bds American House 
Christy Alexander, elk, 1102 14th nw 
Christy Caroline, servt, 940 Liberty sw 
Christy Daniel S, elk d 1 o, 1107 8th nw 
Christy Florence, Sherman av nw 
Christy Kate, seamstress, 940 Liberty sw 
Christy Robert, lawyer, 1120' 

If Y av, h 1301 I. nw 
Chritzman C, mess Capitol, 225 D nw 
Chritzman Henry, carp, 445 Mass av nw 
Chubb Eliza C W, wid Charles, 1829 F nw 
Chubb William J, 1829 F nw 
Chun James, prod, 446 N L mkt, h 126 F nw 
Chunn Chas E, shoemkr, 492 E sw, h 312 G sw 
Chunn William, lab, 482 School sw 
Chum John H, lab, 419 19th nw 
Chunck William, elk, 608 13th nw 
Chur Harriet, copyist q m g o, Hamilton House 
Church Alonzo W, asst librarian U S sen, 4 La- 
fayette sq nw 


Souses JEl.exa.tod. Flents Collected. 





Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Church Charles B (J H Johnson & Co), 306 

11th sw 
Church Edward G,insp accts architect's o treas 

d, Le Droit park 
Church Frederick F, elk, 1542 9th nw 
Church Joseph B, ex pat o, 1542 9th nw 
Church Lewis J, elk, 306 11th sw 
Church Mary A, wid John, 407 L se 
Church Melville (Hill & Church), 1542 9th nw 
Church Richard H, groceries, 

liquors, provisions, etc, HO 

7h sw, h lOlO C sw 
Church Robert A, elk navy d, Hyattsville, Md 
Church Truman K, elk pen o, 1542 9th nw 
Church William A H (Church & Stephenson), 

202 11th sw 
Church & Stephenson (William 

HE Church and Thomas 1» 

Stephenson), lumber, Md av n 

7th sw 

W. A. H. Church. T. P. Stephenson. 


Dealers in 

Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, &c, 

Maryland Ave., near Seventh Street, sw., 
At B. & P. Freight Depot, 

Churchill Agnes T, elk, 906 F sw 

Churchill Charlotte, wid Jeremiah, Pomeroy 

Churchill Daisy, servt, 5th c Pomeroy nw 
Churchill John M, elk pat o, 221 Mass av nw 
Churchill Joseph C, mess, 1817 S nw 
Churchill Peter, shoemkr, 2822 Olive av, Gtn 
Churchill Sarah E. elk treas d, 1322 10th nw 
Churchman Caleb (C Churchman & Co), 1133 

Corcoran nw 
Churchman C & Co (Caleb Churchman and 

Wm J Clark), flour and feed, 939 La av nw 
Churchwell George, oysters, 1322 9th nw, h 

8th nr Grant av nw 
Churn Henry, carp, 1145 21st nw 
Churr Harriet, Hamilton House 
Chute John, grocer, sw c 10th and V 
Ciampi Antony F Rev, pastor Trinity church, 

36th c O nw, Gtn 
Cilley Harriet S, elk 1st aud o, 600 N C av se 
Cimbria Peitro, tchr languages, 343 Pa av nw 
Cincinnati Enquirer, 501 14th nw 
Cincinnati Oazette, 511 11th nw 
Ciphas Bailey, waiter, 1616 11th nw 

r rw AL esfate 


Cissel Clinton, lab, 1210 I se 
Cissel David T, contractor, 1220 11th nw 
Cissel Eugene E, drugs, lOOl 
MYai nw, h 3117 I»a av nw 




Drugs and Medicines, 


Nw. cor. 10th Street., and New York Avenue, nw. 

Cissel George W (Herr & Cissel), 1645 31st, Gtn 
Cissel Jane, washer, 1403 27th nw, Gtn 
Cissel Oscar, printer, 1227 7th nw 
Cissel S S, elk, 9 Congress (31st), Gtn 
Cissel Thomas F, butcher, 38 Western and 528 

Centre mkts, h 7th st rd 
Cissel William, blksmith, 741 5th se 
Cissel William H, bricklayer, 1227 7th nw 
Cissel William H H,grocer, 1133 

7th and 1©11 7th nw, h 111 ML 



Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Fine Family Groceries, 


1014 111 St., EW,. Bet. I & L. WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Cissell Carrie ,Miss, 429 6th nw 
Cissell Cordelia, elk d 1 o, 1602 8th nw 
Cissell Thomas G, copper roller, 1514 Ga av se 
Cissell William C, carp, 1328 5th nw 
Cisson W Henry, lab, T st al se 
Citizens' National Bank, 615 

15th nw 
Citting William, confectioner, 1218 F nw 
Civille Frank A, elk treas d, 2024 P nw 
Claassen Henry, porter, Meyers' Hotel 
Clabaugh John B, elk, 1628 14th nw 
Clabaugh Wm (Clabaugh & Son),1628 14th nw 
Clabaugh Wm C(Clabaugh & Son),1827 14th nw 
Claubaugh & Son (William and William C 

Clabaugh), grocers, 1632 14th nw 
Claflin William, ME C, 1413 K nw 
Clagett Dorsey, notary public, 819 Market sp 

nw, h 811 K nw 
Clagett Ella H, dressmkr, 920 8th nw 


JOHN A. J. CKESWELL, President. THOS. C. PEARSALL, Cashier. 

JOHN VAN FJSWICK, Vice-President. 

Authorized Capital, - - - -. - - ^500,000 



W. B. REED, 
W. H. WEST, 




Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Honsee 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. Seep. 580. 




Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's. 911 7th Street. 

Clagett Harriet, washer, 1809 G nw 
Clagett Harrison, porter, 200 B nw 
Clagett Hezekiah (Clagett & Bowen), 916 

French nw 
Clagett Henry, waiter, 645 N nw 
Clagett Howard C, lawyer, 1306 F nw, h 619 

Clagett H O, elk H R, National Hotel 
Clagett Margaret, gpo, 920 8th nw 
Clagett Maria, servt, 438 Franklin nw 
Clagett Mary A, wid William D, 920 8th nw 
Clagett Morris, elk, 619 H nw 
Clagett Rachel, wid Paris, laundress, ^438 

Franklin nw 
Clagett William, lab, 438 Franklin nw 
Clagett William H, real estate, 

819 Market sp nw, h 619 H nw 


Real Estate Broker, 


819 Market Space. 

Clagett & Bowen (Hezekiah 
Clagett and Edwin Bowen), 
fancy goods, 904 7tli nw 


Dealers in 

Foreign and Domestic Novelties 


904 7th St., nw. 

Claggett Clara, servt, 16th nr Columbia rd nw 
Clamber Abraham, 134 Pa av se 
Clampitt Agnes, elk int rev, 1119 10th nw 
Clampitt William H (Clampitt & Adams), 

913 L nw 
Clampitt & Adams (William H Clampitt and 

R A Adams), laundry, 336 Pa av nw 
Clancy Ann, wid James, 18 5th ne 
Clancy Annie, servt, 916 Pa av se 
Clancy Daniel, coach trimmer, 626 K ne 
Clancy Daniel, lab, 1724 19th nw 
Clancy Daniel, lab, 1026 1st nw 
Clancy Daniel A, carriage trimmer, 626 K ne 
Clancy John, tailor, 33 Myrtle ne 
Clancy John jr, lab, 7 Essex ct nw 
Clancy Margaret, servt, 7 Essex ct nw 
Clancy Mary, 731 13th nw 
Clancy Mary, 1716 19th nw 
Clancy Mary, gpo, 1026 1st nw 
Clancy Michael, lab, 826 25th nw 
Clancy Michael A, asst elk sup ct D C, 1426 

Corcoran nw 
Clancy Patrick, lab, 325 I ne 
Clancy Robert, lab, 7 Essex ct nw 
Clancy Sarah, 1716 19th nw 
Claphain Annie M, wid John, 912 K se 
Clapp Almon UI, 927G nw 
Clapp E Dwight, machinist, 812 9th 
Clapp Gustavus W, elk cen o, 2903 N nw, Gtn 
Clapp Harry H, lOOlUI.nw 
Clapp Ruggles W, 61 L nw 

Clapp William A, shoes, nw c 1st and H nw 

h 927 G nw 
Clapp William W, elk cen, 1016'Mass av nw 
Clare Annie, servt, 1466 R I av nw 
Clare Eliza, servt, 1466 R I av nw 
Clare Margaret A, wid William, 619 H nw 
Clarence Elizabeth, wid Andrew, 442 9th sw 
Clarey Bernard, lab, 202 9th nw 
Clark A J Mrs, 316 1st se 
Clark Abner S, driver, 925 9th sw 
Clark Abraham, lab, 1447 N nw 
Clark Albert, porter, 184 6th sw 
Clark Albert B, U S N, 414 A se 
Clark Alexander, waiter, 951 Mass av nw 
Clark Alfred, lab, 3319 Q nw, Gtn 
Clark Alice, washer, Simms' al nw 
Clark Allen, coachman, 1153 19th nw 
Clark Allen C, lawyer, 330 4K 

nw, h 119 6tli ne 


Ljl'W'Y JE JR. 

Clark Alva A, UI C, Willard's 

Clark Annie, elk, 813 <£> sw 

Clark Annie, laundress, 413 5th se 

Clark Annie, seamstress, 1823 L nw 

Clark Annie, wid John, 633 I se 

Clark Appleton P, real estate, 220 4-| nw, h 119 

6th ne 
Clark Augusta, dressmkr, 1153 19th nw 
Clark B F, elk, Tremont House 
Clark Benjamin, lab, 1113 15th nw 
Clark Benj F, coal, 1020 14th nw, h 468 M sw 
Clark Betsy, servt, 37 O nw 
Clark Bettie, servt, 1124 N J av nw 
Clark Caleb C, blksmith, 1315 Md av ne, h 1313 

Md av ne 
Clark Caleb M, elk, 2104 I nw 
Clark Calhoun, fireman, 1215 L nw 
Clark Caroline, wid John W, dressmkr, 2132 

H nw 
Clark Catherine, 128 Schott al ne 
Clark Catherine, 455 P nw 
Clark Charles, elk sig o, 22 8th se 
Clark Charles, engineer, 22 8th se 
Clark Charles H, sig service, 22 8th se 
Clark Charles T, carp, 412 3d se 
Clark Clara D, elk pat o, 1111 F nw 
Clark Cornelia, servt, 2026 G nw 
Clark Cornelius, hackman, 1619 L nw 
Clark Cornelius P, elk s g o, 406 Boundary nw 
Clark D, wid William, 907 14th se 
Clark Daniel, 413 5th se 
Clark Daniel, elk pat o, Baltimore, Md 
Clark Daniel, farmer, 1002 22d nw 
Clark Daniel, lab, 1023 N J av nw 
Clark David, mess, 1703 N nw 
Clark Dennis, lab, 319 Pleasant al sw 
Clark Edmund A, lab, 430 9th sw 
Clark Edward, architect U S 

Capitol, 417 Itli nw 
Clark Edward, carp, 1243 8th nw 
Clark Edward, elk, 1117 F nw 
Clark Edward, coachmkr, 2116 F nw 
Clark Edward, driver, 3248 M nw, Gtn 
Clark Edward, lab, 633 I se 
Clark Edward P, journalist, 1420 NY av, h 

1217 I nw 
Clark Eliza, servt, 805 9th nw 
Clark Elizabeth, laundress, 6 Sumner row nw 


Real Estate Agents ana Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China, Glass Grocery Ware 


&2Tg. 923 Penn Avenue. 

Clark Elizabeth, servt, 2d nr N ne 
Clark Elizabeth, wid James, 2138 9th nw 
Clark Elizabeth, wid Richard, 220 14th sw 
Clark Elizabeth A, wid Joseph, 2004 I nw 
Clark Elizabeth H, wid Albert, 919 I nw 
Clark Ellen, wid John, grocer, 208 F sw 
Clark Ellen, wid Walter, 1355 L se 
Clark Ellen, wid Wright, 15 Cook al nw 
Clark Emeline, 313 L nw 
Clark Emily, housekeeper, 2116 N nw 
Clark Emma, wid Wilson, dressmkr, 2528 F nw 
Clark Emma, elk, 1110 13th nw 
ClarkEmma J, wid Nelson, washei',1432 12thnw 
Clark Emma L, elk cen, 18 Mass av nw 
Clark Eugene B, asst ex pat o, 1307 Q nw 
Clark Ezra W, chief rev marine div, Woodley 

rd nw 
Clark Ferdinand, coachman, 1832 M nw 
Clark Florence L, elk g 1 o, 504 Maine av sw 
Clark Frank, butcher, Anacostia 
Clark Frank, printer bu eng, 208 7th sw 
Clark Frank A, elk treas d, 204 Pa av e 
Clark Freeman, lab, 2002 Boundary nw 
Clark George, agt, 1304 Pa av se 
Clark George B, slater, 12th and Ohio av, 415 

6th sw 
Clark George B jr, stenographer, 415 6th sw 
Clark George C, elk, 1339 29th nw, Gtn 
Clark George 1^, chief paymas- 
ter's division 4th auditor 
treasury, 905R nw 
Clark George N, elk p o, 232 C ne 
Clark Harriet, 1532 5th nw 
Clark Harry, elk treas d, 491 Mo av nw 
Clark Harry, journalist, 1336 G nw 
Clark Harry F, elk, 415 6th sw 
Clark Harry G, lawyer, 414 A se 
Clark Harry W, elk, 468 M sw 
Clark Harvey, bartender, 1248 11th se 
Clark Henrietta, 1102 22d nw 
Clark Henrietta, servt, 205 E nw 
Clark Henry C, stenogrphr int rev, 728 12th nw 
Clark Henry H, elk 6th aud o, 22 8th se 
Clark Henry L, letter carrier, 325 6th se 
Clark Hervey E, elk treas d, 491 Mo av nw 
Clark Horace, servt, 321 3d sw 
Clark Horace G, porter, 321 3d sw 
Clark Ida, servt, 618 3d sw 
Clark I Edwards, elk bu edu, 1225 N T av nw 
Clark Isabella, 444 Q nw 
Clark Isabella, washer, 1127 3d nw 
Clark Jacob, driver, 1809 S nw 
Clark James, blksmith, 1321 35th nw, Gtn 
Clark James, driver, 327 3d sw 
Clark James, gardener, Botanical Garden 
Clark James, grocer, N nr i sw 
Clark James, grocer, 706 3d sw 
Clark James, lab, 2103 C nw 
Clark James, plasterer, 714 Mass av ne 
Clark James, prod dealer, 240 1st sw 
Clark James, waiter, 321 3d sw 
Clark James, waiter, 321 3d se 
Clark James A, elk treas d, 1113 S nw 
Clark James A, grocer, I c 22dnw, h 1711 G nw 
Clark James A, proofreader, 2127 I nw 

ibrary Lampa 


Clark James B, machinist, 1625 N J av nw 
Clark James E, cattle, Bunker Hill rd 
Clark James H, elk, 808 E Capitol 
Clark James J, o U S weights and measures, 

919 E Capitol 
Clark James M, elk, 1711 G nw 
Clark James M, engineer, 602 B se 
Clark James W Rev, pastor Chapel of the 

Holy Communion, Va av nr 22d nw 
Clark Jane, wid Edward, 1414 Samson nw 
Clark Jane, wid Edwin, servt, 1422 10th nw 
Clark Jane, wid N M, 445 Mass av nw 
Clark Jane H, 1004 D sw 
Clark Janie C, dressmkr, 704 L nw 
Clark John, engineer, 603 A se 
Clark John, grocer, 824 7th sw 
Clark John, lab, 111 4i sw 
Clark John, lab, 942 R nw 
Clark John, lab, 1640 4th nw 
Clark John, mechanic use and gso, 808 E 

Clark John, painter, 1532 5th nw 
Clark John, plasterer, 1254 3d sw 
Clark John A, grocer, 1000 F nw, h 1006 I nw 
Clark John A, waiter, 343 S C av ne 
Clark John B, huckster, 727 19th nw 
Clark John B, supt property D C, 504 Me av sw 
Clark John B jr, M. C, 1335 F 

Clark John D, lawyer, 1203 H nw 
Clark John E, bkkr, 428 10th nw 
Clark John F, 2913 Olive av nw, Gtn 
Clark John H, 1703 N Y av 
Clark John N, elk, 808 E Capitol 
Clark John T, carp, 63 K nw 
Clark John T C, notary public, 324 12th nw, h 

1914 M nw 
Clark John W, elk, 118 C se 
Clark John W, elk, 309 G nw 
Clark Joseph, fruit stand, M c 32d nw, Gtn 
Clark Joshua, grocer, 1248 11th se 
Clark Julius A, caterer, 616 E nw,h 1133 20th nw 
Clark Lavinia Mrs, 1401 13th nw 
Clark Lawrence, cook, 1823 L nw 
Clark Lawrence, restaurant, 1020 7th sw 
Clark Leah, wid James, 131 A ne 
Clark Leonard C, lab, Montello 
Clark Lewis P, grocer, 1906 14th nw 
Clark Lizzie, servt, 344 G sw 
Clark Lizzie, servt, 1410 7th nw 
Clark Lizzie M, servt, 1104 12th nw 
Clark Louis, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Clark Lucy A, servt, 1467 Pierce pi nw 
Clark Maggie, laundress, 311 S C av se 
Clark Mandemus, coachman, 1339 27th nw, Gtn 
Clark Marcus L, ship joiner, 116 7th ne 
Clark Margaret, servt, 923 20th nw 
Clark Maria C, wid Columbus, dressmkr 704 

L nw 
Clark Maria L, dressmkr, 1740 K nw 
Clark Marsh B, mess, 55 C se 
Clark Marshall, lab, 1012 4th ne 
Clark Martha, wid Charles, al nr 1st nw 
Clark Martha, wid Henry, washer, 216 1st sw 
Clark Martha, laundress, 1644 4th nw 
Clark Martha, servt, Nichols row ne 
Clark Martha A, elk 6th aud o, 1219 11th nw 
Clark Mary, elk, 813 U sw 
Clark Mary, cook, 2210 H nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORK. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. ^^ffiftii* 




For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 


Clark Mary, laundress, 1124 N J av nw 

Clark Mary, laundress, 421 6th se 

Clark Mary, servt, 58 C nw 

Clark Mary, servt, Kendall green ne 

Clark Mary A, elk treas d, 2211 H nw 

Clark Mary F, wid Rev A B, 414 A se 

Clark Mary L Mrs, 428 10th nw 

Clark M E, dressmkr, 1133 20th nw 

Clark Michael, grocer, 1100 21st nw 

Clark Minty, cook, 2812 O nw, Gtn 

Clark Morris, elk, 716 6th nw 

Clark Moses, coachman, 1218 N nw 

Clark Nancy, wid Odenton, 632 Cox al nw 

Clai-k Nanny, wid John, 735 11th nw 

Clark Norris A, architect, 428 10th nw 

Clark Perry, coachman, 1147 19th nw 

Clark Peter J, bartender, 801 13th nw 

Clark Phoebe A, dressmkr, 310 N Y av nw 

Clark Reuben B, grocer, 1201 4J sw, h 1501 

Mass av nw 
Clark Richard, steward, 941 N nw 
Clark Robert, gardener, 1644 4th nw 
Clark Robert, lab, 2222 E nw 
Clark Robert, plasterer, 1203 3d sw 
Clark Robert, porter, 610 21st nw 
Clark Robert W, engineer, 704 L nw 
Clark Rose, servt, 3121 O nw, Gtn 
Clark R Walker, printer, 1023 9th nw 
Clark Samuel, cook, 413 5th se 
Clark Samuel, waiter, Emmet House 
Clark Samuel, waiter, Simms al nw 
Clark Samuel H, coach painter, 131 A ne 
Clark Samuel T, 1319 C se 
Clark Sarah, elk, 824 7th sw 
Clark Selden N, journalist, 1322 F nw, h 910 

I nw 
Clark Seth L, elk ord o, 14 6th se 
Clark Seth W, recorder land office, 1416 Cor- 
coran nw 
Clark Sidney, laundress, 1147 19th nw 
Clark Sophia, nurse, 920 10th nw 
Clark Stella M, music teacher, 722 6th nw 
Clark Stuart D Mrs, 1431 L nw 
Clark Susan, wid Henry, 344 G sw 
Clark Susan V, wid Lot, P c 29th nw, Gtn 
Clark Susie, 915 F nw 
Clark T Edward, lumber, wood and coal, 910 

Va av se, h 907 14th se 
Clark Theodore, lab, Blagden's al nw 
Clark Theophilus, driver, 2117 Boundary nw 
Clark Thomas, carp, 327 3d sw 
Clark Thomas, lab, 912 Pa av nw 
Clark Thomas, lab, 440 2d sw 
Clark Thomas, policeman, 1616 Corcoran nw 
Clark Thomas, shoemkr, 2210 H nw 
Clark Thomas A, elk, 55 C se 
Clark Thomas C, elk cen o, 15017th nw 
Clark Thomas E, blksmith, 517 11th se 
Clark Thomas F, elk, 1110 M nw 
Clark Thomas J (D M Ream & Co), American 

Clark Thomas J, police, 1618 Corcoran nw 
Clark Thomas L, elk, 50813th nw 
Clark Thomas R, hostler, 436 6J sw 
Clark Virginia, cleaner, 430 9th sw 
Clark Walter I>, manager Howe 

Machine Co, 1507 lOth nw 
Clark Wellington, lab, 1921 E nw 
Clark William, 1619 L nw 

Clark William, cook, 629 N J av nw 

Clark William, lab, 620 3d sw 

Clark William, lab, 1339 27th nw, Gtn 

Clark William, servt, 412 22d nw 

Clark William D (Ker, Clark & Trunnel) and 

(Trunnel, Clark & Co), 507 H nw 
Clark William E, bkkr, 338 C nw 
Clark William E, prop Queenstown cattle 

yard, 301 E nw 
Clark Wm F", paperhanging-s. 

1113 F nw, h 929 1% Y av nw 


(Late L. F. Clark & Sons,) 

Foreign & American Paper Hangings, 

Window Shades, Mattings, Bedding, &c, 
1113 F STREET, NW. 

Clark William H, barber, 2727 Dumbarton av 

nw, Gtn 
Clark William F, butcher, Anacostia 
Clark William H, barber, 44 Dumbarton, Gtn 
Clark William H, lab, 4'^4 K nw 
Clark William H, plasterer, 1817 S nw 
Clark William Penn, lawyer, 525 13th nw 
Clark William X, chief cleric in- 
ternal revenue, li 681 E Capitol 
Clark William Y, lawyer, 1729 8th nw 
Clarke Addie S, bu eng, 913 I nw 
Clarke Alexander S, elk, 1117 K nw 
Clarke Alfred J, reporter, 302 7th sw 
Clarke Ann, 716 H sw 
Clarke Annie, elk, 302 E Capitol 
Clarke Anthony J (Schwing & Clarke), 627 

7th nw 
Clarke Benedict F, printer, 217 Del av ne 
Clarke Bernard A, elk pen o, 1106 B ne 
Clarke Bertha M, proprietor Irving circulating 

library, 929 18th nw 
Clarke Caroline, wid Hannibal H, 214 H sw 
Clarke Charles L, carp, 318 C nw 
Clarke Charles S J, elk cen o, Hillman House 
Clarke Clarence M, civ eng, 501 C ne 
Clarke Cora, 1428 Corcoran nw 
Clarke Daniel, butcher, Ridge rd 
Clarke I>aniel 15 I>r, president 
National Bank of Repnhlic 
and president Franklin Fire 
Insurance Company, 1 008 13th 
Clarke Elinora, wid Thomas, 302 E Capitol 
Clarke Elizabeth, wid William, 302 7th sw 
Clarke Ethan C, elk 5th aud, 19 Grant pi nw 
Clarke F Cooper, 1421 N Y av nw 
Clarke F M, lawyer, 1621 6th nw 
Clarke George A, elk U S S, 7 B nw 
Clarke George H, asst ex pat o, 233 Pa av se 
Clarke George M, real estate, 709 7th nw 
Clarke Gustavus A, drkpr sup court, 217 Del 

av ne 
Clarke Harry, carp, 327 11th se 
Clarke Henry, mess pat o, 424 K nw 
Clarke Henry A (Clarke & Given), 1117 K nw 
Clarke Henry D, librarian, 211 A ne 
Clarke Herman J, elk treas d, 18th 5th se 
Clarke James, lab, G nr 10th sw 
Clarke James A, notary public, 222 4£ nw, h 

403 H ne 
Clarke James H (J H Clarke & Co) 1117 K nw 
Clarke J H & Co (James H and Henry A 

Clarke), grocers, 1920 7th nw 
Clarke John A, lawyer, 319 4J nw, h 217 Del 
av ne 

Writes at 1 5 per Cent. Less than any other Co. 





Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Clarke John A, printer, 302 7th sw 
Clarke John A, steward, 643 S C av se 
Clarke John H, painter, 329 11th se 
Clarke John VV, elk, 809 1st nw 
Clarke Joseph, lab, 1203 21st nw 
Clarke Joseph A, elk cen, 728 12th nw 
Clarke Julia A, wid Joseph, 639 A ne 
Clarke Lettie, washing, 3333 S nw, Gtn 
Clarke Lizzie, wid Shelby, 1108 H nw 
Clarke Louisa, wid Samuel, 1224 Md av ne 
Clarke Margaret, washer, 473 L sw 
Clarke Mary A, wid Isaac, 604 9th nw 
Clarke Mortimer, elk navy, 604 9th nw 
Clarke Nathan K. insurance, 530 

9th nw, h 301 ME nw 
Clarke Nathl D, carp, 421 13th, se 
Clarke O I* O, deputy commis- 
sioner of* pensions, 137 I> se 
Clarke Paul F R, police, 623 Pa av nw 
Clarke Peter G, elk war d, 1118 10th nw 
Clarke Peter J, stonemason, 1531 34th nw Gtn 
Clarke Rufus L B, ex-chief pat o, 216 N J av se 
Clarke Samuel, lab, 1224 Md av ne 
Clarke Samuel H, cook, 413 5th se 
Clarke Silas C, chief internal 
revenue division 1st comp- 
troller treasury, 501 Stanton pi 
Clarke Susanna, wid Milton, 1453 Mass av nw 
Clarke Thomas E, blksmith, 14th nr C sw 
Clarke Thomas P, elk bu eng, Baltimore, Md 
Clarke Victoria, pressfeeder, 1224 Md av ne 
Clarke Virginia H, elk compt cur, 211 N Capi- 
Clarke William, carp, 1008 18th nw 
Clarke Wm, shoemkr, 312 3d se, h 118 D se 
Clarke William, lab, B nr 19th nw 
Clarke William A, barber, 1717 34th nw Gtn 
Clarke William H, agent National Associated 

Press, 1416 F nw, h 1336 G nw 
Clarke William J (Cf Churchman & Co), 

Dover, Del 
Clarke Wm J, stairbuilder, 1905 N H av nw 
Clarke William J P, elk treas, 1310 T nw 
Clarke William S, elk ago, 825 18th nw 
Clarke Wm S, florist, Bladensburg rd 
Clarke & Given (Henry A Clarke 
and John T Given), coal, 420 
10th n w and 12th c Cnw, depot 
c Sth and Water sw 



Clarkson William F, bkbndr, 87 Myrtle ne 
Clarkson William G H, lime, ft S Capitol, h 

1242 5th nw 
Clarkson Robert, bldr, 1238 5th nw 
Clarney Michael, butcher, 700 4th ne 
Clarridge James A (Butler & Clarridge), 318 3d: 

| Clarridge Wm H, plumber, 28 H ne 
Clarvoe Frank A, elk, 1114 9th nw 
Clarvoe George W, mess, 523 7th sw 
Clarvoe G William, carp, 1114 9th nw 
Clarvoe Henry C, painter, 903 4J sw 
Clarvoe John T, plate printer, 907 I nw 
Clarvoe John W, bu eng, 907 I nw 
Clarvoe Napoleon B, driver, 2202 13th nw 
Clarvoe Robert, telegrapher, 523 7th sw 
Clarvoe Rose, wid John A W, 523 7th sw 
Clarvoe Sarah J, wid Geo W, 1114 9th nw 
Clary James D, elk, 800 10th nw 
Clary Mollie A, 705 K nw 

Clary Wilbert (Schafer & Clary), 1530 Co- 
lumbia nw 
Claspie John W, engineer, 917 6th sw 
Clande Hammond, agent Key* 
stone Pickle and Vinegar 
Works, 6SO 3d nw, It 300 G nw 




4^5 Q lOtli St., nw., 
Water, Cor. Sth St., sw., and 12th Cor. C, nw. 

Clarkson Annie, wid John, 301 H ne 
Clarkson Catherine, seamstress, 930 Del av ne 
Clarkson Elizabeth A, bu eng, 504 Md av sw 
Clarkson Francis B, printer, 27 E nw 
Clarkson James, bricklayer, 2020 8th nw 
Clarkson John F, printer, 27 E nw 
Clarkson John W, printer, 333 Mo av nw 
Clarkson Margaret E C, wid Thomas E, 929 

Md av sw 
Clarkson Robert B, elk, 1238 5th nw 

630 3d St. , nw., Washington, D. 0. 


Keystone Pickle & Vinegar Works, 
F. & J. HEINZ, Prop'rs, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Also Depot for Joseph Campbells Celebrated Mince 
Meat, Fine Preserves, Jellies, Fruit Butters, &c. 

Claudy Frank, elk cen o, 1109 S nw 
Claughton Hierome O (HO&R Claughton), 

207 Enw 
Claughton HO&R (Hierome and Rodolphe- 

Claughton), lawyers, 480£ La av nw 
Claughton Rodolphe (HO&R Claughton).. 

207 E nw 
Claveloux Francis A, elk sig o, 1808 E Capitol 
Clawson James, policeman, 1903 8th nw 
Claxton Arthur B, elk, 1451 Pierce pi nw 
Claxton James, coachman, Tremont House 
Claxton Louisa, wid John, servt, 1218 23d nw 
Claxton Richard W, carp, 450 6J sw 
Claxton Richard W, lab, 2061 7th nw 
Claxton Richard W, printer, 203 F nw 
Clay Annie, servt, 2804 N nw, Gtn 
Clay Cecil, elk s g o, 1326 N Y av nw 
Clay Emily S, wid James, 1105 K nw 
Clay Henry, driver, 723 2d sw 
Clay Henry, lab, r 2726 nw, Gtn 
Clay Henry, mess, N Y av c 20th nw 
Clay James H, steward, 1021 19th nw 
Clay Joseph, lab, 916 O nw 
Clay Nettie, servt, 3013 Dumbarton av nw, Gte 
Clayborn Alexander, shoemkr, Queen al nw 
Clayborne Alice, servt, 1735 E nw 
Clayborne Charles, lab, 1735 E nw 
Clayborne Henry, lab, 1917 E nw 
Clayton Addison, painter, 414 D se 
Clayton Buck, lab, 1821 West al nw 
Clayton Enoch W, carp, 1732 Vt av nw 
Clayton James R, carp, 1732 Vt av nw 
Clayton John, porter, 412 Franklin nw 

IWIVT P VfiTTlVT C ^ ea * Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

If 111b km I U U II U| 143© NEW YORK ATE. 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold by all Druggists and at 911 7th St. 

Clayton Lizzie V, teacher, 1732 Vt av nw 
Clayton William E, bkkpr, 625 A se 
Clayton William H, baggage agent, 334 2d ne 
Clayton William M, contractor, 2126 14th nw 
Clear Albert W, elk ego, 306 14th sw 
Clear Alpheus, elk war d, 306 14th sw 
Clear James H, elk cen o, 456 Me av sw 
Clear Robert L, elk s g o, 327 11th sw 
Clear Sarah J, boarding, 1908 H nw 
Cleary A M, elk pen o, 1535 8th nw 
Cleary Ann F, wid S, 800 10th nw 
Cleary Elizabeth, wid, 3613 O nw, Gtn 
Cleary Francis D, elk H R, 1229 13th nw 
Cleary Hannah, wid William, 313 11th sw 
Cleary James, lab, 404 K se 
Cleary James K, elk, 800 10th nw 
Cleary James K (Hume, Cleary & Co),313 11th 

Cleary Johanna, wid James, 210 K ne 
Cleary John, lab, 1220 27th nw, Gtn 
Cleary John T, marines 404 K se 
Cleary Maggie, 928 N T av nw 
Cleary Margaret, wid William, 25 F nw 
Cleary Mary, Wilson nw 
Cleary Morris, plumber, 2306 G nw 
Cleary N F, elk pen o, 1535 8th nw 
Cleaver David, elk war d, 1301 Mass.av nw 
Cleaves Cassa, elk, 15 F ne 
Cleaves Thomas P, elk sen, 627 G sw 
Cleeves Arnold, elk navy yd, 1128 B ne 
Clegett Maria, servt, 711 K nw 
Cleggett Julia, servt, 1219 F nw 
Cleggett Margaret, servt, 1012 4th ne 
Cleggett Nettie, servt, 1219 F nw 
Cleggett Samuel, lab, 446 Washington nw 
Clemans Mary C, wid William, 400 4th se 
Clemans Sallie G, elk treas d, Hamilton House 
Clemens Samuel, lab, 2114 C nw 
Clemens William, lab, 120 L sw 
Clemens William, lab, 1236 8th nw 
Clement Elizabeth, bu eng, 227 3d nw 
Clement Frank, plate printer, 1222 10th nw 
Clements A Francis, carp, 1016 8th nw 
Clements Alex H, elk state d, 34th c O nw,Gtn 
Clements Alexander I, elk, 1820 M nw 
Clements Alexander N, captain, 1328 34th, Gtn 
Clements Amanda, washer, rKnr 25th nw 
Clements Aquilla, porter, 623 N Y av nw 
Clements Arthur M, elk 6th aud, 420 11th se 
Clements Barbara, wid William, restaurant, 

1425 H ne 
Clements Barbara C,flower embalmer,615 K nw 
Clements Charles A, elk pat o, 617 I nw 
Clements Charles A, machinist, 1820 M nw 
Clements Clara, seamstress, 95 Myrtle ne 
Clements Edmund C, carp, 1016 8th nw 
Clements Edward H, prod, 52 Riggs and 86 

Western mkts, h 1235 32d nw, Gtn 
Clements Elizabeth, 617 I nw 
Clements Elizabeth, servt, 1316 T nw 
Clements Ella, seamstress, 95 Myrtle ne 
Clements Ella V, 1505 5th nw 
Clements Ellen, wid William A, 401 11th se 
Clements Etta, seamstress, 1034 5th ne 
Clements Eunice, wid Sidney, 709 N C av se 
Clements Fannie, 808 22d nw 
Clements Francis M, paper hanger, 1743 T nw 
Clements Francis W, elk cen, 615 K nw 
Clements George E, bu eng, 2411 Pa av 

Clements Hannah, laundress, 623 N Y av nw 
Clements Horace, machinist, 3313 Water, Gtn 
Clements J H, elk pen o, Portsmouth, Va 
Clements James E, teacher, 1220 32d nw, Gtn 
Clements James T,undertaker,123532d nw,Gtn 
Clements Jerome, shoemkr, 1242 36th nw, Gtn 
Clements Jane N, 921 9th nw 
Clements Jane, servt, 523 7th sw 
Clements John, coachman, 319 C nw t 

Clements John T, elk, 716 Boundary nw 
Clements John T, elk pen o, 325 1st ne 
Clements John T, newsdealer, 400 9th nw, h 

923 D nw 
Clements John T, printer, 615 K nw 
Clements John W, asst ex pat o, 1223 23d nw 
Clements Joseph, mess, 2323 H nw 
Clements Joseph C, elk ind o, 720 11th nw 
Clements Joseph E, tailor, 2026 35th nw, Gtn 
Clements Joseph M, paver, 1034 5th ne 
Clements Leonard L, dep col int rev, 1621 34th 

nw, Gtn 
Clements Louis F, dep col customs, 502 7th sw 
Clements Mary L, widow H, 1820 M nw 
Clements Mary A, wid J G, 460 C sw 
Clements Mary E, elk int rev, 604 13th nw 
Clements Nancy, wid Wesley, Md av c 11th sw 
Clements Rebecca, wid Thomas, 720 D sw 
Clements Richard, driver, r K nr 25th nw 
Clements Richard, lab, Snow al nw 
Clements Richard A, lightning rods, La av c 

7th nw, h 1014 F nw 
Clements Samuel B, pen agt, 615 K nw 
Clements Sarah N, wid Wm H,2013 35th nw,Gtn 
Clements Simon, driver, 1119 5th nw 
Clements Sophia, nurse, 321 Mo av nw 
Clements Stephen, plasterer, 630 11th ne 
Clements Thomas A, police, 417 C se 
Clements William, bartender, 1425 H ne 
Clements William H, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Clements William T, elk, 1820 M nw 
Clements William W, lab, 2325 H nw 
Clementson Edward, blksmith, 1028 Jefferson 

nw, Gtn 
Clementson Henrietta, wid Henry, 345 E sw 
Clementson William H, lab, 3328 P nw, Gtn 
Clemmens Mary E, wid William, 626 K ne 
Clemons Frank, driver, \ nr N sw 
Clendaniel George S, elk navy yard, 405 8th se 
Clendaniel Louis, telephone mess, 4058th se 
Clendenen William J, elk a g o, 183 Franklin 

Clendenin Paul, elkbu stats, 1653 32d nw,,Gtn 
Clephane James, 1225 K nw 
Clephane James O, stenographer, 517 7th nw, 

h 420 3d nw 
Clephane Lewis, 1225 K nw 
Cleveland Ann, wid John, boarding, 3249 M 

nw, Gtn 
Cleveland Burton, driver, Child's al se 
Cleveland Charles H, navy, 313 C se 
Cleveland Herald, 501 14th nw 
Cleveland James, fireman, 3233 Prospect av 

nw, Gtn 
Cleveland John, fireman, 501 G sw 
Cleveland Mary F, teacher, 208 A ne 
Cleveland Mary L, 315 4i nw 
Clever William E, vet surg, 811 19th nw, h^474 

Pa av nw 
Cleverdon Joseph S, elk p m g o, Falls 

Church, Va 
Clifford Edward A, elk, 933 G nw 
Clifford Frank, elk ago, 1340 Mass av nw 
Clifford. Nathan, associate jus- 
tice Supreme Court 17 S, Na- 
tional Hotel 







Importers and Dealers in 

China, Glass Crocleryfare 

a AND 


gg-tfo. 923 JPenn Avenue, 

Clifford Thomas, lab Insane Asylum 

Clifford Thomas, lab, 212 C se 

Clifford Thomas A, marine, 740 9th se 

Clifford Washington I, agent, 632 B se 

Clift George S, bricklayer, 419 7th sw 

Clift Joseph W, physician, 1117 Mass av nw 

Clift Susan R, elk cen o, 1117 Mass av nw 

Clift Walter L, elk treas d, 1117 Mass av nw 

Clifton Alphonsa, wid Arthur, 926 P nw 

Clifton Charles R, elk s g o, 947 Mass av nw 

Clifton John, lab, 421 1st nw 

Clifton John, waiter, 801 13th nw 

Clifton Marcia, teacher, 926 P nw 

Clifton Theodora E, elk pod, 1611 10th nw 

Cline Jacob C, 109 6th se 

Cline James, lab, 2403 H nw 

Cline George H, elk g 1 o, 623 Mass av ne 

Cline William, watchman, 1102 I nw 

Clingan Amanda S A, elk treas d, 1016 Mass 

av nw 
Clinkett Thomas, huckster, 114 Va av sw 
Clinkins Clara, servt, 430 17th nw 
Clinkins Edward J, lab, 309 9th ne 
Clinkins Harriet, washer, 430 17th nw 
Clinkins James, boatman, 430 17th nw 
Clinkins Robert, lab, 748 9th se 
Clinkscales Samuel, blksmith, 1006 C nw, h 

1113 Park pi ne 
Clinkscales Samuel P, blksmith, 231 13J sw 
Clinton Edward, lab, 311 9th ne 
Clinton Helen, wid Jesse B, 115 Md av ne 
Clinton House (John R Gheen, prop'r), 826 

7th nw 
Clinton James, bookbinder, 617 9th ne 
Clinton John A, lab, 2722 Poplar, nw, Gtn 
Clinton Martha A, servt, 311 9th ne 
Clinton Mary, servt, 113 F ne 
Clinton William T, policeman, 218 13th ne 
Clipper Charles, barber, 911 11th nw 
Cloffer Benjamin, watchman, 316 C ne 
Clokey John E, carp, 705 13th nw 
Clokey Lola, elk, 705 13th nw 
Clokey Samuel D, elk, 1325 Mass av nw 
Clokey Susan R, 1227 G nw 
Clokey Julia F, elk cen, 705 13th nw 
Clomax Griffin, shoemkr, 1208 1st se 
Clomes Benjamin, lab, 348 E sw 
Clore Nellie, servt, 1618 Q nw 
Clore Savannah, servt, 127 C ne 
Clores Joseph A, waiter, 1713 R I av nw 
Close Charles, folder, 1003 8th se 
Close Lewis G, elk 3d aud, 1111 S C av se 
Close Mary, copyist, 732 13th nw 
Clotworthy James, liq and cig, 1017 7th nw 
Clotworthy James jr, barkeeper, 1017 7th nw 
Cloud Thomas, lab, 2220 H nw 
Clough Mrs, 1309 30th nw, Gtn 
Clough David, Lyon House 
Clough Jennie, Anacostia 
Clous Charles, folder Capitol, bds 1003 8th se 
Clow Fannie, servt, 506 12th nw 
Clum Andrew H W, elk 6th aud, 1429 Corco- 
ran nw 
Clum Henry R (Clum & Dingman), 1429 Cor- 
coran nw 

anges and Furnace^ 


Clum & Dingman (Henry II 
Clum and Harrison Dingman). 
claims, 816F nw 


General Collection & Claim Agency^ 


P. O. Box, 262. 

Clune Dennis, elk, 24 5th ne 

Clune Michael, overseer, Washington Asylum 

Cluss Adolph (Cluss & Schulze), 413 2d nw 

Cluss Adolph jr, 413 2d nw 

Cluss & Schulze (Adolph Cluss & 

Paul Schulze), architects, 5 

Corcoran building 


Architects, Civil Engineers, 

and Superintendents, 

Office, Northeast cor. 15th and Penn'a Ave., 


Clute Theodore N, elk, 1216 Md av sw 
Clyatt Kate, elk, 818 9th nw 
Clyde Line of* Steamers, 13th st 
wharf sw and Water, Gtn 

Clymer Geo, med director, U S N, 1617 H nw 

Coagy Eliza, servt, 134 Pierce nw 

Coagy John, lab, 134 Pierce nw 

Coagy Mary C, dressmkr, 134 Pierce nw 

Coakey Lewis, huckster, 101 E sw 

Coakley Ann M, hominy, 1125 30th nw, Gtn 

Coakley Benjamin, lab, 418 Washington nw 

Coakley Daniel, baker, 243 3d sw 

Coakley Frances E, dressmkr, 1242 Potomac 

nw, Gtn 
Coakley Gabriel, lab, 1606 Corcoran nw 
Coakley Gertrude, seamstress, 1606 Corcoran 
Coakley George F, mess, 1212 28th nw, Gtn 
Coakley John, 1902 16th nw 
Coakley Rosetta E, elk, 127 West, Gtn 
Coakley Sarah, servt, 1606 Corcoran nw 
Coakley Sarah F, 1212 28th nw, Gtn 
Coakley Thomas, lab, 243 3d sw 
Coakley Wm H; confectioner, 243 C sw 
Coan John, printer, 527 N J av nw 
Coan William L, 2008 14th nw 
Coates Anthony, waiter, 920 25th nw 
Coates Charles N, lab, 306 Va av se 
Coates David S, lab, 306 Va av se 
Coates Elizabeth, servt, 1205 G nw 
Coates Harriet, wid Henson, 1615 33d nw, Gto 
Coates James H, lab, 306 Va av se 
Coates John, cook, 1330 L nw 
Coates John H, 1328 Q nw 
Coates Laura, music teacher, 918 10th nw 
Coates Lizzie, washer, 920 25th nw 
Coates Mary E, wid Edward, 2617 Dumbarton 

av nw, Gtn 
Coates Nannie, seamstress, 918 10th nw 
Coates Sarah, servt, 718 11th se 
Coates, Singleton, lab, 3521 Prospect avnw, Gtn 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. ^^SSM* 





Direct from Spain. 

Sweet Catawba, Port and Muscatel, 

at Xander's, 911 7th Street 

Coates Sylvester, stripper, 918 10th nw 

Coates William, hostler, 412 7th nw 

Coatney Bailey, lab, Del av nr H sw 

Coats Alice, servt, 2722 Poplar nw, Gtn 

Coats Charles, lab, 43 C sw 

Coats Dallis, gardener, nr Murdock Mill rd 

Coats Henry, lab, 459 N J av se 

Coats Jesse, plasterer, 41 C sw 

Coats John W, lab, 1125 30th nw,'Gtn 

Coats Linda, servt, 1221 13th nw 

Coats Mary, cook, 1000 Vt av nw 

Coats Priscilla, laundress, 459 N J av se 

Coats Robert, 1109 15th nw 

Coats Robert, waiter, 2104 L nw 

Coats Thomas, lab, 41 C sw 

Coatson Joseph, lab, 1210 19th nw 

Cobaugh Harry A, capt watch treas d, 1612 8th 

Cobaugh William D, watchman, 1612 8th nw 
Cobb Catherine V, elk p o, 1012 10th nw 
Cobb Charles C, elk, 221 D nw 
Cobb Clarence F, elk p g o, Mt Pleasant 
Col>l> Frederick H, civil and 

Eark engineer, I>el av c B ne, 
1013 lOtk aw 
Cobb Nehemiah Rev, 1012 10th nw 
Cobb Norvell H, elk sig o, 926 N Y av nw 
Cobb Sarah, elk govt printing o, 508 13th nw 
Co1>1> Thomas R, M C, 1343 N Y 

av nw 
Cobb Ursula, wid Charles, 221 D nw 
Cobb William N, cutter, 305 9th nw 
Coblenzer George, elk, 913 7th nw 
Coblenzer Simon, clothier, 913 7th nw 
Coberth George M, horseshoer, 1122 8th nw 
Cobum Charles H, elk sig o, 811 1 nw 
Coburn Frederick S, elk cen bu, 1136 7th nw 
Coburn George B, elk g 1 o, 106 C ne 
Coburn Henry C, butter, 493 Centre and 78 

Western mkts, h 2425 K nw 
Cobum J M, elk 6th aud o, 817 12th nw 
Coburn John, watchman, 1555 9th nw 
Coburn Mary E, wid Joseph, 817 12th nw 
Coburn Thomas, driver, 2126 10th nw 
Coburn Turley, plate printer, 320 A ne 
Cochran Alonzo, coachmkr, 706 10th ne 
Cochran Charles jr, supt mail depredations 

pod, Baltimore, Md 
Cochran George (George W Cochran & Co), 

1405 K nw 
Cochran George W (George W Cochran & Co), 

1405 K nw 
Cochran George W & Co (George 
W, John and George Cochran 
and John W Wetherall), tobac- 
conists, 1115 Fa av nw 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Fine Havana Cigars, &c, 

No. 1115 Penn'a Ave., bet. 11th & 12th Sts., 

Cochran John (George W Cochran & Co), 

1405 K nw 
Cochran Joseph, elk p o d, 815 6th nw 
Cochran Margaret, servt, 409 19th nw 

Cochran Marinda, wid Robert, 1005 O nw 

Cochran Mary, cook, 922 17th nw 

Cochrane Charles E (Woodward, Lothrop & 

Cochrane), 604 M nw 
Cochrane James, coachmkr, 216 11th nw, h 

419 9th sw 
Cochrane Sarah, washer, 213 S Capitol sw 
Cock Alfred, elk ago 
Cocker Henry, stonecutter, 1336 22d nw 
Cocker James H, stonecutter, 1336 22d nw 
Cocker William, cutler, 1815 T nw 
Cockerille Samuel J, dentist, 1312 P nw, h 

" Terra Cotta," D C 
Cockle John, elk cen, 2022 G nw 
Cockrell Francis M, U S S, 930 

15th ii w 
Cockrell John H, cigars, 1011 4^ sw, h 1009 4£ 

Cockrill Francis, lab, 1309 I ne 
Cockrill Jane R, fancy goods, 105 6th se 
Cocks Annie M, elk treas d, 723 13th nw 
Coddington Jacob, carp, 14th nr C sw 
Codrick John H, lab, 221 13J sw 
Codrick William F, hackman, 221 13£ sw 
Codwise Jane R, wid John, 1215 11th nw 
Cody Mary J, servt, 1714 Pa av 
! Coe James, 1611 12th nw 
I Coe Spencer A, elk int rev, Falls Church, Va 
I Coethen Alfred, elk ago, Brightwopd 
j Coeyman William H, bu eng, 2416 N nw 
Coffee Cornelius, cook, 1526 Valley nw, Gtn 
Coffee Patrick H, elk d 1 o, 408 6th nw 
Coffey Alfred, mess, 3323 Q nw, Gtn 
Coffey Barbara, washer, 3323 Q nw, Gtn 
Coffey Ellen B, bu eng, 306 C sw 
Coffey Harry K, elk, 1403 H nw 
Coffey James, fireman, pat o 
Coffey John, lab, 1001 8th se 
Coffey Mary, dressmkr, 335 Penn av nw 
Coffey Michael, shoemkr, 1001 8th se 
Coffey Michael jr, shoemkr, 1001 8th se 
Coffey Patrick, lab, 316 C sw 
Coffey Patrick J, grocer, 72 F sw 
Coffey Thomas J, fireman, 340 C sw 
Coffey Titian J, 1403 H nw _ 
Coffin Geo W, commander U S N, 1405 H nw 
Coffin George Y, elk treas d, 1112 11th nw 
Coffin Henry, elk, 521 12th nw 
Coffin Henry W, cik cen o, 716 13th 
Coffin J R, elk pen o, 314 10th se 
Coffin John H C, lieutenant U S N, 1901 1 nw 
Coffin David A, elk, 4th aud o, 1116 15th nw 
Coffman Dilman J, printer, 1939 12th nw 
Coflroth A H, I C, Metropoli- 
tan Hotel 
Cogan Ann Mrs, boarding, 414 H nw 
I Cogan Annie, seamstress, 414 H nw 
| Cogan Catherine, bu eng, 414 H nw 
Cogan Mary, wid Thomas, 800 20th nw 
I Cogan Thomas, machinist, 414 H nw 
j Cogan Thomas F (Cogan & Son), 800 20th nw 
I Cogan William J, gardener, 114 5th se 
j Cogan William N (Cogan & Son), 800 20th nw 
Cogan & Son (Thomas F and William N Co- 
gan), grocers, 800 20th nw 
Coger Charles, lab, 2121 O nw 
Coger Charlotte, wid Wm, 1521 27th nw, Gtn 
Coger Francis, fireman, 2536 P nw, Gtn 
Cogey Eliza, washer, 61 Jackson al nw 
Cogey Emma, washer, 61 Jackson al nw 
Cogey John, lab, 61 Jackson al nw 
Cogey Katie, dressmkr, 926 I ne 
Cogey Lewis, lab, 438 Franklin nw 
Cogey Maria, servt, 1110 Park ne 
Coggins Elizabeth, wid Thomas, 408 E Capitol 

The LARGEST Insurance Co. in the World. 






Marshall & Co's Dry Champagne, 


413 and 415 9th St., nw. 

€oggins Harry, paper agt, 1549 Columbia nw 
Coggins James, station keeper, 2322 I nw 
Coggins John, lab, 208 4& sw 
€oggins Mary A, confectionery, 30 5th ne, h 

419 A ne 
Coggins It Anna, wid John, agt, 408 E Capitol 
Coggins Robert, janitor, 419 A ne 
Coggins Robert F, driver, 419 A ne 
Coggins Samuel S, butcher, 143 and 144 Centre 

and 210 N L mkts, h Bennings rd 
Coggins William F, paperhanger, 2322 I nw 
Cogswell Chas A, driver, 3515 Prospect av, Gtn 
Cogswell Charlotte, servt, 1218 I nw 
Cogswell Maria, servt, 1218 I nw 
Cog-swell Milton, colonel U S A, 
deputy governor Soldiers' 
Cogswell Sarah, wid Nelson, washer, 1218 I nw 
Cogswell Teco, elk cen o, 1005 E nw 
Cogswell William W, bricklayer, 722 F sw 
Cogwell Edmona, servt, 1814 K nw 
Coheane John, printer, 63 H nw 
Cohen Aaron, second hand clothing, 1102 7th 

Cohen Adaline, wid Moses, 711 6th nw 
Cohen Clara, saleslady, 314 D sw 
Cohen Crittenden, lab, 336 1st ne 
Cohen Edward, furrier, 826 6th nw 
Cohen EdwdP, tailor, 1548 1 nw, h 1010 16th'nw 
Cohen Geo S (Cohen & Friedman), 1130 7th nw 
Cohen H 3 pawnbroker, 1007 7th nw, h 1315 8th 

Cohen Isaac, correspondent, 914 Pa av nw 
Cohen Isaac, elk, 1330 7th nw 
Cohen Isaac, tailor, 641 D nw 
Cohen Hart, pawnbroker, 1007 7th nw, h 1318 

8th nw 
Cohen J M & R (Jacob JI and 
Rachel Cohen), pawnbrokers, 
1105 I»a av nw 
Cohen Jacob M (J M & R Cohen), 1105 Pa av 

Cohen James, elk, 630 Pa av nw 
Cohen James, shoes, 622 Pa av nw 
Cohen John, elk, 1105 Pa av nw 
Cohen John W, elk, 630 Pa av nw 
Cohen Julius, clothing, 1104 7th nw 
Cohen Levi, glazier, 641 D nw 
Cohen Levi, shoemkr, 314 D sw 
Cohen Lorenza, lab, Connor's al nw 
Cohen Louisa 1, tailoress, 1010 16th nw 
Cohen Max, printer and adver- 
tising agent, 613 7th nw, h 
810 1 nw 

-AiVRARBER f r\ 


r\ ". Le Droit Bu!ldinG\^ 

Cohen Robert, shoes, 630 I»a av 

nw, li 513 F nw 

Established 1838. 

Boots and Shoes, 

Wholesale and Retail, 
630 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw. 



613 7th St., nw., opp. Patent Office, 


Cohen Morris, elk ago, 1143 10th nw 
Cohen Moses, clothing, 323 4J sw 
Cohen Nora, cook, 2913 P nw, Gtn 
Cohen Philip, clothier, 1130 7th nw 
Cohen Rachel (J M & R Cohen), 711 6th nw 

Cohen Solomon, clothing, 909 D nw 
Cohen William K, elk, 513 F nw 
Cohen & Friedman (George S Cohen and Solo- 
mon Friedman), clothiers, 803 D nw 
Cohill Henry R, coppersmith, 619 G se 
Cohill John P, watchman, 1221 3d se 
Cohill William, brass finisher, 1221 3d se 
Cohn Lewis, fancy goods, 1330 7th nw 
Coke Addie, hairdresser, 925 18th nw 
Coke Allena, elk, 925 18th nw 
Coke David, barber, 627 A se 
Coke Edward A, barber, 925 18th nw 
Coke Emma, folder, 925 18th nw 
Coke Richard, U S S, 1015 t, nw 
Cokeland George, waiter, 1220 R nw 
Colbath Samuel H, bu eng, 112 Mass av nw 
Colbaugh John F, gardener, 1701 20th nw 
Colbert Abigail, wid Alexander, 1523 26th nw 
Colbert Catherine, servt, 2701 K nw 
Colbert Frank, lab, 28 2d ne 
Colbert James E, shoemkr, 450 Ridge nw 
Colbert James M, lab, 343 L sw 
Colbert John, lab, 817 E Capitol 
Colbert John, lab, 1629 Madison nw 
Colbert J ohn, sexton, 109 L nw 
Colbert John B, stonecutter, 419 2d sw 
Colbert John F, mess, 1629 Madison av nw 
Colbert Leonard, lab, 435 Washington nw 
Colbert Lillie, servt, 1523 26th nw, Gtn 
Colbert Louisa, servt, 1523 26th nw, Gtn 
Colbert Maggie C, folder, 421 2d sw 
Colbert Martha E, servt, 3009 P nw, Gtn 
Colbert Mary, servt, 1908 G nw 
Colbert Mary, washer, 328 C sw 
Colbert Mathew, milk, 419 2d sw 
Colbert Michael, lab, 419 2d sw 
Colbert Richard, mess, 1740 F nw 
Colbert Robert R, mess, 1503 P nw 
Colbert Sarah, washer, 613 Bates' al nw 
Colbert Thomas, waiter, 435 Washington nw 
Colbert Tillie, laundress, 1 Goat al nw 
Colbert William, hostler, 28 2d ne 
Colbert William, lab. 418 2d sw 
Colbert William, lab, 723 7th ne 
Colbert William, lab, 412 3d ne 
Colburn Benj J, bricklayer, 1662 Valley, Gtn 
Colburn Charles, coachman, 1154 15th nw 
Colburn Charles, painter, 921 27th nw 
Colburn Geo F J, dentist, 1343 Corcoran nw 
Colburn Grace, servt, Blagden's al nw 
Colburn Hervey, physician, 1407 L nw 
Colburn Mary E, elk cen, 302 Ind av nw 
Colburn Randall, bricklayer, 921 27th nw 
Colburn Rollins, elk, 1515 \ ermont av nw 
Colburn William B, carp, 734 13th nw 
Colburn William H H, dentist, 1407 L nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe, 

PUSKAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORI 


Seal Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. Seep.580» 




For Pure Wines and Liquors for Medi- 
cinal and Family use, go to 
CHRIS. XANDER'S, 911 7th St. N. W. 


CoIl>y Eugene A, general mana- 
ger U S Home and Dower As- 
sociation, 1135 I* ¥ av, h 1328 
14th nw 

Colby George G, elk 2d aud o, 1319 Q nw 
Colby J C S, elk g 1 o, 453 C nw 
Colby William G, carp, 819 4th nw 
Colclaser Joseph, blksinith, 631£ S nw 
Colclazer Daniel V, 1743 S nw 
Colclazer Francis W, 615 K nw 
Colclazer James, lab, 455 K sw 
Colclazer Jane, wid John, 1737 9th nw 
Colclesser Amelia A, wid Wm H, 309 F nw 
Colclesser Richard, 309 F nw 
Colclesser Willie, comedian, 309 F nw 
Colcord Deborah, wid Enoch L, 1309 H nw 
Colcord Eulalie M, elk cen, 1309 H nw 
Colden William H, waiter, 454 Franklin n 
Coldwell Charles, mess, 316 A ne 
Coldwell Joseph T, real estate and notary and 

auctioneer, 806 F nw, h 469 Mo av nw 
Cole Albert, waiter, 5 Chew al nw 
Cole Alexander M, upholsterer, 9 Myrtle ne 
Cole Amanda, wid George, L c Market sp se 
Cole Andrew, waiter, 1830 K nw 
Cole Annie, washer, 1st nr N sw 
Cole Annie A Mrs, 1400 Mass av nw 
Cole Benjamin F, bkkr, 1415 R I av nw 
Cole Benjamin F, elk ago, 715 22d nw 
Cole Charles, driver, 404 Franklin nw 
Cole Charles A, driver, 404 Franklin nw 
Cole Charles C, lawyer, 402 6th nw 
Cole Charles D, draftsman, 908 5th nw 
Cole Charles F, printer, 810 K se . 
Cole Charles H, insurance, 30 Corcoran bldg 
Cole Edward E, printer, 810 K se 
Cole Elisha H, carp, 2116 14th nw 
Cole Eliza M, dressmkr, 1309 12th nw 
Cole Elizabeth, 908 5th nw 
Cole Elizabeth, dressmkr, 1517 P nw 
Cole Emma, elk cen, 303 M nw 
Cole Everett, printer, 810 K se 
Cole Fannie, wid William, Union al nw 
Cole George, bricklayer, 1521 Vt av nw 
Cole George W, barber, 2017 11th nw 
Cole George W, lab, 621 2d sw 
Cole Geo W, waiter, 1236 10th nw 
Cole George W C, elk, 9 Myrtle ne 
Cole Harry, well digger, 410 4i sw 
Cole Harry H, bkkr, 1430 Q nw 
Cole Henry, lab, 933 F sw 
Cole Henry, lab, 213 Willow al sw 
Cole Isaac Rev, pastor second Baptist church 

730 4th se 
Cole Isabella, wid John, 320 B sw 
Cole Ira E, pressman, 305 H ne 
Cole Jackson S, restaurant, 338 Md av ne 
Cole James, lab, Grant rd 
Cole James, oysters, 631 4^ sw 
Cole James, plasterer, 1521 9th nw 
Cole James, watchman, 3508 N nw, Gtn 
Cole James M, lab, 622 2d sw 
Cole James R, contractor, 810 6th nw 
Coles Jane, wid Baker, 320 3d se 
Cole Jane, wid Jeremiah, Columbia rd 
Cole Jennie, servt, 1219 Mass av nw 
Cole Jeremiah, lab, Hillsdale 
Cole Jesse, lab, E nr 3d sw 
Cole John, lab, 466 School sw 

Cole John, lab, 1215 8th nw 

Cole John, musician, 3336 Q nw, Gtn 

Cole John A, blacksmith, 515 6th se 

Cole John A, elk cen, 728 10th nw 

Cole John D, elk cen o, 728 10th nw 

Cole John E, butcher, 71 and 72 Corcoran 

mkt, h Boundary c 10th nw 
Cole John H, brick moulder, 917 1st sw 
Cole John O, elk pen o, 710 11th nw 
Cole John T, bookbinder, 908 5th nw 
Cole John T, elk, N Y av c 14th nw 
Cole Joseph, painter, 715 20th nw 
Cole Joseph, waiter, 301 4th ne 
Cole Joseph W, elk pen o, 1126 19th nw 
Cole Josephine, wid Charles, servt, 3327 Q 

nw, Gtn 
Cole Julia, washer, 1215 8th nw 
Cole Laura, laundress, 417 1st sw 
Cole Lavinia, 1830 K nw 
Cole Lawrence, elk, 18th c L nw 
Cole Lucien (Cole and Anderson), 515 6th se 
Cole Lydia, servt, 1204 Blagden's al nw 
Cole Lydia C, bu eng, 1023 26th nw 
Cole Marcellus (Cole & McElfresh), Laurel,Md 
Cole Margaret, wid Raphael, 3336 Q nw, Gtn 
Cole Maria, servt, 1345 S nw 
Cole Maria, washing, 3337 S nw, Gtn 
Cole Mary, servt, 3324 Q nw, Gtn 
Cole Mary, servt, Willow al sw 
Cole Mary A, servt, 1307 K nw 
Cole Mary Ann, wid Michael, 715 20th nw 
Cole Melvina, wid Robert, washer, 125 10th se 
Cole Nancy, 2024 7th nw 
Cole Nancy, washing, 1706 E nw 

Cole Nathan, handcart, 811 Palmer al nw 

Cole Norman H, police, 1927 9th nw 

Cole Omer V, elk 3d aud, 710 11th nw 

Cole Otto B, elk sig o, 810 6th nw 

Cole Richard, lab, 1307 W nw 

Cole Richard F, machinist, 810 K se 

Cole Robert, 5 Chew al nw 

Cole Robert, cook, 5 Chew al nw 

Cole Robert, lab, 2331 G nw 

Cole Roger, lab, 1st nr O se 

Cole Sabina, wid Thos, laundress, 1717 11th nw 

Cole Samuel, lab, 308 C se 

Cole Samuel J, carp, 210 22d nw 

Cole Sarah, cook, 3324 Q nw, Gtn 

Cole Sarah, servt, 2d nr sw 

Cole Sarah, servt, Willow al sw 

Cole Sarah, wid Robert, 316 3d ne 

Cole Susan, wid Alex, 515 6th se 

Cole Thaddeus I», druggist, 834 
13 ill nw, h 163 I nw 

T. X». COLE, 


No. 824 12th Street, nw. 

First-class Drugs, Medicines, Perfumeries, Toilet 
Articles, &c, &c. 

Cole Thomas S H, elk pen o, 471 H nw 

Cole Virginia, cook, 215 Willow al sw 

Cole Wellington W, elk, 810 6th nw 

Cole William, lab, 2029 H nw 

Cole William, lab, Grant rd 

Cole William, lab, 724 Jackson al, nw 

Cole William, lab, 328 C ne 

Cole William, lab, 1307 W nw 

Cole William A, sailor, Pleasant al, sw 

Cole William B, 1543 Columbia nw 

Cook William C, elk, 1413 L nw 

Cole William H, painter, 920 F sw 

Cole Will P, printer, 1430 Q nw 


Real Estate Aarents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

.China. Bias CrocteyWare 

= AND 


No, 923 Venn Avenue. 

Cole William JP, proprietor Tliy- 

'ole William JP, prop] 
son House, 7tli c jP 


Corner Seventh and P Streets, 

Washington, D. C. 

Farmers' and Drovers' Hotel. 

Rooms furnished, with hoard, on reasonable terms. 
Stabling for 150 horses. 

WM. P. COLE, Proprietor. 

Cole & Anderson (Lucien Cole and James T. 

Anderson), plumbers, 304 B se 
Cole & McElfresh (Marcellus Cole and James 

P. McElfresh), S Capitol nr Ga av se 
Coleback Philip, bu eng, 220 U sw 
Colegate George G, elk, 618 E nw 
Colegate James H, elk state d, 618 E nw 
Coleman Aaron S, elk, 615 G sw 
Coleman Addison, lab, 1228 3d sw 
Coleman Alexander B, barber, 324 8th nw, h 

709 D nw 
Coleman Anderson, shoemkr, 602 E nw 
Coleman Andrew, lab, Union al nw 
Coleman Ann M, elk treas, Alexandria, Va 
Coleman Anna, servt, 324 Ind av nw 
Coleman Anna A, servt, 2610 P nw, Gtn 
Coleman Annie, servt, 418 Franklin nw 
Coleman Annie, washer, 418 Temperance Hall 

Coleman Anthony, lab, 25 Bates' al nw 
Coleman Archie, 512 10th sw 
Coleman Bartley, lab, 325 23d nw 
Coleman Benjamin, bellman, 1450 Q nw 
Coleman Bertha, wid James, 336 G sw 
Coleman Bessie, 150 F ne 
Coleman Bettie, servt, 603 Md av sw 
Coleman Bridget A, folder, 17 Lmgan, Gtn 
Coleman Caroline, wid Daniel, 1920 16th nw 
Coleman Boulden, lab, 606 K sw 
Coleman Charles, elk sig ser, 811 1 nw 
Coleman Charles, lab, 2118 Johnson's al nw 
Coleman Charles H, lab, 1623 6th nw 
Coleman Clara, servt, 1305 6th nw 
Coleman Daniel Col, lawyer, 33 K ne 
Coleman Edith, 340 G sw 
Coleman Edward, lab, 19th nr E Capitol se 
Coleman Edward', lab, 329 3d sw 
Coleman Eliza, g p o, 33 H nw 
Coleman Elizabeth, washer, 5 Covington nw 
Coleman Elizabeth, washer, 416 10th sw 
Coleman Ellen, servt, 736 13th nw 
Coleman Ellen B, wid Robert, 150 F ne 
Coleman Ellen R, Wormley al nw 
Coleman Fannie, wid Stafford, Erie nw 
Coleman Fannie, servt, 507 12th se 
Coleman Florence, washer, Insane Asylum 
Coleman Florence O, dressmkr, 219 3d sw 
Coleman Frank, barber, 1116 7th nw 
Coleman Frank, lab, 1226 1st sw 
Colemrn Frank, lab, 1st nr M sw 
Coleman George, lab, 1458 Samson nw 
Coleman George, lab, 506 4| sw 
Coleman George, lab, 106 M sw 
Coleman George W, lab, 1336 21st nw 




Coleman Griffin B, bkkr, 732 10th nw 

Coleman Harriet, servt, 114 Md av ne 

Coleman Harry L, lab, al nr § sw 

Coleman Henrietta, washer, Grace Church al sw 

Coleman Henry, brickmkr, i nr O sw 

Coleman Henry, engineer, 1036 4th nw 

Coleman Henry, lab, 820 2d sw 

Coleman Henry, mess, 2121 9th nw 

Coleman Henry, lab, 1033 1st sw 

Coleman Isaac, lab, 512 10th sw 

Coleman Isabella, servt, 2100 H nw 

Coleman James (Carpenter & Coleman), Eb- 

bitt House 
Coleman James, coal, 74 P nw 
Coleman James, guard jail, 323 Pa av se 
Coleman James, lab, 131 K nw 
Coleman James, lab, 620 N Capitol 
Coleman James, lab, 19th nr E Capitol se 
Coleman James J, 1232 36th nw, Gtn 
Coleman Jane, wid Washington, 5 Covington 

Coleman Jeremiah, lab, 1249 3d sw 
Coleman John, cook, 1220 E nw 
Coleman John, rags, 9th nr Grant av nw 
Coleman Joseph, lab, Sheridan ave, Hillsdale 
Coleman Joseph C, waiter, 1411 1 nw 
Coleman Joseph M, carp, 807 9th nw 
Coleman Laura, cook, 131 K nw 
Coleman Laura, servt, 2020 14th nw 
Coleman Louisa, servt, 222 Willow al sw 
Coleman Louisa, servt, 750 7th se 
Coleman Lucinda, wid William, 110 Bates nw 
Coleman Malinda, wid Thomas, 353 Vant sw 
Coleman Margaret, servt, 1537 I nw 
Coleman Martha A, servt, 106 M sw 
Coleman Mary Mrs, 1114 6th sw 
Coleman Mary, washer, 418 Temperance Hall al 
Coleman Mary, laundress, 412 1st se 
Coleman Mary A, wid Edward, 405 13£ nw 
Coleman Mary E, nurse, 1330 21st nw 
Coleman Mary W, wid William J, 732 10th, mv 
Coleman Mathew, lab, 418 Temperance Hall al 
1 Coleman Melvina, washer, 1222 3d sw 
' Coleman Minor, lab, Pleasant al sw 
, Coleman Minor, lab, 418 Temperance Hall al 
[ Coleman Moses, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Coleman Nancy, washer, 322 Clark al sw 
Coleman Patrick, lab, 1000 K se 
Coleman Paul, lab, M nr 1st sw 
Coleman Peter, elk, 215 G sw 
Coleman Phoebe, servt, 1317 D nw 
1 Coleman Philip W, elk pen o, 615 A se 
Coleman Rachel, Wormley al nw 
Coleman Richard, lab, 616 K se 
: Coleman Robert, lab, 16th extd nw 
Coleman Robert, lab, 222 Willow al sw 
Coleman Roy, lab, Wilson nw 
! Coleman Sarah, 1525 H nw 
i Coleman Spencer, grocer, Hillsdale 
Coleman Spencer, shoemkr, 1330 21st nw 
Coleman Spencer C, stonecutter, 1608 10th, nw 
Coleman Scott, lab, 1726 21st nw 
Coleman Susan, servt, 72 G sw 
Coleman Timothy, 1232 36th nw, Gtn 
Coleman Thomas, bottler, 215 G sw 
Coleman Thomas, lab, 1212 Blagden's al nw 
Coleman Thomas, watchman, 414 1st nw 
Coleman Thos jr, waiter, 1212 Blagden's al nw 

\IT ]W |> VfiTT fi C Eeal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

¥¥ JLYJU !■ I V U II U$ 1430 NEW YORK ATE. 





(Ives. Clinton, Concord, i call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St 

Coleman Thomas E, mariner, 215 G sw 
Coleman Thomas W, printer, 1805 G nw 
Coleman Wesley S, lab, 2109 N nw } 

Coleman William, florist, 1219 N Y av nw, h 

235 R nw 
Coleman William, lab, 1038 29th nw, Gtn 
Coleman William, lab, 1301 R I av nw 
Coleman William, lab, 1212 Blagden's al nw 
Coleman William, lab, 471 Clark's al sw 
Coleman William, waiter, 407 Washington nw 
Coleman Wm H, cook, 906 Blagden's al nw 
Coleman William H, florist, 423 Centre and 134 

N L mkts, h 235 R nw 
Coleman Wm H, mattress maker, Anacostia 
Coleman William H, salesman, 807 9th nw 
Coleman William M, lawyer, 470 La av nw, h 

Coleman Willianna,, washer, 1608 10th nw 
Coleman Zachariah, lab, 1247 3d sw 
Colestoerry William M, physi- 
cian, 723 HlUa nw 


Office Hours 
7 to 9 A. M. 
4 to 6 P. M. 

Office and Residence, 

723 Fourteenth Street, nw. 

Colerick W CJ, M C, ©23 Pa av n w 

Colgrove George B, painter, 1st nr A se 
Colignon Joseph, bookbinder, 55 L nw 
Colin Julia, nurse, B nr 18th nw 
Colison Charles, carp, 823 6th sw 
Colison Charles C, paperhanger, 825 6th sw 
Colison George Z, lumber insp, 823 6th sw 
Collamer Edwin S, p m reg o treas, 521 12th nw 
Collamer Warren I, asst ex pat o, 1635 10th nw 
Collamore Andrew W, house raiser, 1113 G se 
Collawton Thomas, dairy, 2100 16th nw 
Colledge Charles B R, elk cen, 1520 8th nw 
Collett Eustace I, sec Spanish commission, 

707 9th ne 
Collette John R, elk 3d aud, 427 4th nw 
Colley James W, Hamilton House 
Colley Mary J UIrs, proprietor 

Hamilton House, 1319 K nw 

Haixiilton House, 


Colley William P, 1410 T nw 

Collier Andrew J, painter, 904 L nw 

Collier Charles, attendant Insane Asylum 

Collier Elizabeth, 944 K nw 

Collier James, attendant Insane Asylum 

Collier John, machinist, 400 4th se 

Collier John B, carp, 906 G sw 

Collier Joseph, shoemkr, 639 L nw 

Collier Lewis, porter, 402 3d sw 

Collier Martha, wid Peyton, elk pod, 1523 

Madison av nw 
Collier Peter, chemist agr d, 1423 S nw 
Collier Tillie, 737 9th nw 
Collier William, carriage trimmer, 903 9th nw 
Colliere Lucien E C, prof French, 1538 I nw, 

Colliflower Catherine S, confec, 919 6th sw 

Colliflower Charles E, washing fluid, 919 6th sw 

Colliflower James, carp, 919 6th sw 

Colliflower Jerome, elk, 919 6th sw 

Colliflower John C, carp, 126 3d se 

Collin Achille, artist, 1407 E nw 

Colline Lot, lab, 85 Jackson al ne 

Collins Albert G, tinsmith, 430 I nw 

Collins Alfred, bricklayer, 2312 M nw 

Collins Andrew, lab, 427 Washington nw 

Collins Andrew- , lab, Grant rd 

Collins Andrew J, bartender, 44 Jefferson,Gtn 

Collins Annie, servt, 1464 T nw 

Collins Annie E, wid Geo W, Sherman av nw 

Collins Annie L, elk, 312 3d nw 

Collins Atala F, elk, 1415 8th nw 

Collins B Hudson, elk int rev bu, 723 14th nw 

Collins C D, oysters, 1736 Paav nw,h 1735 Gnw 

Collins Candace K, wid Walter F, 623 G se 

Collins Carter, waiter, 1730 Brainard nw 

Collins Carter, waiter, 1006 F nw 

Collins Cassie M, elk treas d, 831 1st ne 

Collins Catherine, elk treas 1 h b, 831 1st ne 

Collins Charles, painter, Sherman av nw 

Collins Charles D, oysters, 1735 G nw 

Collins Charles H, lab, 2601 D nw 

Collins Charles H, miller, Canal rd 

Collins Charles W, elk cen o, 37 C ne 

Collins Chloe, servt, 27 Va av nw 

Collins Cornelius, plate printer, 924 E nw 

Collins Daniel, driver, 610 H sw 

Collins Daniel, restaurant, 427 12th nw 

Collins Daniel, shipwright, 520 6th se 

Collins David A, bricklayer, 1742 7th nw 

Collins David M, draftsman, 212 13£ sw 

Collins Delia, wid John, B nr 16th ne 

Collins Dennis J, grocer, 1845 L nw 

Collins Douglas, barber, 4 Johnson row nw 

Collins Edith M, teacher, 2018 12th nw 

Collins Ellen, servt, 2212 M nw 

Collins Frederick W, elk ago, 1223 16th nw 

Collins Florence M, teacher, 105 D nw 

Collins Frnnk, elk, 426 11th nw 

Collins Frank, painter, 1244 32d nw, Gtn 

Collins Frank G, elk treas 

Collins Frederick, lieut U S N, 1531 P nw 

Collins Fred C, bricklayer, 1035 17th nw 

Collins Frederick W, elk ago, 1223 16th nw 

Collins Geneta, elk, 202 9th se 

Collins George, elk, 458 K nw 

Collins George, driver, 1063 Jefferson nw, Gtn 

Collins George, lab, Grant rd 

Collins George W, 1735 G nw 

Collins George W, painter, 1415 8th nw 

Collins Hannah, wid James, 315 E sw 

Collins Harriet, washer, 314 Me av sw 

Collins Homer K, machinist, 1521 Caroline nw 

Collins Jacob H, junk dealer, 460 K nw and 260 

3d sw, h 458 K nw 
Collins Jacob W, elk ticket office B & P RR, 

337 Mo av nw 
Collins James, lab, 1215 W nw 
Collins James, lab, 3211 Grace nw, Gtn 
Collins James, lab, 222 H sw 
Collins James A, carp, 704 T nw 
Collins James E, gardener, Broad Branch rd 
Collins James F, carp, 403 14th sw 
Collins James H, lab, 1215 U nw 
Collins James J, mess, 1914 7th nw 
Collins James P, coppersmith, 312 3d nw 
Collins James V, bricklayer, 3412 P nw, Gtn 
Collins J E, bu eng, bds Windsor House 
Collins J Edwards, painter, 477 I nw 
Collins Jennie, servt, 601 13th nw 
Collins Jeremiah, lab, 1117 1st nw 

3WTe*23L©y to IjOXXcSL on H.eal 3E2s&t£*,t©« 






Marshall & Co's Dry Champape, 


413 and 415 9th St., nw. 

Collins Jeremiah, lab, 3615 nw, Gtn 
Collins Jeremiah, mess, 427 Washington 'nw 
Collins John, depot master B & RR, 105 1) 

Collins John, lab, 1613 E Capitol se 
Collins John, lab, 523 10th nw 
Collins John, lab, 1028 30th nw, Gtn 
Collins John, lab, 907 26th nw 
Collins John, shoemkr, 28 Mass av nw 
Collins John, watchman, 2327 G nw 
Collins John G, engineer, 523 10th nw 
Collins John H, elk, 507 13th nw 
Collins John P, elk, 105 D nw 
•Collins John W, driver, 1355 D sw 
Collins John W, gardener, nr Broad Branch rd 
Collins John W (Collins, Ward & Cunning- 
ham), 430 I nw 
•Collins Joseph, bricklayer, 49 Defrees nw 
Collins Joseph F, contractor, 3016 O nw, Gtn 
Collins Josephine, elk gpo, 3414 nw, Gtn 
Collins Josie, 457 P nw 
Collins Kate, printer, 1024 21st nw 
Collins Kate, 3414 O nw, Gtn 
Collins Kate, bu eng, 1845 L nw 
Collins Katie, nurse, 944 L nw 
Collins Lewis E, elk, 1735 G nw 
Collins Louis, lab, 707 H nw 
Collins Lucilla L, folder, 1415 8th nw 
Collins Maggie, 3414 O nw, Gtn 
Collins Maggie, seamstress, 65 2d, Gtn 
•Collins Maggie, servt, 1708 L nw 
Collins Maggie A, elk cen, 1735 G nw 
Collins Margaret E, wid Reuben, 37 C ne 
Collins Martha, elk, 13 Mass av nw 
Collins Martha, laundress, 120 Madison al nw 
Collins Martha, servt, 1517 R I av nw 
Collins Mary, dressmkr, 3113 M nw, Gtn 
Collins Mary, servt, 1409 G nw 
•Collins Mary, washer, 1538 C se 
Collins Mary, wid John, 62 H ne 
Collins Maurice, drover, 610 H sw 
Collins Maurice, lab, 39 Mass av nw 
Collins Michael, lab, 62 H ne 
Collins Michael T, expressman, 27 F nw 
Collins Millard F, painter, Sherman av nw 
Collins Morton, elk bu eng, 1003 E nw 
Collins Nellie, press feeder, 732 8th nw 
Collins Nettie B, elk, 1415 8th nw 
Collins Norville, painter, 303 N nw 
Collins Patty L, wid Nathaniel, 1300 Q nw 
Collins Patrick, expressman, 31 F nw 
Collins Patrick, lab, 62 H ne 
Collins Patrick, lab, 41 Mass av nw 
Collins Patrick, printer, 2608 Penn av nw 
Collins Pex-ry, carp, 3206 N nw, Gtn 
Collins Rebecca, dressmkr, 2018 12th nw 
Collins Rebecca C, wid John, elk 1 h b, 2029th 

Collins Richard, bricklayer, 1005 E Capitol 
Collins Richard R, bds 1100 8th se 
Collins Robert, bricklayer, 1009 E Capitol 
Collins Robert 8, bricklayer, 1917 17th nw 
Collins Robert W, elk treas, 925 C sw 
Collins Rose, elk, 13 Mass av nw 
Collins Rose, wid Dennis, laundress, 9 Shep- 
herd al nw 
Collins Samuel H, police, 2417 N nw 
Collins Samuel R, plasterer, 1338 28th nw,Gtn 
Collins Samuel S, porter, 324 C sw 

Collins Sarah, wid Patrick, 831 1st ne 
Collins Sarah A, 1338 28th nw, Gtn 
Collins Susan, wid Levi, 2018 12th nw 
Collins Susan A, elk cen, 508 13th nw 
Collins Susie C, teacher, 477 I nw 
Collins Thomas, engineer, 910 2d ne 
Collins Thomas, lab, 614 H sw 
Collins Thomas, tailor, 717 I se, h 719 I se 
Collins Thomas H, druggist, 1255 9th nw, h 

816 N nw 
Collins Thomas J, engineer, 1915 17th nw 
Collins Valinda Mrs, Georgetown and Ten- 

nallytown rd 
Collins Walter F, printer, 623 G se 
Collins, Ward & Cunningham (John W Col- 
lins, Albert W Ward and James Cunning- 
ham), plumbers, 418 9th nw 
Collins William, blksmith, 218 F nw 
Collins William, bricklayer, 2312 M nw 
Collins William, lab, Grant rd 
Collins William, waiter, 314 Me av sw 
Collins William, grocer, 218 F nw 
Collins William A, carp, 1835 8th nw 
Collins William G, elk, 60 I ne 
Collins William G, printer, 3412 P nw. Gtn 
Collins William H, elk, 3141 O nw, Gtn 
Collins William H, elk gpo, 912 Pa av se 
Collins William H, paver, 1227 10th nw 
Collins William J, drover, 610 H sw 
Collins William M, blksmith, 1835 8th nw 
Collins William P, lab, 630 Hsw 
Collins William R, local editor Evening Star, 

3416 P nw, Gtn 
Collins Willis, lab, 1815 T nw 
Collins Zacharia, lab, Tennallytown rd 
Collinsworth Horace V, elk, 500 4th se 
Collinsworth William, upholsterer, 318 E se 
Collison Eli, stairbuilder, 926 C nw 
Collison Harry K, printer. 426 11th nw 
Collison Helen P, wid Peter J, 426 11th nw 
Collison John A, grocer, 2301 L 
Collison Peter J, printer, 426 11th nw 
Collum Richard S, capt U S M C, Marine 

Colman Ann M, seamstress, 39 L nw 
Colman Charles D, elk pen o, 2 Iowa circle nw 
Colman David E (D E Colman & Son), Pa av 

C 15 se 
Colman D E & Son (David E and George W 
Colman), fruits, 112 and 113 Centre and 404 
N L mkts and 923 B nw 
Colman George W, (D E Colman & Son), 607 

A se 
Colman Henry, auctioneer, 308 10th nw 
Colman Howard, 1032 4th nw 
Colman Josiah L, jeweler, 1245 G se 
Colman Manraret, elk treas, 1114 6th sw 
Colman Mary, wid Daniel, 318 4th se 
Colman Mary E, wid Harry, 910 F nw 
Colman Miner, barber, 135 B se 
Colman Moses, house furng, 131S 7th nw, h 

1320 7th nw 
Colman Perry, elk, 1623 10th nw 
Colman William, lab, 2027 35th nw, Gtn 
Colman Wm H, elk, 1320 7th nw 
Colne Charles, chf army pensions 2d comp , 

2212 I nw 
Colne Charles C, postal elk, 1102 18th nw 
Colne Thaddeus A, elk sig o, 2212 I nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEWYOBI. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. tWHM* 




Pure California Hock, Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, gn 7th st. nw. 

Colored Orphans' Home, 8th ab Grant av nw 

Colpin Henry, porter, 1627 L nw 

Colson Samuel, porter, 505 D se 

Colston Annie V, seamstress, 925 F sw 

Colston Maria, wid Richard, 1453 N nw 

Colston Raleigh, elk cen, 903 E nw 

Colston Richard, lab, 1739 N nw 

Colston William, dyer, 1724 Brainard nw 

Coltman Rebecca, wid Charles L. 1323 M nw 

Coltman William G, elk, 1733 13th nw 

Colton Catherine, wid, 22d nr B nw 

Colton Harvey V, dairy, 1827 K nw 

Colton S C Mrs, 1119 11th nw 

Columbia Armory, 6th c B sw 

Columbia Boat Club of the D C, House 32d st 

whf, Gtn 
Columbia Hospital, Pa av c 25th nw 
Columbia Hotel, A Bregazzi 
proprietor, 227 B nw 



Steamed Oysters and Restaurant, 

227 B, nw., 

Terms:— $1.50 per day. $7.00 per week 

A. BREGAZZI, Proprietor. 

Columbia Institution tor Deaf 
and Dumb, Kendall Green ne 

Columbia Pottery Co (E A Adams, Edwin C 
Kirkwood and Charles A Wayson), 313 Ga 
av se 

Columbian Bank Note Co, 008 
Pa av nw 


908 Pennsylvania, nw. 

President, WALTER S. COX. 
Vice-President, JOHN F. OLMSTEAD, 
Secretary, JAMES D. MARTIN. 
Treasurer, SAMUEL CROSS. 

Columbian University, 14th ab Boundary 
Columbus Albert G, police, 412 N Y av nw 
Columbus Amanda, 1326 8th nw 
Columbus Aristides, tel opr, 700 G se 
Columbus Charles, elk, 632 O nw 
Columbus Chris, bricklayer, 1813 Vt av nw 
Columbus Elizabeth, wid Peter F, 700 G se 
Columbus Jerome, plasterer, 1505 5th nw 
Columbus John B, elk, 412 N Y av nw 
Columbus Lewis E, elk, 1326 8th nw 
Columbus William, plasterer, 49 P nw 
Colvert Mary Mrs, Drovers' Rest rd 
Colvin John R, carp, 819 9th ne 
Colvocoresses G P, lieut U S N hydrographic 

o, 1827 I nw 
Colwell Mary E, seamstress, 103 3d sw 
Combs Bros (Henry and George Combs), dry 

goods, 1612 14th nw 
Combs Catherine, servt, 1133 8th nw 
Combs Catherine C, wid Robert M, 137 C se 
Combs Emma, wid Joseph, 2 C ne 
Combs George (Combs Bros), 1612 14th nw 
Combs George, waiter, 1408 17th nw 
Combs George F, elk, 918 I nw 
Combs Harris M, elk, 923 8th se 

Combs Henrietta, servt, 1407 1st nw 

Combs Henry (Combs Bros), 1612 14th nw 

Combs I George, 1124 10th nw 

Combs Joseph, printer, 24 I nw 

Combs Kate J, wid Herbert, 221 E nw 

Combs Mary, 612 F nw 

Combs Michael R, grocer, 920 Pa av nw, h 918 

I nw 
Combs Michael S, 918 I nw 
Combs Mollie, elk, 1024 8th nw 
Combs Sallie J, wid Sterling, 61 K ne 
Combs Susan,wid Robt, washer, 3327 Q nw,Gtn. 
Combs William H, elk, 918 I nw 
Comfort Fannie, servt, 1529 10th nw 
Commagere Frank Y, elk bu eng, 2306 M nw 
Commissioners Freedmen's Savings and Trust 

Co, 1517 Pa av 
Commodore Holdsworth, lab, 315 3d sw 
Commodore Holdsworth jr, driver, 490 E sw 
Commodore John F, huckster, 315 3d sw 
Commodore Louisa, teacher, 315 3d sw 
Commodore Thos, carp, Stanton av, Hillsdale 
Commonwealth Fire Ins Co ©i" 

Boston, 615 7th nw 
Compressed Asphalt Block Company (The),. 

28 Corcoran building 
Compton Benjamin F (Spicer, Compton & Co) r 

1411 8th nw 
Compton Catherine, wid Henry, laundress,. 

431 Franklin nw 
Compton Eugene, lab, 1145 19th nw 
Compton Donna O, elk pod, 915 E nw 
Compton George (Spicer, Compton & Co), 1248 

8th nw 
Compton Henry, driver, 431 Franklin nw 
Compton James (Compton & Co), 515 7th nw 
Compton James A, elk pen o, 23 5th se 
Compton Jane, servt, 1837 L nw 
Compton Lucinda, wid Emanuel, 1411 8th nw 
Compton Ludwell, tinsmith, 19 9th ne 
Compton Maria, laundress, 1145 19th nw 
Compton Maria, wid Henry, 1145 19th nw 
Compton Mary E, cook, 1145 19th nw 
Compton William, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Compton William, hostler, 1145 19th nw 
Compton & Co (James Compton and John: 

Pope), cigars, 515 7th nw 
Comstock J H, entomologist agrd, 1110 F nw 
Comstock John M, chief Iowa div pen o, 1464 

R I av nw 
Conal James, hostler, Grant av nr 9th nw 
Conant Charles E, elk s g o, 1111 H nw 
Conard William (William Conard & Co), 1307 

Corcoran nw 
Conard William & Co (William Conard and R, 

McAllister jr), lawyers, 1307 Corcoran nw 
Conavey Henry, lab, 306 L sw 
Conaway John C, barber, 416 4|-, h 512 3d sw 
Conaway Lizzie, servt, 162 6th sw 
Conaway William A, barber, 512 3d sw 
Conboye J E Mrs, dressmkr, 1125 4th nw 
Concklin Henry R, elk war d, 1105 S nw 
Condon Bridget, servt, 222 N Capitol nw 
Condon Edward, architect, 1318 G nw 
Condon Ellen, cook Insane Asylum 
Condon John R, 313 H nw 
Condon L V, wid Wm A, dressmkr,15539thnw 
Condon Mary, cook Insane Asylum 
Condon Mary, grocer, 7th ab Grant av nw 
Condon Michael, lab, 228 7th ne 
Condon Robert, lab, 7th ab Grant av nw 
Condron Abbey N, school, 506 5th nw 
Condron Delia C, elk, 220 2d se 
Condron John L, elk, 506 5th nw 
Condron Theodore L, elk, 506 5th nw 

Assets, over - $90,000,000 




Come I>avid I>, correspondent, 
1305 F nw 

•Cone William K, lawyer, 1903 NHavnw 
Congdon J Adams, elocutionist, 456 C nw 
Conger O », UI C, National Hotel 

Congressional Cemetery, E c 18th se, Charles 

F Smith, supt 
Congressional Hotel, William Sanderson 

propr, 200 N J av se 
Conkle William H, elk treas d, 806 E nw 
Conkling Edward F, elk, 418 B se 
Conkling- Roscoe, IJSS 
Conklin Catherine, wid John, 52 H ne 
Conklin Lydia, wid Edgar, 147 D se 
Conlan Michael, mess, 1410 G nw 
Conlen Maria, 213 E nw 
Conley James O, carp, 24 P nw 
Conley John, plasterer, 1412 G se 
Conley John jr, plasterer, 1412 G se 
Conley John D, sailmkr, bds 904 8th se 
Conley Margaret, wid John, 1601 1 nw 
Conlin James, plate printer, 1416 8th nw 
Conlon John, painter, 1457 N nw 
Commagere Frank Y, journalist, 2306 M nw 
Conn George W, elk pod, 1111 K nw 
•Conn William F, elk, 222 3d nw 
Conn Mutual Life Ins Co, 7th c La av nw 
Connell Annie, D nr S Capitol sw 
Connell Benjamin F, physician, 3139 Dumbar- 
ton av nw, Gtn. Office hours, before 10 a m, 
after 4pm 
Connell Charles M, elk, 1232 4th nw 
Connell Dennis, grocer, 741 1st nw 
Connell Ellen, servt, 2023 1 nw 
Connell Ellen, wid John, grocer, 13 Mass avnw 
Connell John, grocer, 701 H ne 
-Connell John, lab, 76 Jackson al ne 
•Connell John, lab, 28 G ne 
Connell John, policeman, 815 D sw 
Connell John, hostler, 14th nr C sw 
Connell Maggie, servt, 227 E nw 
Connell Mary, servt, 603 H nw 
Connell Mary A, wid Robert S, 1439 L nw 
•Connell Mathew, lab, 702 22d nw 
Connell Michael, bricklayer, 25 Mass av nw 
Connell Mollie, servt, 1115 Mass av nw 
•Connell Patrick, milk, 715 4th ne 
Connell Patrick, shoemkr, 439 1st sw 
Connell Patrick A, hardware, 473 Pa av nw 
Connell Robt, elk cen, 134 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
•Connell Robert S, carp, 22d nr G nw 
Connelly Francis D, elk 2d aud, 455 N Y av nw 
Connelly Fred, waiter, 926 I ne 
Connelly George W, fireman, 729 7th sw 
Connelly James, grocer, 1525 \ sw 
Connelly Jeremiah, hostler, 1073 32d nw, Gtn 
Connelly John, storekpr com d, 15th sw 
•Connelly John, watchman, 1724 L nw 
Connelly Joseph B, watchman, 730 5th nw 
Connelly Malinda A, servt, 1222 11th nw 
Connelly Maria, servt, 926 I ne 
Connelly Mary, bu eng, 209 13£ sw 
Connelly Mary, cook, Insane Asylum 
Connelly Sarah A, wid Thomas, 1219 8th nw 
Connelly William, lab, 926 I ne 
Conner Ada, 508 7th se 
Conner Albert H, lab, E Market sp nr K se 
Conner Emma, wid Michael, 508 7th se 
Conner Eugene, watchman, 2325 I nw 
Conner Francis B, grocer, 508 7th se 
Conner George, boilermkr, 1002 11th se 
Conner George W, 302 S Capitol se 
Conner James A, plumber, 13129th nw, h 1335 

9th nw 
Conner James T, coppersmith, 1115 N se 



Conner John, cheesemkr, 414 3d nw 
Conner John, elk pod, 621 E nw 
Conner John E, bricklayer, 2019 9th nw 
Conner John L, carp, 469 N Y av nw 
Conner John W, mess, 621 E nw 
Conner Joseph B, plasterer, 1119 5th ne 
Conner Lendell A, elk int rev, 1904 R nw 
Conner Lilian N, elk, 1413 S nw 
Conner Louisa, nurse, 315 L nw 
Conner Mary, grocer, 1119 5th ne 
Conner Mary A, servt, 718 13th nw 
Conner Mary C , E Market sp nr K se 
Conner Michael, lab, 2405 I nw 
Conner Samuel W, carp, 302 S Capitol'se 
Conner Valentine, iron finisher, 609 E se 
Conner W W, asst supervisor Gov Hospital for 

the Insane 
Conner William J, bricklayer, 657 E sw 
Conners Bridget, huckster, 707 1st 
Conners Delia, servt, 2206 Va av nw 
Conners Mary, servt, Arlington Hotel 
Conners Patrick, lab, 3622 O nw, Gtn 
Conners Willis, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Connevan Warren, lab, 345 L sw 
Conniex Albert B, coachman, 912 20th nw 
Conniex Elizabeth, servt, 2017 I nw 
Conniex Elizabeth M, 912 20th nw 
Conniex Grace, wid Angus, 912 20th nw 
Conniex Laura, servt, 912 20th nw 
Connolly Anthony A, elk, 730 5th nw 
Connolly James B, tinsmith, 1068 31st nw, Gtn 
Connolly James W, 837 26th nw 
Connolly John, lab, Grant av nr 8th nw 
Connolly John, mess w o, 2424 G nw 
Connolly Lavinia G, wid John F, 121 Pa av se 
Connolly Louise, teacher, 1425 8th nw 
Connolly Margaret W,widThos C, 14258th nw 
Connolly Martha, wid Robert J, dressmkr, 105 

6th se 
Connolly Mary, servt, Mass av c 15th nw 
Connolly Mary, wid Martin, dry goods, 1101 

Pa av nw, h 730 5th nw 
Connolly Mary A, wid John, variety, 1068 31st 

nw, Gtn 
Connolly Nicholas, lab, 2711 K nw 
Connolly Patrick, blksmith, 837 26th nw 
Connolly Patrick, marble worker, 9 5th ne 
Connolly Thomas, printer, 808 10th ne 
Connolly Thomas A, lawyer, 730 5th nw 
Connolly Thomas, police cap, Meyer's Hotel 
Connor Abigail, grocer, 130 I ne 
Connor Alice, wid Patrick,housekpr,2314 N nw 
Connor Annie, 615 3d nw 
Connor Annie, dressmkr, 636 N Capitol 
Connor Annie, dressmkr, 2314 N nw 
Connor Bridget, wid Thomas, 216 4i sw 
Connor Charles (Johnson, Connor & Fontroy), 

461 Riggs st nw 
Connor Charles E, elk ago, 1009 G nw 
Connor Daniel, lab, 62 G ne 
Connor Edward, plasterer, 415 H nw 
Connor Ellen, dressmkr, 316 D se 
Connor Ellen, servt, St James Hotel 
Connor Ellen, servt, 1324 L nw 
Connor Frank J, stonecutter, 1228 N J av nw 
Connor George, plumber, 636 N Capitol 
Connor George W, moulder, 810 G se 
Connor Henry, lab, 1425 1st nw 
Connor James, carp, 636 N Capitol 


Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer., 





Chris. Xander's "MELLISTON " 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German. Aromatic Bitters, 

For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Connor James, elk, 2314 N nw 

Connor James, elk, 304 14th nw 

Connor James, lab, 40 G nw 

Connor James, mess, 929 27th nw 

Connor James D, bookbinder, 441 Mass av nw 

Connor James W, wagoner, 1425 1st nw 

Connor Jeremiah, 814 Del av ne 

Connor Jeremiah, grocer, 636 N Capitol 

Connor Johanna, 615 4th nw 

Connor John, carp, 76 K nw 

Connor John, carp, 805 E nw, h 76 K nw 

Connor John, elk, 2314 N nw 

Connor John, grocer, 739 6th nw 

Connor John, lab, 1041 Jefferson, Gtn 

Connor John, lab, 9th st rd nw 

Connor John, restaurant, 101 G nw 

Connor John F, coach painter, 216 4J sw 

Connor John H, driver, Keating av ne 

Connor Kate, servt, 122 Mass av ne 

Connor Katie, elk, 115 H ne 

Connor Lawrence, meter insp, 1139 24th nw 

Connor Lewis, lab, 109 Chew al nw 

Connor Maggie, servt, 927 E nw 

Connor Maggie, Smithsonian, 1002 Mass avnw 

Connor Margaret, wid William, 1022 Jefferson 

nw, Gtn 
Connor Margaret, bu eng, 2314 N nw 
Connor Margaret, washer, Keating av ne 
Connor Margaret A, elk Smithsonian,1211 H nw 
Connor Margaret F, wid Eugene, 441 Mass 

av nw 
Connor Maria, wid Andrew, Canal nr C sw 
Connor Mary, elk, 316 D se 
Connor Mary, cook, 1223 K nw 
Connor Michael, lab, 1219 3d ne 
Connor Morris, lab, 316 D se 
Connor Michael, milk, Chase rd 
Connor Michael, blksmith, 307 10th se 
Connor Nelson, produce, 42 Corcoran mkt, h 

315 L nw 
Connor Nora, servt, 2 C ne 
Connor Patrick, grocer, 2327 Pa av nw 
Connor Patrick, lab, 17th nr E Capitol ne 
Connor Paul D, tel builder, 1445 P nw 
Connor Sarah E, wid Constantine, 903 10th se 
Connor Susan, wid Paul, 1129 10th nw 
Connor Thomas, carp, 1111 N J av nw 
Connor Timothy, lab, 1022 Jeff nw, Gtn 
Connor Virginia, servt, 3029 O nw, Gtn 
Connors Annie, cook, Deaf and Dumb Inst 
Connors Eugene, watchman, 1137 17th nw 
Connors James, grocer, 200 4£ sw 
Connors John driver, 477 L sw 
Connors Lawrence, elk, 1139 24th nw^ 
Connors Martin, lab, Donoho al nw 
Connors Patrick, lab, 66 G ne 
Connors Thomas, lab, 1139 24th nw 
Connothy John, watchman, 926 1st nw 
Connover George, navy, 31 B se 
Conover Cornelius G, elk 2d aud, 911 16th nw 
Conover Edgar. S, butcher, 1217 C sw 
Conover George W, carp U S N, 31 B se 
Conover Samuel F, Imperial Hotel 
Conoway Elizabeth, cook, 723 19th nw 
Conoway Robert, butcher, 95 33d nw, Gtn 
Conoway Susan, servt, Sherman av nw 
Conrad C Mrs, 1753 Pa av nw 
Conrad Charles T, carp, 442 P nw 

Conrad Fred A, carp, 1414 Pa av nw, h 442 P 

Conrad H H Mrs, 1338 N Y av nw 
Conrad Mary L, elk compt cur, 1338 N T av nw 
Conrad Mouroe E, mess, 156 6th sw 
Conrades Henry, baker, 1233 Mass av nw 
Conrades Henry, elk, 1233 Mass av nw 
Conroy Catherine, confectioner, 1227 Potomac 

nw, Gtn 
Conroy James F, painter, 805 14th nw, h 1749 

Conroy John J, plumber, al nr O nw 
Conroy Mary, 1519 P nw 
Conroy Patrick, gardener, 1749 L nw 
Conroy Patrick, ship carp, 3258 Prospect av nw s . 

Conry Thomas E, steward, 2315 Pa av nw 
Conser Gotleib, baker, 1405 32d nw 
Considine James W, tinsmith, 219 Mass av nw 
Considine John P, plasterer, 217 Mass av nw 
Constable Sallie N, elk q m g o, 1117 10th nw 
Constable Susan M, elk cen, 2027 I nw 
Constable William M, elk, 2200 M nw 
Constantine George W, machinist, 1623 Mad- 
ison av nw 
Constantini Benedetto, watchmkr, 804 11th nw 
Contee Allen, porter, 709 2d nw 
Contee Ann, wid Walter, 604 Md av ne 
Contee Charles, lab, 728 2d sw 
Contee Christie, servt, 1812 Wiltberger nw 
Contee Edward, cook, 11 Goat al nw 
Contee Elizabeth, 1532 L nw 
Contee Georgiana, servt, 215 S Capitol sw 
Contee George, porter, 1516 12th nw 
Contee Grafton, lab, 1812 Wiltberger nw 
Contee Hattie, servt, R c 12th nw 
Contee Henrietta, wid Philip, 2 Valley nw 
Contee James B, lab, 2 Valley nw 
Contee Jane, wid Henry, 210 Mass av ne 
Contee John H, lab, 1622 2d nw 
Contee Jonathan R, huckster, 1512 12th nw 
Contee Jonathan R ji , barber, 7th bet F and G 

nw, h 1616 12th nw 
Contee John, waiter, 82 3d se 
Contee Julia, washer, 728 2d sw 
Contee Maria, servt, 1812 Wiltberger nw 
Contee Maria, servt, 1427 Sampson nw 
Contee Mary, wid Morris, 403 Franklin nw 
Contee Mary J, servt, 2 Valley nw 
Contee Matilda, servt, 1222 Blagden's al nw 
Contee Melinda, servt, 1812 Wiltberger nw 
Contee Orpheus, hostler, 218 D sw 
Contee Rachel, washer, 215 S Capitol sw 
Contee Rachel, laundress, 1614 4th nw 
Contee Rebecca, servt, 520 13th nw 
Contee Rebecca, servt, 702 3d nw 
Contee Susan, servt, 1614 4th nw 
Contee William, waiter, 338 C nw 
Continental Fire Ins Co of N Y, 505 7th nw 
Continental Hotel (J W Gray, proprietor), 331 

Pa av nw 
Contnor Elizabeth, boarding, 1321 H nw 
Contnor Isaac, upholsterer, 1321 H nw 
Convent of Visitation, 35th c P nw, Gtn 
Converse F A W, elk treas d, 1012 12th nw 
Converse George S, M C, Wil- 

lard'.*< Hotel 
Converse Mary H, elk treas d, 1209 F nw 
Conway Albert, huckster, 1026 5th ne 
Conway Allen, lab, Pomeroy av, Hillsdale 
Conway Bridget, wid, 1826 L nw 
Conway Charles, lab, 6th nr H ne 
Conway Elizabeth, wid John, washer, 204 Mass- 

Conway Emily, elk, 1811 K nw 








Aug. Marshall & Co's Dry Champagne, 


413 and 415 9 th St., nw. 

Conway Fannie, servt, 427 20tn nw 

Conway Frank, elk cen, 1811 K nw 

Conway John, barber, 1239 C sw, h 512 3d sw 

Conway John A, plasterer, Conduit rd 

Conway John F, printer, 404 1st se 

Conway Mary, elk, 56 H ne 

Conway Mary E, housekpr, 1425 R I av nw 

Conway Mary F, teacher, 411 2d ne 

Conway Reuben, lab, 1807 L nw 

Conway Robert, butcher, 1624 33d nw, Gtn 

Conway Thomas, huckster, 1022 F ne 

Conway Thomas, lab, 1800 Harewood av, Le 

Droit park 
Conway William, barber, 512 3d sw 
Conway William, lab, 1137 21st nw 
Conway William O, elk g 1 o, 411 2d ne 
Cook Abraham G, printer, 300 H nw 
Cook Aletha, 1524 L nw 
Cook Alice S, dressmkr, 1524 L nw 
Cook Amaziah, lab, 2119 9th nw 
Cook Ambrose, lab, 442 Washington nw 
Cook Amelia, elk bu eng, 56 Defrees 
Cook Andrew, cigarmkr, 302 10th nw 
Cook Ann, 1520 L nw 
Cook Anna J, music teacher, 637 S C av se 
Cook Annie, grocer, 302 10th nw 
Cook Annie, tailoress, 302 10th nw 
Cook Belle M, wid John H, teacher Howard 

Cook Caroline, widow John, 1817 13th nw 
Cook Catherine, nurse, 607 Md av sw 
Cook Catherine, wid Louis, Lucas al nw 
Cook Catherine, wid Mathew, umbrellamkr, 

515 Q nw 
Cook Charles, lab, 1217 Phillips al nw 
Cook Charles E, elk, 477 Md av sw 
Cook Charles W, carp, 811 1st se 
Cook Charles W, plasterer, 1232 11th se 
Cook Dennis, carp, Champlain av nw 
Cook Edward B, carp, 415 7th se 
Cook Eliza A, teacher, 1015 16th nw 
Cook Eliza, servt, 9th nr Grant av nw 
Cook Elizabeth, 1522 L nw 
Cook Elizabeth L, milliner, 911 11th se 
Cook Elizabeth Mrs, 1413 L nw 
Cook Ella, teacher, 126 E nw 
Cook Fannie, elk, 901 G se 
Cook Fanny, servt, 1429 R nw 
Cook Fenton, lab, Dumbarton av nr Rock 

Creek, Gtn 
Cook Francis H, 310 9th se 
Cook Francis R (F. R Cook & Bro), 472 E sw 
Cook Frank, waiter, 454 Franklin 
Cook Frederick, shoemkr, 1732 19th nw 
Cook Frederick H, 496 F sw 
Cook Frederick W, watchman, 496 F sw 
Cook F R & Bro (Francis and William E 

Cook), produce, 43, 44 and 45 Centre and 

227 N L mkts 
Cook George, baggagemaster, 1005 3d ne 
Cook George, carp, 120 C ne 
Cook George, elk 5th aud, 417 6th nw 
Cook George, lab, 1524 L nw 
Cook George, mess, 1524 L nw 
Cook George F T, supt colored schools, 1537 

K nw 
Cook George M, 1524 L nw 
Cook George 0, bricklayer, 1619 6th nw 




Cook George R, moulder, 405 G se 

Cook George W, 1728 Mass av nw 

Cook George W (F A Grant & Co), 310 2d se 

Cook G Wythe, physician, 1502 S nw. Office 

hours, 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1 and 5 to 7 p m 
Cook Hamilton, lab, 1237 G se 
Cook Hannah E Mrs, dressmkr, 503 7th se 
Cook Hatch, elk, 1817 13th nw 
Cook Hattie, 305 M nw 
Cook Henrietta, boarding, 329 Md av sw 
Cook Henrietta, dressmkr, 239 3d sw 
Cook Henry, huckster, 2209 H nw 
Cook Henry, lab, Hillsdale 
Cook Henry, blksmith, 926 C nw 
Cook Henry, porter, 912 Mass av nw 
Cook Henry, waiter, 912 Mass av nw 
Cook Henry, elk sen, Alexandria, Va 
Cook Hettie, servt, 1413 20th nw 
Cook Jacob, lab, 1416 Pa av nw 
Cook Jacob, shoemkr, 302 10th nw 
Cook James, painter, 310 L nw 
Cook James B, elk cen, 121 F ne 
Cook James E, stoves, 2035 9th nw, h 2120 

10th nw 
Cook James H, watchman, 454 Franklin nw 
Cook Jaimes R, lawyer, 1317 F 1 

nw, li 121 Fne 



Cook John (Thomas Cook & Son), England 

Cook John, blksmith, 905 10th se 

Cook John, elk treas, 618 12th nw 

Cook John, driver, 1647 N J av nw 

Cook John, hardware, 523 7th ne 

Cook John, lab, 918 Del av ne 

Cook John, lab, 416 Washington nw 

Cook John, lab, 1524 33d nw, Gtn 

Cook John, shoemkr, 1705 13th nw 

Cook John C, grocer, 1900 14th nw, h 1817 

13th nw 
Cook John F, brass finisher, 905 10th se 
Cook John F, collector of taxes, 1005 16th nw 
Cook John G jr, elk int rev d, 501 C se 
Cook: .foli u H, stoves, 1735 Pa 

av n>v, li 533 7tli ne 

1753 John H. Cook, 1753 

Dealer in 


And Fire-Place Heaters, Tin, Iron and Pressed 

Japanned Ware, Roofing and Spouting. 

17 26 Pennsylvania Ave., WASHINGTON, D. C 

Cook John H, upholsterer, 309 4-|~ sw 
Cook John J. fancy goods, 3110 M nw, Gtn 
Cook John 3\ carriage mkr, 3299 M nw, h 3251 

O nw. Gtn 
Cook John J, livery stable, 1223 E nw, h 927 

M nw 
Cook John T. driver, Hillsdale 
Cook Joseph, blksmith, 905 10th se 
Cook Joseph H, elk p o d, 1410 6th nw 
Cook J Robert, elk. 1003 E se 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 




California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w, 

Cook J Waters, elk, 425 Mass av nw 

Cook Julia, servt, T nr 16th nw 

Cook Julia, wid Lewis, 1626 T nw 

Cook Julia A, wid Samuel, 716 H sw 

Cook Lambert, huckster, 2209 H nw 

Cook Leonard B, mess, 477 Md av sw 

Cook Letitia, servt, 1239 20th nw 

Cook Louis, lab, Erie nw 

Cook Louis, wood sawyer, 1412 S C av se 

Cook Louisa, cook, 1242 Potomac nw, Gtn 

Cook Louisa, washer, 2119 9th nw 

Cook Lucinda, teacher, Howard University 

Cook Lucretia, wid Thomas M, 911 11th se 

Cook Lucy, servt, 1318 10th nw 

Cook Marcella, nurse, 1524 L nw 

Cook Margaret, wid Phillip, 56 Defrees nw 

Cook Martha, servt, 511 P nw 

Cook Martha, washer, 1206 G nw 

Cook Mary, nurse, Children's Hospital 

Cook Mary, seamstress, 1406 Pa av nw 

Cook Mary A, servt, 1412 S C av se 

Cook Mary A, servt, 530 3d nw 

Cook Mary C, elk, 56 Defrees nw 

Cook Mathew, bricklayer, 515 Q nw 

Cook Mathew, carp, 300 H nw 

Cook Mathew E, bricklayer, 300 H nw 

Cook Melville, elk cen o, 1410 6th nw 

Cook Millie, washer, Vincent al nr O nw 

Cook Minnie S, elk ind o, University hill 

Cook Patrick, lab, 1222 24th nw 

Cook Philip, ME C, 310 I^f Capitol 

Cook Philip, lab, 111 K nw 

Cook Ralph, lab, Vincent al nr O nw 

Cook Rebecca, servt, 1539 Kingman pi nw 

Cook Richard, lab, 252 3d sw 

Cook Richard, waiter, 8th ab Grant av'nw 

Cook Richard, waiter, 1006 Pa av nw 

Cook Richard H, policeman, 426 9th sw 

Cook Robert E, driver, Jackson al, Gtn 

Cook Robert E, stonecutter, 418 6i sw 

Cook Samuel, 1705 13th nw 

Cook Samuel, coal, Mass av c 6th ne, h 120 C ne 

Cook Samuel L, physician, 1537 K nw 

Cook Sarah, servt, nr Columbia rd and 17th nw 

Cook Sarah, servt, Erie nw 

Cook Sarah, servt, 232.V 13i sw 

Cook Sarah, 1520 L nw 

Cook Smith, waiter, 1000 9th nw 

Cook Sophia, wid Charles, 111 K nw 

Cook Susan, servt, 1410 3d nw 

Cook Thomas, cooper, Hillsdale 

Cook Thomas, stonecutter, 1222 24th nw 

Cook Thomas, servt, 1539 Kingman pi nw 

Cook Thoma§ & Son (Thomas 

and. John Cook), tourist and 

excursion managers, 1431 I*a 

av nw 
Cook ThosF (Corcoran & Cook), 1222 24th nw 
Cook Tulip, dressmkr, 1524 L nw 
Cook Truman A, proprietor 

Cook's Balm of Lite, O05 6th 

nvr, h do 



Manufacturing Depot, 
605 Sixth Street , near F, nw. 

Destroys Inflammation, internal and external. 
Cures Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Cook Vincent, fisherman, 815 G sw 

Cook Waters, elk, 425 Mass av nw 

Cook W Henry, lab, 21 Dumbarton, Gtn 

Cook Thomas (Thomas Cook & Son), England 

Cook William, coachman, 612 N Y av nw 

Cook William, feed, 629 S nw 

Cook William, printer, 208 K ne 

Cook William (Cook & Pillsbury), 629 S nw 

Cook William, lab, 918 Del av ne 

Cook William, lab, 1705 13th nw 

Cook William, mess, 1522 L nw 

Cook William, shoemkr, 533 26th nw 

Cook William A, lawyer, 403 

6th nw, h 935 O nw 
Cook William E (F R Cook & Bro), 472 E sw 
Cook William H, boilermkr, 503 7th se 
Cook William H, carp, 1016 8th nw 
Cook William H, lab, 2704 Dumbarton av, Gtn 
Cook William H, wheelwright, 1232 11th se 
Cook Willis J, telegraphist, 803 9th nw 
Cook & Pillsbury (William Cook and Herbert 
P Pillsbury), produce, 209 N L and 442 Cen- 
tre mkts 
Cooke Benjamin C, physician, 120 B ne 
Cooke Charles L, 935 E sw 
Cooke Charlotte, washer, 1123 3d nw 
Cooke Edwin S, elk cen, Hyattsville 
Cooke Eliza A, bu eng, 1413 L nw 
Cooke Elbert P, painter, 311 L se 
Cooke Elizabeth, wid George, 50 Myrtle ne 
Cooke Emelia M, bu eng, 56 Defrees nw 


Established 1841. 

Routes and fares for thousands of tours for Independent Travelers In America, 
Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia. Arrangements for personally conducted and private 
parties. Hotel Coupons issued, available at over 500 first-class hotels. Circular Notes and 
letters of credit issued to travelers. Cook's Excursionist contains full particulars. 

Address. TZEIOS- COOK:& SOIT, 

1431 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

C. A. BARRATTONI, Manager of the American Business. PERCY G. SMITH, Agent. 

Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 

I U M X U t D M A hi XS P li Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
JUllll OnLrllflMIl W UUll ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China, Glass Crocteryfare 



No. 923 JPenn Avenue, 

Cooke Emma C, telegraph operator, 636 A se 
Cooke Francis R (F R Cooke & Bro), 472 E sw 
•Cooke Frederick, painter, 311 L se 
Cooke F R & Bro, prod (Francis R and Wm 

E Cooke), 227 N L mkt 
Cooke Henry D Hon, 1 Cook pi nw, Gtn 
Cooke Henry D jr (H D Cooke jr & Co), 5 

Cook pi nw, Gtn 
Cooke H D jr & Co (Henry I> 

Cooke jr and Lester A Itart- 

lett), bankers, 1439 F nw 
Cooke James R, 533 5th se 
Cooke Jesse, tinsmith, Anacostia 
Cooke Joseph G- (Breslin & Cooke), Willard's 

Cooke Joseph G, huckster, 472 E sw 
Cooke Julia E, 715 22d nw 
Cooke Kate M, 636 A se 
Cooke L M E, ex pat o, 905 5th nw 
Cooke Mary A, wid Wm W, nurse, 472 E sw 
Cooke R R, elk pen o, Alexandria, Va 
Cooke Sallie J, elk treas d, 808 K nw 
Cooke Susan, seamstress, 50 Myrtle ne 
Cooke Thomas, plasterer, 614 9th nw 
Cooke William E (Tucker, Cooke & Co),'413 

1st sw 
Cooke William H, elk National Hotel 
Cooke William L, elk pen o, 1609 8th nw 
Cookman George, elk treas d, 222 1 nw 
Cooksey Chas E, coach painter, bds 1113 G se 
Cooksey Ella A, 347 N sw 
Cooksey John, plasterer, 321 11th se 
Cooksey John A, plasterer, 329 N sw 
Cooksey Joshua J, coremkr, 15 N se 
Cooksey Joshua I, paver, 347 N sw 
Cooksey J Walter (Halstead & Cooksev), 

347 Nsw 
Cooksey Mary E, varieties, 15 N se 
Cooksey Peter J, lab, 741 13th se 
Cooksey William I, carp, bds 1113 G se 
Coolbaugh Lydia, wid William, 147 D se 
Cooley Addie S, 1369 D nw 
Cooley James N, printer, 630 Mass av nw 
Cooley Wilking B, elk pod, 616 E nw 
Cooley William H, driver, 2033 9th nw 
Coolidge Eleanore, dressmkr, 1515 Pa av nw 
Coolidge Harriet B, 1515 L nw 
Coolidge Helen E, 1515 L nw 
Coolidge James A, elk, 912 M nw 
Coolidge Joseph S, driver, 1804 L nw 
Coolidge Virginia, elk cen, 1401 K nw 
Cooly Sarah, wid John, washer, 2126 F nw 
Coombs Charles L, lawyer, 432 Q nw 
Coombs Charles W, mess H R, 118 F ne 
Coombs Danl, lab, 3045 Dumbarton av nw, Gtn 
Coombs Edmund, elk, 1024 8th nw 
Coombs Edward R, porter, 1028 8th nw 
Coombs Edwin, elk 6th aud o, 634 Q nw 
Coombs Guinnet, wid Richd, N C av nr 13th ne 
Coombs Joseph Jf, lawyer, 501 

F nw, h 1316 O nw 
Coombs Mary, 18th nr B ne 
Coombs Mary, actress, 333 Md av sw 
Coombs Mary, elk, 1024 8th nw 
Coombs Richard, lab, 18th nr B ne 





Coombs Richard, driver, 17th nr A ne 
Coombs Sarah E, wid George H, 519 6th se 
Coombs Thomas, driver, 18th nr B ne 
Coombs Vinton, notary, 501 F nw, h 1216 O nw 
Coomes Albert L, plumber, 25 F nw 
Coomes Charles, baker, 220 E Capitol 
Coomes Charles P (Crossfield & Coomes), 1109 

8th nw 
Coomes Charles S, painter, 1109 8th nw 
Coomes John W, detective, 512 7th se 
Coomes Lewis W, bricklayer, 25 F nw 
Coomes Mary J, wid Samuel, 25 F nw 
Coon Byron C, elk pod, 711 8th nw 
Coon Catherine, wid Joseph, 1131 13th nw 
Coon Charles E, asst chf loan and cur div, 905 

R nw 
Coon Frank W, paperhgr, 1313 32d nw, Gtn 
Coon John W, paperhang-er, 

1311 33d nw, Gtn, h 1313 do 




No. 13ll Thirty-second Street, nw., 

Upholstering in all its Branches. Cornices and 
Picture Frames made to order. 

Cooney James, supt q m cor, 14h nr C sw 
Cooney John H, elk pen o, 22 I ne 
Cooney John N, grocer, 1002 1st se 
Cooney Michael, lab, 1003 N J av nw 
Cooney Patrick, lab, 26 G ne 
Cooney Patrick H, lawyer, 22 I ne 
Cooney William P, upholsterer, 22 I ne 
Coons Mary H, 1021 19th nw 
Cooper Alice, servt, 104 Madison al nw 
Cooper Catherine, washer, Wilson nw 
Cooper Courtney A, draftsman, 1925 9th nw 
Cooper David M, engraver, 3015 Dumbarton av 

nw, Gtn 
Cooper David T, carpenter, 1631 13th nw 
Cooper Edward, lab, 432 1st sw 
Cooper Ella N, elk cen, 808 K nw 
Cooper Eugenie, elk treas d, 1732 10th nw 
Cooper Fannie A, wid John W, 300 H nw 
Cooper George, lab, Wilson nr 4th nw 
Cooper George H, elk 6th aud o, 1633 10th nw 
Cooper George T B, elk, 810 F sw 
Cooper George W, caterer, 736 13th nw 
Cooper George W, lab, Va av n N J av se 
Cooper George W, police, 75 Myrtle ne 
Cooper Georgiana, wid Henry C, 1217 M nw 
Cooper Glen W, lawyer, 330 4% 

nw, h do 
Cooper G P, auctioneer, 1262 10th nw 
Cooper Harriet, wid William, 930 D sw 
Cooper Henrietta V, elk treas d, 1217 M nw 
Cooper Henry E, elk, 1925 9th nw 
Cooper Henry K, elk q m g o, 471 C nw 
Cooper Isaac," 1819 S nw 
Cooper James, barber, 316 E sw 
Cooper James, carp, 904 I nw 
Cooper James, cook, Wilson nw 
Cooper James, eating h use, 906 21st, h How- 
ard University 
Cooper James, lab, 4 Union alley nw 
Cooper James, lab, Bennings rd 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSEAS k SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall NEW KM. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y, 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt. 





The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Cooper James E, elk, 710 F sw 

Cooper James W, produce, 196 Centre mkt, h 

102 4£ sw 
Cooper Jane A, 930 D sw 
Cooper John, 340 Pa av nw 
Cooper John, shoemkr, 920 1st se 
Cooper John A (Cooper & Stanford), 300 H nw 
Cooper John W, coach painter, 710 F sw 
Cooper Jonas, janitor, 319 1st se 
Cooper Joseph, tinsmith, 930 D sw 
Cooper Judson, carp, 710 12th nw 
Cooper Lillian Mrs, 904 9th nw 
Cooper Lloyd, carp, 710 12th nw 
Cooper Louisa, cook, 1739 I nw 
Cooper Lysander, plasterer, 1819 S nw 
Cooper Mary, servt, 1819 S nw 
Cooper Middleton, carp, 1154 16th nw 
Cooper Mollie, elk, 711 10th se 
Cooper Norman, carp, 710 12th nw 
Cooper Peter, lab, McCarthy's al nw 
Cooper Rebecca H, wid Samuel, 2101 G nw 
Cooper Richard, lab, Hamilton rd 
Cooper Robert S, printer, 1514 13th nw 
Cooper Rosa Mrs, 1428 Corcoran nw 
Cooper Royal, 619 M nw 
Cooper Samuel, lab, 306 11th se 
Cooper Samuel B, carp, 1925 9th nw 
Cooper Sarah E, servt, 1739 I nw 
Cooper Shadrack, lab, 1029 1st sw 
Cooper Sophia, servt, 813 2d se 
Cooper Susan, bu eng, 930 D sw 
Cooper Susan, servt, McCarthy's al nw 
Cooper Thomas, hackman, 1224 M nw 
Cooper William, driver, 1030 N J av nw 
Cooper William, engineer, 727 4J sw 
Cooper Wm A, boatswain U S N, 711 10th se 
Cooper William B, tinsmith, 710 F sw 
Cooper William F, elk cen, 300 Mass av nw 
Cooper William H, elk, 1514 13th nw 
Cooper William W, asst use and g survey, 

1311 L nw 
Cooper & Stanford (John A Cooper and Clay- 
ton Stanford), printers, 611 F nw 
Co-operative distil and Fasten- 

fer Transportation Co, Alhert 
1 Boone general manager, 

131 7 tli nw 
Coots Henry C, shoemkr, 1712 21st nw 
Copeland Ellen C, wid Elijah, 1759 S nw 
Copeland Hilleary, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Copeland Isaac, lab, 8th ab Grant av nw 
Copeland Martin G (M G Copeland & Co), 221 

Copeland Itt O & Co (Martin O 

Copeland and A O Holland), 

awnings, 613 I^a av nw 


643 Louisiana Ave., one door east of 7th Street, 


Eecherche in Style and Finish, for Stores, City 
and Country Residences. Awnings taken down 
and stored. Flags, Tents and Reception Awnings 
for sale and for rent. Ball rooms decorated. 
Orders by Postal Card receive prompt attention. 

Copeland William P, journalist, 1729 F nw 
Copenhaver Harry E, elk war o, 1226 14th nw 

Copenhaver Margaret, wid Geo, 1226 14th nw 
Copenhaver William A, bu eng, 1226 14th nw 
Copp Amasa, elk, 1205 T nw 
Copp Henry N, principal 1st dis school, 113 

Md av ne 
Copp Walter S, bricklayer, 3217 P nw, Gtn 
Coppar Richard, steward, 1231 10th nw 
Coppes Augustus B, restaurant, 7 c Mass av, 

h 636 Mass av nw 
Coppinger William, consul 
general Liberia and secretary 
and treasurer American Colo* 
nidation Society, 150 I*a av 
nw, h 236 E nw 
Coquire Nettie, servt, 1211 F nw 
Coquire Barney, driver, 2718 O nw, Gtn 
Coram Frances, servt, Cedar nr 14th nw 
Corbett Amanda, dressmkr, 310 4J sw 
Corbett Annie, 630 Va av se 
Corbett George W, carp, 803 E nw, h 318 C nw 
Corbett Harriet, wid Nicholas, 1327 Stanton 

al nw 
Corbett John, lab, 3618 nw, Gtn 
Corbett John jr, engineer, 3618 O nw, Gtn 
Corbett Joseph, elk, 217 G sw 
Corbett Maggie, elk, 630 Va av se 
Corbett William, lab, 630 Va av se 
Corbin Alexander, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Corbin Alice, washer, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Corbin Armstrong, lab, Prater al nw 
Corbin Catherine, govt print o, 233 Pa av nw 
Corbin Eliakim L, elk 2d aud, 603 La av 
Corbin Fred, shoemkr, 441 1st sw, h 414 do 
Corbin Henry, hostler, 1829 T nw 
Corl>in Henry C, ore vet lieut 
colonel and asst adjutant gen- 
eral U S A, Sherman pi, lit 
Corbin John, lab, 529 3d sw 
Corbin Robert, lab, 356 K sw 
Corbin Sarah, washer, 1717 R nw 
Corbin Torbert, servt, 208 St Dominick's al sw 
Corbin William E, elk d 1 o, 1602 8th nw 
Corbit William B, physician, 231 E nw 
Corbitt James, 652 H ne 

Corbitt William W, harnessmkr, 605 Md av sw 
Corcoran Art Gallery, William 
jTlaclieod curator, I*a av c 
17th nw 
Corcoran Bros (Richard J and Michael Cor- 
coran), grocers, 1100 15th nw 
Corcoran Edward D, grocer, c 18th and L nw 
Corcoran Elizabeth A, teacher, 341 D sw 
Corcoran George, lab, 3222 Grace nw, Gtn 
Corcoran Fire Insurance Com- 
pany, 7th c Ea av nw 
Corcoran Jesse, plasterer, 3222 Grace nw, Gtn 
Corcoran Kate M, printer, 409 19th nw 
Corcoran Maggie M, printer, 620 I nw 
Corcoran Mary, servt, 922 17th nw 
Corcoran Mary A, servt, 1406 Corcoran nw 
Corcoran Mary E, printer, 214 H ne 
Corcoran Mary J, wid Dennis, 1838 6th nw 
Corcoran Michael (Corcoran Bros), 1100 15th nw 
Corcoran Patrick, 214 H ne 
Corcoran Patrick, grocer, 1351 C sw, and coal, 

341 C sw, h 1351 C sw 
Corcoran Richd J (Corcoran Bros),110015th nw 
Corcoran Ursula, wid John F, fancy store, 2137 

Pa av nw 
Corcoran William (Corcoran & Cook), 2137 Pa 

av nw 
Corcoran William, stonecutter, 1351 C sw 
Corcoran William H (Corcoran & Cook), 2137 
Pa av 

The LARGEST Insurance Co. in the World. 





New York Lager Beer, 

ED. ABNER, Sole Agent, 
413 & 415 Ninth Street, nw. 

Corcoran William W," 1611 H 

Corcoran & Cook (W H Corcoran and T F 

Cook), marble workers, 2132 K nw 
Cord John W, supt St Mary's cemetery, Lin- 
coln av ne 
Cord John W jr, milk, Lincoln av ne 
Cord Louisa, elk, 1207 N T av nw 
Cordero Fannie E, wid Lucas, 2433 K nw 
Cordero George M, printer, 2433 K nw 
Core John T, tobacconist, 3259 M nw 
Core & Co (William W Core), candy mnfrs, 

467 Pa av nw 
Core Wm W (Core & Co), Mt Vernon House 
Corell Honora Mrs, 1238 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Cores Peter, lab, 1151 23d nw 
Corey A J, elk pen o, Pa av nr 2d nw 
Corey Charles R, elk cen, 906 French nw 
Corey J Weed, elk bu stats, 938 K nw 
Corey Mary, dressmkr, 1116 8th nw 
Corej 7 Waterman F, elk d 1 o, 906 French nw 
Corick Charles I, painter, 306 A se 
Corkery Kate, servt, 1509 R I av nw 
Corkhill George B, 13 S dist atty, office Court 

House, h Mt Pleasant 
Corlies George, bookbinder, 915 N J av nw 
Corliss Hiram C, harnessmkr, 639 S nw 
Cormachal Peter, molder, 10th nr La av nw 
Cornelius James W, machinist, 219 8th se 
Cornell George E, elk, 206 I se 
Cornell James, lamplighter, 2700 P nw, Gtn 
Cornell Jennie, seamstress, 1740 K nw 
Cornell John, driver, 1339 31st nw, Gtn 
Cornell John B, lab, 206 I se 
Cornell Robert, caterer, 1120"16th nw 
Cornell Scott, watchman, 1013 22d nw 
Cornell William C, elk, 2312 I nw 
Corner Ellen B Mrs, 311 N Y av nw 
Corner Mary, wid Thos, washer, Bassett al ne 
Cornick William, waiter, 2112 L nw 
Corning Sarah F, wid Albert, 1827 I nw 
Cornish George G, elk 2d aud. o, 310 1st se 
Cornish Louis A, mess, 311 B se 
Cornwall Clara V, milliner, 915 Va av sw 
Cornwall James G, 918 D sw 
Cornwall Joseph W, foreman, 915 Va av sw 
Cornwall Luther M, grocer, 918 D sw 



Cornwell George CJ, grocer, 11=1 8 
I»a av nw, li clo 



1418 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
Opp. Willard's Hotel, WASHINGTON, D. C 

Cornwell Gilbert, grocer, 721 15th nw 
Cornwetl John, coachmkr, Uniontown 
Cornwell Newton, grocer, N nr 1st se 
Cornwell Theodore D, bookbinder, 922 H ne 
Cornwell Thompson, bricklayer, £ nr Q sw 
Cornwell Wallace, brickmkr, 59 N se 
Corpreu Ellen, wid Dennis, 1141 21st nw 
Corr James, plate printer, 1425 9th nw 
Corr Patrick, engineer, 1314 8th nw 
Corr Thomas, plate printer, 805 9th nw 
Corridan Edward, 104 E sw 
Corridon Bryan, stonecutter, 722 2d ne 
Corridon James, brassfitter, 6th and M se 
Corridon James J, stenographer, 52 H ne 
Corridon Joanna, elk treas d, 1316 N J av nw 
Corridon John, grocer, 52 H ne 
Corridon John, teacher, 34 Defrees nw 
Corridon Patrick, grocer, 6th c M ne 
Corridon Philip, grocer, 1307 4th nw, h 130& 

N J av nw 
Corrigan John, grocer, 330 F sw 
Corrigan John T, carp, 111 Pa av se, h 503 B se- 
Corrigan Patk, shoemkr, 417 4| sw, h 330 F sw 
Corrigan Timothy, attendant Insane Asylum 
Corse John D, mess cap, 337 C nw 
Corson Clarence, elk, 1421 S nw 
Corson George E, elk s g o, 1217 T nw 
Corson John, elk war d, 1734 14th nw 
Corson John W, with H D Cooke jr & Co, 8> 

Cooke pi, Gtn 
Cortes Harriet, elk, 620 I nw 
Cortning Harry, mail agt, 457 Mo av nw 
Coram Alex, lab, 1339 Cedar nw 
Corvaizer E P, elk q m g o, 471 nw 
Corwin Elbert O, elk treas d, 409 Spruce, Le 

Droit park 
Corwine Quinton, lawyer, 1429 N Y av nw, h 

1121 10th nw 
Cosberry Thomas, lab, Canal nr G sw 

The Corcoran Fire Insurance Company. 

Capital, ----- $100,000. 

Office : 7 th St., Cor. Louisiana Ave. 

JOHN T. LENMAN, President. A. H. HERR, Vice President. J. TARBELL DYER, Secretary. 




A. H. HERR, 





UiriVf D VnTTlVrr 1 ^ ea * Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 

VV lTl. I m I U U ll llj 1*30 NEW YORK ATE. 





Physicians Recommend 
Sold by all Druggists and at 911 7th St 

Cosby Edmonia, 1014 10th nw 
Cosgrove John, lab, 820 4th ne 
•Cosgrove John I, porter, 1024 1st, nw 
Cosmos Club, Corcoran hldg 

€ost Frederick, fruits, 310 Centre and 73 Cor- 
coran mkts, 3417 Q nw, Gtn 
Costas;gini Philip, artist, 210 E nw 
■Costella Bridget, servt, 1197 East Capitol 
•Costello Ann, servt, 921 17th 
Costello Daniel, lab, 727 3d nw 
Costello Jeremiah, grocer, 624 6th hw 
Costello John, conductor, 720 2d ne 
•Costello Patrick, lab, 1103 4th ne 
Costello Margaret, wid Thomas, cigars, 1508 

10th nw 
Costello Mary, Ball's al nw 
Costello Mary, servt, 46 Jackson al ne 
Costello Mary, servt, Arlington Hotel 
Costello Mary, wid Timothy, 130 G sw 
Costello Michael, tailor, 32 Mass av nw 
Costello Susan, boarding, 224 D nw 
Costello Thomas, bricklayer, 46 Jackson al ne 
Costello Timothy, blksmith, Ball's al nw 
Costello Timothy, hacks, 27 G nw 
Costello William, tinsmith, 46 Jackson al ne 
Coster Sophia, wid Stephen, 1312 6th nw 
Coster Stephen K, machinist, 119 Carroll se 
Costigin Dicandia D, bu eng, 402 N J av se 
Costigin Fannie, elk, 402 N J av se 
Costigin Francis McD, elk cen bu, 402 N J av 

•Costigin Sallie M, teacher, 402 N J av se 
Costin Amelia, wid Wm G, washer, 204 C sw 
Costin Fannie M, teacher, 307 4th se 
Costin John T, mess, 120 D sw 
Oostin John T jr, porter, 120 D sw 
Costin Martha, wid William, 307 4th se 
Costin William C (Costin & Bruce), 31511th se 
Costin & Bruce (William C Costin and John 

C Bruce), barbers, 347 Pa av nw 
Costinett Paul, fruit, 913 Temperance Hall al 
•Costello Timothy, blksmith, 3d bet G and Hnw 
Coston William, mess, 733 23d nw 
Cotter David J, supervisor Metropolitan R R, 

r 1502 21st nw 
Cotter John F, lab, 1329 21st nw 
'Cotter Joseph, plasterer, Conduit rd 
Cotter Maggie J, dressmkr, 718 4J sw 
Cotter Mary, seamstress, 23d nr G nw 
Cotter Mary, servt, 1403 30th nw, Gtn 
Cotter Mary, wid John, 718 4£ sw 
Cotter Mary E, 1329 21st nw 
Cotter William J, elk, 1339 21st nw 
Cotterill Edmond, elk ago, 1809 13th nw 
-Cotton Charles P, painter, 59 Defrees nw 
Cotton Ella S, bu eng, 461 Missouri av nw 
Cotton Grace, servt, 1628 Q nw 
■Cottrell Charles H H, tel opr, 1327 G nw 
Cottrell Edward B, lumber, 1509 S nw 
Cottrell Mary M, elk cen, 14th nr I nw 
Cottrell William P, coal, 44 c Md av sw and 

480 Pa av nw, h 407 E Capitol se 
Coues Elliott, sec u sg s, 1619 K nw 
Co ughlan Daniel, bartender, 1340 4£ sw 
Coughlan Dennis, bricklayer, 616 N Y av nw 
Co ughlan John I>, la>vyer, 325 

4l% nw, h 616 ]\ Y av nw 
Coughlin Dennis, elk treas d, 617 21st nw 
Coughlin John, drugs, 600 9th nw, h 700 do 

Coughlin John T, elk sig o, 617 10th ne 
Coughlin Mary, wid John, 1901 N H av nw 
Coughlin Michael F, grocer, 1901 N H av nw 
Coughlin Timothy, elk ago, 919 12th nw 
Cougle Fanny F, elk cen, 339 C nw 
Coulson Cecelia, dressmkr, 2213 7th st rd nw 
Coulson George W, plasterer, 2213 7th st rd nw 
Coulter Wm A, lawyer, 530 9th nw,h 314 E nw 
Coumbe John T, physician, 1304 9th nw 
Counsell Eliza, washer, 2155 9th nw 
Connselman Benjamin S, provisions, 19th c K, 

h Tennallytown 
Countee Ann, wid Moses, 114 D se 
Countee Arthur, hostler, 218 D sw 
Countee Catherine, servt, 3310 Q nw, Gtn 
Countee Charles, lab, 16th nr E Capitol se 
Countee John, lab, 114 D se 
County Jail (Crocker John S Gen, warden), 

19th c B se 
Coupland George R, elk cen o, 1014 F nw 
Court Edward, draftsman, 1519 9th nw 
Courtenay E H, computer use and g s o, 15 

4th se 
Courtenay Frederick R, engraver, 633 S nw 
Courteney Frederick, lab, 1708 Riggs nw 
Courtney Bayliss, lab, 101 1 sw 
Courtney Cornelius, brickmkr, 1210 1st sw 
Courtney Edward, draftsman, 15 4th se 
Courtney Ellen, servt, I c Del se 
Courtney George, plumber, 213 E nw 
Courtney George, restaurant, 8 Grant pi nw 
Courtney Jane, cook, 817 Del av sw 
Courtney John R, produce, 35 Corcoran mkt, 

Courtney Martha J, servt, 445 Knox al sw 
Courtney Richard, elk pod, 120 C nw 
Courtney Richard M, elk 6th aud o, 304 d ne 
Courtney Solomon, lab, 1710 Marion al nw 
Courtney William, gardener, Sherman av nw 
Courtney William H, lab, Douglas al nw 
Courts J C, elk H R, 419 6th nw 
Cousin James, lab, 1230 1st sw 
Cousinor Mary, servt, 818 6th nw 
Cousins Frederick, lab, 1343 Cedar nw 
Cousins James, wood, 1108 18th nw 
Covazier Fannie Mrs, 127 A ne 
Cover John, elk 6th aud o, 629 E nw 
Covert James W, National Ho- 
Covert William E, elk s g o, 219 3d nw 
Covey D M, printer, 626 3d nw 
Coviazier Eugene, elk war d, 423 4th nw 
Covington Elias, dairyman, School, Hillsdale 
Covington Ellen, wid Barney, Hamilton rd 
Covington George S, elk, 608 6th nw 
Covington George W, flagman, 936 D sw 
Covington John, teacher, Hamilton rd 
Covington Louisa, servt, 512 7th se 
Covington Samuel, hostler Insane Asylum 
Covington William H, mkt master, 631 G se 
Cowan Michael, lab, 24 H ne 
Cowan Richard, shoemkr, 1316 L nw 
Cowell Albert, bricklayer, 1323 10th nw 
Cowell Henry, printer, 806 1st nw 
Cowell Robert P, elk, 1528 29th nw, Gtn 
Cowen W S, elk pen o, 915 N Y av nw 
Cowgill Calvin, WK C, Ehhitt 

Cowie Albert T, printer, 600 7th sw 
Cowie Frederick G, elk cen, 600 7th sw 
Cowie George, chief diplomatic 
and. consular division 5th au- 
ditor treasury, 600 7th sw 
Cowie John G, elk treas d, 624 Q nw 
Cowie Thos J, asst paymaster U S N, 6007th sw 






Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass Crotayfare 



No. 923 Penn Avenue. 

Cowing Henry, lab, 407 13£ sw 
Cowing Rodolph S, elk treas d, 1232 13th nw 
Cowing William J, elk agr d, 1232 13th nw 
Cowl Dewitt P, elk pat o, 23 7th se 
Cowl Frank, waiter, Schuetzen park 
Cowlam Belle, elk treas d, 2205 14th nw 
Cowlam Isabel, elk int rev, 2205 14th nw 
Cowles Loyal, elk cap, 1205 13th nw 
Cowles W C, master U S N, 1316 G nw 
Cowles William A, elk g 1 o, 24 Grant pi nw 
Cowling- Atwell, livery stable, 
13©7 O nw, h 1309 O nw 


1307 G Street, bet. 13th and 14th Sts., 


First-class Carriages furnished at all hours. 

Funerals supplied with Hearses and Carriages at 

short notice. 

Cowling Indiana, wid Thomas, 710 13th nw 

Cowling Roberta, wid Edward, 2043 9th nw 

Cowling Thomas E, carp, 461 1 nw 

Cowling William W, elk g 1 o, 1814 11th nw 

Cowman Louise A, elk pat o, 814 17th nw 

Cowperthwaite Elizabeth T, elk, 313 N J av se 

Cowperthwaite Emily P, teacher, 313 N J av se 

Cowperthwaite Henrietta, elk, 313 N J av se 

Cowry Thomas E, steward, 2315 Pa av nw 

Cox Abraham, lab, 68 G sw 

Cox Achsah,wid Joseph W,boarding,1014 F nw 

Cox Alfred, elk state d, 1016 Conn av nw 

Cox Alice C, elk cen, 726 20th nw 

Cox Amanda E, wid Joseph L, 912 11th nw 

Cox Annie, printer's asst, 405 N J av se 

Cox Benjamin D, blksmith, 470 H sw 

Cox Benjamin F, artist, 519 H nw 

Cox Bessie, elk cen, 305 C nw 

Cox Bettie G, teacher, 2228 11th nw 

Cox Caroline, waiter, Providence Hospital 

Cox Charles A, bricklayer, 400 C se 

Cox Charles H, elk, 326 A ne 

Cox Charles R, gardener, Bladen sburg rd 

Cox Christopher C, physician, 726 20th nw 

Cox Cicero, lab. Snow Hill sw 

Cox Custis L, mess, 1233 31st nw, Gtn 

Cox Clement, soapmkr, 1st c Q sw 

Cox Daniel, lab, 1st nr O sw 

Cox Dennis, shoemkr, 1410 Samson nw 

Cox Edward D, barber, 1647 K nw 

Cox Edward D, bricklayer, 230 11th se 

Cox Eliza A, wid John, 2228 11th nw 

Cox Emanuel, lab, 336 F sw 

Cox Emily S, wid William F, g p o, 326 A ne 

Cox Emmett, waiter, 305 1st sw 

Cox Ernest R, elk, 405 N J av se 

Cox Eugene R, elk pod, 930 I nw 

Cox George, 1416 11th nw 

Cox George, waiter, 724 12th nw 

Cox George F, carp, 341 1st ne 

Cox George W, printer, 737 1st nw 

Cox Henry, bu eng, 216 2d nw 

Cox Isaac B, barber, 1440 Samson nw 

anges and FurnaceJ 


Cox James L, elk, 914 F nw 

Cox James P, plate printer, 173 Fayette, Gtn 

Cox James P jr, plate printer, 1909 35th, Gtn 

Cox James W, steward, 1732 Pa av nw 

Cox John E, hides, 3244 Water nw, Gtn, h. 

1237 30th nw, Gtn 
Cox John F, attendant Insane Asylum 
Cox John F, claim agt, 3316 N nw, Gtn 
Cox John F, gardener, Bladensburg rd 
Cox John L, grocer, 480 E sw 
Cox John W, tinner, 1239 Md av ne 
Cox Joseph A, painter, 405 N J av se 
Cox Joseph B, elk ind o, 916 I nw 
Cox Julia, servt, 1005 23d nw 
Cox Julia, wid Mathew, 1455 N nw 
Cox Kennard, shoemkr, 935 Md av sw 
Cox Margaret, elk, 341 1st ne 
Cox Martha, servt, 1505 S nw 
Cox Mary A, wid William, 1418 11th nw 
Cox Matilda, wid Frederick, Bladensburg rd 
Cox M H, elk pen o, 932 French nw 
Cox Minnie, elk pen o, 1012 12th nw 
Cox Nancy S, wid Edw r d, dressmkr, 1647 K nw 
Cox Newton J, printer, 1821 12th nw 
Cox Oliver Rev, 949 Mass av nw 
Cox Owen A, attendant Insane Asylum 
Cox Patrick, grocer, Pomeroy nw 
Cox Richard, blksmith, 900 4th se 
Cox Robert, rags, i nr U sw 
Cox Robert L, elk pen o, 3263 N nw, Gtn 
Cox Robert M, lab, 496 Md av sw 
Cox Samuel W, painter, 1114 6th ne 
Cox Samuel S, ML C, Riggs House 
Cox Sarah N, wid Washington F7405 N J av se 
Cox Thomas, mess treas d, 1222 19th nw 
Cox Thomas C, water register, 2726 N nw, Gtn 
Cox Virginia, wid James. 224 Willow al sw 
Cox Walter H, elk, 1014 F nw 
Cox Walter J, fireman, 214 Del av ne 
Cox Walter S, fireman, 214 Del av ne 
Cox Walter S, judge Supreme 

Court, I> C, 1636 I nw 
Cox William (Hilton & Co), 724 17th nw 
Cox William, grocer, N J av c Franklin nw 
Cox William, lab, al nr 14th and D se 
Cox William A, tailor, 30 Defrees nw 
Cox William B, gardener, Bladensburg rd 
Cox William B, painter, 916 I nw 
Cox William C, servt, al 13th nr R nw 
Cox William E, elk, 624 E nw 
Cox William L, stairbuilder, 400 C se 
Cox William V, clkU S fish com, 1014 12th nw 
Cox William W, real est, 519 7th nw,h 916 1 nw 

i Coxe Albert W, painter, 416 10th nw 

: Coxe John, lab, 704 -J sw 

I Coxe Sampson, lab, 354 K sw 

j Coxen Charles, plasterer, 1821 6th nw 

| Coxen George, lab, 1313 K se 
Coxen George, molder, 10th nr C sw 
Coxen Matilda, wid William, 1821 6th nw 
Coxon Filmore, fireman, bds 1009 E se 
Coxon Washington, moulder, 209 10th sw 
Coxson Edith, seamstress, 814 3d se 
Coxton Mason, mess, 1132 Conn av nw 
Coxton Richard A, grocer, 801 N nw 
Coyle Andrew, 1406 L nw 
Coyle Ann, wid Owen, 1905 19th nw 
Coyle Anna, wid Andrew, 1406 L nw 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt 






(Ives, Clinton, Concord,) call on 

Importer and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th St 

Coyle Annie C, grocer, 318 Va av sw 
Coyle Bernard F, butcher, 238 9th se 
Coyle Bernard J (B J Coyle & Co), 1905 19th nw 
Coyle B J & Co (Bernard J Coyle), contract- 
ors, 1420 N Y av nw 
Coyle Catherine E Miss, 27 B se 
Coyle Elizabeth, bu eng, 713 6th nw 
Coyle Ella, wid John, dressmkr, 1809 8th nw 
Coyle Francis, meter inspector, 711 1st nw 
Coyle Harriet L, wid Leonidas, 608 E nw 
Coyle James, horses, 1308 B sw 
Coyle Jane M, wid Randolph, 1419 20th nw 
Coyle John M, civil engineer, 1419 20th nw 
Coyle Laura V, 218 E nw 
Coyle Mary A, variety, 238 9th se 
Coyle Mary A, wid Fitzhugh, 1331 K nw 
Coyle Patrick, 1905 19th nw 
Coyle Randolph, lawyer, Weh- 
ster building, 505 »nw, li 1419 
SO tli nw 



D Street, bet. Fifth and 6th, nw. 

Coyle Thomas, contractor, 1102 3d ne 
Cozzens Gustavus E, lime burner, 2409 I nw 
Cozzens John A, coal, 1108 18th nw, h Queen 

al nw 
Cozzens Richard, bricklayer, 2409 I nw 
Cozzens William, lab, 2409 I nw 
Crabbs Benjamin F, flour insp, 1234 8th nw 
Crabtree Joseph, horse trader, 14th c S C av se 
Crabtree Thos, horse trader, 14th c S C av se 
Craft Christopher, cigarmkr, 18 6th ne 
Craft Conrad, 18 6th ne 
Craft Henry C, elk 6th aud o, 407 H nw 
Cragg Annie, wid George, 729 6th nw 
Cragg William B, elk, 729 6th nw 
Cragin Aaron H, 325 E Capitol 
Cragin Charles H jr, lawyer, 321 4£ nw, h 126 

Dumbarton, Gtn 
Cragin Harry W, patents, 617 7th nw, h 325 E 

Craig Andrew C, elk, 406 C se 
Craig Charles A, carp, 716 6th sw 
Craig Charles B, elk, 132 Washington, Gtn 
Craig David, lab, 2126 Johnson's al nw 
Craig David P, elk pen o, 1119 12th nw 
Craig Douglas, lab, Deaf and Dumb Inst 
Craig Edward, bricklayer, 1225 C sw 
Craig Edward, porter, 123 L nw 
Craig Eliza, wid Andrew, 405 C se 
Craig Ella, nurse, 123 L nw 
Craig Ella, servt, 1612 7th nw 
Craig Ellis W, shipwright, 629 E se 
Craig Frank E, elk, 3222 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Craig George E, whitewasher, 211 K nw 
Craig Henry C (Craig & Jackson), 3125 O, Gtn 
Craig Icylena, seamstress, 123 L nw 
Craig James C, teacher, 211 K nw 
Craig Jane, wid Adam, 713 4th se 
Craig John, lab, 1139 23d nw 
Craig John G, stonecutter, 235 13£ sw 
Craig Joseph, lab, Anacostia 
Craig Josephine, servt, 1819 F nw 

Craig Lucy, washer, Cook al nr 22d nw 

Craig Mahaly, servt, 2110 N nw 

Craig Malinda, dressmkr, 211 K nw 

Craig Margaret, servt, 308 F nw 

Craig Maria B, wid H K, 1812 I nw 

Craig Martha, servt, 2110 N nw 

Craig Mary, nurse, 2110 N nw 

Craig Mary, servt, 2110 N nw 

Craig Mary, wid George W, 2807 N nw, Gtn 

Craig Mary E, bu eng, 3222 Prospect av, Gtn 

Craig Moses, lab, 311 3d se 

Craig Philip S, carp U S N, 629 E se 

Craig Rhoda, dressmkr, 123 L nw 

Craig Richard, lab, 311 3d 6e 

Craig Robert, bricklayer, 720 1 se 

Craig- Robert, lieutenant USA 

and acting' signal officer, 1008 

I nw 
Craig Samuel, carp, Anacostia 
Craig Sarah, nurse, 123 L nw 
Craig Thomas, use and g s o, 117 Md av ne 
Craig Thomas, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Craig Thomas, lab, 1232 1st sw 
Craig Thomas, lab, 9th nr Grant av nw 
Craig William, elk, 3222 Prospect av nw, Gtn 
Craig William, contractor, 211 K nw 
Craig William A, elk ago, 121 2d nw 
Craig W H, elk Julius Lansburgh 
Craig William H, mess, 1818 Cedar nw 
Craig & Jackson (Henry C Craig and Albert 

B Jackson), dry goods, 3140 M nw, Gtn 
Craigen J I, 1534 Columbia nw 
Craigie David J, captain USN. 1923 H nw 
Cragin Charles H, physician, 3121 Dumbarton 

av nw, Gtn 
Cragin Charles H jr, lawyer, 3127 Dumbarton 

av nw, Gtn 
Cralle Jefferson B, elk, 1226 C sw 
Cramer Benjamin D, elk, 1539 14th nw 
Cramer John T, elk 4th aud o 
Cramer Julia, printer, 1433 Olive av nw 
Cramer Lizzie, wid Joseph, 1327 4% sw 
Cramer Maggie M, sewing, 1327 4| sw 
Cramer Mary A, elk, 1327 4J sw 
Crampsey John T, wheelwright, 609 E se 
Crampsey John T jr, blksmith, 609 E se 
Crampsey Laura V, bu eng, 1012 F nw 
Crampsey Welford E, painter, 609 E se 
Crampsey William D, watchman, 1012 F nw 
Crampsey William R, upholsterer, 1012 F nw 
Crampsheir Mary, dressmkr, 1802 I nw 
Crampton Alice, servt, 1836 N Y av nw 
Crampton Garrett, elk, 1219 32d nw, Gtn 
Crampton James C, butcher, 905 11th se 
Crampton James W, elk, 722 7th sw 
Crampton Job E, machinist, 722 7th sw 
Crampton John D G, elk, 3200 M nw, Gtn 
Crampton John W, elk, 722 7th sw 
Crampton Margaret, servt, 710 N nw 
Crampton Mary A, Wormley al nw 
Cranage Sarah, servt, 345 Pa av nw 
Cranch School Building, G c 12th se 
Crandall C Paul, elk 3d aud, 4£ nr C nw 
Crandall Harry, 737 9th nw 
Crandall Joseph, carp, 636 8th ne 
Crandall Joseph E, florist, 636 8th ne 
Crandall Lee, ed National View,903 Pa av nw, 

h 303 11th sw 
Crandall Milton, carp, 814 8th ne 
Crandel William H, hackman, 331 M sw 
Crandell Charles P, 409 12th nw 
Crandell Fannie A, elk cen o, 303 11th sw 
Crandell Germond, asst ex pat o, 610 H nw 
Crandell William V, bricklayer, 1338 V nw 
Crane Celia, seamstress, 210 B nw 

Assets, over - $90,000,000 






Marshall & Go's Dry (fflmtt, 


413 and 415 9th St.,nw. 

Crane Charles H, brevet briga- 
dier general and asst surgeon 
general USA, 1»0» F nw 

Crane Day O, lawyer, St Cloud 
building, h938 French nw 

id. ex ozr,-A_:n~:e], 

St. Cloud Building, Cor. 9th and F Sts., 


Practices before all the Departments. 

Crane Flora M, teacher, 1016 Mass av nw 
Crane John, lab, 1304 4| sw 
Crane John H, produce, AGO Pa 
av nw, h 308 W J av se 




For the sale of Potatoes, Beans, Apples, Onions, 
and Country Produce generally. 
460 Pennsylvania Avenue, nw. 

Western New York Potatoes, Apples, Beans, Cider 
Vinegar, &c, in Car lots on track. N.B.— Potatoes 
and Beans a specialty. 

Crane Kate G, elk bu stats, 1237 Mass av nw 
Crane Lulu G, folder, 726 10th nw 
Crane Michael, 629 4th nw 
Crane Morton E, elk cen o, Imperial Hotel 
Crane William, elk, 1412 30th nw, Gtn 
Crane William F, elk d 1 o, Laurel, Md 
Cranege Elizabeth, servt, 918 Pa av nw 
Craney Gustavus, contractor, 228 3d ne 
Cranford Henry L (Cranford & Filbert), 1331 

N nw 
Cranford Paul, elk, 1331 N nw 
Cranford & Filbert (Henry F. 

Cranford and Louis S Filbert), 

general contractors, 1430 F 



General Contractors. 

Asphalt & Bituminous Concrete Pavements 

Office : 1420 F St., nw., Washington, D. C. 

Crangle Nannie, wid Nicholas B, 307 A ne 
Crankum Mary, wid Wm, washer, 2217 B nw 
Cranmer David, elk a g o, 1631 Conn av nw 
Cransali John, lab, 1050 Jefferson nw, Gtn 
Cranston John D, tyi^e founder, 731 12th nw 
Cranston Robert, carver, 731 12th nw 
Cranston Sallie, 731 12th nw 
Crap William H, engraver, 720 10th ne 
Crapo William W, M[ C, Worm- 
ley's Hotel 
Cratty Helena, servt, 608 E nw 
Cratty James, carp, Sumner nw 
Cratty Michael, lab, 220 5th se 
Cranley Rachel, Trumbull nw 
Craven Bridget, wid Michael, 216 7th ne 
Craven Charles, lab, 1338 Cedar nw 

A. L. BARBER t,eO. 


Craven Elizabeth, washer, 13 Purdy's ct 
Craven Daniel F, fireman, 229 10th se 
Craven Jennie C, printer, 216 7th ne 
Craven John, lab, 960 26th nw 
Craven Rhody, lab, 146 A se 
Craven William, lab, 13 Purdy's ct 
Crawford Annie, cook, 919 1st sw 
Crawford Charles, driver, 109 E Capitol 
Crawford Charles, shucker, 126 Va av sw 
Crawford Clem, lab, Willow al se 
Crawford Danl, cartman, Boundary nr 16th nw 
Crawford Edmonia S, copyist q m g o 
Crawford Eliza, cook, 625 L sw 
Crawford Eliza, storekpr Insane Asylum 
Crawford Eliza, wid Andrew, 1430 8th nw 
Crawford Elizabeth Mrs, 1342 Vt av nw 
Crawford Ellen, wid Charles, Willow al se 
Crawford George, carp, 1104 11th se 
Crawford George A, plumber, 209 8th se 
Crawford George D, elk bu eng, 214 D nw 
Crawford Georgie E, wid William B, 514 G r se 
Crawford Griffin, 643 I nw 
Crawford Harriet, washer, 205 Ball's al nw 
Crawford Henrietta, cook, 801 9th ne 
Crawford Henry, lab, 1210 M nw 
Crawford Howell G, elk, 506 E nw 
Crawford James A, plasterer, 523 9th"se 
Crawford James S, elk pod, 437 OJnw 
Crawford John, brickmkr, 604 £ sw 
Crawford John, lab, 920 I ne 
Crawford John H, watchman, 210 N Capitol nw 
Crawford John J, elk cen o, 1224 M nw 
Crawford John J, elk pod, 1117 G nw 
Crawford John N, painter, 1109 M se 
Crawford John T, porter, 3620 P nw, Gtn 
Crawford Josephine, washer, 1005 I ne 
Crawford Josephine E, wid S Oatley, 614 G nw 
Crawford Leah, wid Albert, 3620 P nw, Gtn 
Crawford Lydia, wid John, 1327 4| sw 
Crawford Maggie, elk treas d, 1403 L nw 
Crawford Maggie, servt, 1110 L nw 
Crawford Manalia, Union al nw 
Crawford Margaret Mrs, 1403 L nw 
Crawford Mary, wid Adam, 723 10th se 
Crawford Milton, lab, 801 9th ne 
Crawford Minnie, music teaoher, 104 4th se 
Crawford Nathan, lab, 919 1st sw 
Crawford Nero, lab, 1512 14th nw 
Crawford PVewton, patent agt, 
529 7tb nw, b Ellaville, Md 



Counsellor and Expert in 


Office : Federal Building, Room 14, 3d Story, 

Cor. 7th and F. Streets, Washington, D. 0. 

Crawford Richard R, lawyer, 3629 O nw, Gtn 
Crawford Robert A, lawyer, 1420 F nw, h 104 

4th se 
Crawford 8amuel, lab, 204 G sw 
Crawford Samuel, lab, 2224 11th nw 
Crawford Samuel T, bkbndr, 1430 8th nw 
Crawford Sarah, servt, 1730 32d nw, Gtn 
Crawford Sarah, washer, Burke al sw 
Crawford Theron C, journalist, 1420 N Y av nw 
Crawford Thomas (Crawford & Archer), 131 

Pa av nw 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

s PUSKAS & SAPORTAS, 2 Nassau, cor. Wall, NEW YORK. 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Houses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 




Chris. Xander's "MELLISTON," 

For Pulmonary Affections. 

German Aromatic Bitters, 

For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. • 

Crawford Virginia, 1367 Ohio av nw 
Crawford William, fireman, 2012 13th nw 
Crawford William, machinist, 1235 G se 
Crawford William, lab, 628 N Capitol 
Crawford William G, 2527 M nw 
Crawford William H, lab, 2224 11th nw 
Crawford William P, carp, 1113 Park ne 
Crawford & Archer (Thomas Crawford and 

Andrew Archer), dry goods, 131 Pa av nw 
Crawlev Caroline, wid William, elk 3d aud, 

2815 M, Gtn 
Craytor L D, cigars, 452 La av nw 
Creadler Susannah, servt, 1626 T nw 
Creager Frank M, elk, 742 10th nw 
Creahan Bridget, wid Thomas, 814 4th ne 
Creamer Chas, lab, Prospect, Meridian hill nw 
Creamer Charlotte, wid Samuel, 1410 27th,Gtn 
Creamer David, elk pod, Baltimore, Md 
Creamer Edward, plumber, 25 E nw 
Creamer James F, fireman, 610 Maryland av sw 
Creamer John, blksmith, Sherman av nw 
Creamer, Mary, servt, 2815 O nw, Gtn 
Creamer Nelson, coachman, 420 6th nw 
Creamer Thomas E, carp, 2200 11th nw 
Crearin Annie, wid James, 1104 3d ne 
Greaser Elizabeth, wid Thomas, 615 6th nw 
Creaser Laura C, elk int d, 615 6th nw 
Creaven Timothy, lab, 2015 K nw 
Creecy C Eaton, lawyer, 611 F nw, h 117 C ne 
Creecy Edward W, elk treas, 212 1st ne 
Creek Elizabeth, servt, 1013 16th nw 
Creek John W, waiter, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Creek Sarah, washer, Clark al sw 
Creek William, lab, Howard av, Hillsdale 
Cregier Abraham, carp, 1408 T nw 
Cregwell Jeannette, servt, 622 22d nw 
Crehan John, plumber, 2321 H nw 
Creighton Carrie, printer, 504 11th sw 
Creighton James M, mariner, 487 F sw 
Creighton Jane R, elk, 608 M nw 
Creighton John D, elk q m g o, 24 I ne 
Creighton John E, moulder, 1023 G se 
Creighton Robert, elk, 1012 12th nw 
Creighton Samuel, moulder, 406 G se 
Creighton Thomas B, elk, 507 11th sw 
Creignell John, barber, 1764 K nw 
Cremen Delia, gp o, 733 1st nw 
Cremen John E, jeweler, 1101 Pa av nw, h 

733 1st nw 
Cremen John F, elk, 733 1st nw 
Cremen Margaret, dressmkr, 733 1st nw 
Crenshaw Augustus P, 518 13th nw 
Crenshaw Nannie P, 518 13th nw 
Creswell John A J, president 
Citizens 9 National Bank and 
commissioner Frecdman's Sav- 
ings and Trust Co, Willard's 
Cressy Francis, cart driver, 1222 20th nw 
Cressy Winnie, laundress, 1222 20th nw 
Creveling George, coal, 1822 14th nw, h 2034 

17th nw 
Crew James, lab,. 1225 Madison nw 
Crew James H, elk pod, 620 11th nw 
Crew Samuel B, physician, 146 6th sw 
Crew Samuel B, watchman, c Me av and 6th sw 
Crews Enos, carp, 1509 8th nw 
Crews J F, 1509 8th nw 

Crews William P H, printer, 1509 8th nw 
Crider Jennie, g p o, 108 K nw 
Crider Mary, servt, 605 N nw 
Cridler David M, elk cen o, 1228 8th nw 
Cridler Deborah,wid Augustus M, 1228 8th nw 
Cridler The mas W, elk state d, 1228 8th nw 
Crier Jane, dressmkr, 2004 Boundary nw 
Crier Kezia, wid George, 2511 Q nw, Gtn 
Crier Martha, wid Thompson, 1613 12th nw 
Crigler Lucy, servt, 732 10th nw 
Crimmin Catherine, grocer, 1937 12th nw 
Crimmin William, grocer, 131 6th se 
Crimmins Mary, servt, 114 D nw 
Crippen Americus N V, agt, 608 10th nw 
Crippen Charles H, auctioneer, 233 Mass av ne 
Crippen Harriet D, 603 I nw 
Crippin Littleton, eating saloon, N 'J av bet 

C and D nw 
Cripps Mary E, wid M L, 429 11th nw 
Crisby Frederick, lab, Collins al sw 
Crisemon Lewis, barber, 50 H nw and Centre 

mkt, h 347 D sw 
j Crisei Jacob, watchman, 913 E Capitol 
i Crisei Theodore B, painter, 913 E Capitol 
I Crissey S L, chief swamp land div g lo, 1210 
Mass av nw 
Crist Philip A, elk 6th aud o, 414 6th nw 
Cristofani Dominick (Cristofani & Bro), 100£ 

Cristofani Felix (Cristofani & Bro), 100J C se 
Cristofani & Bro (Dominick and Felix Cristo- 
fani), grocers, 100£ C se 
Criswell Frank M, elk, 1605 19th nw 
Criswell Maria, wid Thomas, 1605 19th nw 
I Criswell William T, elk, 1605 19th nw 
; Criswill Antony R, shoemkr, 605 2d sw 
J Crittenden Elizabeth J, cigars, 1511J Pa av nw, 

h 1517 Pa av nw 
I Crittenden Howard B, lawyer, 225 4£ nw, h 

1309 Corcoran nw 
| Crittenden John, furniture, 25 Goat al nw 
I Crittenden Mary, wid, 1003 2d ne 
Crittenden Mary E, wid Sandy, laundress, 300 
I Gse 
j Crittenden Thomas T, lawyer, 225 4£ nw, h 

1309 Corcoran nw 
Crittenden William, engineer, 401 Franklin nw 
Crocker Charles H, mess treas d, 21 7th se 
Crocker Ellen H, wid Lott W, 1800 15th nw 
Crocker Fred, machinist, bds Howard House 
Crocker Fred W, elk pat o, 26 Grant pi nw 
j Crocker Irving M, officer jail, 1419 R I av nw 
| Crocker John S, warden Jail. 

1419 K I av nw 
1 Crocker Jonathan, watchman, Conduit rd 
Crocker M G, attendant Insane Asylum 
Crocker Wm C, guard U S jail, 21 7th se 
Crocker Willis F, elk bu eng, 1419 R I av nw 
Crockett Wm J, depot master, Holmes House 
Crockwell Catherine, servt, 61 1 nw 
Crockwell Catherine, wid John N, 1747 8th nw 
Crockwell John R, cigars, 6 Centre mkt, h 1747 

8th nw 
Crofoot Carrie, seamstress, Reform School 
Crogan John G, crackers, 420 N J av nw 
Croggon Edward, painter, 413 H nw 
Croggon Henry, 1100 12th nw 
Croggon John, bricklayer, 413 H nw 
Croggon John, elk bu eng, 417 6th nw 
Croggon John R, elk treas d, 1226 S nw 
Croggon John T S (John T S Croggon & Bro), 

500 7th sw 
Croggon John T S & Bro (John T S and Wil- 
liam N Croggon), grocers, 500 7th sw 
| Croggon Mary A, wid Henry B, 1100 12th nw 


Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers. Honses 
Rented. Loans Negotiated. Estates Careful- 
ly Managed. St. Cloud Building. See p. 580. 





Importers and Dealers in 

China. Glass Crockery Ware 

' Aisn> 

o, 923 Penn Avenue. 

Croegon Thomas, blksmith, 413 II nw 
Croggon William N (John T S Croggon & 

Bro), 508 7th sw 
Croggon William N, printer, 202 Mass av nw 
Croissant John D, elk p o, 1421 8th nw 
Croll Lucy, servt, 817 6:k nw 
Cromelien Sarah, wid Roland, 217 2d nw 
Crompton William, elk q^m g o, 1718 P nw 
Crome John, painter, 523 2d nw 
Cromwell B L, distributing elk H R 
Cromwell Cluskey S, elk, 1007 G nw 
Cromwell J Wesley, proprietor 
People's Advocate, 609 I^a av 
nw,h 1511 Pnw 


Publisher and Proprietor 


609 Louisiana Avenue, nw. , 


Cromwell Mary A, wid Stephen A, 1007 G nw 
Cromwell Mary E, elk ind o, 1007 G nw 
Cromwell M E, elk pen o, 910 12th nw 
Cromwell Thomas, elk g 1 o, 1001 11th nw 
Cromwell Zachariah (Stott and Cromwell), 32 

Cronin Catherine, folder, 1134 Del av ne 
Cronin Ellen, wid William, 1134 Del av ne 
Cronin George, U S N, 1203 N J av se 
Cronin Honora, dressmkr, 1520 34th nw, Gtn 
Cronin Honora, wid Philip, 404 EL nw 
Cronin John R, bacon, 513 Centre mkt, h 301 

Cronin John R, blksmith, 208 Mass av nw 
Cronin Martin, chief engineer fire d D C, 404 

H nw 
Cronin Mary, 905 O nw 
Cronin Mary A, bu eng, 208 Mass av nw . 
Cronin Mary J, wid John, 1726 6th nw 
Cronin Michael, lab, bds 721 3d nw 
Cronin Michael, stonecutter, 213 F nw 
Cronin Patrick, driver, 311 Va av sw 
Cronin Patrick, lab, 1134 Del av ne 
Cronin Patrick F, plate printer, 404 H nw 
Cronin Richard A, bacon, 256 and 355 N L 

and 28 Riggs mkts, h 12th and G ne 
Cronin Thomas, lab, 59 G sw 
Cronin William, blksmith, 1134 Del av ne 
Cronk Armstead M, coachmkr, 427 6th sw 
Crook Harrison, physician, 424 7th sw. Office 

hours 7J to 84 a m and 4 to 5i p m 
Crook John A,~butcher, 807 N Capitol ne 
Crook Walter, elk pen o, 819 D sw 
Crook William H, elk ex mansion, 1215 O nw 
Crooker Lucius, elk, 1121 14th nw 
Crooker William L, printer, 49 H nw 
Crooks Carrie, folder, 802 6th nw 
Crooks Jacob W, printer, 1012 Pa av nw 
Crooks Robert C, elk, 819 5th 
Crooks Wil-iam L, printer, 419 10th nw 
Cropley Arthur B (R B & A B Cropley and 

Samuel Cropley's Sons), Morgan House 
Cropley Charles B, elk, 3077 M nw, Gtn 



Gas FittinO 


Cropley E Maurice, bkkr, 3158 P nw, Gtn 
Croplev George W, druggist, 3077 M nw, Gtn, 

h 1402 31st nw, Gtn 
Cropley R B & A B (Robert B and Arthur B 

Cropley), grocers, 3101 M nw, Gtn 
Cropley Richard L, bricks, 1061 31st nw, Gtn, 

h 3318 N nw, Gtn 
Cropley Robert B (R B and A B Cropley and 

Samuel Cropley's Sons), 3333 N nw, Gtn 
Cropley Thomas L, druggist, 3271 M nw, Gtn, 

h 1213 30th nw, Gtn 
Cropley's Samuel Sons (Robert B and Arthur 

B Cropley), grocers, 3272 M nw, Gtn 
Cropper Frederick, barber, 1160 20th nw 
Cropper Jane M, teacher, 705 1st nw 
Cropper Jeremiah, lab, 705 1st nw 
Crosby Annie, wid Richard, servt, 124 Schott 

al ne 
Crosby Fannie, elk cen o, 511 4th nw 
Crosby Hannah E Mrs, 20 2d ne 
Crosby Henry X, cliief clerk war 

department, 1737 F ihv 
Crosby Josiah Q, elk int rev, 914 Pa av se 
Crosby Katie, 1353 Ohio av nw 
Crosby May, elk compt cur, 509 4th nw 
Crosby Nellie C, 20 2d ne 
Crosby W H (F Tenney & Co), National Hotel 
Croson Ira, boilermkr, 525 7th sw 
Croson Lucy A, elk, 525 7th sw 
Croson Mary A, elk, 525 7th sw 
Cross A Bernard, painter, 529 7th se 
Cross A E Mrs, grocer, 529 7th se 
Cross Amanda, washer, 709J C ne 
Cross Anderson, janitor, Collins' al sw 
Cross Andrew (Wm H Cross & Son), 608 4£ sw 
Cross Andrew C, shoemkr, 1246 4th se 
Cross Ann M, wid John W, 726 7th se 
Cross Anna Mrs, 313 10th se 
Cross Arabella, elk pen o, 807 I nw 
Cross Benjamin S, elk int rev, 1206 S nw 
Cross Catherine, 726 7th se 
Cross Charles, lab, 54 Jackson al nw 
Cross Charles T, lab, 1246 4th se 
Cross Charlotte E, elk treas, 1322 10th nw 
Cross Clement T, lab, 711 12th se 
Cross David, lab, Spring st rd nw 
Cross Douglas W, fish, 608 U sw 
Cross Ebenezer P (A F Barnard & Co), 715 13th 

Cross Edward, huckster, Pear Tree al sw 
Cross Elizabeth, wid Thomas B, 1010 Pa av se 
Cross Ella, servt, 802 A se 
Cross Francis H, elk, 711 E se 
Cross Frank, brassfinisher, 2020 H nw 
Cross Frank E, 529 7th se 
Cross Frank P, cigars, 516 8th se, h 726 7th se 
Cross Gabriel, butcher, 325 K se 
Cross George, elk agr d, 807 1 nw 
Cross George A, machinist, 1320 K se 
Cross G F, doorkpr sen, 312 6th nw 
Cross Georgiana, cook, 131 Carroll se 
Cross Henry C, elk Insane Asylum, h Ana- 

Cross Henry M, elk, 711 12th se 
Cross Ida F, bu eng, 526 11th sw 
Cross Isaac Rev, missionary, 317 M se 
Cross James, elk p m g o, 632 N av se 
Cross James, cook, 2822 nw, Gtn 


Heal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





Pure California Hock, Zinfandel, Riesling 
Mission, Port and Sherry Wines, at 


Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 911 7th st. nw. 

Cross James T, ship sawyer, 529 7th se 
Cross Jeremiah, pyrotechnist, 711 12th se 
Cross J Henry, lab, 529 7th se 
Cross Johanna, wid Joseph, 205 Va av sw 
Cross John, lab, 825 2d ne 
Cross John, plumber, 1138 18th nw 
Cross Josephine, wid Joseph, 414 1st nw 
Cross Julia, cook, 11 Essex ct nw 
Cross Julia A, wid Henry L, 206 L nw 
Cross J William, elk, 112 4th se 
Cross Kate, cook, Insane Asylum 
Cross Laura V, shoes, 506 8th se, h 418 8th se 
Cross Louisa, dressmkr, 1138 18th nw 
Cross Lucinda C, 716 3d nw 
Cross Maggie, printer, 823 2d ne 
Cross Margaret, wid Thomas, 825 2d ne 
Cross Mary Mrs, 324 2d se 
Cross Richard, lab, 1072 30th nw, Gtn 
Cross Richard J, bricklayer, 711 12th se 
Cross Richard W, driver, 2220 13th nw 
Cross Rinaldo, watchman, 617 N J av nw 
Cross Robert, plasterer, 31 18th se 
Cross Robert R, plasterer, 31 18th se 
Cross Rosa, wid Samuel, 1315 Stanton al nw 
Cross Samuel, agent American 
I^ife Insurance Company, 
Connecticut Eire Insurance 
Company and secretary Na- 
tional Metropolitan Eire In- 
surance Company, 81J> Ularlcet 
&*sp nw, h 500 11th se 
Cross Samuel, gunner USN, 711 E se 
Cross Susan, dressmkr, 1238 Pa av nw 
Cross Thomas B jjr, coal, ft 4th se and 819 Mar- 
ket sp, h 504 11th se "^. 
Cross Thos H, barber, 455 L nw, h 1643 6th nw 
Cross Wm M (W M Cross & Son), 608 44 sw 
Cross W1& Son (W HI and A 
Cross), fislt, 2 Western and 336 
Centre and 58 Riggs mkts 


336 Center Mht. 

Crossfield Benjamin F, printer, 1907 I nw 
Crossfield Catherine, wid James, 5 K ne 
Crossfield Geo R (Crossfield & Coomes), 1225 


Crossfield J, elk pod, 1512 5th nw 

Crossfield Willoughby, elk pod, 1108 15th nw 

Crossfield & Coomes (George R 

Crossfield and Cliarles I* 

Coomes), painters, 131 11 th nw 


Crossland Henry, blksmith, 1741 20th nw 
Crossland Thomas, coachmkr, 1741 20th nw 
Crossley Arthur W, asst ex pat o, 1331 G nw 
Crossman Charles S, tutor, 123 C se 
Crossman Jacob H, elk ago, 405 1st nw 
Crossman Wallace F, elk, 405 1st nw 
Crossman William D, elk p o, 405 1st nw 
Crosthwait M E, elk treas d, 1226 O nw 

Crosthwaite M E, N Y Av Hotel 

Croton Robert, carp, 809 Q nw 

Crotty Catherine, dressmkr, 124 4th ne 

Crotty Michael, lab, 124 4th ne 

Crotty Patrick, lab, 124 4th ne 

Crotty Thomas, bricklayer, 124 4th ne 

Crouch Charles C, let car, 326 Pa av nw 

Crouch Cornelia, wid Thomas, 2208 13th nw 

Crouch David, watchman, 1007 I se 

Crouch Edwin D, machinist, 1116 K se 

Crouch George G, 2208 13th nw 

Crouch Mums Jb, clK cen, Alexandria, Va 

Crouch Seymour N, driver, 202 N se 

Croich Thomas M, supt, 2208 13th nw 

Crouch Walter, butcher, 1429 32dnw, Gtn 

C ouse Catherine, wid Edward, 3345 M nw,Gtn 

C w Elizabeth Mrs, 705 H ne 

C ow Francis, carp, 1416 D nw 

C 'ow James, printer, 86 Myrtle ne 

C ow Joseph H, milk dealer, 1308 Q nw 

C -ow Mary, folder, 10 I ne 

C -ow Susan, press tender, 10 I ne 

C -ow Theodore B, elk, 28 F nw 

C owder Anna M, wid John, 1234 B sw 

C owe Peter, gardener, Reform School 

C well Alfred H, driver, 912 10th nw 

C -owell Annie, wid Benjamin, 1433 9th nw 

C -owell Joseph B, shoemkr, 219 4th ne 

dwell R F, chief pay div 6th aud o, 495£ Pa 

av nw 
Crowen Elizabeth, servt, 1310 13th nw 
Crowley Benjamin H L, elk, 465 Itnw 
Crowley Catherine, 1827 L nw 
Crowley Cornelius, lab, 3524 P nw, Gtn 
CroAvley David, rigger, 612 6th sw 
Crowley Ellen, wid, 84 Myrtle ne 
Crowley Honora, cook, 3518 P nw, Gtn 
Crowley Jeremiah, coachman, 1827 L nw 
Crowley Jewell, elk, Bladensburg rd* 
Crowley John, elk, Bladensburg rd 
Crowley John, grocer, 3326 M nw, Gtn 
Crowley John, lab, 320 C sw 
Crowley John P, contractor, 465 I nw 
Crowley Jonathan P, treas Potomac 

Co, 465 I nw 
Crowley John R, elk, 506 7th sw 
Crowley John T, lab, 1827 L nw 
Crowley Julius B, elk, 506 7th sw 
Crowley Kate, servt, 1611 H nw 
Crowley Kate, servt, 3518 P nw, Gtn 
Crowley Maggie, servt, 3518 P nw, Gtn 
Crowley Michael, lab, 3518 P nw, Gtn 
Crowley Nicholas, lab, 3624 O nw, Gtn 
Crowley Timothy, lab, 3518 P nw, Gtn 
Crowley William B, bartender, 1809 H nw 
Crowley Wm F, prod, 925 B nw, h 506 7th sw 
Crown Charles A, elk, 931 Md av 
Crown Charles R L, furniture, 313 4£ sw and 

435 7th sw, h 931 Md av sw 
Crown Charles T, poultry, 55 Riffg-s mkt, h 

1453 P nw 
Crown Charlotte Mrs, Fox Hall rd 
Crown David, butcher, Woodley rd 
Crown David, coaehsmith, 1742 33d nw, Gtn 
Crown George F, huckster, 328 G se 
Crown James F, restaurant, 

300 lOtli nw, li do 




Dealer in all kinds of 


No. 300 10th Street, corner C, nw,, 


Agent Norwich. Union Fire Soc'y, England 
Rhode Island Fire Ins. Ass'n, Providence, 





Importer Rhine and French Wines, and Sole Agent 
for (GEO. EHRET'S) 

New York Lager Beer, 

413 & 415 Ninth St., nw. 

Crown James T (Rabbitt & Crown), 221 10th se 
Crown Jane, cook, 237 7th sw 
Crown Jane, wid George, 1110 W nw 
Crown John, mkt master, 1309 32d nw, Gtn 
Crown John F, blksmith, 1528 14th nw 
Crown John O, produce, 28 Eastern and 571 

Centre mkts, h 221 10th se 
Crown Joseph, carp, 707 G sw 
Crown Samuel, Montello 
Crown Sarah Mrs, 733 13th se 
Crown Thos M, hostler, 3263 Prospect av, Gtn 
Crown William, butcher, 134 I se 
Crown William D, elk, 931 Md av sw 
Crown William S, butcher, 618 Centre and 234 

N L mkts, h Gtn heights 
Crown Winfield S, carp, 1225 S nw 
Crown er Fannie, wid William, 514 21st nw 
Crowner George, lab, 1220 Blagden's al nw 
Crowther Fannie, mess, 806 K nw 
Crowther Lizzie E, seamstress, 929 8th nw 
Crowther John, 201 D nw 
Crowther Richard, elk treas d, 717 14th nw 
Crowther William, salesman, 1230 I se 
Croxall Morris L, elk navy d, 1836 14th nw 
Croxton Richard A, grocer, 8th c N nw 
■Crubaugh Wesley W, watchman, 725 15th nw 
Cruger James H, machinist bu eng, 738 12th nw 
Cruikshank Kate, 1313 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Cruikshank Sarah, 1313 Potomac nw, Gtn 
Cruikshank John, lawyer, 505 

I> nw, h 1009 3fHaT nw 



U. S. Commissioner, and Examiner in Chancery. 
■505 D Street, nw., Washington, JD. C. 

Cruikshank William, elk cen, Potomac, Gtn 

Cruit Alice, printer, 1007 4th nw 

Cruit Emily J, 1409 F nw 

Cruit Henry K (Cruit & Scott), 810 9th nw 

Cruit Mary, wid Richard, livery stable, 1724 

G nw, h 719 19th nw 
Cruit Richard, liverr stable, 719 

11th nw, h 727 11th nw 


Successor to R. Cruit, Jr., 

Arlington Livery Stables, 

1724 G St., bet. 17th and 18th Sts., 

Cruit Susan T, 1409 F nw 

Cruit William, elk, 719 19th nw 

Cruit & Scott (Henry K Cruit and Robert S 

Scott), plumbers. 810 9th nw 
Crumble Nimrod, 49 I nw 
Cumbaugh Conradt, Canal rd nr Supervisor rd 
Cumbaugh David L, butcher, Canal rd 
Cumbaugh John H, butcher, Conduct rd 
Cumbaugh William C, butcher, Canal rd 
Crummell Alexander Rev, rector St Luke's 

church, 1522 O nw 
Crummell Charles, cook, 1129 18th nw 


. Proprietors 6^ 
. Le Droit BuildinG. 

Crummey Charles, huckster, 280 2d sw 
Crump Carlisle F, carp, 610 Maryland av sw 
Crump Charles, elk, 608 4§ sw 
Crump Charles, junk, 628 4£ sw 
Crump Charles F, blksmith, 708 23d nw 
Crump Daniel F, policeman, 708 23d nw 
Crump Edward, lab, 17th nr E nw 
Crump Edward C, printer, 618 7th sw 
Crump Fanny, servt, 1124 13th nw 
Crump George, carp, 1814 M nw 
Crump George A, printer, 618 7th sw 
Crump George R, tobacconist, 618 7th sw 
Crump James E, elk, 427 6£ sw 
Crump Jane, wid George, 427 6th sw 
Cramp Lawrence, barber, 417 Franklin nw 
Cramp Lewis, waiter, 1643 N J av nw 
Crump Maria, wid Louis, 1643 N J av nw 
Cramp Richard M, carp, 1247 9th nw 
Crump Robert, carp, 610 Md av sw 
Crump Sarah R Mrs, 610 Md av sw 
Crump Thomas, lab, 911 B sw 
Cramp William T, steward ex man, 1310 V nw 
Crumpton Annie, servt, 106 3d nw 
Crumpton Charles, lab, 432 8th sw 
Crumpton Emma, servt, 2241 12th nw 
Crumpton Henry, driver, 432 8th sw 
Crumpton Jacob, 23 9th ne 
Crumpton Martha, wid Charles, servt, 1113 

Peach al 
Crumpton Marv, servt, 2241 12th nw 
Crumpton Robert, lab, 2241 12th nw 
Crumpton Sandy, lab, 934 Liberty sw 
Crumpton Thomas, waiter. 106 3d nw 
Crupper Adam B. elk, 433 10th sw 
Crupper Florida F, g p o, 405 G nw 
Crupper James C, driver, 1303 S Capitol sw 
Crupper James C, lab, 1245 L'nion sw 
Crupper John T. watchman, 1303 S Capitol sw 
Crupper Lucy, wid William, 68 I ne 
Crupper R Douglass, elk, 106 Ind av nw 
Crupper RozierF, elk, 1303 S Capitol sw 
Crusenberry James, lab, 234 R nw 
Crusenberry Kate, cook, 812 18th nw 
Crusenberry Lizzie, 234 R nw 
Crusenberry Sarah, servt, 1804 E nw 
Crush Sophia, dressmkr, 1311 D nw 
Crusoe Ellen, wid William, 1125 29th nw, Gtn 
Crusoe Francis, waiter, 2112 I nw 
Crusoe James, lab, 2112 I nw 
Crusoe James jr, waiter, 2214 I nw 
Crusoe Julius C, waiter, 811 22d nw 
Crusoe William, lab, 406 B se 
Crusor Collins jr, student, 2712 O nw, Gtn 
Crusor Collins B,guard US jail, 2712 O nw,Gtn 
Crusor Edward, 2712 O nw, Gtn 
Crusor Edward, sand dealer, 1623 17th nw 
Crusor John, lab, 2705 Dumbarton av nw, Gtn 
Crusor Maria L, 1623 17th nw 
Crusor Washington F, asst apothecary army 

dispensary, 1623 17th nw 
Crassell Martha, folder, 1023 9th nw 
Cratchet Alexander, druggist, Anacostia 
Crutch et Henry N, elk int rev, 226 I nw 
Crutchet John', g p o, 620 L nw 
Cratchet John P. caterer, 1804 H nw 
Crutchet Marv E, hairdresser, 620 L nw 
Crutchfleld Albert, lab, Erie nw 
Crutchrield Annie, servt, 1203 N nw 
Crutchfleld Calvin, waiter, 224 Jackson Hall al 


First-Class Patents Negotiated in Europe. 

PUSKAS & SAPCETAS, 2 Hassan, cor. Wall HEW YOBL 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 

WM. P. YOUNG, Agt 





California Riesling, Hock and Zinfandel, 

Oloroso and West India Sherries, 

CHR. XANDER, Wholesale Liquor 
Dealer and Rectifier, 911 7th St. n. w. 

Ciunmings & Buk^r (Horace S. 
Cmnmings and Henry M. Ba* 
ker), lawyers, 1411 F'nw 



Cratchfield Jenny, servt, 1440 S nw 

Crutchfield Julia, servt, 1322 I nw 

Cratchfield Reuben, lab, 420 2d sw 

Crutchfield Susan, washer, 224 Jackson Hall al 

Crux George, foreman, 1309 G nw 

Crux William, blksmith, Sherman av nw 

Cryer Henry J, elk cen o, 433 2d nw 

Crymes E J, wid George W, 1203 4th se 

Cubit Susan, servt, 1533, P nw 

Cudlip Charles S, photographer, 711 Market 

sp nw, h 338 Pa av nw 
Cudlip Frederick, boarding, 338 Pa av nw 
Cudlip George D, elk s g o, 338 Pa av, nw 
Cudlip Lemuel, elk, 338 Pa av 
Cudlip "William B, watchman, 1115i 5th nw 
Cudlipp George D, elk s g o, 716 12th nw 
Cudmore John, grocer, 39 H ne 
Cudmore Michael, lab, 806 1st ne 
Cudmore Patrick, milk, Keating av ne 
Cuff Michael, plate printer, 1314 16th nw 
Culhane Catherine, servt, 807 1st nw 
Culhane Catherine, wid John, 133 H ne 
Culhane Michael, lab, 135 H ne 
Culkin David, stone polisher, c 3d and I nw 
Cull Abner H, drags, 303 7th sw, h 611 H nw 
Cull Judson T, lawyer, 225 4£ nw, h 114 2d se 
Cull Richard E, lab, 1107 4£ sw 
Cullen Braxton, driver, 222 L sw 
Cullen Charles W, lawyer, 1415 Corcoran nw 
Cullen John, elk pat o, 469 Md av sw 
Cullen Sarah, servt, 1 Cooke pi nw, Gtn 
Cullen Thomas, lab, 462 K sw 
Culligan John, stonecutter, 448 1st sw 
Cullihan Annie, 1745 F nw 
Cullinan Edward, 507 6th nw 
Cullinane Bridget, wid Michael, 1351 C sw 
Cullinane Patrick, contractor, 806 6th sw 
Culver Alexander S, elk, 301 10th sw 
Culver Alice E, elk ind o, 913 E nw 
Culver Chas P, lawyer, 342 D nw, h 301 10th sw 
Culver Charles Z, elk int d, 1427 Q nw 
Culver Eugene R, elk g 1 o, 629 E nw 
Culver John F, elk, 1057 Jefferson, Gtn 
Culver Mary F, elk marine hospital service, 

1102 14th nw 
Culverwell John G, paperhanger, 939 L nw 
Culverwell Samuel E, printer, 943 L nw 
Cumber James H, barber, 204 B nw 
Cumberland Albert, lab, 313 Willow al sw 
Cumberland Bernard L, boatbldr, 400 26th nw 
Cumberland Charles J, lab, 408 13| sw 
Cumberland Charles T, carp, 408 14th sw 
Cumberland George T, ship carp, 236 13£ sw 
Cumberland George W, seaman, 306 1&| sw 
Ciamtoerlancl John, h<oat hnilcler, 

F in- N H av, h £©© 2<Sth nw 
Cumberland John, engineer, 2603 D nw 
Cumberland Robert C, hostler, 400 26th nw 
Cumberland Susan, wid, Water nr 26th nw 
Cumberland William, carp, 306 13& sw 
Cumberland William jr, seaman, 306 13J sw 
Cumberland Wm E, boatbuilder, 528 26th nw 
Cuming Valentine H,clk war d,1226 Mass av nw 
Cummings Abraham, 619 11th ne 
Cummings Alexander B, 520 6th nw 
Cummings Ann, wid Alexander, 520 6th nw 
Cummings Horace S (Cummings & Baker), 
1342 Q nw 


Attorneys and Connsellors-at-Law 

Practice in the United States Courts, and Prose- 
cute Claims before Congress and the 
Executive Departments, 

Cummings John VV, driver, bds 1322 6th sw 
Cummings Mary B, elk cen o, 520 6th nw 
Cummins Charles F, elk, 713 K nw 
Cummins Edmund H, elk cen o, 1301 30th, Gtn 
Cummins John W, driver, 7th c Boundary 
Cummins Joseph F, printer, 716 I se 
Cummins Lizzie A, hairdresser, 703 13th nw 
Cummins Margaret V, elk cen o, 703 13th nw 
Cummins Mary R, housekeeper, Cook al nr 

21st nw 
Cummins Robert D, elk, 1301 30th nw, Gtn 
Cummiskey Andrew J, grocer, 411 7th sw, h 

441 7th sw 
Cuneo Mary, confectioner, 129 Pa av nw h 107 

Purdy's eourt 
Cuney Henry E, elk, 348 Pa av nw 
Cuningham, Ross, elk war d, 1030 12th nw 
Cunningham Albert P, elk cen o, 1326 B ne 
Cunningham Ann, wid Thos, Alley nr 1st nw 
Cunningham Catherine, dressmkr, 702 1st ne 
Cunningham Christopher, al nr 1st nw 
Cunningham Daniel, lab, A nr 17th ne 
Cunningham David, elk, 624 5th nw 
Cunningham E M, 1509 10th nw 
Cunningham Edward R, elk 2d aud o, 1311 

10th nw 
Cunningham Elizabeth, wid Samuel, P nr R R 

bridge nw, Gtn 
Cunningham Flora, bds 638 O nw 
Cunningham Florida, Hamilton House 
Cunningham Francis, bookbinder, 616 10th ne- 
Cunningham George D, compositor, 512 6th se 
Cunningham George F, machinist, 512 6th se 
Cunningham Henry driver, 214 4£ sw 
Cunningham James (Collins Ward & Cunning- 

ham),"930 E nw 
Cunningham James, machinist, 723 6th nw 
Cunningham James, watchman, 702 1st ne 
Cunningham James jr, elk, 723 6th nw 
Cunningham James F, machinist, 512 6th se 
Cunningham John, huckster, 1029 19th nw 
Cunningham John, printer, 632 F nw 
Cunningham John, tel opr, 723 6th nw 
Cunningham Louis, cook, 448 NT avnw 
Cunningham Mark (Daly & Cunningham), 

638 O nw 
Cunningham Mary, tailoress, 2604 I nw 
Cunningham Mary E, elk d 1 o, 921 9th nw 
Cunningham Mary Jane, bu eng, 624 5th nw 
Cunningham Mary R, teacher, 512 6th se 
Cunning-ham Michael, hatter, 

74© 8th nw 


740 8th Street, bet. G and H fits., nw., 


Silk Hate made to order. Satisfaction guaranteed 

Old Styles Remodeled, and Hats of all kinds 






ibrary Lamp$ 


Cunningham Peter, gardener, 1000 C ne 
Cunningham Kiehard D, elk, 723 6th nw 
Cunningham Robert E, p o, 2135 G nw 
Cunningham Robt G-, elk customs treas, Alex- 
andria, Va 
Cunningham Simon, lab, 1026 4th ne 
Cunningham Susan, servt, 16316th nw 
Cunningham Timothy, lab, al nr 1st nw 
Cunningham U G Mrs, elk d 1 o, 924 N Y av nw 
Cunningham William, police, 3238 Prospeet 

av nw, Gtn 
Cunningham Wm A, shoemkr, 1229 32d nw,Gtn 
Cunnington Mary E, dressmkr, 2118 G nw 
Cuppy F P (Cuppy & Ingersoll), 495| Pa av nw 
Cuppy & Ingersoll (F P Cuppy and Edward C 

Ingersoll), lawyers, 458 La av nw 
Curby James, Conduit rd 
Curl Agnes, Washer, 727 15th nw 
Curl Edward C, printer, 2315 I nw 
Curran B B, architect, 40 F nw 
Curran Edward, carp, 1619 N J av nw 
Curran John, saloon, 2106 L nw 
Curran Joseph, foreman, Tennallytown 
Curran Joseph F, elk, 2 I nw 
Curran Julia, printer, 2214 M nw 
Curran Patrick, lab, 2214 M nw 
Curran Rives C, elk, 40 F nw 
Curran Stephen, plasterer, 2 I nw 
Curran William C, elk, 40 F nw 
Curren Margaret, wid John,washer, 90826th nw 
Currey J Wheeler, upholsterer, 616 Pa av se, h 

413-| 6th se 
Cu.rrid.eii Samuel W, steno- 
grapher bureau of engraving 
and printing, 507 E nw 
Currie Rodie, waiter, Providence Hospital 
Curry Alfred, lab, 2106 11th nw 
Curry Amanda, seamstress, 920 E sw 
Curry Annie, seamstress, 402 L se 
Curry Annie, wid Charles, 2118 11th nw 
Curry Caroline, wid James, 311 9th ne 
Curry Daniel, mess, 402 L se 
Curry Elmer E, elk, 625 A ne 
•Curry Eugene H, elk, 625 A ne 
Curry Jacob C, oysters, 11th c R I av nw, h 

2118 11th nw 
•Curry John, saloon, 1215 C nw 
-Curry John W, letter carrier, 1609 Corcoran nw 
-Curry Hannah, servt, 1914 N Y av nw 
•Curry Hugh, lab, 402 L se 
Curry Leah, servt, 2118 11th nw 
•Curry Levi, cabinetmkr, 417 10th nw, h 630 

M nw 
Curry Margaret, wid John, 130 G ne 
•Curry Mary, servt, 2118 11th nw 
•Curry Mary, wid John, 1419 27th nw, Gtn 
Curry Maurice, bricklayer, 135 D se 
Curry Michael J, bricklayer, 222 3d ne 
Curry Sarah, servt, 3014 N nw, Gtn 
Curry Spencer, carp, 20th nr A ne 
Curry Thomas, plasterer, 922 C nw 
Curry William, porter, 1622 Covington nw 
Curtain Marion, borer and bolter, 1202 1 se 
Curtin Andrew, plumber, 609 N Capitol ne 
Ourtin Betsy, wid James, 826 10th ne 
Curtin Charles, collector, 522 8th nw, h 607 

10th ne 
•Curtin Cornelius, lab, 1028 3d ne 

Curtin Daniel, drover, 612 H sw 
Curtin Daniel, lab, 37 Jackson al ne 
Curtin David, grocer, 1001 1 ne 
Curtin Harris, butcher, 22 14th se 
Curtin James, bricklayer, 20 14th se 
Curtin James M, paver, 1408 A se 
Curtin John, lab, Limerick al sw 
Curtin John, paver, 726 10th se 
Curtin John, plasterer, 1028 3d ne 
Curtin John, saloon, 3258 M nw, Gtn 
Curtin Julia, housekeeper, 61 1 nw 
Curtin Mary, 1328 16th nw 
Curtin Mary, grocer, 801 R nw 
Curtin Mary E, wid John A, 517 11th nw 
Curtin Mary J, wid Richard, 824 K se 
Curtin Patrick, tailor, 618 11th nw, h R c 8th nw 
Curtin Patrick, watchman, 800 R nw 
Curtin Richard, grocer, Mass av c 7th ne 
Curtin Thomas lab, 47 I nw 
Curtin Thomas, tailor, 112 3d se 
Curtin Thomas, wheelwright, 117 1st, Gtn 
Curtin Thomas E, elk, 517 11th nw 
Curtin William, paver, 726 10th ne 
Curtis Amos, lab, 225 Q nw 
Curtis Anna, servt, 14 Snow al nw 
Curtis Catherine, wid John, 3313 R nw, Gtn 
Curtis Charles, cook, 3326 R nw, Gtn 
Curtis Charles, porter, Boundary nr 16th nw 
Curtis Charles T, insp, 808 5th nw 
Curtis Clarence E (E B Curtis & Son), 117 B se 
Curtis D W, 917 9th ne 

Curtis^ Earle & Burdette (W W 
Curtis, George Earle and S S 
Burdette), land attorneys, TOO 
9th nw 

Curtis, Earle & Burdette, 

700 Ninth Street, nw. } 



Curtis E B & Son (Edmund B and Clarence E 

Curtis), butter, 317 Centre mkt 
Curtis Edmund B (E B Curtis & Son), 117 B se 
Curtis Elsar, lab, 1401 26th nw, Gtn 
Curtis Elsie, laundress, 457 N J av se 
Curtis Frank, cook, Insane Asylum 
Curtis Frank B, elk pen o, 117 B se 
Curtis Gadsby, lab, 12 Pierce nw 
Curtis George F, mess, 131 Beall, Gtn 
Curtis G W N, eng capitol, 604 E Capitol 
Curtis George W, servt, 1152 20th nw 
Curtis Hall, Curtis school bldg, O nr Potomac 

nw, Gtn 
Curtis Herbert I?, brevet colonel 

and judge advocate U S A, 1731 

I>e Sales nw 
Curtis Henry, elk war d, 1111 5th nw 
Curtis Henry, lab, Queen al nw 
Curtis Henry, waiter, 514 3d sw 
Curtis Henry A, elk eng, 318 Ind av 
Curtis James, lab, 12 Pierce nw 
Curtis James, lab, 1319 A se 
Curtis James, lab, Freeman's al nw 
Curtis James jr, lab, Freeman's al nw 
Curtis Jesse, lab, 1624 Valley nw, Gtn 
Curtis J Lewis, printer, 14 \ nw 
Curtis J M, elk pen o, 1015 K nw 
Curtis John, butcher, 3313 R nw, Gtn 
Curtis John, expressman, 1210 M nw 
Curtis John, grocer, 1120 21st nw 


Heal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 





The Great Remedy for all Pulmonary Affections. 


For Indigestion and Dyspepsia. 

Curtis Josiah, 428 7th nw 
Curtis John F, waiter, 1758 K nw 
Curtis Julia L, washer, 908 F sw 
Curtis Littleton W, coachmkr, 1103 8th nw 
Curtis Lucy, servt, K nr 18th nw 
Curtis Maria, servt, 2620 K nw 
Curtis Mary, cook, Blagden's al nw 
Curtis Mary, servt, 14 Snow al nw 
Curtis Mary A, elk treas d, 1131 10th nw 
Curtis Mary A, servt, Union al nw 
Curtis Moses, carp, 1847 8th nw 
Curtis Nicholas, roofer, 1847 8th nw 
Curtis Nicholas H, bricklayer, 1847 8th nw 
Curtis Peter, scourer, 216 nw 
Curtis Rebecca, g p o, 701 1st nw 
Curtis Richard, waiter, 1723 K nw 
Curtis Rosa, 1520 L nw 

Curtis Sandy, lab, O nr Rock creek nw, Gtn 
Curtis Sarah, laundress, 1719 8th nw 
Curtis School bldg, O nr 32d nw, Gtn 
Curtis Thomas A, mer, 223 D nw 
Curtis Virginia, washing, 2208 H nw 
Curtis Wallace, lab, 712 3d sw 
Curtis Wesley, inspector, 808 5th nw 
Curtis William, lab, Erie nw 
Curtis William, lawyer, 808 5th nw 
Curtis Wm H, cook, O nr Rock creek nw, Gtn 
Curtis William T, bricklayer, 1847 8th nw 
Curtis William T S, lawyer, 
room 23 Corcoran building-, 
h 80S 5th nw 
Curtis William W (Curtis, Earle & Burdett), 

1423 33d nw, Gtn 
Curtiss Amy M. 326 Ind av nw 
Curtiss Charles L, elk treas d, 326 Ind av nw 
Curtiss Daniel S, elk 1st aud, 1209 F nw 
Curtiss Wright, elk pod, 1233 12th nw 
Curtley Alice, servt, 918 Pa av se 
Curtley Sarah L, dressmkr, 907 G sw 
Cusack Virginia, wid John, 1721 Vt av 
Cushing Carro, elk, bds 314 Ind av nw 
Cushing Emma, elk, bds 314 Ind av nw 
Cushing Frank, elk Smithsonian, Smithsonian 
Cushing Henry, elk 6th aud o, 1128 12th nw 
Cushing Henry D, elk, 471 C nw 
Cushing Mary"A, 471 C nw 
Cushing N W Mrs, boarding, 471 C nw 
Cushing Sarah B, wid Henry, 226 A se 
Cushing- Thomas A, clerk in- 
ternal revenue, »©5 13th nw 
Cushley John A, printer, 59 L nw 
Cushman Marshall B, elk, 1222 B sw 
Cushman Sadie, elk, 1005 H nw 
Cusic Alice J, variety, 700 G se 
Cusick Annie, grocer, 627 I sw 
Cusick Patrick F, restaurant, 200 H.'nw 
Custard Rebecca, wid William, 3127 N nw, Gtn 
Custeard William A, butcher, 68 Western mkt, 

h Gtn heights 
Custer Henry, civ eng, 935 N Y av nw 
Custis George W N mech eng, 604 E Capitol 
Custis Gilbert, lab, Sheridan av, Hillsdale 
Custis Henry C, lab, Mass av nr 16th se 
Custis Jasper, lab, Wilson st al nw 
Custis •¥ MS Gregg*, homoeopathic 
physician, OOl£ Capitolne 
( until 9:30 a m 
Office Hours : 1 12 to 1 p m 
( 4 to 6 p m 

Custis Lemuel W, blksmith, 1010 N J av se 

Custis Lida W, teacher, 489 E sw 

Custis Marshall M, shoemkr, 808 G sw, h 509< 
L sw 

Custis Nancy, washer, Wilson st al nw 

Cuthbert Daniel, cook, Old Chain Bridge rd 

Cuthbert James H Rev, pastor First Baptist 
church, 918 N Y av nw 

Cuthbert Lucius M, lawyer, 437 7th nw, h 918 ; 
N Y av nw 

Cuthbert Middleton F, 918 N Y av nw 

Cutler Clifford B, propr Cutler House, 222 3d 

Cutler House, Clifford B Cutler propr, 222 3c6 

Cutler John, barber, 1129 20th nw 

Cutler John H, elk s g o, 816 C se 

Cutler John K, lab, 1241 9th nw 
1 Cutler L B, elk com g o, 622 Pa av nw 

Cutler Lena, 222 3d nw 

Cutler Sarah, washer, 1129 20th nw 

Cutshaw G W, 426 N Y av nw 
| Cutten Eliza, dressmkr, 434 1st sw 
j Cutter B E, chief warehouse 
bond division commissioner of 
customs, lOll 8th nw 

Cutter Edwin C, 1440 M nw 

Cutter George, lab, Bassett al ne 
! Cutter George E, paymaster- 
general U S N, chiefbureau of/ 
provisions and clothing navy 
department, 1515 Mass av nw 

Cutter Mercine E, elk 5th aud, 1107 F nw 

Cutts J Madison, lawyer, 505 7th nw, h 326 4£ : 

Cutts Richard D, asst use and g s,1725 H nw 
I Cyphers Cha